The Subjugation of Professor Sandhya (Professor Sandhya ki Chudai)

“Okay, now who can tell me what an oligopoly is?” Professor Sandhya Vora wrote down the word on the blackboard with her chalk and asked her first year economics class.

A couple of hands went up.

“Yes Neha?” Sandhya asked her brightest student. She stood up and started answering.

“Mam an oligopoly is a business environment where the…..”



The quiet of the classroom was shattered by loud singing noises as three young men strolled into the class. Sandhya got angry and yelled,


“Sorry mam.” Manish, the 20 year old bad boy of the college smirked and replied. But his face did not show any contrition. He strolled to the last row of the class , followed by his two cronies Suraj and Aqeel.

Sandhya glared at the three students who had been a disruptive influence in class since day one. Or rather since day 11, because none of them had bothered to show up for class in the first couple of weeks of the semester.

Sandhya continued glaring at the three guys, especially Manish, who sat there chewing gum with a cocky expression on his face. He was a thin young man standing at barely 5 ft 6 whose appearance didn’t suggest he would be so troublesome. But he was the spoilt only son of an influential local politician and was riding the wave of arrogance that comes from power. He had already failed first year once as had his two lackeys.

Suraj, his lackey number one, was about 5 ft 10 and of average built. He was the son of a prominent businessman. He was also arrogant and difficult to control. And Aqeel, the biggest of the three, stood at an imposing 6 ft 2, had the broad built of the wrestler, but was the relatively quietest of the three. probably because he didn’t come from a rich or powerful family. He had just happened to be friends with the two since childhood.

Sandhya looked at the three and then looked at Neha who was still standing, wondering whether to continue with the definition of an oligopoly. Sandhya was tempted to ignore the guys and focus her attention on Neha and other students who actually cared about getting an education. But she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Manish, Suraj, Aqeel, this is your last warning. The next time you stroll into class 15 minutes late, that too disturbing everyone, I will throw you out of class.”

“Great! Free period!” Suraj piped up and a few students giggled.

But Manish was about to surpass him in arrogance.

“Vora mam, this classroom doesn’t belong to your father. We are paying customers. You can’t throw us out.”

“Why do you even want to be here? You come in late. You don’t pay any attention in class. You disturb other students. If attendance is all you care about, I will mark you present whether you show up or not.” Sandhya thundered.

“Why didn’t you say so before? Come on boys!” Manish stood up and started strolling out. He cast another arrogant look at Sandhya, pointedly checking out her chest before leaving.

Suraj and Aqeel followed him. It seemed to Sandhya that Aqeel seemed a little reluctant to leave. She noticed that he was actually carrying the textbook with him. He gave Sandhya an apologetic look before walking out.

“Okay Neha, proceed.” Sandhya said, now that the disruptive elements had been gotten rid of.

The rest of the period passed without incident.

Later Sandhya was sitting in the staff room going over her lesson plan when her head of department Professor Dixit walked in.

“Sandhya, can I see you in my office please?” he said.

“Of course, sir.”

Sandhya followed him, wondering what this was about. They went to his office on the same floor. Dixit closed the door and asked Sandhya to take a seat.

“Yes, sir?” she asked.

“Sandhya, I heard about what happened today.” he said.

“What do you mean, sir?”

“With the troublesome threesome. Manish Singh and his two cronies.”

Oh no, not this discussion again, thought Sandhya.

“I have told you many times before. Don’t get into a tiff with them. I know you have returned from America only recently, but surely you remember how India is, especially how U.P. is. You grew up here.”

“Sir, what can I do when they walk in late, disrupt the class.”

“Just ignore them. That’s what everyone else does. You on the other hand scold them, react to their provocations. Manish is a spoilt brat. he thrives on that.”

“I already told them they can stop attending classes if they want.”

“That’s not going to work. Do I need to explain to you again why they like pushing your buttons? You’re a 28 year old young attractive woman who is quick tempered. You know how boys this age are.”

“So what should I do?” Sandhya said, throwing her hands up.

“Just ignore them. Treat them like they don’t exist.”

“I’ll try, sir, but it’s getting increasingly difficult.”

“You’ll just have to try harder. I have heard that Manish is planning to contest the student elections this year. Given his father’s contacts and muscle, he is sure to win. Then he’ll become even more unmanageable. We just have to keep our heads down and pray that he graduates soon.”

A peon walked in with two cups of tea. Dixit picked up his cup, took a long sip, and said in a tender fatherly tone,

“Listen, Sandhya. You are a very bright young woman with a PhD from a top American university. A very dedicated teacher. All the regular students sing praises of how well you explain even the most complicated concepts of microeconomics in a lucid way. Your research is miles ahead of anyone in our department……”

Sandhya knew where this was going.

“Why are you working in this college in this shitty crumbling town? The others and I are here not by choice, but because we can’t do any better. You could be teaching at Delhi University, JNU, IIMs….”

“I appreciate your concern, Dixit sir. It’s not like I am unaware of all this. But as I told you, my husband’s family situation. And the business…..”

“Yes, yes, I know. But still, I feel sad seeing such a talented young academic rotting away in this cesspool.”

Sandhya didn’t know what to say. It’s not like she was happy about the situation. Six months ago, she had been a high flying economics PhD graduate being courted by ivy league schools and Washington think tanks. But then tragedy struck her husband Jiten’s family.

Jiten’s two brothers, who remained in U.P. to take care of the family’s mid-sized manufacturing business and look after their ailing parents, had died in a car accident. They left behind their housewives and two kids each. Jiten’s father was bed-ridden with a chronic illness and his mother was only slightly better.

The responsibility of returning to steer the family through these tough times fell on Jiten as the only able and qualified member of the family. And Sandhya had no choice but to move back with him and make most of the situation.

She had found a job almost instantly in the biggest college in their town, which was still nothing compared to the sprawling American universities she had been used to. The courses and syllabi were decades behind. The infrastructure was patchy at best. And there was the disruptive student politics element.

Sandhya felt claustrophobic. It led to tension and fights with her husband. But she couldn’t blame him too much. He had to do what he did for his family.

“Anyway, I have a class to teach.” Dixit said, finishing his tea and getting up. “Think about what I said.”

“I will, sir.” Sandhya replied and walked out of the office.

After the day’s classes were done, Sandhya caught an auto rickshaw home as was was her daily schedule. After one car was destroyed in the accident, the family’s second car was the only vehicle available and Jiten had to use it as he tried to make sense of the complicated business his brothers had left him. Expenses regarding the funeral and other issues cropped up. Sandhya and Jiten realized that the family wasn’t nearly as financially well-off as they had thought. With all the nephews and nieces to take care of in addition to the parents’ medical bills, there wasn’t enough money left to buy a car just for Sandhya.

Jiten honestly told Sandhya that it would take at least a year to fix the finances of the family, and at least till then, she would have to rely on autos and other forms of public transport. As it is, his plan was to get the business back on track, sell it, and move the family to Delhi where Sandhya would have a better career. Sandhya made her peace with these inconveniences since they were short term.

Sandhya was reading her notes on her way, but she realized that the auto driver was shamelessly staring at her in the rearview mirror. She found this whole aspect of U.P. life very difficult to get used to after over a decade in America. She had grown up in the same town, but in the cantonment area because her father was in the military. Cantonment life, with its fauji discipline was very different from the jungle raj that the rest of the town had descended into. Her parents had gotten sick of U.P. and retired to the hills of Himachal Pradesh a few years ago.

Sandhya had left for America when she was 18. She was always a bright student and her aunt and uncle in Boston were very eager to sponsor her education. She got a great SAT score and went to attend college in America, where she excelled and then stayed on to get her PhD. Having spent a decade in America, was wasn’t used to the street life of U.P. where women were ogled at shamelessly, catcalled, and harassed. Sandhya had always been a naturally aggressive woman who couldn’t quite come to terms with the path of least resistance that women in U.P. have to take when dealing with aspects of street life. She accepted the fact that she could no longer wear the short skirts, tank tops, and alluring shorts she used to back in the US. But clothing never deterred the leery louts anyway.

Back in the auto, Sandhya made an angry face and looked back into the rearview mirror and into the young lout’s eyes, as if saying “what are you looking at?”. The young man held her gaze for a few seconds, then felt embarrassed and looked away. He did still occasionally check her out, especially her ample bosom which seemed impressive even under the sari she was wearing. But his looks got discreet, not shameless like before.

Sandhya reached home, greeted her nieces and nephews and sisters-in-law. She went to check up on the in-laws who were both sleeping. With all that done, she sat down with a laptop to work on her research paper. She worked on it for a couple of hours until it was dinner time. She helped out her sisters-in-law a little with the cooking and had dinner with the family. Jiten was working late as usual. It had become common for him to return well after midnight.

“Phew, what a day!!” Jiten said, plopping on the bed, making Sandhya wake up.

“Awwww, honey.” she hugged and kissed him. he kissed her back. “Have you had dinner yet?”

“Yeah, I grabbed some grub between meetings. It is so insane, the level of bureaucratic red tape and corruption…..”

Jiten started on one of his nightly rants about how messed up the business environment was. Sandhya heard him out patiently, but was getting a little sick of the same old complaints. She listened to him rant as he changed out of his work clothes, and then got in bed next to her.

“I love you.” Sandhya cuddled up next to her husband, and put her head on his shoulder.

“I love you too.” an exhausted Jiten replied.

She kissed her husband and then slowly moved her hand down to his crotch and felt his dick.

“Not tonight, darling. I am just completely exhausted!” Jiten said.

“It’s okay. I’ll do all the work.” Sandhya said, winking.

“Please, I just want to sleep.” Jited pleaded. “I have an early start again tomorrow.”

Sandhya frowned and rolled away. She stayed like that sulking, hoping that Jiten would make at least some attempt to pacify her.

“It’s been almost a month since we had sex.” she said bitterly.

In response, Jiten snored. He had already fallen asleep.

Sandhya shook her head. She pulled up her night gown, slipped a hand into her panties, and started pleasuring her clit, replaying events from an eventful courtship period followed by early years of marriage when Jiten was an insatiable sex machine. It seemed like a completely different universe now. She worked her clit furiously focusing on the memory of the time when Jiten had fucked her on a beach in Jamaica under the stars. Soon, she achieved a small orgasm, and tried to will herself to sleep.

Sandhya and Jiten had known each other since their childhood. They went to the same private school, the best in the city. Although they were classmates, they were never really too close. Sandhya was always very attractive and popular in school. She was very tall for an Indian woman, standing at about 5 ft 9. She had big double D boobs that developed early getting her a lot of attention from boys in her teens. She had a slim perfect ten figure, big brown eyes, a sharp nose, and full luscious lips to go with thick straight cascading hair. Raised in a privileged army family, she was brash, confident, and always the center of attraction. She was also always first in class, making her the total package, and a little intimidating to Jiten who was always second and could never beat her academically.

Jiten was raised in a family that was financially well-off but had humble beginnings. His grandfather has immigrated from Pakistan during partition and the family had had to work hard to get to where it was. His parents hadn’t been to college. Socially, they were more traditional and had a distinctly middle class mindset. jiten was the first one in his family who was sent to an expensive private school and the first one to speak proper English.

He always felt a little out of place in the school that mainly had kids of army officers, IAS officers, and top businessmen. While the other kids brought sandwiches and fancy cakes in their tiffin, Jiten had to make do with puri subji. he grew up with a bit of a complex about his family background. He was tall too, shooting up to 6 ft 2. But he was an awkward tall skinny guy, very unsure of himself. he had attractive features and a lean and fit body, but never had the confidence to be popular with girls in school.

For as long as he could remember, he had had a crush on Sandhya. But he could never muster up the courage to say anything to her in school. He mooned over her, made occasional awkward conversations about home work etc. But nothing beyond that. Sandhya, raised in a Westernized liberal household, dated a couple of the confident studs in school. Jiten always felt jealous of them.

They parted ways at 18.

Sandhya went to the US to attend college. Jiten got into IIT after working hard at the entrance exam.

The already Westernized Sandhya took to life in an American college like a fish to water. She always kept her focus on academics. But she also enjoyed herself in other ways, losing her virginity to a cute white guy. Then dating a couple of more guys, including a serious relationship. She partied, drank, smoked, tried drugs, all the while not losing sight of academics.

IIT is where Jiten found himself too. Found his confidence. Found the ability to interact with the opposite sex without seeming like a tongue-tied nerd. And his body also filled out as he started working out. He went from being a reed thin lanky nerd to someone girls started actively flirting with. By the end of college, he had an attractive steady girlfriend, a great job offer from an American tech giant, and a personality that was very dominant.

After a year, Jiten’s company sent him onsite to Boston. He made great strides in the company, getting promotions well before others from his cohort. His steady girlfriend and he eventually broke up because the long distance relationship got tough to handle. Jiten immediately embraced the dating culture in the US, getting laid a lot. But none were satisfying enough to turn into an actual relationship.

One night, Jiten was on Facebook when he noticed a picture of one of his school friends had posted of his newborn baby. Jiten dutifully clicked like and scrolled down to leave the obligatory “So cute!” message when he saw a message next to a face that brought old memories flooding back.

“Sandhya Rana: Adoooooooooooooorable!”

He had almost forgotten about her. Jiten had stayed in touch with many school friends through college, but Sandhya who had moved to the US, had almost fallen off the map. Thanks to Facebook, she had been able to reconnect with some of her old friends.

Jiten clicked on her profile. It was set to private, but from the picture, he could see that she had not changed much since school. If anything, she looked even more gorgeous. he clicked the “Add as Friend” button. Within five minutes, she had added him back. And immediately, a message popped up in his Facebook inbox.

– OMG!!!!! Jiten Vora!!! Is that really you???

– Haha, yes.

Jiten replied.

– Looking at your pics. You have changed. I mean it as a compliment.

– Thanks, Sandhya. You look almost the same. And I mean that as a compliment too.

– And you’re in Boston too! Since when? Where do you live?

– It’s been about six months. I live near Kenmore Square.

– Get out! So do I!

– Small world.

– Indeed, Jiten Vora, indeed!

There was a pause in the conversation while they both checked out each other’s profiles. Jiten saw that Sandhya was a PhD student. And her relationship status was listed as single. He went through her pics, which included a lot of gorgeous shots of her, making him think back to those days when he had a massive crush on her. Sandhya saw that Jiten worked in a great company, and had really filled out well. His relationship status also said single.

Jiten, who had now become confident in flirting with women, found his old diffidence returning as he thought about Sandhya. She was in his neighborhood, single, even more gorgeous than before. It was like god had sent her back in his life with a plan. Surely, he could at the very least ask her out. But then he started second-guessing himself. Would it seem creepy if after 5 years of absolutely no contact, he suddenly asked her out? Maybe he could do it under the guise of “catching up”. Should it be over coffee? Drinks? A meal? Should he do it right away or after a few days.

Jiten was thinking about all these things in unnecessarily complex detail when a message popped up.

– We should get drinks and catch up some time.

Jiten smiled. She had made the decision for him.

– Sounds good, Sandhya. When?

There was a pause for a couple of minutes.

– I’m free right now.

Whoa! Jiten looked at the time. It was a few minutes before midnight.

– Perfect. Where?

– The Tap Room. In ten minutes.

Jiten almost sprinted to the bar. His childhood crush had returned to his life, and herself invited him to meet her for drinks at midnight. He walked into the bar. It wasn’t too crowded, because it was a weeknight. He scanned the entire seating area for signs of Sandhya. But suddenly, his vision went dark.

“Guess who!!!” a cheerful voice behind him said.

“Sandhya!!!” Jiten delightfully said, moving her hands away from his eyes. She was one of the few women tall enough to cover his eyes without having to go up on her heels.

“Jiten Vora!!!” Sandhya said and hugged him.

Jiten felt a surge of pleasure as Sandhya’s big boobs pressed against his chest. He also smelled alcohol on her breath mixed with a heady perfume. She had been drinking already, he realized.

As Sandhya broke the hug and stepped away, Jiten was left breathless at how gorgeous she still looked. She was wearing a blue tank top with a short denim skirt that showed most of her thighs.

“It’s been what? Six years?” Sandhya said leading him to a table in the back of the bar.

“Yeah, almost.”

“You filled out nicely.” she said, rubbing his arm.

“Thanks.” Jiten said, finding himself intimidated by this gorgeous beauty again. “What can I get you to drink?”

“I’m sure you can see that I’ve already been drinking.” Sandhya said sheepishly. “Whiskey. I’ll stick with that. Whiskey and soda.”

“Coming up.” Jiten said and went to the bar.

Jiten could feel his heart beating loudly as he ordered whiskey for himself and her. As he waited for the drinks, he pinched himself to make sure this wasn’t some kind of a dream. The goddess Sandhya Rana, after all these years, back in his life, looking like a million bucks. And she was drunk and had already touched him 3 times, which was 3 times more than she had ever touched him before.

If it had been any other girl, he would have made a move on her right away. With Sandhya, he still felt nervous.

Jiten walked back with the drinks. He saw that Sandhya was touching up her make-up. He took that as an encouraging sign. When Sandhya saw him coming back, she put away her make-up kit and flashed him a wide happy grin. A drunken grin.

“To old friends!” Sandhya said, clinking the glass against his.

“To old fiends!” Jiten echoed.

He took a small sip. Sandhya gulped down almost half the drink.

“So tell me all about what you’ve been up to. I saw IIT on your profile. You were always smart.” Sandhya ran her hand through her hair as she said that.

“Not as smart as you. I could never dislodge you from first rank.” he said.

“Yeah well.” Sandhya shrugged, smiled, and started laughing. “Hehehehehe.”

Sandhya was exactly as he remembered. Brash, gregarious, even a little bit immodest.

“So how’s your PhD going?”

“Oh, fuck PhD. Tell me about our sleepy old hometown.” Sandhya said. “As boring as always?”

“Even more so. Now with ugly malls.” Jiten smiled and replied.

He was starting to feel his usual confidence return.

For the next 45 minutes or so, the two old classmates drank and caught up. They talked about school memories, teachers, old friends, etc etc. Sandhya kept downing drinks like a pro. Jiten was having a tough time catching up with her. But he didn’t mind because the more she drank, the more physical she was getting. She kept rubbing his arm, his shoulders, unnecessarily leaning in to whisper stuff. And getting more and more giggly.

Finally after they got done catching up on a lot of the old topics, there was a lull in the conversation. Jiten took a sip of his drink and looked at the increasingly tipsy hot young woman sitting next to him. She was staring at her drink, seemingly thinking of something with half a smile on her face.

“Sooooo………Jiten Vora!!!” she said slurring heavily, looking up at him.

“Sandhya Rana!” he didn’t know what else to say.

“Nerd to surd…no…stud in five years flat!!” she said sliding closer to him and holding up five fingers.

Jiten could only smile like an idiot.

“You were such a nerd in high school….with those pimples….and that Chamanlal haircut. And now…” she reached over and ran her hair finger through his hair. “….now such a….”

Jiten was delightfully shocked when Sandhya grabbed his hair and pulled him into a kiss. Her lips wrestled with his, and her booze soaked tongue plunged into his mouth. Jiten put his hand on her shoulder and drew her into an embrace. They kissed for a couple of minutes, taking only an occasional break for oxygen. Sandhya was an aggressive and passionate kisser. Jiten slid his hands down her back and gradually up her side rubbing her boobs. The boobs he had dreamed of holding for years.

But he was still tentative. He didn’t feel sure about going beyond just the occasional caress. Sandhya however was in no two minds. She moved her left hand down to his hand and placed it firmly on top of her breast over the tank top. Jiten squeezed the big firm tits, and instantly, his dick reacted. His crotch was pressed against Sandhya’s thigh. And she felt it too. As Jiten gently squeezed his dream girl’s tits, his bulge kept growing.

“Jiiiiiiiiten Voraaaaa!!” Sandhya said, breaking the kiss and moving a hand to his bulge. “Why, I had no idea you were this gifted!”

Sandhya ran her hands over Jiten’s pants. From the bulge, he was clearly well-endowed. She felt hungry for it.

Suddenly Sandhya got up and grabbed Jiten’s hand.

“Come with me!” she breathlessly said, dragging him behind her.

“Where…” Jiten asked as he was dragged towards the back end of the bar towards the bathroom.

The bartender saw the young Indian couple going there together and knowingly smiled. This happened a lot on weekends. He didn’t care. He caught Jiten’s eye, and nodded, as if to say “yeah, it’s fine”.

Sandhya dragged Jiten inside the bathroom and locked the door. Moving with unsure motions because of all the drinks, she put her elbows on the bathroom sink in front of the mirror. She then parted her knees a little, and reached behind and lifted up her skirt revealing skimpy boyshorts style black panties.

Jiten was rock hard. The look at Sandhya’s perfectly shaped round ass was something he had always fantasized about. She was being aggressive. Time for him to be aggressive too. He pulled her panties down with one hand until they were stretched around her knees. He put one finger inside her shaved pussy and was happy to note that she was sopping wet.

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sandhya said hoarsely.

Jiten didn’t need a second invitation. He fished out his 8 inch long and considerably thick dick into his dream girl’s warm waiting cunt.

“OHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Sandhya put her palms on the mirror and groaned.

All this had happened to fast for Jiten to wrap his head around. A couple of hours ago, Sandhya Rana was a distant memory, a symbol of something unachievable from his younger days. And here he was in a cramped bar bathroom, fucking her from behind as she made animalistic drunk noises.

Even in her drunken stupor, Sandhya was feeling like a naughty slut. She had just seduced this sweet young guy who had turned into a stud. growing up, she always knew he had a crush on her. Girls always know. But he was so geeky and lanky, so tongue-tied, that she didn’t think about him much beyond just a nice guy. Half the school had a crush on her anyway. Jiten was just one of them.

But he had turned into a real hot hunk, and was also blessed with a big thick tool. This was promising!

The back story to how Sandhya got to the bar to then get fucked by her old classmate in a bathroom deserves more exploring.

Sandhya had gotten out of a serious 2.5 year relationship with a white guy just a month ago. Unlike Jiten’s break-up with his ex, Sandhya’s break-up had been acrimonious. We don’t need the details of why, but suffice it to say that the month since the break-up had been very taxing on Sandhya.

Things had been tough in her PhD as well, because the break-up coincided with her qual exams. It had taken all her emotional strength to focus on the super tough quals and pass them.Just that day, she and her friends had been celebrating clearing the quals. Which is why she was already drunk.

But after 11 PM, all her friends, who had either girlfriends, boyfriends, or spouses, left to continue their celebrations in bed. And Sandhya had picked up a bottle of whiskey to walk home and celebrate by herself. Drinks always made her super horny. She considered hooking up with some random guy before heading home. But no one she saw in the bars that weeknight looked dishy enough.

