They Become More Than Cousins


Jeffrey and Scott were sitting the rustic living room of the summer cabin owned by Jamie’s parents. They had arrived on Friday evening and Scott had an enjoyable weekend. The parents Peter and Claudia had returned home late Sunday evening leaving the two teens to enjoy a week at the cabin. Peter and Claudia still worked but the boys were home for the summer from college. Scott and Jamie both 19 years old were cousins and good friends. Scott had always suspected that Jamie might be gay but he had never discussed it with anyone. The Monday after the parents had left his suspicions were confirmed.

At 19 years of age Scott was a fit 6’2″ 190 pound young man. He had played football and wrestled in high school and his body showed the hard work. Scott had light brown hair and was a very handsome young man. He had been one of the more popular guys in high school and he had his share of dates with the high school girls. Although he had fucked a couple of girls in high school he really learned about sex the summer after high school graduation. Scott worked part time at a local grocery store during the summer months where he met Monica one of the full time employees. Monica was 25 years old and although she wasn’t very pretty she had an incredible body and she knew how to use it. She had seduced Scott and before the summer was over his cock had been in her mouth, pussy and ass many times. Monica was one who taught him about oral and anal sex. Scott entered college very experienced for his age and he looked forward to meeting the college girls.

Jamie was very different from Scott. Jamie was 5’6″ and weighed 150 pounds. He had blonde hair that covered the nape of his neck and he had a hairless body with flawless skin. If one looked at Jamie from behind one would swear that Jamie was a girl. He had shapely legs, a narrow waist and a perfectly shaped ass. He had been a loner in high school but during the summer after high school he learned about sex. Jamie met Artie who was 21 years old and who taught him about sex. It was then that Jamie learned that he was gay. Artie taught him about oral and anal sex and by summer’s end Jamie was very skilled at both. Artie had taken Jamie’s oral and anal virginity and he had come to love anal sex. Jamie was careful about being too bold about his sexuality.

They shared the same bedroom at the cabin when the parents used the other one and there were times when the two boys stole glimpses of each other. Scott looked at Jamie when he was facing away from him. After a shower Jamie would come back to the room, drop his towel and get dressed. Scott studied his cousin’s shapely legs and curvy ass and though about how feminine he looked from behind. Jamie was well tanned from his summer at the lake except for his ass which was lily white. The contrast in skin tone only served to accentuate the perfect ass.

Jamie would also steal glimpses of Scott checking out his package. Jamie felt his own cock stir whenever Scott was nude and his big cock dangled in front of him. There were times that Jamie jerked off in bed thinking about Scott’s big cock. Scott knew that Jamie was jerking off in bed but he never suspected that he was the object of Jamie’s desire.

On Monday Jamie moved into the parent’s bedroom which had a TV. That night Scott went to the bathroom and noticed that the bed covers were moving while Jamie was watching TV. He suspected that Jamie was jerking off and decided to scare him. Scott quietly entered and moved across the room to Jamie’s bed. Jamie was occupied and the bedcovers were moving rapidly as he jerked off. Scott grabbed the covers and yanked them off. Sure enough Jamie had his right hand wrapped around his erect cock.

“Ha I caught you. What are you watching? Shit those guys are fucking, are you gay?”

“I’m busted, you got me.”

“Where did you get that DVD?”

“At a store near school, I have a few of them. This is my favorite movie. It is called Tops and their Lovely Bottoms. It has six different scenes of bi-guys having sex with cute gay bottoms.”

Scott watched as the movie played. Guys were fucking and then the top pulled out and sprayed his load on the gay’s bottom. Cum was flying all over the place. Jamie continued his dialogue about the movie.

“Kyle is a bottom and he has the most delectable ass. He just seems to love getting fucked in the ass and having cum sprayed all over his body.”

The sequence showed a guy lying face down getting fucked in his very shapely ass. Then the guy fucking the one face down pulled his cock out and jerked off on the gay’s ass. The gay lying down had his ass cum covered and then the other guy put his cock back in the prone gay’s ass. It was a very hot scene and Scott actually got an erection from watching it.

“Gees Scott, your cock is huge,” Jamie gasped as he looked at his cousin’s briefs bulging out.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Can I see it? I have never seen a cock as big as yours.”

Scott was apprehensive but then thought what the hell it was only he and Jamie in the room, “Okay since it’s just us.”

Scott pulled his briefs down and freed his cock. The impressive organ leaped out of his underwear and stood straight up. Jamie stared at it for a moment and then reached for it.

“Whoa, whoa what are you doing?”

“I just want to touch it, okay?”

