Sexy Madhu’s Story

Madhu and I met and married in college, finishing together to began our careers, she as a school teacher, me as an accountant. Our sex life was normal, normal and dull. It was just straight sex, missionary style. I tried to talk to her about expanding her horizons and tried to get her to do other things, or, maybe even tell me her fantasies, but, she seemed sexless most of the time.

Then, after we had been married about three years, we found out I was sterile and that is the reason we could not have a child. Madhu was devastated. She so wanted children. I felt horrible because I wanted them, too, but, more than that, because I had let her down. It was about then I started having fantasies of her having sex with another man, a man who would impregnate her, a man to give her what I could not, a child.

I never had the courage to share my fantasies with her, although they became stronger and stronger. Every time we would see a couple with a small baby, I would see the pain in her face, see her wanting. Over time, I could see something else. I could see her disgust with me for being sterile, for being unable to give her that.

She would fight her feelings. I could see her pendulum swing from being over solicitous with me to revulsion at not being able to give her a child. It was so hard on both of us.

One night, after we both had too much to drink, I told her my fantasy. I told her I dreamed of her being impregnated by another man, of bearing a happy healthy child, of me watching them having sex or her telling me all about it. This was so much a part of the fantasy. I must know everything, as if I were impregnating her through him.

She slapped me hard, then she slapped me again. “How dare you think me a slut!” she screamed, pounding on my chest with her fists. “I’m your wife, you sterile wimp!” She began to cry buckets, collapsing against me as she sobbed. Immediately, she begged my forgiveness at calling me a wimp, saying she knew it was not my fault, that wanted a child as much as she did.

I threw myself in my work. Our relationship declined even faster, to the point she would lie there limply when we had sex. I got to the point I would rather not bother her. Yet, even though she was listless in our bed, I felt a tension building in her.

Then, the firm had a cocktail party for an executive who was being transferred to another office. Three other men had been fired. Those changes opened up some job opportunities which had not yet been filled. Mr. Malik, the top man in the company, was going to be at the party to meet all of us. I’m sure part of the reason he was there was to evaluate some of us who might be up for a promotion.

Madhu claimed to be too tired to go, but I insisted. This was too important for her to miss. Our company liked to hire married people and wives were an important part of our culture. At the party, Madhu relaxed and began enjoying herself as she normally did. She was really a very pleasant person normally, before the child crisis anyway.

We had been there about two hours when I realized Madhu was not by my side. I saw her talking to Mr. Malik in the corner. They seemed intent. I turned to talk to someone else. When I looked for her again, she was gone. So was Mr. Malik.

Immediately, I began to wonder. What was happening? Had they left together? Then, my immediate supervisor grabbed me to meet the new recruit. I was stranded, trying to make polite conversation while my brain whirled. I felt a hand on my arm. It was Madhu.

“Honey, let’s go home,” she said. Her eyes were wild, more alive then I could remember seeing them in years. She was very excited as she dug her nails into my arm. I said my farewells and followed her toward the door. Mr. Malik was watching us as we left. In the car, I tried to make conversation but she said she did not want to talk right now. She leaned back as if asleep but her foot was moving rhythmically with her shoe dangling off her toes. She bounced into the house.

“Did you have a nice talk with Mr. Malik?” I asked as we undressed in our bedroom after the party. The tension was thick. Madhu was moving sensually, her hips rotating more than normal, her back arched. I was hard just thinking about her.

“Yes. Why didn’t you tell me you were up for a promotion?”

“I didn’t know I was. The rumor mill had my name in the pot but I have not been officially informed.”

“Well, you certainly are being considered,” Madhu said.

I was sitting on the bed in my jockeys. Madhu was now naked except for her panties. I knew she wanted sex because she let me see her bare breasts. She had a funny smile as she sat next to me on the bed, a funny, wild smile.

“Tell me you favorite sexual fantasy again,” she said.

I quivered. She had never asked this question before, never.

“Which one?” I asked, although I knew exactly which one she meant.

She dragged her nails over my bare leg. “You know which one.”

“I want you to have sex with another man. I want him to impregnate you. I want to watch or I want you to come home and tell me about it.” I gasped it out, my voice squeaky. Sweat started to flow from me.

“Tell me yours now,” I asked. Madhu would never discuss her fantasies. I knew tonight was going to be different. She was dying to tell me. She gave me a coquettish gaze, looking up from under her lashes.

“Oh, mine is almost the same as yours. In mine, a strong man takes me in a situation where I have little choice about it. You watch sometimes. Sometimes, I tell you about it. He fucks me. His dick is big and long and thick and so very hard. He fucks me all he wants to. He fucks me and makes me pregnant.”

She was wild, digging her fingernails into my thigh. She leaned over conspiratorially.

“More than that, he makes me his slut. Me, Ajay, me. Little, sweet, shy Madhu. I become his slut, relishing in his control of me, loving every minute of the sex, doing whatever he wants anytime he wants.”

“Why did you never tell me that?”

She ignored my question, standing and walking away. She spun to face me again, hands on hips, pelvis thrust forward.

“I know what it will take to get you the promotion,” she said.


“Mr. Malik wants me. He wants to fuck me.”

I started to quiver. I could tell Madhu was very sexually excited, more excited than I had ever seen her, even on the honeymoon. Her nipples were hard and I could see the dark stain of honey dew on her panties. Her eyes glittered as she sat by me again. Her hand slid up my leg to feel the erection in my shorts.

“I want to fuck him. I want him to take me. I want him to make me his slut. You would like that, Ajay, wouldn’t you? You would like your sweet wife to fuck your boss and for you to get the promotion. Think of it, Ajay. Think of Mr. Malik, your boss, between my legs, fucking me, fucking me so hard. Think of his hot cum flooding my ravaged pussy. Think of his virile sperm seizing my eggs, making me pregnant. You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Her hand was rubbing my cock hard now. I could not hold back.

“Oh, Ajay, you are excited. You came in your shorts. I want you to get hard again and cum in me, Ajay. I want you to cum in me as I tell you my fantasy.”

I was hard in an instant. Madhu stripped off her panties and shoved them in my face, giving me a deep smell of her delicious odors. She lay on her back and pulled me between her legs as our eyes locked together. I was moving slowly in and out.

“Mr. Malik is my fantasy, Ajay. He tells me I will do as he says. If I do, you get a big raise. If I don’t, you get fired. I have no choice. But, if I had a choice, it would be him. I want him to father my children. I want my belly fat with his child. So, I let him have me. And, oh, Ajay, he really has me! His cock is big, very big, and very hard. He fucks my pussy so good, so good.”

By now, Madhu was sweating profusely, her speech slurred, her nails deep in my back, her legs tight around me. Our breathing was ragged. I fought to hold back from cumming again.

“Then, he rolls me over and fucks my ass. He is not gentle. He just rams that big prick in me. I scream from the pain but it starts to feel good, as good as getting my pussy fucked. Then, I orgasm from his big cock in my ass. I can feel you, Ajay. I can tell you are ready to shoot. Cum, Ajay! Cum in me! Cum in me thinking of your sweet little wife getting royally fucked by your boss, of his seed growing in me.”

She screamed and started bucking. I could not hold back any longer. My cock had never been that hard that long. I exploded in her. As we lay cooling together, Madhu said softly, “I intend to live my fantasy, Ajay. I am going to fuck your boss. I am going to bear his children And, if he will have me, I am going to be his slut.”

She slipped out of bed. I heard her make a phone call from the living room. When she returned, I asked what she did.

“I called Mr. Malik. He will explain it to you in the morning. Now, go to sleep.”

She curled up against me. I could not sleep. I had never been so aroused, so hard, so wild, as I thought about my Madhu carrying a baby. During the night, as her bottom was curled against me, I slipped my cock in her. She moaned and pushed back. “That is it, Ajay. Fuck me while I dream of carrying Mr. Malik’ baby.”

Mr. Malik called me into his office early the next day.

“I understand you and your wife had a nice conversation after the party last night, Ajay,” he said.

“Yes, sir.”

His eyes were cool, neutral as he watched me. I was surprised as how calm I felt.

“And, what is your understanding, Ajay?”

“My wife is going to have an affair with you.”

“Is that all?”

“No, sir. You will make her pregnant.”

A small smile twitched the corner of his lip for an instant. His eyes softened some.

“You have no problem with that?”

“No, sir. I have no problem.”

“It will be more than that, Ajay. Let me explain the ground rules. First, you will get the promotion and a nice raise.”

“Thank you, Mr. Malik,” I replied. He nodded.

“I will expect your wife to do as I say when I say, which includes dress and decorum. I will have her when I wish, where I wish. In addition, I expect her to perform for my friends when I tell her to. So, it will not be just me fucking her, Ajay. Do you understand that?”

“Mr. Malik, may I sit down?”

“Of course. Would you like a drink?”

“No, sir. It is just . . . ”

“I understand, Ajay, but, I want you to be aware of what is going to happen to her if I take her. No surprises.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The affair may last a weekend or a lifetime. I understand you two do not have sex very often?”

“Yes, sir. Maybe twice a month.” He laughed, not an evil laugh, but a laugh which said I was a fool for letting my wife service me so seldom.

“One of the real benefits to you, Ajay, will be lots of sex. She will have sex with you every night, either vaginally or orally. Anally is reserved for me.”

“Of course,” I said.

“Any night she does not satisfy you, you are to tell me the next morning so I can punish her. I will punish her for not keeping you very happy in bed or for any other reason I choose. In fact, she will be punished whenever I think she needs it, Ajay.”

The thought of my wife being punished by my boss made me hard as a rock. I wondered how he would do it.

“As for you, you are to continue to treat her as your wife, to love and care for her. She will need care, particularly when she is pregnant and during the delivery stage. And, I expect you to be a fine father for my children, Ajay. I mean that sincerely.”


