Sexy surprise for mother

Sexy surprise for mother

At 23, Jagdeesh was in the final year of his university. That day, in the autumn of 89, he was heading for home for the term break. He did not inform his parents, wanting to surprise them.

The taxicab dropped him off at the beachfront house where his mother, Manisha and father Sameer Patil were staying.

Jagdeesh paid the cabby. The sea breeze was blowing gently as the walked up the pathway leading to the porch. As it was only 11am, he knew that his dad was away at the office and probably his mother was out too. As he approached the porch, he saw a Mercedes parked near the other side of the building. Dad bought a new car, he thought.

Sameer Patil had married Manisha when he was 35 and she was a young and beautiful 20-year-old, working as a personal assistant to him at his company. He had fallen for her almost the first time he saw her.

Manisha was petite, with the body that men always gave an admiring look. Even now, when she was in her early forties, she looked more alluring matured and full bodied. Jagdeesh was their only child.

Jagdeesh opened the front door. As usual, it was not locked. Walking in, he headed straight for the kitchen, expecting to find his mother there.

There were 2 glasses of half filled orange juice on the dining table. He walked to the window to look out the veranda but no one was sitting at the garden table outside. Thinking that his mother was in her room, he headed towards it.

As he neared her door, he heard muffled sounds from within.

Soft whimpering groans emitted from inside.

“Jeez,” Jagdeesh said to himself, mom and dad must be inside. His face went scarlet thinking of what was going on and he turned to walk away, embarrassed at the very thought going through his mind. He quickly walked to his room.

After almost another twenty minutes, he heard the sound of a door closing. He looked out of his window and saw a man walking towards the parked Mercedes. There goes dad, he said to himself.

As he kept looking, he saw that the man was much bigger and taller. Then he saw his mother walking up to the person and saw them embracing in a kiss. As they drew apart, he gave a gasp. It was not his father but his father’s elder brother, Kishan.

Jagdeesh felt his knees giving way as he realized what he was witnessing. His mother was clad only in a bathrobe. He watched his uncle getting into the car and driving off and his mother heading back into the house.

Jagdeesh walked to his bed and sat down, dumbfounded. He could not believe what he had just seen. He did know what to do. Then he heard his mother’s door closed.

With unsteady legs, he silently walked out of his room and went to the front door. Pretending that he had just walked in, he called out, “anybody home?”

There was no answer. He headed for his parent’s room and knocked on the door.

Manisha was about to go into the shower when she heard the knock on her door. She only had a towel around her waist. Thinking that it was Kishan, she opened the door. Mother and son looked at each other.

Jagdeesh could not help himself from staring at her mother’s naked breasts, at her puffy nipples, still standing out from the earlier mauling from Kishan’s lips and mouth. There was still evidence of drying semen between those full sloping mounds of flesh.

Jagdeesh had never seen her naked before and now he saw her as a woman who was just fucked. He could not help himself as he felt the stirring his loins, the hardening of his penis.

“Jagdeesh,” she uttered his name in shock, suddenly realizing that it was his son and not Kishan. Her hands quickly clasped across her chest, covering her breasts.

“Sorry, mom,” Jagdeesh said, trying to tear his eyes away. “I called out, but you did not answer,” he replied. He turned away and said, “just came back, see you later,” and walked away.

Manisha shut the door and leaned against it. God, did he know about Kishan, she wondered to herself. He couldn’t have, he just got back.

She quickly walk back into the shower and let the warm spray splash onto her, washing away the tell-tale evidence of her illicit liaison with Kishan, all the while dreading and wondering whether her son had caught them in the incestuous act.

Meanwhile, Jagdeesh had locked the door to his room and was lying on his bed. His mind was in turmoil. Never in his wildest imagination did he ever envisage what he had seen today.

He had never though about his mother in a sexual sense, but the sight just now had made him yearn for her in a way only a man could yearn for a woman. And the forbidden image of his uncle having possessed his mother’s lovely body made him take his engorged penis into his hand.

Pre-cum had already seeped out of him. He quickly disrobed and went into his bathroom. The masturbation was quick and he came, spurting his sperm onto the shower floor.

