Vandana’s sacrifice for her husband


The high heels clicked loudly on the marble floors leading to the CEO’s office. The voluptuous housewife did not know why she had been summoned to the office, but she knew that the business was one of her husband’s law firm’s largest accounts. She knew of some of the problems that he complained of about his work. He had told her that his position was tenuous at best at the firm. Since he was the sole bread winner in the family and they had two children about to start college, this was the source of some high stress for him. Consequently, some of the difficulties that they were experiencing in their marriage she attributed to his work.

Still, she had no idea why she was asked to meet at this office nor why the meeting was one with such an air of confidentiality. But, she knew that she would find out soon enough. She checked with the executive secretary and was told to have a seat. She walked over to a stiff backed leather chair and sat down at its edge, crossing her long shapely legs demurely. She smoothed her short skirt and fluffed the dark brown hair that cascaded around her pretty face and lay on her shoulders.

After several minutes, the secretary spoke.

“Mrs. Chawla, Mr. Avanish will see you now.”

Vandana Chawla rose and entered the large, paneled office through the open door. As she passed the threshold, the thick wooden door shut behind her. She walked toward the tall, middle-aged man who was standing behind the desk. His office was extremely luxurious. Behind him, through the large windows, was the city skyline.

He smiled at her and seemed to take her measure as she approached. He admired what he saw. She was a statuesque housewife, tall and shapely, quite the catch for any top law student, he thought. Avanish knew that Karan and Vandana Chawla had been married since he was in law school, but he had never met the wife before. He was very pleased with what his eyes beheld.

Vandana Chawla exuded a ripely sensuous sexuality that was heightened by her maturity. She was probably in her late twenties, he thought, and kept herself in very, very good shape. “Hours at the gym” was the phrase that went through Avanish’s mind as he watched her walk in. What a shame, he thought, to be relegated to fucking a fat, disgusting bastard like Karan Chawla.

Vandana wore a high collared white blouse that was stiffly starched. Its long sleeves made it that much more businesslike. It was tucked into the dark brown skirt in an effort to appear perfectly professional and covered by a jacket that matched the skirt. However, the blouse was tight enough that it revealed her full jutting breasts that were set closely together beneath the cloth. The outfit was very conservative but also underscored the fact that the woman had a very narrow waist that flared to shapely hips and loins that had borne children years ago for the man to whom she was married. The skirt was the only part of the outfit that was less than perfectly conservative. The skirt itself was fairly tight and the hem was several inches above her knees. When she sat she revealed a broad expanse of thigh.

“Mrs. Chawla,” Avanish said with a nod of his head.

“Hello, Mr. Avanish,” Vandana replied. “Please call me Vandana.”

“Vandana,” Avanish repeated. “Let’s get right to the point. I received a call from you husband’s firm. They’ve about had it with him.”

Vandana Chawla felt her stomach begin to churn. This couldn’t be happening, she thought. Not now. What would happen to all of them?

“I know that he’s told me that the firm is having problems,” Vandana interjected.

“No, Vandana, the firm isn’t having problems. Karan Chawla’s tenure as a lawyer there is coming to an abrupt end. That is the problem. They called me to see if I would object to them firing him.”

“Oh, my, no!” was all that escaped the soft lips of the striking housewife.

“So, you see what sort of position that puts me in,” Avanish said with a scowl. “Frankly, if it affected only him, I’d say they should have fired him months ago. He’s become a dead weight there.”

Vandana’s dark brown eyes widened and she looked at Avanish, fearful of saying or doing anything. Why would he be talking to her that way?

“But I’ve become aware that he is not only dead weight, but he’s also subject to being fired for just cause.”

Vandana couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could that be, she wondered?

“What basis would the firm have to fire him for just cause?” Vandana asked.

“Well, right now they don’t know they have ‘just cause,’” Avanish said. “I have the evidence that they’d need to do it, though. The evidence I have gives me a legal claim against the firm for employing him. All I’d have to do is tell them what I’ve got and I’m sure they’d be willing to fire him to escape their own liability. Do you know what that means?”

“Of course, I do,” the beautiful wife responded. “At least I think I do.”

“In case you don’t, I’ll fill you in.” Avanish stared hard at the face of the woman before him. He paused for effect. The woman’s polished fingers were nervously playing with the top of her skirt as she sat before him. He knew she was mortified. He paused for several seconds. Then he continued.

“Mrs. Chawla, it would mean that he loses his equity in the partnership. He forfeits his ownership interest in the firm if he is fired for bringing the firm into disrepute.”

“What would he have done to bring the firm into disrepute? She asked.

Avanish ignored the question. “If he loses his ownership interest, then when he’s fired, he leaves with nothing. If he’s fired for cause, he doesn’t even get severance pay. He loses his retirement. That means that you lose everything too, doesn’t it?”

Vandana nodded slightly. Even a divorce from him would do her no good, she thought. He would have ruined them both. Still, she wasn’t convinced that he would ever have done anything to harm their family.

“What … what could he have possibly done to warrant a firing?” she asked again.

“When he became difficult for me to reach during the day,” Avanish began, “I wondered why. Why was my business being neglected? When I was being billed for trips, what was he doing? I decided to have a private investigator try and determine that.” Avanish was lying, but he knew that Vandana had no way of knowing that.

“I was outraged to find out that when he went to Manhattan several weeks ago that he billed me for time that he spent with two young women at a whore house. He was cheating me on his bills while fucking two women at a whore house!”

Vandana gasped aloud. That bastard, she thought. They hadn’t had sex in months and here he was cheating on her. She tried to act unconvinced, but she was shocked when Avanish tossed some photographs into her lap of her husband fucking Julie in the presence of the red head.

The beautiful housewife immediately realized that the faces of the two women were obscured, but Karan’s fat face was front and center. The first photo showed him getting his penis sucked, the second showed him fucking the blonde. She stopped looking at the photos and gasped out loud. Her hand went to her mouth. Then, she exploded in anger.

“That bastard,” she cried. She tossed the photos back at Avanish who quietly put them in his desk drawer as she rose to her feet before him shaking uncontrollably. “That bastard!”

“Sit down,” he commanded. “Sit down, now. I don’t care about your feelings! He’s been screwing me and my company! I’m going to have him fired and put you both out on the street!”

Vandana dissolved. “Why would you do that?” she asked. “Why? I’ll lose everything.”

Avanish rose and walked around his desk. “Stand up,” he said.

Vandana complied. She turned to face him and stood at the edge of his large desk petrified of what he might decide to do to her family and her future.

“How do you think I like it when I find out he’s been fucking someone while he’s billing my company thousands of dollars? Tell me!”

“I … I don’t . . . I don’t know what to say,” was Vandana’s only response.

Avanish stood only inches away from Vandana. His fury was feigned but palpable to the shocked woman.

Vandana felt herself frozen before him, fearful of the power he waged over her and her future. She was used to being around powerful men and knew that they could be extremely vindictive. Her heart beat furiously and her ripe lips were slightly parted. Her breathing was shallow. Then she felt his hand on the hem of her skirt. Vandana stood stock still as she felt it being raised over her fleshy, milky white thighs. She shivered when she felt his fingers reach the top of her thigh-high stockings and touch her garter belt. She found herself ashamed of the fact that she had worn such an item, but how was she to know?

Still she didn’t resist. How could she? She was powerless.

As she felt her skirt being pushed up around her waist, she felt his hands began to undo the garter fasteners.

She looked him straight in the face. Her hands went to the side of his desk for support as she felt the backs of her thighs touching the cold marble of the desk top. She was afraid to look down but forced her brown eyes down. She was appalled to see her womanly thighs exposed. Her eyes followed his hands as they pulled the clips away from the garter belt. As they dangled helplessly off of her stockings, his hands moved to her peach colored silken undies.

Vandana uttered, “Oh, no, please,” as she watched Avanish’s hands begin to tug at her panties. Despite her plea, the full bush that formed a triangle around her pussy came into view as her panties were forced down her creamy thighs and to her knees. Vandana watched in disbelief as the soft curls of her dark pubic hair was revealed. The thigh high stockings only accentuated the nakedness of her upper thighs and hips and showcased the triangle that formed their juncture. The sheer panties fell from her knees to the tops of her feet.

Avanish began to undo his belt and trousers.

Vandana knew what was going to happen. She was going to get fucked!

Her beautiful brown eyes closed in resignation, her long eyelashes resting on the clear skin of her perfect face. In an instant, she felt his stiff penis against the naked skin of her belly. As she opened her eyes to see his manhood, she was struck by its length and girth. Yet she wasn’t fearful of the size of it; but, the realization that she was about to break her wedding vows sent a shiver of fear through her shapely body. She had been expected to honor the vows and had always done so, but now she was put in a different position. She was fighting for her own existence.