“Yes. Children. I expect her to have three to five, in total, at least two of which are mine. Do you understand this, Ajay? I will make sure she has several children by me and at least one child by someone other than me.”

“Yes, sir. I understand. We both do want children.”

“Well, you will have plenty of them.” He came around from behind his desk, sitting in the chair next to mine.

“She told me your fantasy. I will let you watch sometimes but, most often, she will tell you about it. I am sure she will have some good stories. Any questions?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. I am picking your wife up at three today. She is spending the weekend with me.”

I did not know what to say to that. Finally, I said, “Well, have a nice weekend.”

He laughed. “I am sure I will, Ajay.”

At three that afternoon, my head was spinning, knowing at this moment my wife was getting in my boss’ car to fuck him for the weekend. I was so hard and my mind was so full of visions of Mr. Malik fucking my wife I could not think. That night at home I masturbated twice, thinking about Madhu with Mr. Malik. Saturday was a long day. Saturday night, I had just put a movie in the VCR when I heard the door bell. It was a young woman. She had on too much makeup, extremely tight clothes with a bare midriff and a very short skirt. She had high heels and stringy blonde hair.

“Ajay Khanna?” she asked.

“Yes. Who are you?”

“I am Tanya. Mr. Malik sent me. I am your promotion bonus.”

Tanya was a real pro. She spent the night with me, taking her time to make the sex very enjoyable. I came four times before she left at dawn. But, she was not my wife. She was not Madhu.

Madhu got home about six Sunday night looking exhausted and well used. She gave me a big, long kiss at the door.

“Want to hear?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, as my cock strained at my pants.

“I need a hot bath. Come on and I will tell you.” I followed her into the bathroom where she drew the bath water and undressed. As she turned around, I gasped. Her breasts were bruised, with blue splotches on them. I saw other bruises as my eyes ran down her body. Then, I had a bigger surprise.

“How do you like my shaved snatch?” Madhu asked. Her pussy was smooth and bald.

“What is that?”

“A ring through my clit hood. He had me pierced. Want to touch?” I touched the tiny steel ring. She shivered and gasped from sexual need.

“That sure pops my clit,” she moaned. Slowly, she lowered herself in the tub, moaning in enjoyment from the steaming water.

“How was Tanya?” she asked.

“He told you?”

“Yes. I think that was nice of him to do.”

“Tanya was fine. I got a wonderful blow job.” I said this intentionally because it was something Madhu never did. She laughed.

“I probably gave more blow jobs this weekend than Tanya did. Get me some aspirin and a soft drink, please, Ajay.” When I returned, she took the aspirin, and lay back.

“Ready to hear?” she asked.

My cock had been ready since she walked in the door.

“I would love to hear,” I said.

“He picked me up at three. We went directly to a store where he bought me some new clothes to wear, slutty clothes, Ajay, clothes that reveal me like you have never seen. I will model them for you later. I was wearing my new clothes when he took me to a nice restaurant. Then, we went dancing. It was about one when we got to his house. He took me to his bedroom. We hugged and kissed as we undressed each other. Then, he lay me back. His cock is huge, Ajay. I mean a monster. I was afraid I could not take it all. But, he was very gentle, letting me get use to his size. God, Ajay, I have never felt so full. It was heaven.”

She opened her eyes to look at me. I was rubbing my very hard cock through my pants. She smiled softly.

“I have been ordered to take care of your every need. Want a blow job?” she asked.

“Yes,” I croaked.

“Well, get over here.”

I dropped my pants and moved to the side of the tub. Madhu, braced herself on her elbows on the tub side, and sucked me into her mouth. I was so aroused it took only a second before I shot. Madhu swallowed it down like a slut, the slut she had become. Then, she relaxed again in the bath.

“He fucked me until I could not come any more. Ajay, it was something. I had never come like that in my life. I mean I was fucked out, but he had not cum. He can hold back forever. I felt his hand in my pussy. Then, it moved to my ass. I could feel his fingers penetrating me back there.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked him.

‘I am going to fuck your ass now. I am lubricating it.’

‘No. I don’t want you back there,’ I said.

He just gave me an evil, demanding smile. ‘Actually, I would enjoy your fighting me. Raping your ass would be more fun for me than you giving it to me. But, it would hurt you a lot more. I suggest you shut up and turn over’.”

I was getting hard again but Madhu’s eyes were closed, her hands gently caressing her nipples which were hard as rocks. She was getting as hot remembering as she was telling me as I was listening.

” ‘No,’ I said. ‘You may not have my ass.’

We both knew I wanted him to force me, to rape my ass. I guess the restraints were hidden behind the mattress. He rolled me over and lay on me. He pulled the restraints out and attached me to the bed, face down, arms spread.

“Now, little slut, beg me to fuck your ass.’

‘No,’ I said, wondering what he would do. He reached under me, lifting me up a little to grab my breasts. He began to squeeze, his fingers digging into my flesh. It started to really hurt. That it where the bruises on my tits came from, Ajay, from his crushing it when I told him no.

‘Please don’t,’ I whimpered. He squeezed harder. I though he would rip my breasts off. Now, I was crying. I could stand no more.

‘Fuck my ass, please. Fuck my ass. I am begging.'”

“He yanked me up on all fours. I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart, his monster at my virgin hole. He slammed all the way in on one stroke. God, it hurt, Ajay. I felt like I was being ripped in two. I screamed. I tried to pull away but his hands held my hips and my arms were tied. He waited as my ass hole spasmed in pain. When it finally relaxed, the pain began to subside. He started to move in and out, fucking my ass. It felt good. Soon, I was begging him to never stop. Oh, I begged him, Ajay. I begged him to never stop fucking my ass. I came twice from his monster cock up my ass.”

She sighed contentedly and her eyes opened again. She smiled at me and saw my cock red and ready.

“Don’t worry. I will let you have my ass someday,” she said.

“No, Madhu. Mr. Malik told me I was never to take you there. It is reserved for him.”

“Well, I will make it up to you,” she said.

Madhu stood and began to dry off. Madhu never bathes in front of me and for her to stand and let me look at her naked body while she dries off is a great change in her behavior. A change for the better, I might add. I looked closer at her body. I could see faint fingerprints bruised against her hips where he had held her.

“What happened then,” I asked? She gave me a little, knowing smile. She knew I was totally aroused by her story.

“After he came in my ass, we showered together. I sucked him until he was nice and hard. Then, he fucked me again. I went to sleep wrapped in his arms.” Madhu wrapped her arms around me, kissing me. I could taste my cum in her mouth.

“You want a quickie or do you want to hear the rest of the story first?” she asked.

“A quickie.” After walking to the bed, Madhu lay back, gave me a slutty look and spread her legs wide, grabbing her ankles to hold herself open. I had never seen her do that before. I knee walked between her legs and slipped my cock into her. She was sopping wet. She wrapped those legs around me and fucked me until I came, which was not long.

“Did you orgasm?” I asked. She kissed me gently.

“Ajay, I probably don’t orgasm from you fucking me one time in ten. That is the reason I like you to eat me. And, it is one of the reasons I want Mr. Malik’ monster cock. I orgasmed over and over on his cock, Ajay. Now, please eat me, baby. I want to cum, too.”

I slipped between her legs, my mouth and tongue licking and sucking, taking her cum and mine, until she screamed in orgasm. When she had recovered, she continued.

“Saturday, I accompanied him as he played golf, riding in the cart. The cart was crowded with three of us but it was cozy. His partner put his hand on my leg at one point. I looked at Mr. Malik but he winked at me. His partner, Mr. Arnold, took liberties the rest of the way. I came on his fingers behind the seventeenth green.”

Madhu was watching me like a hawk, to see my reaction. I was enjoying her story very much.

“Saturday night, he told me what to wear. Do you want to see it?”

“Very much,” I replied.

She jumped up and opened her suitcase. She put on a black garter belt, black fishnet stockings, black five-inch-heeled shoes with a strap running around her ankle, a very short and very tight black skirt. She added a white pushup bra and a see through white blouse which emphasized her breasts and narrow waist. She looked like a slut, a high class slut.

“Like it?” she asked.


“Watch when I sit down.”

She sat. It was almost impossible for her pussy not to show, the dress was so short. And, since she wore no panties and was shaven, the lips of her pussy were plainly visible.

“What do you think, Ajay? I am a slut, or what? I told you I would be his slut.” She was excited at the thought, at being his slut.

“Go on with your story,” I said. She smiled at me.

“‘What are we doing tonight?” I asked.

‘Mr. Arnold is joining us for dinner. Then, the three of us are coming back here for sex.’

I began to tingle. I never had two men before. And, it was very thrilling to be told and expected to obey without regard for my feelings. It was a lovely dinner at another great restaurant. During dinner both of them played with my legs. Oh, Ajay, at one point, my skirt was up so far, both of them put fingers in me at the same time. It made me cum. Right there in the restaurant, I came from two men finger fucking me. When we returned to the house, Mr. Arnold kissed me and began undressing me. Mr. Malik joined us. I never had two men before as you know, Ajay. I took one in my ass while another was in my pussy. I sucked one off while the other fucked me. I kept their cocks clean with my mouth. I must have cum fifty times. They left me in the guest bedroom, passed out from exhaustion.”

She grinned.

“You have cum twice tonight. Do you need another?”

“Oh, yes,” I said with a laugh.

“Doggie style?” Madhu said. I fucked my wife doggie style. This time I believe she came as I lasted forever.

“What happened next?”

Madhu was exhausted, drifting in and out of sleep.


“After Saturday night?”

“Oh. Sunday, I fucked and sucked them both again. Then, I took a short nap. Mr. Malik awakened me, telling me we had an errand. That is when he had me pierced. That hurt. He meant it to hurt. The man at the tattoo parlor who did the piercing suggested they use a topical painkiller on me to deaden the area. Mr. Malik told him no, he wanted me to feel it.

