The Exploitation…. (housewife exploited)

Reshma and Anand were married 4 years ago, their married life was going happy in a way, Anand has a small General store in a street near to home,

His business earns around 500rs on a good business day and some times round 100-200rs when dull. Reshma is a housewife and is around 30yrs old. Anand used to door deliver few good’s to few rich ppl around the area, and there were few customer’s who frequently use his services.

Jeevan is a rich business man, who stay’s near to his house and his servants order the good’s from anand, and he would deliver to their house. Anand would only deal with the servants of these big house’s and few times whenever the owner appears, he gives a namaste and moves away. Jeevan never knew that there is some guy who delivers the goods, he simply smiles whenever anand gives a namaste.
One fine day while anand was going on his scooter found Jeevan standing next to his car, Anand stopped and gave a usual namaste, Jeevan did not recognize him, and asked about who he was, then anand introduced himself. Jeevan asked whether he knows some tire puncture shops nearby as his tyre got flat, so anand in no time went and bought a nearby mechanic, Jeevan got a relief and gave the mechanic his charge, and also took a 100 note and gave to anand for his timely help. anand being modest rejected and they left of. From then Jeevan used to remember anand whenever he visits his house for some delivery, and gives some small gifts or any eating item’s.

One day both Anand and Reshma were about to go somewhere out, he got a call, it was jeevan’s servant for a delivery, since the house was on the way, Anand and Reshma took the delivery and went to jeevan’s place. Anand asked reshma to stay at the main gate so that he will quickly drop the goods and comeback in minutes. As usual he entered the house and saw jeevan, and greeted him.
Anand : Namaste saab
Jeevan : oh anand, how are u?
Jeevan was free at that time and was sitting relaxed.
Anand : good boss.
Jeevan was asking about the business and other details. Anand was answering him in a hurry as he was supposed to go quickly.
Jeevan : What happened are u in hurry?
Anand: No Saab, my wife is waiting outside, i need to go.
Jeevan : oh Ask her to come inside.
Anand : No saab, we need to go out.
Jeevan : No problem, ask her to come inside.
Anand : ok saab, i will call her.
And both came inside, jeevan asked them to sit.
Since they were attending some function, Reshma has done a good makeup, and wore a new saree.

Jeevan looked at the beauty and could not stop staring at her. and finally turned his eyes to anand. Reshma was wary and could not look up before the big man
Jeevan: So tell me anand, how is business, how are u managing the work?
Anand : it is going on sir, these days it is going down because of the supermarkets in every street.
Jeevan: So does reshma also work with u?
Anand : No sir, she is at home, some times goes to the shop whenever i am out to delivery. Today we are going out, since ur house is on our way, she came with me.
Jeevan : Ok good, she can take care of your daughter that way.
And they talked for few minutes and left.

Jeevan could not forget Reshma for few minutes and her image was in his mind. Jeevan was about 50 years old and with a son, his wife was expired and lives looking into the big business.

Days passed and anand’s business was going down, and days came where he could not even earn atleast 200 rs. They were also sad about the bill’s, school fees and other expenditure. He thought of taking loan, but since his business was down nobody offered him. And there was no way to deliver the goods since there was no turnover.
days passed and they could not eat 3 time’s a day. One day while going jeevan saw anand coming opposite to him on a road, stopped the care and asked anand about not delivering.
Anand : No saab, there are no goods in my shop, and i am about to close the shop, since i am unable to pay the rent.
Jeevan: Oh sad, so can u come to my house in the evening, i will look for some work for u?
Anand happily said yes and left.
Jeevan was thinking about anand’s work and he got reshma in his mind, his intentions got wild and suddenly thought of taking the opportunity for lusting Reshma. He was good in dealing and he has nothing to loose in this situation. So he made his mind to lure.
So before the evening he himself went to anand’s house. Anand was very happy about his new work and getting ready and was telling reshma about how good jeevan sir was.
Suddenly he saw a car stopping in front of his house. It was Jeevan.
Anand : Arey Jeevan sir, i am supposed to come to ur home, y did u take the difficulty to come here.
Jeevan : I was passing by, so thought i could see u and go.
Jeevan’s eyes were searching for reshma in the small house, Anand’s house was very small with 2 chair’s and few old furniture in the house. Jeevan was hesitating to sit in the old furniture as he was not used to this environment.
Suddenly Reshma came from outside, In house she wears old saree, andwithout make. She was sweating too. Jeevan saw her sweating on face and dress. Since she was casual at home, her hair was loose, she lift her hands to tie the hair. Jeevan from one corner saw reshma lifting her hands and there was lot of sweat over the blouse under her arms. This raised Jeevan.

Now he started conversation with anand
Jeevan : So anand what kind of work are u ready to do?
Anand : Anything sir, which can earn me around 20K per month so that i can maintain the house and some savings.
Jeevan : Oh, We have many jobs at my business, but we pay around 5K per month, they are junior jobs and labour jobs.
Anand : Sir any thing other jobs, where i can atleast get 10k to 15k?
Jeevan : Since i know u, i can pay 7.5k max instead of 5k. Are you ok?
Anand was hesitating to say no, but since there was no other go, he should accept, he was very sad about this.
Jeevan asked anand to buy some soft drinks since he was thirsty and reluctant to drink water,and gave a 100 Rs note.
Anand ordered Reshma to get.
Now jeevan started his real intentions
Jeevan : So Anand, i will give u one more offer, since u need atleast 15K, but will u be intrested.
Anand : Yes sir anything i can do.
Jeevan : but this is very odd and strange, u may be angry about me.
Anand : No Problem sir, i can manage any work which pays me 15k.
Jeevan was hesitating but he has to make a deal.
Jeevan: So anand as u know, i am alone for so many years and tired of doing business all the time without any lady in my life
Anand could not guess what he was about to say.
Jeevan: i can give u whatever u require, but
Anand : What sir,
Jeevan : I Know u r in deep trouble and could not pay the earlier loans, rents, fees and other
Anand : Yes sir, i am in deep trouble
Jeevan: y dont we make a deal?
Anand : what deal sir,
Jeevan : See, i ask u something, and its purely ur wish, u can accept or not
Anand : what sir?
Jeevan : Even if u dont accept i will still pay u 5K job, bit if u accept i will pay 20K, Just think calmley
Anand : Yes sir.
Jeevan : my requirement is, i want to share bed with reshma for 2-3 days?
Anand was shocked and never expected like this, and did not understand what to say.
Jeevan: so it is upto u, u can think and come back to me tomorrow morning with ur decision. either way.
Anand : Sir, please i dont want to get into such deal. I dont need any job sir, please leave me.
Jeevan : think again.
Anand : No sir, it is final. I cant cheat our relatationship. please.
Jeevan : ok, no problem, i can give u the 5k job, if u r intrested.
Anand : Ok sir, i will come to u tomorrow.
Jeevan: ok meet me tomorrow in my office
And Jeevan Left.
Reshma came with soft drinks and saw Jeevan left. she asked about the job, Jeevan said he would give me 5k and asked to join tomorrow.
Reshma: What 5k, we cant really manage with 5k
Anand : what to do, sir has no other jobs.
Both again felt sad about their situation. Reshma could not imagine the coming days.
Anand : Actually sir was asking for 20k, but instead
Reshma: instead?
Anand: he wants to share bed with u?
Reshma : what ….
Anand : yes, i could not accept this and said no.
Reshma: thanks, i cannot do this act.
Anand : i know.
Few hours passed, both started thinking again for the future days to manage. The whole night passed by thinking
Next day morning anand was getting ready for the new job,
Anand left to jeevan’s office for work. Jeevan welcomed him with strict face and asked to look after the house/office cleaning work. Anand was never expecting this work, but has to do. After a long tired day, it was evening 7.00 still there was lot of cleaning and lifting load work at office. It was 9.00pm and asked jeevan whether he can leave. Jeevan strictly said, from tomorrow u complete ur work fast, and leave.
Anand: Yes sir.
Reshma saw anand very tired and asked about the work, he said it was a whole tiresome work
4 days passed and anand looked very weak after doing the heavy work.

Reshma could not see her husbands condition and interfered in between and started about managing things.

Reshma: is it ok if i share bed with him? since wecan maintain our expenses?

Anand and reshma after deep understanding the situation agreed.
Reshma : it is only for one day, i can sacrifice for our life’s

Anand: ok as u say

Next day early, Anand went to Jeevans house with the proposal, Jeeven looked at him and asked what happened?
Jeevan : y r u @ home?
Anand : Sir i want to talk with u?
Jeevan: tell me.
Anand : Sir, what kind of job will i do if i accept the indecent proposal?
Jeevan happy now,
Jeevan: u need not do this kind of work at all, it is simple, u have to supervise other people. So r u ready for the proposal.
Anand with sad face, yes sir, i cannot do the labour job for 5k.
Jeevan : ok, so what is reshma darling doing?
Anand: she is at home sir,
Jeevan: ok, i will come to ur place to take her for, these 3 days. u wait @ home.
Anand: ok sir, and anand left.
Jeevan went at 2 pm to escort her
Jeevan: Bring my darling please
Anand, could not bear those words. he called reshma

Jeevan: so darling are u ready for the 3 days
Reshma: sir 3 days, we thought for 1 day
Jeevan: what anand, u did not say? ok 1 day for this week, and 2 days for coming week?
Reshma and jeevan could not digest this and.

Jeevan: u look sexy in this saree.. Be in a saree for today

Reshma: Yes sir,
Jeevan: then lets move to my farm house. U wear a good saree as a bride. Anand u also come.
Reshma wore good pink saree

Jeevan was not letting his eye move away from reshma. Jeevan and reshma sat beside and anand with the driver.
he could not stop staring.

they left to farmhouse, Reshma was in full tension mode, and could not control her sad.

At farmhouse, Jeevan was preparing for his 1st night, decorating the bed

Jeevan after many years was so excited for find a beautiful lady for the bed. he welcomed reshma

reshma was very worried about the happening

So jeevan, started to converse
Jeevan : so darling how are u feeling? please talk about ur body? how many times does ur husband fuck u in a week?
Reshma was quiet and could not answer.

jeevan doesn’t want to waste time and wants to squeeze that body, he wanted to sweat her for her life. Jeevan loved her body and cannot wait

Jeevan : can u please remove ur saree?
Reshma was silent, so he advanced

He removed the pallu and could not stop to squeeze, he kept staring at those hidden globes
Jeevan: Darling please talk, dont be silent all over

Jeevan being armpit fanatic, wanted to check those armpits,
Jeevan : so darling, do u shave ur armpits?
Reshma: No sir,
Jeevan: y? so u have hairy armpits? take this money and show me

Reshma: yes sir, since i wear only saree’s and did not find it to be useful
Jeevan: good for me, i love hairy pits, i want to lick those sweaty hairy pits all the night.
he opened the blouse quickly

jeevan: there we go, that great pair, can u show ur full body
umm white panty
Jeevan: wow, now raise those hands and show me ur great hairy pits

jeevan: wow what a thick hairy bush u have under thos hands, looks like u have never shaved from their growth? come closer

Jeevan: can u open that bra now?
wow what a boobs too, let me hold them

Jeevan: great great lickable body, raise ur hands….. i will lick them

Reshma : sir please, slow, i cant control,
Jeevan: How come i will leave these, i booked u for licking this whole night

jeevan licked it for more that 2 hrs, she felt disgusted by the lick and kept silent without any warm feelings
jeevan: now lay down


ah ah ah what a taste they are…. umm let me come down

close up

open that panty’s too

ummm hairy pussy ah ah

let me fuck u now

raise ur hands

harder and harder

since this was jeevan’s sex after long time, he leaked soon, but found very satisfied with the great fuck of this great body
Reshma was getting a sad feeling

the night passed with great difficulty after 5 hrs continous squeezing and licking. she was very tired for now and needed a quick sleep.

