The Sins of My Mother

New Delhi, March, 1986. She was completely naked, with her back to me. I could see her cunt clearly. Worse still: she had his penis, his lund, in her mouth, and she was sucking it. Her head was bobbing up and down and his feet were twitching, and his hands were grabbing her ass and her tits. He was using language that I had never heard him use before.

Tu kya mast lund choosti hai. Haan, aise hi choos mera lund. Pehle mera lund choos, phir main tujhe chodunga. You suck cock so well. Yeah baby, keep sucking it. I want to cum in your mouth before I cum in your cunt”.
*** I was 13 years old, the only son of an average middle class Indian family. My parents were both teachers. My father taught in a college, and my mother did tuitions and was a substitute English teacher for a school in the area.
My father, at that time, was almost 40 years old, 5’7” and in good shape. He was an honest and religious man, devoted to his family and his job. The ideal Indian father, the kind you see in the movies. Now I know that he was also probably frustrated with his inability to do much more than put food on the table and a roof over our heads.
My mother was in her mid-30s. At 5’2”, she was short, with a very fair complexion, and even at my young age I knew she was prettier than any of the other mothers or women her age. Theirs was an arranged marriage, set up with just a simple exchange of black and white pictures through a common family friend.
We lived in a small rented two-room flat in the Lodi Colony area of New Delhi. It was tight, but we were a small family. You would walk in to a small living room with a sofa and coffee table and a flickering tube-light on the main wall to the right. On the left, the living room connected to a small kitchen without a door. Straight across from the front door another set of narrow double doors led to a small bedroom that barely held a double-bed and an adjoining bathroom. I remember distinctly that the double doors were jammed and never shut all the way so if I needed to I could quietly use the bathroom at night.
Every night, we would move the coffee table off to a vacant corner with just a little standing lamp and, in the middle of the room, stretch out a reed chattai mat and a rolled up mattress on which I slept. My parents slept in the bedroom.
As for me, I was a normal, skinny kid growing up in a world of love and innocence. I had just started figuring out from friends that adults engaged in sex but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how. I had heard words like fuck, chodna, choot, lund, lawda, gaand, cock, pussy and cunt, which we spoke in hushed voices, though none of us really knew what they meant. All I knew was that “fucking” was something grown-ups did naked in either the bathroom or the bedroom, but I really wasn’t quite sure where and how. I just thought it to be completely disgusting and was very sure that my parents would never do it.
*** In early March, 1986 we received a telegram that my grandmother was very sick. My father had to go to his hometown in Allahabad. He was gone that same day. That night, my mom suggested that I sleep in the bedroom with her while my father was away, and I did. It was all very innocent and even though I was getting older, I enjoyed the rare occasion when I got to sleep in my parents’ bed. It was wonderful being asleep next to my mother as she caressed my hair.
The next day when I came back home, my mom said that my father called on our landlord’s phone to say that he would be away for at least a week. Also, she said, she’d received a letter from my Sunil dada (dada means elder brother) saying that he would be in Delhi for a business trip and would be coming over that night. I was very excited, as Sunil dada was a lot of fun. He was the son of close family friends who had moved out of Delhi several years ago. He was 22 years old, from a very hard-working Kashmiri family of a lower caste, and was working in Bombay as a Sales Rep. He used to come often and used to be pretty much a fixture in our house when we lived next to them many years ago. I often came home from school to find him stopping by on his way back from college for my mom’s cooking.
He showed up late that evening. He was about 5’11”, and like many Kashmiris, very fair, and in great shape. He seemed excited to see us and wanted to chat, but it was getting late, and we all went to sleep. My mother and I slept in the bedroom, and Sunil dada in the living room, where I normally slept. I cuddled up next to my mother and was soon fast asleep.
*** It was very dark, and very quiet. But I could hear strange and distant sounds as I slept. I put my right arm over to cuddle next to my mom, but felt only an empty bed. I reached further, and still emptiness. The sounds, still muffled, grew louder till they woke me up. Finding myself alone in my bed, I opened my eyes, sat up, and noticed the light in the living room.