She had been sitting in front of her laptop checking Facebook and drinking out of the bottle, when Jiten’s invite came. Looking at his pictures, she felt herself getting turned on. She decided to meet him at the bar closest to her place. And drunkenly, she headed out again.

“Ooooh yes!!! Right there!!!” Sandhya moaned as Jiten moved one hand to her clit and started stroking it even as he fucked her.

“Show me your tits, Sandhya!”

The authoritative tone in his voice made Sandhya even hornier. She took one hand off the mirror and pulled her tank top and bra up. Jiten watched the huge boobs with prominent pink nipples swing over the sink as he fucked his dreamgirl.

“Nnnnnnnnnnhh…oh yes….nnnhhhhhhhhhhhh….!” Sandhya creid as she felt an orgasm approaching.


There was a loud rap on the door. Jiten paused, his dick buried insid Sandhya’s warm cunt.

“FUCK OFF!!!” Sandhya yelled, and then said to Jiten. “You, you keep going.”

“Oh come on!!!” a woman’s voice said from outside. “Get a fucking room. I really need to pee.”

“IN A MINUTE!!!” Sandhya said, closing her eyes and willing that elusive orgasm on.

Jiten could see that this hot young thing was about to cum. He had been with enough women to know what to do. He lifted up her right knee, put it on the bathroom sink, opening her cunt up even more. And the rammed her at an unbelievably high tempo.


Sandhya screamed her way through a powerful orgasm. Jiten watched happily as he was able to bring his dream girl to an orgasm with relatively little effort.

Sandhya finally quietened down. Her breasts swung back and forth as Jiten slowed down his speed and resumed fucking her at a gentler pace.


“I’M BURSTING HERE!!!” the woman shouted from outside.

“Yeah yeah!!” Sandhya said, and then turning her head said, “You about to finish?”

“Not even close!” Jiten said, taking his dick out of her pussy. “But I feel for that lady outside.”

Sandhya pushed herself back into a standing position with some effort. She bent down and pulled her panties up and then pulled her tank top down.

“Not even close he says.” Sandhya gently rubbed Jiten’s dick just as he was trying to stuff it back in his pants. “You’re full of surprises, Jiten Vora!”

They opened the door and headed out. The woman waiting outside almost pushed passed them.

“SKANK!!!!” she shouted before slamming the door.

“BITCH!!!” Sandhya shouted back.

Jiten felt embarrassed standing in the bar in front of about a dozen people with a big tent in his pants.

“My place!” Sandhya said, taking a couple of steps towards the font door of the bar. But she stumbled as the drinks had taken full effect.

“Easy there.” Jiten steadied her and then propping her up by her shoulders, ;le her towards the bar.

“MY PLACE!!!” Sandhya loudly demanded.

“Yes, yes, I just have to pay for the drinks.” he said looking at the bartender who had been watching everything unfold with a wide grin. A couple of other customers at the bar were also amused.

“Just take her home, bro. Pay me tomorrow.” the bartender said laughing. “if I had a shot at her, I wouldn’t wanna waste a minute.”

“Thanks.” Jiten said, taking Sandhya out of the bar.

In three minutes, they were inside her tiny studio apartment. In 24 more seconds, they were both naked. And in 3 more seconds, Jiten’s dick was again inside Sandhya as she lay spread-eagled on her couch.

Jiten and Sandhya’s relationship progressed in leaps and bounds after that. They were almost inseparable whenever they had any free time. The sex was wild, the personal chemistry was perfect, and they both really cared for each other. Within two months, Sandhya moved out of her tiny studio apartment and into Jiten’s well-furnished two bedroom place. They made their relationship official on Facebook and told their respective parents, who were delighted. In a year, they got married.

The first year of courtship and the next couple of years of marriage were like a never-ending dream for both of them. Jiten had a well-paying job he loved and the woman of his dreams. Sandhya was making great progress through her PhD program and was blissful to have a husband who was good looking, intelligent, well-hung and insatiable in bed. Sandhya herself had a very high sex drive and Jiten’s appetite matched hers perfectly. They pushed each other’s sexual boundaries a lot, experimenting with public sex, anal sex, spankng, S&M, and light bondage.

Sandhya was especially into bondage and loved being submissive. She loved it when Jiten spanked her hard, pulled her hair, spat in her mouth, treated her like a whore. She was an aggressive and dominant woman in regular life but in bed, she enjoyed being dominated and treated like a slave. Jiten did it because she liked it so much, but he was never really a natural at it.

The fairytale story hit a speedbump when Jiten’s brothers died in the car accident. Luckily, Sandhya had finished her PhD just recently, so had flexibility. She and Jiten had made plans to move to San Francisco or New York City. Instead they ended up in a shady crumbling old town in lawless Uttar Pradesh.

Sandhya dealt with it the best that she could. The one aspect of life she was having trouble adjusting to was how the demanding and stressful task of handling the business had wreaked havoc on their personal chemistry and sex life. Jiten returned home tired and disinterested on most nights. They weren’t really having personal conversations anymore, just bitching about work. The spark that they had always managed to maintain in their relationship was flickering, and on the verge of dying out.

Back to present day.

Sandhya woke up at 7 AM to a familiar sight. Jiten’s side of the bed was empty. He had woken up early and left for the factory. Sandhya got up to get ready, spend some time with the family, and then head to college.

The next few weeks passed peacefully with the same routine continuing. Jiten would come home exhausted and cranky, and the only real interpersonal connections Sandhya had were with her in-laws. Who were nice and sweet but beyond food and weather, they didn’t really have much in common with Sandhya. The sexual drought did end one day when Jiten came home relatively early. they had sex, but it was monotonous, not exciting like it used to be. Sandhya found herself masturbating more and more.

On the professional front, Sandhya tried to follow Dixit’s advice and mostly succeeded. Manish, Suraj, and Aqeel tried to create problems for her in class. But she chose to just ignore them instead of reprimanding them. Even when Manish tried to push her buttons by doing sings like randomly whistling, singing songs, and once even smoking in the class, she just ignored him. Dixit was proven right. Eventually the troublesome threesome just gave up coming to her class altogether.

Term-end exams rolled by. In that university, term-end exams were administered by the college and year-end exams were administered by the university. Sandhya crafted a challenging and interesting exam paper. She knew that 90% of her students were sincere and hard-working, Even though she didn’t take attendance, her class was always full part of it was her personal appeal and ethereal beauty, but she was also a very good teacher.

On the day of the exam, Sandhya was sitting in the staff room. The invigilation was usually done by the college’s non-teaching staff and professors were summoned only if there were any questions. Sandhya was working on her research paper when a peon came with a note asking her to go to the examination hall.

“Yes, what’s the problem?” she came in and asked. Mishra, the college clerk was standing next to a bespectacled young student named Hari. As soon as she saw Hari, she realized that it would be some stupid pedantic doubt.

“Mam, do I use WPI or CPI in this problem?” he asked, pushing his specs up his nose.

“Hari, come on. read this. What is this word?” she pointed at the paper.



“So WPI?”

“Yes.” she shook her head and turned to go.

Just as she was about to leave, her eyes fell on a young man scribbling furiously on his answer sheet. She walked to him.

“Who are you?” Sandhya asked pointedly.

“Mam?” the guy asked, looking terrified.

“Who are you? What is your name?” she asked.

“I am….I am a student mam.” he said.

Mishra the clerk approached them speaking affably.

“Madam, you get going. Don’t worry about it. I will sort this out.”

“Wait a minute, Mishraji.” there was an edge to her voice that made Mishra stop in his tracks.

Sandhya snatched the answer sheet from under the guy’s trembling hands.

“I know each and every student in my class. I have never seen you before. Let’s see….” she checked the front of the sheet. “So you are Suraj Kumar? Interesting. I have seen Suraj Kumar many times and he looks nothing like you.”

The guy got up.

“SIT!!!” Sandhya said loudly. By now the whole examination hall was staring at her.

“Don’t let him go anywhere, Mishraji.” Sandhya said, walking up an aisle and finding another imposter. “And you are Manish Singh. Interesting. Then you must be Aqeel Qureshi.”

The whole class was watching silently as Sandhya stomped around and made sure there were no more imposters.

“Mishraji, call the police.”

“Vora mam, no need for police and all.” Mishra said, looking nervous himself. “We’ll just punish these boys here.”

As Sandhya looked at his face, she realized that there was more to this than met the eye. As invigilator, it was Mishra’s job to check every student’s hall ticket and ID to prevent something like this from happening. Even if one had slipped his attention, three was too much. That too names of the three most notorious students in the college?

She picked up the three answer sheets, tore them into shreds and dumped them into the dust bin. Then speaking in a measured tone, she said.

“Mishraji, you can go back to the office. I will invigilate the rest of the exam.”

“Mam, it’s okay. I can.”

“Nowwwww.” Sandhya said in a low voice conveying anger and disdain.

Mishra turned tail and walked out.

“You three. Write down your names and phone numbers on this sheet of paper. Real names.”

The three young trembling man complied.

“Now get out.”

They almost ran out of the room.

“Sorry for the commotion, class.” Sandhya said. “Continue writing.”

Two hours later, the exam ended without any further incident. Sandhya was stacking the papers when a peon came with a note. She had been summoned to the principal’s office immediately.

“Oh good, I was planning to speak to Principal Tripathi anyway.” she said.

Dropping the answer papers in her locker, she went to principal’s office. She was carrying with her the sheet of paper with the three impostors’ names. When she reached the office, the peon there opened the door for her. She walked in purposefully and was glad to see Dixit and Mishra were there too. The principal had a very upset look on his face.

“Good after, sir.” she said.

“Mrs. Vora, who the hell do you think you ARE???” Tripathi almost yelled the last word.

“Excuse me?” Sandhya was taken aback.

“You America returned types think you own this world? Who gave you the authority to pull that little stunt you just pulled?” he slammed his fist on the table.

Sandhya was not one to be pushed around.

“With all due respect, sir, you need to get your facts straight. I didn’t pull any stunts. I stopped cheating from happening.” she thundered back, raising her voice.

“Your job, young lady, is not to invigilate. You get called for a doubt? You answer the doubt and you go back to the staff room. The clerks will do the invigilation.”

Sandhya couldn’t comprehend what was happening. She had just exposed a major incident of academic impropriety and she was being yelled at. She looked around. Dixit was sitting there with a morose expression on his face. Mishra had a wry smile.

“I know what kind of invigilation was happening there.” she threw Mishra a disgusted look.

“Do you know what a big problem you have created? Luckily, this was our internal end-term. I can’t imagine if this had happened at the university level finals.”

“What????” Sandhya said. Then showing the piece of paper in her hand, “Sir, these are the names of the guys who were pretending to be Manish Singh, Suraj Kumar, and Aqeel Qureshi.”

Tripathi took his glasses off and pressed his forehead.

“Dixit, why don’t you try explaining to your brilliant young protege here what the reality is.”

“I’ll…..I’ll talk to her later.” Dixit weakly said.

“Mrs. Vora…..Sandhya….have a seat.” Tripathi weakly said.

Sandhya sat down, looking very upset. She had no idea the cheating for the sake of protecting the powerful was so institutionalized.

“Do you know who Manish’s father Ujjwal Singh is?”

“Yes. MLA and minister.” she said.

“Do you know the kind of problems he could create for our college?”


“Do you know how he got his start in politics? Student leader. he wants his son to do the same. But according to the rules, his son cannot contest elections if he’s flunked his exams. Which he already did last year. Do you think Ujjwal Singh will be happy if his son flunks again?”

“What does that have to do with anything? If he wants to pass, he should study.” Sandhya hotly responded.

“You have parachuted in from America. This is India. This is U.P. Do you know how hard my job is?”


Tripathi picked up the paper and looked at it.

“Good. You got their phone numbers. Mishraji, call these boys back, and have them complete the exams.”


Sandhya got up from the chair. Tripathi held his hand up.


“I can’t allow this. Even if you have them write the exams, I am the one grading them. I will give them all a big fat zero.”

“Mrs. Vora, go home. Think about it. And then come talk to me tomorrow. Remember, you are still on probation.”

“I’d rather quit this job than be part of a shady cover-up. I have principles.” Sandhya said.

Sandhya stormed out of the office. There was a small crowd of professors and clerks gathered outside trying to listen in on the conversation. The news of what Sandhya had done was spreading like wildfire.

“Fuck this shit!” Sandhya said as she walked to the staff room to pick up her things. “I’d rather wait tables at a dhaba than do this.”

Sandhya was bursting with rage as she gathered her belongings and walked out of the college. A few students and a couple of her colleagues just stared at her, some admiring her guts, and others thinking how stupid she was being.

Sandhya called Jiten. He didn’t answer. Instead a short text message.

– busy. ttyl.

Sandhya flagged down an auto at the main gate, still shaking with rage. She got in, and the auto made its way through the dusty streets. On her phone, Sandhya started looking up names of local reporters to talk about this with. No matter how powerful Ujjwal Singh was, he couldn’t afford a media scandal.

Sandhya was so engrossed looking up and writing down contact details of reporters, that she didn’t even notice when a black SUV with tinted glasses started following her auto. The driver got suspicious first. He was going at barely 40 but the big powerful SUV was not overtaking him. He slowed down the auto even more. The car sped up and pulled up next to the rickshaw’s right.

The passenger side window rolled down and a big bearded face appeared.

“Madamji, where are you going? If you want, we’ll drop you off.”

Sandhya looked up from her phone at the menacing face. Her heart beat quickened. This wasn’t the first time she had been randomly propositioned on the streets of the city. But something seemed off this time.

“Bhaiyya, drive faster.”

The auto driver revved up the engine as much as he could. The SUV had no trouble keeping pace.

“O Miss America, teach us some ecology also.” the main shouted.

Even in that panicked state, Sandhya had to resist the urge to correct him and say it was economics not ecology.

The driver sped the rickshaw along the largely empty afternoon roads. Finally, the guy in the SUV seemed to have lost patience.

“Oye Auto, quietly pull over to the side or we’ll ram your auto so hard, both you and Miss America will be walking on crutches.”

“Sorry memsaab.” the driver said in a trembling voice as he slowed down to a stop.

Sandhya reached frantically inside her purse. She had brought back a small can of pepper spray from the US precisely for such an eventuality. She found it and grabbed on to it as the big brute opened the door and got out of the car. Cockily, he sauntered over to the auto.

“Come, Professor, we’ll drop you home.”

“No thanks.” Sandhya said.

“Do you think I am kidding here. Come with me or………AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

He had lunged to grab Sandhya’s arm and pull her out. Just as he did that, she whipped the pepper spray out and sprayed a big gust in his eyes.

“FUCKING BITCH!!! I’LL KILL YOU!!!” the big brute said rubbing his eyes and flailing around.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Sandhya slipped out of the auto and started running with her purse in one hand and the pepper spray in another. She heard a bunch of doors open behind her. She turned around only after fifty feet to see four men running after her. And instantly, her suspicions were confirmed.

In front was another big burly brute. Behind him, in sequence, were Aqeel, Manish, and Suraj.

Sandhya ran as fast as she could in her sari. She used to run a lot to keep fit in the US, but always in shorts. Sari wasn’t the most running-friendly garment. But the men were beginning to gain on her. The men had chosen the ideal spot to ambush her. It was a deserted stretch of the road with no one around. She reached into her purse and fished out her phone. Still running, she dialed 100.

“Hello….hello……” she said breathlessly.

“Hello?” a male voice at the other end said.

“I am being chase by four criminals. Please help me.”

The men were almost next to her. Another few seconds and one of them would grab her.


“Empty….stretch of….road…..after Shankar Colony.”

That’s when Aqeel sprinted ahead of the other brute, and tackled Sandhya, bringing her down. They landed on a grassy patch by the side of the road. The phone flew out of her hand with her purse. But she was still holding on to the pepper spray. She pushed Aqeel back with her elbow, turned around and emptied whatever was left of the pepper spray in his eyes. He started screaming in pain too.

Sandhya tried to get up and start running again, but Manish and Suraj pounced on her together. Suraj held her arms while Manish grabbed her legs keeping them pinned.

“LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!” Sandhya started screaming.

The other brute meanwhile was looking around for her phone. He found it.

“Hello…hello madam…hello….” the voice from the other end was saying. The brute just held the phone and stood there watching the two young students try to subdue their professor.

Sandhya found renewed strength. She was not a waif by any means. At 5 ft 9, and with regular workouts under her belt, she was a handful. She managed to wrest one arm free from Suraj’s grip, and then taking careful aim, punched him hard in the crotch.

“OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW” he screamed and rolled away.

Manish was still wrapped around her legs. Sandhya poked him in the eye hard and when he was forced to release her legs, kicked him in the crotch. He rolled away screaming too.

Sandhya struggled to her feet when.


She saw stars in front of her eyes and tottered around in shock as the big brute, easily 6 ft 5, slapped her hard across the face. She felt disoriented.

“Unless you want another one, stay down.”

The blow made Sandhya slump down to the ground.


The faint voice could still be heard from the phone. The brute finally put it to his ear.

“Hello, who is this?” he asked.

“Hello? Who are you?” the voice at the other end said.

“Sub-inspector Yadav?”

“Yes….” the cop at the other end was confused.

“Bhura here. Netaji’s work.”

“Oh….but who was that….”

“I told you…Netaji’s work. Hang up and don’t log this call.”

“But if it is a woman….”

“Should I have Netaji call you himself?” Bhura thundered.

“No no, of course not. Just……don’t do anything too rash.” he hung up.

Sandhya was slumped on the ground still trying to recover from the blow to her face. Her left cheek stung as if it were on fire.

“You’re quite a handful, memsaab.” Bhura squatted next to her and said gently. “took out four men easily. You should be in the olympics like Mary Kom.”

Sandhya was slowly regaining her senses. As he spoke those words, she slowly gathered a fistful of dirt.

“Now….before there is any more….”

And she threw the mud in his eyes. But the slap meant she was still groggy and the experienced muscleman saw it coming. He simply closed his eyes. It wasn’t pepper spray. The mud dropped to the ground harmlessly.

Sandhya stared at Bhura. He didn’t look angry. In fact, he seemed amused.

“You are quite the little patakha aren’t you?”

Sandhya tried to get up and make a run for it. Bhura efortlessly lunged at her and grabbed her in a bear-hug, facing away.

“HELP!!! HELP!!!!” she started screaming again.

“There is no one around. And even if there were, no one is going to try and challenge Ujjwal Singh’s men in this town.” Bhura calmly said.

Meanwhile, Suraj and Manish had recovered from the ball-crunching kicks. Manish ran towards Sandhya yelling,


He punched her in the stomach twice. But before a third blow could land, Bhura turned her body away.

“Saab, let’s not waste any more time. You can do whatever you want later. For now, take the bottle of chloroform out of my pocket and knock her out. if I had known she was such a fighter, I’d have done that in the first place.”

“Yes, yes!” Manish said.

A few seconds later, a cloth was shoved against Sandhya’s nose. And everything went black.


A big tumbler full of water woke Sandhya up.

“Oh, finally. Took four splashes.” she heard Manish’s voice say.

Sandhya was groggy for a few seconds until her head cleared and started registering sensory perceptions. The first thing she noticed was that there was a gag in her mouth. The second, that there was rope binding her wrists and her ankles to something metallic. And when her eyes cleared, she saw Aqeel in front of her with a tumbler of water. His eyes were still red from the pepper spray. And Manish and Suraj standing a few feet behind.

Sandhya was inside what looked like a small gymnasium. She had been tied to one of the weight machines. and her body was tilted backwards at a 45 degree angle. She moved her head down and saw that her sari was gone. but thankfully her blouse and petticoat were still on. Although the blouse was completely drenched thanks to the water she had been splashed with, and the outline of her huge boobs was clear through the blue fabric.

Sandhya noted that her worst fears had come true. From the moment the brute in the car called her Miss America, she knew this wasn’t some random attempt but something to do with the events earlier in the day. Now the troublesome threesome was gathered around her.

“Good evening, mam!” Manish cockily said coming very close to her.

Evening? It was already evening? her family must be worried.

“Now, I am going to take the gag off. For your information, you are in the gym of one of my family farmhouses. So feel fee to scream as much as you want. No one is going to hear you.”

Sandhya just stared at Manish with a hateful look in her eyes. He took the gag out. She coughed a few times.

“Manish….what the fuck do you think you are doing?” she said, still in a professorial tone.

Manish smiled at his buddies and then slapped her across the face. It was mildly painful. Not debilitating like the blow by Bhura earlier. Reminded of him, she looked around. The two brutes were nowhere to be seen.

“Just let me go and we’ll forget this ever happened.” Sandhya tried a different approach. “I am planning to resign anyway. Then you and your buddies can do whatever the hell you want.”

Manish started laughing. Suraj joined in. Aqeel just stood there expressionless.

“Listen to her. Once she resigns, we can do whatever we want. Miss America, tell me this. What makes you think I am already not doing whatever I want?” he extended his right hand and pinched her left nipple hard over the blouse and her bra.

Sandhya wince but didn’t cry out. She didn’t want to give this evil young brat the satisfaction.

“You’re obviously a very intelligent woman, Vora mam.” Manish said. “Here you are, with your sari stripped off, tied up. A gorgeous sexy sexy sexy woman at the mercy of three virile young men. Men who have a grudge against you. Do i really need to draw you a picture of what is about to happen?”

“Let me go or you’ll regret this.” Sandhya angrily said.

“And how will I regret it, exactly? I hold all the cards right now. What cards do you hold?”

Sandhya said nothing.

“You’ve always had it in for me. From the beginning of the semester. I thought you learned your lesson when you stopped humiliating me in class. But no, you were planning to destroy my career.”

“Heh, career.” Sandhya spat.

“All you had to do was do your job. Listen to experienced men like Mishra and Tripathi. but no, you wanted to become Jhansi ki Rani.”

Sandhya felt rage bubbling up again and started struggling to see if her restraints would come loose. But they didn’t.

“Khoob ladi mardaani woh thi Jhansi waali rani.” Manish ran his fingers over Sandhya’s cheeks gently, humming the old couplet.

“Enough of this dialoguebaazi!” Suraj impatiently said. “Strip her naked!”

He started moving forward but Manish held one hand up. Suraj stopped in his tracks.

“That’s always your problem, Suraj. You don’t know how to relish things. Always in a hurry.”

Sandhya had felt a pit forming in her stomach at the mention of being stripped naked. She was trying to not acknowledge the inevitable. but it was getting increasingly difficult.

“But I can respect your basic sentiment.” Manish said. And then he started unhooking Sandhya’s blouse in the front.

“Please don’t do this, Manish.” Sandhya said, closing her eyes. “I am your professor. A married woman. I am almost a decade older than you.”