Next morning
Jeevan: So darling i cannot forget this night, i want to still fuck u hard… even today
Reshma: sir, please leave me, i want to go home
Jeevan: No darling u cannot go away this way leaving my cock hungry, i dont want to leave u without being satisfied.
Reshma: sir anand wud be alone and i have to leave.
Jeevan: ok ur problem is anand, i will ask him to come here, i will give u both a better deal
and jeevan called anand to come to farmhouse. They both were on bed, he was fingering her face, reshma was very reluctant, but he forced her to sleep on the bed. she wore the saree back, but jeevan was still nude on the bed, she could feel his cock on her body. he opened her blouse buttons and kept his hands over the boobs and licking the face. meanwhile anand rang the door bell. jeevan asked her to stay on the bed and he would open, as he knew it was anand, he only groped the towel and went to open the door. Anand saw him in towel and was thinking that he was still on the bed with his wife. he could not imagine the condition of reshma. Jeevan locked the door back and invited him to bedroom. Meanwhile jeevan opened the towel, and was going back to bed. anand saw his black small hairy dick. Reshma on seeing anand was about to get up from the bed. Jeevan stopped her back and was holding tightly so that she could not move. she was covered with the bed sheet and jeeven went sat beside her.
Anand was observing the pity condition of reshma. So jeevan started conversing with anand
Jeevan: so anand, ur wife is gorgeous and icannot forget all the night, still i am not satisfied by her, i want to use her for more. what do u say?
Saying this jeevan licked her face and under her ears, saliva was all covered on her beautiful face and she was feeling difficult to breath.
Anand: but sir, as i have sacrificed my wife already for yesterday night, how come u ask her again sir,
Now jeevan got more excited and kept his hands on the breast of reshma, started rubbing all over, he opend that blouse completley. Anand was feeling all this under bedsheet, as his hands was moving faster.
Jeevan: i loved her hairy armpits and pussy, saying this he opened bedsheet
see her boobs how awesome they are, how could i leave her
Jeevan started pulling the blouse up forcfully and was showing this to anand,
Jeevan: see her awesome boobs(squeezing)
Anand: sir please stop this.
Jeevan: ok what u want anand tell me, to fuck this bitch for few more days?
Anand : sir, u gave me the job for sacrificing my wife, i dont need anything else but my wife.
Jeevan: see, a day is not completed yet, for ur job i will leave her after this afternoon. apart from today what u want? and i cannot stop now..
Jeevan lifted her hands up and showed her armpits.

Jeevan: see her armpits, with that thick hair, have u ever licked it like this.
jeevan started licking the armpits and forcing the boobs

Anand could not control his emotions and started weeping.
Jeevan: now dont cry like a boy, see more, how will i fuck her
Anand: ok sir, but please leave her in the afternoon,
Jeevan: no anand decide what u want, i cannot leave her. ok we make another deal, i will repay your loan too, how about this, think
saying this he licked harder and harder. reshma was trying to stop, but in vain for this force.

he kept his dick out and
Jeevan: see how my dick raises for her pits,
He started rubbing his dick all over her pits. he removed the bedsheets completely and opened her panty’s and show anand her hairy pussy.
Jeevan: how do feel her pussy? i am jealous of u, that u were with her for these many years.
jevaan started fucking her,
Jeevan: so darling have u ever taken anand’s dick in ur mouth?
Reshma was silent
Jeevan: speak up?
Reshma: no sir,
Jeevan : oh my god then it is a virgin mouth, and i am the first to open the account, thats great. Now open ur mouth and take my dick
Reshma was hesitating to take, he finally forced her mouth to take the complete dick.

Reshma: please sir, it hurts me, stop this.
Jeevan: no, how r u feeling my dick inside? how is the taste?
Reshma: sir it stinks, please remove,
Jeevan: no baby, say how my dick tastes

Resma: it is salty? please remove.
It was more than halfan hour his dick was in mouth
Jeevan: ok i will remove, but i want to do ur armpit bath with my leak.
Saying this he raised her hands and started rubbing his dick over her hairy pits.

Jeevan: what a pitty fuck.. ummmmm. Finally

saying this he completed and went away for cleaning.

Reshma’s mind was filled with huge emotions …….. after being fucked hard. Jeevan handed 50K rupees to anand for the happiness.
It was afternoon and jeevan had to go for the business checks. He asked anand to join him for his supervisor work.
Jeevan & anand dropped reshma at their house and left for work
The day passed and next day anand was to go to the job as superviser. Meanwhile jeevan was moving outside of the city for a week and asked anand to control few sections of the business. Jeevan promplty added that next week he will be coming to pick reshma.

Days passed by, and the deadline was coming. Jeevan in his tour could not forget reshma. He called anand inbetween and asked to hand it over reshma.
Jeevan : Darling i cannot forget ….
Reshma : Silence …..
Jeevan : i want to fuck u really hard again, be carefull with ur body. i will come next day and pick u up. be ready and prepared.
Reshma : sir but ..
Jeevan : it was the deal. dont forget, i want u in any case.
Reshma handed the phone to anand,
Jeevan: Anand the 2 days are coming ask ur wife to get prepared.
Anand : sir … ok (hesitatingly)

The day has come, jeevan was supposed to come in the evening by 5 pm. but he arrived at 4 and came inside directly to reshma’s house.
reshma was not yet ready, wearing old white saree

jeevan saw the beauty in sweat and gave a hello.

Jeevan: get ready reshma, we have to leave …

Reshmasilently nodded the head and went to change the dress…..

Jeevan asked her to wear a good saree …..

Reshma wore a black saree….. and was ready, anand was also seeing. Jeevan saw her from top to bottom in the sexy black saree. jeevan wanted to squeeze her completley.

Jeevan and Reshma sat in the back of the car, anand accompanied the driver. And they started off.

jeevan could not control and touched reshma through her shoulder’s and rubbed her hands. Reshma was silent and head bent, he pulled her hair and as her face came up, touched her cheeks, slowly rubbing through her lips with his fingers and squeezed the lips, then kept the finger’s inside her mouth, Reshma was silent and wanted to disobey the master, but jeevan pulled her hair tight, and her head was in full control. Anand was partly seeing thru the mirror. Jeevan moaned “reshma darling” and put his hands over the back of reshma and hold her tight. The driver was observing a bit all of jeevan’s action and thought about the plight sitiuation of reshma. It was not new for the driver to see jeevan’s act. Jeevan used to come with his secretary and used to observe these with her.

The driver was doubting jeevan’s capability as he was old around 50 and how much he can use her. He along with other servant’s of the house had talked several times about jeevan’s long capability of holding women, They talked that jeevan could not control much of his arouse and split out as soon as possible. Since reshma was new female to jeevan, driver thought that he would long last for this lady. Reshma was not as beautiful as others whom jeevan carried. This may be due to lack of makeup and maintainance by reshma.

Reshma was sweating and jeevan could see as her back was wet, so he though how could her armpits be sweating at this point, he immediately rolled his hands under the hands of reshma to feele her sweat and armpits, it was wet with warm, and he could feel this, he got raised immediatley and took her hands and kept over his dick over the trousers. It was rock hard inside and reshma could feel this. He kept reshma’s hand on his dick with one hand and the other was tickling her armpits under the blouse. He took out the hand and smelled, it aroused him further.

All of this was going on and they reached the house, Reshma adjusted the saree. they all got down and went inside. there were 3 servant’s 1 female and 2 male. They all saw and greeted them. Time passed and all had food and Jeevan got ready by now and asked reshma to come to his bedroom. She wen inside and jeevan asked to look the door. Reshma was standing in front of jeevan,

Jeevan order her to open the saree…… reshma hesitatingly opened the saree… jeevan could see the bombs under the blouse….

asked her to come closer and then asked her to smile and be happy as this is unavoidable.

he asked her to come closer and asked her to keep happy face, reshma forcly kept smiling.

he hold her tight and pressed hard on her boobs, she could not resist. but he coninued pressed ….

then he started to open the saree and onc more press ….

reshma was in bra now ….. then he realsized her armpits…. and wanted to check the armpits now…… he really loved the hairy armpits ……

the armpits were hairy and a thick kind of bush grown there ,…..

reshma please raise ur hands

Jeevan : wow reshma great armpits… hairy…
he examined the pits …….

licked over the pits, for more than time ….. he overly licked ….

he then pulled her panty’s over and observed the hairy pussy, great pussy lips

rubbed over the pussy,

spread the lips …… ummmmmmm

then he could not contol and inserted his dick into the pussy.. hard….

reshma was moaning uncontrallable and felt the dick…
jeevan could not control and ejaculated fast enough.

Next day jeevan woke up early, fresh and took time to check updates on net. Jeevan gave a night t shirt and dress and asked reshma to have breakfast.
Mean time jeevan called jai, Jai was jeevan’s son a teen studing in college. Jai saw reshma in his dad’s room and was surprised to see her. He saw the aunt and imagined about the night of his dad. Reshma looked beautiful to him and could not turn his eyes off. He saw dad with many aunties but this was cute. Jeevan introduced jai to reshma and asked jai to leave the room and come back later. From that moment it was reshma in his eyes.

The servant came to dad’s room with breakfast for reshma. Reshma was hungry enough and started eating. Jeevan completed his work and started staring at reshma, reshma was fresh and looking great in t shirt like a teen as it was a sleevless he could see the armpit hair while she was eating, he started raising and was waiting for reshma to complete,
Jeevan: Hey reshma, u dont wear sleeveless dress or any t shirts like this right?
Reshma : yes sir i am used only to saree’s
Jeevan : And so u also dont shave ur pits b cos it is not needed? as u dont wear sleeveless. Did anytime u shaved ur pits?
Reshma : yes sir, sometimes when i feel itchy and grown full.
Jeevan: oh, how will u shave? do u go to some parlor?
Reshma: No sir, @ home i myself shave
Jeevan: so u buy razor’s and shave?
Reshma: no sir i use my husbands razor.
Jeevan laughed and came to her
once reshma completed the breakfast he raised her arms and started feeling the hair. He started licking the armpit.

Behind the door jai was observing silently from some corner, and seeing this jai got instant erection seeing his father licking hairy armpits of a beautiful lady.

Jeevan took reshma to the bed and tied her hands with a towel and raised her hands and started licking them.

He then pressed the boobs and started pulling the panty down. seeing her hairy pussy he rubbed and then pulled her t shirt up

he bought the boobs out of the bra and started sucking them.

Then he asked her to get up and turn around and asked her to face her ass towards him. then he pulled the panty down and and licked the ass for a while.

Reshma’s ass was too good and smooth.. then he started inserting his finger in the hole.

He removed the dress completley and asked her to suck his cock. His cock was hard enough and since reshma is now used to the dirty smell of his cock, put in her mouth and sucked continously.

Then he asked her to raise her hands up for that armpits to be seen.

She continously sucked the cock with her hands up. Later he stopped her and asked her to drive the cock in her pussy for some time.

After some movement’s he was out.
Jeevan finished and went to get cleaned, he came out and gave reshma another dress to wear for the day. He had some meeting and left to another room saying her to be fresh again and he would come and have another session.

Mean while jai enquired about her with the servants and was making some plans.