And then I heard the sounds. Weird sounds of a kind I could not quite place. I got to the door, and looked through the opening in the jammed doors, and what I saw scared me out of my skin.
My mother was completely naked, along with Sunil dada.
She was completely naked, with her back to me, and I could clearly see her cunt facing me. But even more fascinating, she had in her mouth his penis, his lund, and she was slurping and sucking it like a lollipop. Her head was bobbing up and down and his feet were twitching, while his hands were grabbing her ass and her tits. He was using language that I had never heard him use before.
Tu kya mast lund choosti hai. Haan, aise hi choos mera lund. Pehle mera lund choos, phir main tujhe chodunga. You suck cock so well. Yeah baby, keep sucking it. I want to cum in your mouth before I cum in your cunt”.
She kept on sucking his cock. It seemed very large and very thick. In fact, I could not fathom how he had such a large cock. His hand moved to her hair and helped her move her lips and mouth up and down his glistening shaft.
I felt terrified. I knew this was very bad, and for some reason I remember worrying that they might kill me if they saw me, but I stood transfixed, looking at my naked mother sucking Sunil dada’s cock. I stood watching in my pajamas as Sunil dada’s cum exploded in her mouth. The lamp was lighting up the room just enough that I could see his white cum dripping from her lips.
Gira nahin, auntie. Choos le sub, sub choos le. Agar chudna hai to choos. Don’t let it drip, Auntie. Swallow it all … swallow my cum. If you want my cock in your cunt, then you need to swallow it all.”
With that my mother sucked his cock dry and swallowed his cum. She lay back next to him and I could clearly see her naked body. She had a great set of boobs. Nice, big and perfectly shaped like mangoes with big dark nipples. Her cunt hair seemed trimmed, and I could see her cunt open with her legs spread in a triangle.
Kyon Sunil beta, ab to tere sare travel ki thakan kam ho gayee hogi. Pehle lund chuswane ke baad tu jaada achcha chodta hai. Nahin to tu bahut excited ho jaata hai aur theek se chodta nahin hai. So, Sunil my dear boy, hopefully that drained out your excitement. You always fuck better and last longer after I have sucked you dry once.”
With that, my mom put her hand over Sunil dada’s cock that looked big even when soft, and started caressing his balls.
Chal, ab teri baari. Main itne mahinon se sirf Uncle ko chod kar bore ho gayi hoon. Aaja, mere mome choos or meri choot ko chaat. Main tere liye kabse tadap rahi hoon — tu kitna achcha chodta hai. Aur tera yeh lund to hamesha khada rehta hai. Jabse tu solha saal ka tha, tabse. Come on, it is my turn now. I am so bored fucking your Uncle for the last so many months. Come on and suck my boobs and eat my cunt. Oh God, you fuck so well. And your cock is always hard … ever since you were 16 years old.”
“Auntie, I loved learning English from you. You were the best tutor ever. I was so pissed when my dad decided to move. Every night I stay up jerking off to your photos.”
With that, Sunil dada turned to his left and started sucking my mother’s boobs. His tongue flicked around her nipples and I could see her twitch with pleasure and hear her moan. I’d never seen my mother like that. It was like she was an alien in my mother’s body. Sunil dada then crept lower and to my horror, started licking and sucking on her cunt. He was there for a long time, sucking, inserting his fingers, and licking her cunt.
Then as he turned over and rested on his right elbow, I noticed that his cock was hard again. It seemed enormous.
Chal beta, aaja aur chod mujhe. Mujhe tera lund apni choot ke andar chahiye. Come on son, fuck me now. I want your cock inside my pussy.”
“Not this way, Auntie. I want to fuck you doggie style. Get on your knees my little bitch. Look how hard my cock is for your well fucked cunt. I can’t believe you let Uncle fuck that with his tiny little cock. Turn over, my horny little rundi whore.”