‘We need to tie her down, then,’ the guy said. They tied me to a table, naked, legs spread. I felt him grab the hood with forceps and pull it out. Then, pop. I screamed like crazy. They gave me some aspirin. It is still throbbing some.”

Madhu smiled wanly.

“Ajay, I have got to sleep,” she said and rolled over. I heard her snoring in an instant.

The week was fairly uneventful. The biggest change was for me was I had sex with my wife every night. And, it was not the plain old sex we had been having. It was wild, hard sex with both of us orgasming until we could not cum again. Of course, I ate her pussy each night. It was very clear to me that my cock did not make her cum.

Then, Wednesday, she went to the beauty parlor. Madhu had long brown hair which reached to her shoulders. She always wore it straight. She always wore a small earring in each ear. When she got back, I was shocked at the change in her appearance. Her hair was cut shorter, dyed a beautiful golden blonde and curled so it lay around her head. And, she had five tiny gold rings in each ear.

Thursday night, she said, “I am not going to have sex with you. I know you are suppose to tell him. I just want to see what he will do.” I was angry with her for denying me and told her so. She was very surprised I was so strong with her. I think it secretly pleased her. But, she was adamant. She wanted to find out what Mr. Malik would do. She found out.

When I told him, he immediately called her at school. He ordered her to his office as soon as school was over that afternoon. About four, he called me, telling me to join him in his office. Madhu was sitting in a chair in his waiting room when I got there. Immediately, we both entered. She was twitching all over as she stood in front of his desk, bright eyed and eager with anticipation. He never said a word to her, although he did speak to me. He came around from behind his desk and undressed her. When Madhu was at school, she still wore the same conservative clothes she had always worn. Other times, she dressed like the slut she had become. He stripped her naked except for her thigh high stockings. Those he rolled down to her knees.

Then, he started fastening restraints to her wrists, thick leather bracelets which buckled in place and had big rings. Madhu never complained. In fact, she was loving it. I could smell her pussy and see the juice on her thigh. When he finished with her arms, he attached restraints to her legs. He pushed her face down over his desk. With rope, he bound her legs and arms so she could not get away.

Madhu was wild now. She started begging him not to hurt her. He grinned at me. It was clear she was loving what was happening to her. Finally, her spoke to her.

“Madhu, I do not tolerate disobedience. I told you to satisfy your husband every night. He tells me you intentionally did not obey last night to see what I would do.”

“Yes, sir,” she sobbed.

I could see the panic in her eyes as he jammed a ball gag in her mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. Her face was total fear and she was squirming all she could when he showed her the willow branch. It was about four feet long and very supple.

“Now, Madhu, you are a slut and I am your master. Ajay is your husband. You will obey both of us all the time. This whipping will help you remember that.”

He gave her twenty and he was not gentle. The stripes covered her from the back of her knees to the small of her back, although most landed on her ass and upper thighs. I could hear her scream through the gag as the welts, red and ugly, immediately popped up when the willow branch struck her.

When he stopped, he commanded, “fuck her cunt, Ajay.”

I was rock hard. I jumped behind her and slammed into her. She orgasmed on the first thrust but I was pleased how long I lasted before I filled her with cum. Mr. Malik dropped his pants. His cock was a monster, much bigger than mine. He ran it in and out of her sopping pussy to get lubrication, then slammed it as hard as he could in her ass. She screamed again and passed out. He stopped, his cock in her to the hilt. He retrieved smelling salts from his shirt pocket and held it under her nose. When she revived, he fucked her ass long and hard until they both came. He walked in front of her, removed the gag and stuck his cock in her face, ordering her to clean him. I watched her lick her shit and his cum from his cock. He left her there across the desk.

He sat in his chair and called his secretary, ordering drinks for him and me. The secretary did not even flinch when she saw Madhu tied down and freshly fucked over his desk. I was have expected Madhu to be embarrassed at being seen by someone else. It was obvious what had happened. But, she had a wild, slutty grin in spite of her crying when the secretary walked in the room.

After Madhu’s sobbing had quieted, he asked, “Have we learned a lesson today, slut?”

“Yes, sir,” she said, in a tiny, little girl voice.

“I will do this whenever I wish and next time, I will not be as gentle with you.”

“Yes, sir,” she sobbed again.

“Do you understand about being Ajay’s slut as well as mine?”

She looked over at me. It was the most loving look I had received from her in a very long time.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Release her, Ajay.” I unbound my wife. When her hands were free, she gently explored her ass, winching every time she touched herself.

“May I go clean up, Mr. Malik?” she asked.

“No. Just dress. I want the cum to run down your leg, slut. I want everyone to know you are freshly whipped and freshly fucked.”

When he called her a slut, she gave him a wild, sexy look.

“You like being my slut, don’t you, Madhu?”

She said nothing but her look screamed yes. He jumped to he side and swatted her ass which was still tender from her whipping. She squealed and jumped.

“I asked you a question, slut.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes. I like being your slut.” She turned to look at me. “I like being your slut, too, Ajay.”

From that day forward, there was no question about out relationships. Mr. Malik was my boss and Madhu’s master. I was his employee and Madhu’s husband. Madhu was my wife, a teacher, but, first and foremost, she was a slut, his slut first and my slut second.

Madhu & husband’s boss continue their affair

I got off early from work on Friday to go home. I wanted to see how Madhu was dressing for the weekend. It would be her second time with Mr. Malik, my boss and her master.

As I told you, it was just last weekend when she had become my boss’s slut, spending the weekend with him. She came back well fucked and happy and changed. During the week, she had not been with him. She had only seen or talked to him on Thursday when he whipped her with a willow branch in his office and fucked her ass as punishment for not having sex with me on Wednesday night. He ordered her to keep me very happy and as his slut, she was expected to obey all his orders, everyone.

I was happy for Madhu. She was loving being his slut and getting the royal fucking she wanted. More importantly, he was going to make her pregnant, fill her womb with his rich seed and give her the child I never could give her.

I was happy for me, too. Our sex this week had been the best since the honeymoon. Madhu had sex with me every time I asked except for Wednesday night and she found out what that was like.

I heard the shower go off as I walked in the bedroom. When I entered the bath, she was drying her shortish, curled blonde hair. It had been long and brown last weekend but a stylist selected by my boss had changed that. Carefully, she dried her ears around the six tiny gold rings my boss had installed.

“Hi, Ajay,” she said with a big smile. “Come home to see me off?”

“I wanted to tell my best girl goodbye for the weekend. What are you going to do?”

“I have no idea. He just told me what to wear and to be ready at four.”


I could tell she was. She was bubbling, almost delirious with happiness. She could hardly speak without giggling. Her big eyes were bright and shiny as she started curling her hair as he wanted it curled. She sat naked at her dressing table, the dryer in one hand, a brush in the other.

I could smell her pussy, She was flowing just thinking about being with my boss, Mr. Malik. She had told me about last weekend. When she described his cock, I did not believe her. But, I saw him fuck her ass in his office and I had seen for myself. He had a very big cock. I knew that big cock was making my little slut wife a happy woman. She began applying her makeup.

“I did not know you wore that much,” I said as she applied a heavy eyeshadow.

“Oh, Mr. Malik, wants me to wear more. He says I look more like a slut that way.” She stopped to look up at me, the eye shadow pencil poised in the air. “I am a slut, you know. His slut.”

“Yes, I know,” I answered softly. She was a slut and she was Mr. Malik’ slut, that was clear to us all.

She put on a bright red lipstick which matched her bright red finger and toe nails. Still sitting, she reached for her stockings. They were a sheer nylon, thigh high, but with a dark seam running up the back. She extended her shapely leg. Humming, she worked the nylon over her painted, pointed toes and sensually unrolled it up her leg. She stood and unrolled it over her thigh, lovingly adjusting it until the seam was perfect. Then, she sat and started on the other leg, giving it the same tender care. I knew she wanted to be perfect for him.

A week ago, she would not have worn such clothes. More significantly, no matter what she wore, she would not have let me see her like this, dressing, naked after her bath. Now, she enjoyed me looking. She stopped, one leg extended with the stocking to her knee, the other bent and already finished. She gave me a slutty look.

“You’re hard. What caused it?”

“Why, you, of course.”

“No. I mean seeing me dress or thinking of your boss’ big cock reaming out my tender pussy.”

That was a good question. Of course, seeing her made me hard, but never this hard. I could not get out of my mind the picture of her tied over his desk as she fucked her ass. She was bound at arms and legs, spread. He fucked her so gloriously. I felt my cock twitch.

“Both,” I answered honestly, and it was. I liked the idea of him fucking her. I was anxiously awaiting her bloated belly, fat from his child, or maybe from another man’s child. He had said she would get pregnant from at least one of his friends.

She smiled at me but it was a cunning smile, a demanding smile.

“You like him fucking me, don’t you?”

“Yes. I told you that.”

She sighed. “I just wish you had told me earlier. I could have been getting this good fucking years ago.”

“Come here, you,” she said with a smile. “I am not going to leave you that way. I do not want Mr. Malik to think I am not taking care of my husband.”

I walked the two steps to her. She undid my belt and unzipped my pants and yanked down by jockeys.

“Oh, you are hard. Let your boss’ slut take care of that for you.”

She wrapped her lips around my cock, slurping nosily, her tongue active, the pressure magnificent. I could not help myself. I shot into her hot mouth.

“Oh, Ajay, you do come quickly, don’t you? That is another reason I am his slut. He lasts all night. Let’s do it again. I did not even break a sweat.”

She kept sucking on me. I felt my cock harden again. Her head was a blur as she worked back and forth on me, back and forth. Oh, God, it felt good, so good. She would never even touch my cock before, now here she was blowing me like a world champion whore, all thanks to my boss, to Mr. Malik. Finally, I shot in her mouth again. She let me soften there, sucking all the cum from me. When she pulled away, I looked down. My cock was red, bright red, covered in her lipstick.