Reshma was tired by the day & nights prolonging, she was getting dizzy. Jai was all observing reshma throughout. He was peeking from side and observed reshma’s body, suddenly she lifted her arms up, jai could see those sweating pits and hairy, he could not control himself and came to reshma, reshma knew he was the son of jeevan and kept silent.

jai: so u r my dad’s keep for the day
reshma could not hear those insulting words and kept mum
jai came near and observed the body,
jai: ummm what a body darling, i want to get satisfied
reshma: sir no, i am here for ur dad, iam much elder to u, please dont talk like that
jai: what ? but ur body is making me shivers, please
reshma: no i will complain,
jai: go on, but after u satisfy me.
reshma started weeping by the time
jai : ur hairy armpit is making me crazy, please raise ur hands
reshma silently kept down her head.
jai came near to her and lifted her hands up, he saw the hairy pits and immediatley got a jerk in his mind

jai: wow what a hairy pits ummmmmm

he pulled few hair and reshma got a pain and moaned.
jai could not control and masturbated himself soon

jai left saying i will surely fuck u darling and eat ur pits.
reshma’s heart fastened by hearing this and though that this is going to be a night mare. she thought that her armpits are causing this attraction to both father and son and decided to shave them.

in the evening reshma ordered a razor with the servant and he got one. she dressed up with the dress given by jeevan and went to the wash room.
Jai came from his college in the evening hurriedly to reshma. through out the day he was remembering reshma’s pits.

reshma was above to start her shave, jai came directly to the washroom breaking the door. seeing reshma shaving her pits, he stopped her.

jai: babe, y r u shaving, i said i want to fuck ur pits, stop this and keep raising ur hands

he started observing the pits and pulled her to his front and looked through out the body, he lifted her arms and closely observed those pits and started smelling,

jai: ummm what a sweaty smell ah ah
he smelled the other hand and felt very excited, he slowly started pulling up the t shirt, and pressing the boobs through her bra…

he lifted the bra up and pressed the m hardly, he saw them so closely and was super excited to see those good sized boobs.

he started pressing them hardly again

then he lifter her hands up and opened the dress

wowwhat a body, he then cam down to her panty

started removing it,

reshma was stopping him, he turned her to her back and started to remove the panty with his force it could be easily removed, he observed her good sized ass

he spread her ass like anything, and peeped into it.

he made reshma sat on the couch and opened his dress, all the time he made reshma’s hands up so as to not miss those armpits

he licked the pussy for some time and then he open his dick and started to put in her mouth.

reshma was hesitating but the force was much stronger

then he started to put his dick inside the hole and started quickly

he got his time out and cummed on reshma’s beautiful body

he was very much satisfied by the fuck and slept on the bed for some time.

After few minutes, reshma quietly dressed up and was again to start the shave, as jai was in the room itself, he heard and woke up and came near reshma again.

jai : oh darling ur pits ummmmmmmmm
he asked to open the t shirt again and was above to shave her pits

but his dick raised again and stopped and put down the razor and again started feeling her beautiful armpits.

he opened the bra and rubbed her breasts again. and asked her to raise her pits.

then he shagged for few minutes and cummed on her pits

Now reshma gets up and wanted some rest and prayed that jeevan should not use her anymore. she took a fresh bath and wore her saree as she was not comfort in the night wear’s given by jeevan. The servant came with some snacks and tea and asked her to serve. The servant could see reshma tired and she could not walk properly due to the pains because of the continous fuck. He understood her pity and bought some tablets, she took the snacks and tablets and the servants started conversation with reshma.

servant: madam ji, i think its good time u take some rest. jeevan sir would come late today night, i was hearing that there’s some meeting with his customer’s and he invited them for the dinner and some party tonight.

reshma was silent and could not talk because of shy.

servant : dont feel shy madam, or else jeevan sir will make u more tired.
reshma: what do u mean?
servant: he like people like u madam, who r shy and can be exploited and u r stuck with him.
reshma:no i will be left in 1 day, and i will leave this place and go
servant : he is a shrewd business man, be careful with him. If he wanted he could get good beautiful women/models for him for nights together. but he looked @ u because u r a shy women.
reshma thought that any way this night mare would be for only one day and kept assuring herself.

reshma slept for some time and it was night, and she was thinking about the time to run as fast as it can.

Then there was all of a sudden all lights up in the big hall, and servants started to proceed fast to work, She understood that jeevan came.

Jeevan came with few guest’s to the house, they were jeevan’s business customer’s. Jeevan arranged for some party to woo his customers. They started having their dinner and were discussing about a deal. jeevan was explaining their advantage’s and disadvantages and he knows that these customer’s are tough to crack. they finished their dinner and getting ready to leave and one of the customer’s was looking at the big house and he wanted to look the antics in the house and jeevan started showing him the house.

incidently jeevan had more of good antics in his room and he started to walk through his room, Inside was reshma sitting silently on the bed, they came to the room and reshma surprised by their visit and stood up. Jeevan was explaining all about the good antics and their collections. One of the customer was sensuously looking at reshma in between and was giving smile. Jeevan saw this and introduced reshma as his relative to them and could sense some lust in the eye’s of customer.

Reshma was head bent and customer was seeing her relentlessly and jeevan was looking at the customer’s feelings. He stopped and continued showing the remaining house. And it was good sight for the customers and all of them left after few minutes.

After all leaving jeevan went to his other room and reshma in this room was thinking about the night to pass. Jeevan was understanding the customer’s requirement and anyhow wanted the deal to be done. then suddenly he striked the customer’s interest in reshma. Yes, then his idea’s went into the direction he wanted. he kept on thinking for few hours. By the time reshma was sleeping and he came to the room switched on the light, reshma sensed and woke up and started adjusting her saree and getting up.

Jeevan: Darling no problem, sit down, i am only coming to u on the bed.
Jeevan opened his shirt and throwed it on a corner and came to reshma sat beside her. He took her hand and started rubbing and gave a kiss.

Jeevan: So reshma how r u feeling these on these 2 days? how did ur time go? u have enjoyed?
Reshma: no sir, i dont like this at all, i want to go to my house.
Jeevan: what u dont like?
Reshma: i dont like sharing the bed with others.
Jeevan: oh u dont like ur husband
reshma: what, i said i like anand and wanted to go with him.
Jeevan: but u said u dont like this and want anand to work very hard and earn few pennies which would not be enough for you people to eat 3 meals a day.
Reshma kept silent on this and
Jeevan: u want anand to work like a labour instead of seeing him happy and leading a happy life? or u want to own a car, a building and servants and enjoy foreign tours.
Reshma kept mum on hearing this.
Jeevan: since tomorrow is ur last day here and after this u will leave this place and go to ur house and here anand will go to the laborious work and come eveing very tiredly and finally there is not good meal in the night?
Reshma: sir u told u will give a good job to anand for these 3 days sacrifice.
Jeevan: yes i said but u r saying that u dont like this.
Reshma: sir, what if i say i liked these 3 days.
jeevan: thats my babe. so i say u have a good future if u ppl r with me, i will make ur life entertaining.
Have u ever spent 1000 rs a day only for food? Do u think u ppl can give jobs to servants? Have u ppl ever travelled in cars and drivers listening to ur words? Do u see ppl outside respecting u as sir/madam and welcome u?
Reshma : no sir,
Jeevan: will u ever make this dream true or atleast think of this dream?
reshma: we never thought about this sir and we dont want these.
Jeevan: i know u dont want these, but just think to dream this. What happens if u go back to ur house and ppl over the neighbours comment about u scarificing for money? u dont want these kind of neighbours right? u can go to some rich flats where u get respect and other riches. so please understand.
Jeevan: When u go to ur home u will see other men seeing u in a lewd way and u have to live with ur neighbours for the rest of ur life recieving bad comments. will ur husband be able to take all this load?
Reshma : no sir,
Jeevan: wat if anand can do some act by not bearing all these mess.
Reshma was silent for all these.
Jeevan: so reshma there are 2 ways, which one u have to choose.
Reshma: i have no way to choos sir.
jeevan: so u have to decide either of these 2, and intelligent ppl will choos the better. so think about this and how u can take it. Think about these and i will leave it to u,
saying a good night, he left her alone and went to another room.
Reshma was all alone and thinking of these whole night to decide her future. Next day morning jeevan came to her room
Jeevan: so reshma, i will also talk these with anand. Anand will surely love this.
So what did u think? reshma?
Reshma kept silent on this, and jeevan understood that she could accept and waiting for anand.

Jeevan went to anand and talked about the offerings. Anand was lured with all the riches by jeevan. Anand was in the midst of all these and could not understand.

Jeevan offered him instantly a car keys, a flat keys in one of the high society, and few lakhs. Jeevan was happy for a moment but kept back and was thinking about his wife.
jeevan: What are u thinking? y r u backing of? about reshma? i talked with her, may be she is waiting for u. we can go and to reshma and finalize there?
They both left to the house, and reshma was in the room. They talked for a hour and jeevan was happy that they accepted the offer.

Jeevan was good at making the deals. Jeevan went to reshma and made her sit on the bed, and he sat along her took her hand and holding at tight, anand was sitting in another corner of the room and saw her being enjoyed by jeevan.

jeevan : so u ppl are know rich and in return of reshma, my darling. And from today she is my wife and accept my wishes, and on satisfying each wish u will receive a pay cheque every month.
saying this he lifted her hands up and smelled her armpits,
Jeevan: u know anand, what i like in ur wife …. sorry our wife most, her hairy pits and pussy, i can lick them for hours.

Then he kissed on her cheek, passed his hands in her hair and holding it tight kissed her strongly, he licked for a while on her sweaty body and he cummed on her face, and then later asked if anand wants to enjoy her, anand was ready for this and came to reshma opened her blouse and started rubbing the boobs, it was a long time for anand to fuck. He fucked her and she was also in love with him and was giving him a good time. All was done and both reshma and anand had a good satisfying fuck.

Jeevan: See anand & reshma, ur first job is that reshma has to join me in my official work and make me much more profit by luring our business customer’s, and by this deals we can make a big profit out of this. I will give u a share of 20% of every deal. my first deal is worth 2 crores and u get instantly 20lakhs. So lets start working on this.

So reshma, since ur attire looks more like a servant rather than a rich women, first u have to give a good makeup and wear rich saree’s on a whole. So lets start working on this first. I will call a good make up team and make u ready as rich as possible with good designs. So get ready for this.

Anand was a bit sad about the happening’s but also was excited of having the fun and riches and though his life was settled. Reshma has no words to utter and felt that she was going to be a high class whore and spend sleepless nights.

Jeevan had satyaraj who gives some good idea’s with him always. Jeevan called satyaraj and asked about good makeup team to give a make up for reshma, He came to know the adjustment deal between reshma and jeevan, he saw reshma earlier in his house and gave a heart to her beauty but could not let his lust out as it was his boss female and kept mum. By knowing the make up and dress idea, he planned not to miss the beauty of reshma. He knew that the costliest makeupt team would not allow him to be at the venue and so he will miss the proceeding. He said jeevan that he will make the arrangements and get by the evening.

Satyaraj went to a local hair cut shop for men and asked one of the boy who was in his teens to do the job, he selected him as he would listen to him and make the way accordingly. He also collected a local ladies tailor who would listen to him. They left to jeevan’s place and in between satyaraj ordered them to listen whatever he says and say yes/no on his directions.

Jeevan has designed the show and was super excited by the business and asked reshma to be ready for her becoming a rich class aunty. Reshma was some what thinking of how she would look after makeover.

The make up team has arrived on the given time and satyaraj introduced the guys to jeevan as rickey as the makeup man and jackie as the dress designer.
Jeevan: I asked u to get some good makeup team to arrange but u have arranged these fellows, y did u compromise on them?
Satyaraj: No sir they are from the city’s best team and could make a 50year old aunty to look in her teens.
Jeevan: Umm let’s see,but they are only single and how could they complete the job without any help?
Satyraj: Sir, as their other members are busy and could not come. But i will help them in all tasks and be with them and ensure the good work.
Jeevan called reshma and introduced them.
To reshma’s surprise they we men and she thought it would be some female’s for doing the job.
Reshma: Sir, they are men, how can they do a makeup for me. I cannot be with them for the work.
Satyaraj, stopped in between and said that they are the top men in the industry and could make any girl to a heroine status. Since they have been in the business for many years and daily do such on many females they dont have any feelings.
Jeevan: Yes reshma, dont worry about that, even satyaraj will be with you.
Reshma’s was not convinced but could not disagree.
Rickey and jackie were in full form after seeing reshma. They challenged themselves to make her beauty queen.
Jeevan: So guys, u have to make the madam a golden girl of my choice.
Saying this jeevan left and all four went to a room which has a attached bathroom.

