My older sister Neena had
announced that she has two and not one brothers. My friend Ramesh became her
brother too. Ramseh is mt best friend and it came as no surprise that Neena
made him her brother. Reason was Ramesh has no sister. He has always called my
sister Neena Didi. Now Neena didi is 23 years old and has just finished her BA.

Mom is looking for a match for
her. I am 18 and Ramesh is 22. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall with a strong body.
Neena didi is 5 feet 2 inches, fair complexioned beauty, She has large tits and
a lovely ass. I noticed Ramesh staring at my sister’s as but then I scolded myself
with “Rahul, you are mad! How can your friend have an evil thought about
your sister when he calls her his “Didi!

Ramesh often gives me cinema tickets for free. When I asked him how he got
these tickets he said,” Yaar (friend) I have a friend who is a high police
officer and he gets free tickets and he does not like movies nor do I. So you
can have free tickets when you want. You like movies, dont you?” I never
questioned him after that and enjoyed movies alone and free.

Once I went into my sister’s room and found my friend and my sister in an
embrace. They were kissing lip to lip. They parted quickly. Neena didi turned
beet red with embarrassment and shame. “What is this, Ramesh?” I
burst out angrily. Ramesh quickly replied,” Yaar there was an ant on
didi’s neck and I was removing it. Ask Neena didi!

But you were kissing her, you
bastard! I retorted. “Can I not kiss my sister? I simple removed the ant
and our lips touched each other. Simple! If you have any doubts, I wont coma to
your house and stop talking to my didi too! He said and I felt sorry. It’s ok,
yaar. I didi not know. Be a good brother to her.

And Rahul, I have a ticket for
the new movie for tomorrow 4 to 7 you may like this movie.’ I expressed my
delight at this. But later that night I kept thinking about that scene. I made
plans to remove the douts that were eating my heart. Next day I left home
around three in the afternoon and stopped at a tea shop at the corner of our
street. My mother works in a hospital from 9 am to 9 pm.

I waited to see if Ramesh would
appear to meet my sister in my absence. He did at 3.30 he appeared and
along with him was another man, equally tall and strong. Both were smiling. The
other man looked a little older, may be 25. He had a devilish smile on his
face. They entered my house. The bastards! I waited for them to go in and after
smoking a cigarette,

I went into my own house by
climbing the front wall like a thief. What I saw shocked the hell out of me. My
sister’s door was open a little and I saw as Neena Didi was bending down over
Ramesh’s enormous prick. Neena Didi was sucking on his cock coating the thick
shaft with her saliva. Oh, god, this bitch can really suck!” The man
accompanying Ramesh laughed as he bent to touch Neena Didi’s ass.

Then he began fisting his cock. I
could not believe my eyes. My sister loved it. I could see her cupping Ramesh’s
balls Sir undress my “Neena Didi’ so that you can see how my sister looks
nude. She is an awesome whore, sir! And I am sharing her with you so that I get
the next contract in my favour” The man called “Sir” pulled my
sister’s kurti over her head and shr had to give up my friend’s cock for a while
and her kurti fell on the floor.

She resumed sucking the cock as
her heavy tits hung below. Then Sir undid her salwar. My sister wore nothing
underneath. May be she had prepared for these horny bastards. The man called
Sir began to fondle her tits. Neena Didi lifted her mouth from the cock and
said,” What are you waiting for? Undress you both. I want to have you
naked with your cocks bursting for me!

Ramesh had already his pants
down. He threw his shirt away while Sir undressed in a hurry. Neena Didi gave
Ramesh’s cockhead one final kiss and said “Now it’s time to fuck me! They
took my naked sister to bed. With her legs spread as far as it could and her
pussy exposed, Sir got in-between Neena Didi ‘s thighs and pushed his his
mammoth cock inside her cunt.

Ooohhhh, my god!” she cried,
at the penetration Oh, Yes! Oh, Sir, fuck me! As Sir began sliding in and out
of my sister’s cunt, she kept crying out deep, guttural moans. Sir held her
legs wide apart as he increased his tempo, fucking my sister’s cunt faster and
faster. Oooooohhhh! Oooooohhhh!” she cried. Sir pounded my didi’s cunt
over and over, harder and faster.

