Virgin Girlfriend Sex In Hotel Room


This story is about my virgin girlfriend sex in a Hotel room. Firstly let me introduce you all , myself ashu from Chandigarh average athletic body with 6ft 3inches height. Currently pursuing b tech and in 3rd year. About my gf, what should I say.. She is just beautiful with a sexy figure even she is also 5’8” in height she is living in jalandhar. We both were in relationship since last year but recently we both broke up just due to some misunderstandings.

Now let’s come to the story , here my gf is described as simran (due to privacy).Please forgive me for some English errors and send me your comments

As I told me and simran were in relationship since last year.

Earlier we both were schoolmates so from there we know each other.

As we came in relationship we had many intimate moments , in my car , her house and some construction sites but the most sexy was in a hotel. I told her to come to Chandigarh as I wanted to stay a night with her in hotel , after pressurizing her a lot she agreed.

In advance I booked a hotel it was a nice 3star hotel. As my gf came to Chandigarh I picked her up from bus stand on my bike and then took her to pvr to see a movie. There none of us was interested in watching a movie , we both were just holding each others hand and kissing each other even we had 2 smooches inside the theatre everyone around us was watching us like hell.

Then the moment came I took her to the hotel as we both were hungry so firstly we had dinner in the hotel only after that I went outside and bought a chocolate flavored condom and a silk chocolate for her in the mean time simran rested in the hotel and she was not knowing about that condom , for her that was a surprise. When I came back she was looking very hot and very sexy showing her curves in her denim stuff skirt.

 Without wasting any moment I just grabbed her back I gave a long smooch and then took her in my arms and made her lie on the bed, then I came in her and switched off the light. We both started biting each other and started smuching each other before that night only she had a wax in her while body. That was an amazing feeling. Then slowly I removed her top and skirt she too removed my t-shirt and jeans .

Then I gave her the gift that I brought for her , that was an pink colored lingerie. Wow that was looking that it is just made for her. Then again I grabbed her gave her some bites and slowly opened her bra and sucked her boobs she was moaning slowly slowly. Her boobs were too cute with pink colored nipples.

After that she started touching my penis and after few seconds took the monster out if the undergarments. She sat there and started giving me a blowjob and in between she was also sucking it. I was in cloud 9 I can’t explain that feeling after few minutes I just cum on her mouth and she even tasted that. Then I removed her panty and amazed after watching that full shaved pussy.

I started licking that and then she started moaning. Next hour we just repeated this activity and then we saw it was just 11pm. Then we both were lying in the bed facing each other , we also had a smooch taking silk chocolate in our mouth that was the best smooch I ever had , too chocolaty.


Then slowly I started finger fucking her pussy , and she insisted as she was a virgin actually I was also a virgin. She told me not to do that as wants to be a virgin , I tried a lot but she was not ready to do sex. So we were lying in each others arms and were just taking some nude selfies and after some time I again tried to have sex this time too she insisted but at the end she agreed , I got happy then I took condom out of my wallet she got excited and opened the condom and made my penis wear that.

Then she tasted that chocolate flavour and then I made her sit on my penis. She got horny as I seduced her she started moaning very loudly and I just got harder to fuck , then little blood came out as she was a virgin. We washed it , took a new condom and started that again. Her moaning was getting loud and loud but after sometime she started enjoying that , we tried many positions and we had almost 3 sessions till morning .

Then we had a small nap of 2 hours and in the morning we both took bath in bath tub there also we had sex inside the water also that too was a great experience then we even had sex after taking bath. I git full tired that night as took my sperms out 7 times then we got dressed up and she was leaving for for jalandhar before going we had a big smooch in bus stand everybody was watching us.

That day u fucked simran 5 times with a lit if smooches and bites. The best thing I liked in her is that bis cute boobs whom I sucked a lot.

That was an amazing day if my life as I lost virginity after that we had one more night like this only that I will discuss in next story after that we broke up.

Nowadays I am searching for a new girl .

Anybody interested in Chandigarh for relationship or for fun ( any girl or married aunties) or in nearby area can just mail me or can leave there contact number, don’t hesitate as full privacy will be maintained.



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