Rickey opened his makeup set and asked to lie down on a chair,keeping her head taking rest. He went near to her and covered her with a white towel except the head. he started to loosen her tied up hair, satyaraj sighed that he would do and wet near to reshma, he hold reshma’s head and touched her ears then cheeks, he acted as if he adjusted her head. on touching her face he got a instant ejectection and could not leave the sense. reshma shook her head to start. He opened the rubber clip which she used to tie her hair and loosen he her by passing his hands into the head. he was literally massaging her head and feeling the beauty. rickey stopped him and said that the massage would be after the cut and sprinkled water on her hair to make the cut. He was not much aware of the female makeup and was doing as he generally does to his male customers. Even reshma was unaware of the procedure as she never attended such. he started cutting the ends and extra rings of her hair. Reshma closed her eyes as she could not see 3 males lusting around her. rickey finished the cut and again started the massage and as this was the first time for reshma, it was good and she felt some relief in the head. satyaraj came in between and applied some massage hair oil and continued her head. The aroma of the oil made reshma much more relief and she was having a good time. Rickey asked satyraj to continue with the massage and said he would start face massage. hearing this satyaraj sighed that he would do following rickey’s instructions and asked him to do the hair massage.

Since rickey has to follow satyaraj, he asked him to sprinkle water on madam’s face and clean with a tissue. satyaraj was excited and started sprinking water on face and now he got a chance to squeeze her face. He took a tissue and started cleaning the face.
rickey: sir now can u take the scrub and apply on madam’s face evenly.
Satyraj: ok,
he took a handful of scrub and started applying evenly.
Rickey : sir now rub her face as such that it would clean her pores on the skin.
Reshma was feeling the hard scrub and also the rough fingers of satyaraj. Satyraj was feeling heaven and was enjoying the hard rub on the smooth skin.
Rickey : sir can u please apply the scrub even on her neck as it is darker compared to her facial skin
hearing this satyaraj could not control and applied over her neck, now he started massaging over her neck and back for few minutes.
Reshma was feeling a great relax and was not worried about the males massaging her. it continued for few minutes.
rickey: sir, enough now again sprinke water and clean her face and neck.
Satyaraj now sprinkled more water on her face and neck such that the water would pass through deep of her body. Reshma was feeling wet on her blouse and asked him to stop, she cleaned the wetness with the towel, satyaraj started helping her with cleaning the towel. She stopped him and removed his hands from the towel.
Reshma: please stop, i can do this.
After her face was dry rickey asked him to apply a fruit based gel on her face and neck evenly. He applied it evenly and reshma started feeling the aroma.
Satyaraj now continously rubbed her face, cheeks and lips. His rod was in high and could not control or stop it. Since reshma was closing her eyes, he started rubbing his cock through the pants with one hand and the other on reshma’s face. Rickey saw this and understood his intentions.
Rickey: sir now please leave it to dry for few minutes and by the time we will shampoo her.
since it was first time for rickey too doing a massage on a female body and that too for reshma, even his cock was tight and he followed satyaraj.

Reshma was not knowing what is happening and kept silent closing her eyes.
Rickey bout a massager and asked satyraj to vibrate it on her face and neck.
After few minutes he bought a shampoo and started washing her hair and cleaning it. And then a conditioner.
Satyaraj could not control and became bold and touched his dick onher face as she closed her eyes and thought some vibrating device was starting. Seeing this even rickey started to follow him.
Reshma unknowingly was rubbing 2 cocks on her cheeks side by side.
She was feeling some itchiness on her neck and took her hand out of towel and raised her hand to control the itch. Meantime her blouse was uncovered by the saree, and as she raised her hands, they could see her underarms wet over the blouse due to the sweat. They got more erected and started rubbing with much more force. Immediatley reshma sensed that her body was out of the towel and took back the hands and covered it with the towel.
This continued for more than 15 minutes and reshma wanted to know what was happening, she tried opening her eyes but the cream applied was very close to her eyelids and felt that if opened would go into her eyes so she kept closing and asked them how much time it would take and finish fast.
Both rickey and satyaraj came back to the senses and stopped. and cleanded her face with water and now reshma opened her eyes and saw everything normal. After shampooing her hair he took a drier and started dry the hair.
Now that her facial and hair massage was done, they asked her to get up and check. They got a mirror and asked her to see if everything is ok. It was fine and she started getting up. Rickey stopped her and said madam, ur body massage is pending and she has to wait untill it is completed.
Reshma shouted on them that she could not make it with men.
Rickey : but madam if body massage is done u would feel much more better.
Reshma: I dont need that, i will take with some female.
Satyraja was trying hard to convince her as he could not leave the chance.
Reshma: please stop this, enough is enough.
Satyaraj and rickey were missing the oppurtunity. She was out of the towel ans started adjusting the saree. She went to the restroom and saw her face fresh and little soft and her hair after the cut was in good shape silky.
Now it is jackie’s time, he came to her and asked about the kind of dress she wanted.
Jackie: Madam, what kind of dress to be stitched?
Reshma: A good blouse on a saree, as usual.
Jackie: Do u want a sleeveless blouse madam, or kind of deep cut back? or any preference.
Reshma showed him her older blouse and asked him to stitch accordingly.
Jackie: I have to measure ur blouse size
Reshma: That blouse is my latest size u can take the measures from that.
Jackie : Madam, that wont give a exact measurement, i have to measure for the exact size.
Reshma : ok
Jackie took a tape and His eyes traveled all over her body as if he was already measuring her for the dress. She felt awkward due to his shameless stare.
He brought a measuring tape and told her to lift her arms.
Reshma: What?
Jackie: ‘i can see your blouse is tight and for the exact measurement u have to cooperate madam.
Reshma: U please stop, i will take my measurements and u give me instructions.

Jackie: ok madam, please open ur saree and take this tape
Reshma, was disgusted but could not help
Reshma: I will go to another room and check and come, u just give instructions and note down the numbers
Jacke: Ok madam, as u wish

Jackie: first ur cup measurment

reshma measured and gave the number

arm measurements

length measurements

Jackie: ok all done madam, thank u

Satyaraj, rickey and jackie all missed the oppurtunity for reshma. The felt it was not worth and left.
Jackie : Madam i will give u the type of color blouse u required in few minutes.
Before that u have to select the saree’s for u which i have bought.

Reshma: Ok i will check, bring them.
Jackie displayed a list of saree’s and reshma selected few best of them and jacke left for his stitching work.

The tailor bought few saree’s with the blouses stitched, she took them and asked him to leave the room
Jeevan was waiting outside to see his queen to come out after dressing.

Reshma droped a blue saree and came out to jeevan. Jeevan saw reshma in the full saree and felt that wat
a aunt she is.But he was a bit dissatisfied by her look, she was in a formal aunty look with big tilak on head
and looked like a pure household women.

Well he adored her beauty and came near her,
Jeevan: Darling u look good in this saree, u look like some decent women loyal to her husband with the mangalsutra
and little jewelery. i want to marry u and do first night & make my wife forever.
Reshma felt sad by his comments but carried the smile. Jeevan called the tailore and makeup man and asked them how she looks.
They complimented that she looked beautiful compared to previous look.
Jeevan asked to wear another set and come.

She came wearing a red saree which was similar to the earlier look.

Now jeevan could not control and came nearby and hold her hands and hugged her in front of satyaraj & the team.
reshma felt awkward and was hesitating to relieve from his hands.Seeing this he left.

Satyaraj and other’s shocked to see his gesture in front of all and they started dreaming of them in hands of reshma.

Jeevan asked them to leave and be available whenever required.
Jeevan: Reshma, we are going to a meeting in the evening and ur work starts.
Reshma: Sir, what i have to do there as i am unaware of anything
Jeevan: ur work darling, u have to lure him, u have to look him more frequently, so that he concentrates more on u.
so be prepared.
Reshma: yes sir

They were ready to go in the evening and left, they met the customers and the customer immedietly recognized her as her relative.

He asked jeevan whether his relative is involved in the project, he said yes she is.
And he introduced reshma to the team. The customer immediatley started greeting her. Reshma being shy was silent.

The deal could not finalize yet and decided to meet again. Jeevan felt that reshma could not impress the man much and
hence he was not in mood to decide. And they left.

Reshma sat in the car and jeevan beside her and asked the driver to go on.

Jeevan: so reshma how did u feel about the meeting
reshma: sir i could not understand much
jeevan: how did u feel about the customer. I understand he was not much intrested in u. u have to be more active and greet them accordingly.
reshma: Yes sir.
jeevan: And i feel these dresses are not suitable for these meeting’s u have to wear more appealing dress.
and u have to wear more makeup to look more attractive.
jeevan: i observed u wearing sweating a lot, and i got a immediate erection on ur sweaty armpits. Hope the customer also gets erected as easily as me.
Saying these he asked her to raise her arms, he sniffed her pits over the blouse.

jeevan: what a smell, i luv ur sweaty armpits ummm, i want to lick them now.
reshma: sir please not now, as we are outside and the driver
jeevan: no problem, he will not observer as he is used to these kind of sessions with other women i have.
reshma: sir please no
jeevan did not listen to her and forcefully raised her right arm and pushed her saree out and forcefully opening her blouse.
reshma was trying to resist with the other hand, jeevan could not open the hooks of the blouse and he forcely pulled and the
hooks broke out and now he could easily pull the blouse now. he pulled the blouse out of the hand and smelled the sweaty aroma.
Jeevan: reshma what a aroma u have ummmmmmmmmm. salt & sweat ummmm. Reshma please do not shave ur armpit hair until i give u a order.
he started licking the armpit hair thoroughly. He was holding her right hand to the top and then he took her left hand and started
rubbing to the his dick. He asked the driver not to go home and be on the road moving.

He licked for few minutes and then undid his zip and asked her to take his cock out.
Reshma was refusing to do, he hold her hair tight and pulled as if it was a demand to take out.
Reshma could not withstand the pain and took out his dick.
Jeevan: now mastrubate my dick….
reshma feeling the pain, did a huge up & down on his dick through her hands. he then forced her head near his cock and was forcing it in her mouth.
She could not take it because of the bad smell but he forced her to take in.
Then after few jerks he cummed in her mouth . Then later they left to home.

Before getting out of car, reshma cleaned her face with a tissue and got down, she stood out and wanted to tie her hair back to normal.
She raised her hands to tie, but she observed that driver was lookingat her and she was wearing a torned blouse inside the saree. if she would lift
her hands then driver could see her inside. So she covered with full saree and left the hair in that condition and left to the house.
The servants observed her condition and thought that jeevan had fun in between.
She went to her room and dressed up normal.

Next day Jeevan planned to buy some good saree dress for reshma so had asked reshma to get ready, so he also asked satya raj to accompany them. Reshma dressed in her given dress by the tailor before day. Jeevan wanted reshma to get some modern saree dresses instead of the traditional saree’s so they left to modern saree stores in the city. So they stopped at one of the modern city store and stepped into that. Being a non weekday the shop was empty with no customers and there was lot of glitter being modern store displaying all sought of sarees.

One of the sales man greeted three of them and asked what they were looking for, Satya raj started they were looking for some good saree’s for madam showing reshma. The sales man saw reshma and greeted her and showed few saree’s initially.
Then he asked reshma what kind of saree’s she was looking for. Jeevan was not impressed by the saree’s which the sales man showed and ordered some modern sarees. He asked the sales man directly to show some dresses in which reshma would look sexier. Reshma was not comfortable to hear about her look in front of other male, and to her surprise there was no female executives. Immediately the man guided them to some section where there were lot of modern saree’s with ready made apparel. jeevan was satisfied by those and selected few. The sales man asked another guy to accompny him showing different dress materials.

The other guy asked them to select dark shades saree’s since madam was fair enough and most of them would suit. He then asked reshma about any trails. Jeevan said yes, so he gave few sarees and asked her to take a trail.
Reshma left to the trial room to change the saree….. It took long time but she hasn’t come out….
Jeevan went near the trail room and knocked
Jeevan: Reshma can u come out with the changed saree and show how it looks
Reshma after few minutes came out with the new saree….