“Much better. Now, Ajay, I want you to beat off at least three times Sunday afternoon before I get home. That way, you can last longer. Okay?”

“Sure, Madhu,” I whispered as I rested against the counter.

“Now, move. I need to get my shoes.”

She opened a new shoe box and removed a shoe. It was brushed satin, soft and furry looking. It was black and the heel was very high.

“How high is that?” I asked.

“Six inches. I hope I can wear them all right.”

She pointed her sexy toes, tightening the muscles of her leg. Madhu has sexy legs, not thin like some models but muscular with smaller ankles. She slipped the shoe on and fastened a strap around her ankle. Rummaging through the box, she removed a small lock, the kind on some suitcases with the tiny key. She slipped the lock hasp through the tiny hole in the ankle buckle and pushed it shut with a click. I saw her shudder. She rummaged through the shoe box again.

“I can’t find the keys. I hope he has them,” she said, as she started putting on the other shoe.

When she stood, I had to admire her legs and ass. The six inch heels shaped them wonderfully. I could still see two faint red lines across her ass and another across her upper thigh where he had whipped her Thursday. She turned to admire herself in the mirror.

“Nice,” she whispered under her breath. Yes, it was nice and more. It was sexy as hell.

She walked to her closet, the high heels making her sway very invitingly. In a moment, she slipped on her dress. It was black, with a deep V to her waist. It had one snap, a large gold clamp at her waist which held the two sides together. The dress fit a little loosely on top, allowing people at the to view her entire breast if they saw her from the right angle. And, when she walked, the two pieces below opened. She was going to have to be very careful or her pussy would be revealed with each step.

But that is what he wanted I am sure. He wanted her pussy flashing every time she moved. Could you see the ring? Yes. There it was, with that step. Her bald pussy, freshly shaven by her just now, with its gold ring glistening.

She looked so good and I wanted to take her there again. She saw my expression.

“Not enough time, honey. He will be here any minute.”

She opened a package from a large department store. Inside were gold bracelets, six for each wrist. They would hang loosely and jangly. We heard the doorbell ring and I ran to answer it.

“Come in, Mr. Malik.”

“Hello, Ajay, Is my slut ready?”

“Here I am,” she said, bouncing towards the him, the dress revealing her pussy with each long, sexy stride she took. His eyes got hot when he saw her shaven snatch. She kissed, standing on one foot, the other raised, as the raised her head to him. I saw his tongue go into her mouth. Fortunately, she had used mouthwash after the swallowed my cum. I did not mind taking another man’s cum from her, but I bet Mr. Malik would mind.

“You look stunning, Madhu,” he said.

“Thank you, kind sir,” she replied coquettishly.

He pulled a jeweler’s box from his pocket, opened it and withdrew a gold necklace. It was a chain about two inches wide. It looked like a heavy chain that would be used on a dog except in gold instead of steel. It had a small diamond hanging from it.

“Turn around,” he said. He fastened the necklace around her neck. It was a choker, fitting tightly.

Madhu looked at me as her back was to him. She was so hot, so sluttish, so wanting sex. I had never seen her like that. I was so happy for her and for me. Mr. Malik took her arm and walked her to the door.

As they exited towards his limo, he turned to me and said, “Ajay. Call the school and tell them there has been a death in the family and Madhu will be out all next week. She will not feel like working. Have a good weekend.”

“You, too,” I replied as he escorted my slut wife away. She never looked back at me as I stared at her swishing ass under her flimsy and expensive dress.

It was a long weekend. The house was so quiet, the day so empty. I could not get her out of my mind. What was she doing at that second? Was she fucking him? Did he have her bent over a chair? On her back? Or, was it someone else? Who? A friend? A business associate? Maybe, it was someone from the office, someone I knew. Maybe?

I beat off, taking my smallish cock in my own hand. I used cooking oil once, salad oil, then hand lotion. I was going to be an expert on lubricants and beating off by the time she returned.

Where were they now? At his house? A party? My mind was going crazy.

Where? Who?

It was six o’clock on Sunday evening when I saw his limo drive up in front. I opened the door and stood waiting, waiting for her to walk out of it and come to me! Waiting to her about what had happened! Waiting for my slut wife to tell me how she had been used!

The limo door opened . . .

Next : Madhu meets the boss’ father.

I saw my slut wife’s pretty foot, still wearing the six inch-heeled shoe with the ankle strap securely locked, extend through the open limo door. Then, her leg. Wait! He pulled her back into the limo. They closed the door.

What was happening? What were they doing?

Was he going to fuck her right there? With the driver able to see and hear them, with all the neighbors watching on this Sunday evening?

There was Mr. Gupta across the street watering his flowers. He was watching the limo, watching from the corner of his eye. Did he know his sweet little neighbor, Madhu, the pretty school teacher, was going to be fucked inside that big car with its black windows?

I waited. My cock was so hard in my pants, so hard. I had beat off just an hour ago, beat off like she told me to do so I could last longer for her.

Was the limo moving? Did I see it rock gently? Were they fucking in there? Maybe she was sucking his cock, her sweet lips with their bright red lipstick wrapped around his huge cock? Moving back and forth. Maybe, up her ass again. She had loved that, loved it when I watched my boss fuck my wife’s ass. She was tied over the desk in his office then. Oh, how I wished I could be inside that limo watching them!

How long would they make me wait? How long? I have never seen the second hand on my watch move so slowly. What could I do? I had to wait, wait at the door watching the black limo parked in front of my house. Wondering.

The door is opening again. Yes.

Mr. Malik stepped out of the limousine. I could not see her, see Madhu, his slut, my wife. It had been since Friday and now it was Sunday night. She had been with him all weekend.

What had happened?

Mr. Malik looked perfectly groomed and dressed as if he just stepped from a shower. He bent over to help someone from the limo. I saw her foot again. I saw her leg, the hem of her dress. Ah! There she was. Oh, my. Madhu looked well fucked. I opened the house door and ran down the sidewalk towards them. She saw me coming and smiled. She was exhausted. As I got closer, I could see the white stains on her face and dress. I was beside her now, slipping my behind her back to support her.

“She has had a rough weekend, Ajay. And, this week will be tough.”

He stuffed a piece of paper in my pocket.

“Have her there at six in the morning. Do not be late. Then, when they say you can leave, come to my office.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Goodbye, slut,” Mr. Malik said to my wife.

He kissed her hard, one hand on the nape of her neck. I saw the other go through the opening of her dress. He was playing with her pussy. Right here in broad daylight on Sunday evening with all the neighbors home, my boss was playing with his slut’s pussy. With my wife’s pussy. I quickly glanced around to see if any neighbors were watching.

Was Mr. Gupta the only one watching as he played with her pussy? Mr. Gupta watching as he watered his flowers. Did he have a hard on? Was his cock bursting in his pants as mine was?

“I had a wonderful time, Mr. Malik,” she said, although it was said gasping as if she were in pain.

“Good. We will do it again in a few weeks. Goodbye.”

He jumped in the limo and left us there. The dress had fallen open. Could anyone see her? She her nakedness? She the cum on her thigh? Her clit ring glistening with wetness? Madhu looked at me and blushed. Ashamedly, she held the dress around her, looking down.

“Please, Ajay, I hurt. Will you carry me in?” she said very softly.

I lifted her in my arms, carrying her into the house, to our bedroom where I gently set her down on the bed. She fumbled through her purse and handed me a tiny key.

“Take the shoes off, Ajay, please. They have not been off all weekend. My feet are killing me.”

I unfastened the tiny lock and undid the buckle. Her feet were swollen.

“Oh, migod, that hurts,” she moaned as I pulled the left shoe off her. I started to massage her foot. “No. Get the other one off,” she whimpered. When both shoes were off, she fell back on the bed. Her feet were swollen and puffy. I began to rub them.

“That feels so good,” she moaned.

Her dress was open all the way, leaving her naked in front of me. Her pussy was bruised, the lips still swollen. As I looked at it, white cum oozed slowly from her and slid down the crack of her ass. She extended one of her long, red tipped, finger nails and plucked the cum from her dripping cunt. I watched as she brought her hand over her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, waiting, waiting for his cum to drop.

Slowly, the drop fell into her open mouth, like nectar falling from a spoon to a waiting babe. She stuck her finger in her mouth, slurping loudly to clean it.

“I love the taste of cum,” she sighed contentedly.

“Madhu, what happened?”

“Oh, Ajay, I will tell you all about it later. Go draw me a real hot bath and get me a drink, will you, please?”

As I stood, she stuck two fingers up her pussy, swishing them around. Again, she took the cum to her wanting mouth, licking herself clean, taking in all the cum my boss had left in her willing pussy. When I returned from getting her drink and drawing the bath water, she was naked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“My feet hurt. Please, help me.” I carried her into the bathroom, sitting her on the edge of the tub.

“Oh, oh, oh, that feels so good,” she groaned as she slid into the steaming water.

I was hard as a rock, my cock throbbing in my pants. What had happened to her? What had they done? I had seen her thighs. What had happened to them? And, now, as she lay back in the tub, I could see her breasts, her stomach. Oh, Madhu had a hard weekend! But, had she liked it? Was she still happy being my boss’ slut? I needed to know!

The dried cum on her face was softening from the steaming water. Her makeup was starting to run. I knew I had to have a picture. I ran for our camera. She looked so slutty with cum and eyeliner dirtying her face, I just had to have a picture.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“You look so slutty. I wanted a picture.”

She laughed. “Ajay, they made videos of this weekend. You can look at your boss’ slut all you want.”

She finished her bourbon and coke and handed me the glass, asking for another. When I returned, she learned forward.

“Kiss for your boss’ slut?”

I kissed her. I could taste the cum, his cum, in her kiss. It was the cum she had taken from her swollen cunt just before she got in the bath.