He let Jamie touch him. Scott always liked the feeling of a hand different from his own on his cock and he closed his eyes as his cousin stroked it. Jamie slowly stroked the big dick with one hand and cupped the bloated balls with the other hand. Scott sighed as Jamie’s hands moved over the genitals. He didn’t resist as his cousin’s head moved toward the stiff shaft.

Scott closed his eyes as Jamie’s lips kissed the engorged cock. His body tensed as the lips moved up and down the shaft and then he gasped when Jamie’s mouth engulfed the cock. He struggled with the decision if he should let Jamie blow him but not for very long. He was horny now and the mouth felt good on his cock so he decided to let Jamie blow him.

Jamie proved to be very good cocksucker and in no time he had Scott ready to blow his load. Scott tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Jamie turned to sit on the edge of the bed and drew Scott in toward him. He caressed the back of cousin’s legs and cheeks of his ass as the warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on the pulsating cock. Jamie massaged the mushroom head against the roof of his mouth. He circled the shaft with his tongue and Scott felt the light scraping of teeth. His dick felt harder and longer than it felt in some time and he knew he was going to shoot soon.

He took the big cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Scott’s bloated balls. Jamie smiled as he stroked the slick cock. Then he asked, “Are you ready to cum Scott”?

Scott had his eyes closed and he just shook his head in the affirmative. Jamie then took the cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked hard. He reached under Scott’s balls and rubbed the hardness between the testicles and anus. Scott felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. He knew it was going to be a big one too.

Jamie grabbed his cousin’s buttocks with both hands as Scott exploded in his mouth. He fired round after round of cum into the receptive mouth and Jamie sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into the oral cavity as Scott seemed to have an endless supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Jamie sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from it. Scott felt weak from the intense orgasm so he sat down on the bed.

“I need to get off I am so hot!” Jamie exclaimed in an excited tone.

Scott watched as his cousin stood up and jerked off. Jamie’s hand flew rapidly over his hard cock in search of his own release. Jamie shot his load and the first couple of blasts must have traveled three feet before landing on the floor. He seemed to cum for at least 30 seconds as stream after stream shot out of his dick. Scott watched as the shapely buttocks tightened and then relaxed as he fired his load. He admired the bare ass as it was lily white compared to the well-tanned body. Jamie had a beautiful ass and Scott felt his loins stir and his cock harden as he thought back to the scenes in the movie and wondered what it would be like to fuck his cousin’s ass. Jamie looked over at Scott and saw that he had another boner.

“Scott would you like to fuck me? Would you like to stick your big thick cock in my ass?” Jamie asked as he wiggled his shapely ass in Scott’s direction.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done that.”

“Haven’t you fucked a girl in the ass?”

“Yes but never a guy.”

“It’s the same, you can do it.”

Jamie’s 6″ erect dick wavered in the as he knelt on his bed and raised his ass in the air. Scott looked at him in this position and decided that he looked just like a girl with his smooth hairless body and his great looking bubble butt. Jamie reached back and lubed his asshole with some kind of lotion.

“Here put this on your cock too,” Jamie whispered handing Scott the cream.

Scott took the lotion and applied a generous amount of lotion to his 7+ inch erect cock. He knelt behind Jamie and stared at the incredible ass that he was about to fuck. He hadn’t fucked an ass since Monica and now he was about to fuck his cousin. Scott then spit on his dick making very slippery, he had learned that from Monica. Next he eased into Jamie’s asshole.

Scott was gentle with him allowing him to adjust to the size of his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in the sweet ass and he fucked the young man royally. Scott held on to the pretty twin cheeks as he fucked him thoroughly. It was obvious that Jamie had been butt fucked before. Still Jamie couldn’t believe how full he felt with Scott’s enormous dick in his ass. Jamie felt Scott tense and then fill his ass with cum. He continued to fuck his cousin’s ass as semen trickled out and ran down over Jamie’s balls. Jamie fired a blast of cum onto his bed as Scott eased his cock out of the clenching ass.

The two of them then flopped down on the bed and relaxed. Not a word was spoken between them as they both contemplated what happened and what the rest of the week would hold. Scott struggled with his inner feelings and mixed emotions. He had just fucked his gay cousin and although he was not gay he had to admit that it was great sex. Jamie had proven to be as skilled as Monica in oral and anal sex. He had to admit that it didn’t seem any different getting a blow job from Jamie or Monica, they were both great. He also had to admit that it didn’t seem any different fucking Jamie’s ass or Monica’s ass. Even though it didn’t seem different at the time it now seemed wrong. Scott then slipped out of Jamie’s bed and returned to his room. Not a word was spoken again that night but that’s how it started.