Jeevan: Ah it looks odd, with the blouse which doesn’t match with the saree color
Salesman: sir we have a suitable blouse for that, if madam can try out
Jeevan: please display to us
salesman went to reshma and asked her blouse size to adjust for the blouses
Reshma could not tell the size as she was unaware…. and salesman understood her and stared at her boobs to know the size, reshma felt awkward and he went to her side and was peeping for the gap to know her size… she immediately covered the gap.
Jeevan noticed her shy and went to them and said bring few blouses relative to her size.
Salesman understood and went and bought few bloused which would match the saree. Reshma took them and went to change …..
First one she tried was tight and was trying to change, but jeevan called from out and asked her to come out…. she replied that it was tight and cannot come out.
jeevan: No problem please come out and show…
Reshma came out with great shy covering with saree….
Jeevan: oh u covered but how can i see and know? please show how it looks
Salesman: madam is it full tight ? let me check how to get other one..
Reshma uncovered, she was looking great in the blouse matched with the saree…
salesman: madam it is perfectly right, but how can u say it is tight?
Reshma was feeling the tight only at her boobs as her boobs could not get undjusted with the blouse…. she tought hte cups were designed smaller…..
She hesitating said that cups were smaller and tight to the salesman.
Salesman: I think madam u are wearing a huge bra, and this blouse is designed for that fashion bra’s which are veryminimum in shape and size….
Jeevan: can u please show that too and different kinds..
Salesman was true reshma was wearing her big bra. in meantime his assistant bought different sets of fashion bra’s. Jeevan asked reshma to try them .
Reshma took them and was checking them, she saw that most of the bra’s covered only the nipples part and others are strapless bra’s. She wondered how can these save her dignity and wore the strapped one which covered only the aerolas, and wore the blouse over and saree.. tooo she was more comfortable. She came out.
Jeevan: u look sexy in these types, Salesman can u please get more kind of these sarees and pack.
Reshma went and changed back to her old and left the trial saree and blouse. She kept them on a table, Satyaraj who was there near and observing all these observed that the blouse was sweaty… and wet due to her underarm sweat. he silently was smelling it. satyaraj was dreaming to see more of her sweat so he asked salesman to show type of sleeveless blouses which are more fashioned.
Sales man immediatley bought few sets, Most of them were kind of strap blouses, jeevan saw them and asked them to pack, Salesman asked whether madam will have a trial
Jeevan asked reshma whether she will have a trial, reshma was feared to wear them and immediatley said no. Jeevan accepted her freedom and said no and purchased all the sets and left. Satyaraj’s dream was again trashed.
Jeevan asked satyaraj to get the makeup team while coming in the evening.

Jeevan and reshma left to their house.
Jeevan: so reshma, how are these dresses, do u like it.
Reshma: they are good sir, i never tried but are they required for me to wear.
Jeevan: Yes reshma thats the way to attract the men darling, everyone aren’t like me to identify a sexy and as u are in the deal for the projects generation and make more money, u have to look more sexy and attract.
Reshma was silent and asked what if they are attracted and how can this help in accepting the deals.
Jeevan laughed to this and said it depends,there are only few females in these business and always attraction helps.
Reshma innocently asked what if they are not attracted….
Jeevan: u r my secret weapon, we will unleash the weapon slowly
Reshma did not understand and kept guessing
Jeevan: u have to reduce ur clothing and show them ur talent
reshma: talent? what talent do i have,
Jeevan smiled and opened the window and slowly slid her saree to expose her side boobs, immediatley 2 guys were peeping through and jeevan showed how they ooze … and immediatley closed and asked the driver to move.
Now reshma understood and more worried about the happenings to come.
Jeevan: So reshma, u have to shed ur shyness and get to work as immediatley as possible.
Reshma was silent on this.
Jeevan: Darling u r getting paid for this that too very huge….. dont u think it is fair.
Yes or no?
Reshma: but sir, i cannot become a attraction
Jeevan: oh common reshma, i cannot repeat the whole story, the deal is done and ur husband is enjoying all the riches, he is have a scotch instead of water. he is giving orders to workers.
Reshma started weeping for this and thought that she has to wait for time. by the time the house came and reshma left to her room. Jeevan asked her to get ready for the make over once satyaraj gets them.

Satyaraj was ready with the make up man rickey. Jeevan called reshma to be with them and make sure that she is ready. Satyraj decided that today he would see the beauty of reshma however. Reshma came to them and asusual was ready for facial treatment, rickey even was excited about the idea again. satyaraj asked jeevan whether reshma will be doing leg, hand massage and even back massage. Jeevan looked at reshma and reshma said that only facial makeup is enough.
Rickey then picked up that hands will look smoother and fair if proper massage is done and back too if back massage too. Jeevan said ok about hand massage but reshma was reluctant.
Satyaraj bought a big bath wear and gave it to reshma, reshma looked at it
reshma: what is this for?
satyraj: madam this is bath wear, so if doing hand and feet massage and if wore instead of saree, it will be easy for the massage and u will feel more comfort.
Reshma looked at it and observed that it was too loose and said no,
Reshma: its ok, i am comfortable in saree and u can start.
she said and sat on the seat, rickey took out the kit and first pointed out first hair color and hair straightening and then face massage.

It took long time to hair color and straightening and then the face massage started, it was satyraj’s time to feel her smooth skin, he repeated it as earlier when her eyes closed. Rickey also learned about eyebrow shaping and did that accordingly. He also applied facial cream and asked in mean time they would do the hand massage by applying some smoothner.
Satyaraj asked rickey to guide him and he will do it accordingly. He asked to apply some herbal oil on the hands, satyraj took some drops and applied on her hands, he took her hand gently and applied it over till the blouse was covered.
He was feeling her hands and then he wanted to see her boobs sizes, so he lifted her hands and the saree was slid and uncovered the blouse, she could not notice as her face was covered, He then was now concentrating on her belly and wanted to slid the saree further, slightly moved over the saree to see that white belly, ummm he was insisting on to touch that and squeeze but could not control. He was seeing a little of her navel and it was huge and dreamed of inserting his finger in that, and it was big enough to take finger. They could also see small hair grown over her navel, and this raised more. Now her hands were now over her head, both rickey and raj were enjoying the beauty, and they could see sweat patch spot at her underarms. Satyraj now felt it irresistible. he wanted to feel the heat of her underarms. He dared and touched and kept his hands over underarms, reshma sensed something for few seconds and thought what was happened and felt they are touching her body,opened her eyes suddenly to see and immediately trried to wake up, satyraj forced reshma to sleep holding her,
Satyaraj: madam only few more minutes and this will be done, please wait
He hold her underarm tightly with one hand and was massaging her hand with his other. Reshma got serious and woke up and was getting out of bed and shouted at him, how dare he touched her,
Jeevan heared from outside that something was going wrong and came in
Jeevan: What happened reshma,
Reshma: Sir, this man is touching me over …..
satyaraj stopped and explained that it was a casual touch to hold and massage her.

Jeevan looked at it and taught for few seconds and asked whether it the make up is done.
He called reshma to his room, he hold her arounf her shoulders and
Jeevan: so reshma, u were touched by them and u could not control
Reshma: yes sir, i felt inconvenient and stopped
jeevan: other males were touching u and felt bad, So reshma as we would meet clients and they would greet ur hands or shoulder as part of gesture, so u should be free to thois
Jeevan: Ok i will make u practice for this fear and make u a bit bold.
Then Jeevan was holding her tight now, pressing the shoulders and he passed his hands through her underarm to hold her tight, he could sense a sweaty body and looked at her underarms again, he smelled it and got raised by the aroma.
Jeevan : Reshma darling u will practice these gesture and i will ask satyaraj to make u practice
reshma first of all did not like satyaraj and his looks, and now this is more weight on her.
Jeevan: iwll ask satyaraj to greet u, and u shall greet him, i will explain this to him.
saying this he left the room
He returned with satyaraj and asked them to greet each other.
Satyaraj took her hands and hold it for sometime, reshma was getting nervous. Satyaraj was taking the advantage,
Jeevan : Now satyaraj, keep ur hand over her shoulder,
Satyaraj immediatley groped her and he pressed her shoulders hard when jeevan was not noticing. Reshma was in awkward position, she could not either tell this to jeevan, as he would say to be bold, only thing she could was resist.
Jeevan: good, now hold her midriff,
Reshma, was feared by this and satyaraj gave a deadly smile to reshma and hold her smooth midriff which he was dreaming,
Jeevan: Now reshma keep this fear out and keep smiling
Reshma gave a fear smile.
Jeevan: Reshma, reslax and give a nice smile as if there was no one besides her.
Reshma tried to smile hard. Satyaraj was asking for more and started to slid his hands into the belly unnoticed by jeevan
Jeevan: good reshma, u r coming to the line.
Meanwhile satyaraj’s one dream to rub her belly and and insert on the navel was fullfilling. He went more close to her and touched her nave and feeling it. Reshma tried o avoid by keep moving far away.
Jeevan: Reshma, dont go away come more closer to him.
Jeevan: Relax and keep smiling.
Jeevan was looking into this and getting aroused when other males are trying to ogle at reshma. He stopped and said
That’s it reshma it is very simple , yes it was simple to say for jeevan but very hard to take for reshma.
Saying this he asked reshma to get ready for the evening dinner with the clients.

Reshma and Jeevan were ready for the evening dinner with the clients.

Reshma looked gorgeous with the new saree and makeup, looked fresh and excited.
Jeevan: ah reshma u look gorgeous like a top model in this saree

Jeevan went to reshma and caught her hand pulled near him and pressed her ass, She has controlled herself and stood quite, He wanted to see her painfull expression,

he pressed hard, but she felt mum, so he lifted her saree to her thighs and pressed the thighs hard ,… and then went to the ass and pressed hard… his rough hands were felt by her ass, she opened her mouth out of pain, this excited jeevan much and now he used both his hands to press.

Reshma: sir please not now…
jeevan: then when?, whenever i get mood or u get mood
Reshma: sir my dress will be spoiled, please leave ….
Jeevan liked the way she is hesitating and got much aroused, he put his hands inside the panty over her ass and was pressing hardly
Then he came over her pussy and and fingered hard
Reshma: sir please its paining dont put it so hard,
Jeevan: so is it ok if i put smoothly?
reshma: no sir please
Jeevan: i will finger today untill ur juice flows, so it depends on u how fast u can flow
He mad her sit over sofa now and lifted her saree and pulled over the panty and fingered her pussy lips hard…
Jeevan: how is it reshma? is it paining
Reshma: yes please leave.
jeevan: so will u cum
reshma: yes, but please slowly
Jeevan: no reshma, there’s isnt much time, i will leave u now bit today night i promise u i will fuck u hard
saying this he left her and gave a huge tight hug and asked her to adjust
After few minutes, both left to the restaurant.

The clients also were there at the resturant, the main client saw reshma and was awed. He thought he was looking some new secretary with jeevan, He shook his hands with reshma and could not leave her hand until jeevan stopped and asked to carry on with the dinner.

The client veer, went and sat in a distance to side to reshma, they wer having continental and reshma was not used to wating with fork and spoon, so she felt it will embarrassing to eat with hands and ordered limited dishes a soup and chapathis. others were having other non veg dishes.

They all had conversation on different topics, and about the business model. In between, reshma’s saree was sidelined and veer could clearly observe her belly and the boobs over blouse, he felt aroused. he could not move his eyes but jeevan was disturbing with different questions. Jeevan intentionally disturbed more frequently now so that he would tend to see again. And yes jeevan was successfull in his attempt to woo. But the tough part for him was how he will go further.