“Did you beat off like I told you to?” she asked, watching me intently.

I felt the blush rise in my face and my cock twitch in my pants.


“How many times?”


“Ten. Wow, good for you. Next time, Ajay, I want you to beat off into a glass and save it for me. I want to drink your cum when I get home. Your cum, Ajay, yours, the cum you shot thinking of your slutty wife fucking your boss. Oh, Ajay, think of it. As I am fucking your boss, taking his big cock deep in me, you are beating off into a glass. So, really two men are giving me their cum to drink. Oh, how deliciously slutty!”

“All right. I will save it next time.”

“Good. Now let me rest in the water a while and then I will tell you about my weekend,” she said with a tired smile.

I sat on the stool and waited. Soon, she finished her drink, asked for another refill and lathered the wash cloth. Leisurely, she began rubbing her breasts. I saw her wince when the cloth rubbed the blue spot.

“Do my hair, please, Ajay,” she asked softly.

I kneeled on the floor beside the tub. After pouring shampoo on her silky hair, I began to rub, building a lather, scrubbing her hair clean for her, for Madhu, my wife. Slowly, I rubbed, the lather, rich and sweet smelling, oozing between my fingers, sliding her smooth back in white globs. Globs, soft and wet, sliding down her silky skin. Just as his cum had slid down her face, her breasts, like big globs of cum.

Then, she pulled the stopper and the tub started to drain. She stood and pulled the shower curtain, leaving me still kneeling by the tub. I heard the shower go on as she rinsed herself, rinsing away the grime and the cum. Shower off, she reached for a towel and I handed it to her.

Did she know how I ached, how my dick hurt and my balls? Did she know how much I wanted her? Why was she making me wait?

“Honey, why are you making me wait?”

She ripped back the shower curtain. Her eyes were blazing, her face red, the muscles in her throat corded.

“If you were a real man, you would not let make you wait. You would take me when you wanted me. But, if you were a real man, I would not be a slut just so I can have a child. You made me a slut, you short dicked wimp! Now, get out of my bathroom!”


“Get out!”

I left, of course. Why was she so angry at me? She loved it. She said so. She said she loved being Mr. Malik’ slut. She could have a child other ways. But she could not have him other ways. Why was she mad at me? I was supportive, helping her. Why?

In a few minutes, the bathroom door opened. She looked sad as she sat on the bed by me.

“I am sorry. It is not your fault you are sterile. Come on. Let me suck your cock.”

“No, Madhu.”

“Come on, please. Let me suck him and then I will tell you all about my weekend.”

My slut wife slipped to her knees beside the bed. She pulled me up, wiggling my pants and shorts off me. She pushed me back on the bed and wrapped her lips around my cock. Back and forth, Her mouth was so warm. Back and forth. Wet, the pressure devine. Back and no. No. Oh, oh. I could not help it. It felt so good, so good to have her hot mouth on my cock. She was sitting back now, licking cum from her lips.

“See, honey. That is why I want a man who can last. Now, let me tell you what happened.”

She got up on the bed beside me, legs crossed and started to talk. Her eyes were alive. The whiskey and her bath had rejuvenated her.

“Well, you were there when he picked me up. The limo was plush, Ajay. It had a bar and everything, much nicer than anything we could afford. He handed me a single red rose.

‘For a lovely lady,’ he said.

‘Oh, thank you, Asif,’ I replied.

Ajay, he got mad. Real mad. He did not say anything but his eyes told me. He put his hand on my leg, right there, on the knee. His fingers slowly started walking up my leg. It felt like a spider on my leg. You know how I hate spiders. I wanted to brush it off, or shake it off, but I was afraid of him, afraid of what he was going to do to me.

“Why are you angry?” I gasped out at him.

‘You may never call me by my first name, slut. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, sir, but.’

‘But nothing, slut.’

His hand kept moving up my leg. I flinched, jerking my legs shut, trapping his hand. Oh, Ajay, he did not like that. That is when he did this.”

She pointed to a dark, purple-blue, ugly bruise on her thigh. I could see where a nail had dug into her flesh, tearing it.”He dug his nail in and squeezed. I grabbed his hands with mine but his look told me to let his go. I pulled my hands away. He kept the pressure up, then slowly he twisted, just like a school teacher twists a child’s ear, he twisted my flesh until I screamed. When he released me, I grabbed my leg, rubbing it.

‘Put your hands flat on the seat, palms down, and slide them between the two seat partitions,’ he said. ‘Never rub where I have punished, slut.’

I did it. I did not want to make him mad again.

‘Now, spread your legs for me. That’s it. No, slut. Wider. Wider.’

He reached over and removed the clip from my dress. The front fell apart leaving me totally exposed. You saw that dress. It is one piece held together by that clip. Oh, Ajay, it felt so good to be like that. To be totally exposed. Open. Under his control. I loved it, Ajay. I loved your boss dominating me like that.

‘Well, slut,’ he said, ‘I can see I will have to help you open your legs like I want them.’

Ajay, those limos have everything. There was a drawer in the shelf where the whiskey was. He opened it. There were ropes inside. He took two pieces of rope and made slip knots in one end of each of them. He took each of my legs and slipped a rope over foot. He pulled it, tightening the rope around my ankle.

Ajay, I looked down at myself, at my shaven pussy and the ring through my clit hood, at the high heels locked in place, at the rope, the white rope against the dark stockings. It was so decadent! God, I was dripping pussy juices from it!

Oh, Ajay, you are so hard again. You like hearing about this, don’t you? Do you want to stop for a quickie?”

“No. Go on. Please.”

“Ajay, there are straps in those limos. Straps like in cabs, for people to hold on to. They were above the rear seat. He pulled my right leg up, toward the strap. He slipped the rope tied to my ankle through the strap and pulled. I was bracing myself on my arms and on my other foot. It was bent as such an angle, Ajay, as I strained as my right foot was tied to the strap.

I was starting to sweat as I stared into his face. I knew what he was going to do, Ajay.”

Her hand was on my leg, her nails gently teasing me. Migod, I wanted her, wanted to fuck her. Take her my mind screamed, but I sat there.

“Ajay, I need to cum. Will you eat me? Please. You know I can’t cum easily from you fucking me. After this weekend, maybe I will never be able to cum from you fucking me ever again.”


“Oh, Ajay, his cock is so much bigger than yours. And his father’s, well. I am sure my pussy is so stretched I won’t even feel yours.”

“I thought that was an old wives tale, about stretched pussy, I mean.”

“All little dicked men think it is an old wives tale, Now, eat me. Come on.”

She lay back on the bed, pulling me towards her. I wanted to fuck her, but she pushed me, pushed my head between her legs. She held me to her pussy. It was swollen again, swollen in need.

Her pussy is so sweet, so ripe. I love eating Madhu’s pussy. I licked. I tongued and sucked. I ate Madhu’s pussy like a madman. All the time my cock was throbbing in its own need.

“More, more, suck my clit. Make me cum, Mr. Malik,” she screamed, holding my head to her dripping cunt. I made her cum. She came so much more easily now. It did not take nearly as long, not after Mr. Malik had broken her in. She gasped, resting.

“Oh, Ajay, that felt good. I love to cum. You know, Ajay, you eat my pussy better than anybody, even better than your boss. I just realized that. You are one pussy eating dude, Ajay.”


She stretched her legs, arching her back as she yawned.

“Want to hear some more?”

“Yes,” I said. My cock was ready to explode. Didn’t she know that?

“Where was I? Oh, yes. There I was, watching him, spread wide and open, my dress undone. Oh, it was delicious. I wish you could be a woman, Ajay, for just one day. You could learn how good it really feels. I felt his hand on my left ankle, the one supporting me.

‘Please don’t,’ I pleaded. But, he yanked it up. Ajay, I was swinging! As the limo moved, I was swinging! He is so strong. He pulled my leg toward the other strap. He yanked the rope.

“No,’ I screamed. ‘You are pulling me apart.’

‘I like more flexibility in my sluts. You need to began exercise.’

God, Ajay, how can I describe it? My legs were roped to the straps. My hands were trapped between the seat cushions. My ass was in the air. My ass and my naked pussy. Oh, Ajay, it was devine! I was swinging. I was swinging and with every swing, my pussy approached Mr. Malik’ face. Oh, I wanted him to lick me. When my pussy swung to his face, I wanted his mouth on me. I felt so slutty, Ajay. So absolutely slutty and helpless swinging in the limo.

You know what he did, then? He slipped his finger in my pussy ring. This ring. The one through my punctured clit hood. Then, when I swung away from him, it pulled. Oh, it hurt and I begged him to let go. But, when the pressure lessened, shocks went through me, bolts. I knew I could cum from it. I knew I could. I wanted to, Ajay. I wanted to cum swinging there, cumming from his finger in my clit ring.

I wanted to cum so badly. My head was back, lower than my body. I could feel the blood pounding through my brain. My thighs were tight, stretched, my muscles screaming from the tension, my tendons hot and burning. I was so open. Open and available. And, I wanted to cum.

‘Please, Mr. Malik. Let me cum. Let me. Please. I need it.’

I begged him to let me cum, begged so much. It felt good, Ajay. Sluts should beg once in a while. He did not say a word. As I begged and begged to cum, he said nothing. He was keeping me at the edge, the absolute edge of orgasm. It was devine, simply devine, oh God, I wish I could feel it right now!

I could not see him. I could only feel his presence, feel him sitting between my open legs, feel that one finger through my clit ring, as I swung back and forth, back and forth.

Oh, Ajay, you are so hard. Let’s do something about that. Would you like to fuck your boss’s slut? Would you like to put your dick in this well used cunt, so well used, Ajay? Let’s do it! Then, I will tell you about the rest of my weekend.”