When he walked into the kitchen, Manisha was already there. Mother and son avoided looking at each other’s eyes. They tried to make small talk but were really uncomfortable with each other. She made him a light lunch.

As they sat across each other at the table, he apologized for the earlier incident. She smiled at him and told him to forget about it, relieved in the thought that Jagdeesh did not know what had transpired between her and Kishan, as he did not bring up the matter.

The weekend passed without any incident. That Monday morning, Sameer had to leave for Delhi to attend a convention. Jagdeesh and Manisha drove him to the airport. On the way back, Jagdeesh could feel his heart beating, with his mother sitting beside him and knowing that his father would not be home until late Friday evening.

He knew it was wrong for him to feel this way. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the woman beside him, his mother, his flesh and blood, but he also saw her as he did that day when she stood bare breasted in front of him.

It was almost 9pm as Manisha and Jagdeesh sat on the sofa, watching the television when the phone rang. They looked at each other and Jagdeesh picked up the phone.

“Yes, she’s here,” he said, looking at his mother. “For you mom,” he turned to her, “it’s Uncle Kishan.”

Manisha took the phone from Jagdeesh’s hand and he saw that her hand was trembling slightly. He kept his eyes glued to the television.

“He’s in Delhi until Friday,” Jagdeesh heard her say. “No, Jagdeesh’s home for two weeks,” she said in a low voice. Then she put the phone down.

“What did Uncle Kishan want?” Jagdeesh turned to Manisha.

“Oh, he just wanted to know whether Sameer was around, guess he wanted to talk to him,” she replied, looking at the floor.

Jagdeesh knew that he could not keep it inside him anymore. He turned to look at his mother and he could feel his heart thumping.

Their eyes met and held for a long time. Jagdeesh got up and switched off the television, the other lights and left only the table light on. In the soft dim light, he sat down on the single sofa across Manisha. He looked at her longingly, in her white satin blouse and knee long soft skirt.

“What is it?” she asked as she looked at him.

“I know mom, I saw what happened the other day,” Jagdeesh said softly.

“What are you talking about,” Manisha said, her voice shaking.

“You and Uncle Kishan,” Jagdeesh replied, his voice almost trembling.

Manisha looked at her son and her hands went to her face. Tears welled in her eyes and she sobbed. He could see her body shaking.

“Does dad know,” he asked gently.

“Noooo,” she answered in low voice. “It will kill him if he ever found out.”

“How long has this been going on?” Jagdeesh continued.

“Three months,” she replied haltingly.

“Do you want me to tell him,” Jagdeesh said, his heart almost breaking to see her in such distress, but he knew he had could not stop himself.

“I beg you Jagdeesh, don’t, our marriage and Kishan’s too will be destroyed,” she sobbed.

Looking at her, Jagdeesh could felt his penis growing hard. He saw her body shaking as her hands covered her eyes. It was an erotic sight and he stood up. Moving the distance between them, he took her hands off the face and made her stand up.

Manisha looked at him with tear stained eyes. “What is it Jagdeesh,” she asked.

He put one arm around her waist and walked her towards her room. She was in a trance, unable to do anything as she leaned her head against his body. Opening the door to his parent’s room, he stood her in front of her bed.

He released her and switched on the bedside lamp. He returned and stood in front of her, his fingers slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

“No, don’t,” she said in low voice, “what are you doing,” as her hand caught his, trying to stop him.

“Your secret is safe with me,” he said, haltingly.

Even as she held onto his hands, he continued to unbutton her till he slowly pushed her blouse off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. In her bra, he could see the swell of her breasts filling the cup. His hand went around her and he unclasped her,

finally lifting it off her shoulder. Her full breasts fell free, pale and without any blemishes, her nipples slowly rising into puffy hardness. Jagdeesh just looked at them, his heart beating wildly. They were lovely, hanging on her chest, slightly drooping but still firm.

Her hands closed over them as she pleaded, “no, Jagdeesh, I’m your mother, this is so wrong,” as tears kept falling down her cheeks.