“That just enhances the experience, mam. Or should I call you Sandhya now? Nah, mam is better. An older married hot woman, and a professor to boot. What could be sexier?”

Manish finished unhooking the wet blouse and opened it. Suraj sighed at the glimpse of Sandhya’s massive tits ensconced in a white bra.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Manish said. “Your fantastic bust made me forget. Aqeel here is a talented photographer even with a phone camera.”

“Noooooooo. Pleeeeeeeeease.” Sandhya felt her usually confident resolve melting.

She opened her eyes to see Aqeel fish a smartphone out of his pocket. He snapped a couple of pictures of her with the blouse open.

“Next step.” Manish reached around Sandhya’s back between her body and the machine surface. he fished around under her blouse for a moment and unsnapped her bra. The cups receded upwards, giving a glimpse of her massive jugs to the three young men.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Suraj ran forward and immediately put his hands on her massive tits and started massaging them. “Damn, these are huge. It was always obvious that she’s stacked, but these are like porn star boobs!”

Sandhya closed her eyes and fought back tears as her student mauled her bobs artlessly. he then started licking and biting her nipples one by one.

“You want a taste, Aqeel?” Manish said and the tall young man stepped forward next to Suraj and started playing with her tits too. Manish was still maintaining his distance.

“How big are they mam? What is the size?” Manish asked.

Sandhya didn’t say anything. She had resolved that if she had no way out of it, she would make the experience as unpleasant for them as she could.

“Hello? What’s the size?” Manish repeated his question.

She said nothing, and kept her eyes closed.

“Ah ha, silent treatment. I don’t mind it. I hate chatty women anyway.” Manish said.

He still stayed a fair distance away as his two cronies played with Sandhya’s boobs. She had her eyes closed, her face turned to the side, and was trying her best to fall asleep somehow. but there was no hope of that.

“Okay, enough with the milk jugs.” Manish said after five minutes. “Let’s look at the real treasure.”

The two cronies obediently stepped away, leaving Sandhya’s tits to hand free under her loosened bra. Her blouse was still open.

Manish approached Sandhya and deftly untied the knot on her petticoat. It fell down around her ankles.

“Such boring panties, mam. Someone as hot as you should wear thongs. Lingerie. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you some.” he patted her pussy mound over the fabric.

“Now boys, are we ready for the final unveiling?”

“YES!!” both guys said in unison.

“Dhan-te-dhan!” Manish put two fingers in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down.

Sandhya was unable to stop one tear from escaping her closed eyes. This was a very humiliating experience. Her most private parts were now on full display in front of these young bullies.

“Good!” Manish bent forward and licked the tear off her cheek. “Cry, that’s what I want, you snooty bitch. Cry! Reognize who’s the boss.”

Sandhya defiantly shook her head. She could feel her pussy was completely exposed. No protection whatsoever.

“Interesting design!” Manish said appreciatively patting her pussy.

Sandhya used to shave her pussy completely bald until she started dating Jiten. He expressed fondness for a small thin line of hair being retained, what they call a landing strip. That was the “interesting design” Manish was referring to.

“See, that’s the benefit of going to America. You learn such nice grooming tricks. The girls I bang, they either have a full thick bush, or then completely hairless. This…” manish rubbed his finger over the strip of hair. “…this I like. Classy, mam. Very classy.”

Manish arrogantly playing with her pussy hair finally broke the dam holding back Sandhya’s tears. And she started crying.

“YES!!!!” Manish pumped his fists in the air jubilantly, “And we have waterworks!!!”

Sandhya wept as Manish hungrily licked her tears off one by one, while his finger gently rubbed her pussy hair strip up and down.

“Cry baby cry!” Manish semed to almost get aroused by the taste of tears.

And then his fingers moved below the hair and at the junction of the labia and accurately spotted Sandhya’s clit. He flicked it gently.

“Nooooooooo!” Sandhya shook her head, still crying as another level of privacy was breached. Manish now started teasing her clit in a circular motion.

Aqeel was snapping pictures of his nearly naked professor the whole time. Manish kept licking her tears and playing with her clit. He was delighted to note that Sandhya’s breathing was getting heavier. Manish had slept with a lot of women since becoming an adult, and he was quite skilled with his fingers. Sandhya was mentally cursing her body for responding to her student’s touch. She also hated to admit that his tongue rolling all over her cheeks was starting to elicit her reaction too. She finally willed herself to stop crying and return to her stoic state.

When the flow of tears stopped, Manish moved his lips and planted them on top of Sandhya’s lips to kiss her. Sandhya immediately clamped her lips tightly shut. Manish tried to coax them open but then gave up and stepped back. Sandhya hated that her hips shivered in agony when the young man’s fingers left her clit.

“If you want to close those lips, mam.” Manish said, “there are other lips that can be more cooperative.”

“No, please Manish, not that.” Sandhya finally broke her vow of silence. She could not imagine the humiliation of this bully doing something that personal with her.

“I’m good at it, I promise.” Manish said and got on his knees.

“Have mercyyyyyyy.” Sandhya cried out, but none was forthcoming.

Manish kissed Sandhya’s pussy lips. There was no mechanism by which Sandhya could clamp those. He nuzzle her labia, licked her clit, and poked at her vagina with his tongue. Sandhya’s body started reacting to Manish’s oral play after a couple of minutes. He found the perfect spot on her clit to manipulate and with the tip of his tongue, started tracing the alphabet along it like he had read on a website.

“Smile!” Aqeel said, taking a close up of Manish licking Sandhya’s clit. Manish held up a thumbs up sign and smiled, with his tongue still on the clit.

In five minutes, Sandhya’s breathing got heavier. The guys noticed how her boobs started moving up and down with her chest. Sandhya tried to bring to mind all sorts of non-sexual imagery to stop her body from reacting. She thought of wars, wild animals, poverty, disease, sports…..anything that could stem this tide of arousal. But Manish had been taught well by the whores he frequented.

“Mmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” the first moan of the night escaped Sandhya’s mouth as she felt an orgasm approaching as a result of Manish’s skilled tongue play.

“Is she…..?” Suraj asked.

“Yup.” Manish said moving his face away for a second. Even at that moment, Sandhya’s hips involuntarily jerked forward inviting him back in. “I told you mam, i’m good at this.”

Sandhya’s eyes started releasing tears again as the shame of the fact that she was about to have an orgasm brought on mental anguish. Sandhya’s sobs and moans were now alternating as Manish figured out that the X pattern seemed to agree with her clit the most. He traced X after X rapidly with the tip of his tongue.

“Mmmmmm…..hunhunhunhun…….mmmmmmm…..hunhunhunhun…..” Sandhya started cumming while simultaneously crying.

Sandhya’s hips jerked and twisted as the peak of her orgasm hit. She bit her lip hard in an effort to not make too much noise. Finally Sandhya’s jerking hips and thighs, even undr the restraints on her limbs, made Manish move his face away and he stood up and proudly watched his professor shudder through an orgasm.

“That was awesome!” Suraj started clapping.

“I took a lot of pictures of her face.” Aqeel said.

“Show me!” Manish flipped through the phone. “Oh yeah, she likes it. Even with the tears, it is obvious she’s enjoying herself. Look, mam.”

Sandhya looked at 3 pictures of her face contorted in expressions of obvious carnal glee before closing her eyes and turning her head away.

“Mam, I hope you appreciate the respectful approach I am taking her.”

“What?” Sandhya said, now emotionally exhausted.

“We could have just spread your legs and humped you like savages. But I made sure your pleasure came first. Or that you came first. Hahahaha.” Manish started laughing and was joined by his cronies.

Sandhya cast a glance full of loathing at the short thin brat. This stripling who stood a few inches shorter than her and probably weighed less than her, was acting like he owned her. And he had the arrogance to suggest that he had done her some sort of favor by going down on her.

“But now, it’s time for my pleasure.” he unbuckled his belt with a flourish, opened his jeans and fished out a semi-erect cock. Sandhya couldn’t help but look at it and almost laughed derisively. So this is what he was compensating for with his bravado. It was modest to say the least.

“Untie her legs.” Manish ordered his cronies.

“What if…..”Suraj said tentatively, “..what if she kicks you in the nuts again?”

Sandhya chuckled and Manish’s face went red at the memory of how easily she had fought him off.

“Do you plan to kick if we release your legs?”

Sandhya was now in a mental state where she had almost accepted the hopelessness of her situation. She shrugged, the best she could with her hands tied up.

“Answer me.”

“No, I won’t. Let’s just get this over with.” she said sounding bored.

Manish was a little disappointed at this change of tone. he liked his women to be begging, crying, whimpering.

He walked towards Sandhya stroking his dick towards a full erection. Standing in front of her, he started fingering her cunt. It was already a little wet because of the oral action. Suraj and Aqeel obediently bent down and started untying her legs. Once they were untied, Sandhya swung them around a little.

Manish jumped back as a precaution.

“Relax, kid. Just stretching them out. You assholes have kept me tied in that position for who knows how long.”

Manish cautiously stepped forward. Sandhya’s feet were touching the ground and her body was tilted at 45 degrees. He moved forward, putting his legs around each side of the machine bench, until his now fully erect dick was a few inches from her pussy. She looked down at the little thing. It was barely 5 inches, if that, and remarkably thin. It almost seemed like the growth between his legs had stopped when he hit puberty instead of accelerating.

“What are you snickering at?” Manish hotly asked, grabbing her cheeks with his hands.

“I think you know what I am snickering at.” Sandhya defiantly replied.

“Bitch!” he slapped her across the face. She laughed. He slapped her again. She laughed again. “Let’s see how long you last when this is inside you.”

Manish grabbed her right knee and pulled it up over his left arm. He then hitched her left leg over his right arm, making her thighs part and her ass hand in mid-air. The watchful Aqeel immediately took a few pictures of her alluring ass that was on display for the first time.


“Whatever.” Sandhya said, casting a look of utter disdain at her tormentor.

Manish thrust his hips forward. His modest dick didn’t find the target right away. It took him four attempts to finally locate the entrance of Sandhya’s cunt. And he then shoved it inside in one stroke. Sandhya winced a little.


“Hardly. My husband is like twice as big and three times as thick.”

Manish quietly started fucking his professor’s warm wet cunt in deep strokes. He moved his hands to her ass and grabbed a handful of each asscheek. Sandhya’s lower back slapped against the weight machine bench and her legs swayed back and forth suspended in mid-air as she got fucked by this disgusting weasel. Of course, Aeel was documenting it all on his phone. In fact he was taking a video.

“Speaking of your husband…” Manish said between strokes as his dick felt the pleasure of this hot woman’s cunt. “He called a while ago.”

“WHAT???” Sandhya said.

“His name is Jiten, right?” Manish kissed her nipples as the fucking continued.


“We didn’t answer. Then Suraj here had an idea. So we sent an sms from your phone saying….what did it say, Suraj?”

Suraj who was watching the erotic sight of a tall buxom married woman getting fucked by his fail young friend absent-mindedly fished the phone out of his pocket.

“I typed – Can’t talk. Taking extra tuition classes of some students.”

Sandhya breathed a sigh of relief. At least they hadn’t sent something inappropriate like ‘getting fucked by the principal’.

Manish stepped up his pace and soon the room was filled with the sounds of his skin slapping against Sandhya’s. Sandhya was feeling almost bored. Manish might have been good with his tongue and his fingers, but when it came to what mattered, he fell quite short.

Still, the action was giving Sandhya at least some pleasure. Her cunt had been starved of action for a while now since Jiten got so busy. At least there was some penetration happening.

Just as Sandhya was starting to mildly enjoy the fucking, Manish let go of her legs and stepped back. Sandhya’s legs crashed with a thud back against the machine bench. He held his dick straight and sprayed some drops of semen over her stomach and boobs.

“How was it?” Suraj asked.

“Amazing, dude. She had a really nice and warm cunt.” Manish said, stepping away. “Try it.”

Suraj didn’t need extra permission. He started unbuttoning his pants and stepped forward.

“Wait.” Sandhya said.

“What?” Suraj impatiently asked.

“Please untie my hands. They’re hurting. You’ve already done so much. Why do you need to keep me tied up?”

Suraj looked at Manish who said,

“Okay, but remember, we have the photos and they are all backed up on the cloud. One false movie and they’ll be forwarded to everyone in the college.”

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” Sandhya said, as the realization sunk in of how much trouble she was in.

“We can fuck on that floor mat.” Suraj said untying Sandhya’s hands.

“Whatever.” Sandhya said looking at his dick which was poking out of how zip. It wasn’t much longer than Manish’s but was at least respectably thick. She found herself wondering how big the burly Aqeel was down there. His turn was sure to be next.

Sandhya, once untied, slipped down from the machine bench and rubbed her wrists. She obediently walked towards the aforementioned floor mat, stripping off her blouse and bra, now completely naked.

The three students gazed at Sandhya’s ass with marvel. This was the first time it was on full proper display. It was round, fleshy, creamy smooth and white. There was also a certain style to her gait which made the ass sway sideways erotically. Suraj couldn’t control himself.

He ran after Sandhya, almost pushing her to the floor mat.

“Easy!” she protested.

“Shut up, slut!” he said.

Suraj’s push made Sandhya fall on the mat on her knees. Just as she tried to straighten up using the support of her hands, he got on his knees behind her and entered her in one stroke.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” she said. This dong at least had some meat on it.

Manish and Abir gathered around them as Suraj and Sandhya started fucking. Sandhya had resigned herself to her situation and decided to at least try to derive some pleasure out of her torment. She arched her back making her ass jut upwards. Suraj moved this enhancement of the view and immediately started spanking her.

“Man, you’re right. She is so warm. And tight!” Suraj said. “How do you like my dick, mam?”

“Mmm….it’s nice.” she truthfully replied.

In addition to having a thicker dick, Suraj also seemed to have sexual technique, either from practice or by instinct. Manish had been utterly artless. Suraj on the other hand knew the proper angles to thrust at and the variations of pace.

Aqeel was moving all around them taking pictures, especially focusing on Sandhya’s face which showed she was enjoying the fucking. Manish was standing and watching the whole thing, pleased with himself for orchestrating this so well. It wasnt just the sex with a hot professor that was turning him on. It was the power he held over her. As he watched his friend pound Sandhya doggy style, Manish started formulating plans for her further subjugation.

Manish watched the hot young woman’s ample buttock jiggle back and forth under the assault of Suraj’s strokes. he smiled bent down and spanked the ass hard.

“We own this ass!!” he declared.

“Yeah!!!” Suraj exclaimed, holding his professor’s waist and pounding her cunt harder.

“Say it, mam.”

“Say…uhhhh…what?” Sandhya said breathlessly. She was surprised at how skilled Suraj was. She was actually having a good time.

“Say we own your ass.”

“You…own my ass.” she said. Sandhya had always been into S&M and humiliation. This suddenly started seeming natural.

“Say you’re our slut.” he spanked her again.

“I am your slut.” she cried out as Suraj change angles subtly and multiplied the pleasure.

“Say you want to suck our dicks.”

“I want to……ohhh..ohhhh god……I want to suck your dicks.” Sandhya said, feeling waves of pleasure radiate through her entire being.

“Well, Aqeel, no need to wait. She wants to suck dick. Oblige her.” Manish said, happy at how quickly this haughty woman had turned into an enthusiastic participant.

Aqeel got down on his knees in front of Sandhya, and took his dick out. It was already erect from watching this pornlike reality lay out. He had fucked women before, but never someone as gorgeous as Sandhya.

Sandhya raised her head and came face to face with Aqeel’s dick. It was thick. Almost as thick as her husband’s. And about 6 inches. She opened her mouth and willingly accepted the circumcised cock.

“Oh man!!!” Aqeel said. “She is good!”

Sandhya instantly started using her fellatio technique honed over the years on the burly student’s tool. With one hand, she cupped his balls and ran her tongue up and down his shaft.

“It’s like…she is loving it.” the laconic Aqeel said delightfully.

Suraj meanwhile was approaching his orgasm. but he didn’t want it to end so soon. So he took his dick out and buried his face in Sandhya’s ass, licking her wet cunt and asshole. While she sucked Aqeel’s dick, Sandhya noted that Suraj really was the opposite of Manish. No technique with oral, good technique with fucking. She ached to ask him to just put his dick back in her cunt. Instead,

“If you’re not fucking her, I am!” Aqeel said, taking his dick out of her mouth and sprinting to her ass.

Suraj nodded and moved to her mouth. Sandhya got a close-up look at his dick as she opened her mouth for it. It was nice looking. She took it in her mouth and just before closing her lips, let out a moan,


Aqeel’s thick cock had entered her. Aqeel started fucking her instantly and rapidly. No technique at all. No build-up, no variation. Just humping her doggy style like an actual doggie would do it.

“Aqeel, slow down. It’s not a race.” Sandhya said in a professorial tone taking Suraj’s dick out of her mouth.

“Okay mam.” Aqeel said and obediently slowed down. But slowed down too much.

“Not that slow.”

“How about this?”


Sandhya was being spit roasted with Aqeel’s dick in her pussy and Suraj’s dick in her mouth, and her hands on his balls, when she heard her phone ring in Suraj’s pocket.

She took her hand off his balls and took the phone out.

“It’s my husband. Shhhh….”

Aqeel slowed down his pace so their skins weren’t slapping against each other. But he still kept plugging her hole in slow deep strokes. That motion made Sandhya’s torso and her boobs sway back and forth slowly. Suraj grabbed one boob and started massaging it.

“Hello.” Sandhya said trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Hey honey, how’s it going?” Jiten said.

“Good good.” Sandhya answered, naked on the floor mat being gently humped doggy style.

“What’s this tuition classes thing?”

“Oh, long story. I’ll tell you later.” she made a mental note to come up with a believable excuse when she went home.

“I’ll be working late again today.”

“Mmm hmmm.” Sandhya manage to turn a moan into a sound of agreement by biting her lip as Aqeel suddenly landed one extra hard thrust.

“Anyway, talk to you later.” Jiten said and hung up.

Sandhya put the phone down and stayed there on all fours, still getting fucked by Aqeel, as guilt swept over her. This had started off as non-consensual. But now she was certainly a willing participant. How had that happened?

Suraj impatiently shoved his dick back in her mouth. Sandhya, still battling guilt, didn’t take any effort in sucking it. But Suraj was too close to the finish. He grabbed on to Sandhya’s hair and fucked her face hard until he came in her mouth.

“Swallow it, bitch!” he said, still holding her hair. Sandhya complied.

Suraj then got up and stood next to Manish, watching as the burly Aqeel continued pounding her cunt for another five minutes. When Sandhya felt the pulsating of his dick, she said,

“Not inside me.”

Aqeel nodded and just before ejaculating, withdrew his dick and sprayed his seed all over her ass and back. he had of course been taking pictures the whole time.

Sandhya rolled over onto her back, exhausted and now completely stricken by the guilt and gravity of the situation.

“Please take me home.” she begged Manish.

“Yeah, fine. I have dinner plans anyway.”

When Sandhya went to shower in an adjoining bathroom, all three insisted she leave the dor open and watched her shower. And of course, they took pictures and videos.

Half an hour later, Sandhya was dropped off in front of her home. She hope she looked presentable and normal enough. but she knew that her life was going to be anything but normal going forward.

Sandhya entered the house hoping she wasn’t looking too obviously like she had just been fucked. But her family didn’t note anything remiss. She talked to the kids and adults in the house about mundane stuff and soon had almost forgotten than she had been through a gang bang with three of her students. Jiten came home late as usual, exhausted.

Sandhya seriously contemplated telling him what had happened. But he was so weighed down with other problems that she didn’t have the heart to further burden him. Besides, he might get angry and do something radical. And Manish’s father’s contacts meant he would probably get in trouble. Sandhya decided to deal with the situation on her own.

The next morning, Sandhya got ready and went to college as usual. She entered the staff room where other faculty were still looking at her curiously. She met their gazes and wondered how much they knew. Were these looks about the examination hall incident or had Manish done something stupid like boast about how he had banged her with his friends. It was a small gossipy town where rumors spread fast.

Sandhya decided to focus on her work instead. She took out the stack of exam papers and started correcting them. On top were the three brand new exam papers written by the proxies for Manish, Suraj, and Aqeel. She sighed, got up and walked to the principal’s office who she remembered had asked her to meet him that day.

“Please have a seat, Mrs. Vora.” Tripathi said, looking a lot calmer than the previous day.

“Thank you, sir.”

“What have you decided?”

“You are right. I am going to correct the papers properly. I don’t want to create any more trouble.” she said, feeling utterly defeated at the compromise she was having to make.

Tripathi was relieved.

“Good decision, Sandhya.” he said. “You have done a favor not just for the college but also yourself. You have no idea what these thugs are capable of.”

Sandhya wanted to say that she knew exactly what they were capable of. But just nodded. Then she returned to the staff room. She tried to immerse herself in work, correcting the papers, But she was having a tough time concentrating. Her brain kept analyzing the previous day’s events. A large part of her was angry and distressed at how Manish had used his muscle men to kidnap her and have his way with her. She couldn’t go to the police.

She certainly couldn’t go to the media now that the guys had dozens if not hundreds of naked pictures of her. Even if she was able to prove that whatever happened was against her will, having naked pictures splashed on the internet meant an instant end to her career prospects and even her family life. Manish had her completely under his thumb. As he said, he owned her ass.

Sandhya was also very conflicted by how towards the end of things, she was starting to have a good time. She hated admitting it, but her sex starved cunt had welcomed the sexual release. And the submissive instincts in her were turned on by being treated like a slave by someone else. Sandhya agonized over this for a long time, barely getting through a handful of papers.

A couple of hours later, the microeconomics class was scheduled to start. It was the final class of the term meant as a wrap-up before the two week break. Sandhya felt almost tempted to cancel class by pretending to have a headache. But she didn’t want to punish other students for her predicament. Besides, considering what had happened in that farmhouse the previous evening, Sandhya was sure the three wouldn’t bother coming to class.

Imagine Sandhya’s surprise then when she walked into the classroom ten minutes early as per habit, and found Manish, Suraj, and Aqeel sitting in the back row along with a handful of other students. She instantly blushed at the sight of the three guys who had stripped her naked and fucked her the previous night. She was also terrified that they were telling others about this and might up the ante by doing something or saying something in class to humiliate her.

But her fears were largely unfounded. The three guys behaved and kept quiet throughout class. Once in a while, Suraj would wink at her or make weird faces and obscene gestures like grabbing his nipples. But since he was in the back row, no one except for his friends and Sandhya saw it.