As her mind swirled with these thoughts, Avanish worked the buttons on her flimsy summer blouse, opening it quickly to her waist. He liked what he saw. Certainly she didn’t have a young woman’s hard abs, but her tits were very large and her stomach was flat and firm.

The woman’s cleavage was very evident within the confines of her large bra. The soft flesh was succulent. Avanish saw that the bra was fastened in the front between her large breasts. He immediately unhooked the bra and it fell open, spilling her womanly flesh from their confines. Goosebumps covered her large titties. His fingers found her nipples and worked them to a rubbery erection. Avanish pushed the jacket and blouse off of Vandana’s shoulders and her bra fell along side the garments. Now she was nude from the waist up.

Without realizing it, Vandana moaned aloud. “Ohhh.” As he tugged and manipulated her nipples, her love hole began to moisten. Then it began to get very wet. It was uncomfortable for the woman to remain in her high heels, but as she moved her long legs in response to the tugging on her nipples she knew that she was very aroused. Her thighs were clamped together, but that just seemed to increase the heat she felt between them. Her large, fleshy melons were lifted up to his mouth. Both his hands were beneath the tits and her nipples were offered up to his mouth. He hungrily sucked on the tips of the tits and kneaded the sensitive flesh between his hands. The beautiful mature woman shuddered as an electric wave of pleasure was sent throughout her body.

Vandana moaned aloud, but tried to stay as hushed as possible. “Ohhhh. Ohhhh.” Her hands tightly clenched Avanish’s upper arms.

Vandana felt her naked bottom being lifted and sat on the edge of the desk. She spread her luscious thighs revealing her full bush. Her large jugs jiggled erotically as she moved. The housewife bit her lower lip as she felt the head of his stiff cock push against the opening of her pussy. The muscles in her full firm thighs began to relax and she spread her legs as the man moved between them to gain access to the tight pussy awaiting him. She wanted to fight this man with all of her power, but her will crumbled before the sensuality of his touch.

“Will you help me?” she asked piteously as she felt him enter her pussy with the head of his dong. She looked into his eyes for any sign of an answer, but could find none. He pushed with more determination at the opening to her love hole. His cock began to enter her further pushing the warm pussy flesh further and further open.

“Will you help me, please,” she asked again as she felt the full length of his rock hard cock slide into her warm, wet pussy, meeting only slight resistance. As she felt the thick tool enter her sheath, she knew no answer was forthcoming. It was futile. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she realized the abject submission to which she was now subjected.

She found herself pushed onto her back on the desk, only her long legs being held by Avanish as he fucked the beautiful housewife’s tight pussy in silence. Her sexy titties lay on her chest, nipples still erect, the flesh bobbling and jiggling with each thrust of his cock. The ceiling swirled above Vandana’s head until she focused her eyes on the man at the edge of the desk having his way with her. What she saw were the leering eyes of a man mocking her with his grinning face. Why had she given in, she wondered? She looked at Avanish’s hairy abdomen as it rhythmically began to ram his male flesh into her tight little cunt.

The upraised columns of her upper thighs framed the picture of the man whose bestial, blood engorged member was sluicing in and out of her slit. He plunged into her deep and deeper in controlled, but forceful movements. She groaned as he plunged into her pussy each time. The length and thickness of Avanish’s sperm inflated penis was even greater than what Vandana had thought when she first saw it and it seemed to fill her little pussy and force her love opening wider with each thrust.

Avanish’s fucking did have an effect on the prone woman. The warm glow of fucking seemed to go from her clitoris to her cuntal lips to the deep inner passage of her vagina. As he systematically pounded her pussy, the pleasure mounted in electric spasms and spread throughout the woman’s body.

Instead of simply being a receptacle of his lust, Avanish began to sense her body betraying her. First, her round, womanly buttocks began to feel less tense to his touch. Then he noticed her ass cheeks beginning to circle very slightly in response to his fucking, starting a slow rhythm that matched his own thrusts.

As he fucked her deeper and deeper, his balls began to slap against her upturned ass cheeks. There was now the squishy sound coming from her pussy as he drove is cock into her. He was astounded when he looked into her eyes.

“Ohhh. Ohhh.” Vandana now seemed to be totally out of control. Her beautiful face was flushed and she breathed hard as she began to fuck back. Her thighs were wide spread and tense and she received his cock thrust for thrust with a push back of her hips. The years of upper middle class respectability began to crumble before his eyes.

Vandana wrapped her legs around the back of Halls knees and he grabbed the fleshy cheeks of her ass with both hands, grinding relentlessly into the woman. He held her pussy immobilized momentarily while he pumped in and out of her pussy with a wild abandon. Then he released her ass and began to pull on the nipples which lay erect on her big tits.

Vandana exploded in orgasm. “Yesssss!” she cried. “Do it to me…, don’t . . . stop! Urggggghhhh.”

Her pussy immobilized momentarily while he pumped in and out of her pussy with a wild abandon. Then he released her ass and began to pull on the nipples which lay erect on her big tits.

Vandana exploded in orgasm. “Yesssss!” she cried. “Do it to me…, don’t . . . stop! Urggggghhhh.”

Avanish was taken aback by Vandana’s reaction. As he continued to fuck into the beautiful wife, he tried to restrain his own orgasm. It would serve him no good to climax simultaneously with this woman, he thought. Make her climax then keep fucking her.

“Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Fuck me. . . fuck me!” Vandana had lost all of her inhibitions as she arched her back trying to make the orgasm last. “Ohhh Gawddd!”

Vandana’s hands were holding Avanish’s arms in a vise grip as she climaxed.

As she came down from the orgasm, she gradually began to realize how shameful her behavior had been. The hot shuddering orgasm that she experienced began to subside. As the passion slowly ebbed away, Vandana began to regain her bearings. Her body began to feel cold as she lay on the marble desk top getting fucked by this big man. Her mind raced impossibly fast. No, this can’t be happening! No!

Nonetheless, she allowed her legs to remain widespread and her pussy to be fucked by Avanish. The muscles in her long, toned legs were relaxed as a result of her orgasm, and although her climax subsided, her lungs fought for air as Avanish’s stiffness pounded very hard. He shamefully banged her for several more minutes, each one passing so slowly that Vandana thought she would die of shame as she lay naked on the man’s desk.

After making sure that he had fucked her nearly senseless, Avanish finally blurted, “I’m cumming.” He shot his hot wad of jism into the tight pussy of the beautiful woman lying prone before him.

Vandana groaned as she felt his thick penis spurting his seed into her pussy. She moaned as she felt it spill out of her hole and seep down the crack of her muscular bottom. She looked into his uncomprehending eyes as he continued to thrust and pound as the last of his spunk shot out of his cock. His hands continued to hold onto her magnificent breasts after he climaxed as he regained his bearings.

Avanish pulled away from the beautiful woman and as he did so, his rapidly deflating cock slid from within her with an audible plop.

He stood only inches from Vandana as she slid off of the desk onto her rubbery legs. As her feet touched the carpet, Avanish pushed her naked shoulders down and she collapsed to her knees. Her full round breasts jiggled as she collapsed, but her nipples remained erect. The woman caught her fall and immediately tried to right herself on her knees, but Avanish’s hands held her shoulders immobilized.

She was still trying to get her balance when his sticky, flaccid cock struck her cheek. She turned to it and the tip brushed her nose, leaving a wet mark on her cheek from the combined fluids of her vagina and his spunk.

“Clean me properly with your mouth, Vandana,” she heard him say.

The anger and humiliation welled up within the housewife. She wasn’t used to this type of treatment. The pungent odor of her vaginal fluids and his semen punctuated the air.

But, she felt her ripe lips part and Avanish stick his wet cock into her mouth. Vandana knew that this powerful man held her future in his hands. She swirled the deflating cock with her tongue, trying to get it as clean as she could. As she gently cupped his large balls in her hands while she held his cock in her mouth, Vandana felt the nipples stiffen on her pendulous breasts. Was she really such a dirty slut, she wondered?

Vandana Chawla was in a totally different mindset. The abject humiliation that she felt because of her submission to Avanish had not subsided. For over 5 years, the only cock which had found a home in her tight pussy was that of her husband, Karan Chawla. Now the beautiful, voluptuous housewife had not only taken Avanish’s stiff male flesh into her vagina, but she had collapsed to the floor in front of him and had washed away her love juices from his flaccid cock with her mouth.