Jagdeesh’s eyes were also wet. But he had crossed the line of no return. The need for his mother’s body was beyond his control. Taking her hands off her chest, he placed them to her sides.

Then, almost reverently, his fingers reached out to touch his mother’s nipples. They grew hard to his gentle touch. He almost came. Then he cupped and held her breasts in the palm of his hands. Manisha gasped at his touch as he slowly kneaded her flesh.

She shut the eyes tightly at the incestuous act of her son. As she stood, trembling, she felt his tongue on her sensitive nipples. The shock she felt was exquisite, more so when his lips closed on them alternately, as he sucked on her.

Jagdeesh knees bent half way as he sucked on his mother’s breasts, her nipples fully in his mouth, sucking as though he was trying to draw milk from her.

She felt her breasts almost growing bigger as he kept his mouth on them. Manisha’s mouth opened as she gasped for air. Then she felt his hands unclasping her skirt. His fingers were on her panties and he rolled them down to her legs. She stood naked.

Jagdeesh’s mouth left her breasts and trailed down her stomach. He knelt on the floor as his mouth sought his mother’s crotch. The fine in-curling pubic hair at the edge of Manisha’s vagina was already matted with her sticky secretions.

As his lips closed onto her opening, he kissed them like her mouth. Jagdeesh heard his mother cried out a raw moan as his lips sealed onto her vagina as he sucked her. Her fingers clutched onto his hair as her body dropped onto his face. His tongue penetrated her.

Manisha could not control herself as she began to move her hips. Jagdeesh tongue fucked his mother. She let out a groan, as her vagina clasped onto his tongue, her orgasm taking over as she came, her juices flowing into his mouth.

Jagdeesh sucked her and swallowed, his hands clutching her buttocks in a firm grip. After she came, Manisha felt weak and could no longer stand as she slipped off his mouth and slowly dropped onto the floor onto her knees.

Her head fell onto Jagdeesh’s shoulder. Jagdeesh too was trembling after the erotic act that he had performed on his mother. Taking her face in his hands, his mouth sought hers. With his mother’s secretions fresh on his lips, he kissed her, his tongue seeking hers. She tasted herself, the smooth musky taste of her own ejaculation.

Panting, Jagdeesh put one arm under his mother’s knees and the other under her arms as he stood up and carried her. He placed her on the bed, making her lie on her side in a fetal position, her knees bent towards her chest, her buttocks at the edge of the bed.

He quickly stripped and stood looking down at her. His hardened penis with the thick shaft was already dripping with pre-cum. Holding the bulbous, engorged and smooth head in one hand, he opened his mother’s thighs, exposing her swollen and wet vagina lips. Standing at the edge of her bed, he rubbed the head across her crotch, coating it with her fluids.

Manisha moaned as she felt him behind her. Her fingers clutched onto her bedsheet as she felt her vagina being opened and his thickness penetrating her.

He stopped with only the thick head being lodged in her. He climbed onto the bed, and took her hands to encircle her knees, so that her buttocks were prominently exposed. The sight of the head of his penis lodged inside his mother’s vagina was more than he could bear.

His hands reached out to her breasts to hold them. As he kneaded the full peaks, he began to fuck her. He fucked her slowly. Manisha never felt so full before as Jagdeesh’s penis filled her vagina, seeking her cervix.

The soft bump of his testicles against the flesh of her buttocks, his pubic hair against hers, his body flat against her anus was excruciating and she could feel her orgasm starting.

Even in her dazed mind, she realized the danger of her son’s actions. She whimpered, fighting against the exquisite feeling between her thighs, “nooo, Jagdeesh, don’t cum inside me, I could get pregnant.”

Hearing Manisha’s plea, the incestuous lust he felt fucking his mother grew. He held her tightly, his mouth descended onto hers, cutting off her protests. His thrusts grew harder and faster as he fucked her, the girth of his penis growing stiffer.

As Manisha tried to plead with him, her orgasm overtook her as she came in multiple explosions. As she panted, satiated in convulsion of completeness, she felt a warmness spreading inside her as Jagdeesh ejaculated his sperm, spurting uncontrolled, filling her womb.