Sandhya went over some tough questions in the previous day’s exam. She answered doubts that many of the students had. Then she assigned the class some simple holiday homework to make sure they didn’t forget the basic concepts. Her three tormentors stayed quiet throughout. Finally the period ended and Sandhya was relieved that it had passed without incident.

She started gathering her things to leave when Manish caught her eye and held up his hand to signal that she should wait. Students started trooping out of the class. A few of them hung around to ask more doubts and wish Sandhya a good break. Finally the classroom was empty except for Manish and his two cronies. Manish made a signal and Aqeel got up, walked to the door, closed it, and bolted it.

Sandhya’s heart sank. Were they going to have their way with her right here on campus in the very classroom she taught in? Manish walked towards her in a cocky arrogant way. He came really close to her and gently kissed her neck.

“Manish, please, not now, now here.” she begged.

“Relax, mam.” he said slapping her butt gently. “I am not stupid.”

Sandhya felt relieved.

“I mean, I do plan to fuck you in the classroom eventually. But not now. The time isn’t right.”

“What do you want, Manish?” Sandhya said in a pleading voice. “You had your way with me. I am going to give you a perfect grade on the end-term. And on any other tests and assignments going forward. You got what you wanted. Now please, just end this.”

“Hahahaha.” Manish laughed. “End this? It’s just started, mam.”

Sandhya felt a surge of distress coming on and sat down on the chair, putting her face in her palms.

“No need to act so coy and sad. We all saw how much you were enjoying yourself.” Suraj said.

“Enjoying myself????” Sandhya’s nostrils flared. “You assholes think I enjoy being kidnapped and raped by a bunch of fucking political thugs?”

“Language, mam, language. Such words don’t suit a professor. Your tongue is supposed to be home to goddess Saraswati.” Manish said, enjoying her upset state. “Although yesterday, your tongue was home to something else.”

Suraj and Aqeel laughed at this joke and Sandhya felt even more angry.

“What do you want now? Should I go back to the staff room?”

“In time, professor, in time.” Manish stepped behind her and gently massaged her collarbone. Sandhya was repulsed by his sleazy touch.

Suraj came to the table and plonked down a piece of paper. Sandhya looked at it. It had three phone numbers and three email IDs.

“You see, the three of us are traveling for the holidays. Going to Goa. I’d have loved to take you along, but I know about your family situation.”

“How do you…?”

“I have my ways.” Manish cryptically replied. “Anyway, I know you can’t leave your sick in-laws and your fatherless nephews and nieces and come have orgies with us in Goa although that is what you really want.”

“I don’t.” Sandhya shot back.

“While we are gone, I want to make sure you don’t do anything stupid. Like going to the police or the media. You can try, but you are the one who will end up suffering.”

“I won’t.”

“Good. Next thing. Once college restarts, you are to stop wearing these boring saris. We have all seen what a hot body you have. And you are America returned, not some behenji. So dress accordingly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wear skirts, dresses, tops. Nice ones.”

“Okay.” Sandhya thought that was a reasonable demand. Back in the US, she dressed in those kinds of clothes anyway.

“Okay then. Have a happy new year. We will see you next semester.”

Manish turned around and walked out.

Sandhya went back to the staff room. She corrected exam papers for a while. That’s when she got a note that the HOD Dixit wanted to see her.

Dixit apologized for everything that had happened in the principal’s office. He said he agreed with what she had done but given the realities of political muscle in UP, there wasn’t much he could do. He had heard that she had changed her mind. He was relieved but also a bit sad. He urged Sandhya to again do her best to leave that horrible town and go somewhere better. Sandhya heard him out and just said a couple of thank you’s and left. As she left, Dixit sensed that something was off. But he couldn’t figure out what.

After finishing up her work, Sandhya packed up her stuff and headed home. She was waiting for an auto when suddenly the big black SUV from the previous day stopped next to her. The passenger side window rolled down and the other big brute whom she had pepper sprayed stared at her with an angry look on his face. She could see the rub marks around his eyes.

“Get in.” he said gruffly pointing his thumb at the rear door.

Sandhya was scared. She thought the two big guys were here to punish her for fighting them the previous day. But she didn’t have a choice even if they were. She looked around to make sure no one she knew was watching. Then opened the door and got in.

She was relieved to see Manish sitting in the back seat. And she felt weird that now the sight of Manish was causing her relief, not bother.

“Hello mam.” Manish said flashing her a grin as the car started moving.

“What now?” she asked in an annoyed tone. “I need to get home.”

“Come on, sweetheart.” Manish said, putting his arm around her shoulder. “Have I not been taking care of your needs? I will drop you home. I just couldn’t leave without a final goodbye.”

“Okay.” Sandhya said, relaxing a little. But she suspected there was something more to it.

The two brutes were sitting in the front silently. Occasionally, Bhura who was driving, would look at her in the rearview mirror. But mostly they just kept quiet like good employees.

“How about a goodbye blowjob?” Manish asked.

“Please Manish, not now.” Sandhya protested.

“Why not?”

She indicated the two guys with her eyes. She didn’t feel comfortable doing something that depraved in front of two strangers.

“You are feeling shy because of Bhura and Makhan? Hahahaha.” Manish laughed. “Don’t worry. They are good boys. They know when to keep their eyes, ears, and mouths closed.”

“Still….” Sandhya wasn’t too comfortable. She had just come to terms with the fact that for the first time in her life, she had been with more than one man at a time. At least she was physically coerced into that. But to do this willingly, just felt wrong.

“Mam.” Manish said suddenly getting serious. “Why do you have to be like this? Fight me every step of the way? Do I need to keep reminding you of what I have?”

“Manish, I am doing what you ask. But you have to be reasonable too.”

“I am being very reasonable. Bhura and Makhan are like my shadow. You’d better get used to their presence. Now, either you start giving me a blowjob right away or I will have to punish you.”

Sandhya sighed. Manish was sitting with his thighs spread and his arms on the backrest. Obediently, she reached over with her hands and unbuckled his belt. Then she unbuttoned his jeans, and scooped his modest dick out. It was completely flaccid, making it look really tiny.

She cast one last look at the two brutes who were silently looking at the road as if they hadn’t heard a thing. Then she bent down in her waist, opened her mouth, and started sucking on the little protrusion.

“Hmmm….good girl.” Manish said, looking down at the mouth of his arrogant snooty professor wrapped around his dick. Finally it started coming to life.

Sandhya sucked his dick with all she had got, massaging his balls.

“You are very good at this. Lots of practice in America, huh?” Manish asked.

Sandhya didn’t respond.

“I have heard that folks in America are having sex all the time with everyone.”

That sounded a bit vague and generalized to Sandhya but she concentrated on making Manish erect so he could quickly cum in her mouth. Manish moved one hand to her ass and started massaging it over the sari.

“You are gifted with a beautiful ass. Even before we….became friends…..the only reason I came to class was to stare at your gorgeous ass when you turned around to write things on the blackboard. Even through a sari, it looked so shapely and inviting. Can’t wait to see how it looks in a tight skirt. Or tiny shorts. Of course, I have seen it naked, and obviously that is the best view. But sometimes, tantalizing clothing can be even better.”

Sandhya felt so embarrassed that Bhura and Makhan were listening to all this, fully aware that this supposedly respectable professor was bent over in the back of a car sucking a young man’s dick like a whore. And now they were getting to hear lurid details too. She turned this resentment into intent and started swirling her tongue around Manish’s now hard dick in a helical pattern. It’s something guys always loved.

“Feeling horny?” he asked.

She shook her head, concentrating on the blowjob.

“That’s another reason I hate saris. I can’t fuck you or even finger you easily right now. So your needs are going unmet.”

Sandhya felt like saying that her only need right now was to get away from him. But she kept fellating him.

“When you wear skirts or shorts, I will be able to fuck you even in a moving car. And give your sweet cunt a nice treat.”

Finally Sandhya’s tongue and lips started having an effect.

“Oh wow!!!” Manish said. He moved his hands to her head and held it in place as semen started squirting out of his dick and into his professor’s mouth.

Sandhya felt the warm bitter substance fill her mouth. She knew that she’d be ordered to swallow it anyway. So she did and sat up.

“Perfect timing. We are almost there.” he said.

Manish hugged Sandhya and kissed her sloppily for a minute or so before letting her go. They dropped her a couple of blocks from her house.

“I will be thinking of you everyday.” he said before driving off.

As Sandhya cast one last glance at the car, she saw Makhan’s face filled with contempt staring at her.

day to work on her research. She plunged herself in it to try and forget about Manish and the guys. She found herself praying that they’d have an accident in Goa and die. But she wasn’t that lucky.

Jiten continued to be really busy. Sandha was tempted many times to just tell him what had happened. But she couldn’t.

On the twelfth day or so, Sandhya was working on her research in the afternoon in her room when her phone buzzed. It was a message from Manish.

– Missing you a lot. Send a couple of nude pics.

Sandhya shook her head and put the phone away. It buzzed after five minutes.

– Hello?

She knew he would keep pestering her until she replied. So, feeling a little defiant, she replied.

– Not now please. You’ll be back in 2 days anyway.

Sandhya sat there waiting for Manish’s angry response. In her mind, she was sure that she’d have to do this anyway. But she felt compelled to resist a little. She was a little uzzled when there was no reply. She hoped he had gotten busy with something or someone else.

But then she got the shock of her life when she got an email from him half an hour later. It had a link to an xossip thread with the heading


Sandhya’s instant pedantic thought was to notice that the term MILF didn’t really apply to her because she had no kids. But then the true potential of what this meant hit her.

With trembling hands, she opened the link. What she saw there horrified and relieved her alternately. She saw that the post had about a dozen pictures of her naked, getting fucked or oral from the guys. One picture that zoomed in on Aqeel’s cock halfway up her cunt as she had one hand on her own ass to allow it easy access, looked particularly trashy. The relief came from the fact that in all the pictures, her face had been blurred. There was no reference to her name or profession or even the town.

She scrolled down and saw that the thread already had half a dozen comments praising her body. She felt a little turned on at the fact that random strangers online were looking at her private parts, and pictures of her getting fucked.

Her phone buzzed.

– Next time, there will be no blurring. This is your final warning. I expect complete and total obedience.

Sandhya sighed, got up, and closed the door to her bedroom and bolted it. She didn’t want any family members accidentally walking in. She pulled down her pallu, opened her blouse, pushed up her bra and took a selfie of her tits. She sent it to Manish.

– With your face. And take the blouse and bra off.

She complied. For the next half an hour or so, Sandhya was undressed and humiliated long distance by Manish. He sent her instructions one by one. She obeyed them and sent pictures.

– Now a picture of you standing in front of the mirror only with your petticoat on, and one hand squeezing your boob.

– Now one only in panties. And with one hand down your panties. Close your eyes and lick your top lip with your tongue.

– Panties halfway down your legs, butt showing.

– Now part your ass with one hand like you did in that picture I posted so we can see your cunt and asshole.

– Write on your ass with a black marker, “PROPERTY OF MANISH SINGH” and send me a picture of that with your face showing as you are bent over.

– A shot of your pussy with your fingers parting the lips and your thumb on your hair strip.

Manish kept sending such demands and Sandhya kept obeying. As she took the pictures and sent them, she found herself getting turned on. So the next message was easy to follow.

– Take a video of you masturbating naked and send it to me. Move the camera view from your face to your pussy alternately.

Sandhya got on her bed, parted her thighs, and with one hand, held the phone focused on her pussy. With the other hand, she started fingering her clit. She moved the camera to her face, then back to her pussy, then back to her face, and so on. All this sexting had gotten Sandhya so worked up that she brought herself off to an orgasm in just 3 minutes. Biting her lips, she shuddered her way through it.

Before sending the video, she watched it herself start to end. And was partly ashamed and partly proud of how sexy and slutty she looked. Especially her face in the throes of orgasm was absolutely animalistic. As the video ended, Sandhya noted what a far cry she was from the high flying super successful PhD with a bright career ahead of her. Now she was a young bully’s slave and was essentially creating amateur porn.

She sent it.

– FUCK!!! That was awesome!

The messages stopped coming. Sandhya got dressed, cried a little at how much she was being degraded, and did her best to concentrate on her research work.

Just as Jiten was about to come home, she remembered the writing on her ass. With soap and water, she did her best to scrub it off. But the market was of high quality and it took her a while to get it off. For the first time in her life, Sandhya hoped that Jiten actually WOULDN’T want to have sex that night. And of course, he was too tired to even cuddle.

Over the next couple of days, Sandhya kept checking the xossip thread every few hours. She told herself it was to make sure that Manish hadn’t posted any more pictures, especially with her face showing. He hadn’t. But Sandhya kept reading the responses from members that range from nice and appreciative to downright crude and disgusting. Some people just praised her huge tits and her round bubble butt. Some commented on her neatly trimmed landing strip. Others posted lurid descriptions of what they’d like to do to her, ranging from fucking her brains out to inserting a cucumber inside her ass. There were a lot of messages asking her to contact them for a good time.

Finally the break ended and the day that she was dreading arrived. In the morning, she got an SMS from Manish as a reminder.

– Remember mam, no sari

Sandhya pulled out a suitcase of clothes she hadn’t worn since moving from America. Working in a college, living in a regressive unsafe town, and staying at home with in-laws and little kids meant that Sandhya had to dress conservatively. She usually stuck to saris and salwar kameez, with the occasional loose jeans or trousers. Her summer clothes from back in Boston were just sitting in the suitcase ignored. Until now.

Sandhya picked out the most modest skirt she had – formal black that ended below her knees. She then picked out a full sleeve navy blue formal button down blouse. It had a very high neck, and didn’t show any cleavage at all. She didn’t want to scandalize people too much in a cultural environment where a sari was like the default uniform for any female professor. She picked up her purse and other material and walked out of the room.

“Sandhya chachi, you are looking very pretty today.” her 9 year old niece piped up

“Thank you, sweetie.” she said.

Her sisters-in-law didn’t really find her change of attire too drastic. They had always thought of her as Americanized and seen many pictures from Boston where she exclusively wore western clothing. In fact they had been surprised at how diligently she wore saris here, maybe out of novelty.

Although her family found her clothing normal, it was still a little unusual for her town especially outside the cantonment area. Not skimpy enough to cause a scandal but definitely unusual enough to draw longer than normal stares from the leery men on the street.

The driver of the auto she hailed stared shamelessly at her bare smooth white calves as she got in. He also kept checking out her bosom in the rear view mirror. While no skin was showing the well tailored was able to highlight her magnificent bust better than the multiple layers of a sari could. When he dropped her off at the college, she was relieved to get out of the auto. As she handed him the money, he rubbed her fingers and said,

“Kabhi aur koi seva ho to bataiye, madam.”

She turned around, ignored his comment, and started walking away.

As Sandhya entered the campus and walked to the building, a lot of students cast her second and third glances, but politely. She was always regarded by the students as the hottest professor on campus by far. In fact many hostel polls had found that Prof. Vora was was considered prettier than the prettiest female students in college. But for most students, their appreciation of Sandhya ended at stealing occasional glances and fantasizing about her as they masturbated. Only Manish and his cronies had crossed the rubicon.

Sandhya was feeling very nervous. She had been dreading coming face to face with Manish again. The last time they met, he had made her suck his dick in a moving car. He already had the videos from that orgy. Plus he now also had pictures and a video sent by Sandhya herself from her phone. Her situation had now become so dire that with all this proof, no one would ever believe that she had originally been raped.

“Very elegant look today, Dr. Vora!” one of her elderly female colleagues said as she walked into the staff room.

“Thank you. Just felt like trying something new in the new year.” Sandhya said and sat down.

She realized that many of her male colleagues were also checking her out discreetly. Jeez, she thought, how sex starved is our society that something plain which would never get discussed in the West, is causing these men to react this way.

When she walked into the microecononomics class, she saw that Manish and his cronies were already there. Suraj and Aqeel’s faces lit up. Manish just gave her a slight nod, as if to say, okay, good job.

Soon the class was full. The students had all noticed that their normally gorgeous professor was looking positively breathtaking today in Western attire. Just as she was about to start teaching, Manish caught her eye. He held up his phone and put it down.

Sandhya always kept her phone on silent during class so she hadn’t heard the new message arrive. She picked up her phone and checked it.

– Open the top two buttons.

She looked at Manish. He smiled. She turned away from the class and casually loosened the top two buttons of her blouse. That didn’t make her too exposed or show her cleavage or anything. Just displayed some skin under her neck that would have been visible with a sari blouse anyway. But more than the skin being displayed or not displayed, it was the fact that two buttons were open that struck Manish as naughty. A couple of other students noticed it as well.

As Sandhya began teaching, Manish focused his gaze on how fine her round ass looked in the skirt. Sandhya didn’t know that he had been researching a lot about what to do with her. Having sex with her was a privilege that he could now take for granted given all the evidence he had. But he had a sick twisted mind. He wanted to break her, piece by piece, relishing the journey. Manish had gone online and read up all the blackmailed teacher erotic stories he could find. He had studied them carefully, taking notes, as if it was an academic project.

Most of those stories were set in the western world, and he knew that they couldn’t exactly be replicated in Uttar Pradesh. He didn’t want to push her so far that she’d get fired and then he’d lose the only thing in college that interested him. But he had enough ideas to keep going for a while. This idea of asking her to unbutton the top of her blouse had come from one such erotic story.

Halfway into the lecture, Manish briefly held up his phone again. Sandhya subtly nodded. She then gave the class a problem to do which would take five minutes. She used the lull as an excuse to check her phone.

– Drop your chalk near the first row and then bend down slowly to pick it up.

Sandhya cursed under her breath. The top two buttons being undone didn’t show anything much, but if she bent down, the weight of her boobs was sure to give the students at the correct angle a glimpse of her cleavage. And that’s exactly what happened.

Hari, who always sat in the first row, was stunned when Professor Vora, after dropping a piece of chalk, bent down slowly, picked it up and then slowly straightened. He got a 2-3 second direct look down her blouse and at her cleavage.

Manish chuckled when he saw how Hari reacted. As if he had seen a ghost. He even squirmed in his seat as he felt his dick stiffening a little. Sandhya noticed the look on hari’s face too and she felt not only embarrassed but also a little turned on. It was less the exhibition itself, because back in the states, she had shown way more skin than this on multiple occasion. It was more the fact that a stern masterful guy controlling her had forced her to do this.

Sandhya walked back to the blackboard and started writing down some equations and resumed teaching. Manish, who had decided to go at a leisurely pace, also left her alone for the rest of the class.

Sandhya waited ten minutes outside the gate after getting done with work before catching an auto. She waited because she was sure that Manish and gang would come by to pick her up anyway. But when they didn’t show up, she got in an auto and left. Throughout the ride, she kept checking outside the auto on the road, expecting the black SUV to show up any moment. The driver was confused about why she kept poking her head out.

This was also actually by design. Manish was a politician’s son after all and psychological manipulation was in his genes. He knew that he held so much control over her, that she would do anything he wanted. Suraj and Aqeel had impatiently begged him to pick her up so they could go bang her again somewhere together. But Manish overruled them because had more grandiose objectives.

he wanted to fully subjugate Sandhya, not just built on blackmail, but emotionally and psychologically. he had seen that day in the farmhouse gym that she was a complex character with many competing instincts. She was very dominant and aggressive but also had a submissive streak. She fought tooth and nail while being forced into sex, but once it started, she was a more passionate and enthusiastic participant than he had ever dreamed she would be. Some times she resisted his directives and other times, seemed almost happy to follow them obediently. He had noticed how her reaction in class to doing what he told her was not primarily sadness or embarrassment but a sense of thrill get from breaking a taboo.

He thought there was a submissive exhibitionist slut inside Sandhya aching to get out. She just needed to be slowly nudged along the way, not dragged.

So Manish decided that like a good spin bowler in cricket, he needed to keep mixing things up. Spinners succeed in cricket not because of athleticism or pure speed like fast bowlers do, but because they play with the batsman’s head. Manish was self-aware enough to know that he wasn’t a tall handsome dude. He was a scrawny little guy with a Napoleon Complex. Plus he knew that his dick was very modest. So unlike someone like Aqeel who was blessed with a tall strapping physique and a big thick dick, the only way Manish could subjugate or even truly own a woman like Sandhya was by using his brain.

Sandhya was very nervous even after coming home. She kept thinking that Manish and his posse would land up at her doorstep and drag her out humiliatingly in front of her family. But that never happened. Sandhya went to bed partly disappointed that she had not had the sex that she was expecting to have.

The next day Sandhya wore a similar outfit and went to college. A formal button down blouse with a collar and a knee length formal skirt. This was the day when she did not have a micro period. She taught statistics to a different class and Manish and co weren’t in it. But she was sure he would show up at some time or the other to extract his pound of flesh. This time she waited outside the college for nearly twenty minutes before catching the auto.

That night, Sandhya was in bed a little past 11 when Jiten came home. He was early by his standards. She was still in her skirt and blouse. Jiten was happy to see his wife in clothes similar to the ones she wore back when they were living a dream life in the states.

“Well well, it’s Boston Sandhya today!” he said, smiling.

“You like it?” she said, unbuttoning half her blouse so her bra was peeking out.

“Do I?” Jiten said getting on the bed next to her.

He leaned over and kissed his beautiful wife, slipping a hand into her blouse and cupping her breasts. Sandhya kissed him back hungrily, biting his lips. She suddenly realized that she was feeling very horny. It had been several days since they had sex, so Jiten wasn’t surprised. But Sandhya sensed that there was something else. It’s as if her libido had been on slow burn for a while and was suddenly about to boil over.

Sandhya felt a bolt of thrill inside her and she suddenly pushed her husband to the bed and straddled him. Jiten wasn’t too surprised by this. She did occasionally get very aggressive about sex. In fact that’s how they had first hooked up in that bar in Boston. Sandhya took her husband’s hands and put them on the opened sides of her blouse.

“Tear it off!!” she throatily said.

“What?” Jiten asked, surprised.

Grabbing his hand, she made a motion to pull the front of the blouse apart.

“Like this. Hard. Break the buttons. Tear it off.”

Jiten realized that Sandhya was in the mood for dominant behavior from him. It’s not something he personally really cherished but he knew she enjoyed it. So using his strong muscular arms, he spread the blouse apart with a hard jerk. Buttons flew everywhere as Sandhya’s bra-covered torso was exposed.

All this while, Sandhya had been moving her hips back and forth while straddling Jiten, rubbing her crotch against his. She was happy to note that his monster dick was starting to come to life. She bent down, kissed Jiten as he unhooked her bra releasing her massive tits.

“Fuck me like a street tramp.” she said.

Jiten had heard this request before. He knew what it meant. Grabbing her hard by the hair, he rolled her over on the back.

“Aaaaah!” Sandhya cried.

“I’m sorry honey. Did that hurt?” Jiten asked, releasing her hair.