Later after the dinner, both veer and jeevan sat separately and talked about the deal.
Jeevan: So, is there any questions about our company for the deal to be given?
Jeevan: we have the quality, ontime work, great support to u people.
Veer: what else, as u know we have lot of distribution in other countries
We are into almost every business with our partners
Jeevan: thats good, and how can we help u & ur partners
veer: we were looking for some Indian female models for publicity of different products and if u can help us we will be good.
Jeevan: Indian, in other countries
veer: yes, there’s lot of excitiment aroused for indian girls/models in other countries, as our business in garments and household goods requires a face to take further ahead. And we will be happy if it is kind of next door girl/ aunty who is neither into model profession for our products.
Jeevan understood his intentions
Veer: So it could be like reshma, who actually is like a innocent and housewife who will be connecting to the end customers.
jeevan: so, i can help u along with the current deal and ur other requirements.
Veer: that will really help us
Jeevan: So how about all the business which u deal outside, need our exclusive support permanently?
Veer: yes that can be done, with all our business deals with u from now. But for that we need reshma as our main model and other models if u can arrange.
Now the ball was in jeevan’s court and he could play well with all other requirements.
Jeevan: Ok i will look into the deal and inform u asap.
All this went well and they left.

Jeevan was very well satisfied by the deals, which would make his business grow leaps and bound.
Next day Veer met jeevan for the proceedings, so the discussion went on for the current project.
Veer: So jeevan, shall we discusss for the next project.
Jeevan: I am always excited for that.
Veer: U gave a promise for the model for our business ads to reach our customers
Jeevan: Ok, u wanted some homely looks model for your ads.
Veer: How about reshma? Will she be okay to do our ads. If she is okay we will give all the distribution deals to your company.
Jeevan: So what kind of work/ads are for?
Veer: yes for all the house hold products starting from cosmetics to condoms.
Jeevan: oh exciting products.
Veer: But the model should be ready to expose and even sometimes leave her inhibitions.
Jeevan: Oh it is great task then
Veer: so will reshma not accept this?
Jeevan: She can but this will be very costly affair.
Veer: We are ready
Jeevan: Ok then Reshma can do but she has to get used for the camera and acting. She is very shy. and yes money can buy anything or else can be forced by money.
Veer: then we can provide all the finance for reshma
Jeevan: Ok then reshma can be ur model provided u start first with basic ads then later those exploited ads and i will give her the hint later. Ok when shall we start with her.
Veer: ASAP
Jeevan: Ok i will inform about her visit to your office
Veer: Yes we will make the arrangements for her audition and photo session, as all the other country managers should accept.
Jeevan : Sure
Veer: Make sure she accepts and is free from the fear.

Jeevan left to home happily and then called reshma to his room.
Jeevan took her near him and started kissing over her lips hard and started to squeeze the boobs hard. Reshma was surprised by his sudden move and started backing off. He forcfully pulled her near to him and pulled over the bed, he started to pull the boobs out of her blouse and reshma was completly hesitating for this.
Reshma: Please sir leave me
Jeevan: No reshma let me complete it quick,
he hold her hands tight and pulled his dick out of the pants and forced into her mouth
Jeevan: U have to get used to this force reshma, pleas suck my cock
He deeped into her mouth and shook her head front and back for the pleasure and he came out quick and stopped
Jeevan: So reshma how was this quick session?
Reshma was silent without any feelings
Reshma: sir please dont be so rash, i will give what ever u want, but be slow
Jeevan: thats my girl, finally coming my way.
Reshma: no sir, i am not used to these kind of actions, i am only accepting because of financial situation.
Jeevan laughed off and said
Jeevan: No reshma, u can make money easily only thing is u have to be free. you have a good body and beautiful, which can make any man fall for u. So dont u want to be rich?
Reshma: Sir i dont want to go in that way. Now that u gave us the money, this is enough for me and i want to leave your deal and live with whatever money you gave us till now.
Jeevan: Will these money be enough for ur remaining life? Is anand capable of mainting this lifestyle with this money? All the prices are increased, if u go out, u will be returning home only after spending atleast 1000rs each time that to with minmum spending, where will u earn these ? Ask anand if can earn so much for his decent life style.
Reshma: so how long should i be with you for maintaining?
Jeevan: atleast few years or atleast till u have age, then after that u can have a decent lifestyle for the rest of ur life. And there are many guys waiting for u outside.
Reshma: outside, what? surprised by his comment. sir What r ur plans upto? i cannot do this outside or else with any one.
Jeevan: No reshma not this way,
reshma: then
Jeevan: As i said in our deal u have to lure our customers for the deals
Reshma: Lure, but u were saying only i have to work with u
Jeevan: Yes this is the way i was saying
REshma was silent by the comment of jeevan.
Jeevan: So reshma, do u watch movies?
Reshma: Yes sir, whatever comes in TV
Jeevan: So who is ur fav actor/actress?
Reshma: Salman khan/Aksha Kumar …. and madhuri and kajol
Jeevan: why do u like madhuri
Reshma: she is beautiful with good acting
Jeevan: umm beautiful, do u think u are as good as madhuri in looks?
Reshma :Sir, where am i,
Jeevan: Y, u cant become like her, she wears good dresses and makeup and thats the only difference and she is showing her glamour, whereas u r inside the house
Reshma: But people see her, because she is a good actress and she has fans
Jeevan: So do u know about the dark side of these actress, whom all they share their beds with to become to such a position
Reshma: Sir now what is the relation between them and me now.
Jeevan: Have u ever dreamed of becoming a model or heroine
Reshma: Sir, i am in my early 30’s and forget about the dreams, we are struggling to live.
Jeevan: so reshma what if u become a model,
Reshma: Sir, please dont insult because of our poverty
Jeevan: No reshma, listen, i have a offer for u of becoming a model
Reshma: what a model, How can i be
Jeevan: Yes, a model, people out will be seeing u on posters
Reshma: No sir, i dont want to go through all this,
Jeevan: This way u can earn more for ur life, and mostly u dont have many choices now to earn.
Reshma: Sir, i want money for living, but not living for money.
Jeevan: So that is what iam asking, how will u earn money for living without me now?
Reshma was silent as she has no choice.
Jeevan: so dont think much, but instead learn to earn money for the living. And good news is that u got few offers for being a model in a MNC for different products. And this is so simple for u to get there without any struggle, See the girls/women outside there how they struggle to come to this position.
Reshma: what would be the nature of work, how should i go forward
Jeevan: Nothing u have to be in the limelight and pose with our beautiful body and expose like madhuri wearing some ultra modern dresses to look beautiful, And as these are ads for house hold such as cosmetics and other related products u need not worry much.
Reshma was silent for this.
Jeevan: so what are u thinking? will u be part of this lifestyle?
Reshma: sir, if i have a choice no sir, but since if i have to earn, then i should do something.
Reshma had to accept the offer for not being any choice, but she could not guess what could be the dark side of the story.
Jeevan: So reshma we will go to the ad agency tomorrow for the auditions and photosessions for u. And be ready in good dress.

Next day reshma and jeevan were ready to go. They were waiting for the call from veer. Finally veer called jeevan and had an appointment with them at their Agency office. They left to the office.

The agency was at a good location and a big building of 3 floors. They were inaugurated by veer at the reception area. There were many females waiting at the reception area, Reshma and jeevan were given a special area to sit near the reception. Veer called Jeevan for few talks and asked to reshma to wait and left. Reshma was looking at all the women/girls outside, they were waiting nervously and a women came and called a girl and took her in lift to another room. She was looking at them, their dress were and each of them had a file in their hand. Compared to all of them reshma was simple in dressing. A office boy came to her and she was offered tea/coffee/drinks ? She asked a drink, then the boy asked thumbs up/sprite or any other. she said something which is chilled. Office boy took a thumbs up and came to her.
Office boy was looking at her for any further order, she looked at him and gave a smile.
Office boy: Anything else madam,
Reshma: No, thanks
Office boy: So Madam r u also for the interview here?
Reshma: Interview? What interview
Office boy: Model selection. Oh then u r’nt here for this
Reshma: So waht do they ask in the interview.
Office boy: No madam, i am not much aware of that.
Reshma: Ok.
Office boy came back and said that jeevan sir and veer sir are waiting for u at first floor and reshma followed him to first floor. He showed her the room and left. Reshma went inside the room. The room was a big hall type and it was like a photo studio in one corner and while entering the lady whom she saw at the ground floor was leaving saying thanks and bye to veer and his secretary. Next the secretary called reshma and offered a seat near veer. Veer introduced to her again and asked about her wellness and other basic intro, she was nervous to sit near him so close, he came further close and kept his hand on her hand and said not to be nervous.
Veer: As jeevan talked to you about ur modelling career with us, we are very excited to have u with us. Thanks for coming. Today there are some auditions going for a bra ad. You can see these models how they are giving their auditions and can learn some basics and then later we can have ur photo session. Till then look into them and welcome to modelling world.
Reshma: Sir, what photo session do i have to do.
Veer: Nothing has been decided as of now for u, we will decide based on ur sessions.
Reshma was feared for that.
The secretary came with another girl. She was wearing a good traditional dress.
Veer asked her to sit and asked about her introduction:
Model1: I am nita from Mumbai, aged 24 years and i am here for modelling for a bra ad with your company ……….. **** ..

After few questions she was asked for the photo session auditions.
Veer: So Can you show start us with few photograps .
Nita: Yes sir.
She then a took a position on the chair
Photographer: Good smile please

Photographer: Close up please

Good, Your legs are fully covered, can u lift up a bit and show us

Reshma was surprised by the instant while she readily lifted her gown up wards and displaying her insides.
good …. Back pose please

good pose …. Now open the top by posing
Reshma was surprised by the straight forward nature of the model and she is not at all hesitating while removing the blouse.

nita was wearing red strapless blouse and the photographer asked her to bend and show her exposure and sized. Immediatley she bent and gave a hot expression

Photographer: Good nita, good style. Now get up and open that gown type and show us ur insides

smile please

good get it down

wow what a pose nita, get it down completley.

Thanks ….
Veer: Wow good u look good, properly dressed up for the interview…. Can u wear any other set which u have bought and show us ur beauty
Nita: Yes sir, i will wear and come, but any room
Secretary guided her to a room.
After few minutes nita came back to audition room sporting a thin black saree and a sleeveless blouse.
Photographer: A sitting position covering ur head with saree.

good smile please

Full pose with a smile

Side pose please

wow good .. now back pose

Good. Now lift ur hands to show ur armpits

ummm smooth pits good look in that saree…

nOW remove that saree and come to expose the bra and panties


ummmm Good …. V shaped panty.
Her panty was small and only covered the vital parts. There was shades of her shaved hair seen. Veer and jeevan was enjoying the sight.
Photographer then gave nita a coat to cover and asked her to pose

good open up

a only a built in bra type which covered her belly and no blouse.

Photographer: Thanks Nita….
Veer called nita to him and congratulated for good session, and said that she was selected for her agency and will be getting a call later.
Nita: Thank u sir.
Saying this she left .
Reshma became more nervous by seeing all these and was feared that she has to be the next nita. She has to expose her body for the photo session.

Veer asked the secretary for the next model to come. She called seema. Seem appeared in the room. The interview procedure started and continued.
Veer:So seem can u start for the pose
Seema: Actually i am not prepared for the photo session
Veer: oh common, today is the kind of final selections. later we would short list
Seema: Sir, i will show u my earlier photographs which can add to my portfolio
Veer: Ok, So do u have photographs showing ur statistics in undergarments, as the selections are based on that.
Seema: No sir,
Veer : To be frank this selection is for bra/panty.
Seema: oh but…
Veer: no problem, u are a professional, u should be ready anytime, and now u can show what you have
Seema : Ok sir. but i need few minutes to dress up
Veer: No problem, u can show us what u have in this saree.

start, action …

Photographer: Open the saree please

Seema : Yes …..

Reaise ur hands please

Good, Now open that blouse too….

Good madam, no w raise ur hands and some poses please

good wow …. raise ur hands

pease madam raise .

Veer: oh seema, ur underarms aren’t shaved
Seema: Sir, as i said i am not ready for the shoot.
Veer: No problem we love to see them

please more poses …


Thanks Seema
Veer “: seema, well that was a good unprepared show
So how well u want to be in the modelling career.
Seema: Very much
Veer: what all can u give for this career.
Seema: Everything
Veer: Good, how about ur body
Seema: Sir, but i can’t really say this.
Veer: see ur average looking model, so it will be difficult for u to come up, atleast this will be useful step for u.
Seema: So what will i get
Veer: That can be decided later, as of now u can decide and come later i.e tomorrow for ur package
Seema: Sure sir, thanks.