On Tuesday morning Scott wok up and stared at the ceiling contemplating what had happened the night before. He had actually enjoyed the sex with his cousin but he felt odd and guilty. Even though he liked his cousin it was still gay sex. He didn’t think that it was right and he made of his mind that he would put an end to it before it went any further. His bladder pressure reminded him that he needed to take his morning piss.

He got out of bed and walked down to the bathroom. The door to the other bedroom was open and he peeked in to see if Jamie was awake yet. He saw his cousin lying on his left side with the bed sheet just covering his legs from the knees down. Jamie was naked and his curvy bottom was on display and Scott admired it again. He had to admit that Jamie had one hot looking desirable ass. He scolded himself for thinking that way again and turned away.

Scott took his morning piss and returned to his room to get dressed. He made a pot of coffee and sat out on the small porch enjoying the natural surroundings and wildlife. It was another 30 minutes before Jamie finally got up and joined him on the porch. They enjoyed their morning coffee and neither one of them mentioned the night before.

“I’m hungry,” Jamie announced.

“I’ll make breakfast. That’s the least I can do as your guest.”

“Oh I don’t know. You did pretty well last night.”

There it is Scott thought to himself, “Yeah about that Jamie. That cannot happen again. I’m not gay.”

“You don’t have to be gay. You can be bi, like those guys in the movie. Besides you seemed to enjoy it and your came twice.”

“I just don’t feel right about it. Let’s drop it. I’ll get breakfast going and later we can take the boat out and catch some fish for lunch.”

The two young men ate breakfast, cleaned up afterward and then took the boat out. They rode around the lake and stopped at a few well known fishing spots. They managed to catch enough fish for lunch and dinner. They returned to the cabin and Scott cleaned the fish and put them in the fridge. Then he took the entails out in the boat and dropped them off on a large rock. That was just a precaution in case bears came around at night. They didn’t want the dead fish smell around the cabin.

After lunch the two of them hung out on the boat dock and had a couple of beers. They also took a few dips in the lake and enjoyed the privacy. Several times Scott found himself checking out Jamie’s ass encased in the tight Speedo. That evening following a fresh fish dinner they sat in the family room and enjoyed another beer.

Jamie asked if it was okay to watch another part of the movie. “If you must,” Scott replied.

Jamie put the DVD in and fast forwarded to the scene he desired. Scott watched too not thinking that he might find it interesting. The scene began with two guys in bed. A very cute gay was lying on his side sleeping in a large bed. Another naked guy was also in bed and he began to stroke his cock. He was hung just like Scott.

The guy stroking his cock reached over and pushed the bed covers off the cute gay. As the covers were removed from the body a very shapely lovely ass was displayed. The guy continued to stroke his cock with one hand and then he caressed the other guy’s curvy bottom. The cute gay continued to act as if he was still asleep as the other one caressed his ass and let his fingers glide along the crack.

“That guy is hung like you Scott.”

“The other guy has a nice ass like yours.”

Scott immediately regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. Jamie just looked at him and smiled. They both returned to watching the movie. The hung guy was now fingering the other one’s anus and apparently applying some lube to it. The cute gay continued to act like he was still sleeping even when the top began to rub his cock along the shapely ass.

“There is no way that guy would sleep through that,” Scott stated.

“It’s just a movie Scott, they’re actors.”

They continued to watch as the guy used one hand to lift one of the buttocks and with the other hand guided his cock into the anus. He gently pressed forward and the amber hole gave way and allowed the mushroom head to enter. Slowly and feeding it a little at time the top eased his impressive cock into the lovely ass. At that moment the other guy acted as if he just woke up and moaned as the cock filled his ass.

The top sucked the cute gay slowly and it was a very erotic sight to see the large cock sliding in and out of the curvy bottom. The top then wrapped his arms around the twink bottom and held him close as he fucked him. It was a good scene as it really seemed that they were making love and not just having raw gay sex. Scott was mesmerized by the action on the screen and caught up in the sex act. Jamie had pushed his shorts down and was stroking his cock as he imagined that he was the one being fucked.

Suddenly the top pressed hard into the gay and they both moaned. Slowly he withdrew his cock from between the cheeks and returned to caressing the curvy buttocks. He played with the anus and used his finger so to open the rubbery ring. Semen oozed out and trickled over the gay’s buttock. The top toyed with the anus and pushed semen back in as it oozed out. He played with the bottom for a few minutes and then he stood up.

The top was still hard, something Scott could relate to, and he turned to twink bottom over on his back and pulled him to the side of the bed. He lifted the bottom’s legs and pushed his cock back into the receptive ass. He fucked the cute gay rapidly as the gay jerked off. The gay came first and sprayed his abs and pubes with is cum. The top continued to fuck until he was close and then he pulled out and jerked off.