“Yes, but that’s the point dammit.” Sandhya said hungrily. “Give me more.”

With her hands, she started undoing his pants. Jiten meanwhile stripped off her skirt in the roughest way he could. he then put four fingers inside her panties and shoved two of them inside her cunt which was remarkably wet. He started finger fucking her rough and hard.

“Talk dirty to me.” she whispered.

“You like that, slut?” Jiten said, trying to string together dominant and humiliating sounding sentences.

“Yes, sir.” she replied.

“You want my big cock inside you………you bitch!” Jiten said.

“I do!!!”

Jiten pulled her panties off forcefully, making them rip in the process. Sandhya loved that. He slipped off his pants and entered his wife in one powerful thrust.

“OHHH YEAHHHHH!!!” Sandhya shrieked.

Jiten worried that his family members could have heard that, but he knew better than to try to stop Sandhya when she was in such a mood. He started pounding her cunt in deep forceful strokes. Sandhya wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in until his dick was buried to the hilt. Jiten fucked her hard for a good five minutes, during which Sandhya was having a good time. But still feeling like something was missing.

“Slap me.” she whispered in his ear.

Jiten took one hand off her boobs and slapped her mildly across the cheek.


He slapped the other cheek slightly harder.




Jiten felt very uncomfortable as he laid one more slap, the hardest he could without hurting her.

“I said HARDER!!!” Sandhya said, clenching her teeth.

“Sorry honey, but I can’t. Any harder and you’ll get seriously hurt and bruised.”

“I don’t care.” she hungrily said.

“I do.”

Jiten suddenly felt Sandhya’s quaking and shivering body that seemed possessed, go slightly limp and well, “normal” as if the ghost had left it. Her expression changed from that of a sexual maniac to a passionate wife. She pulled Jiten into a kiss and said,

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Jiten fucked his yearning wife for a good half an hour in different positions tenderly before she got on her knees and sucked his cock dry. She went to the bathroom to clean herself. When she came back, her exhausted husband had fallen asleep on his stomach, his well toned muscular ass and thighs naked and exposed. Sandhya lovingly kissed her husband’s butt, then kissed him on the cheek, and went to sleep next to him.

Sandhya tried to sleep but she couldn’t. She was wracked by confusion and guilt. What led to the confusion was that when Jiten had been slapping her and she had been begging him to hit her harder, occasionally, Manish’s face flashed in place of her husband’s. Her mind tried to imagine that it was Manish fucking her and slapping her instead. She was very distressed by this, which is why her mood had changed as soon as she fully grasped what was happening. She had also been unable to have an orgasm, which usually came pretty soon with Jiten’s thick long dick ramming her hard.

She told herself that she was just under a lot of stress, so her mind was playing tricks on her. She finally willed herself to sleep.

The next day, Sandhya was rummaging through her western clothes suitcase to pick out clothes for school. There would be a micro period that day. She picked out another formal skirt and was about to put it on when her eyes fell on a casual red mini skirt. It wasn’t too short. Ended about an inch above her knee. But it was shorter and more colorful than the dark formal skirts she had worn so far. Something inside her made her choose the red mini skirt.

To go with it, she chose a casual black top. It wasn’t button down all the way but had a collar and a V-neck with two buttons. The junction of the V stopped just above her cleavage. And its cut fit her big boobs perfectly, accentuating them. When she got dressed and looked in the mirror, she saw an avatar of her that she had hidden away since moving to India. She looked like the sexy young 28 year old siren that she was, not a frumpy matronly professor. She looked more Sandhya than Dr. Vora in these clothes.

She then slipped on her comfortable platforms. But then decided they didn’t match well so chose red high heels. Nothing too much, only 3 inches.

“Wow, Sandhya chachi, very pretty again.” her niece exclaimed.

This time, her sisters-in-law were a little surprised. Not at the clothes themselves. But the fact that Sandhya was wearing them to go teach at a college. Besides, she was wearing high-heels. The two widows exchanged glances, but said nothing. Sandhya noticed their judgmental glances and felt a little peeved. But she had gotten along well with them so far, so didn’t want to pick a fight.

The autowallah that Sandhya got that day turned out to be a very decent old man. He didn’t stare at her legs, check out her boobs in the mirror, and the couple of times he spoke to her, he respectfully called her “beti”. Sandhya was partly relieved that she didn’t get another leching driver. But a part of her missed the attention she usually got.

When she walked into the staff room, a lot of heads turned. Dixit, the HOD, was sitting there talking with a couple of colleagues. He frowned a little, got up and walked towards her.

“Good morning, Dr. Vora.”

“Good morning, sir.” she replied, finding it odd that Dixit, who usually called her by her first name, was using the formal address.

“Today you’re looking like a student, not a professor.”

“Thank you, sir.” she smiled.

“It was not a compliment, Dr. Vora.” he seriously said.

Sandhya suddenly felt rage surge through her brain. She shot Dixit an angry look, and coldly said,

“Is there a dress code I am breaking, sir?”

“No, of course not.”

“Does my contract stipulate that I should always be wrapped in a sari? Or would you prefer if I wore a burqa?”

“Sandhya, come on!” Dixit was a little hurt at her petulant replies. He had always cared a lot for her, thinking of her as an academic daughter of sorts. They had always enjoyed a good professional and personal relationship.

Now she stood next to him, glaring, with her arms folded across her chest. Dixit didn’t like confrontations. He turned around and walked away.

Everyone in the staff room had seen this confrontation. There was a hushed silence for a few seconds as Sandhya sat down and started going over her lecture notes. She could feel everyone staring at her. Finally everyone got back to their conversations.

Sandhya reached class a little late that day because she was answering a call from her parents in Himachal Pradesh. When she arrived, the class was already full and the room was filled with the din of talking. As soon as she walked in, everyone fell completely silent.

“Good afternoon, everyone.” she said after the silence lasted a few seconds.

“Good afternoon, mam.” the class replied in a chorus.

Some students had already seen Sandhya earlier in the day and the news had spread throughout the college that Dr. Vora was dressed like a “South Delhi type”. What Sandhya was wearing wasn’t too short or revealing by any means. Although not common in small town Uttar Pradesh, fashionable girls in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai wore such clothes all the time to college. But it was rare, in fact unheard of, for a college professor to be dressed like this. Add to it the fact that Sandhya was a tall beautiful buxom woman. That just made her a sight to see. More than half of her long creamy white legs were on display.

In the back row, Manish observed his “property” with a sly grin. He was delighted to note that she had shortened her skirt and lowered her neckline without being ordered to do so. He had been planning to ask her to do that in a week or so anyway. Here she was, a week ahead of schedule, having done it voluntarily. Manish took this as a very positive omen for his grand design of completely subjugating her, not just blackmailing her.

Sandhya taught for about twenty minutes, making eye contact with Manish frequently. He didn’t smile at her, gesture at her, or anything. Just kept calmly listening to her lecture. The rest of the class, after the initial surprise and novelty of their professor in a sexy outfit, were struggling to wrap their heads around the complicated concepts of micro-economics. And then Sandhya decided to give them a class test.

She handed out the test papers and announced,

“You have fifteen minutes.”

It was a tricky test. All students started scratching their heads and working on it. Sandhya picked up her phone and saw that there were no new messages. She strolled around the classroom watchfully, making sure as always that there was no copying going on. Her high heels made rhythmic clickety clack sounds as she walked on the hard floor. Her stroll eventually took her to the row where Manish was sitting on the edge seat in the last row. Suraj and Aqeel were sitting to his left. They were the only students in the last row.

As Sandhya walked up the aisle, she looked at <anish with a neutral expression. He was sitting there just shaking his pencil up and down. He had a hint of a smile on his face. Professor and student gazed at each other for a few seconds as she walked in his direction. She turned around and stood with her back to the wall next to Manish.

“Ten more minutes!” she announced loudly.

“Yes, mam.” the class said without looking back. It was a really tough test.

A few seconds later, Sandhya got goosebumps as she felt Manish’s fingers on the back of her knee. Why was this scrawny weasel able to give her goosebumps, she said to herself angrily. He slowly stroked the back of her thigh teasing her long leg, running his fingers up under her skirt. Then he moved his fingers to her other leg and repeated the procedure.

Sandhya was watchful, making sure none of the other students were looking back. Only Suraj and Aqeel were watching, doing their best to control their giggles. Eventually, Manish brought his hand up to her ass and stroked it over her panties. he fondled it gently for a few seconds.

And then Sandhya almost let out a gasp. Manish put his fingers into the back of her panties and started tugging it down. She threw him a panicked look, but he was looking away. She again scanned the room making sure no one was looking back at her to see what was happening.

Manish pulled the back of the panties all the way down to under her ass. He then swiftly moved his hand to the front and tugged the panties down from there, gently stroking her landing strip shaped pubic hair as he did so. And then he pulled it down farther.

Alarm bells were going off in Sandhya’s head as her student slipped off her panties right in the middle of the classroom. Her heart was beating faster than it ever had. As the panties were pulled down below her skirt, around her knees, and lower, Sandhya was positive that someone would look back. But no one did. Eventually the panties were around her high heels. It had seemed like the whole process of de-pantying her had gone on for hours when in reality it had taken less than ten seconds. Sandhya quickly stepped out of the panties. Manish bent down, picked them up, and passed them to his left.

Suraj smelled them and then put them in his pocket.

Terrified that Manish would do something more, Sandhya slowly walked away from him. She couldn’t believe that she was a college professor in her own classroom, wearing nothing under her skirt.

Sandhya walked away without any panties, trying to get used to the strange sensation of her pussy being completely exposed under her skirt. It’s not like she had never been pantyless before. She and Jiten had experimented a lot sexually and often when they were out in clubs partying, he would slip off her panties and finger her under the table. But that had always been at night, after having a few drinks. Being sans panties in the middle of the day, that too in a classroom? Sandhya felt distraught but also a little turned on.

“Five minutes.” she reached the front of the class and announced. There were nods and murmurs.

She looked up at the last row. Suraj and Aqeel were still smiling. Manish looked into her eyes and beckoned her over with his finger. Shaking her head, Sandhya walked back towards him. She was terrified. She was sure he would finger her clit in class, now that she was naked under the skirt. She would probably let out a moan, everyone would see, the fling would get exposed, and her career would be over. But she couldn’t afford to disobey Manish. And at this stage, she found herself unable to disobey Manish.

When she reached him, she was dreading the worst. He reached out with his hand. But instead of sliding it up her panties, he used it to pass a folded note to Sandhya. She was surprised by this. She opened it and quickly read it.


Sandhya looked at Manish horrified. Her V-neck top had only two buttons. If she opened them and bent down, Hari would get a full view of her cleavage and her bra-covered breasts. Sandhya could understand Manish using him as her plaything and sharing her with his two friends. Why was he making her expose herself to geeky Hari?

She felt two stern pats on her butt over her skirt as Manish indicated that she should go and follow his orders.

Sandhya’s heart was thumping wildly against her ribs as she walked to the front of the class, slowly opening the two buttons on her V-neck top. She reached the front row, and cast a pleading look at Manish. He signaled with his eyes that she should get on with it.

Sandhya reluctantly walked towards Hari. He was so busy scribbling his answers to the test that he didn’t even register her presence. Until she bent down, put her elbows on his desk, and felt her top fall away under the pressure of the weight of her huge tits.

“Any questions, Hari?” she asked in a low voice.

Hari looked up startled. And the first thing he saw through his thick bottle glasses was Sandhya’s smooth chest skin bordered by black fabric, followed by two white mounds surging up from that skin and covered by a black bra. He was getting a clear look at his professor’s ample cleavage just inches in front of his face. He stared at it for two seconds before forcing his eyes to move up. He looked into Sandhya’s big brown eyes.

“Mam?” he finally managed to splutter.

Sandhya had a count going inside her head. She was ordered to stay bent for ten seconds. She was at four when she said,

“Do you have any questions? You usually have questions.”

Hari found his eyes moving back down to gaze at her exposed cleavage. His mind noted how huge her big boobs looked straining against her top. He stared at the cleavage for a couple of moments, feeling an erection forming in his pants. He then looked up again.

“No mam.” he said.

Sandhya’s count was at seven.

“Are you sure? No questions at all?”

Sandhya found herself bending forward even more, exposing more of her bra-covered breasts. Hari looked down her top again, swallowing nervously a couple of times. Finally the count in her head reached ten.

“Okay then!”

She straightened and walked away. Hari gazed at her ass shaped perfectly by her red skirt as she did so. He could feel his erection growing. He slid forward in his seat to hide it under the desk. He looked to his left and right. His neighbors hadn’t noticed anything. They were busy with their tests.

Sandhya looked at Manish, who had an appreciative grin on his face. He nodded a couple of times.

“One more minute and time is up.” Sandhya said, feeling a little breathless. She also felt a bit of moistness between her thighs. She realized that she had gotten aroused again at being forced to expose herself to Hari by Manish.

“Okay, time is up.” Sandhya announced.

She was having a difficult time keeping her voice normal. Although Manish hadn’t even touched her pussy or clit, she was very wet. And it was because of the things he had masterfully done. Divested her of her panties in the middle of her class. And then made her flash her deep luscious cleavage to an unsuspecting nerdy student for ten whole seconds. Sandhya hated to admit it but she was feeling so randy that she hoped Manish would whisk her away somewhere with his buddies and bang her as soon as possible.

The students handed their answer sheets forward to the first row as was the system set up by Sandhya for class tests. Then the students on the edge in the first row collected the paper and handed them. She noticed that the stack of papers on the right side of the class landed on Hari’s desk. He was still staring at her. He finally noticed the stack. Then he said to the guy next to him,

“Could you please take these to mam?”

And he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. Sandhya blushed as she realized that her little stunt ordered by Manish had given the poor guy an erection.

Sandhya collected the papers that got handed to her and made a stack out of them. That’s when the bell rang, indicating that the period had ended. Students started getting up to leave. Sandhya shouted out the readings she wanted them to do for the next class.The students nodded as they started trooping out.

Sandhya looked up at the last row. She expected some kind of gesture or signal from Manish, the guy who had just slipped off her panties and gotten her worked up. But she saw that he was looking elsewhere. Only Suraj was staring at her.

Manish got up and sprinted down the aisle. And then he shouted out,


Neha, who Sandhya considered her brightest student, looked up as she was walking out.

“Could you please hang on a minute? I need to talk to you. It’s about the student elections.”

“Sure.” she said.

And then Manish jogged past Sandhya without giving her as much as a look, joined Neha and walked out with her.

Sandhya waited until all the students left, including Suraj and Aqeel. She then gathered her stuff and walked out of the classroom.

Sandhya started walking back to the staff room, a little disappointed that after all that she had done in class obediently, Manish had just gotten up and walked away, talking with another girl. She walked down the corridor of the building. She was two floors away from the staff room.

Sandhya had her purse and the stack of the test papers in her hand as she walked around a corner. There was a small room there where the peons stored their cleaning supplies. She absent-mindedly noted that the door seemed slightly ajar. Just as she was walking by it, it opened and an arm whisked her inside the small 4 ft X 8 ft room.

“EEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sandhya instinctively yelled throwing up her arms and punching her attacker right in the face. This made the papers in her hand go flying in the air and land spread out on the floor.

“Owwww!!! You bitch!! Do you have to keep hurting me?”

Her attacker staggered back against the far wall, rubbing his cheek.

“Suraj!!! What the hell? You surprised me!!!” she said, defensively, suddenly remembering that he had fucked her the most skillfully that night.

Sandhya saw the papers spread on the floor. Her meticulous professor’s instinct kicked in, and she bent down, facing away from Suraj, gathering the papers. What Suraj saw was her ample ass accentuated by the red skirt, thrust up in a most inviting manner. He quickly unzipped his pants and fished out his rapidly hardening dick.

“What the…”

Sandhya said as she felt Suraj rush right behind her, throw up her skirt, and shove his dick into her moist cunt. As she wasn’t wearing any panties, she was ready for the taking.

“Mmmmmhhhhhhhh.” Sandhya moaned as the insanely hard dick penetrated her insides.

Sandhya, still bent over, with her skirt thrown above her back and ass exposed, put her hands on the floor wide to support herself as Suraj started fucking her in deep intense strokes.

“Oh fuck!” she said.

“Oh yeah!!!” he said.

Suraj had been aching to fuck this perfect woman’s warm cunt for a while. The pics Manish had shown him in Goa that she had sent from her bedroom had made her hungrier still. And the shenanigans today, with her being without panties, turned him on even more. Smelling her panties reminded her of the time he first fucked her. He really wanted her again. He was getting pissed at Manish for holding them back. He couldn’t understand his logic.

Suraj thought, here they had a gorgeous statuesque woman with long shapely legs, big firm tits, a nice round ass, and a perfect complexion and features. Plus, she seemed to instinctively love sex. And they had enough leverage to make her do whatever they wanted. Why then, were they not fucking her brains out every chance they got?

But Manish kept talking like a politician about some emotional and psychological subjugation crap. he kept holding him back. Suraj usually obeyed the powerful Manish. But at that moment, after watching what had happened in the classroom, he couldn’t control himself. Manish had run of behind Neha Shukla, who although pretty, wasn’t a patch on Sandhya Vora. He knew the route Sandhya would take to go back to the staff room. He knew of this tiny room the peons used to store their stuff. He decided to wait and pull her in.

“You really love sex, don’t you?” he asked spanking her ass a couple of times.

“HARDER!” Sandhya found her voice saying.

“Harder what? Fuck you harder or spank your ass harder?”

“Both!!!” Sandhya replied. She hated to admit it but she was finding the fucking from this average sized cock in this tiny room a lot more arousing than her husband’s big dick fucking her in bed the previous night. There was something very depraved and forbidden about this setting that turned her on.

Suraj was delighted. He started ramming her cunt with every force he could muster up and started spanking her really hard, every blow leaving a red mark. Sandhya’s hands were still on the floor, clutching on to some of the test papers. She was completely bent over like a monkey, getting fucked by her student in a peon’s closet. And she was loving it. Suraj wasn’t much in terms of size, but he had the instinctive ability to find the right angles and use the right tempo.

Suraj continued punishing his professor with hard spanks as he fucked her. She kept moaning and groaning in delight.

“You’re such a slut, mam!” he said as he grunted.

Suraj’s fucking instincts were successful in pumping up Sandhya’s inner engines. She could feel big bursts of pleasure starting from her groin and spreading all over her body. She knew that if Suraj adjuste his angle and speed a little bit, she could have the orgasm soon. But she was starved for it. She couldn’t wait.

“Where are you going?”

Suraj asked as Sandhya pushed her hips forward, making his dick slide out. The horny professor straightened and turned around, with an insanely lustful expression on her face.

“Get on your back.” she said, aggressively.

“Yes, mam!” Suraj said, delighted at the hungry tone in her voice.

Holding her skirt up around her waist, Sandhya put her legs on either side of Suraj’s waist. Then, giving him a great look at her naked pussy, she started squatting down.

“Hold your cock up straight.” she said. He obeyed.

Sandhya eventually lowered her ass enough so that she allowed Suraj’s perpendicular dick invade her wet cunt again. Then she rested her knees on the floor, put her hands on his chest, and started riding him.

Suraj was amazed at how randy his professor was being. he thought he would have to coax and threaten her into sex. After all, she was Manish’s bitch first and foremost. he thought he would have to threaten her after pulling her into the room.

But here she was, riding his cock happily on the floor. Her hips swayed back and forth and in a circular motion. Suraj pulled up her top and started playing with her tits over her bra. Sandhya went one step further by pulling up her bra and exposing her naked tits.

Her cunt muscles were firmly clasping onto his dick as she gyrated on top of him. Sandhya was skilled at the woman-on-top position. She knew exactly which way to move and at what speed to hasten her orgasm. And she had been randy all week.

“AHHHH YEAHHHH!!!” she shouted as the orgasm started rolling in.

Suraj could not believe the sight of this hot busty woman on top of him cumming. He went over the edge too. And grunted throughout. he pulled her down and held her in his embrace as he thrust his dick up, shooting his semen into her cunt.

Suraj and Sandhya had simultaneous orgasms for about twenty seconds. He had pumped his cum right up her pussy. And then they both exhaled and lay there spent.

In her mind, Sandhya check marked another boundary she had crossed. Had sex in the college building with a student. She rolled off Suraj, his softening dick sliping out of her cunt, as his cum oozed down her thighs.

Once Sandhya got over her carnal wave of an orgasm, practicalities started flooding her mind. She had just been pumped full of semen. She was on the pill, so pregnancy wasn’t an issue. But she was wearing a short skirt without any panties and was inside a small closet type room. She could not let the cum stain her skirt. There was only one way.

Suraj watched amazed as his professor,holding up her skirt, started dipping her fingers into her cunt, scooping out the cum, and eating it. She cleaned her inner thighs and ass, rolling around on the floor, and licked her fingers to get rid of any evidence of the sex she had just had. Suraj loved how this tall statuesque hottie looked with her pussy and ass rolling all over the floor as she hungrily ate every last drop of his jizz.

“You really are a slut.” he said zipping up his pants.

Sandhya rolled over on her knees and started collecting the test papers. Suraj got down to help her.

“I assume we are getting a good grade on this.” he said.

“What do you think?” Sandhya said.

She still couldn’t believe what she had done. Giving undeserved full marks to some students seemed like child’s play by comparison.

Suraj stepped out of the room first and looked around to make sure no one was watching. He then beckoned Sandhya, who cautiously walked out. And the two went their separate ways.

Getting fucked in that forbidden spot in college didn’t fully satisfy Sandhya’s lust. It just amplified it. As she sat in the staff room, consciously pantyless under her skirt, she tried to correct the test papers. But her mind kept replaying the events of that day. She was feeling very horny. She kept checking her phone to see if there were any messages from Manish but he was maintaining radio silence.

As the day progressed, Sandhya’s mood changed from horny to guilty. What was she turning into? She had talked back to Dixit, someone she respected a lot. She had voluntarily dressed in clothes skimpier than demanded by Manish. She had allowed him to take off her panties. And then had sex with Suraj like a nympho. She was losing control of herself. She decided to correct her behavior as much as possible.

That evening, Sandhya was waiting for the auto when the black SUV approached. But it drove by her without even slowing down. Sandhya was partly relieved. She finally caught an auto and was on her way home.

This auto driver also seemed to have a roving eye. He had stared at her legs shamelessly when she got in, and kept checking out her boobs. She also noticed that a few times, he almost seemed to aim for potholes in the road to make her tits bounce extra. Sandhya sat in auto, keeping her thighs tightly together, mindful of the fact that she didn’t have panties underneath. The amount of skin on display was still unusual enough for the creepy driver to keep staring.