She held onto her knees, shaking in fulfillment, feeling her son’s hand still full on her breasts, kneading them. The squishing sound, so illicit, as his penis kept fucking into her even after he had deposited his sperm deep inside her made both of them gasp and moan.

Finally, he stopped moving, his thickness still deep inside her, his heavy load of semen seeping out between his penis and the walls of her vagina, flowing down between her thighs and wetting the bedsheet.

Jagdeesh pulled out of her. He sat up to see the swollen lips of her
vagina opening and clasping, the white foam of his cum smeared onto her thighs. As he looked, he could see the slow drip of his sperm flowed out of her.

Jagdeesh could not stop himself as he spread his mother’s buttocks apart and gently run his tongue onto her ravished vagina, tasting their combined secretions. He inserted his tongue inside her and finally his lips sealed her swollen orifice as he began his sucking, drawing out his semen into his mouth.

Turning his mother so that she lay on her back, he looked at her. She was crying. The sight of her so utterly defenseless, made him hard again.

He bent down and kissed her lips, forcing her slack mouth to open as he deposited their love juices that he had sucked from her body into hers, and not releasing her lips until he knew that she had swallowed into her stomach.

Manisha lay there on her bed, her eyes closed, wet with her tears. She could feel his potent sperm deep inside her and the possibility of bearing his child.

Jagdeesh turned over his side, staring at the ceiling, knowing that he had raped his mother, even though she did not fight him. He could still feel the lust of his actions. He still wanted her, he just could not get enough of her.

That night, Jagdeesh slept in his own room. He had got up late in the night to see Manisha in a deep sleep. He covered her in her blanket and left. The smell of their sex was on her bed.

Jagdeesh woke up at almost 10 in the morning. He felt exhausted and slowly the memory of last night hit him. He sat up, not really sure if it was just a dream.

Only when he looked at his naked body and the heavy musk of stale sex and the strange taste in his mouth did he realized the enormity of what had transpired. He quickly took his shower and dressed. He was full of apprehension as he stepped out of his room. How could he face his mother, in broad daylight.

As he walked into the living room, he looked around but he could not find Manisha. There was a note on the table. Tentatively, he looked at it.

“I’ll be late coming home. I’ve prepared your food. It is in the fridge. Just heat it up.” The note was from Manisha.

Jagdeesh breathed a worried sigh. He wondered where she had gone. Had she gone to see Kishan to tell him what happened yesterday? It had happened and nothing could change that. He could leave the house immediately.

Troubled thoughts played on his mind. But he could not banish the visions of yesterday. He knew he was completely addicted to his need for Manisha’s body, even thinking about her made him go hard. He decided that he would only leave just before his dad’s return on Friday.

At 10pm that night, he heard the sound of a car. He looked out of his window. It was his mother. He heard the door closing as she stepped into the house. He heard her walking to her room. His heart was beating rapidly.

Should he go out and greet her as though nothing had happened between them? He just did not know what to do. Sitting in his room, he wondered what he should say when he saw her.

For almost half an hour, he paced up and down. He knew that what he really wanted was the unquenched desire of making love to his mother again. Finally, he could not stop himself anymore.

He knocked on her door.

“Mom, please, let us talk,” he said, standing outside the closed door.

There was no reply. Jagdeesh knocked again.

“Please mom, I beg you,” he called out again.

“Go away, Jagdeesh, there is nothing to talk about,” Manisha said.

Jagdeesh’s need for Manisha was so overpowering. He needed to get inside her room.

“I’m leaving the house now, just let me see you one last time,” his voice pleaded.

Manisha turned to look at her door. Taking a deep breath, she got off the bed and walked to unlock her door. As she opened it, Jagdeesh walked in. He just looked at her. Manisha was in her bathrobe. He could feel the stirring in his loins. As her eyes met his, she could see the obvious lust in his.

Trembling slightly, she said, “Let us forget what happened. I don’t want to talk about it, ever. Take care of yourself. I’ll tell your father that you had to go back early.”