When he ejaculated he aimed his release at the gay’s anus and shot a good size load. Gobs of semen coated the gay’s testicles and anus. Next the top put his cock back in the cum-covered ass pushing some of his seed with it. He continued to fuck the cute gay until his cock softened and slipped out.

“Isn’t that the hottest scene you ever watched,” Jamie called out, his cock still his hand.

“I have to agree Jamie that was very hot.”

“Did you get a boner?”

“I did but I didn’t jerk off like you.”

Jamie smiled as he looked down at his cum-covered hand. “We don’t have to do anything tonight but I want to duplicate that scene in the morning. Will you do that for me?”

“I don’t know. I’ll sleep on it. In fact I’m turning in right now.”

They both went to bed in their separate rooms. Jamie masturbated again but Scott left his cock alone. He had trouble getting to sleep as he had to admit the movie had got him excited and he was thinking about fucking Jamie again. He tried to put the thoughts out of his mind but he struggled with it all night. He woke up several times from a dream that had him fucking a cute ass.


On Wednesday morning Scott woke up with a piss hard-on. He went to the bathroom without looking in on Jamie. He peed for over a minute relieving the pressure in his bladder but his cock remained semi-hard. He washed up and then looked in on his cousin. Jamie was sleeping in the spoon position with bed sheets barely covering his legs. His lovely curvy bottom was clearly on display. He was the exact image of the twink bottom in the movie.

As he stared at the sight before him he felt his cock swell. As continued to stare he began to stroke his cock and then he just could not resist the desirable ass that morning. Thinking back to the movie he stripped off his short and crawled in bed with his cousin. He pushed the covers all the way off and caressed the smooth buttocks. When he touched the anus he found it greased and ready to be fucked.

Jamie played out the role and continued to act as if he was still asleep. It wasn’t until Scott slipped his dick in his cousin’s well lubed ass that Jamie moaned softly. Scott fucked his pretty gay cousin slowly duplicating what he remembered from the movie. As he felt his release building he hugged him and pulled him close. Scott liked the feel of the smooth hairless body against his own.

Jamie felt his cousin go rigid and then he felt the surge of the ejaculation fill his rectum. Scott held him tight as Jamie’s grasping and clenching sphincter milked the big dick of its discharge. Finished cumming, Scott released his hold on his smaller cousin and let the cock slip from the chamber. The load was so large that semen ran out rather than oozed form the twitching anus.

Jamie did not wait for his cousin to touch him but instead he pushed the seed in and out. Scott was still hard which was no surprise and remembering the movie, he stood up and pulled his cousin to the edge of the bed. Repeating the movie scene, he lifted Jamie’s legs and shoved his cock back into his cousin’s welcoming channel.

Jamie cried out as he grabbed his cock, “Oh yes, this is just the way I wanted it.”

Scott resumed fucking his cousin and watched him as he stroked his cock in search of his own release. He wasn’t fond of looking at Jamie’s cock but he liked the passion in his face. Jamie’s eyes were closed as he jerked off rapidly and uttered words of encouragement.

“Yes, oh yes, that’s the way to fuck me. Drive it in there, I feel it, I love it.”

Jamie then lost it and he shot several streams of semen onto his chest and abs. As he ejaculated his sphincter contracted around Scott’s cock accelerating his release and then Jamie reminded him to cum on him.

“Don’t cum in me. Shoot it at my ass and then put it back in.”

Feeling the urge to cum, Scott pulled out and aimed his cock at his cousin’s anus. Several forceful streams shot out and landed all around the puckered ring. Scot milked his cock of every drop and then he moved it around in the semen gathered at the entrance.

“Put it back in now, push your cum in with it.”

Scott thought back to the movie and emulated that scene. He swirled his cock in his own juice scooping up as much as he could and the eased it back into his cousin’s hot ass. Although he preferred fucking Jamie in the doggy or spoon position, he had to admit that this was pretty hot too.

“Oh man that was so good. Just like the movie, it couldn’t have been better,” Jamie said with a sigh and just then a loud clap of thunder resounded through the cabin.

“Jesus, what was that?” Scott blurted out.

“Thunderstorm coming, we get some beauties up here.”

“Well that shoots any fishing today. No way are we going out on the lake in a storm.”

“I guess we’ll just have to watch more of the movie and fuck some more.”

“I’m going to take a shower and then get breakfast going.”

“After breakfast we’ll sit in the porch with our coffee. I love to do that when it’s raining.”

Scott left the room and headed for the shower. Later when they were both dressed and had finished breakfast, they sat on the porch and listened to the rain in the woods. Scott was relaxed now but he still had mixed emotions about having sex with his cousin.