Ramesh watched with his hand
around his stiff cock. He was breathing heavily, stroking his cock. Yeah, boss!
Fuck her! Fuck her harder! She loves your cock. My sister loves to be fucked
harder” Ramesh was fisting his erect cock to the sight of my sister. She
nodded as Ramesh came near her and touched her boobs. “Aaahhh!” Sir

Oh yesssss! Oh yessss, she is a
tight cunted whore! She is suckinh my cock with her cunt. Your sister is a
nasty whore, Ramesh. A delicious whore! Ramesh now came on the bed and shoved
his erect cock into Neena Didi’s mouth. She took it into her mouth eagerly.
Ramesh slapped her full face as he began fucking her mouth Oh yes, Didi! Suck
me! I love you sister!

He was thrusting all the way into
her hungry mouth while Sir’s massive prick fucked her cunt like mad. My sister
was crying out, grunting like bitch while the two men used and abused her. My
own cock was hard watching my own sister fucked by my own frined and his companion
aahhhhh I am cumming Ramesh I am cumming in her cunt in your sister’s cunt.

She is so tight! Neena Didi
lifted her mouth off Ramesh’s cock and said, No, not in my pussy. Sir, cum on my
tits on my face not in my cunt I don’t want to get pregnant please. Sir was
fucking my sister like a mad man and soon he took his cock out of her dripping
cunt and began shooting his sperm all over my sister’s face, her breasts.
Ramesh fucked her mouth but she took his cock out.

Noticing the sperm on her
breasts, Neena Didi scooped up some and brought it to her tongue. “Mmmmm,”
she said savoring the cum. Thank you, Sir, you have fucked me right in the
pussy but Ramesh Bhaiya, who will fuck my ass? Your didi loves to get a cock in
her ass won’t my brother do that to his sister and show your Sir how you fuck
your sister’s ass? Come on brother, give my cock! She said in a sexy voice.

Yeah, sister, I love to fuck your
ass!” Ramesh said “Your wish is my duty.” Ramesh took some of
Sir’s cum from her boobs, turned my lovely sister on her hands and knees and
lifted her lovely ass up. He applied the cum on her ass. I was looking at the
incredible cock of my friend who was greasing him my didi’s ass. Getting on her
hands and knees, my sister said “Rub the cum on my asshole, brother, fuck
me slow at first and then really give it to me!”

By now I had taken out my cock
and began to masturbate it to the horrendous fucking of my sister. Neena didi’s
uplifted ass was making me horny. My sister looked a real whore and I loved to
see her fucked. Ramesh positioned behind Neena didi’s raised ass and rubbed his
cockhead on her ass ring. “Come on bhaiya, dont tease me, put it in,
pleaseee! Sir tells him to fuck me. I need his cock in my dirty ass!

Ramesh pushed his cock into her
ass. It seemed that the fat meat would not go into my didi’s ass and she cried,
“nooooo bhaiya, your cock is too fat for my ass go slow, brother, sir,
play with my pussy, please, rub my clit, sir!!” Ramesh then pushed harder
sending his cock into the ass of my sister. He slid in and out, slowly, letting
her accommodate his meat. Ramesh then increased his tempo, working that prick
in and out faster. He was slapping Neena didi’s ass, and she loved his slaps!

Oh, Ramesh Bhaiya! Oh, god! Yes!
Yes! Fuck my asshole! Fuck it good!” Neena cried. Oh, yessssss Didi!”
he cried. “Oh, yessssss, Didi, I love you, love your ass! His cock was
burried deep in my sister’s ass. With her head buried in a pillow she cried and
cooed as Ramesh fucked her ass. Sir was rubbing Neena didi’s pussy and cupping
her hanging boobs.

From his movements, I could tell
that Ramesh was close to cumming. His hips moved faster with every thrust and
he thrust with force, slapping my sister’s buttocks harder. Her ass cheeks
looked red from the slaps but she was past caring aaaarrggghhh maaa ooooorrrggg
bhaiyaaaaaa I am cumming I am cumming again fuck my ass fuck me, fuck, fuck me
brother! She was moaning.

Ramesh began to buck his hips
like a machine, his eyes were shut as he fucked my sister, slapped her ass. He
was cumming too. I could see in his movements.”Yessssss sister I am
cumming too take my sperm in your ass. Let me deposit my cum in your ass ohhh I
am cumming in my sister’s ass!!” They were cumming and to my surprise my
fisting hands made me cum outside the room of my sister. Jets of creame shot
from my cock. I felt as if I was fucking my sister instead of Ramesh.


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