—Madhu meets the boss’ father—

Madhu, my slut wife, had been telling me about her weekend with my boss, Mr. Malik. It made me so hard listening to her, she was going to let me fuck her. She was on her back on our bed, our marital bed. I didn’t mind she was my boss’ slut. She was much better in bed with me, too. My sex life was good now. And she was going to have the baby I could not give her. My boss was going to make her pregnant.

“Come on, Ajay. Stick that little thing in me. Fuck me, Ajay. Fuck me.”

I crawled between Madhu’s spread legs, those beautiful legs she’dd wrapped around my boss just hours ago as he fucked her in the limo in front of my house. Now, she wrapped those legs around me and guided me into her.

I couldn’t feel any difference. She didn’t feel stretched to me. Was she? Was she so stretched from his big cock that she could barely feel me in her? How did it feel to her? How?

Madhu’s legs were tight around me. I could feel her tighten her pussy. Tighten. I’d hold back. She said sometimes I could make her cum when I fucked her. Sometimes. Maybe if I tried harder to hold back.

“Ummm, Ajay, fuck me. Come on, honey.”

She was starting to sweat. I could feel the heat pouring off her. Feel her muscles start to tighten.

“Ajay, so close, honey. Faster, baby. No. Dammit, no. Damn you, can’t you learn to hold it? Oh, God. Get down there. Make me cum with your mouth. Hurry, Ajay. I need to cum. Yes. Oh, yes. Come on, you pussy eater. Eat me. Eat me!”

Yes, I’d make her cum. Her hands held my head tightly against her pussy. I was sucking her clit, sucking and licking.

“Yes. YES!” she screamed.

She wrapped her legs around my head, crushing it, squeezing, squeezing my head as she came. I continued to lick her, continued eating her as the aftershocks floated through her. I stayed between her legs, licking at her delicious pussy, as she rested. I felt her stir, then she moved to sit up again. She patted my hand patronizingly.

“Well, Ajay, you almost made me cum with your dick. Maybe next time. It’s a good thing you love to suck cum from my pussy while you eat it or you’d never make me orgasm. Do you want to hear about the rest of my weekend?”

“Yes, Madhu. I’d like that.”

“Well, come sit by me.” She scooted up so her back was resting on the pillows and patted the bed beside her. She yawned and stretched.

“Where was I? Remember when you were a kid, a little kid maybe five or six and you went to the playground to ride the swings? You’d kick your legs and go higher, and kick and higher. Remember? Then, you’d get way high, kicking your legs to the sky. Right at the top, your head would be so far back you were looking at the ground. Then, movement would cease for an instant and you’d feel weightless. Down you went again, swinging backwards toward the ground. Remember how good it felt?

This was ten times better. Better. My feet weren’t swinging much, just the inches the straps in the limo moved, just the inches the rope would allow. But my pussy, oh, my pussy, moved back and forth, back and forth, almost weightless, Ajay. And, my head was back all the time. Oh, Ajay, the best part though was my pussy ring. His finger was through it. With each swing, the tension on the ring tightened. It’d pull. Then it’d be painful and I was afraid I would tear. Just when I thought the pain would make me scream, back I’d swing and the bolts of electricity would fire through me.

Bolts, Ajay, of pleasure, firing from my pussy all through me, making me tingle. Oh, I wanted to cum, but he wouldn’t let me. Mr. Malik is a good lover, Ajay, real good. You should take lessons from him. He knows how to make a girl beg for it, especially if the girl is a slut like me.

Then he let go of the ring. He stopped touching me. He wouldn’t talk. I swung there in the air, needing to cum. I was so open, so available, my pussy in his face, but he didn’t touch me. ‘Mr. Malik? Please, say something,’ I finally asked, but he was silent. You know, Ajay, that is when I felt the sluttiest. Just hanging there, my legs spread as wide as they could go, my pussy so open and exposed and him ignoring me, letting me hang. My arms were hurting and my legs ached. I felt my excitement ease away.

The limo slowed. When it did, he removed the ropes, letting me down. I sat for a second, my legs throbbing. I rubbed my arms to get circulation back in them.

‘Slut,’ he said. ‘I have a date tonight. I’m leaving you here. This is a retirement home. Go to apartment 2312, which is my father’s unit. Do whatever he says. You’re his slut tonight. I’ll pick you up at ten in the morning. Be wearing this.’

He handed me a small bag. Did I feel like a slut? Oh, Ajay, it was so delicious. It seemed Mr. Malik was making me more slutty with everything he did. I loved it. Well, I went through security. As I was looking for the apartment, several of the residents were sitting outside. As I walked by, I heard one say, ‘slut’. That was me. Slut.

I got Madhu the glass of water. She was looking down at her shaven snatch when I returned. I saw her gently stroking the clit ring. Little goose bumps broke on her breasts and chest.

“Oh, thanks, Ajay. Well, I knocked on the door and it opened in a second. A man was standing there. He looked like Mr. Malik, but older. I guess he was seventy-five or so. His face was wrinkled like a cotton dress thrown in a pile, but he had a big smile as he looked at me up and down. Really, Ajay, I was so disappointed. I was looking forward to some action with Mr. Malik and he sends me to an old folks home. But I smiled and tried to act happy.

‘I’m Muhammad Asif Malik. Call me Horse. All my friends do.’ the man said.

I shook his hand, but he didn’t let go, pulling me into the room and closing the door behind me. Ajay, there were three other old men sitting on the couch and a man in a wheel chair. He introduced them. Dabban, the man in the wheelchair, said he was ninety-one. I noticed a video camera in his lap and I knew they were going to photograph me. Babar was next to him. Babar was eighty-three. He was only about five four and did not weigh any more than I do. He was so scrawny. Ajay, I was afraid he might break. Then, Emran. Emran was way stooped over, with one of those humps on his backs like real old men get. He was leaning on his cane, his head up, peering at me over trifocals. Shammi was last. Shammi had a huge belly. He was wearing his house slippers.

Oh, Ajay, I was getting really down now. I wanted some fun. What fun could I have with these old men? Well, let me tell you, they had some fun planned!

Horse pointed to a straight chair, sitting about a foot away from the wall.

“Sit there, girly girl,’ he said with a grin.

I sat down. Horse put a hand on each of my thighs and pulled me to the edge of the chair, so I was hanging off it. He picked up my feet and brought them back so the long high heels were hooked behind the chair legs. I could not unhook them without sliding back in the chair, so I was trapped there. That brought my knees out at an angle like this and really spread my legs. Suddenly, all five of them were looking into my shaved pussy.

‘Should I take off my dress?’ I asked.

Emran replied, “Leave it on, You look like more of a slut with it flopped open like that.’

Oh, Ajay, I did look like a slut, a real cheap slut, with my knees so wide and my heels locked behind the chair legs. Horse pulled me forward a little more. I was so open in front of them. Horse went into the kitchen. He came back in a minute with a fishing pole and a zucchini. Look, Ajay, my pussy is dripping just from telling you about this!”

She was dripping, too. Madhu, my little slut wife, was dripping like a faucet. She dipped her finger in her pussy and licked it clean. Then, she dipped again and offered it to me. Of course, I opened my mouth. Her pussy tasted great.

“Well, Ajay, Horse pulled some line from the pole. It was clear line. Whatyacallit?”

“Monofilament line.”

“And it had a little thing on the end. He showed it to me, said it was for attaching lures. He called it a spinner. It had a catch. He clipped it onto the ring in my clit hood.

‘Ole Horse done caught himself some real fish now,’ Emran said.

‘Now, honey, you masturbate on this veggie here while we watch.’

The zucchini was cold, very cold. I shivered when he handed it to me. I put the cold veggie to my pussy lips, moving it around to lubricate it. Horse sat down with the fishing pole in his hand. He pulled the line tight and it tugged my ring. Oh, Ajay, I was still so horny from swinging in the limo, when he started pulling on that ring, I just about came!

‘Don’t touch your pretty little twat, girly girl. Just use the veggie,’ Horse said to me.

It was so cold, but my pussy felt like a gaping hole. I had to have something up me. I started to squirm from the coldness. Then Horse pulled the line. He was really making me dance with that fishing pole. I started inching the zucchini up my pussy. I was so wet, Ajay. Can you see me, fucking myself on a zucchini with my clit tethered to a fishing pole while five dirty old men watch? I mean, is that world class slut or what!

Can I have some water, Ajay?”

Oh, Ajay, you’re so hard again. Well, this time you’ll have to wait!”

“I don’t want to wait. I want to fuck you.”

“Fuck yourself, wimp!”

“Mr. Malik’ll punish you for that, Madhu.”

She stared at me, a nasty, demeaning stare.

“Well, if that isn’t the wimpiest, queerest sounding thing anybody ever said to me. Real masculine, Ajay. What a man! Threatening me with your boss! Like a three-year-old. Why don’t you be a man, you worthless wimp? Why don’t you take me! A real man would. But then a real man wouldn’t let his woman be the slut of his boss, would he?”

I didn’t like that. I didn’t like it one bit. After all, she wanted to be his slut. She wanted Mr. Malik to fuck her and make her pregnant. I was trying to be understanding, to be loving! I was trying to make the bitch happy!

She rolled over, exposing the back of her thighs.

“See where I was whipped, Ajay. See how a real man treats a woman who belongs to him. But, you would not know anything about what a real man does, would you?”

I was so angry I thought I might hit her, so I left the room. I went into the kitchen, got a beer and went out on the patio. It was ten minutes before I heard the door open. She knelt by the chair.

“Look, Ajay. I’m sorry. Come on back inside. I’ll fuck you and then I’ll finish telling you about my weekend.”

I followed her back to my bedroom. I was hurt and angry. She spread her legs for me, those legs she spread for Mr. Malik. “Come on, Ajay,” she said softly.

“No. You get on top.”

“All right.”

She had a funny little smile on her face as I lay back on the bed. She swung her leg over me and eased my raging cock into her pussy. She started to move, move up and down.