Jagdeesh just stood there, never taking his eyes off her.

“I want you so badly, mom,” his voice sounded so strange.

Manisha looked at him almost in fear and shock, “Are you crazy, after what you did last night, please Jagdeesh, I’m your mother,” she cried in despair.

But he knew he had a hold on her and that she could not refuse him.

He stepped up close to her and without any warning, he grasp the bathrobe, untied the belt and pulled it open. Manisha was completely naked underneath it.

Although she was taken by surprise, she recovered immediately and slapped his face. The stinging blow just heightened Jagdeesh’s lust for his mother. He caught hold of both her hands and looked into her eyes.

“Ok, I know that I was wrong, but I did not hurt you. I made you come, not once but many times. Is that so bad,” he said to her. “It’s your choice, do you want me to tell dad?” he asked her.

“I’m your mother, Jagdeesh, why are you doing this to me. How can you fuck me? Do you know that you may have impregnated me yesterday? Do you know what you have done? I could be carrying your child?” she cried in desperation, her whole body shaking.

Seeing her body shaking, her exposed breasts moving Jagdeesh could not help himself as he took the bathrobe off her. He almost dragged her to her bed and made her sit on the edge.

Manisha just sat there, resigned to whatever that was going to happen. She knew that Jagdeesh could carry out his threat to expose her but she could not take the chance and that he would keep her secret as long as he could do whatever he wants with her body.

She heard the rustling of him removing his clothes in front of her. She looked away.

Then she felt him taking her hands in his as he placed them on his penis.

“Open your eyes, mom,” he said softly.

She was shocked when she did as he was told. She saw her fingers clasped around his huge penis. It was so hot. She could hardly encircle the girth of his shaft.

The blue veins were throbbing with his blood and the mushroom head was already seeping with his pre-cum. God, no wonder her vagina felt so full yesterday. He stood closer to her body and made her open her legs so that he could stand between them.

Taking his penis in his hand, he rubbed it on her nipples, leaving streaks of his pre-cum on the hardening points. Then he placed the throbbing phallus in the valley of her breasts.

Cupping both mounds of flesh in his hands, he pressed them together against his hot penis. Jagdeesh began to fuck his mother’s breast.

She looked up at him to see his eyes shut. The warm friction of his penis between the valley of her flesh was soothed by the seeping slickness of his pre-cum. As he moved faster, controlled globes of semen started to spurt out, coating her flesh. Then he stopped.

Manisha felt one hand at the back of her head, holding her by her hair. Slowly he forced her head down. The engorged head of his penis was rubbed against her lips, the slowly seeping semen coating her.

She felt him pushing and she opened her mouth. The throbbing organ entered, depositing more sperm onto her tongue. She heard him gasping as she felt him holding her head firmly and his hips started moving.

Jagdeesh was fucking her mouth. The thought was so vile but she could not stop the wetness between her thighs. Then it happened. Jagdeesh stiffened momentarily and Manisha felt a warm liquid filling her mouth. As Jagdeesh pushed deep into her mouth, she gagged.

His hot head touches the back of her throat and into her tonsils. His cum kept spurting and she had to swallow. His semen flowed down her gullet.

Then he gently released his hold on her head as she gasped for air. Jagdeesh kept fucking her mouth until no more sperm came out. When he pulled it out of her mouth, sperm and saliva dripped onto her breasts.

Manisha was choking for air. Jagdeesh walked to her bathroom and came back with a damp cloth. He wiped her face, her lips and her chest, removing all the secretions with made her wet.

Then he sat next to her and held her in his arms. Taking her hands, he placed it on his penis, which was wet and slimy from his cum and her saliva. It was still stiff and hard. He made her masturbate him.

When he was fully hard again, he made her lie on her stomach with her legs dangling down the edge of the bed and her knees resting on the pillows he placed beneath them. Jagdeesh knelt behind her.

Manisha felt her son’s hands on the mounds of her buttocks. Then she felt him spreading her flesh apart. Something dropped onto her anus.