And then the elements conspired against Sandhya. At one stretch of the road, the wind suddenly picked up. The auto was obviously open on both sides. The wind rushed in, and made Sandhya’s skirt billow up. The driver happened to be staring at her in the rear view mirror at exactly that time and his eyes went wide in shock as the front of the skirt flew up, revealing the beautiful high class woman’s naked pussy.

Sandhya was horrified and immediately pushed the skirt down tightly, and looked at the driver’s eyes in the mirror with an ashamed expression on her face. She was terrified that he would try to take advantage of her. He looked like a big guy so he could’ve easily overpowered her if he wanted. Luckily for Sandhya, he satisfied himself with a chuckle. The roads he was driving through were reasonably crowded and he knew that if he tried something, it would attract attention.

An ashamed Sandhya didn’t feel comfortable taking the auto all the way home. That would mean showing him where she lived and he could create problems. So she asked him to stop about a kilometer away and decided to walk home from there.

“Kitna hua?” Sandhya asked, getting down holding her skirt down carefully with one hand.

“Vaise to chaalis rupaye, par aap ke liye free.”

“Kyun?” she asked.

“Humaari taraf se choot dikhai samajh lijiye.” he said and started laughing.

Disgusted, Sandhya took out two 20 rupee notes, threw them at him and started walking. The driver was laughing behind her.

The next day, Sandhya woke up feeling really depressed at what a humiliating day she had experienced the previous day. From being stripped off her panties to being fucked in a peon’s closet to inadvertently flashing her naked pussy to a random auto driver. And she was well aware that all this was her own fault on some level. She did not need to wear such a bold outfit. Manish hadn’t even asked for it. She was relieved that it was her non-teaching day so at least she’d be spared humiliation in her own classroom. But she had the premonition that today was the day Manish would try something more.

So when it was time to get dressed, Sandhya again wore a modest formal skirt and a formal button down blouse with a high neckline. She also packed an extra pair of panties in her purse just in case.

Sandhya got to school without incident. As she was walking to the staff room, she passed by Dixit and said good morning to him. But he ignored her with a cross look on his face. She reached the staff room and started working on corrections and other notes. Most of the day passed without any trouble.

Just as Sandhya was relieved that she would get a day’s peace at last, her phone buzzed at about 2 o’clock.


Sandhya hung her head in distress. What did Manish have planned for her now?

The student union office was in an isolated small single storey building at the far corner of the campus. It had been the college canteen once upon a time before the college grew in size and the canteen was shifted to a bigger location. This small 3 room building had since been converted into the student union office. Not much happened there. It was closed most of the time.

Student unions in U.P. did very little work for the welfare of students. They were mainly seen as finishing schools for aspiring thug-politicians. Being elected to lead the student union was considered as a signal that the person was important enough to enter real politics. Once the elections were done, the office mostly stayed closed because office bearers rarely showed up to class.

Failing in his first year meant Manish hadn’t been able to contest elections. But the guy who ran and eventually won was essentially Manish’s puppet, as were the other office bearers. Manish was the de facto student union leader. He even had the only copy of the keys to the office.

Sandhya reached the isolated building at 5 and saw that it was locked. Expecting some more debauchery from Manish, she had called home and told her family that she would be late because of another student tuition session. She had sent Jiten the same text to which he replied, “ok”.

Sandhya stood outside the locked building for several minutes, looking around. Most of the college emptied out after 5 when classes ended. She waited as the minutes ticked by and it was 5:15. Maybe, she hoped, Manish had gotten stuck elsewhere. Or he had forgotten. She decided that five more minutes and she would leave. After all, she had gotten there on time as instructed. If he didn’t show up, that wasn’t her fault.

At 5:20, Sandhya started walking away when suddenly Manish and Suraj appeared on a motorcycle. Aqeel was on another motorcycle.

“Where are you off to, mam?” Manish said sarcastically.

Sandhya sighed, turned around, and walked back to the building.

Manish took out a set of keys and opened the lock. His two cronies and Sandhya followed her inside.

“What do you want now, Manish?” she asked in an irritated tone of voice.

Manish sat down on a chair behind a big desk with the sign “Student Union President” on it and smiled at her.

“Are you bipolar by any chance? Schizophrenic?” he asked.

“What are you talking about?” she hotly asked.

“You seem like two different people at times. When i am asking you to do something, you fight me all the way. And yesterday, you showed up in that whore-ish dress and high heels on your own. You happily get fucked by Suraj in some dingy little room. And now you are being hostile as if you don’t want to be here.” he said, with his hands folded behind his head. “What’s up with all that?”

Sandhya didn’t know what to say.

“Why am I here?” she asked as she stayed standing in front of the desk. Suraj and Aqeel were sitting on a couple of chairs along the wall.

“All in good time, mam. All in good time. For now….there’s a little kitchenette in the other room. Be a nice girl and go make 6 cups of tea.” he ordered as if Sandhya was his maid.

Sandhya glared at him. But she knew she’d have to do whatever he asked anyway. Reluctantly, she walked to the other room.

As Sandhya put the water on the stove to boil for the tea, she could overhear the conversations happening outside. The topics had nothing to do with her. They were talking about the upcoming student elections, campaigning, fund-raising, candidates, etc etc. She looked at the six cups she had taken off the shelf. Suddenly she realized that it meant there would be more people joining them. That made a pit of doom form in her stomach. She hoped it would be Bhura and Makhan or someone like that who already knew of her humiliation, and not new people, especially students.

A few minutes later, the water came to a boil. She put the tea leaves in and covered the pot. That’s when she heard a knock on the door outside. The door was opened and she heard a few footsteps and more voices. Sandhya cautiously moved behind the kitchenette door and was disappointed to note that the two newcomers were actually students. She had seen them around campus hanging out with Manish and his gang a few times, but she didn’t know their names.

Manish was making small talk with them asking how their term break went and other stuff. After a few minutes, he shouted,

“How long does it take to make fucking tea? Bring it out!”

Sandhya shook her head, walked back to the counter, and poured out the tea with milk and sugar. She placed the six cups on a tray and walked out.

The two guys were shocked to see her and stood up respectfully.

“Good evening, mam.” they both chorused.

“Good evening.” Sandhya said and looked at Manish.

Manish gestured with his hands that she should serve the tea to everyone. She gave a cup to Manish, then to the other four guys sitting on chairs around the room. The two newcomers were confused as to why a professor was serving them tea like a maid. But they didn’t say anything.

Sandhya finally had one extra cup left on her tray.

“You can have that.” Manish generously said. “And have a seat.”

Sandhya sat on a chair farthest from the others, avoiding eye contact with the newcomers, sipping her tea.

“So then…. Ajit, Biju, you two are my finalists for the vice-president’s post.” Manish said and started talking. “Whichever one of you I choose, will be vice-president for the next three years effectively. I don’t have to tell you how important the post is.”

They both nodded. Sandhya wondered why she was made to be present for this banal political discussion.

“And you know how things work. To get the nomination, you have to earn it. I need you to be the main fund-raisers for my campaign. I am hoping each of you can get at least 5 lakhs each from donors.”

“Five lakhs!!! Come on, Manish bhaiyya.” Ajit, tall and broad-shouldered spoke up.

Manish held his palm up.

“Let me finish.” he said. “Five lakhs each. At least. Whichever one of you raises the most money for me by the end of campaigning, will get the vice-president’s post after I win the election. The other, will be nominated as Cultural Secretary.”

The two of them sat there looking a little worried. That was a big amount to raise for a local college’s elections. Biju, the other guy, short and stocky, had been silent so far. he kept looking at Sandhya in confusion. Finally he spoke up.

“Why is Professor Vora here?”

Sandhya looked up at the mention of her name.

“Oh yes, I forgot.” Manish said dramatically slapping his forehead. “She is the other prize.”

“WHAT???” Biju asked.

“Simple. Whichever one of you raises the most money gets the VP’s post. And also, gets the services of Professor Vora here for one hour.”

There was utter silence in the room. Sandhya was shocked. She knew Manish had a twisted and depraved mind but she hadn’t expected this. Suraj and Aqeel, who already knew of the plan, were smiling. Ajit and Biju were looking at each other in confusion, trying to comprehend what they had just heard.

“You mean like……for tuitions or something?” Akhil finally spoke up.

Manish, Suraj, and Aqeel started laughing. Sandhya just sat there staring at her hands.

“If you want to use that hour for tuition, that’s your call. But I would use it differently.”

“What…..I don’t…….WHAT?” Biju said.

Manish shook his head and smiled. He then said,

“Mam, come here please.”

Sandhya got up, and keeping her gaze downwards, approached him. Manish pulled her onto his lap. She perched on it uncomfortably. The two newcomers were shocked to see this gorgeous statuesque professor sitting timidly on the short scrawny guy’s lap like she was his plaything.

“For instance, her tits. Her tits are gorgeous.” Manish said, starting to unbutton her blouse.

Sandhya kept staring at her feet as Manish opened her blouse all the way and slipped it off, leaving her wearing only a white bra from the waist up. Ajit and Biju stared hungrily at the professor’s humongous tits barely contained in the bra cups.

“Her ass is even better.”

Manish patted Sandhya on the ass signaling that she should get up. Sandhya was feeling humiliated but also incredibly turned on at being treated like a sexual slave in front of an audience. She willingly got up and turned around. She then unzipped her skirt and pushed it down, leaving her only in her underwear. All the guys in the room stared at how incredible her shapely round ass looked covered in modest pink panties. Biju noticed that there were goosebumps all over her body.

Sandhya then bent over without any prompting, giving an even better look at her spectacular ass to everyone in the room. Manish chuckled at this, surmising correctly that she was getting turned on by the humiliating. He gently stroked her pussy mound and observed that the crotch of her panties was indeed moist.

“Can we…..see more?” said Ajit, who was coming to terms with what an incredible situation he was in.

“This is it for now. The rest will be seen and tasted and used by whichever one of you raises the most money.” Manish said, spanking Sandhya’s ass loudly. She let out a small yip.

Sandhya wondered if she should put her clothes back on again, now that the exhibition was over. But Manish had other ideas.

“Don’t think she is just a pretty lady who is cold in bed because she is a professor. She is very talented.” Manish said and then with an exaggeratedly polite voice said. “Mam, please suck my dick.”

Sandhya couldn’t believe it when she found herself instantly getting on her knees in front of Manish. She fished out his dick which was semi-erect, opened her mouth, and started sucking it.

The two VP contenders watched in amazement as the gorgeous professor, clad in just her bra and panties, kneeled on the floor and started giving Manish head like a hungry whore. Biju couldn’t take his eyes off her ass, and imagined how it must look naked. Ajit stared at her exposed deep cleavage that even in the modest bra, he estimated was at least 4 inches. He couldn’t wait to check out how big her tits were when exposed.

The entire room watched silently as Sandhya hungrily sucked her tormentor’s dick. She was almost showing off, running her tongue up and down the side, pressing the head between her lips, occasionally licking the balls.


There was a polite knock on the door. Sandhya froze.

“Who’s there?” Suraj shouted.

“Neha.” the voice said.

“Shit, the bitch is early.” Aqeel said.

“Let her in.” Manish said.

Sandhya tried to get up and reach for her clothes, saying,

“Please Manish, not in front of…..”

“Shut up and keep doing what you’re doing!” he slapped her hard across the face and pushed her down again. Sandhya hated herself for the fact that her cunt got wetter at the slap.

Sandhya had been sucking Manish’s dick right next to the chair. She was relieved that he now pushed her under his desk which had a wooden side in the front. That way, she was at least hidden. She adjusted herself inside the tiny space, which was tough given her height. And she started sucking his dick again as instructed.

“Open the door.” Manish said.

Suraj obeyed him and Neha Shukla walked in.

Sandhya was feeling mortified sucking Manish’s dick under the table as her favorite student walked in.

“Manish, who the fuck do you think you are threatening my friends?” Neha stormed in and walked up to the table. Sandhya slid lower to avoid being spotted.

Manish stared at Neha with a wry smile. he then looked at Akhil and Biju and said,

“You two can leave. You have heard my offer.”

The two guys obediently got up and left. Suraj closed the door behind them.

Neha was standing with her arms crossed in front of her chest, looking very upset.

“What are you talking about, Neha?” Manish sweetly asked.

“Those two big louts of yours just threatened my friends against working on my campaign.” she said hotly.

“I tried to explain to you sweetly yesterday, Nehu darling.” Manish said, stroking Sandhya’s hair.

“Don’t call me that.” Neha shot back. “We’ve been broken up for a year.”

This piece of information startled Sandhya and she jerked, making her head hit the lower side of the table. Neha heard the thump and looked at Manish suspiciously.

“Oh please…..don’t tell me. You have some whore under the table sucking your dick like you used to make me do?”

Sandhya took the dick out of her mouth in shock. She had always thought Neha was a sincere smart decent student. The information that she used to be Manish’s girlfriend was shocking. Not only was Neha smart and accomplished, but she was from a good family and was good looking. With a smooth dusky complexion and a petite figure, she was certainly out of Manish’s league. But then, Sandhya told herself, she herself wasn’t exactly in his league and yet here she was, sucking his dick under a table in her underwear.

“Jealous?” Manish chuckled. “You can join her if you like.”

Neha just snorted derisively.

“Nehu darling, just admit that you have filed candidacy papers for President just to get back at me.”

“Oh please. Stop being so full of yourself. I filed the papers because what this college needs is an actual student union president, not some spoilt bully who is skating by on daddy’s reputation.”

“I’ll include you on my cabinet.”

“Fuck your cabinet.” Neha shouted. “I will beat you easily. You overestimate your clout and your muscle. Your dad might be a big hot shot minister in Lucknow but in this town, you’re just a pathetic little bully.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Try all your browbeating tactics and throw as much money into this as you like. I am going to beat you.” Neha said.

Sucking Manish’s dick again, Sandhya was amazed at the courage Neha was showing.

Manish’s face got very serious. The usual arrogant jocular tone was gone when he spoke,

“Listen Neha. I care about you so I am telling you this quietly. Don’t try to challenge me. You have no idea what I am capable of.”

“Sending some goons to bash people up? Any thug can do that.”

“Then see this.”

Manish pushed his chair back while seated, grabbed Sandhya’s hair and pulled her forward. Coughing, Sandhya was dragged out from under the table. Neha first saw a fair skinned naked woman’s back, then her panty-covered ass being dragged out. Manish turned Sandhya’s head sideways. And Neha finally saw it.

“Vora mam!!!!!” Neha put her hands on her wide open face and said in shock.

“Yes, your fucking precious Vora mam.” he said, dragging Sandhya up to her feet and then pushing her forward so her chest was on the top of the table. Sandhya averted Neha’s eyes as she was now being humiliated in front of her favorite student.

Neha watched in shock as Manish roughly pulled Sandhya’s panties down and entered her. Sandhya let out a gasp as she realized how wet she was. Manish then grabbed her head and pulled it up as he started fucking her in angry hard strokes.

“Mam……how could you?” Neha said in a voice sounding very hurt. She had always looked up to Sandhya. She loved economics and hoped to follow in her footsteps, get a PhD and become an economist. She was thankful that the college had at least one world class teacher.

When Sandhya had taken a public stand against the cheating by Manish’s proxies in the term-end exam, her admiration for the elegant intelligent professor had grown even more. Finally, someone who had the courage to stand up to this bully and do what’s right, she thought.

And now the same woman was here, bare ass naked bent over a table getting fucked in the student union office.

Sandhya was feeling humiliated, but Manish’s rapid strokes were turning her on. She still avoided looking at Neha.

Manish signaled to Aqeel and Suraj and the two guys rushed towards Neha. She was too stunned to realize when they both grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down on the table until her face was right next to the back of Sandhya’s head.

“Let go of me, assholes!!!” Neha protested. But she was petite and the two guys were able to overpower her easily.

Manish took his dick out of Sandhya’s cunt and walked around the table until he was behind Neha. He lifted the back of her kameez and untied the knot of her salwar.

“Please Manish, stop this.” Neha begged as Suraj held her head down, her cheeks pressed against the wood.

Watching her pet student get molested filled Sandhya with shame and rage. A part of her flared up in anger and felt like getting up to intervene. But she knew that she was completely in Manish’s control. She just stayed there, bent over on the table, her naked upturned ass exposed and sticking in the air.

Manish knew exactly how to turn Neha on. They had been a couple for nearly six months in which they had fucke almost every which way. he shoved his hands down Neha’s panties and started stroking her clit in the exact manner he remembered her loving.

“Ohhhhhhh.” Neha moaned as her body started betraying her.

“You’ve missed me, haven’t you?” Manish said, stripping his ex-girlfriend naked from the waist down.

Neha moaned some more in response. Manish now shoved his dick, covered with Sandhya’s juices, up Neha’s cunt. She grunted. And he started fucking her in slow deliberate strokes, the way he remembered she liked. Within moments, the fight had gone out of Neha. Since their break-up, she hadn’t had sex and she didn’t realize how much her body craved it.

“Don’t leave our illustrious professor hanging there, Aqeel.” Manish said.

Aqeel, who had already gotten very hard, crossed over to the other side of the table, unzipped his pants, and rammed his thick dong into Sandhya’s waiting cunt.

“Oh fuck!!!” Sandhya cried out at the sudden penetration and threw her head up.

This forced her to make eye-contact with Neha for the first time that evening. She saw a look of intense loathing in her pet student’s eyes even as her nostrils flared up and down in response to the fucking she was getting. Sandhya looked away. Aqeel’s dick was starting to have an effect already.

Neha watched, disgusted, as her favorite teacher and role model started moaning and shaking in response to the fucking she was getting. Neha had partly considered the possibility that Sandhya had been forced into this. But as she watched the slutty hungry look on her face and heard the animalistic groans coming out of her mouth, she realized that the professor was quite enjoying herself in the role of a slut.

Suddenly, a lot of pieces of the puzzle started falling in place. She had wondered why Professor Vora had suddenly started showing skin. Why she seemed so distracted in class and kept checking her phone so often. Why, despite her earlier protests during the term-end exam, when the results were put up, Manish and his cronies had 100 percent marks.

“Thooo!” Neha spat in Sandhya’s face, and then looked away, even as her ex-boyfriend hammered her cunt mercilessly.

Manish fucked Neha and Aqeel fucked Sandhya on the opposite sides of the table for a couple of minutes. Suraj, who had earlier been holding Neha down, realized that he didn’t need to do it anymore. Neha had given in, and was actually humping her ass backwards in response to Manish’s strokes.

Obviously, Suraj had a massive erection of his own. He crossed over to the side of the table where Sandhya’s face was resting, and shoved his erect dick in her mouth. Neha turned her face again and watched with revulsion as Sandhya hungrily started sucking Suraj’s dick even as Aqeel kept pounding her pussy.

Manish eventually sot his load into his ex-girlfriend’s pussy and collapsed on top of her. He started kissing her and she kissed back before pushing him off.

“Asshole!” Neha said straightening. Pulling her salwar and panties halfway up her legs, she ran to a bathroom in the back.

When Neha returned, she saw that Sandhya and her two lovers had changed positions. Sandhya was now enthusiastically riding Aqeel on top of the table, as Suraj stood on the table in front of her fucking her mouth. Manish was calmly sitting on the chair behind the table watching this erotic scene unfold at a close up distance.

He was so engrossed that he didn’t realize when Neha stormed out of the room. He only raised his head when she was at the door and said,

“Drop out of the race, Nehu darling.”

Neha held her middle finger up as she walked out, slamming the door shut behind her.

Sandhya was in too much sexual bliss to care. She was busy chasing an elusive orgasm.

Manish watched in delight as Sandhya rocked her hips back and forth on top of Aqeel, hungrily sucking Suraj’s dick in front of her. Her hands were on the table. She was making grunting noises with her throat. Her eyes were closed and her big ass cheeks jiggled obscenely over Aqeel’s hairy thighs.

“Look at the sounds she is making.” Manish said. “Sounds almost like a dog. She is like a bitch in heat. My pet doggy bitch.”

He spanked her ass hard a couple of times. Sandhya got even more turned on by that. This was the first time since the farm house that she was being properly fucked by these three guys and she was hating herself while acknowledging that her body was loving it more than the night she had sex with Jiten recently.

“From now on, she will be my pet doggy.” Manish said, patting her ass cheeks.

Sandhya felt incredibly turned on at the submissive humiliation she was being put through. And finally her well directed hip movements started having an effect. She started cumming.

“OHHHHHH…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…HNGGGGGGGGG.” she screamed, taking Suraj’s dick out of her mouth.

Watching their hot professor cum so loudly and maniacally made both Suraj and Aqeel start spurting as well. The threesome on the table achieved simultaneous orgasms, although Sandhya was the only one screaming through it. Suraj grabbed Sandhya’s head and dumped his cum inside her open mouth. She instantly swallowed it.

When the three bodies stopped writhing and moving, Manish started applauding them.

“Bravo doggy, bravo!!! You should be in an erotic porno. You are wasting your life being a professor.”

Aqeel roughly pushed Sandhya off him and she slid down to the floor. This intense round of fucking had tired her. She lay there, wearing only her bra, curled up in a fetal position. Aqeel went to the bathroom. Suraj got dressed.

Manish meanwhile surveyed his conquest. She was still shivering a little from the after-effects of the orgasm. She looked so delicious, curled up bottomlss on the floor, her big naked butt quivering. He knew that his hold over her was now complete. He knew that she was now doing what she was doing primarily because she loved it, and not just because of the blackmail. She loved being dominated and humiliated.

Manish stood up and walked to the other end of the room and sat on a chair. He then whistled.

“Come to me, doggy bitch, come to me.” he said making smooching sounds with his lips as if summoning a dog.

Even in that exhausted state, Sandhya felt compelled to obey. She mustered all her strength and started pushing herself up. She eventually stood up, feeling weak in the knees.

“Hey, why are you standing, bitch? Come here on all fours like a good doggy.”

Sandhya got on her hands and knees and started crawling towards Manish. Suraj got a great view of her fleshy ass swaying and jiggling as she did so. her boobs, still inside her bra, swung and swayed too,

“You’ve got a well-trained doggy, Manish.” Suraj said, walking behind her, staring at her ass.

Sandhya eventually reached Manish and stayed on all fours.

“Good doggy.” he said, bending down and patting her cheeks. “From now on, that’s what you are. My doggy. And I am your master.”

Sandhya’s cheeks went red at this new humiliation, but she started feeling turned on as well. This is the sort of S&M she had been craving without even realizing it. That her master was not some big burly guy but a short thin stripling added to the kinkiness.

“Say it, doggy.”

“I am your doggy bitch.” Sandhya breathlessly said.

“Good. And?”

“And you are my master.”