My mother suddenly became very submissive. Her expression changed, and she said, “Haan malik. Abhi karti hoon. Tu please mere ko achche se chod. Tere Uncle ka chotta lund chod ke main tang aa gayi hoon. Ab mujhe tera bada lund chahiye. Main to ab cheh saal se teri rundi hoon aur hamesha teri hi rundi rahoongi. Uncle to mere choot me bas lund ghusate hi aa jaate hain. Tu mujhe chod. Main teri kuttiya rundi hoon.Yes sure, I’ll roll over. Please fuck me long and hard. I am tired of feeling your Uncle’s tiny cock inside me that cums as soon as he enters me. I have been your whore for 6 years now, and always will be your bitch. You can fuck me any time you please.”
I stood in the doorway, watching all this, and feeling smaller than ever. Shocked was an understatement. I was terrified. Thoughts of being dead, my parents divorcing, and my father shooting Sunil dada, or worse, were exploding inside my head. I was too scared to cry, but too fascinated to turn away. I thought my world was crumbling around me.
Ohh Sunil, chod mujhe,” my mother begged. Sunil dada got on his knees and in what still gives me nightmares, I saw him rub his enormous cock on my mother’s cunt lips for a while as he kept talking dirty to her. Then with his left hand he inserted his humongous cock inside my mother’s cunt and with his right hand started massaging my mother’s right breast. He pulled in and out of her, fucked her for what seemed like a very long time. All the time they talked back and forth to each other in dirty Hindi, sometimes berating my dad. Then suddenly, I heard my mother say, “I am cumming Sunil. Don’t stop now. Keep fucking me.” And then she started twitching like I had never seen before. She was moaning and her hips were flexing uncontrollably.
Abhi mera nahin huya hai, Auntie. I am just about to cum.” With that I saw Sunil dada increase his motion and flex his hips.
“Yes, cum Sunil. Fill my cunt with your cum. Aaja … aaja.” And I saw Sunil dada suddenly stop and grunt as his cock exploded inside my mother.
*Meri maa rundi hai. Meri maa chodti hai. Meri maa lund choosti hai. Yeh meri maa kaise ho sakti hai? *
My mother is a whore. She fucks. She swallows cum. How can she be my mother?
Sunil dada pulled his cock out of her pussy. Her cunt was glistening and I could see her lips still twitching as Sunil dada’s cum oozed out of her pussy.
Auntie, tu mera juice waste kar rahi hai,” Sunil dada said. “You’re wasting my cum.”
Without a word, my mother wiped his cum off with her left hand and stuck the fingers in her mouth. Sunil dada started slapping her ass and smiled. She turned over, but Sunil dada’s cock was still oozing cum. He took his cock to her breasts and rubbed the rest of his cum between her boobs. My mother spread his cum all over her body and with her right hand started pulling back his foreskin, and squeezed Sunil dada’s cock for every last drop of his cum.
I felt a deep pain inside me. Something I had never felt before. It was like I was knocked over by a speeding train. My head felt confused and like mush. Anger, fear, despair, hurt, and a million other emotions exploded together inside me. I wanted to run away and cling to my mother at the same time. I felt degraded, horrified, and humiliated.
They lit up a cigarette. I had never seen my mother smoke before. She was still naked and still caressing his chest, his lips, his cock and his balls. I could smell their sex. Cigarette smoke seemed to waft towards me with odors I had not smelled before. Her juices, his cum, their sex.
Kaash, tu mujhe apni rundi aur naukrani banakar apne saath le jaa sakta. I wish you I could live with you as your sex slave and whore,” I heard my mom say.
I slid back to my bed. Not knowing whether to cry or pretend to sleep, I lay in bed in a fetal position. My right hand slid down my pajamas and for the first time I noticed how hard my cock was.
The next morning I woke up to find my mother lying next to me, and I cuddled up to her. Last night seemed like a nightmare and not real. Everything seemed to be all right except, for the first time ever, I could feel my cock harden as I slept next to my mother. She could feel it too, pressed against her right thigh, and very gently she pushed me away, not knowing that I had seen everything last night.
For the next week, it became a nightly ritual with her slipping out of bed once she thought I was asleep. Often, when I returned from school, I would find one of them in locked in the bathroom, but I could smell their sex in the air.
