Shriya Saran First Fuck with Father

Shriya was very tired on that day as she was the one doing all the house work , her black nighty became smelly with her sweat and her armpits started pouring loads of sweat, her little pussy was also hot and she thought of having a masturbation in the night, so she took a carrot and went into the bed room, no body was in the house, her mother was out of town, her father was also away.
Shriya’s father shankar was a strict police officer, he always scolds shriya , but when nobody was in the house he will come near shriya and harass her , fondles her armpit, sniffs her body and whispers in her ear “you are so sexy darling come lets sleep tonight !” shriya will blink at her father and whispers “no daddy its wrong, mummy will scold!” “no da its not wrong, papa will teach you many lesson,s come on” she could even see her dad’s cock getting ready to pound her pussy, but she always ran away. Shankar was waiting for a chance to fuck her virgin daughter and make her his second wife, he even was ready to marry her secretly. Shriya also has some fascination about dad and his huge cock, she even had a glimpse of his hairy cock when her father showed her while she was working in the kitchen, for a few seconds her eyes became wide by seeing his father’s hungry cock, its so huge and bulk, the monster was laughing at her and she could hardly take her eyes from it, ” oh papa , what a lovely cock, I love to get hard hits from it in all my holes” she thought, her father stroked it hard so that her little daughter could guess what she is going to get in future but in few minutes her mother came and shriya could no longer see her daddy rod. Shankar was getting horny every day, shriya was also expecting a hard fuck, but she couldnt ask it directly to her papa , how could she fuck her own father!, but she couldnt resist her thought of fucking the cock . Even today when she got ready to have a masturbation with carrot she thought of her papa’s cock , she licked it and smooched it “oh daddy, mmma, when you are going to fuck your daughter, iam yours, make me a lady , fuck my cunt hard papa” she moaned and masturbated her tiny pussy hard, suddenly the door bell rang “who is it ? Is it mother? , no she was away in her aunt’s house, is it my lovely daddy, oh my god, today iam going to be sleeping with daddy, oh my god, is this the day I am waiting for, she couldnt believe herself! . She opened the door and her daddy was standing in the door with his uniform, “hi daddy!” “hi my child! Where is your mother?” “she went to her aunt’s house!” “oh, so today you and I are alone, right!” Shriya ran inside her room and locked herself , her heart was beating hard, daddy is taking his chance, oh my god, shall I allow him, will he fuck me hard, shall I give a blowjob, oh my god, her nighty became so hot by her sweat, she was very tensed. Shankar closed the door hard and slammed it, shriya could hear that sound, he is getting to get his prey now! , Shankar went straight and changed his dress and came out with a lungi , he went straight to shriya’s room and knocked “baby, come out, I have brought a lolly pop for you!” shriya replied “no, papa today you go and sleep in your room, I wont come out!” “please darling, papa is hungry, have your lollypop and I will have your melons today for food!” “No daddy you are speaking wrong words, its a sin, you are having a wife, do that to your wife, iam your daughter!” “no da, its ok, today you are my wife, come darling, I will be a good boy for you, come on” Shriya resisted hardly! “no daddy, I wont open the door” Shankar became angry “dont make me angry baby, I am a police man I could easily break this door, comeon be a good girl and allow daddy inside!” Shriya didnt opened the door ,she was very much afraid for sex, that too with her dadyy, poor girl, shankar was anxious to fuck her daughter but he coudnt , He became angry and went straight away and switched off the main now it was plain dark, shriya became more tensed , Shankar started to slam the door “thdddddddddddd” “thaadddddddddddddddd” “Shriya open the door you silly girl, daddy’s cock is waiting for you!” Shriya didnt move a bit, atlast Shankar thrashed the door and entered into the door , her lovely daughter was sitting in the bed “no daddy please go away I beg you!” Shriya begged , Shankar suddenly went out, few seconds later the lights came! Oh my god dadday is going to fuck me in lights shriya became nervous , Shankar came inside the room completely naked Shriya saw her daddy’s cock like a rocket , she took a deep breadth “daddy thats so huge!” Shankar stroked it with one hand “ yes darling its for you have a lick!” He came near to her and showed her his huge weapon . Shriya inhaled the smell closing her eyes”hmmmm” she gave a small kiss to the cock tip and licked it it was salty Shankar grabbed her head and pushed his rod inside his daghter’s small mouth shriya gave her first blow job Shankar was lucky enough to make her daughter enjoy his cock He became so hot that he pulled her head and smooched her lips hard “ppppppppppppssshhhhhhhhch” “shriya my little girl, comeon