Shruti and Anjali lost their “V”

Shruti Hassan is an Indian actress who had worked in many Bollywood and Tamil films. While Anjali is an Indian model and actress who appears in Tamil and Telugu films. Here is there pic:-



Here’s the story:-

“Cheeeech!!”, came a screeching sound, when Shruti pressed the brakes of the jeep and stopped the jeep at the side of a forest. Shruti and Anjali were on the jeep along with their boyfriends Rahul and Ved. They were oit on a trip to various forests to collect soil samples for their college project. Both the girls were in their late twenties and they were sizzling hot and damn sexy.

Rahul jumped out of the jeep. He was too excited. Then after him, his girlfriend Anjali came out. Shruti and her boyfriend also came out.

Rahul looked at Ved and blinked an eye at him. Ved responded this with a devilish smile and thought of his plan of taking the virginity of the girls, thinking something he said, “Shruti and I will go in the forest to collect sample, Rahul, Anjali, both of you stay here.”.

All of them agreed and Ved went into the jungle alongwith Shruti. As they moved in, Rahul held the hand of Anjali and started kissing her. While kissing he moved his hand on her ass and then he moved his other hand in the mid of her thighs to feel her pussy. Anjali tried to stop him but he did not let her. He felt her pussy and moved his hand upwards to feel her flat tummy, her smooth tits over her clothes. He kept on kissing. Then he broke the kiss, till now Anjali was aroused now she did not want to stop. Rahul undressed himself and asked Anjali to strip herself.

Slowly Anjali moved her hands up feeling her body, her hands stopped at her tits, she played with them for a moment. Then she opened the buttons of her top and took it off to show her white bra, tightly clinged to her boobs. Then she moved her hands down and unbuttoned her jeans, then she turned around and bend a little to show her wide ass. Slowly she took of her jeans to show her white panties. Rahul, who was watching all this, hand an instant hardon, he could not control his dick anymore. He moved to Anjali and torn her bra and panty off.

“Wow! They are wonderful”, complimented Rahul while he started pressing her tits and pinched her erect pink nipples.

“Aaah! Sssssiiiii!”, moaned Anjali when she felt two cold fingers of Rahul parting her virgin pussy’s lips. She was about to say something when Rahul kissed her again. He kept playing with her tits with one hand, while with his other hand he kept on rubbing her hairless pink pussy. Then he set his dick on her pussy’s entrance. Anjali closed her eyes, she knew it will hurt. Rahul slowly started thrusting his dick into her pussy while he kept playing with her tits and kissing her at frequent intervals.

“Aaahh!”, Anjali moaned in pain while Rahul thrusted his dick into her pussy, which broke her hymen and few drops of blood dripped her pussy. Some drops of blood also split on the dick. Then Rahul slowly started thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy.

Anjali came over the pain and started enjoying her first time. Slow moans like, “Aaaah! Aaah! Thaaat feeeeelsss veeeerrryyyy gooooddd! Iiiitttt iiiiisss soooooo gooood! Iiiitt iiiissss soooooo gooood! Iii neeeeveeeerrr haaaaddd thiiiisss feeeeeeeellliiiiinnnngggg beeeefffoooorreee! Aaaaaaahh! Aaaaahhhh! Aaahh! Oooohh! Ssssssiii! Oooohhhh myyyyyy Gooooodddddd! Aaaaaahh!”, were escaping Anjali’s lips while she was being fucked by Rahul.

Rahul also gave slow moans. Then he increased his speed and fucked her harder and harder and harder. Their moans increased with their speed. The atmosphere was getting tensed and after a long and hard fucking both of them cummed. They hugged each other and rested on each other’s shoulder…

While this hard fucking was going on, at the same time there was something brutal going on in the forest.

Ved and Shruti both of them had reached deeper in the forest when suddenly Ved gripped Shruti and started french kissing her, wildly.

“Not now”, said Shruti while she pushed her boyfriend away from her and broke the kiss. But Ved was not in the mood to stop he again started kissing her. This time he clutched her hand hardly.

With many attempts Shruti again pushed her away and shouted, “Stop Ved!”.

But this time Ved got angry and gave her a hard slap. She was taken aback by this. She was about to say something when he again slapped her. Then he torn apart her clothes, Shruti tried hard to stop but he was too strong for her. He stripped her naked and threw her on the ground.

Shruti was looking very very very…. oooh… very sexy bitch without clothes. First of all, her pretty face with her red cheeks due to the slaps, then her beautiful and almost perfect tits, soft and smooth, with light brownish nipples. Below that her sexy smooth milky white navel and after that her virgin pink pussy totally shaved. It was looking so sweet that any body would die to eat it. Then her long and sexy legs.

Overall she was looking damn hot.

Ved was looking like a hungry devil. Shruti tried to escape but Ved caught him and forcefully made her lay on the ground. He spread her legs apart but Shruti was continuously trying to oppose him shouting and crying, “No Ved Stop please. Don’t do this. Please Ved stop. Help somebody, Anjaĺi! Help! Help me! Please! Stop Ved! Please leave me alone! Ved! Noo! Ved stop!”.

Irritated by this Ved gave multiple hard slaps to Shruti and even punched her hard in her tummy. After this she stopped shouting but was crying softly. She knew she couldn’t stop him so she stopped fighting back. The Ved set his fully erect 9 inched dick at her pussy and “Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!”, came a shrieking sound from Shruti when Ved thrusted his dick forcefully in her dry pussy. Her pussy started bleeding. she was still moaning and crying in pain when again “Aaaaaaahhh!!”, came a shriek from Shruti, when Ved again gave a powerful thrust and his whole dick was in her pussy now.

“Pleeasee Ved go easy”, cried Shruti in too much pain. Ved gave her a hard slap across her face and shouted, “Shut up, bitch, don’t order me.”, he twitched her nipples hardly to make them erect. Then he started ramming his dick in and out of her pussy hardly and fastly. He was thrusting like mad. Shruti was shouting and crying in pain and asking Ved to go easy on her but Ved was not in the mood to listen to her bitch girlfriend.

Ved wad fucking her hardly. Slowly the painful moans of Shruti started to turn into moans of pleasure. Slowly the pain from her pussy turned into pleasure. Sge started enjoying but Ved had other plans for her. He did not wanted her to enjoy so he grabbed her hair and pulled her face up hardly towards his face and kissed her hardly and even bite her lips. Her lips got red with her own blood. Then Ved sucked her tits hardly and at many place he gave bite marks at her tits, especially at her nipples. Then he twitched her nipples hardly with his hands and mauled her boobs. Then he bite her tummy and licked it. Ved did all this after frequent intervals, one after one. Due to all this, Shruti was feeling pain as well as pleasure.

Whenever Shruti tried to resist he slapped her hard across her face or punched her in the tummy or slapped her ass cheeks hardly. All this was goimg hand in hand with the hard and fast fucking. Sbruti gave hard and louder moans mixed with pleasure and pain. Ved was enjoying this brutal sex very much. Finally his dick tensed and he could not take it anymore so he got more fast. Shruti was also at her pitch and with a loud moan, “Aaaaaahhh!”, she cummed.

Ved took out his dick and placed it above Shruti’s face. Then he took her hand and placed it his dick and told her to rub it faster. Shruti was too much tired but she still started moving her hands fastly over his dick. Then with a loud moan ge cummed all over his face and gave her a slap and asked her to lick it clean. She did what was said. Then Ved laid on the ground next to Shruti both were very tired after a wild and brutal fucking…


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