Jamie noticed the distant look and asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“It’s the sex thing. I like getting off but I’m not gay.”

“No you’re not gay; you’re bi just like the tops in the movie. You should be cool with that. You like oral and anal and you have no trouble getting off. You can have girls and cute gays too.”

“It still doesn’t seem right but you are correct. I like the way you give head and you have a sweet ass.”

“There you go. After lunch we’ll watch the rest of the movie and we can decide on what scene we want to imitate next.”


After lunch that day the teens watched the rest of the gay porn movie. Jamie suggested the scenes that he would like to role play with Scott. The first one they watched Jamie said that he would like to play that one out Thursday morning as it was another morning sex scene.

It started out with two good looking guys in bed. The top was a well-hung hunk and the bottom was a cute petite gay with a delicious looking ass. The hunk had his sleep shorts pushed down far enough that he could jerk off. He stroked his cock as he looked at his partner lying face down in the bed. The cute gay had his left legs slightly tucked up which emphasized a very curvy buttock. He acted as if he was still sleeping.

The hunk kept stroking his cock and then he pulled the gay’s sleep shorts down below his buttocks. He fondled the lovely shapely ass and Scott noticed there was not a blemish on it. The hunk then removed his shorts and continued to jerk off as he played with his partner’s bottom. He began to finger the snug anus and then the gay bottom stirred and smiled at his lover. The top next removed the bottom’s shorts and resumed fondling and fingering his ass.

Eventually the hunk moved on top of the cute gay, straddled him and eased his thick cock into the snug ass. It was actually surprising how easy the cock entered the seemingly tight asshole. He began to move sliding his impressive cock in and out as the gay urged him to fuck his ass. They fucked in that position for at least 15 minutes and then the spoon position and ending in the missionary position.

The gay guy had a small cock that stayed hard all the time. When he was on his back he jerked off as the hunk drilled his ass. Soon the twink was shooting cum all over his chest and abs, some of it even hit him in the neck. The hunk pulled out and aimed his cock at the gay’s anus and shot a huge load. Then as in the other scene he pushed his cock back in and fucked the bottom again. In this scene they both only came once but both ejaculations were massive and forceful.

Both Jamie and Scott had erections from watching the movie but Jamie said to save that role play for morning. The next scene took place in a hotel room. A gay was on the telephone and jerking off as he talked to someone. A knock came on the door so he hung up and tucked his cock in his shorts which was all he was wearing. He opened the door and a hotel room service guy entered brining in some food. He set the tray down and stared at the gay’s crotch as the twink was signing the bill.

He noticed that the twink was hard and when he was handed the signed bill, he pushed the cute gay to his knees. Things moved quickly and the gay had the well-hung hunk’s cock out in no time. He sucked on the big dick and the hunk came quickly spraying the gay’s face with a sizeable load. The camera panned out an in and the next segment showed them both naked standing up.

The gay had an incredible ass and one that needed to be fucked. The hunk fucked the gay standing up and it was a very hot scene. The gay came and shot his load on the floor. Then the hunk guided him over to the desk and laid him on his back. He pushed his cock back in the bottom and fucked him. The top pulled out, sprayed his seed on the twink anus and then pushed his cock back in along with his semen. The bottom jerked off and the hunk fucked him until the gay came a second time. He was drenched in cum.

Jamie was stroking his cock and when Scott saw that he took his out too. They were at that point just wearing their underwear. The next scene was the one that Jamie decided that he wanted to play out that day and Scott agreed. A slender very pretty gay was in the kitchen wearing just his knit undershorts. They fit like a second skin and showed off every curve of his scrumptious ass. A hunk enters the kitchen and stares at the gay. Unable to resist the ass he closes the gap between them. He steps up behind the twink and slips both hands into the knit shorts and cups the buttocks. The gay moans and tilts his head back with a look of lust.

The hunk pushed his owns shorts down and his impressive cock leaps out and smacks against the gay’s buttocks. The hunk pulls the gay’s shorts down who then steps out of them and kicks them aside. Seeing some cooking oil on the counter the hunk takes it and lubricates the gay bottom. Adding some oil to his cock he then eases it in to the receptive ass.

They fuck and the twink jerks off. The gay cums first and shoots his load onto the kitchen counter. As in other scenes the top pulls out and shoots his load on the gay’s back, buttocks and anus. Predictably he puts his cock back in and pushes some semen in with it.

“That’s the scene for today,” Jamie said excitedly, “I’ll stand in the kitchen looking out the window. You come in and do what that top did in the movie.”

