She Was Virgin And I Was A Bull

I am from Delhi, there was a small function at place of some distance relative where I was supposed to go as my parents were not here. I got my worked finished before time and left for my flat, I got dressed up and kept some loose outfits for night as well and left for relatives place.

I reached at relative’s place at around 8 PM. I had thought it was going to be ok ok type of function but the function was a big one. Anyway, I went in met everyone and people was pleased to see me there. I was sitting in living area when a girl came and served me water and sweet. i was looking at my phone and extended my hand to get water when a sweet voice interrupted me “kindly look and hold else you might be damaging your phone!”, I raised my eyes up there was a girl standing in salwar suit of age 23, fair in complexion, sharp look with nicely styled hairs, a bit of makeup and all in total she was adorable.

To be honest I saw her without even blinking my eyes for some couple of seconds and then she directed me to hold glass by her eyes, what a beautiful eyes she had. Those big eyes with dark and long kajal, I was just blank. Nothing excites me other than ethnic wear. Hahaha.

She went and I had water and then I was sitting there talking to my relative when my aunty comes and says “Arpit please take car keys from room and go and get cake which I have ordered nearby bakery and take Piya for help she knows the place”

And this was the moment I looked at her and she looked at me.

Deep inside I felt she is Piya Sharma and the same question was in her eyes is he Arpit from ISS? We both looked into each other’s eyes and I moved down stairs, took car from garage and came at main gate, blow horn and Piya came and sat next to me.

We didn’t utter a single word, but we wanted to say the same thing, also we were nervous if we were same what we were thinking of, what will happen, and many question and thoughts were running in our mind.

After few minutes Piya guided me towards the bakery store, we reached there, I took cake and returned back to card. As soon as I opened the gate I saw Piya was checking some mails, I guess she was re-checking my name and other thing just to make sure if I was the same, as we both didn’t had a clue if this could really happen.

I started the engine to drive back, and finally the question came, are you Arpit Singh with mail id [email protected], and I was like, I have seen death and I don’t know what and how to respond! After a silence of some seconds I said yes, I am and you.

To which she said I guess Mr. Arpit Singh you know who I am and I said, Piya Sharma.

And looked at her directly into her eyes to make her feel that I was confident and I am in real, hahaha, but to be true that was one of the most awkward moments of my life.She too looked into my eyes and what she said next was a bold reply. She said “just calm down, I loved what you write, I am your admirer and I am glad destiny made us meet each other” and I was like phewwww…

Seeing the positive sign I said Piya you are beautiful. To which she didn’t said anything and then after few minutes we were back to my relative’s home. We both got engaged in some works and during those 1-2 hours while we were with whole relatives and friends we never missed a chance to see each other a give a cute little smile.

Things were turning beautiful that night and I till then I made up my mind to have Piya in my arms. I can’t miss this golden opportunity and finally, everything ended up with dinner and all and everyone went to sleep at their given places.

I was in the most corner room and was along there.

It was 2 AM I was up just thinking how to meet Piya and was smoking when I hear a voice Mr. Arpit don’t you know smoking kills.

I turned back and there she was standing in a purple color silk night gown. I bet even no one could get a boner as fast as I got seeing her standing there.

She approached near, hold my cigarette and threw it up saying I don’t like it. I said you don’t like it I will not use it.

Me: what else you don’t like ma’am.

Piya: I like everything except this.

Me: and what does your ‘everything’ include.

Piya: you will find it out.

I went to the balcony and she followed. I asked are you real, she said as real as everything around. I asked I have never imagined this could happen, how you know them and how you hear and she said the same thing I want to ask.

I said they are relative to my maternal side and she said she is a daughter of a friend of one of my maternal uncle, hahaha, so complex, but I was happy to have her there.

It was night, it was dark, the moon was just a quarter, I was some pegs down, she was beside me, she was hot, the wind was cold and lust and love were in our eyes.

Her hands were holding the fence and yes I hold it, hold her hand it was firm hold and she got to know it and so she didn’t said anything, I went near and near and near, I could feel her breath, she fast heartbeat, she eyes were down and I was looking her and moved my hands to her back and hold her in my arms, and there she was, words can’t explain the feeling what me and she felt at that moment.

Placed my lips on her neck and kissed her and she was uuufff your touch is a magic and I said, lot of magic is to come, and kissed her neck again, removed her hairs from one side of her shoulder and kissed her on her shoulder, took out my tongue and licked her on her neck and shoulder and she grabbed me as hard as she will take me all in.