I was still very confused, and did not know what to do, but I stayed up every night listening to them talk dirty and to see them fuck. Sunil dada fucked my mother in many different positions, treated her like his kuttiya rundi and cumslut, but she seemed very happy – almost possessed as I saw my mother cum every night with another man. I would stand by jerking on my very little, but very hard cock. At that age, I would barely ooze out a drop and was fascinated by the amount of cum generated by Sunil dada as he pumped his cock all over my mother’s face, breast, body, and, of course, her cunt.
*** “You are a whore, a prostitute. How could you be my wife? I can’t believe what I am reading. How could you?”
It was late May, 1986. I was fast asleep on my mattress in the living room, but I could clearly hear my father speaking to my mother. He had apparently discovered a secret love letter she had been writing to Sunil dada with great descriptions of their times together.
“So all these years, when I thought Sunil was like a son to us, you were fucking him? Tu usko chod rahi thi, rundi? I thought you were comforting him after he lost his own mother, but you were actually fucking him? How could you bitch, you common whore? Rundi saali. I cannot live with you. How long have you been fucking him, whore? God, what are we going to do about our son, Nikhil? Did you even think of him before you became a rundi?”
After a long argument, as my dad struggled between hitting her, yelling her and wondering if he should walk out right now, he demanded the truth, and I heard my mother speak.
“It all started very innocently, when he lost his mother at 16 years. He would come over for comfort, and I felt badly for him. But one day when he was crying and I held him close to my chest, as he sobbed, his hands moved to my breasts. I was just wearing an old, worn-out nightie as I usually do when I am home alone, and before I knew it he was uncontrollably sucking on my breasts. I am sorry. I could not stop him. I felt very emotionally connected with him. We did not fuck that day, but it became a daily ritual. He would come home after school and I’d let him suck my breasts. And then one thing led to another, before I knew it we were sleeping together.”
My dad, still emotional, seemed to want to know about why she fucked Sunil dada. He wanted the details. “Is he better than me? Is his cock bigger? Does he fuck better? Can he make her cum? You said you enjoyed his cock more than mine. Am I that bad in bed? Do you like the taste of his cum? Does he fuck you doggie style?
I heard endless questions and answers. Still only 13 years old, and unable to fathom much, all I knew is that after many late nights of long conversations where I heard a lot, my father agreed to stay married to her. Over time, his anger and hurt changed as he would ask my mother for details of her sexual encounters with Sunil dada. To my horror and shock, I could tell that it was turning him on. They would often talk dirty in Hindi and my mother would berate and humiliate him by saying how much better Sunil was in bed than he. She told him how she trained Sunil when he was only 16 years old. How she loved sucking his cock and how they would fuck all day while my father and I were away at school.
She loved Sunil, and couldn’t live without fucking him. My father accepted it, and they decided to stay together for my sake. Their relationship changed. Gone were the simple husband and ‘Bhartiya nari’, the pious Indian woman. Now my mother became more dominant. My father became increasingly emasculated every day, and began enjoying the humiliation at the hands of his wife and her lover, who was almost 15 years younger than her.
Sunil dada kept visiting us as often as he could. Sometimes, he and I would sleep together in the living room, but late at night I would find him gone. He would be in the bedroom fucking my mother in front of my father.
Uncle, tu mutth maar, main Auntie ko apne bade lund se chodta hoon. Uncle, jerk off while I fuck your wife in front of you with my big cock.”
*** Twenty three years later, 11:30 pm on Saturday, December 19, 2009, and all those memories and images are flooding back. My parents are still married. They still live in New Delhi.
As for me, if you’ve read “And Another Cuckold Emerges,” you know that I just turned 37.
I have my hard cock in my hand as I wait for my darling wife Anita. She’ll be back in an hour, with her cunt filled with cum from a lover she picked up in a seedy bar on the south side of Chicago, with its large black population.
I’ll probably jerk off before she comes home, but when she returns, my tongue will go to work on her pussy, soaked in another man’s cum. Just the way I like it.
And a black man’s cum? That is a real treat. She knows it will keep my cock very, very hard as my Brahmin wife tells me in detail how she was a rundi, a whore, to a black man.


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