She realized that it was his saliva. Manisha froze. Suddenly it dawned onto her that her son was about to perform the most taboo of sex act, the taking of her anus.

“Jagdeesh, no Jagdeesh, not that!” she tried to turn her head.

But Jagdeesh held her by the neck in a grip that she could not counter. A wet tongue rasped her anal orifice. The sensation made her lift up her buttocks.

Then his lips sealed onto her opening as he sucked her sphincter. It made her clasp the cheeks of her buttocks tightly together, trapping his face between them. But he kept sucking, his tongue pushing into her.

The clasping slowly relaxed and finally she surrendered, the cheeks of her buttocks opening, so did her tiny anus, allowing his tongue to penetrate her sphincter. The slightly acrid taste of her anus added to his erotic feeling, as his tongue kept poking into her rectum.

Manisha had never felt such feelings as Jagdeesh managed to penetrate her behind. She could feel her wetting herself and realized that it was not only her ejaculations but that she had actually urinated in orgasm.

Her anus was virgin. Neither her husband nor his brother had taken her there, although they had begged her for permission. And now, it was her son who was going to take that virginity.

Seeing her submission, Jagdeesh released his hold on her. He rubbed his finger against her vagina and slipped it in, making it slick with her juice.

Pulling out, he rubbed it around her anus and slowly pushed his finger in. Again, she clasped her buttocks together to stem his invasion.

Using his other fingers, he priced open the tender flesh and dropped more globs of saliva onto her tiny star. As his finger gained entry, her anal muscles relax again and he pushed in. This time, he began to finger fuck her anus.

Pulling her buttocks up more prominently, he had access to her vagina. Only then did Jagdeesh realize that his mother had urinated on the mattress beneath her.

He rubbed this penis against her wet vagina and sank it inside her. His unexpected entry into her made Manisha gasp in ecstasy. Jagdeesh could feel her vaginal walls gripping his thick phallus.

He fucked her for a while, making his penis wet and slippery with her juices. He pulled out of her and placed the head against her anus. Then he pushed. Manisha groaned at the forced entry. Her tiny opening refused to give but Jagdeesh was adamant.

His hands gripped her buttock cheeks and opened her. Manisha pounded the mattress with her fists as Jagdeesh forced his rigid organ against her opening. She could not fight him anymore as her tight sphincter gave way. Manisha cried in pain as her son began sodomizing her.

As his turgid head gained entry, he allowed her to get used to his size by not moving. Slowly he forced himself deeper into her back passage, his tremendous girth expanding her rectum.

This time,
Manisha urinated not in throes of pleasure but in the horror of unadulterated pain. Gasping for air and blinded by extreme discomfort, Manisha tried her best to contain her son’s taboo sodomy.

He was finally deep inside her, his body flat against her swelling buttocks. Jagdeesh just held her tightly against him, not moving, knowing that she was suffering. The cramps in her lower body were almost unbearable.

Mother and son lay, not moving, he on top of her back, his penis inside her rectum. The incredible tightness of her rectal muscles gripped his penis till he could not control himself anymore. Jagdeesh came inside his mother’s rectum even without fucking her.

She moaned in relief as she felt the warmness spreading inside her. His semen was plentiful and it helped coat the walls of her rectum.

Jagdeesh began to move and was able to. Fucking her rectum slowly, she began to accept his thickness. His semen was like a balm, making it possible for him to fuck her gently. The tightness made him cum a second time, filling her lower intestines.

Manisha had never been fucked like this before. Her own son had ravished her body beyond her own imagination. Neither Sameer nor Kishan had taken her so completely. This time, Jagdeesh slept in his mother’s bed, his penis imbedded still, deep inside her anus.

Jagdeesh fucked his mother five times everyday until that Friday when his dad returned. Although he wanted to sodomize her again, she allowed him to do it once a night and they usually slept with him still lodged inside her.

Jagdeesh left for university that Friday evening, just before his father’s return.

Three months later, he had a call from his dad informing him that they had a wonderful surprise for him. They had just received the positive news from their doctor. Manisha was pregnant.


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