I moved my hands all over her back and brought my face in front of her face, this time, was looking in my eyes, I hold her face in both hands and kissed her on her lips, she immediately started to suck my lips and I followed her in this, our smooch was for some three minutes and she was sweet.

I hold her hands and brought her to bed, made her lie there, went near her, looking just into her eyes, leaned on her, one hand on her waist and one on her face, my lips on her lips and we had another long smooch, I sucked her lips her tongue and she did the same.

Then slowly I moved down and kissed on her cleavage, it was deep, licked it from the top.

Stood there, took out my lower and t-shirt was well, was just in my brief with a good hard dick and laid on her, placing my dick just above her pussy and though she had a lair of night gown but at that time her face expression said she felt it, and yes she felt a dick like this for the first time.

Kissed and licked her face, neck and cleavage passionately, till then she was a hot, I came down, inserted my head on gap of her legs in her gown and started kissing her legs, it was clean and smooth, I kissed her till thigh and could see her getting goose bumps and came out. Her eyes were closed and she was holding best sheet by one hand and another hand was trying to feel me.

Took her gown in hands and lifted it till and took it out, and she was looking at me, lying here in bikini and panty, it was a proper combination was red and black, something perfect to make this bull got mad. I saw her for a while and then came down, spread her legs and came in mid, placed my face on her panty and started licking her pussy from her panty, I was actually biting her pussy slowly to which she was pulling my hairs and was moaning out of pleasure.

After few minutes when I made her panty wet by her juice and my saliva I came up and un hooked her bra and there were her big round boobs, her nipples were dark in colour and were erect, I hold her boobies in hand and started pressing them, and also I was rubbing my dick on her panty.

I sucked her boobs, sucked her nipples, I took her nipples in mouth and chewed her slowly it was an ultimate pleasurable thing.

Her boobies were so lovely to press and suck, I just loved them. And then I came down, hold her panty elastic by my teeth and pulled it down. Her virgin, small, beautiful pussy was in front of me.

I just went mad seeing her beauty and brought my face near her pussy, sniffed it and inhaled her fragrance, I can never ever forget it, it was that amazing, I felt her bare pussy by my hands and she did uuuhhh aaahhhh and I went near, took out my tongue and started licking it, it was soft but small and it was never touched before. Licking a virgin pussy is the next level of pleasure.

She was getting juice and I was licking it, the more she squirts the more I lick and it lasted for some five minutes, I had completely gone breathless. And when I came up my face was covered in her juice. I just love this.

And now I got moisturizer cream which was kept in the room, took a hand full of it applied it on her pussy and on my dick. Even she gave my dick a good massage which made it harder to drill and then she lied and spreading her legs she said, please make it memorable and beautiful to which I said, you words are my command, my lady.

She adjusted my dick on her pussy hole, for few seconds I got the exact position and felt the hole myself, then I placed my dick head on her pussy hole and gave a push, she was holding me tight and dick head was in, I paused there and kissed her on her forehead.

Licked her lips and then in that flow I gave another push and my dick was in, her nails were on my back and she grabbed me by her nails, it was painful and I was enjoying the pain, a drop of tear rolled down from her eyes, and I started to move as slowly as I could making it smooth.

She started to kiss me and after few minutes I saw she was at ease now and then I started to increase my pace, she was kissing me and said she is fine and I could speed up.

There were my precum, her precum and most important her blood and I was fucking her, all dick in and all out and then all in and then all out, I was just feeling her pussy, it was that soft and hot, I could fuck that pussy for all night.

I semi-folded her one leg and starched one leg, while my hand was beneath her back holder her from shoulder, she was all my hand and then I started to fuck her hard, this time it was real hard.

Her eyes were wide open out of pain as she can’t cry or shout. She was just biting my lips and pinching me.

She even bites my lips so hard that it got cut and there was blood on my lips and she just licked and kissed everything and I was fucking her, I was just fucking her as hard I could.

We were wet in sweat and were inhaling and exhaling fast and then I was about to come, I took out my dick and came on her belly and lied beside her. I even came a bit after lying on the bed and she was there in my arms, naked senseless, motionless but yes satisfied to the core.

This was till now one of the best sex experience I had in my life and I guess you could feel it reading this. I am really excited to know how you all felt about this one. This is really close to my heart.


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