Jeevan: Veer, u convinced her for a bed with her. good. So this way u r getting double package – work & excitement.
Veer: Jeevan, would u like to share bed with her?
Jeevan: Not this one, i will wait for some good gorgeous babe.
Veer: No, gorgeous babe’s cannot be conquered so easily
Jeevan: ok
Veer whispered in jeevan’s ear …. that we can look into, we will discuss about that later.
Jeevan smiled to him.
Reshma was surprised and was feared that where did she come in, she thought that money can play with anything.

Veer: So reshma, how about we start ur session

Reshma: Sir, i will not be able to do this kind of open session,

Veer: oh no reshma, we will have only ur saree session for now, i know u r not ready and good today for this session. Just few clicks, so that we can send u to our panel of selection.

So lets start..
what do u say?

Reshma was silent

Ok please start

reshma was sad all the way

Photographer: please reshma, can i have a smile

good pose please

wow gorgeous ….
Veer: Jeevan, Reshma is actually good looking women, and has a nice structure for wooing, men will fall at her feet, if she is the glamor world

Reshma was silent and could not utter a word by the comments….

So reshma can we discuss about ur package and other details

Reshma: sir, now

Veer: yes, ok we will go to a room and then get upto, Jeevan do u mind leaving us alone.
Jeevan: no she is all urs and u can interview her.
Veer and reshma left to a room, and asked the secretary to not disturb either way
Actually veer could not control his excitement and so he had left to other room

Reshma was silent and veer asked to follow her to a private room.

The room was cold by the AC and being small and closed. Veer sat on the chair and reshma was standing.
Veer: so reshma, lets start……..
Veer : do u speak english?
Reshma : No sir, I understand a bit and can speak few words. ..
Veer(in commanding tone): Ok, can u say about ur self? i.e about ur hobby’s, intrests? and what do u do in spare time.
Reshma was silent for few minutes because of veers tone..
Veer: Reshma dont be silent and shy, speak
Reshma : sir, not much hobby’s tv and try some new dishes .. thats it.
veer: so u have seen outside how the models are waiting outside in a big queue for… & u got a oppurtunity. so utilize it.
Veer: and for being a modelu have to be quick in actions…
Veer: So, will u be able to work with us?
Reshma: what is the kind of work?
Veer: first, we will offer u as a model for our magzines and lingerie’s which would be for our hlobal customers.
Reshma: but, y me…
Veer: as i said u r gorgeous and have good body… i can see it over the saree…
Veer: so u have to shed these full type dress and wear some explosives to show the world
Reshma: sir, but iam not used and for these and please sir, i dont want to do these lingerie’s as i am a conservative house wife and i dont want to get
Veer: dont want to ??? Jeevan would have explained u all the features and thats the reason u r here. And about the training u will get used to these.
Reshma remembered what jeevan was saying and to come out of her poor status.
Veer: And to get started, u can open ur saree and show ur body now and as no one is there here u r free….
Reshma: Sir, what are u talking … open the dress….
Veer: common dont be shy, get out of ur shyness
Reshma: No sir, i cant …
Veer: common, see for example i will give a example…
saying this he called the office boy
Boy knocked the door and came in with the permission.
Veer: hey can u send ganga to the room
ganga was a maid servant for the office who cleans the floor and other
Ganga came in
veer: ganga can u open ur saree
ganga was wearing a ping saree …. and she immediately started opening the saree …
veer: now the blouse

ganga: shiveringly yes sir….
she opened the hooks and she did not wear any bra inside and veer could see the boobs popping out.

in seconds the boobs were out and veer asked her to hold

Veer: thanks ganga, u can leave
ganga slipped back to the saree and left silently
Reshma was dying out of shame seeing this.

now how about urs…
Reshma:please sir, i cant do like that
Veer: common reshma, i cant wait for u…
saying that he got up and came closer to reshma and touched her shoulders as if he was removing
Reshma started covering her and moved away from veer
Veer came closer with force and hold her tightly and forcibly teared her back

now he was forcing her to open
reshma was trying to avoid and veer was trying to tear her blouse now and get the boobs out

reshma was struggling to get hold but after theforce…. he opened ….

And then reshma was nude now ……hiding her self with the hands ….

He squeezed her boobs to the maximum

now veer came into full mood and was seeing her hairy pussy which was covered by her hands

Veer was fully controlling her body.. he peeked thru her hairy pussy
he was awed by the hair and played it for few minutes

he pulled her pussy hair

he licked for few minutes and then later dicked her hard ….

Just befor veer was finishing off … he took her up and and inserted in her mouth

later he made her lick his loads and dick

After he finsihed he got up and cleaned himself with her tored dress and gave it to her and asked her to cleanse

After few minutes silence reshma was silent in the corner completley nude.
He pulled out his coat and gave her to cover and gave some water to her

veer came to jeevan,
jeevan: so how was her interview?
veer: god damn, she is gorgeous man, i could not control myself and ….. fucked her.
jeevan: oh
veer: is anything wrong..
jeevan: no, if u r happy i am happy tooo.
jeevan was now a bit jealous for veer’s achievement, and thought how reshma would be feeling…
veer : so jeevan i will sign her a contract here and u will be our exclusive partner in our business. I will make her our model for our undergarment business. but before that she has to go the training which we will provide..
jeevan was happy about the business and was looking forward. Jeevan went to reshma.
Reshma was sitting on the chair weeping. he gave a hand to her on back and wiped her face with a tissue. Reshma was covering her body with the coat given by veer, it was only covered till her thighs. He saw her dress torn ed in a corner. He felt that veer had given her a hard time.
Jeevan: Reshma, i know what happened, consider these as ur steps to reach ur goal, i mean our goal.
dont worry about this and think bigger. And the good news is that u have been assigned for a model role in this company. and u are going far. So lets leave now.
Jeevan called the secretary and asked for a saree suitable to her.
The secretary bought a saree, a blouse and a bra. She said that only these are available for her.
Jeevan asked reshma to go to washroom and freshen up and get ready to leave.
Reshma took them and went, reshma observed that it was a sleeveless blouse and it was just a bit more than a bra. She was awkward to wear these and even the saree was light transparent. Some how she managed to wear them. It was first time wearing this sultry saree… sleeveless blouse. She came out covering her shoulders with the saree.
Jeevan sir, can we leave. She followed jeevan, and while going veer interrupted jeevan and asked few foto’s and reshma’s statistics for suitable assignments. And veer came to reshma and patted her on the shoulders. I welcome u to our team and we will give u some initial setup to u, and we will get back tojeevan by the time get ready. Thanks.

Jeevan and reshma left the office and went to the car, the driver saw reshma in a different saree than what she was wearing in the morning and she looked gorgeous in this saree. She tried opening the car door and it was stuck up, driver came to help her, He saw her smooth hands in the sleeveless dress and at times he could see her hairy armpits in the sleeveless dress.. He got an erect. And in the process of opening the door he touched her smooth skin. Jeevan and reshma sat in the car. Jeevan was feeling hungry and asked reshma, she nodded her head. Jeevan asked the driver to go to a restaurant near by. Reshma was covering her body with the saree.. even though jeevan could feel her skin in the transparent saree. They stepped out to a resturant and went inside. Jeevan ordered some light food for them. jeevan tried to console reshma and wanted her to get to normal mood. He caracked some jokes in between. Here while eating reshma’s covered left shoulder with the saree was sliding and jeevan said feel comfortable and asked y does she want to cover,
Reshma: Sir, the blouse given by them is very small and sleeveless and i am not comfortable to wear these.
Jeevan: common reshma, u are going to be a super model, u have to get away of these shyness. From now onwards u have to wear theses kind of dresses and please dont be shy any more. Now common leave that wnd be comfortable and eat and fill ur stomach properly.
Reshma did it and started having the comfortness. Jeevan could see her dark hairy armpits now and then. and also part of the blouse was stained by sweat heavily. He got an erect and wanted to smell them, being a resturant he kept watching them silently.
The waiter came over for the further order, he saw reshma’s un covered arm and the sweat, he kept watching it for few seconds and was observing the hairy armpits.
Waiter: Madam anything would u like to have
Reshma lifted her hand to say no, and the waiter could see the dark hairy bunch under her arm, he stared untill reshma observed that and cover it back. Jeevan observed this. As the waiter left jeevan asked reshma and said that not to feel awkward and should not bother about these and let go few events.
The waiter came back again to have a glimpse of those pits and asked jeevan for the order or bill.
Jeevan paid the bill and tipped and they left to the car. Now reshma was not covering the other shoulder with the saree. She was looking sexier in that sleeveless saree. As they approached the car, the driver started staring her sweaty blouse and that hairy pits and had some fun time. They both sat and on the drive, jeevan thought about the fuck veer had and the waiter observing reshma’s pits and was erected, he took reshhma’s hand and it on his dick, reshma was stunned at the sudden movement
Reshma: Sir, now. No sir please
Jeevan silently sighed only to hold dick thats it. Then he could not control further and raised her hand to see the beauty pits …
Jeevan touched her hairy pits and came near to smell them. The aroma was flowing under her pits and the blouse with full sweat.
They reached home, Reshma was going to her room, jeevan called her to his room and as per the order reshma left to jeevans room.
Jeevan immediately raised her hands and saw those heavenly pits in that sexy saree, he smelled deeply and played with them through the mouth for few minutes.
Jeevan: ummm reshma what a forest u have under here. and u look gorgeous in this sleeveless saree. And while smooching he lifted her saree with one hand rubbed over her panty, and then he tried to slid his fingers in that panty.
Reshma was trying to control jeevans force with right hand as the left was in the air raised by jeevan for licking the hairy pits.
Reshma: Please sir, not now. I have to wash there and it is dirty all over.
Jeevan: No reshma, let me in, so veer made it dirty? so how was his fuck. he looked fully refreshed after the fuck he had
Reshma: No please sir let me go now, i need some rest.
Jeevan: Yes reshma u can go after my time. Saying this he further forced his hand and was trying to rub all over her bush from belly to ass hole.
Jeevan: Reshma wat a gorgeous body u have.
He then went to her face and started licking her face, biting the chin. He also got his dick out from the zipper and took reshmas right and asked her to rub the dick. She did as said, he said use ur force to make in/out. She caught his dick harder and moving it front and back. He then took her to bed and sat and took his face directly to the pussy. Reshma was standing and he started smelling the pussy, holding it tight. He then took his fingers and fisted through her pussy, reshma was feeling hard time as he was doing it very rough this time.
Jeevan: Reshma aren’t u getting wet? by this time u should have gone wild.
Reshma: sir please, leave me, its paining
Jeevan: No reshma, i will not leave untill u r wet, please start feeling my dick
Reshma did not want to be wet as it was paining for her after the hard big veer had gone through her. He took her close and started biting the pussy now. He continued for few minutes and asked reshma to get into the mood.
Reshma was unwillingly getting wet after hard time. Jeevan could see her wetness and then he took his dick and charged over her pussy. He took it over and over and then finally took out and spitted on her.
Finally he asked reshma to sit down after long standing. after cooling down, and asked reshma about veer’s taste.
Reshma was feeling the pain and was unable to stand out, she fell on the bed for some rest. Jeevan left her and went to the restroom. After coming back, he asked reshma to get some rest. Reshma could stand but could not walk properly. She somehow got some energy adjusted her saree, blouse and left his room. On the way back to her room, the servant’s were observing her walk and one of the male servant was seeing her tiredness and the way the saree was, though what a fuck would jeevan had. he then was glimpsing at her pits.
Servant(thinking): oh madam has mast hairy pits, she does’nt shave but saali wears this sleeveless dress. jeevan sir tho mast mazaa kiye honge. mast hota, if madam once lift’s her hands so that i can see those sexy hairy pits.
Reshma went to her room and pushed the door back.
Servant(thinking): arey yeh to did not raise her hands, i have to see her pits anyhow. what to do. I will only knock the door and ask her if shee needs anything.
The servant went and knocked the door, reshma from inside asked who was it.
Servant: i babu madam,
Reshma opened the door and babu asked her if she needs anything to have.
Reshma: please get some tea and water.
Babu happily went and started preparing tea hurriedly, he though by the time tea completes madam should not change the dress. or else i will miss them.
He went back with the tea and knocked the door, reshma from inside asked him to come over. for his luck she did not change the dress yet, she only cleaned her face and was picking some dress. She then was adjusting her hair, by raising her hands, babu could only see this from back side, he wanted to see them from front.
Babu: Madam water and tea,
she un noticing turned back holding her hands high, babu’s luck has favoured him, he saw the bunch, reshma immediatley turned down the hands and said ok.
babu left the room happily with the moment of glimpse he had. the goddes lifting her hands with the hairy pits.