Somehow, Vandana could not shake the feeling that she had when she felt his deflating cock in her mouth. It was a feeling of total subjugation to Avanish. It was a feeling that only this powerful man had the ability to keep her from sinking into abject poverty and humiliation. No matter how much time passed, the beautiful mature woman still remembered her nose buried in Avanish’s pubic hair, his spent penis entirely within her mouth, and the strong odor and taste of her own pussy that she experienced when she cleaned his cock with her soft, wet tongue. The memory of Avanish staring down triumphantly into her big, brown eyes as she pitifully looked up at him and mouthed his penis clean served only to remind her of his powerful hold over her.

The recollection of the pathetic way she begged him to help her also caused the proud woman a great deal of shame. Her feeble voice begging him with “Will you help me, please,” resounded in her brain over and over again. Vandana remembered only too well how she pled with him just as he was about to stick his hard cock into her tight cunt. Why did she spread her lush thighs for this man? She should have fought him with all of her strength. What would her daughter, just about to leave for school, have said if she knew her mom was opening her legs to another man and letting that man shoot his cum into her pussy? Vandana thought of how shameful she would have appeared to her daughter, laying on her back on Avanish’s desk being deflowered by this big man. How could she have submitted herself, she wondered?

Avanish had been very clear to Vandana. She was to call him within 48 hours and be ready to travel for a couple of nights. If she did not, then he would not consider helping her in any way.

Vandana was loath to call him. However, on the second day, she began to nervously wonder what would happen to her and her family if she chose not to call. Certainly, her husband, Karan Chawla, would be fired from his law firm for cause. Then he would get no severance pay or partnership equity. They would lose the house and the lifestyle and her daughter would not be able to go to the private university that she had been accepted into. Divorce would inevitably follow, although Vandana was well on her way to seeking that even if she could save the family. But a divorce with Karan while he was unemployed would be disastrous for Vandana’s future. She had never been in the workforce and certainly didn’t have the skills necessary to get a good paying job.
As she sat at her kitchen table and contemplated her horrible position, Vandana looked out the French doors into the back yard. The beautiful housewife got furious every time she thought of her husband’s lewd behavior. How and why had he put them in this position, she wondered? She recognized the fact that she no longer found him to be an alluring man, but she still was faithful to him. She worked hard to keep up the domestic side of his life so that he could concentrate on providing the financial security that they relied on. She also worked doubly hard to stay in good physical shape (in contrast to him, she thought), and when he was in a horny mood, she played the good wife and wrapped her long legs around his fat ass and let him fuck her hard until he came.

Now, he had gone too far, she realized.

The minutes and hours ticked by on the second day. Vandana was unable to think of anything else and yet she was still unable to decide what she should do. In the back of her mind, she knew that she could not afford to let everything in her life slip from her grasp. So, as the day wore on and the final hour approached, she finally picked up the phone and dialed his number.

The statuesque housewife caught her breath when Avanish answered the phone.

Vandana had just left the her Manhattan hotel to go to Avanish’s office. Her conversation with Avanish the previous day had been entirely inadequate for her. He had been polite, but very curt and to the point. He very frankly told her that if she ever had hope of maintaining the lifestyle that she was accustomed to, that she should not question him in any way. The one sided conversation had eventually cornered Vandana into agreeing that she wanted to save herself and her children from financial ruin and understood her need to “help” Avanish succeed in his objectives in Manhattan. The only concession that she had gained from Avanish was that he would not let her be destroyed if she helped him.

Making excuses to leave town had been very, very awkward for Vandana, but she had done it. Now she was in New York City.

Vandana’s mind was in a blur as the chauffer drove her to Avanish’s office tower. After she had checked into the hotel, she had received a call from Avanish’s assistant asking her for her clothing sizes. As confused as she was about the whole day, Vandana had quietly given her the sizes that she asked for. Avanish then called her. He told her that arrangements had been made for her to spend several hours at the hotel spa before she came to his office. He made clear to her that she was to accept whatever treatment was offered to her by the staff.

Had the voluptuous housewife not been so nervous, she would have truly loved the pampering that she received at the spa. There was the manicure, pedicure and facial that she got. She received a very relaxing massage. She also had an appointment to have her hair and make-up done. Nearing the end of the treatment, however, the young woman with the hotel spa indicated to her that she was now ready for her waxing. Vandana was a bit surprised, but tried to pass it off without comment. However, after her long, legs were waxed, the young woman shifted the cool cotton sheet covering Vandana’s naked body and began trimming Vandana’s full pubic bush. The mature woman’s eyes flew open and she lifted her head to look at the innocent face of the young woman preparing her pussy for waxing.

“Wha . . . what are you doing,” she asked, trying not to sound hysterical. She looked at her long, sexy legs, now naked to just above the juncture of her thighs.

The pretty woman continued clipping Vandana’s pussy hair.

“Oh, have you never had your privates waxed before?” she asked Vandana. “You’ll love it. Your husband specifically asked that you be completely waxed of all body hair,” she chirped cheerfully.

“He’s not my husb…” Vandana said before she caught herself. Chawla’s wife saw the young woman’s eyes glance at the prominent wedding band on Vandana’s left hand and then force her eyes back to Vandana’s face.

“Oh, my,” was the only reply from the young woman. “I, uh, you’ll find it quite appealing, anyway,” she managed.

Vandana felt all of the blood in her body rush to her beautiful face. She lay back down completely humiliated and did nothing to hinder the young woman’s work when she felt her long, naked legs being spread and manipulated for the waxing of her pussy.

When she returned to her room, she found her own clothing gone and her wardrobe replaced. There was a note on her bed telling her to wear what was on the bed.

Vandana held the suit jacket and skirt up and looked at them intently. The expensive suit was made of the finest silk, but Vandana was concerned at how short the skirt was. She held the skirt to her waist and saw that it didn’t even come close to being mid-thigh. Instead, it would leave her legs exposed to nearly the top of her thighs. She wondered how she would even sit in a skirt like this. As she went through the rest of the clothes on the bed, Vandana realized that there were no panties with the outfit! A garter belt and thigh-highs had been left, as well as very, very high heeled shoes, still in their box. The bra was lacy and cut low, allowing an acre of cleavage to show from the equally low cut blouse. The suit coat was designed to be worn open. As she finally got the outfit on, Vandana looked in the mirror. What she saw was a stunning mature woman just in her sexual prime. Her big titties were pushed up proudly and she was all legs beneath the skirt. When she moved, a hint of the top of her thigh-highs was revealed, letting a person peek at the creamy whites of her super sexy upper thighs. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she tried to determine what she could and couldn’t do in the outfit. She bent at the waist and the skirt rose to the flair of her rounded ass cheeks. When she bent further, her naked pussy slit peeked out from below the hem.

She certainly had no idea what the specific intentions were of Avanish, but there was no doubt he was going to use her physical beauty to his advantage at the meeting.

In her entire life, Vandana had never worn a skirt with no panties, so the cool air on her now hairless cunt made her feel almost as if she had no clothes on below the waist. As the conservative wife of a lawyer for a large, successful law firm, she had always had to maintain an image that was completely contrary to the clothing she now had on. As she walked through the hotel lobby and to the waiting Town Car, Vandana was distinctly aware of the looks that she received from everyone she walked past. And, when the back door was opened for and she sat in the car, she noticed how several passersby slowed to get a good look at the hot womanly flesh which was exposed to them.


Avanish worked the deal as quickly as he could. He had known the man he was talking to for many years. Over the years he knew that the man, who was in his late sixties, had become more accustomed to Western practices, although he still wore the traditional Arab head dress with his western suit and tie.

Avanish believed he was very close to signing a deal with the Arab.

“Omar,” Avanish said, “I know that you have to leave for London in a couple of hours. Surely we can finalize our deal before you go? All of the paperwork has been reviewed and it simply awaits your signature.”

“I am still looking at other firms,” was the reply from the Arab. “Perhaps waiting a few days would benefit us both.”

Avanish did not want to wait. He and Omar had been talking about this for weeks and he believed that both were ready for the deal. He looked at the other Middle Eastern men in the room and smiled. “I need some help here with your boss. He’s becoming obstinate in his old age.”

All the men laughed.

Avanish pushed a button. “Vandana, would you bring in some drinks for my guests?”

Within seconds, Vandana Chawla entered the room with a tray of liquor bottles and glasses for the men. She tried to not look at the men, but she immediately heard the murmur and rustling as the men looked the scantily clad woman in the short skirt up and down.

Of course, she served Omar and Avanish first.

“Avanish, where do you find such beautiful help?” Omar asked. Vandana made sure to smile at the man when he said this. Her lovely brown eyes sparkled and her lips parted to show the perfect teeth when she smiled.

Vandana saw the Arab man stare intently at her cleavage as she bent to give him his drink. Her large melons were wonderfully encased in the silk bra and blouse that Avanish had ordered her to wear. Omar stared openly at the tall housewife serving him. Her eyes met his for another brief moment before she blushingly looked away.

