Train Journey With My Gorgeous Married Friend

Hi readers, thank you for your good response to my first story which was published few days back. My married women friend was on tour to Kerala along with her family friends, mother in law & sister in law in 2010.

Here story starts… her mother in law & sister in law wants to get down at her native place on way back from Kerala. Her family friends diverted to Chennai from Kerala . We planned ticketing in way her mother in law & sister in law will directly board in other train separately from Kerala to nellore, family friends took Chennai train. I did ticketing for her in 3AC sabari exp from palghat to secunderabad.

I reached tirupur day before morning our train departure. Train reached on scheduled time and she boarded at palghat and me boarded at tirupur and our berths are side lower and upper.

The moment I boarded at tirupur I hugged her and made myself comfy and we were talking about her trip and how was it… she said she enjoyed a lot.

We had snacks & coffee and covered with seat cartons… its bit privacy. She is in top & capri which is exposing her cleavage and ass…. Anyone will love to watch her and shag like anything… can say she is one of the best figured women I never crossed like her till date… she is gorgeous and sexiest women. Time was passed when we saw the watch it was 8pm.. We had our dinner and settled in single lower berth both of us…

I was resting my back and she was resting her back on my chest… I was started playing with her boobs and was licking her earlobes and kissing on neck , cheeks…she is moaning in a low voice… I slipped my one hand into her top…. Hmm she was not wearing bra, was shocked and was squeezing her boobs and scrolling nipples…. She was saying….. Pichi ekkistunav raa….Alage cheyi ah chaaala bagundi …. ( you are making me mad and don’t stop it… continue the same and its very nice )

Slowly she turned her head started liplock and our tongue we are tasting each other saliva hmm it went on for 15 mins and then made us comfy and I reached my hand on her pussy over capri and started rubbing it….

She was saying in a low voice..Capri lopala nee cheyi petti puku paina raayi raa….. Chaaala bagundi aah ( put your hand in my capri and rub my pussy and fuck my pussy with your fingers..) she started aaaaah hmm um… .Really my dick is already hard and its poking her asss crack and we changed into 69… I loosen my short’s and she’s slipped her capri …. Heaven hole is on my face and aroma was made me drive crazy… its wet and yummy taste… I love to eat pussy for hours… its her one of the favourite too.

We did 69 almost 40mins she was sucking my dick and made me feel in heaven…. We both drank our love juices and cleaned ourselves and slept at 2am.

Early hours I felt like someone is touching my body….. When I opened my eyes… my sweetheart is playing with my dick wow…… really was blessed to have a relation with her. She have given me one of the best blowjob which I cant explain…

Then she slipped her capri and I slipped my shorts and we both are in missionary position wow what fuck it was while train running it wonderful experience to have sex in train while running… she was saying…. Bhale vundi raa nee modda… baaga denguthunav naaku nee modda eppudu puku lo ne vundali raa…nenu neeke sontham…. Na jeevitham neekosam raa nenu baathikinantha kallam neetho ne dengichukunta….( you have a superb dick and fuck me as much as you can… I want your dick all time in my pussy….Am all yours and pussy is for you as long as am alive……)

She reached to her climax and released her love juices. We both cleaned ourselves and wore my shorts and she wore her capri then slept till 8am. Train will reach secunderabad at 12 noon.

Memu nidra lechamu taruvata fresh ayyaamu…. Tiffins , coffee ayindi… chaala varraki memu vunna coach 80% deggipoyyaru vere vere station lo… chaaala seats kaali ga ne vunayi.. Malli memu dengulata moddalu pettamu daddappu 2 gantallu bhala dengichukunnam… thaaana puku lo velli petti denguthunte… thaanu ayite na modda adukuntundhi… bhale anubuthi and kotha anubhavam edhi… marichipoleni exp., train lo….Iddariki aite swargam lo vunnattu ga vunde… kukka dengudu aite cheppaleni trupti ga vunde train fast ga move ayyae appudu aite pichi ekkipoindi aah kukka dengudu lo..

Train okka ganta lo secunderabad station reach avuthadi ah time lo memu dengulata ni finish chesamu..(we got up and freshen up… had breakfast and coffee… most of the people got down at different stations… most of the seats in the coach was vacant…

We started again our session which went for almost 2 hours… was fingering her pussy and she was playing with my dick…. Both were in heaven and its new experience in train for us…. Which is driving crazy.

We had doggy position wowww… train was moving fast doggy position is awesome, mind blowing….. Train will reach to secunderabad station in another one hours time…house keeping guys will come to pickup the bedrolls from berths… so we finished fucking session and got relaxed..Before they come to our berths… !!

We enjoyed upto the mark & it was lovely experience.

Readers…. It was one of the best,awesome,wonderful,outstanding experience having sex in moving train… really guys & girls if get a chance to fuck in a running train……. Don’t ever miss the chance and its heavenly feeling fucking in moving train…


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