What would Mr. Malik do? I thought. What would my boss do to satisfy his hot slut? His slut that was my wife. She said she liked being a slut and she was my slut, too.

Well, let her satisfy me!

Up and down. She was sweating, starting to moan. Pussy ring! I slipped my little finger through the ring in her clit hood. When she moved, it pulled. Her eyes flew open and she gasped.

“Yes,” she moaned.

Fuck yourself on my cock, slut! I thought. I didn’t care if I ever came, but she cared if she did. Faster, faster. The ring was pulling. She was riding my cock.

“Now! Now! Oh. Oh. Yes, Ajay. YES! YES!”

She collapsed on me, gasping, her breathing ragged and hot on my chest, her juices dripping down my cock onto my balls. When she rolled off me, she had an expression on her face I hadn’t seen in years. I think it was satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction.

From me. From me!

“Ajay, I came from you fucking me. Do you know how long it’s been since I did that? And, you didn’t cum at all, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. Now, tell me the rest of your story.”

She whispered, “Ajay. I’m exhausted. Let me go to sleep.”

“Not until you finish telling me about your weekend.”

“Okay. Oh, yes. I felt so slutty as they all watched me masturbate on the zucchini. I moved it in and out. It was so slick from my juices I could barely hold on to it. Horse pulled my clit ring. He must be a hell of a fisherman. His touch was perfect, tight when I needed it, light when I needed that. I felt my orgasm building. I was almost there. Almost. I started to cum. He yanked the line hard. Then, again. Again. I was cumming and I couldn’t stop. I passed out and fell out of the chair.”

“Madhu! Were you hurt?”

“No, but I felt very foolish. Horse detached the spinner from my clit ring. He picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. They put cold packs on my head and let me cool down.

Then one of them said, “Show her why they call you Horse.”

Madhu shivered remembering it.

“Ajay, the old man unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Much bigger than his son’s cock. Ajay, it was huge. I’d never seen anything like it. I was afraid it’d stretch my pussy until it never would be the same.

‘You don’t plan to fuck me with that?’ I asked.

‘Girly-girl, I plan to fuck you all night with this,’ Horse replied.”

She had a smile on her face remembering how fucking Mr. Malik’ father felt. She must have enjoyed it. Her eyes closed and she fell asleep. I slapped her hard across the ass. She awakened with a start.

“Madhu, tell me what happened!”

“Oh, Ajay. It was like being fist fucked it was so big. He hit my cervix with every stroke. He was still fucking me an hour later when I passed out. They awakened me. I fucked or sucked all of them before the night was over. What really hurt was Horse fucking my ass. Oh, God, it hurt! Ajay, please. Let me sleep.”

She turned away and closed her eyes.

I tried to awaken her, but she was so exhausted I couldn’t. I left her there, too tired to talk from the fucking she had received over the weekend from my boss and his father.

I locked up the house for the night. As I was turning out the lights, I remembered my instructions from Mr. Malik about taking her someplace in the morning. I found the note and read it.

It was the name and address of a hospital.

I wondered what Mr. Malik’ had planned for his slut.

For my wife.

It was difficult awakening Madhu in the morning, but I did it. I carried her to the car and drove her to the hospital, checked her in and waited as the doctor came out. He told her to lie on the Gurney. Then, a nurse gave her the preoperative anesthetic.

“You can leave now,” he said to me.

“What are you going to do to my wife?”

“Exactly what Mr. Malik told me to do. He’ll explain it to you.”

I drove to the office and reported to Mr. Malik, as he had instructed me. I couldn’t find his secretary so I knocked on the door and identified myself. He told me to come in.

Mr. Malik was sitting behind his desk.

“Good morning, Ajay. What can I do for you?” His voice sounded strained.

“I was wondering what was going to happen to my wife?”

Mr. Malik let out a small groan and his head went back. He moved his hands under the desk. I saw his hips start to buck. I thought he was masturbating. Right here as I watched. He gasped as his face turned red. He gave one powerful thrust. It seemed an hour as he held that position. Then he relaxed.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood there with my heart pounding. I knew I had the hardest cock I could remember.

“Good job, Sonya,” he said. “Now, give Ajay one.”

He slid his chair back and his secretary climbed out from under his desk. Her makeup was smeared, her lipstick spread all over her face. Her hair was in tangles. Cum dripped down her chin and her tongue snaked out to lick it away. She had a wild, sexual look in her eyes.

“Pull your pants down and have a seat, Ajay,” Mr. Malik said.

I sat with my pants around my ankles. Sonya wobbled over and collapsed between my legs. She wrapped her mouth around my cock. Nobody had ever seen me have sex before. Nobody but my slut wife. Nobody but her had ever sucked my cock. But I was getting a blow job from my boss’ secretary as he watched me. She sucked cock a lot better than my wife.

I couldn’t hold back. I shot, filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed. She stayed between my legs and rested, too tired to stand.

“I’m sure you want to know what I’m having done to my slut,” Mr. Malik said. “I’ll tell you. She’s having extensive plastic surgery. First, breast implants. She’s a B-cup, Ajay. They’ll make her a DD-cup. That’s the size of Pamela Lee, if you were wondering. She’s having liposuction which will remove about three to four inches off her stomach and waist. The combination of the two will make her have an hourglass figure. I don’t like her nose. They’ll rebuild that the way I want it.

I decided to have her pierced while she’s there. I wanted her to be able to feel it, so they’ll do the piercings separate from her surgery and without anesthesia. It’ll be painful and she’ll remember it. It’ll make her feel more slutty, Ajay. Don’t think I’m cruel to her. I really like Madhu. Sluts like to be treated harshly.”

“Yes, sir. Where will she be pierced?”

“She’ll have a small, round brad in her tongue. The brad’s raised with bumps on it. It feels great when she sucks your cock. They’re piercing her navel. I had some jewelry made for her.”

He handed me a small jewelry box. I opened it. Inside was a charm like teenage girls wear around their neck with their names dangling from a gold chain. Except this was not a name. This said “slut.”

“Finally, her pussy. Three gold rings on each side, six in total. Yes, she’ll be well pierced.”

“That sounds like a lot,” I said.

“It is. She’ll recuperate for four weeks. During that time, you need to take good care of her for me. Make sure you do everything the doctor says so she heals properly.”

I was insulted! I mean, she may be his slut, but she was still my wife. Of course, I’d take good care of her. She was my Madhu and I loved her.

“I won’t see her until she’s healed and ready to be used. During that month, I have some things I want you to do for me.”

“Certainly, Mr. Malik. Anything you want.”

What did he want? What had I just agreed to do to his slut? To my wife? My heart was pounding but, once again, I was real hard and my cock poked against my trousers.

“Sonya. Get the package.”

His secretary stood, bracing herself on my thigh as she did. She gave me a sexy smile. In a moment, she returned with a box and a folder which she handed to Mr. Malik. He extracted a sheet of paper from the folder and handed it to me.

“That’s a schedule of her whippings, Ajay. She needs to be whipped each day, in the evening. It’s a matrix with the date down the left axis and the place where she is to be whipped across the top. The number of strokes is determined by reading the matrix. Questions?”

“Sir, to see if I’m reading this correctly? No whippings until she has been out of the hospital for two weeks. Then, for example, Tuesday she’s to get three strokes across the inside of each thigh. On Thursday, one across each nipple. Is that right?”

“Yes, Ajay. You’ll give her the punishment with this.” He handed me a riding crop.

“The stroke should be hard enough so it’s visible two hours later, but not so hard that it can be seen after twelve hours. It’ll take you a while to learn how to do it. Don’t be afraid to hurt her. Better too strong than too weak. Just experiment. In addition, Ajay, follow these instructions.”

He handed me another piece of paper. It was a detailed plan. I was stunned when I read it. I could not believe this was going to happen to my wife, to my Madhu. It would be worse than the whipping. I guess he could read my face.

“Don’t worry. She’ll love it. I’ll explain just to make sure you understand. Each morning before you go to work, attach her wrist restraints to the corner of your bed, to spread her arms and keep her from escaping. Her legs won’t be bound. Use the heavy chain in this box to bind her wrists to the headboard. Then, with these small gold chains and clamps, attach her nipples to her wrist restraints. That way, every movement she makes will pull on her nipples. Lubricate the butt plug and stick it up her ass. Insert the vibrator and turn it to high. Finally, put the leathers around her to hold the vibrator and butt plug in place.”

“And leave her that way all day?”

“Yes, Ajay. She should be left that way for at least eight hours. Now, as you can read, the first week she’ll be hospitalized. The second week, use the smallest vibrator. The third week, you’ll use the medium vibrator. The last week, the biggest one’ll be used. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Ajay, thanks for helping me train my slut. I appreciate it. In fact, I have a little bonus for you.”

“What’s that, Mr. Malik?”

“I’ll be out of town for a week and I don’t want Sonya neglected. I want you to spend your lunch hours in here with her each day.”

I glanced at Sonya. She gave me a big sexy grin.

“You may fuck her all you want, but I want her to suck your cock for at least half an hour. Keeps her in training.”

I couldn’t believe it. My boss, Mr. Malik, had another slut besides my wife and he wanted her to suck my cock during lunch hour! He wanted me to help him train his sluts! Me! Ajay! I was elated by the very thought of helping him.

“And I want you to spend the night with Sonya this week. She’s available and Madhu will be in the hospital. There’s no need for you to be alone.”

Mr. Malik gave a demanding smile to Sonya. She blushed slightly and wiggled like a bitch in heat.

“I want you to whip Sonya for me, too, Ajay.”

“No,” Sonya said, both hands covering her ass. Her lower lip was quivering.

“Yes, Sonya, my little slut. You need a few and Ajay needs the practice. Tonight, show Ajay how to hang you by your feet. I want you to have ten across the back of your thighs tonight.”