Then his eyes went to her long legs. She had long heard of the attraction that Arab men had for beautiful Indian women. The suit skirt that she wore was simply way too short. It barely covered her naked bottom and was so tight that it clung to her shapely hips and buttocks. She hoped that neither man noticed the slight shaking of her hands as she handled the bottles and glasses.

“Vandana is new here,” Avanish replied. “She is very intent on being a good hostess, though.”

Vandana felt her face redden. She moved cautiously to the other men in the room, serving them drinks and enduring their stares.

“I only wish we could seal this deal right now,” Avanish said. “There really is no good reason to delay, and being able to celebrate it, even briefly, would be something I think you might enjoy before your trip to London.”

Omar raised his eyebrow. He looked at the long legged housewife serving his employees. She looked spectacular. What would those soft thighs feel like around his hips, he wondered? Why not take this mature Indian woman? He felt his cock stir in his pants. He had done enough business with Avanish to know what he suggested. Should he take up the offer of this beautiful woman?

Vandana finished serving the men. She looked at Avanish and began to leave the room.

As Omar watched the shapely buttocks of the Indian woman walk to the door, he made his decision.

“Avanish, we’re old friends. Let’s not delay any longer. I sign, right now!”

Avanish clapped his hands. “Great, let’s do it.”

Vandana was relieved. She thought to herself that at least her part was done. She hoped that her sexy presence had helped Avanish seal the deal. Maybe now he’d help her!

“Vandana,” Avanish said, “get the pen from the desk and bring the papers over to the table.”

Avanish and Omar rose from their chairs and approached a large table in the middle of the room. Vandana did as directed and brought the papers and pens.

Within seconds, the documents were signed.

Vandana nervously stood by as the men put their signatures to paper. She nervously clasped her manicured hands in front of her short skirt. She wished she had panties on. She wished she was dressed conservatively. Her mind swirled with nervous thoughts. Somehow, serving these foreigners made her feel very much like a sex object. Please, please, please, she thought, please Mr. Avanish, tell me it’s time for me to go.

In the back of her mind she knew that wouldn’t happen. She heard Avanish’s voice.

“Omar, you have made me very happy. Is there any gift that I can give you to show you my appreciation?”

Omar looked Vandana in the eyes. The beautiful housewife mother lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes resting softly on her perfect skin.

“Yes, perhaps your hostess would be so kind as to make herself available to me, briefly, before I must go to London.”

Avanish answered for Vandana. “Of course she would. Vandana is new here. She is a housewife, and has never served as a hostess before, but has assured me she wishes to assist my business in any way necessary. She is indebted to me for some assistance she has requested. I’m certain she would be pleased to service you.”

Vandana’s mind raced. As she stood there, she felt her long, shapely legs begin to shake very subtly. Her large melons rose and fell with her increased breathing. “Please, Mr. Avanish,” was all she said when her voice dropped off.

“Take off your suit jacket, my dear,” Avanish said. “Omar, I assure you that her reluctance is entirely due to her inexperience, not her willingness to please.”

“Avanish,” Omar replied, “there is never any reason to apologize for innocence and inexperience in a beautiful woman.”

Vandana felt her hands rise reluctantly to her suit lapels and gently open the coat and slide it down her arms. She folded it and placed it on the desk. Now she felt naked from the waist up, the blouse and bra were so thin. Without the coat, her breasts showed clearly now.

What should she do, she wondered? Should she run? Should she fight? Instead, she stood frozen before the man whose hands her fate was in.

“Now remove the blouse and bra, Vandana.” Avanish turned to Omar. “Again, if she appears frightened, it’s because she has not done this before. I assure you, however, that her body is made for a man’s pleasure.”

Vandana’s eyes watered and she felt herself blinking back tears, but her hands went slowly to the blouse and began unbuttoning it. She tried to tell herself that she was doing this for her family. If she had to spread her magnificent long legs, it was for her family and only her family. Soon the front of the blouse was open, revealing her large, firm tits and flat stomach.

Avanish spoke again, very gently. “Vandana, Omar doesn’t have much time. It’s time for him to celebrate.”

Vandana’s fingers began to work more quickly. The blouse fell to the floor. Vandana was very hesitant to end up completely nude in this room full of foreigners. But her shaking hands went to her back and she unhooked the lacy bra that held her wonderfully large tits in place. After she unhooked it and the straps fell loosely on her beautiful shoulders, Vandana crossed her arms in front of her exposed breasts, covering the large nipples. She let the bra slip to the floor.

As she stood there nude except for her skirt, she looked pleadingly at Avanish.

“Where should we go?” she asked. By now she recognized that she was to be taken by Omar as a prize. Reconciled to that horrid thought, she only wished to be taken by him privately.

“He should have you wherever he wishes,” was Avanish’s reply. He looked to Omar.

Omar was not concerned with the Indian woman’s feelings. To the contrary, he wished to impress upon his employees the power that he had. “I wish to be served here,” was his only reply.

Avanish hard eyes looked at Vandana.

Immediately, she recognized his thoughts. She could ill afford to go this far and then stop. She recognized that his good will was everything to her future.

Vandana released her breasts and they dangled, fleshy and full, high on her chest, the large nipples capping the melons. She heard the audible murmur of approval of the men in the room.

Then she began to unzip the skirt. As her long, silk encased legs stepped out of the skirt, she looked at her hairless pussy with shame. The only clothing she wore was the sexy thigh high stockings with the garter belt and the five inch high heel shoes. Her shapely ass, large breasts and hairless pussy now seemed even more naked, if that was possible.

Omar had already begun to undress as well. Within seconds, all of his clothing was off except his underwear and head dress.

Vandana looked at his hairy body with disgust, but she knew what she was expected to do. She walked over to him. The men watched her tight buttocks sway sensuously as she moved to him. Karan Chawla’s wife knelt before the Arab man.

Her hands reached for his midsection. Gently, she tugged at his underwear. As she pulled it down, an extremely large, thick, well-veined cock was revealed. Vandana had not seen a lot of cocks in her life, but this one was not completely straight. Instead, it curved even though it was very stiff. Nor was the man circumcised. Vandana had never seen a cock like this before.

Trying not to think about what she was about to do, Vandana opened her mouth and took the near turgid tool between her moist, ripe lips. His was a formidable member with a thick shaft and a knob at the end of it that looked like a plump plum. As her lips glided over the fleshy knob, gently sucking and licking, she heard Omar’s voice.

“Our women must be directed to suck cock, Mr. Avanish. Indian women love to do it without even a request,” he giggled. All of the men joined in the laughter.

Vandana ignored this humiliating statement and continued to bob on the Arab’s thick pole. The length and girth were both unlike any she had ever had before. She found that she had to open her mouth wide to allow him access to her. She sucked gently on the stiff tool and let her tongue swirl around the stiff cock.

Vandana continued to suck this man on her knees as he stood before her, continuing to talk. Her hands alternated between tugging on the shaft of the cock and cupping his large testicle sac softly in her fingers. Her well formed buttocks rested on the backs of her shoes as she performed a fellatio on the foreign man.

“Avanish, this woman must be bred. Can you imagine the stock which would come from her loins?”
This dirty man was basically referring to her daughter, she thought to herself angrily.

“With tits like these, she is made for breeding,” he said, as if he were speaking of an animal.

Omar reached down to her large tits and began to massage them. Vandana felt her nipples react instantly. Omar tugged and tweaked at the rubbery tips. His touch was almost painful, it was so hard, but Vandana’s body reacted as she feared it would. She felt her tight vagina begin to moisten and her nipples stood out hard and dark.

As she tried to ignore his touch, Vandana’s mind wandered to what he said. Maybe she was simply a slut. Maybe she was just meant to be bred. She felt herself begin to well-up with emotions, but she quickly tried to think of something else before she began to cry. That would do her no good, and simply humiliate her more.

Omar continued to talk.

“My dear, I don’t have much time,” he said as he stepped away from the beautiful housewife kneeling before him. His cock fell from her mouth, wet with her saliva. “I must sample your cunt.”

Vandana saw him extend her his hand to assist her up from her knees. She put her own soft hand in his and began to stand. In her heels, she stood several inches taller than him. He instantly put his face into her large titties and began to smother himself with them. His hands pulled her close to him by latching on to her ass cheeks. He licked and sucked on her tits voraciously.

Vandana tried not to look at the other men in the room, but her innocent brown eyes met theirs and she recognized the lust in their dark faces. They seemed mesmerized by their boss’ domination of this Indian woman.

Vandana tried to not make a sound, but when Omar’s fingers found her pussy opening and he begin to jam a finger within her, she finally relented.

“Oh,” was all she said. She felt her tight pussy adjust to the invasion of his finger and bathe the digit with her love juices. Vandana adjusted her feet to a few inches wider to allow him access. Her shapely legs were tensed and revealed the deep muscles of her thighs and buttocks.