“Good girl.” he rubbed her head.

Suraj was watching this feeling very amused.

“But pet dogs have a leash.” he said.

“You’re right.” Manish reached into his pocket and took out his handkerchief.

He then tied it around Sandhya’s bare neck.

“That will have to do for now.” he said.

“What’s all this?” Aqeel asked, walking back out.

“Mam is now my doggy bitch.”

Nice.” Aqeel said, spanking her ass.

“Okay doggy bitch, until I get you a good leash, you have to make sure that you have this handkerchief tied around your neck at all times when you are in my presence.And that includes in class.”

“Yes, master.” Sandhya found her voice saying as she stayed on all fours with her naked ass upturned.

“Good girl. Now, for tomorrow’s class. I want you to wear the shortest skirt you have. No formal shit. Not even something cute like what you wore the other day. Short. I want you to look like the skanky bitch that you are.”

“Yes, master.”

“And let’s see. A tank-top. But no bra. I want to see how your naturally huge tits look in a nice tank top.”

“Yes, master.”

“And don’t forget the handkerchief.”

“Yes, master.”

“Repeat my orders back to me.”

“I wear this handkerchief around my neck to show that I am your doggy bitch. I will wear my shortest skirt. And a tank top. And no underwear at all.”

Manish grinned as he realized that this submissive slut had actually added one more stipulation on her own.He had said no bra. She seemed enthusiastic to be pantyless as well.

“Very good. Now crawl to the bathroom, clean yourself up, and get the hell out of here. We have actually important stuff to discuss.”

The guys watched in admiration as docile Sandhya crawled away, her naked ass swaying and her pussy still sticky. She crawled back a few minutes later, and without standing up, put on all her clothes. And then she crawled out of the room silently.

She stood up only when she was outside, and started walking towards the exit, feeling a strange perverted sense of satisfaction flooding her entire being.

The next day Sandhya was absolutely on pins and needles. Much like Manish imagined, in her own mind, she had accepted him as her master. It’s like she was possessed by some sex starved submissive demon. She didn’t care what other students or faculty members would say. She just wanted to follow her master’s orders and please him.

There were still a few practical strands of thought left in Sandhya’s mind. She knew that if she got in an auto dressed the way Manish had ordered, she was sure to get waylaid and raped even before reaching the college. So she got up really early, packed the clothes she had been ordered to wear in a bag, and walked out of the house wearing a modest skirt and blouse.

The security guards at the college were surprised to see her arrive so early. She walked past them, and then into the building. She went to the tiny room in which Suraj had fucked her the other day and then changed into the clothes she had bought. She stripped off her bra and panties, standing completely naked. Then she put on a short denim skirt that ended just a couple of inches below her crotch. It was one of her oldest skirts. Back in Boston when she was single, the skirt had bought her many free drinks in bars.

Then she pulled a black tank top over her huge tits. It barely held them inside. Her nipples were easily discernible through it. She then slipped on 6 inch high heels, even though Manish hadn’t given any orders about footwear. She hoped it would please him. And then the final piece of the ensemble, she wrapped around her neck the handkerchief smelling of her master’s sweat.

Although she had initially decided, to hell with what the faculty says, she felt too conscious about the idea of sitting in the staff room for a few hours before class, dressed like that, and inviting stares. So she decided to just stay in that tiny dank room, hoping no peons would come by.

Just the thought of what she was doing turned her on so much that Sandhya fingered herself to half a dozen orgasms over the next few hours in that room. She was lucky that no peons came by.

Manish and gang reached college early too, eager to see if Sandhya had indeed complied with the orders. But she was nowhere to be found. Suraj and Aqeel expressed concerns that maybe they had pushed her too far and she had run away. But Manish was confident that his doggy bitch would obey his orders. He even refused his friends’ suggestions of texting her to check up where she was.

At one PM, there was a clickety clack sound of high heels outside the classroom. 90% of the jaws almost hit the table as Sandhya walked in. The reaction was too her bare long legs and how short the skirt was. Most male students felt a rumbling in their pants already.

Manish though, was disappointed. The skirt was short enough, but her torso was covered by a zipped up jacket. What had happened was, Sandhya felt really weird walking the corridor showing off everything, so she decided to cover herself up with a jacket while walking from the tiny room to the classroom.

She turned around to face the class after keeping her academic material on the table. Then all the eyes in the class widened as she unzipped her jacket and took it off. Manish was happy.

She had followed his orders to the T. The handkerchief was still wrapped around her neck. She was wearing a tight low-cut tank top that revealed about 3 inches of her ample cleavage. And the way her huge breasts hung under the top, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. There were murmurs in the classroom as most of the clueless students felt confused by what the hell was happening.

“Silence!” she said, and everyone went quiet.

She walked a few steps further, her 6 inch long heels clacking on the floor. She was already 5 ft 9. The heels made her tower over everyone like an amazon.

“Class, today I will be handing back your last class test. I am very disappointed in most of you. I know it was a tough test, but your performance was absolutely abysmal. Only four students scored over 80 percent.”

Neha had been watching her former role model with barely concealed looks of disgust from the moment she walked in. What a complete tart, she thought angrily. Neha had cracked most of the questions on the test, so she knew she was one of the four. And she had a pretty good idea of who the other three were.

“I will be handing each of you the test instead of passing it around like usual because I don’t want to embarrass some of you by revealing your scores to others.”

Manish smiled at this. He new that this meant she would go up close and personal to every student, giving them a detailed look at her cleavage, her poking nipples, and her bare long legs.

“Then I will discuss the test. And then I will give you another test.”

Sandhya slowly walked around the classroom, handing out the test papers. None of the male students were able to even look at their score while she was around. They all just ogled her statuesque beauty on display. Her breasts heaved and swayed under her top as she moved from student to student. They all felt like they were watching a porno.

When Sandhya handed Neha her sheet, the petite student just snatched it away angrily. Sure enough, she had scored 88.

“Good job.” Sandhya hesitantly said. Neha threw her a look of utter disgust.

Sandhya finished her alluring walk by handing the papers to her three lovers in the back row. Obviously, they all scored 100.

Sandhya then walked back to the front and started going over the test answers in detail. She herself was very nervous and distracted. Most of the students were as well. Finally the explanation ended and Sandhya wrote down the next test on the blackboard since she hadn’t been able to go to the staff room to print it out. All eyes were boring into her ass wrapped in the denim skirt as she did so.

Finally Sandhya got done and asked students to attempt the test.

She waited for Manish to call her over. But Manish was feeling a little nervous. Sharing her with his friends was one thing. He didn’t want to create a scandal in front of the whole class and kill the goose that laid golden eggs. He just quietly and sincerely attempted the test.

Sandhya was a little disappointed when Manish ignored her even when she walked by close to him. That’s because Manish knew that unlike that day when he had felt her up under his skirt, a lot of students today were craning their necks to get yet another glimpse of their sluttily dressed professor.

The class ended and all the students handed in their tests before walking out. they all took one last long look at Sandhya’s deep cleavage before leaving. The girls in the class seemed scandalized. Manish and his cronies walked out without saying anything.

Sandhya was so nonplussed by what she had just done that she pretty much sprinted back to the tiny closet room. There she changed back into normal clothes, and walked out of the college. She walked past Manish and his cronies as she did so. Manish didn’t stop her. He realized that he shouldn’t push her too fast. She was being compliant enough as it is.

That evening, Sandhya was immersed in housework to bring her feverish mind back to normal when her phone rang. It was Manish. She slipped into her bedroom to answer it.

“Yes, master?” she found her voice saying on its own.

“You did good today, doggy bitch.” Manish said, delighted that she was still in character and hadn’t been too freaked out.

“Thank you, master.”

“Now, you will have a short break from your doggy duties. I have to go to Lucknow for a few days with Suraj and Aqeel to do a chore for my dad. So while we are gone, your clothing restrictions are lifted. You can wear whatever you want.”

“Okay, master.” she said, disappointed that her master would be away.

“I’ll come back and play with you next week when I return.”

“Okay, master.”

The next few days included a weekend. Sandhya got adjusted back to her normal life, wearing normal clothes. The next week when she went to class, she was wearing a sari. A lot of the students, who had been hoping for an encore, were disappointed. She got back into the teaching groove.

That day after class ended, all the students were strolling out when Neha stopped and came towards Sandhya.

“I need to talk to you.” she said in a sharp tone. Sandhya noticed the absence of the word mam.

“Okay.” Sandhya nervously said. She still wasn’t able to make eye contact with this girl she had been fucked right next to.

When all the students had left and they were alone, Neha said,

“I am not happy with my grades.”

“What??” Sandhya looked up surprised. “You’re averaging 93!”

“Yes, but I am working my ass off to get that 93. While those three goons are working your ass off to get 100, you slut!”

“NEHA!!” Sandhya said in an angry tone. “I am still your professor. Mind your language.”

being dominated and humiliated by Manish and his cronies was one thing. She had embraced it and enjoyed it. But she wasn’t going to let this waif like girl boss her around.

“I need my scores bumped up to a 100.” Neha wasn’t backing down.

“Neha, be reasonable.” Sandhya tried to be nice. “Your marks are already very good. I can’t start handing out 100s to everyone. It’ll raise questions.”

“It didn’t raise questions when you slept with your students?”

“Come on, Neha. You know how he is. You think I got into this situation by choice?”

“You sure were moaning like a porn star.” Neha testily said. “That’s all you care about, don’t you? Being Manish’s bitch?”

“Neha.” Sandhya said, rubbing her temples. “I am not going to argue with you about this.”

“I don’t want to argue either. So you better change my scores to a 100. Or then tomorrow, I am going to Prof. Dixit, Principal Tripathi, and even a few members of the media about how a qualified professor is exchanging sexual favors for grades.”

“You won’t do that. You’re tangled up in this too.” Sandhya said.

“I don’t care. You have until tomorrow.” Neha turned around and stormed out.

Sandhya sat in the chair for a few moments, terrified by Neha’s threat. She certainly seemed serious.

So she called up Manish right away and in a hushed tone, relayed the entire conversation to him.

“Haha, don’t worry. She is just jealous that I found someone hotter. She won’t dare tell anyone. Like you said, she is tangled up in this too. She wants to go to America for grad school. You think Harvard or Stanford will give an admit to someone involved in a sex scandal with a professor?”

“I hope you’re right, master. She seemed very angry.”

“I’ll talk to her.”

“Ok, master.”

“You don’t sound convinced. Tell you what, I am on my way back into town anyway. I’ll get there by evening. I’ll pick you up from near your house at around 7 and we’ll go over to Neha’s place and sort it out. She lives alone in her aunt’s old house. Her parents are in Bangalore. Once we are done with her, we’ll spend the night playing at length, doggy bitch.”

“Okay, master.”

A few minutes later, Sandhya got a text.

– I want you to wear that red skirt from the other day, and the black tank top. No underwear. And don’t forget your collar.

– Ok, master.

She texted back.

At exactly 7 PM, Sandhya was standing on the main road near her colony. She was dressed as instructed, but was again wearing a leather jacket zipped up to avoid being harassed by other street louts. The jacket was also necessary for walking out of the house without her family seeing what a tart she was dressed up as. She told them and Jiten that she was going out to a colleague’s son’s wedding reception and that she might be late or even sleep over at a female colleague’s place. Her family wasn’t very interfering so they didn’t ask any questions. And Jiten was too immersed in work and too trusting of his wife to suspect anything.

Sandhya stood on the road, hoping that she would get a full night to spend with Manish and the guys.

A few minutes later, a red sedan pulled up right next to her. Sandhya was startled, wondering if someone was trying to assault her. But then she was Manish in the driver’s seat. She quickly got in.

“Different car today?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I have sent Suraj and Aqeel ahead with Bhura and Makhan to reason with Neha. She’ll play ball.”

“I hope so, master.” Sandhya said.

“Have you been obedient?” he asked.

Sandhya smiled and slowly unzipped her jacket. Her deep cleavage came into view, as well as the handkerchief. Manish was delighted that she was still so obedient. She then quickly raised her skirt to reveal her naked pussy with the newly trimmed landing strip. She didn’t keep it exposed because they were in a lot of traffic.

“Very good, doggy bitch. I have a reward for you in the glove compartment. Take it.”

Sandhya opened the compartment and out fell a leather leash. It had a metallic logo on it saying S&M. Sandhya wondered if that’s how it came or if Manish had it specially made to signify their names.

“You can get rid of your old leash now. Master has brought you a spanking new one.”

Sandhya obediently put it around her neck after untying the old one. She fastened it.

“Tighter!” Manish said and pulled it further, making the leather dig into her skin.

They soon reached Neha’s aunt’s house which was in a posh quiet residential neighborhood. The black SUV was already the, empty. Manish parked his car behind it.

“Okay, before we go in…..” Manish unbuckled his pants.

Sandhya, looked around to make sure there were no onlookers, then obediently bent down and wrapped her mouth around her master’s cock.

Manish sighed as the warm skillful tongue he had missed teased his hardening dick. He reached over and tugged at Sandhya’s jacket. She slipped it off. He then pulled off her tank top making her huge tits slap against the car seat. He closed his eyes and massaged her tits as his slaved sucked his cock hungrily.

After he had his fill of mauling her tits, he started pulling at her skirt. Sandhya raised her hips so he could bunch it up around her waist. And there lay the 28 year old stauesque beauty, naked except for the skirt bunched around her waist, sucking the cock of her 19 year old student. Manish started fingering her clit and she moaned. She had been starved of his skillful fingers getting her off for several days and her hips quivered at his ministrations.

The nearly naked Sandhya kept sucking her master’s cock making gagging noises, unmindful of the fact that if anyone had walked by, they would’ve gotten a great look at her naked pussy and heaving tits. And in a few minutes, seen her writhing like a snake all over the seat as Manish made her cum. Sandhya sucked for a few seconds more, and Manish started shooting his seed in her mouth. She swallowed it as if it were elixir.

Sandhya sat up, rubbing her lips with the back of her hand.

“Good job, doggy.” he said.

“Thank you, master.” Sandhya said, suddenly conscious that she was almost naked in a residential neighborhood. She rolled down her skirt, hiding her pussy and ass. She reached for her tank top, but couldn’t find it. It had slipped between the seat and the gearbox and on the dark street, it was difficult to locate.

That’s when Manish’s phone rang. He answered it.

“Yeah, Suraj….ok….ok….being a bitch, is she? Okay, I am coming in. And I am bringing the doggy with me.”

“I can’t find my top, master.” Sandhya said.

“Just put your jacket on.”

Manish and Sandhya walked towards the house. Sandhya was topless under her jacket, and wearing no panties under her skirt. Manish grabbed hold of the leash in her neck with one hand and led her towards the house. He loved how her big tits were prominent even under the thick jacket. He reached over and unzipped the jacket completely. The sides of the jacket still covered her nipples and half her boobs, but her cleavage and midriff were exposed. Sandhya scanned her surroundings to see if she had an audience. She didn’t.

As manish and Sandhya walke up to the house, they started hearing noises of arguments and shouting. Neha’s voice was loud, as were Suraj and Aqeel’s. Manish rang the bel. Suraj opened the door.

Manish, still holding Sandhya by the leash, led her into the house. Neha and the four guys were standing around the living area, looking tense. Bhura and Makhan were standing silently, their hands folded. Suraj and Aqeel looked distraught. And Neha looked positively furious.

“Well well well, if it isn’t the whore of Uttar Pradesh, soiling my doorstep!” she said loudly as she saw how trashily Sandhya was dressed, with the half open jacket displaying her nakedness. “And now a leash as well. You’ll just do anything to get some cock, won’t you, whore?”

Sandhya said nothing. Just returned her look with a spiteful look of her own.

“Why are you being so stubborn, Neha? You know it will ruin your life too.”

“I don’t care. I blame this slut. Look at her, all trampy and exposed. Don’t you have any shame, you whore?”

“Shut up, bitch.” Sandhya shot back.

“Easy, easy.” Manish rubbed Sandhya’s shoulder and pushe it down. “Heel, doggy, heel.”

Sandhya hated it that he was treating her like a dog in front of Neha, but she obediently got down on her knees.

“Hmpf….she’s the one with a leash around the neck, and I’m supposed to be the bitch. She’ll do everything you want, Manish. But what about me?”

Manish was a little surprised at the pain in her voice. he suddenly realized that she wasn’t jealous that Sandhya had replaced her. She was jealous that Manish was able to do all this with Sandhya. He knew his ex-girlfriend had latent bisexual tendencies. She never acted on them, but had confessed them to him. Now that he looked into Neha’s eyes, he saw lust towards Sandhya.

“You want to?” he held up the leash.

“I want to what?”

“If you’ll stop being so bloody combative and cooperate, I will lend you my doggy for the night. Only if we can stay and watch though.”

“Wait, what?” Sandhya said, starting to get up. What was this now? She hadn’t agreed to this.

She had walked in assuming that Manish, with the help of his musclemen and influence, would browbeat Neha into backing down. Instead, she was being traded like an actual dog.

“Down, doggy.” Manish yanked the leash hard and brought her down to her knees.

Neha had been pondering Manish’s offer while staring at this tall voluptuous slut.

“It’s an interesting idea.”

“Do we have a deal?”

“Yes.” Neha said, holding out her hand. Manish gave her the leash.

“Master, I don’t really….” Sandhya started protesting.

But Neha yanked the leash hard making her fall flat on the floor on her stomach.

“Shut up, doggy! You’re mine now.”

Sandhya struggled to her hands and knees.

“We’re going to have fun playing together. But I don’t want to mess up this nice living room. Let’s go to the garage.” Neha said and started dragging Sandhya really hard.

Sandhya had trouble maintaining balance as she scampered behind her new mistress on all fours. This made her skirt ride up and exposed her nake ass to everyone. It also made the jacket sides part and her big tits swung hard back and forth.

The five guys, smiling, followed the two women through the back door and into the garage.

The garage was big and dark lit only by one light bulb, and it was a little chilly. Neha’s aunt’s family had taken the cars with them, so the only vehicle in the big garage was an old motorcycle. Other than that, the garage seemed to function more like a store room for random stuff, including gardening equipment and other hardware.

Neha dragged her busty professor to the middle of the garage. Then she held the leash so it was taught and started moving in a circle around Sandhya. The leash dug tighter into her neck as Sandhya had to move on her hands in knees in a circle to face Neha to avoid being choked. Her ass was still exposed. The two ladies had their eyes locked into each other. Neha was thinking of all the depraved things she could make her new pet do. Her new pet was wondering if Neha had what it took to be sufficiently dominant.

“Up, doggy, up!” Neha shouted, pulling the leash.

Sandhya got on her feet and stood up.

“Now, are you going to be a good doggy and obey me?”

“Yes.” Sandhya reluctantly said. The whole thing had the sanction of Manish who was watching all this amused. So she didn’t have a choice.

“That’s yes mistress.” Neha said yanking the leash.hurting Sandhya’s neck.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good. Now, strip. Fast.” Neha barked her next order.

It didn’t take Sandhya very long to comply. She slipped her jacket off and let it fall to the side, exposing her boobs completely. Then she slipped off her denim skirt and her sandals, and stood there completely naked except for the leash around her neck, her hands by her sides.

Neha took a long hard look at her gorgeous professor’s naked body and started feeling turned on. Neha’s attraction towards Sandhya was both intellectual and physical. She had always respected how smart this accomplished woman was. And admired how beautiful she was. Neha couldn’t believe that she now had her completely naked and at her mercy.

“Nice pussy, doggy. And that line of hair. Is it to guide men towards your greedy cunt?”

Sandhya didn’t say anything. She shivered a little.

“What’s the matter, doggy?”

“It’s a little chilly in here………mistress.” Sandhya said.

“Is it? Then you should warm yourself up. The best way to do that is exercise. And I have the perfect exercise in mind, because it’s also your punishment.” Neha said.

She looked at the three young men and the two burly brutes standing around them, staring at the naked professor. She knew from their looks that they were aching to fuck her. And knowing how horny Sandhya was, she was sure the slutty older woman would enjoy it too. Neha didn’t want that. She wanted an actual punishment.

“So, Professor Vora, Dr. Vora, doggy bitch…..hold your ears. And start doing squats. That’s your punishment for being such a total slut.”

Sandhya held her ears with her fingers. But then she felt a sudden pang of shame at the thought of how intimate a look the guys would get of her privates if she did squats. She had no choice though.

Sandhya lowered her ass, bending in the knees, and squatted on the ground. Bhura, Makhan and Aqeel were standing behind her. Sure enough, this gave them a great view as her butt cheeks parted and exposed her asshole and her cunt. The two brutes were standing there stoically but both couldn’t believe their luck. Manish usually used them only as muscle. They were otherwise treated like servants and never invited to watch such things. Now they were getting a close-up look at the naked private parts of a high class gorgeous memsaab.

Makhan felt particularly happy to see this prideful lady getting punished like a common school kid. He still held a grudge about how she had pepper sprayed him weeks ago. He soothed his bruised ego by telling himself that this punishment included reparations for him too.

As Sandhya straightened and stood up again, her big tits crashed against each other, swinging. In front of her, Suraj, Manish and Neha were enjoying the spectacle of her swaying tits, and how her pussy lips in the front were parted when she squatted. They also noticed that her nipples were absolutely hard, maybe due to the cold and maybe because the submissive buxom woman was enjoying this humiliation.

“Faster!!!” Neha yelled.

“Yes, mistress.” Sandhya obediently said and started doing the squat-and-straighten routine at a higher speed.

The six people standing around her just silently drank in this perverted sight. A tall, voluptuous, gorgeous woman, naked except for a leash around her neck, holding her ears and doing squats like a common delinquent. Her face was flushed, her boobs swung rapidly, and her ass cheeks jiggled obscenely while parting and closing, giving a clear front and back view of her pussy region.

“Please, mistress, my back is starting to hurt.” Sandhya said after about 20 squats.

“Shut up, whore. You have committed mistakes that make you deserve this.” Neha said, her own pussy moistening rapidly at the sight of this slut’s contorting body.

“Make her become murga.” Suraj said.

“Great idea!” Neha smiled. “You know the position, doggy. Chalo, murga bano!”

Sandhya swallowed a sob at this new level of humiliation. As if squats weren’t enough, she was about to become a naked murga, looking even more depraved and obscene in front of her students and two big lunks.

She moved her feet far apart, took her hands off her ears. Then she slowly bent in the waist until her body was completely folded. Bhura sighed happily as her ass cheeks parted wider than ever before. he had never had such a detailed look at a beautiful woman’s asshole before. Sandhya’s huge tits gave in to gravity and swung towards the ground, slapping against her chin. her hair also flowed down and touched the dusty floor of the garage.