At this point Scott was turned on and ready to fuck his cousin again. Jamie went into the kitchen, located the bottle of vegetable oil, and placed it on the counter and stood there waiting for Scott to make his move. Scott entered the kitchen and ogled his cousin’s curvy tush in the tight knit shorts. He peeled off his shorts and stroked his cock as he approached him. Jamie shivered and goose bumps covered his skin in anticipation of playing out the movie scene.

Scott slipped his hands inside the shorts and cupped both cheeks in his big hands. He molded the firm smooth flawless globes for several minutes before lowering the shorts to just below Jamie’s bottom. He liked the look so he left the shorts in that position and resumed playing with his cousin’s ass.

“Oh, I love the way you do that. I love the feel of your hands.”

“You do have one super fine ass, couz.”

Seeing the oil on the counter, Scott took it and poured some in his hands. He returned to massaging Jamie’s ass this time letting his hands move into the crack. Jamie was moaning softly and he leaned over the counter to make his bottom more accessible. Scott added more oil to the anus this time and fingered the puckered ring. First one and then two fingers were gliding easily in and out of the rubbery passage.

His cock was throbbing and he decided it was time to fuck the lovely ass. With his oily hands he lubricated his shaft and slowly fed to the warm receptacle. Jamie moaned again and leaned over further to accommodate the big dick. Slowly and steadily Scott ran his cock all the way in and pulled out with just the head remaining in clenching sphincter. He held to the slender hips as he methodically fucked his pretty cousin. Scott loved watching his cock glide in and out of the shapely tush.

“I have to tell you Jamie that you look great with my cock in your ass.”

“I love it keep fucking me.”

“I’m getting close.”

“Remember to cum on me and then put it back in.”

As much as Scott wanted to fuck Jamie’s sweet ass for hours, he felt his release building in his loins. A few more strokes and he felt his ball sac tighten and his bare toes gripped the kitchen floor. He pulled out just in time and shot a massive load onto his cousin’s bottom. The first shot traveled over the buttocks and coated the lower back but then he aimed his spurting cock at the dilated anus. Sperm nestled in the crack and coated the twitching pucker and then Scott pushed his cock back in and let the sphincter milk his shaft.

Jamie stood up and leaned back into his cousin feeling the hairy chest on his smooth back. Instinctively Scott wrapped his arms around his cousin’s chest and caressed him with his oily hands. Jamie guided one hand down to his stiff dick with hopes that Scott would jerk him off.

“Scott, please play with me. Stroke my cock, make me cum.”

For the first time in his young life he touched a cock other than his own. With his left arm wrapped around his cousin’s chest he stroked the smaller slender cock keeping his cock buried in Jamie’s curvy ass. His oily hand slid easily up and down the shaft causing his cousin to mutter soft sounds of passion. Scott found that he did not mind masturbating his cousin and actually liked the effect it was having. He felt Jamie’s body stiffen just before he called out.

“Oh God, I’m cumming, let me have it.”

Jamie replaced Scott’s hand with his own and guided his ejaculation onto the kitchen counter. It was a massive forceful load. As several streams left the cock, Scott felt the sphincter grip his shaft each time. Janie was shaky on both feet but Scott held him up and gradually eased his cock from his cousin’s bottom. Walking wobbly to a kitchen chair, Jamie sat down and sighed.

“Oh Scott, was that ever hot. I hope you liked that because I loved it.”

“It was pretty hot, I have to admit.”

“The thunderstorm stopped, let’s take a dip in the lake and cool off.

“I’ll get some towels,” Scott offered.

The two cousins walked naked down to the boat dock and entered the chilly water. They cooled off as their body temperatures dropped rapidly. After several minutes they got out, wrapped the large towels around their bodies and went back to the cabin. There they took a warm shower and put on sweats afterward. Jamie heated up the coffee and they returned to the porch and relaxed. It had started to rain again but it was a light pleasant patter.

“I think that you are cool with fucking me now.”

“Kind of, I’ve gotten used to it, I guess.”

“You enjoy it don’t you? I mean you have no trouble cumming.”

“I do at the time but then it seems weird again.”

“I want you to stay in my bed tonight so we can play out the morning scene tomorrow.”

“Let me think about, right now I’m ready for a beer.”

“Get me one too.”

Scott retrieved two beers and rejoined his cousin on the porch. The pitter patter of the rain made a calming sound as they chilled out. Scott was thinking that they still had two more days alone together before Jamie’s parents arrived on Friday evening. He was sure that he would have sex again with his cousin and he knew they would role play another movie scene in the morning. As he finished his beer, he wondered if they would have sex again after dinner.