Vandana’s arms surrounded the man’s hairy back and shoulders as she tried to hang on for dear life, not wanting to lose balance while the man finger-fucked her. The beautiful woman groaned involuntarily.

She was certain that she would fall if he continued this sexual probing of her. As if he sensed this, Omar turned to a couple of the men who were seated on a couch.

“Move, I must fuck this woman,” he demanded.

The men stood and watched as the beautiful Indian housewife was released by Omar. Her tits were soaked with his saliva and she was breathing hard from the finger-fucking he had given her. She moved with shaking legs to the couch.

Vandana knew that the men stared at the unnaturally bare pussy between her legs as she walked to the couch. She felt Omar groping at her ass cheeks as she moved. Karan Chawla’s wife was turned on like never before, but she still hated what she was doing. To have this foreigner between her legs was against everything and every vow she had ever made. And yet, when she turned and sat on the couch, she knew he would fuck her now.

Vandana lay back on the couch. Omar was right beside her now, his stiff, jutting tool standing straight out of his hips. Vandana’s head was on a pillow and she spread the beautiful columns of her legs to allow the Arab between her legs.

Omar knelt between her legs. Vandana resolved to block out the other men and simply fuck this man who was now kneeling between her legs. Chawla’s wife reached for the tip of the man’s cock and directed it to the opening of her pussy. Her mind told her that it was too big for her pussy, but she let him begin to push into her anyway.

The initial thickness did prove a problem, but Omar pushed hard at the opening of her cunt. She spread her soft thighs for him as he did.

Vandana’s legs were now up in the air around Omar’s body. As he pushed himself inside of her, the fit was tight and a bit painful for the beautiful, mature woman. She glanced down between their bodies and realized that he was not even a quarter of the way inside her pussy.

“Uhhhhhh,” she heard herself moan as he tried to fit himself inside her pussy. Her legs were wide and all the men had a view of her smooth thighs as Omar tried to fit his massive cock inside the Indian woman. The men knew that she was struggling to accommodate the large cock inside her tight pussy.

Omar now wanted to bend the Indian woman to his will and have her beg for mercy. He wanted his men to recognize the power that he had over people and nothing would make a bigger impression than fucking this Indian woman without mercy. He dug his fingers into her gyrating hips and pulled her ass towards his cock, painfully squeezing her buttocks. Vandana’s eyes betrayed a real fear now of the fucking she was going to receive.

Now he was getting into a frenzy. He tore at her ass, separating the buttocks as much as possible to open her pussy to his cock. Her twin moons were stretched until Vandana’s head fell back on the couch’s cushion and she cried out.

“Ohhhhh, goddddd,” she cried. “You’re too big…”

Omar continued to watch his massive, thickly plunging shaft disappear into the resisting wet hole of the woman’s cunt. He wanted to stretch the woman’s orifice until she accepted him completely inside her hungry wet cunt.

“Uuuugggggghhhhhhhh,” she cried uncomprehendingly. “Ohhh, nooooo, please stop.”

Omar looked up at the beautiful face of the woman he was fucking. Her neck was straining and her mouth was agape. It seemed that she was unable even to scream as he fucked her relentlessly. Her eyes stared at him in a silent acknowledgement of his brutal fucking. All of the air now seemed to be out of her lungs. Her big breasts heaved as she bucked her hips beneath him, both trying to take the massive cock and trying to avoid its complete entry. The big, stiff nipples on her breasts pushed into the Arab man’s hairy chest as he took her every sexual secret.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned piteously. “You’re toooooo . . . biggggg.”

She knew he was nearly completely inside her now. Her tight love hole had never been so stuffed with man meat. Almost in a defensive mode, her pussy soaked the cock with love juices to make the jutting, stiff meat slippery enough to slide inside her. The image of her hungry cunt climbing up and down his long tool made Omar appreciate the athleticism of the Indian woman he was fucking.

Wet smacking sounds resounded through the otherwise silent room. Avanish and the other men watched in disbelief as Omar fucked Vandana relentlessly. Each pile-driving thrust that Omar made into Vandana’s tight pussy produced another wet swoosh, a smacking sound of slapping flesh and a pitiful cry from Vandana’s lips.



“Ohhh. Pleeeese.”

Vandana now gradually began taking the pounding from the huge dick without complaint. Only the involuntary moan that the beautiful housewife uttered when Omar pushed in to the hilt betrayed the fact that Vandana was unused to the massive sized cock inside her.

The cushions beneath them creaked and groaned as the two fucked each other. The sounds created a better report of what was happening than any photograph ever could. Vandana’s body began to be covered with a thin sheen of perspiration as she tried to accept the animalistic fucking Omar was driving into her with.

As he pounded his cock into the hotly receptive pussy of Vandana Chawla, Omar’s mouth touched Vandana’s and he drove his tongue deep into her mouth. She greedily accepted it and twisted her own tongue with his in his liquored mouth.

Vandana could take it no more. She felt herself losing complete control and her mind flashed red and demented. Her large, rounded breasts were now pressed nearly flat against the Arab’s chest.

“I’m cummmiing,” she screamed as she utterly lost control. “I’m cummmmming!” Her high pitched squeal broke the air. Her long legs wrapped tightly around the Arab and her heels crossed at the ankles as she pulled the huge cock into her pussy.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggguuuuhhhhh.” Her throaty voice resounded throughout the large room, and the flesh slapping and couch creaking filled the room as he continued to drive his large member into the hairless pussy until only the thick pubic hair of his was between their bodies, and that was smashed tight between them.

The muscles in Vandana’s arms and legs stood out as she strained to shamefully pull him deeper into her wetly splayed cuntal lips.

Omar felt the slow aching pressure building within his huge balls. The lust laden testicles slapped hard against Vandana’s buttocks with each thrust into the Indian woman’s pussy. As she climaxed beneath him, Omar felt himself losing control. He fucked her harder and harder, determined to debase the western woman beneath him. Her smooth thighs were now spread as wide as she could spread them and he pounded her without mercy. She continued to cry in orgasm.

Omar felt himself about to explode. He grasped her thighs behind the knees and pushed her cruelly up until her knees were nearly at her head and she was bent in two. Vandana had never been fucked so brutally fucked, but she felt another orgasm rising as her legs were pushed back.

Omar’s shoulders were surrounded by Vandana’s legs and he drove deep into her cunt. Rather than resisting his cruel fuck, Omar felt Vandana’s ankles cross behind his neck and she met him thrust for long cock thrust. She was now a raw mass of helpless desire and she met him by writhing and twisting beneath him to his every cock thrust.

With her soft, yielding thighs now on his chest and her calves on his shoulders, Omar drove his huge cock deeper and deeper into the woman beneath him. Reaching the hilt, he ground his hips into hers.

Quickly, he felt Vandana rising to another orgasm. Her whole body tensed and he knew he could last no longer, either.

His voice rasped something which neither Vandana nor Avanish recognized, but it was a clear sign of his impending explosion within the beautiful woman beneath him. With a deep, soul shattering sound, Omar and Vandana exploded in simultaneous orgasm. Their mouths and hips were locked as one. His cock began to jerk wildly and he shot his thick, hot spunk into her pussy. She felt the hot, liquid sperm being deposited deep within her womb, filling her velvety vaginal walls with his spurting seed.

Vandana had not yet regained her bearings and she aggressively continued to work his cock with her pussy, milking the thick tool of every drop of his man seed, not realizing that the man was becoming spent.

The other men in the room looked at each other in disbelief and amusement as she continued to pump her shapely hips rhythmically beneath the now spent man. Gradually, Omar lifted his body from hers to allow her to draw her long legs down from his shoulders. She now wrapped her legs around Omar’s legs as he lay atop her.

The two lay together gathering their senses.

Avanish knew that Vandana had been worked hard by Omar. He knew that she was the reason Omar had signed so quickly. He recognized her value to him after he had watched her fuck Omar with so much animalistic passion. Her ass was a valuable asset to him, he thought.

Omar got up from the couch and gathered his clothes. Vandana lay there nearly fucked senseless and dozing. Her huge tits looked delectable and her legs lay spread ever so slightly.

She sensed Omar and Avanish speaking, but could not make out what they said. Her mind drifted.

She heard Avanish’s voice. “Vandana will be happy to accompany you whenever you are in New York, Omar. I know that you must leave for London. Perhaps Vandana can accommodate your men after you leave?”

Omar replied. “That would be much appreciated.”

Vandana’s eyes flew open. As she lay on the couch, Omar’s men began approaching her. They were taking their clothes off! One man, already naked, knelt between her beautiful long legs and pushed his hard cock into her spunk soaked pussy. Another went to her head and offered his cock to her lips.

