Hi Guys, I’m regular reader of various blogs and erotic sites and would like to share my story with all of you.

I’m not revealing my name to this forum however i wanted to give a name to character which keep my originality alive.

I’m Manoj and 34 years old now, I have small family with wife and 1 kid here, and parents are staying in home town which is miles away from this place.

I got married 3 years back and settled with spouse here. With time our mutual understanding increased and we have started our discussion very open and wide including every thing.

I was habituated of see blogs and erotic sites and impacts are clearly reflected on my life as well and slowly slowly i used to narrate some stories and used to share with my wife while doing fun with her.

Ohh forget to explain about my spouse, she is average looking girl with good physique . Overall, she is very nice with boobs and attractive. last feb she was completed her 31.

I was started cracking some imagination while have sex with her at night and share school time imagination with her. How i used to share my fantasy with my friends and colleagues and how we used to stay on same flat without any undergarment or in towel or some times without that as well…hehhehe…

Initially she was hesitating to accept any bad words and slowly slowly she cope up with words and start supporting on wild talk. She was agreed to have sex with watching xxx or talking wild stuffs.

Let me take you on my story without delayed, One night i was very excited and wanted to have sex with her very wildly and for that i waited too long to get my baby sleep, Once my baby sleep, i started kissing her arms and chicks from back. She was initial not ready to have sex because of late night and tiredness. However later she agreed and provided her support to proceed further.

I started kissing her arms and moving my lips toward her neck and chick and start kissing her heavily , she was able to make some place by moving baby aside and joined me. I start kissing her lips and put my hand on her boobs and start squeeze them slowly slowly. Her boobs are well maintained and nice shape, it would be around 38 in size and fully rounded. I meant the biggest boobs in my entire friend circle.

Her boobs are getting harder and harder and i started putting my hand inside her nightly and start rubbing her big boobs by taking them on full hands. it was big and full of hand. I was getting harder and harder by the time and started kissing on her neck and removed her nighty and started kissing on her boobs by holding them on hands ., Boobs are getting harder and bigger with each moves and slowly slowly i put my other hand towards panty .

Once i put my hand inside her panty she was out of control and started screaming like any thing. Mean while i have started my imagination and started a virtual story. .i.e how i and my friends use to spend our time together and have booze together and wondering to have sex with others wife or any Indian bhabhi’s who is having big boobs like you.

So i have started the story with her and used to tell her how my friends are eager to fuck and fantasize and parallel i have started rubbing her boobs hard and put my lund(penis) on her thigh and start rubbing my lund on her chut(Cunt).

Initial she has some hesitation to talk vulgar however later she start enjoying them and started feeling the moment how i felt . and slowly slowly with time i put some masala(spice) while describing all .

I used to tell how my friend’s lund are huge and start involve them in between our discussion while fucking her hard. Suddenly I got very excited and removed her panty from down and remove other clothe as well.

That day, i did the same and start rubbing my lund on her chut and started talking about my frnds and their lund size and it was wonderful exp all together.

I was very hard and i put my lund on her chut and push it very hard and harder. she screened very loudly ….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…uuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i was more and more excited and starting pushing my lund very very hard.

Suddenly, I was getting more and more excited and put her in between friend’s booze party on my fantasy and she also started enjoying it very well. And suddenly I started more vulgar talk by talking about my friends lund’s and their size. My wife also getting harder and harder by time.

I was in full mode and stated fucking very hard and hard and she started screeming like any thing….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

She started enjoying it day by day and now, i’m almost convince her to have some day 3some and some day by watching xxx.

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