They finished their beers and then got dinner ready. Following dinner and cleanup they returned to the family room and predictably, Jamie played more of the movie. The scene they watched was one of group sex where two hung tops took turns fucking a cute bottom. It was another hotel scene where the two guys entered the room followed by the cute gay dressed as a bellman.

It didn’t take long for the threesome to get naked and in bed. The cute gay was on all fours sucking one cock while the other guy fucked him. Scott and Jamie watched the scene and then Jamie leaned over and fished out his cousin’s cock. Scott watched the movie as his cock was sucked and then Jamie pushed his sweat pants down baring his lovely ass. Scott caressed the smooth buttocks as he savored the blow job he was getting.

On the screen, all three guys had cum. The two tops on the twink who shot his wad on the bed. Then the tops switched positions and the gay resumed sucking cock and getting fucked. Jamie got up, slipped off his sweats and got some cream. He handed the lotion to Scott and then resumed sucking his cousin’s cock. Using the lotion he greased up his cousin’s bottom knowing that with a few minutes he would be driving his cock home. They both forgot about the movie and then moved into position to fuck.

Jamie knelt on the floor facing the couch and Scott got behind him. He eased his thick dick into the scrumptious bottom yet again and began fucking his cousin. They were oblivious to anything else as Scott drilled the curvy bottom causing the cheeks to jiggle with each thrust. He loved watching his cock slide in and out of the flawless tush. His release snuck up on him but this time he decided not to pull out.

Pressing forward he shot his load into Jamie who moaned when he felt it. He stayed in his cousin’s bottom until he cock stopped spurting and then he slowly pulled out. Semen oozed from Jamie’s anus and trickled down over his testicles. Jamie then rolled to his back and stroked his cock until he ejaculated on his abs and pubes.

Both of them took a quick rinse off and then had another beer. That night when it was time to turn in, Scott agreed to share Jamie’s bed. He knew by doing that he had silently agreed to the morning role play. As he dozed off he thought about the day and realized that he had cum three times that day fucking his cousin. He never ever expected the week to turn out the way it had.


Jamie was awake before Scott the next morning but he remained in bed and acted as if he was still asleep. He lay face down with his left leg drawn up just a bit as to emphasize the shape of his buttocks. He was trying to copy the exact position as he had seen in the movie. Fortunately Scoot had been up earlier to take a piss. So when he woke up later he did not have a morning piss hard-on.

He looked over at Jamie and stared at the incredible ass on his cousin. He remembered the movie scene and that he was to play that out with Jamie. He got hard just thinking about it and began to stroke his impressive cock. As he slowly masturbated with his left hand he reached for his cousin’s derriere. He lovingly cupped one cheek and massaged it through the sleep shorts. Jamie continued to act as if was still asleep.

Scott pushed his sleep shorts down to his knees and resumed stroking his dick. He also pushed Jamie’s shorts down to just beneath the buttocks and resumed fondling the lovely ass. Getting a bit impatient he pushed his shorts all the way down and off his legs and did the same to his cousin. Jamie lifted his head and smiled at his cousin and then resumed the same position.

Scott took the lotion from the nightstand and began to apply it to his cousin’s anus. He also applied it liberally to his shaft and stroked it as he fingered the puckered rubbery ring. Unable to continue with the foreplay he moved to straddle his cousin and lined up his slick cock with the well lubed anus. Leaning forward he eased the big dick into the taut but receptive passage. With a steady slow pressure the cock parted the anus easily and disappeared between the lovely hillocks.

Jamie lifted his head off the mattress long enough to utter a few words, “Oh fuck, yeah, fuck my ass.”

Scott moved in and out of his cousin’s super fine ass. He held a buttock in each hand as he straddled him and fucked slow and deep. With each thrust forward the big cock disappeared in the warm channel and then he would withdraw leaving just the head in. He was very comfortable with his bi-side by now and he liked fucking his cousin’s sweet ass.

Rocking back on his haunches he lifted Jamie by the hips without removing his cock. Now in a kneeling position, Jamie lowered his head to the mattress and arched his back. His ass looked irresistible and Scott loved the position. Holding onto his cousin’s hips he drove in and out of the curvy bottom. With each thrust Jamie’s buttocks would jiggle which increased Scott’s desire.

He sensed his imminent ejaculation so he took his cock out and aimed it at the lovely ass and dilated anus. Another forceful release was in store for both of them and Scott shot several ropes of semen directed at the anus. He immediately put his cock back in Jamie’s ass and resumed fucking him. That’s when Jamie called out.

“Let me turn over. I’m going to cum.”