“What?” was all that Vandana asked.

Vandana looked up into Avanish’s eyes. They told her the entire message. How had she gotten herself into this mess, her brain screamed? What was she doing letting Avanish dictate her life to her?

She barely noticed the man who was fucking her until he lay completely on top of her. Now she was pinned down beneath the man. Still she looked pitifully at Avanish. His cold eyes stared back silently.

Vandana knew what she had to do.

She parted her lips and took the man’s cock into her mouth.

Over the next several hours Vandana fucked and sucked each foreigner’s hard cock dry. The voluptuous housewife was repeatedly fucked by this group of insatiable men in every position imaginable. She never complained if they wanted to take her doggy style or with her riding their cocks from above, tits swaying and bobbing. She lost count of how many times she climaxed and how many hard cocks she let shoot their hot spunk between her legs. She was now simply a warm, fleshy receptacle for their lust. As the last man left his seed in her ravaged pussy and stood to walk away, Vandana lay in shock at her shameful conduct.

Vandana managed to hold her emotions inside until she got back to her hotel room. As she walked through the five-star hotel lobby and got into the elevator, she felt the eyes of every man on her body. If they only knew what she had done, she shamefully thought to herself. If they only knew!

When she opened the door to her room and entered the sanctuary, she put her hands to her face and began to sob. Her trembling knees barely supported her as she walked to the bed and removed the five inch heels that she had been wearing. Now barefoot, Vandana curled up on the bed and continued crying. Why had she done this, the innocent housewife wondered? Crying into a pillow, the beautiful, mature woman grabbed the bedspread with her fist and squeezed it tightly. “Damn you, Karan,” her mind screamed at her unfaithful husband. He was the reason for all of this. “Damn you!”

Vandana didn’t know what to do. Her body ached from the sexual workout she had been put through. She could still smell the cologne on her skin of the various men who had fucked her and she smelled strongly of sex. Her nipples were sore from the sucking and tugging that the men had done, and her tight pussy felt the ravages of their intercourse. In the limo drive to the hotel, she had managed to get the taste of their semen out of her mouth by pouring herself a strong glass of whiskey and downing it after swishing it in her mouth. The whiskey had the added benefit of calming the statuesque housewife. Now that calm had vanished and she was torn between sleep and a bath.

She decided to force herself up and change out of the clothes she was wearing. Vandana padded to the bath and began to shed her clothes. She looked into the mirror for signs that she had somehow been changed by the sexual experience, but other than the unfamiliar clothing, she was the same woman as before. This startled her as she had expected that the couplings that she had endured would have somehow changed her looks. An intense feeling of loneliness came over her, but she continued what she was doing. When she finished taking her clothes off, she stood in front of the large mirror and examined her fabulous body.

She was still not used to having a shaved pussy and she stared at her narrow, hairless slit momentarily. It seemed so incongruous to the womanly flared hips that she had. Slowly, her big eyes moved to other parts of her body. About the only two changes that she noticed was a small bruise on her flawless skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She tried to remember back as to how she got it. It was humiliating to her that she had only a vague recollection of getting the small purple mark.

She hadn’t had a hickey since she had gotten a little intoxicated and had ended up getting banged after a party in the back seat of a car by a high school football star when she was a high school sophomore! Up until today, Vandana had viewed that night as the single wildest day in her life! Although she had lost her virginity earlier that year to a boy she had been dating for quite some time, she had been racked with guilt and shame after she fucked the high school senior, who she never dated before and did not date after, and was mortified to find out later that several people had seen her naked legs up in the air as he lay between her young thighs, stretching her wet pussy with his every thrust. Now her mind reflected back on that night, years before, remembering the large hickeys the young stud left of her shoulders and neck.

She seemed to remember one of the men biting her lightly as the man lay atop her and pounded her pussy relentlessly towards orgasm. She vaguely recalled him latching on to her skin with his mouth as she exploded in orgasm. That would explain her hazy memory, she thought. Her long, toned legs were wrapped firmly around the man’s hips as she met him thrust for thrust. She remembered his long cock banging her over and over. She had looked between their bodies as they fucked and seen his stiff, dark tool working it’s way in and out of her pussy, glistening with her juices. She remembered looking into his lust filled eyes as he fucked her.

The man had worked the Indian housewife hard, enjoying every second that his long, stiff penis was driving in and out of her snug, soaked passage. The man could tell from the way Vandana squeezed her soft thighs around his hips and pumped her ass up to meet his thrusts that she was not just servicing him. The tell-tale signs of her arousal were too clear. And, when they began to climax together, she felt him begin to bite . . .

Vandana was appalled at her memory! This man was a complete stranger, she thought. She forced her thoughts back to the present, but immediately noticed that her large nipples were blood-engorged and erect at her thoughts! As ashamed as she was of her body’s reaction, she found some solace in the knowledge that the smoldering sexual feelings that she thought she no longer had in the marriage in which she was trapped were still there. Vandana knew that she was a very desirable woman.

She continued examining her body. There was a second bruise on one of her large, firm breasts. She remembered crying out in a bit of pain when a man sucking on a nipple, moved to her other breast and bit on the soft skin of her breast. She didn’t even remember which man had done it, but she did remember slapping his naked skin when he caused her the pain.

Her view of who had done it was obscured by the fact that she was giving one of the men head and all she could see was the hairy abdomen of that man, while the other men took advantage of her beautiful body. As she thought back she wondered at the wanton image in her mind. She seemed to remember that she was sitting on the couch with the naked man standing on it, his hairy, naked legs akimbo, straddling her, his long penis being sucked by her as he flexed his hips. As unreal as that seemed to her, she knew she remembered correctly.

The other men, who she could not see, knelt at her body, sucking her nipples, groping her large tits, and finger-fucking her as she mouthed the man’s stiff tool. Shamefully, she remembered spreading her luscious legs and pulling her knees up somewhat to give one man’s fingers better access to her soaked love hole. No wonder her pussy was sore!

Vandana had just put on a short robe when there was a knock at the door of her room. She peeked through the peep hole and saw the face of the young woman who had waxed her earlier in the day. Vandana opened the door and the young woman pushed a cart into the room. On it was a massage table.

The young lady looked at Vandana with bright eyes and smiled.

“I’ve got orders to pamper you silly,” she said with a broad smile. “We start with a body scrub” she said as the table was set up. “Hop up!”

Vandana was reluctant to follow any more orders by anyone, but she decided not to fight it. She got onto the table and lay face down, her beautiful face looking away from the side that the attendant was on. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. She knew this was the only way she could get through the days to come.

She felt the robe being lifted from her body. She could feel the attendant’s eyes roaming over her beautiful, mature body. A feminine hand lightly stroked her from her ankle up the back of her long leg coming to rest momentarily, almost absentmindedly, on her rounded, well-formed buttock.

***** Vandana and Avanish spent that evening at the theater and dining at a fabulous restaurant. Their conversation had been riveting and intimate and often amusing. She found herself laughing at his engaging sense of humor. Despite everything, Vandana found herself drawn to the powerful man. He treated her as an intelligent equal. As the night progressed and the food kept coming and the wine flowed freely, Vandana felt very sexy in the revealing, low-cut evening gown with the long slit way up the side that she wore and was proud to be with the handsome man in black tie. She felt a way that she hadn’t felt in years. Deep in the recesses of her mind, however, she knew that he still held all of the cards and had expectations of her that she feared.


When they arrived back at Vandana’s room, she noticed that a bottle of champagne was sitting on ice on the table.

Avanish went over to it and began to open it.

“Why don’t you change into something more comfortable,” he said to Vandana.

The woman knew better than to challenge Avanish. She turned and made her way to the bathroom, where she was not surprised to find a silky, see-through black negligee. Her nervous hands went to the straps on her evening gown and pulled them gently down her shoulders. Vandana tried to tell herself that she was only doing this because of her family, but her mind wondered if that was true. She knew that she was going to be fucked nonetheless.

Avanish was already unclothed and sat sipping the champagne in a robe which he had had placed in the closet. The lights were dim and the drapes were wide open. Manhattan’s skyline was on display. When Avanish heard the bathroom door open and shut, he turned to the sounds. What he saw astounded him.

Vandana stood stock still in the lingerie, her eyes downcast, looking every bit like a virginal bride. Avanish stared at the form of the tall, beautiful housewife. His eyes started at her bare feet and moved slowly up her nude legs. He loved how the ivory skin of her toned, muscular legs contrasted against the black lingerie. Avanish could see the womanly flair of her hips and the flat tummy beneath the sheer material, and he let his eyes roam higher until he came to Vandana’s large, firm tits. While he wasn’t certain, there was a slight hint of her nipples being partially erect. He reflected on how the wining and dining had made this worth the wait.