Next day veer was discussing with his team about the new model for under garments
Veer: so dear members we have hired a new model for our undergarment products.
she is reshma, and currently a housewife.
Members were surprised, they have never heard a girl by reshma in the modelling industry.
Veer: yes she is new, a housewife.
members: sir but we need a girl to model these products.
veer: our next target is to reach all the household women. so she will relate them and buy out products. Till now we are reaching all the 20-30 womens section, but now onwards we also target the older set.
Members thereby agreed for the proposal and asked when will the ad come out.
Veer: soon, and we will market these products to middle east and asia.
Veer: so i guess all have agreed. and we will get know about the business more.Thanks.
Saying this veer left the room. And he called jeevn
Veer: so jeevan. when can we have our photosession with reshma. we have to get it done fast.
Jeevan: Any time u wish. We can come over today too.
Veer: ok, we will meet in the evening. We will be ready and waiting.
Jeevan: ok.
Jeevan called anand and asked him to come over. Anand now was in a good position in his company and he cam over. He met reshma after long time. Reshma was dying to see him. Reshma saw anand as a completely changed man. He was more authoritative with clarity. Reshma felt good about that. He said about his changed life now, he was happy more than that. Reshma also felt bad that he did not even little care about her .
Reshma: so when will our deal end with jeevan, when can we leave to our house.
Anand: Our house, reshma u have to be here for enough time. Now that we are going away from out poor status, we will continue like this till some more time.
Reshma: but it all started with 1 day, and now u r saying this.
Anand: yes reshma that was only for few days, but see me now, i have to continue like this, for this u have to stay here. Better get used to this life. See u have servants to listen to ur orders. U stay in this big house. And i am too planning to buy a good house now for our future living
Reshma could not control her anger
Reshma: But do u know how i am a living? with fear, with shy and with horror. Do u know how many times i am being raped?
Anand: Oh common reshma, i said u have to get used to this. yes i heard u r going to be a model, and we are going to be rich.
Reshma was shocked by hearing this and could not speak any further. She thought anand was really a changed man now.
In the mean time Jeevan came with a suitcase to the reshma’s room.
Jeevan: so anand how r u? how is ur work going on? Now as u know reshma is going to be big in the modelling industry, i congratulate u both.
Anand : Thank u sir.
Jeevan: so for here i give a 5 lakh rs as a gift or u both.
saying this he handed the suitcase to reshma.Anand was happy, but reshma was bad.
Jeevan: but reshma is very shy to accept. u have to convince her for the modelling profession. though she is convinced but not by heart.
Anand: sir, she will get used to this.
Jeevan: so today is her first assignment, wish her good luck.
Anand: as long as u r there, we always have our luck.
Jeevan: good, so it is positive from ur side.
Reshma was with full of anger on anand.
Jeevan came near to reshma, Reshma was in her night, caught hold of her shoulders. Reshma bent her head.
Jeevan: anand actually it is my luck to have reshma with me,
saying this Jeevan took her face and caressing the lips. Anand was silently watching. Then jeevan pressed her harder on the shoulders.
Jeevan: what a beauty reshma is, her body, her scent ummm. i wish i am day and night with her. But i have many busy things to maintain. So i get to her whenever i am free.
saying this jeevan opened her nighty top. Her smooth white shoulders were out and he was holding her cups now from the nighty.
Reshma did not bother much about this, as her mind was filled with anger. Jeevan then took her hands high, exposing the pits and placed them over her head.
Jeevan: oh anand did u have something to drink, coffee, juice?
Anand: no sir,
Jeevan: ok lets have some coffee.
saying this he called babu(servant). babu came running to the room. while coming his eyes we completely focused on reshma’s armpits. he saw she was holding her hands high. once seeing babu, reshma immediately closed her hands down. but it was late for reshma to act from the sight of babu.

Once the coffee came, they all had and jeevan said that they are going to the studio and it was time for them to get ready.
Even anand said he would like to leave as there are many works pending. Saying this he gave a bye sigh to reshma and left.
Now seeing reshma in the nighty, jeevan got raised again. he went and locked the door and came near reshma. He then raise her hands and started smell the aroma of her unwashed pits. licking the sweat.
Jeevan: ummm reshma what a smell u have. let me see ur ass for now.
He went down and made reshma bent, and on the back he lifter her nighty to her belly and started kissing the white ass. he opened the panty and smelled her hairy ass and pussy. Reshma did not want to take him in, so she opened his pants and got his rod out and started carassing it and then rubbed front and back so he cums out as soon as possible. As expected jeevan came out early and then he felt back on the bed. Reshma now understood the trick and got the weak point of jeevan. So jeevan adjusted his pants and opened the door and asked reshma to get ready to go to the studio and left.

Reshma and jeevan were ready to go. The driver came and picked them. Driver saw reshma was in her normal saree as he was assuming her to be in some good explosive dress. He dropped them at the studio. Jeevan called veer and he asked them to come over to the studio floor.
Both left to the first floor. Veer went to reshma and took her hand as awelcome gesture,
Veer: so reshma, welcome.
Reshma smiled and veer handed her a packet,
veer: so here is ur dress for today’s shoot, but before getting in this dress, u need some make up and hair dressing. Please go over there and our make up team will assist u.
Reshma was taken to the makeup room by the secretary and inside was a man and 2 women.
Makeup man: Madam we will have u a body wash, a hair dress and a makeup. And it takes around 30 minutes. first the body wash.
Saying this he handed her a towel and showed her way to shower room. The 2 ladies will keep u clean. THe 2 women took her to the shower room,
Madam please remove ur dress and get ready for the aroma shower. Reshma removed her saree and blouse and the petticoat, the shower started and the two ladies got some foam and rubbed over her body,
Reshma felt some great calmness with the shower running and the ladies cleaning her, there was some exotic aroma filled in the room, and she was completely lost in it. The ladies cleaned her body, they were around her hairy pussy and cleaning it. They completed the clean and stopped the show and gave the dry towel and asked her to put over. then they asked her to get over the chair outside the shower room for the hair dressup.
Reshma: do i need to go in this towel outside, not in my saree?
Yes madam. this is the procedure for the hair makeup.
Reshma: but the man outside? how can i go like this in towel.
Yes madam he is the one hair stylist, And he will make u ready
Reshma rolled over the towel to cover her max body and askked for another towel to cover her shoulders. they gave and she covered her body with the towels and went to the room and sat on the chair, the chair was of leaning type, and the man came to her and leaned the chair further and asked her to lean back completely and her head upward. Reshma did as ordered.
The man came and took her hair back and started drying with the hair dryer. After the dry he went through her hair and massaged for few minutes and started the styling. After few minutes he completed and asked to close her eyes for the facial make up. The ladies bought some cream and applied and got a lipstic done. After few minutes they are done and asked her to get up and gave a mirror. Reshma looked herself very cute in the new hair and face makeup. The man came and gave the packet and asked her to change the dress. Reshma took the dress and went to the changing room. Once she opened, she found out a transperent saree, a matching blouse and a thin laced bra. she feared how to wear such dress. The blouse would not cover her breasts completely and the bra would be easily seen. She came out and asked is this the only dress. The ladies replied yes and this was for the shoot.
Reshma took some courage to wear them and came out in the sexy saree. Then she saw herself in the mirror, it was amazing on her. Everything matched to the core. The man came and guided her to not cover the saree completely and make some skin to show, Reshma became serious and warned her its none of his business.
Man: but madam, outside they would expect u to be likethat. And as this is photoshoot u have to pose as such.
Reshma: please let me be like this.
Madam, sir is waiting for u outside and asked u to come out. Reshma came out, and suddenly there was a surprise sight by veer and jeevan.
veer: oh god, reshma u look utterly sexy in this makeup. Ok lets call the camera man and start the click.
THe camera man came and asked her to stand straight first. Reshma tried to stand but later upon seeing the focussed light she could not.
Camareman: Madam dont shake, and a smile please
ok now back pose please. She turned back.
Camera man ok good, now madam can u show the midriff please from the back. reshma stunned by his order and was blank.
Madam please slide ur saree up.
reshma somehow took up the saree, her smooth creamy midriff was now being focussed from the back.
Good, now can u raise ur hands up and show the midriff.
She was stunned again, raising the hands, as it was her back, she raised for the perfect pose.
Ok madam, turn front now for the side pose.
ok now raise ur hand for the hand-midriff pose.
Reshma could not do this, in front was veer, jeevan, and the cameramen watching.
The camera man came to her and asked her to lift her right hand. she was hesitating.
Veer: common reshma, please lift dont waste his time.
Reshma: but sir,
veer: common, Hey tony lift her hand,
Tony tried to raise her hand and in the process he saw the hairy pits, he got stunned and asked her madam, u haven’t shaved ur pits. ur body is supposed to be clean. He called the makeup man and shouted on him for not cleaning the armpits.
Makeup man: I thought it would be cleaned as she is for the shoot. So i never cared.
veer said tony to stay calm and said that she was supposed to show her hairy pits. she is our hairy model.
Tony agreed and clicked few of her hairy pits…. Reshma’s hairy pits were now seen by the group…. veer and jeevan were so excited to see reshma raising her hairy pits. reshma was dying out of shame to show her pits…. further after few shots veer ordered that these pics would be personal and not to share with any one except the team. The blouse was exposing her smooth boobs too…..veer and jeevan could not control themselves. especially when they saw reshma getting humiliated by the photographer and feeling the shy.

Then once tony finished his shots, reshma covered her body with the saree. and was standing silent.
veer: so reshma how did u feel about this audition? isn’t that great? This is the way slowly u have to show ur beauty to the world and earn money.

Next day veer discussed with his team for the photo’s and the modelling ads. Most of them agreed but few felt she was more shy to show off. and she will not be able to carry the confidence with her image.
Veer : but i tried her getting with difficult dealing and u cannot say this.
Team: Agreed but we have to think of our sales too. simply handling some unknown model for these ads is not a great idea, and we will have to face the consequences later.
Veer: ok what if she gets used to these in few days and she becomes a true model.
Team: ok we will give u some limited time, but remember marketing our products with ease is at most important rather than waiting.
The head of the team called veer for a discussion about the model.
Head: so veer, i guess u have spent enough for her to be in the modelling ads.
Veer: yes sir , we are teamed up with jeevan, one of our partner for her.
Head: ok call him up
Veer and jeevan went to the head of the team for a personal discussion.
Head : so as she seems to be very shy but she looks gorgeous, so instead of a ad model lets make her a escort model for only few businessment.
Jeevan: escort? what do u mean by that,
Head: she will be heading some private shows to only few ppl whom we do business with, where she has to expose her body based on customers interests. so that they will be more intrested in our products
Jeevan: but sir, she is of more homely type and she will not be able to do these.
Head: then how did u assume her to be a model for exotic ads?
jeevan and veer were silent….
Head: make her some practice and get her to the role of escort.
saying these head ended the discussion.
Now veer and jeevan were discussing about the possibliites. And in between veer explained that there is a risk of losing the partnership with jeevan if this doesnt work out. jeevan got scared about his business and came to an understanding about reshma being a escort model.
So veer explained jeevan that first they have to get past her timidness and then later come to a arrangement.
Jeevan was thinking about the possibilities and said he would come back with some idea.



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