lets explore your body!” he tared her nighty and licked her mrown melons, he even bite one hard enough “aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww, daddy be soft” “sorry my dear its so small!” He sniffed her armpits and licked her smelly hairy armpit like a dog, she moaned in ecstasy “daddy you are making me hotter” she grabbed his penis and masturbated it hard .Shankar tared her daughter’s panty and stared the hairy juciy pussy, he opened her leges and licked the juice from the pubic hair, shriya moaned “daddy , insert your tongue!” “yes babby its so hot!” “ssssssshcccccch” he licked it hard and inserted his finger shriya jumped and her legs started to shake “hhhhmmm, daddy ,hhmmm , you mother fucker fuck me “ she started to shout in lust “yes my dear bitch, I gave you life from this cock, now get your first hit from this “ he apread her legs and inserted his cock hard inside her “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawawwwwwwwwwwwww daddddddddddy it s paining , you rascal its paining!” “no baby, no gain without pain, beat it “ “no , mmmmmmmmmmm” she shouted and hit her daddy hard and pinched him , cried hard but he didnt stop . He closed her lips with his lips and started hitting hard , shriya got her first fuck from her monstrous daddys cock, each stroke made her to strech further and her daddy completely made her pussy hole streched for big cocks to pound her hard, shriya started to enjoy the fuck and stopped crying and hitting him, she started to moan and groan “yes my darling, fuck like that,i like that, strech me further , let your cock go inside,hhmmmmmmmmm” Shankar started to fuck so fast as its a virgin pussy , so he had a tight fuck which became so hot and juicy as timpe passed by, shankar even changed his position and tried a dog fuck, his daughter’s tiny pussy got a complete fuck, he hit her small buttocks hard and pulled it hard enough to get a good fuck , shriya now bit her lips hard and shouted “yes papa your cock is the right weapon for my pussy !” shankar went on for a full fuck for one hour and in the end gave the creamy juice to her daugher’s little mouth, shriya was very ecstatic and whispered “its a nice fuck papa, marry me and do more fucking like this, I will be your loyal wife fucking you always and I mom will share your cock “ shankar kissed her little daughter in the lips and whispered “as you wish darling, we will get married soon and will have a good family fuck with your mom”

That night Shriya slept with her lovely father naked in the bed room, early morning Shriy woke up and saw her father’s cock still erected, she toched it and gave a morning kiss to its tip and whispered
“Now you are mine, I wont leave you alone!” , Shankar woke up as her daughter’s little lips tempted his cock
“hi darling good morning, what are you doing with my cock?”
“nothing daddy, just telling him my good morning , its the first day have slept with him?”
“do you like him?”
“yes papa, but he is little big for my cunt!”
“thats ok darling , he will make your cunt bigger! “
“yes , and guess what , he is going to be in ur little cunt for the next one week!”
“yes da, you and I are going to enjoy this whole week!”
“but what about mama?”
“she will return back only next week da!”
“oh my god, I am not going to sleep this whole week then m am I right papa?”
“hahaha, you can sleep darling, but in the daytime you and I will never go out of this bed room!” “eeeee, sonds great, but what about my school papa and your work?”
“iam going to take medical leave for one week and you are not goignt o school for one week!” “yahoooooooo, daddy you are so sweet !”
Shriya pulled him and gave a warm morning kiss , both smooched hard and instantly got a hard on , shriya immediately spread her legs and pulled his cock into her pussy. Shankar slide into it easily as the hot pussy gave way to dad’s cock. Suddenly cell phone rang and shankar started to attend the call while fucking his little daughter
“hai its shankar here!”
“hi this is your wife geetha darling!”
“hi geetha how are you?”
“i am fine, how is shriya, is she naughty, did she got ready for school!”
Shankar pinched shriya’s tits and answered
“no da, iam not feeling well , so shriya was taking care of me!”
“oh my god! What happened?” “
little fever but shriya is taking care of me, dont worry!”
“give the phone to shriya!”
“hi ma, papa is alright, iam taking care of him, iam always beside him”, shriya lauhged silently while shankar pounded her pussy further hard!
“ok beti, take care of him, and whats that noise thats coming beti!” .
Actually it was the noise of the old steel of the mattress thats making noise while shankar is fucking! Instantly shriya stopped his daddy’s cock by holding his hip and answered
“nothing ma, papa is repairng his bed steel!”
“oh ok, take care , I will call you later!”
“ok ma, I will be in papa’s company the whole week, dont worry, I will feed him and make him comfortable that he will even forget you!”
“hahahhaa, thats nice , thats the duty of a daughter beti, be a smart girl and take care” ,Geetha cut the call and shankar started to fuck her daughter
“what is she saying darling?”