Luckily for Vandana, his quiet demeanor did not reveal his thoughts, but he reflected meanly that this gorgeous, demure woman, who now was apparently hesitant to give up her virtue to him, had that early afternoon wantonly spread her lush thighs for any man that he had told her she needed to fuck, and had serviced and provided the receptacle between her long legs for the hot spunk from the stiff cocks of several men. There was no doubt that his power over these stunning women was a turn-on for Avanish. Avanish extended his hand to the beautiful woman. She slowly made her way to him and he spread his legs and guided her between them. His robe fell away from his thick thigh and Vandana saw the long, thick hose, which was his flaccid penis, lying on his stomach. While the size of the cock was intimidating even though it was not stiff, Vandana was shocked by the size of the testicles which hung in the large sac between his legs. Gently, she sat on his naked leg and leaned her torso against his chest. Her soft hand went to his chest and she rubbed his wide chest lightly. He handed the woman a glass of champagne and wrapped his arm around her, lightly caressing her back and buttocks and legs. Despite being a bit light headed already, Vandana drank deeply from the glass. She knew that she would need every drop of the alcohol to get through this night.

She offered no resistance when he pulled her close for a long, deep kiss and his hands began to work her negligee off of her body. The woman’s large breasts jutted forward. Vandana looked down and was stung by the fact that her nipples were already becoming stiff and erect. As repulsed as she would have hoped to be in this situation, she could not lie to herself: her pussy was starting to get soaked. Her warm hip was pulled next to Avanish’s manhood and she had to keep from jumping when she felt it begin to jerk, in fits and starts, into a raging, blood-filled erection. As they kissed, Avanish’s big hand went to between her legs and began to search for her love opening. Her lush thighs spread as if they had a mind of their own.

“Oooooooo,” she moaned as his finger slipped effortlessly into her wet pussy.

Vandana’s hand went to his balls and began to gently stroke the large, fleshy sac and his long cock. His rhythmic fingering of her made her have to resist the urge to take his cock into her mouth and suck him.

***** Vandana was lying nude on her back, her big brown eyes nearly glazed over from the fuck Avanish was throwing her. The intercourse had begun gently enough, but now it seemed that Avanish was working himself into a lather. About the only part of the beautiful housewife that was touching the bed was her head and shoulders, arms and her feet. Avanish knelt between her long legs, cupping her firm ass cheeks in his hands as he fucked her by raising her buttocks and thighs up from the bed to meet his cock. Vandana’s slender arms lay at her side bracing her body in the air. The muscles in her thighs stood out from the strain. It took just about all of her strength to be in this position, but Avanish was laying his long, thick cock on her without regard for her feelings.

The intense fucking was taking its toll on Vandana. Her mouth was ajar and deep throated moans and gasps escaped her ripe, red lips.

“Aaahhhhhh,” she mewled.


“Aaahhhhhh, gawwwwddd, she moaned with each thrust of his cock.

Her very large titties jiggled each time the man drove his stiff tool into her pussy to the hilt. Despite his large sized penis, Vandana was so wet that she was having no problem taking the cock into her pussy. She felt a bit like a cloth doll the way he was fucking her in this position. She knew that she had not experienced a man’s libido like Avanish’s before and she knew that it would be best for her if she satisfied his lust in every way. He held her like this and fucked her for what seemed to be an eternity when suddenly he decided to switch positions.

He quickly lowered her onto the bed and withdrew his cock. Avanish gently slapped her thigh.

“Turn around, Vandana, and get on your hands and knees. I need to fuck you doggie.”

Vandana’s ears burned with shame. Nonetheless, she scrambled over onto her stomach and pulled herself up to her hands and knees. She could hear Avanish breathing hard behind her. His hands rested on her naked hips and his knees were between her calves. She felt the wet, fleshy tip of his penis against the back of her thigh.

“Gawd-damn!” she heard Avanish mutter. “That is a helluva nice ass, Vandana.” Then, “Put me in you.”

The innocent housewife reached her hand between her spread thighs and felt for his cock. “Why am I doing this?” her brain screamed. “Why?”

But as disgusted with herself as she was, her hand came into contact with the very slick, stiff cock of the man who had been fucking her. Vandana hated the feel of her own vaginal juices on the cock. It was dirty! It was disgusting! But, she moved the head of his cock to her pussy lips and he pushed it in effortlessly. The silky, smooth walls of her vaginal passage were a tight fit around his cock. The wanton woman squeezed Avanish’s cock with her pussy in an effort to please the powerful man, milking the cock with her pussy.

Vandana’s mind was filled with the obscene thought that she had completely surrendered to this man and chills ran up her spine when he spoke again.

“Vandana, you’ve got the pussy of a twenty year old, it’s so damn tight,” Avanish groaned.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Vandana heard her own voice moan in reply.

“Damn!” she heard Avanish say. “This is a fine, fine ass!”

Vandana hung her head in shame as she felt him stuff his cock into her tight cunt from behind. What was causing her the shame wasn’t Avanish fucking her, but the thoughts that were racing through her pretty head. As much as she hated to admit it, she was concerned about not looking as good as she should from behind. After having two children, she was self-conscious about the width of her hips. While not slender like a girl’s hips, they were not too wide at all.

Avanish would have assured her that her womanly hips were perfect, had he cared a whit about her feelings, but he was too intoxicated with the power he held over the gorgeous housewife.


He slapped her ass.


Avanish spanked her rounded ass again. He watched his elongated tool disappear and then reappear from Vandana’s trembling vagina. The tight, circle of her anus peeked out at him from between her rapidly reddening buttocks.

“Owww!” was Vandana’s only response.


“Move your ass, baby. Don’t go to sleep on me,” Avanish said.

Vandana immediately began to push back with her ass and take the deep thrusts further into her pussy. She only wanted to please this demanding man, why did he treat her so?

He began to fuck her in earnest now. The tawdry rhythm became more intense and Vandana could feel Avanish’s grip tightening on her hips. When he let loose of her hips, it was only to reach around her and grab the tit flesh which hung from her chest. He cupped her sensitive nipples and began to knead them in his hands as he fucked her harder and harder. Vandana’s beautiful face now had a glow to it that could only be attributed to the sexual heights she was reaching. She didn’t know if Avanish’s hands were holding her large breasts because he wanted to hang on to her while he fucked her, or if he realized just how sensitive her nipples were to the touch and how much this turned her on sexually.

One of his hands let go of a breast and it dangled heavily from her chest, jiggling and swaying every time his hips met the backs of her thighs and her buttocks. His free hand rested on her ass cheek at first, but then went around her hip and began to search for her clitoris. Now, Vandana was being penetrated by Avanish’s massive cock and having her pussy rubbed by his hand. He found the little love-bud and rubbed it vigorously as he continued pounding her cunt. She found it impossible to remain silent when he found the little organ.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried in pleasure.

Vandana didn’t know how much longer she would be able to withstand the onslaught. She didn’t realize that Avanish was now simply rocking mechanically into her pussy with his hard cock, plotting his next course of action.

Vandana’s head and arms now collapsed to the bed from her kneeling position. Avanish continued to fuck her, simply holding her ass up from the bed.

As her big breasts gradually moved to the bed, Avanish began to tug on the front of her legs, just above her knees. Vandana’s legs now straightened and her entire body was lying prone on the bed with Avanish pounding her yielding flesh from above her without missing a stroke.

Avanish was literally lying right on top of the mature woman as he fucked her with ever increasing speed and vigor. Vandana’s beautiful long legs lay spread wantonly and Avanish was between them focusing on fucking her sopping cunt. She was now so wet that there was a squishing sound every time Avanish drove his stiff dong into her pussy that was humiliating to Vandana’s ears.

Vandana thought her shame was utterly complete. Her mind rang with the thought that she was nothing but a wanton slut!

Avanish enjoyed the feeling of lying completely on top of her torso, his entire body slamming up against this previously innocent woman. His mind meanly wondered how her kids would like to see their mom now!

And, the truth be known, the beautiful mother of two was reaching towards an orgasm herself.

His hands held her outstretched arms at the wrist and she could feel his torso heavily atop her back. As she moved her head and shook the long brown hair from her face, Avanish kissed the back of her neck, her shoulder and her cheek. All that Vandana knew was that she was pinned beneath the man, feeling his long, stiff cock piston in and out of her vagina. Having her large, firm tits pressed against the cool sheets only enhanced her pleasure.

“Yeah, baby,” she heard herself say.

“Do it to me, baby,” she said, “just like that.”

But Avanish had something in mind other than her pleasure. Avanish wanted to hear the gorgeous woman squeal for mercy and bend her completely to his will. As his large hands held her slender wrists tightly, he withdrew his massive, stiff cock slowly from her pussy. Vandana lay still beneath him, uncomprehendingly.