Neha, Manish, and Suraj moved behind Sandhya for a better view at her parted ass as she then powered her arms, put one each under her knee from the outside and took it out from the inside. Next, she grabbed her ears, making her waist ache a little from the pressure of bending. Imagine this perverted sight of the statuesque buxom beauty with a round fleshy ass, folded over like a slab of meat, holding her ears.

“That’s only half murga.” Neha said, then walked up to Sandhya. “let me help you become full murga, doggy.”

“Hehe, murga doggy.” Suraj chuckled, happy that he had come up with this idea.

Neha put her hand on Sandhya’s naked waist and pushed it down, making her bend in her knees. Sandhya grunted uncomfortably as her body was contorted even more, making her squat. Eventually her forearms were squeezed tightly between her calves and the backs of her thighs and her ass was just inches off the ground as she completed the full murga. The guys just kept staring at the treasure on display between her parted ass cheeks. They noticed the copious moisture all around there, indicating that Sandhya was actually loving all this.

“Good doggy!” Neha said, spanking her ass. “Now, next round of punishment. Stay like this. Until I allow you to do so, you are not to let go of your ears. Is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress.” Sandhya said, feeling incredibly turned on. She accepted that Neha was perhaps even more talented than Manish at stern dominant behavior. maybe it was the added taboo of being used and abused by another woman, but Sandhya’s blood was pumping faster than ever before and her pussy was on fire. She was sure that one gentle touch of her clit would induce an orgasm.

Neha though, had other organs in mind for now.

“Give me your belt.” she said to Aqeel. He quickly whipped it out and handed it to the petite young dusky beauty whom he had always thought of as a straitlaced geek. He was shocked to see how depraved she was.

Hearing the word belt made Sandhya realize what was coming next. She grabbed on to her ears tightly and adjusted her balance brace for the inevitable.

Neha moved to Sandhya’s right and just a couple of feet behind her. She held the buckle of the belt in her right hand and the tip in her left. Stretching her arms, she stretched the belt behind her, and taking careful aim, let loose.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Sandhya screeched as the leather belt whipped against her left ass cheek, leaving an instant red welt. Sandhya staggered a little, but maintained her pose.

Neha felt a surge of pleasure at the power she was now wielding over this gorgeous professor. She stretched the belt back and released it again, this time whipping the right ass cheek.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.” Sandhya hollered again, but this time didn’t move.

All five men now had rock hard erections, watching how Neha was absolutely destroying any semblance of dignity left in Sandhya. Making her professor become a naked murga and then whipping her ass with one of her student’s leather belts. Even Manish, who considered himself an imaginative tormentor, couldn’t have come up with this.

“Want more, doggy?” Neha said, a little breathless with excitement.

Sandhya wanted to say no as the pain spread all over her buttocks. But something inside her took over her brain and responded,


And the naked gorgeous beauty, bent like a pretzel with her ass cheeks parted to the maximu and her cunt and asshole on view, relished the pain as her pet student whipped her naked as with the belt repeatedly.

A couple of minutes later, Neha stopped whipping her professor’s naked ass with her belt. The petite star pupil was intoxicated with the power she was wielding. She was also feeling very horny at the sight of Sandhya, obscenely contorted, whimpering and shivering with delight at this punishment. her ass was now red with all the welts, a distinct contrast against the rest of her creamy white body. The leash hung limply from her neck, reminding everyone that Sandhya Vora was now just a sex slave not the respectable professor she was in college.

Sandhya’s mind was drunk on the exhilaration of this punishment. She had always loved being dominated and punished. But Jiten’s naturally caring nature meant that he had never pushed her limits too much. She had enjoyed even the limited abuse and humiliation Jiten inflicted on her half-heartedly. But this was at a totally different level. Even she was surprised at how much she was enjoying being treated like dirt by her students. And from within her, came the submissive compulsion to completely obey her new mistress. The pain in her flaming ass cheeks didn’t matter. The discomfort in her spine and waist didn’t matter. The fact that she was so totally and pervertedly exposed to almost half a dozen men didn’t matter. What mattered was what Neha wanted.

And what Neha wanted now was to taste her professor’s delicious wet pussy.

Neha dropped the belt on the ground. She got on her back behind Sandhya’s ass. The guys watched in amazement as the petite dusky young woman, dressed in a simple brown salwar kameez, started sliding on her back. She slid upwards until her face was under her professor’s naked and almost dripping pussy. And she took in this new view.

Unlike a man, Neha’s eyes didn’t go straight to the huge jugs suspended above her head. She first saw the look of pure raw lust in Sandhya’s eyes and admired her quivering full lips. next she looked at Sandhya’s stomach and midriff and admired how there wasn’t a single fold in her skin despite being bent like this. Sandhya’s washboard stomach really didn’t have an ounce of fat. Neha felt a little jealous because even thought she herself was thinner than Sandhya overall, her belly still had a tiny layer of fat that folded up when she bent too much.

When she looked lower, the globes of Sandhya’s lower ass cheeks hanging in the air were packed with fat, creating an inviting circular W shape. The creator had really spent a lot of time crafting Sandhya’s body, thought Neha.

Finally, she looked at the moist pussy. Even in the dim light under Sandhya’s contorted body, Neha could see that her labia and pussy lips were engorged and almost red, with the amount of blood rushing through the her clit was also prominently jutting out. And with the thighs parted so much, Neha got a close up look at the pink insides of Neha’s cunt entrance. And on top of it, the thin well trimmed landing strip.

Neha opened her mouth, reached out with her tongue and with its tip, gently stroked Sandhya’s clit.


The tall buxom woman shuddered, afraid that she’d lose her posture and collapse on top of her mistress’s face. But she managed to hold on.

Neha could sense that Sandhya was right on the precipice of an orgasm, having been worked up sexually so much by the humiliation and punishment. She put her tongue back on the clit and gave it a harder stroke, making Sandhya quiver again.

“You can let go of your ears, and get on your knees right here.” there was a rare tone of kindness in Neha’s voice who realized that her slave had been a murga for too long.

“Thank you, mistress.” Sandhya said hoarsely.

She put her knees down, supporting her weight on her shins on either side of Neha’s shoulders. She gently rested her naked ass on Neha’s chest over her kameez. Neha put both her hands on her professor’s naked ass and started licking her clit again.


Sandhya grabbed her hair, pulled it in delirium, and threw her head back as her star student’s tongue induced a tsunami sized orgasm in a matter of seconds. Instinctively, Sandhya’s asstried to pull away, her body’s involuntary reaction to such an elevated level of stimulus. But Neha was a woman herself and knew how the body reacted. So she grabbed Sandhya’s ass cheeks hard and held her in place, continuing to stroke her clit with the tip of her tongue.


The guys watched in amazement as Sandhya hollered and thrashed about like a woman possessed. She was pulling her own hair, biting her own lips, her tits swayed side to side and her entire body was shivering. Manish felt a little jealous. He had masterfully manipulated Sandhya’s clit and made her cum nicely a few times, but this was something else altogether. Begrudgingly, he admitted to himself that he could never compete with a woman in pleasuring another woman’s clit.

Neha watched her professor quake through the orgasm on top of her with a great deal of pride. Neha had bisexual tendencies and fantasies about women, but she had never actually been with one. She read a lot of lesbian erotica and watched watched a lot of lesbian porn. But this was the first time she had gotten to do something like this and was happy that she had gotten a woman off so easily. She knew that partly, it was the earlier humiliation and whipping. But still, even that had been her brainchild.

Sandhya slumped on top of Neha’s face, her body still shivering with after shocks. She had experienced hundreds if not thousands of clitoral orgasms in her life, but never one this wildly intense. Neha continuing to hold her despite her body’s initial jerk away made a big difference. Most men just let her go when her hips did that. Neha knew better. Sandhya was a little confused too. In all her sexual experiments during her younger days, lesbianism had never even entered the picture. She always liked nice big hard dicks pounding her insides and burly hairy men ravishing her body. She had never thought that the soft supple body of another woman could provide any major pleasure, much less just the tip of the tongue. And yet now, she had been given the best orgasm of her life by a young inexperienced student.

Naked Sandhya slid down her mistress’s petite body and hugged her with a warm sense of glow. Neha, feeling her professor’s warm and sweaty body in her arms, pulled her head closer and kissed her with full forced passion. Sandhya ntoed that her first ever kiss from a woman also felt a lot nicer than anticipated.

The two women kissed passionately for about a minute. The guys were getng really turned on watching this lesbian scene. Suraj unzipped his pants and started moving towards them.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Neha asked as she saw him looking behind Sandhya with his dick out.

“Joining in the fun.” he said bending down and stroking Sandhya’s still quivering ass.

“Oh no no no! Get away from her!” Neha rolled Sandhya over and stood up. She pushed Suraj away.

“What the fuck?” Suraj angrily said, advancing towards the petite girl.

“Manish, our deal was that she is my doggy for the night.” Neha hotly said, grabbing Sandhya by the hair as she kneeled next to her mistress. “You guys, you only watch.”

“Oh come on! I’ve got blue balls here!” Suraj said, grasping his erect cock.

“I don’t give a shit. Jack of if you need to. You guys have already had your way with her. Tonight, what I say goes.” Neha said, wagging a finger at them all.

Suraj looked at Manish who was watching this silently with an erection of his own. He just shrugged.

“A deal is a deal.”

With this combative exchange, Neha’s temporarily tender disposition melted away and she was back in her dominant avatar.

“What are you staring at, bitch?” she said, slapping Sandhya hard.

Sandhya, as it happens, had been staring at the bulge in Makhan’s pants. It was clearly substantial. Her cunt ached for some cock action. Neha followed her gaze and saw the bulge herself. Looking at it, she also paused for a few seconds. But then recovered her train of thought and said,

“Come on doggy, time to give mistress some oral pleasure with your doggy tongue.”

Neha grabbed Sandhya’s leash and started pulling her to a corner of the garage.

The five men sporting boners looked wistfully at Sandhya’s naked red ass swaying as she followed Neha on all fours. If they wanted, they could have easily pushed Neha aside and had their way with the slutty professor. But Manish’s word was law and no one could defy him.

Manish himself was dying to pound Sandhya’s cunt, but he was smart enough to have a long term view. He knew that he owned Sandhya’s ass. He could fuck her any time he pleased. And a few discreetly shot videos while Neha punished and then tongued Sandhya meant that he now held leverage over her for life as well. He was in no rush. He had been impressed by how depraved Neha’s imagination was and was curious to see what she had in mind next.

Neha dragged Sandhya to the corner where there was a wooden trunk with tools inside it. She turned around, reached under her kameez, and untied her salwar. She pushed it down with her panties and then sat on the trunk, the front of her long kameez keeping her body hidden except for her shins and calves. She didn’t want to expose herself in front of these bullies again.

“Now it’s your turn, doggy.”

She grabbed Sandha’s head and shoved it between her legs under the kameez. Sandhya’s head disappeared from view and all the guys could see was her naked back and of course, her belt-beaten red ass, upturned in the air.

It was dark inside there and Sandhya, inexperienced in lesbianism, had some trouble navigating her way. her cheeks and nose banged against Neha’s naked thighs. her nose brushed against Neha’s unshaved bush. She lifted one hand off the floor and put it inside the kameez next to her face, trying to locate Neha’s clit.

“Ummmm…..” Neha moaned as Sandhya’s fingers found her clit and stroked it. “Use your doggy tongue, you bitch.”

“Yeth mithhreth.” Sandhya replied in a muffled voice from the canopy of the brown garment. She had just placed the tip of her tongue on Neha’s clit and started gradually stroking it, the way she imagined she’d like it done to herself.

“Hmmm….that’s goooood.” Neha said, experiencing a woman’s tongue on her clit for the first time in her life. “Looks like you have done this a lot, you slut.”

Sandhya’s head shook under the kameez front between Neha’s legs.

“This is your first time?”

Sandhya nodded, working hard on the clit. Neha’s chest was starting to heave in excitement as Sandhya’s instinctive cunnilingus skills kicked in. To her mind, it wasn’t that different from skillfully sucking a dick. You just needed the knack of finding the right spots and the right speed.

“You’re just a natural slut then.” Neha said, bending forward and spanking her ass.

The five guys watched from a few feet away intently as they watched naked Sandhya locked between her pet student’s thighs, pleasuring her. All they could see of Neha was her calves and shins. But they didn’t care because the debauched sight of the voluptuous Sandhya on all fours with her ass shaking gently was enough for them to ogle at.

Neha’s eyes rolled up into the lids a couple of times as Sandhya’s tongue work started having effect. She threw her head back and enjoyed the pleasant sensations rippling through her body. Sandhya’s pace, the pattern of her tongue movements, even her breath on her pussy, felt very different from Manish who had been the last person to go down on her. She looked at Manish who wore a happy grin. She smiled back at him.

Then she looked at Suraj and Aqeel who both looked miffed at being denied an opportunity to fuck Sandhya again. She had always hated the two dumb fucks that Manish counted as his best friends. Even in the days she dated him, she found them both very irritating, cloying, and idiotic. They didn’t have minds of their own, just blindly did what Manish asked them to. As long as she was running things that night, she wasn’t going to let them stick their creepy dicks into her gorgeous slave.

And then she saw Bhura and Makhan. They were both standing there with neutral grim expressions on their face. Both were sporting hard-ons as a result of what they had seen unfold. But were making no movements. These two guys, Neha actually found nice. When she was Manish’s girlfriend, they were always very courteous and respectful towards her. Both big burly dudes exuded a virile caveman-like masculinity that appealed to the woman in her. Manish though always treated them like tapestry, taking them for granted. A naughty-nice plan formulated in her mind.

She looked at their crotches. Makhan had a massive erection. Bhura’s was pretty big too, but not as big as Makhan’s. Both men were clearly much better endowed than Manish and his two cronies.

“Unhhhhh….unhhhhhh….” she groaned as Sandhya’s tongue traced strokes over her clit making her hips vibrate. “Bhura….come here.”

“Yes memsaab?” he obediently stepped forward.

“How do you like the doggy’s ass?”

“It is very attractive.” he said, staring at the ass, which was now not as red as before.

“How would you like to bugger it?”

Sandhya took her tongue off Neha’s clit and let out a yelp at the thought.

“Focus on your task, doggy!” she slapped the teacher’s head over the fabric and pushed it into her crotch again. “What do you say, Bhura?”

Bhura obediently looked at Mani. Until now, Manish had used his services to intimidate and browbeat many girls. He had never share one with him. Manish seemed to ponder the idea for a bit and then nodded.

Bhura walked over to Sandhya. Sandhya, working feverishly on Neha’s clit, tried to remember what Bhura’s crotch had loked like. She remembered how big Makhan was even through his pants. But Bhura’s dick was a mystery to her. She had no idea of the dimensions of the organ that had been just extended an invitation to sodomize her.

“Have you been fucked in the ass before, doggy?” Neha asked, breathing heavily.

Sandhya nodded. Jiten had fucked her anally many times.

“Of course you have. You’re just a complete whore. You fooled us for a while pretending to be this smart respectable teacher. But that’s just a facade isn’t it? What you really are is a whore.”

“Yes, mistress.” Sandhya felt a strange sense of satisfaction in admitting this. And she was actually finding the idea exciting that a cock she had never seen before in her life was about to invade her intestines. It felt like a surprise gift.

Bhura unbuttoned his pants and out sprang his hard cock. Neha looked at it admiringly. It was about 7 inches thick and had above average girth.

“Your ass is going to be torn apart, slut.” Neha said, chuckling.

Sandhya felt a little nervous. But she had no choice but to accept the situation.

Bhura actually felt even more nervous. His sexual experience so far had not included buggering. In fact his sexual experience was very limited. He had fucked a few whores in his younger days, but then he got married pretty soon thereafter and since then had been faithful to his wife. To make his anal debut with a pristine memsaab like Sandhya seemed a little intimidating. He had felt confident and aggressive slapping her around when they first kidnapped her. But now that she was on all fours naked in front of him, he felt nervous. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he was being offered.

Bhura got on his knees behind Sandhya. He stroke her now-pink ass cheeks, admiring how perfectly shaped they were. he wondered if he should take mercy on this poor woman who was already being humiliated and broken enough. He remembered the spirited fight she had put up a month ago when they nabbed her. That aggressive gutsy woman who brought four men to their knees seemed like a far cry from the utterly beaten specimen on all fours in front of him.

Just as a little sense of pity was setting in, Sandhya surprised him by arching her back, making her ass thrust up and the cheeks part. Then, with her left hand, she reached back and pulled at her left ass cheek exposing her light brown asshole to the big brute. Under Neha’s kameez, she was actually feeling very excited about this surprise sodomy. She was eager to feel with her sphincter the dimensions of the thug’s dick.

“Use some spit and the leaking juices from her cunt to lubricate your dick.” Neha helpfully said.

Bhura spat a few times on his dick. Then with his fingers, he scooped out juices from Sandhya’s warm cunt. Even as he did that, he was surprised at how Sandhya’s vaginal muscles instinctively tried to wrap his fingers and pull them in. He rubbed it all over his dick. Then tentatively, put the tip of his dick against Sandhya’s asshole. And gave a gentle thrust.

“Wow!” said Neha.

“Whoa!” said Bhura.

“HRHHHHHHH” said Sandhya.

And there were murmurs of amazement behind from the four other guys in response to what had happened.

Bhura’s thicker than average dick had penetrated about an inch into Sandhya’s ass without any major resistance. If Sandhya’s head weren’t buried under her student’s clothes and her tongue weren’t busy pleasuring her clit, she’d have told them that this was because her husband’s significantly thicker cock had already buggered her many times. She did feel uncomfortable. Ass-fucking always felt uncomfortable. But there was no pain. She felt like saying, if you want to give my ass a real challenge, send over Makhan instead. But she had a feeling that it might happen later anyway. Neha seemed intent on upping the ante with every move. Sandhya wondered if she’d even be able to walk straight the next morning after Neha got through with her.

Bhura shove his dick in a little more forcefully, pleasantly surprised that it went in even more easily. Sandhya kept her left ass cheek parted enabling easy access. She by now had ample practice of exactly how to relax her ass muscles to facilitate penetration. He tried a few more strokes, and everyone in the garage watched with their mouths agape as Bhura’s balls landed gently on Sandhya’s cunt. Her asshole had quite easily accommodated this brute’s thick dick.

“OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkKKK!” Neha suddenly groaned loudly, as the perverted porn-like sight of big burly Bhura’s thick dick being full planted inside her gorgeous teacher’s jiggling ass combine with her teacher’s tongue play to send her over the edge.

Neha’s hips twitched and they tried to retreat from Sandhya’s tongue just lie Sandhya’s hips had from Neha’s tongue. But learning from Neha, her professor too used one hand to not let her target run away and with her tongue followed the clit applying even more swirling pressure. Neha stretched backwards until her back was completely on the trunk and her head was hanging upside down over the ground.

She hollered her way through the biggest orgasm of her life as Sandha kept licking her clit throughout. Finally, Neha’s body felt intense enough impulses to just kick Sandhya away, and herself collapse on the ground behind the trunk.

Sandhya’s face was now visible to everyone again. She breathed in fresh air greedily and grunted as Bhura, who had just stayed hunched over her with his dick inside her ass to watch Neha cum, started fucking her. Sandhya put her hands on the trunk for support and bit her lips as the brute who had landed the blow that started her subjugation, now
started landing blows on her ass as he fucked it.

“UNGGGHHHHH UNGGGGGGHHHH UNGGGGGGGGGGGGG” Sandhya grunted every time Bhura’s dick pistoned her cunt.

Neha got her breath back and rolled up off the floor and stood up. Putting on her salwar again, she said,

“Makhan, come and sit on the trunk. Doggy will suck your dick. I have seen how much she loves having cocks in two holes.”

Makhan had been waiting for precisely this invitation. He almost ran to the side of the trunk where his friend and fellow-thug Bhura was fucking the memsaab who had sprayed his eyes with pepper a few weeks back. Unlike Bhura who was basically a decent gentle person who did muscle work only to make a living, Makhan was a sadistic bully. He had been aching for a chance to take revenge on the feisty tall beauty who had brought him to his knees.

Makhan sat down on the trunk pushing down his pants and holding Sandhya’s hands in his hands. She was still being sodomized hard by Bhura and grunting throughout. Her eyes fell on Makhan’s huge monster and her eyes widened in fear. It was obscenely massive. About 11 inches long and as thick as her wrist, it made her husband’s generously sized ick seem small in comparison.

“Saali raand!” Makhan said angrily, and while holding her wrists together in his left hand, used his right hand to slap Sandhya hard across her face.

“Aaaaaaaaa!” Sandhya cried out as tears sprang to her eyes because of this angry hard blow.

He spat hard on her face, the spit landing right in her eyes. Sandhya squirmed in discomfort, wanting to wipe the spit out of her eyes. But Makhan still held her wrists tightly, refusing to let go. Another gob of spit landed, then another, until her face was covered completely with Makhan’s saliva.

“Open your mouth, chinaal.” Makhan said.

With one hand, he raised her wrists over her head to her arms were stretched up straight. This made her massive boobs swing forward and hit his erect monster cock which was positioned like a cannon in front of her.

Sandhya obediently opened her mouth, feeling humiliated but also turned on that this big brute was treating her so rough. Stretching her lips into a big circle, the accomplished economist professor lowered her head in the direction of the angry rod in front of her. Her lips were a very tight fit around the thick head of the huge dick.

“I better not feel any of those teeth on my cock.” Makhan warned her.

Bhura was watching this with morbid fascination as he kept pounding Sandha’s butthole. He was amazed at how tight, yet how accommodating her guts were.

Opening her jaw to its maximum to avoid touching the big shaft with her teeth, Sandhya pushed her head forward. The bulging head of Makhan’s monster finally made it past the lips. The rest of the cock while still thick, was easier to take in.

“Neha memsaab, this bitch should really be a professional whore. In all my life, not even the whores I have visited have been able or willing to let my huge cock invade their mouths. No matter how much money I offer them, they refuse. And this slut, look at how hungrily she is taking it all in. Ahhhh….my tip has already touched the back of her throat I see.”

Sandhya was making gagging noises as Makhan thrust his hips forward and started pushing his dick down her throat. She was having a tough time breathing.

The three male students and Neha watched in shocked fascination at their professor, on her knees completely naked in a garage. Her butthole was being pounded by one brute, her ass cheeks jiggling in an obscene circular motion. Her torso was arched upwards due to Makhan still holding her arms straight up. Her boobs were swinging and making small slapping noises as they crashed against her ribs. And her face was a picture of pure pronographic depravity as her lips were stretched around a monster dick. And nearly half of it was already inside her. How was she able to fit so much of it inside, wondered the onlookers.


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