Scott pulled back and Jamie flipped over on his back. He reached for his cock and jerked off rapidly. Scott moved quickly and pushed his dick back in his cousin’s ass and resumed fucking him. Jamie rolled his eyes and Scott felt the sphincter tighten around his cock just as the fountain blew. It looked like a geyser as semen shot up into the air and landed on Jamie’s body. It was his biggest cum all week and Scott was surprised the size of the load.

“Oh sweet mother of god, that was something. My balls feel empty.”

“They should, that was one heck of a load. I’ll get you a towel.”

Scott got off the bed and got a towel from the bathroom. Jamie wiped the semen from his chest and abs and then his bottom. The two of them got up and showered separately. They later dressed and ate breakfast. Following breakfast and cleanup, they took the boat out for a ride around the lake. It was a nice day and they stayed out for quite some time and did a little fishing. They came back in late afternoon and Jamie was up for some more sex before dinner.

“Do you want to watch the movie?”

“I don’t need the movie to get me in the mood to fuck your hot ass.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom and get naked.”

The two of them stripped and got back in bed. Scott greased his cousin’s ass again and began fucking him doggy style. He loved that position and looking at the curvy bottom as his cock slid in and out. They fucked for quite a while and then Jamie went face down on the mattress. Buddy kept his cock in him and covered his cousin’s body.

The two of them moved together as if they had done this their whole lives. Jamie rose up slightly on his knees while keeping his chest pressed against the bed. This move accentuated the round shape of his shapely ass. Scott like the feel of the curvy buttocks as he drove his cock all the way home. Normally Scott liked the doggy style position but this time he found he liked the way his cousin felt under him. Jamie groaned repeatedly each time Scott buried his cock in his ass.

Every time Scott drove his cock into the curvy bottom, Jamie lifted his hips to receive the cock it. They fucked slowly and maintained their rhythm and Scott wrapped his arms around Jamie’s upper body. Their bodies pressed together as they made love and Scott felt just like he was in the ass of a woman. He never expected that fucking a guy could be so enjoyable and so erotic. Scott was so wrapped up fucking Jamie’s hot curvy ass that his ejaculation snuck up on him. Almost without warning he shot another massive load, this time deep into Jamie’s rectum.

Jamie groaned aloud when he felt the first stream shoot into him followed by several more streams nearly as forceful. Scott moved his hips in and out as he ejaculated into the sweet ass until he was nearly drained. He pressed his body into Jamie and remained still as his cousin clenched and unclenched his sphincter muscle around the thick shaft. Scott was still hard when he removed his cock from Jamie’s ass and got off the bed. Jamie turned over and took a hold of his own erection and stroked it in search of his release. Scott watched Jamie jerk off.

Jamie saw that Scott was still hard and spoke softly, “Put your cock back in me. Just fuck me until I cum.”

He moved back to Jamie who lifted his legs to receive the cock. Scott eased his cock back into Jamie’s well lubed passage and began to fuck him again. Jamie stroked his cock as he was fucked him and Scott was surprised that he was still hard after cumming twice. He watched the familiar sight as Jamie closed his eyes and felt the sphincter tighten around his cock as his cousin ejaculated. Jamie’s load shot out in four or five streams and landed on his chest, abs and pubes. It was nearly as massive as the first one.

Jamie smiled and said, “I think that you enjoy fucking me.”

“I do. I would have never thought I would but I do.”

Just then they heard a car door shut. “Who the fuck is that,” Jamie blurted out and leaped up to look out the window.

“Holy shit, it’s my folks. What are they doing here? They’re not supposed to be until tomorrow.”

Jamie was about to tell Scott to get dressed but he had already let the room. Scott had thrown on shorts and a tee quickly and then had the foresight to take the DVD out of the player. He hid it in his bedroom. Jamie went to greet his parents and Scott followed him out.

“Hi, this is a surprise.”

“Oh hi boys, yes we decided to come up a day early. Your father took Friday off.”

Jamie and Scott helped bring the bags into the cabin. “So how was your week boys?” the father asked.

“Relaxing, we did some fishing, reading and chilled out,” Jamie replied.

They spent the rest of the day visiting and then having dinner. Later when it was time to turn in, Jamie moved back in the bedroom with Scott. He was relieved when Scott produced the DVD. That would have been tough to explain of the parents found it. The guys slept in the separate twin beds that night but they still managed to sneak in some sex the next three days.

In the morning Jamie came to Scott’s bed and Scott fucked him in the spoon position while he gave him a reach around and jerked him off. They had sex again Friday night, Saturday morning and night and Sunday morning. Each time it was the spoon position and they were very quiet.

Scott had gotten very used to fucking Jamie and actually looked forward to it. Things would change when they got back home but it had been one incredible week for Scott. He would have taken any bet that he would never have bi-sex before that week but that had changed now.


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