Then she felt the tip of his hard manhood move ominously up slightly between her rounded, womanly buttocks. Avanish pushed and probed aggressively for the opening to her anus.

“Nooooo. Noooo, not there,” was all that the housewife could say. As Avanish made his hip thrusts, his cock slipped back into her soaked pussy twice. The entire area between her nude ass cheeks was now sopping wet, but he struggled to get into her little asshole.

Vandana’s delicate feet began to kick vigorously against Avanish’s intentions, but his powerful thighs lay atop the backs of her long, naked legs and her struggles were to no avail. She was helplessly pinned beneath him, but she continued to struggle, kicking her feet up and down, attempting always to clench her muscular ass cheeks tight.

Despite his weight, she tried to thrash her rounded buttocks about in a way to make the ass fucking impossible, but she wasn’t able to move much beneath the big man. His sudden heavy weight of his muscular loins pressed against her, spread her legs wider and wider apart and consequently her fleshy buttocks were slowly spread wider and wider apart.

The tall, gorgeous housewife felt his cock touch the crinkly circle of her sphincter and begin to put immense pressure on the opening.

“Noooo, please don’t do it,” she cried. “I’ve never done it before.”

Vandana’s mind screamed that the man’s cock was too big! She could never take that inside her rectum without ripping her belly apart! The tip of his massive cock against her anus felt soft and rubbery at first, but it was backed by an increasingly stiff shaft that was unrelenting.

A deep soul-shattering groan began to escape the woman’s throat as the deep discomfort from the tightly resisting nether ring gradually gave way to the unyielding pressure of his cock, and the round head of his penis popped into her anus.

“Noooooooooo. Pleeeeeeeese, nooooooo. I’ve never done thiiiiiiissss!”

It was too big… it was just too much! The enormous blunt intrusion of his cock pressed steadily forward, and great waves of red reflected in her brain! The stiff, thick penis pushed deeply into her smooth anal passage, stretching her painfully.

“Aaaaaaargh,” Vandana moaned piteously, turning her perfect face into a pillow so that her groans would be less audible. “Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!”

Avanish continued pushing his cock into her now yielding flesh. He pressed his chest against the soft skin of Vandana’s back. He knew that the sophisticated woman had never had anal sex before, but also knew that it would only be a short time before her ass adjusted to the size of his cock.

Vandana groaned in anguish, but to no avail. Avanish thrust cruelly onward, filling her backside with his rapidly expanding thickness. Time became meaningless to the stunning woman who seemed to be caught in an eternity of distress. Her eyes widened as his constantly pressing hardness increased the discomfort until suddenly she felt the coarse hair of his pubis smack heavily into the softness of her rounded buttocks.

Oh my gawd, the beautiful woman thought! The giant trembling shaft was buried to the hilt in Vandana’s ass!

Vandana was splayed unnaturally on the bed, feeling impaled firmly on his massively throbbing cock like a pig on a giant roasting spit. Her legs were splayed out limply on the outside of his thighs as she lay face down on the bed, her soft, wonderful flesh now simply being used as Avanish pleased.

She tried to slither her legs together, but immediately realized that there was to be no escape from this butt fucking. Her large, brown eyes were open but didn’t seem focused. Her sensuous lips had slackened and she was breathing hard from her mouth. The man fucking her anus noticed that her mouth opened and shut nearly in a fish-like manner as he pushed his stiff fleshy organ into her and withdrew.

Avanish’s eyes narrowed as he raised up slightly from her and peered between their bodies to the stiff flesh that joined their bodies. Her super-tight sphincter was now squeezing the base of his cock tightly.

Instinctively, he directed her.

“Relax, baby, relax,” he said.

“Owwwwww,” was the pitiful response, though muffled into the pillow.

Avanish began to slowly fuck this beautiful housewife’s asshole. He did so slowly at first, so as not to pull all of the way out of her anus and have to struggle with her to get back in. Thus his thrusts were only a few inches each time.

Vandana slowly began to regain her bearings. Still she groaned with each thrust.




Each time that Avanish began to loosen his grip on her wrists, he could tell that she would begin to try to fight, so he was relegated to holding her tightly still. However, as he found himself stuffed entirely into her backside, he found her struggling diminishing.

“Relax, Vandana,” he tried again. “Stop fighting it. Try to enjoy it,” he reasoned.

“Why?” Vandana blurted out into the pillow, barely understandably.

While Vandana was still very upset, she had now tired from the physical struggle. She was most angry at herself for almost trusting the man. She blushed with shame as she remembered actually trying to satisfy him carnally. Now, his massive manhood slipped in and out of her helpless anus as her long legs lay helplessly wide open.

Whether she wanted him to or not, his cock began plunging deeper and deeper into her asshole. His hotly throbbing cock slid deeply within her and then was pulled nearly completely out before plunging back in. To her utter shame, Vandana knew that it was her own pussy juices which had supplied the lubricant to make the nether passage so moist.

As her tight back passage adjusted to the size of the intruder, Vandana realized that it was no longer painful for her. Avanish released one of her wrists and pushed his hand between her body and the bed, searching for her pussy. His hand felt for the split between her legs and found it quickly. As he pumped his cock into her ass, he rhythmically began to tease her clitoris to try and arouse the mature woman.

After only a few seconds, he found the little organ and had teased it into stiffness.

The next time Vandana groaned, Avanish recognized that it was not a groan of pain, but one of mounting desire. She moved her hips slightly and found that it wasn’t painful at all. Then, with a slow undulating movement, her pussy began to push towards the man’s fingers, seeking out the pleasurable contact with her clitoris. As she slowly moved, she found a new confidence, causing a very lewd thrill to course through her lower body. She began to move backwards towards the man’s invading cock and then forward to meet his finger-fucking.

Avanish felt her long legs begin move together. He raised his own and let her put her legs together. He now felt the pleasure of fucking up against her tight ass cheeks. His fingers once again encountered the familiar moistness that he had grown to expect when Vandana was aroused.

As unbelievable as it seemed to Avanish, something in Vandana simply broke. It was as if a hidden passion was suddenly unleashed.

“Ohhhhhh, gawwwwwd,” she moaned.

She thrust her shapely hips forward searching for the pleasure that his fingers gave her and then began to drive her buttocks back in an effort to savor the ass fucking he was giving her.

Avanish began to establish a tawdry rhythm to the ass-fucking and fingering of her clitoris.

Despite all of Vandana’s intentions, she knew that she was losing control of her body and beginning to respond to the onslaught on her senses.

“Oooooooooh.” Vandana heard the voice, but almost didn’t recognize it as her own. It seemed to have a different quality to it.

“Ooooooooooh, pleeeeeeeeze!” she said with no apparent purpose.

Her womanly hips now seemed to have a mind of their own. They pumped forward to meet Avanish’s probing fingers and back to meet the long cock firmly planted in her ass.

Avanish leaned into her body and began pumping his cock vigorously into her virginal anus. He was surprised when her hand reached for his head and held it gently but firmly next to her own. His lips met hers and she awkwardly pushed her tongue into his mouth.

As his pounding cock reached the depths of her anal canal, Vandana could feel his hairy loins smacking heavily into the softness of her rounded buttocks. Vandana’s hands moved downward and reached Avanish’s own muscular hips and ass. She held on to the man’s flesh as he pounded away at her own. She seemed to enjoy feeling his thrusts into her acquiescing naked body.

Avanish’s mind was elsewhere. Yes, kids, your mom does enjoy a good ass fucking his mind said meanly. Look at your sexy mom now!

Suddenly, they could take it no more and their voices rang out into the room.

“Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh, I’m cummmmming!” their voices cried out together!

Their bodies twisted and turned as they orgasmed simultaneously. Avanish’s great cock spewed his hot spunk deep into Vandana’s ass. She squeezed the big cock trying to milk the semen out of his testicles, reveling in the way it felt to have his spurting cum fill her asshole. The long, deep orgasm that they each experienced gradually subsided.

Avanish began to pull his deflating cock out of Vandana’s ass. A slight swooshing sound of air being released accompanied his withdrawal and brought Vandana back to reality. What had she done?

Avanish rolled off of the beautiful woman and lay on his back. He pulled the woman towards him and kissed her mouth sensuously.

Vandana knew that he had no idea how utterly degraded and humiliated he had made her feel. She needed his help. Her mouth opened and she returned the kiss.

Soon they were both in deep slumbers. Vandana’s sleep that night was interrupted several times when Avanish awakened her to satisfy his insatiable libido by spreading her legs and letting him fuck her vaginally. Each time, she kissed him deeply, spread her legs and let him fuck her silly.



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