“nothing pa, you continue your fuck pa!”
shankar slammed her cunt hard enough and she shouted in pain,
“papaaaaaaa, you are so huge , mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Shankar exploded deep inside her and she too squirted hard
“papa, its a nice fuck, I am getting squirted papa, let me go to the toilet, I need to shit too”
“ok baby, go , but dont close the toilet door”
“you naughty..” Shriya ran naked to the toilet and sat in the indian style bathroon with her cunt wide open , Shankar now saw her daughter’s red cunt pouring hot juicy piss and she laughed
“hahhaaaa, you are seeing me peeing, thats nasty, going to see my shit also?”
“thats very nasty!!!”
Shankar saw her daughter’s little ass hole dropping huge shit loads . ( ) Shriya finished the proceedings and cleaned her ass hole and cunt
“ daddy you are nuts!!”
“its nice honey!”
“what nice? You are such a weird man!”
Shriya started brushing her teeth naked and Shakar went to the bed and stroke his cock . after few mins Shriya took bath and dressed herself . Shankar also took bath and started to have breakfast in the dining table . Shriya cooked some chappathi and served her future husband ,
“papa when are you going to marry me? “
“hahahaa, first ask your mum, if she agree we can marry!”
“no papa she wont agree, we can get married secretely and have an afair without telling her!”
“you said you will share the cock with ur mom yesterday?”
“yes I did, but iam afraid that she wont allow to share your cock! , its better we fuck secretly!”
“ok, as you wish, but it will be better if she knows, so that we can fuck anytime anywhere, no need to worry about her”
“that sounds good too, you first try to read her mind and check whether she will accept a second lady to share her husband’s cock, then try to know whether she will allow me for that!”
“that sounds good, your mom always want to have a fuck every two days! , she is like a slave to my cock, so I will make her accept you as her cock sharing partner!”
“hahahaa, your cock deserves a young cunt like me papa!”
“your mum also have a good cunt darling, not young as yours but still pretty much hot and juicy!”
“papa, inform my school that I will not come for one week!”
“ok darling, I will inform, also try to call any of your friends for help if you need!”
“you naghty boy, need two cunts for fuck you mother fucker!” shriya laughed and kissed him in lips
“ no darling,it will be fun if we have group fuck!”
“that sounds interseting, but none of my friends are ready to have fuck papa, they are so ignorant, they wont even talk about sex!”
“thats ok darling, afterall school children are so shy speaking this, lets try any new cunt in the mean time!”
“ok papa,what about your cock , is it sleeping, shall we have a fuck now?”
“certainly darling, its always erected, waiting for you to serve!!” Shankar kissed his daughter in lips and pulled her nighty, shriya allowed him to pull the nighty by head, Shankar saw the armpit hair glowing and shining, immediately he sniffed it and licked the sweat
“hahaaa, daddy you are so naughty, licking that smelly pit, I will shave it now if you lick!” Shriya pulled his dad’s head, but shankar kept licking it and pulling it by his teeth “oooooooooooooooowwwwwwww daddy thats painful, dont pull like that”
“i will do beti, its so wonderful , your armpit hair makes me hot, thats so smelly and firm!”
“ok dad, but dont pluck it by your teeth its paining!”
“please, I want to do it, if you allow me to bite I will arrange our wedding sooner!”
“ok daddy but be smooth!” Shriya was very much frightened that her eyes began to pour tears as the pain was so deep Shankar bite the armpit hair and pulled it hard, shriya jumped in pain, shankar pulled her little daughter and put her in the bed, he opened her hands and tied it to the bed pole in the corner with rope,
“dad, dont do it, you are so arrogant, let me go”
“no darling it will be ok” but shriya jumped and her legs shaked in all directions, she was literally crying and shouting
“you mother fucker, dont do this to your daughter, leave my armpit, its nothing there!”
“no darling, your armpit is so sexy, let me shave it with my teeth one hair at a time!” Shankar licked the armpit hard and plucked one hair at a time , shriya shouted in pain, but making herself into dad’s slave made her feel proud as she thought this will make her dad a loyal fucker to her cunt but she shouted and groaned which made shankar wild and he started to stroke her pussy with this cock while biting her armpit, she was jumping like a fish out of water and tried to cut her arm band but coudnt, shankar fucked her daughter’s pussy hard and plucked her armpit hair one after another,
“daddy, thats painful , dont pluck like that!!!!!” soon her armpit began to appear reddish and clean as he finshed plucking all the hair, now the clean shaved armpit looked neat and small, shankar licked it hard and saw her little daughter’s face which is full of tears, he licked the small face and whispered
“sorry beti, its so painful but I want to do it!”
“its ok daddy, afterall you are my dad, you deserve my body, its your flesh, I can bear any pain for your cock” shankar took the cock from the cunt and gave his daughter her first facial, the cum exploded all her face and she kissed the cock and licked the droping cum with her tongue, shankar shook the cock in her armpit and pressed in the stubble hard . “baby you are so good”


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