“Please, no, Mr. Malik,” she whined as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Do it, Ajay,” he said to me. “Feel free to fuck Sonya any time you wish. And you really should fuck her ass since I know you can’t have Madhu that way. Any other questions?”

“No, sir.”

He gave me a big smile and shook my hand.

“That’s all. You may leave.”

—–Madhu submits to changes and Ajay gets laid.—-

I couldn’t believe it! My slut wife was in the hospital on that Monday. She had surgery to change her body like Mr. Malik, my boss, wanted it. After all, she was my wife, but she was primarily his slut.

But what I really could not believe was he gave me his other slut, Sonya, his secretary, to use while he was out of town for the week. Not only could I use her, but I was helping him train her, too. I was very honored Mr. Malik was trusting me with such an important job. I had never trained a slut before. In fact, I had never fucked a woman except Madhu. Now, I was going to get Sonya, to fuck and to train.

I was very excited when I got to Sonya’s apartment after work. I had the riding crop Mr. Malik gave me hidden under my coat. I knocked hard on the door.

Sonya, wearing a bathrobe, had a wild, sexy smile when she opened the door.

“Hi, Ajay. What took you so long? Come on in.”

When I walked in, she kissed me long and hard. The robe fell open and she was naked underneath it.

“I want you, Ajay. I want you to fuck me,” she groaned, rubbing her body against me.

She was a lot more eager than my Madhu was for me, but I thought something was funny.

“First, I need to whip you, Sonya.”

“No, please, don’t do it.”

“Mr. Malik told me to do it.”

“He will never know. We can tell him you did it. Let me fuck you, Ajay. I will fuck you so hard you will forget about the whipping.”

I pushed her away.

“Sonya, Mr. Malik has entrusted me with his slut’s punishment and I intend to do it just as he wants, whether the slut is Madhu or you. Now, he said for you to show me how to hang you by your feet.”

“Please, no, Ajay,” she said very softly.

She spread her legs for me to see her shaved pussy. She moved against me, rubbing her body on mine. Man, was I hard! But, I was going to do what Mr. Malik wanted.

“I will whip you, Sonya. Do it now or I will tell him you tried to get out of your punishment.”

“All right,” she answered with great disappointment.

I certainly hoped Sonya was going to show me what Mr. Malik intended for her to show me. I followed her into the bedroom. She let the robe drop to the floor. She had a very nice body, but I guessed it was not nearly as nice as Madhu was going to be after her surgery.

Sonya sat on the floor and fastened leather restraints to her wrists and ankles. She pulled them very tight. She told me what to do. I attached her wrists to her ankles. Mr. Malik had installed a pulley system in her bedroom for suspending her when he wanted to do it. I attached the rope which ran through the pulley to her ankles and pulled. Slowly, her legs rose in the air. With her arms tied to her ankles, she was bent almost double. I kept pulling.

“You are not nearly as strong as Mr. Malik,” she said. “He could raise me all the way with one hand.”

Maybe I was not as strong as Mr. Malik, but I was strong enough to get the job done. I kept pulling until she was off the ground and was swinging in the air.

I was so hard! I had never been this hard. I found the crop.

“Ajay, you better gag me before you start. I don’t want the neighbors to call the police.”

I found the gag. It was a ball with a leather strap to buckle behind her head. Her eyes were wide and excited as I buckled it as tightly as it would go. I thought Sonya was looking forward to this. I remembered how much Mr. Malik’ other slut, Madhu, my wife, enjoyed being whipped when she was tied over his desk.

Sonya was swinging in the air, her legs straight, her body bent since her wrists were attached to her ankles. I could see her face. I could also see her lovely legs and her shaved pussy. Her ass hole winked at me.

Nobody had said otherwise so I decided that whipping a woman was best performed when naked. I undressed. Sonya was watching me, looking like a chipmunk trying to swallow a racquet ball with that gag in her mouth. I guess that is what gave me the idea. I had played racquet ball a few times.

In racquet ball, you step into the swing and snap your wrist. I lined up behind Sonya. She started whimpering through the gag. She was swinging more, trying to get away. I pulled the crop back and swung, putting my weight behind it and popping my wrist just like in racquet ball.

Wow! The welt just seemed to appear from nowhere right where her ass meets her thighs. I could hear her scream through the gag. She was moving like crazy, pulling up and down on the rope, like a yo-yo. I saw the piss flying from her and the sweat break out. Sonya had a wild, pained look on her face.

When I pulled the crop back for the second stroke, she jerked and swung violently in the air. I waited for her to stop swinging. It took me forty minutes to give her all ten because of all her movement. I certainly hoped Mr. Malik would approve. I had landed them between her knees and the top of her ass, just like he wanted. She was so exhausted by the last two, she had quit struggling. She just sobbed, as she hung there limply.

My cock had been so hard the whole time. I thought what would Mr. Malik do? I decided he would fuck her in the ass as she hung there. So I did. I pushed my cock in her pussy a few times to lubricate it. Then, I grabbed her hips, and stuck my cock against her ass hole. I pulled on her hips.

What a feeling! Me! Ajay! Fucking a woman’s ass for the first time. And, not just any woman, but one of my boss’ sluts who I’d just whipped. Her ass hole was so tight. Her legs and ass were so hot against me from the whipping. I pulled her back and forth. Her ass quivered around my cock. I did not even try to hold back. I just let my balls empty themselves in her ass.

After I recovered and took her down, I lay her on the bed and removed the gag.

“Mr. Malik is going to be very angry with you, Ajay,” she snapped.

“Why?” I was appalled. I wanted him to be pleased.

“You whipped me too hard. These stripes will be here a week from now. He said to make them hard enough so they would go away in twelve hours. Remember?”

“I was doing my best. He said to be too hard rather than too light.”

“Well, you were way too hard!”

I was devastated. I certainly hoped the stripes disappeared before Mr. Malik got back. I was trying so hard to please him.

Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch Sonya sucked my cock in Mr. Malik office. I held off as long as I could to give her the best training possible. I looked at her stripes each night when I slept with her at her place. I did not whip her again, but I did not need to. The stripes were very obvious, particularly that first one. She told me it still hurt like hell. I could feel the welt against me when I fucked her doggy style.

Wednesday the doctor called. They were going to pierce Madhu that afternoon and he wanted me to come watch. I was so excited. I had missed my wife.

Madhu was laying in the hospital room when I stuck my head in the door. She looked tired, which surgery does to you. The sheet was pulled back so I could see her. I could see the sutures under her breasts where the implants had been inserted. Her whole middle was wrapped in bandages from the liposuction. And her poor face. She looked like she had butted heads with a rhino. Her face was black and blue with bandages across her nose.

“Hello, Ajay,” she said sweetly. “I’ve missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

I stood by the bed, holding her hand. I was afraid to kiss her but she raised her lips to me. It felt so good to kiss her again. I was surprised how different it felt after kissing Sonya for three days. Madhu was a much better kisser even with the bandages on her nose.

“Madhu, your breasts are so big.”

She laughed, snorting through the bandages around her reconstructed nose.

“Ajay, these aren’t breasts. Breasts are those little things I had before. These are TITS! Big tits. Aren’t they magnificent? I just love them. You know, Ajay, all sluts should have big tits like these. Go ahead. You can touch them, just be gentle.”

I stroked her breast, I mean tit. It felt so firm and tight.

“Oh, that felt good. I can tell these tits are going to need a lot of TLC from now on. From the way the doctor and male attendants drool over them, I bet these tits will get all the loving they need.”

“When will the doctor be here?”

“Anytime. How have you been?”

“Fine. I’m helping Mr. Malik train his other slut. I’ve been sleeping with her everynight since you entered the hospital.”

Tears burst from her eyes.

“What do you mean? Do you have someone else?”

“No, Madhu. I’m just assisting Mr. Malik.”

“But I don’t want you to have sex with someone else,” she sobbed. “I want you to be faithful to me.”

“Madhu, you have other people. Many other people.”

She got really angry at me. She sat up in bed. Fire shot from her eyes.

“That’s different. I’m a slut. Sluts fuck who their man wants them to fuck. Sluts even fuck around if it is all right with their man. But you’re my husband. You’re suppose to be faithful. Ajay! I can’t believe you cheated on me!”

“It wasn’t cheating. Mr. Malik told me to do it.”

“Mr. Malik told me,” she said mockingly. “Do you do everything Mr. Malik says? You wimp! Well, I don’t give a shit what Mr. Malik says. I’m your wife. If you have another woman, I’ll leave you! Do you understand me?”

“You do everything Mr. Malik says,” I answered defensively.

“That’s different. He’s a man, not a wimp. I’m his woman. His whorish, cock loving, hard fucking, big titted slut! I’ll always do what he says. But you better not touch anyone else! I’m warning you!”

I was crushed. I couldn’t believe Madhu was talking to me like that. Why she was so upset? I wasn’t playing around. I was obeying Mr. Malik just like she was.

I was trying to decide what to say when the doctor and two nurses came in the room. The nurses were men and strong. They began tying my Madhu to the bed. One nurse pulled her tongue out and attached a clamp, holding the tongue tip out where he could reach it. The clamp had a bar which fit against her mouth to keep her from pulling her tongue back.

The doctor leaned over Madhu and said, “Normally, we spray a little topical anesthetic and penetrate quickly to minimize pain. But Mr. Malik wants you to feel this. So, no anesthetic and the brad goes in real slowly. Here it is.”

He held up the brad for her to see. It was like a thumbtack except the top was more rounded and had small bumps all over it. He seized the end of her tongue in forceps and held it still. He put the pointed end of the brad against her tongue and pushed.

She screamed as blood shot everywhere. I fainted.

The nurse was bending over me. There was a cold towel on my forehead. He moved me to a kneeling position with my head between my legs, so the blood would return to my brain. He got me a glass of juice. When I was stable, I stood by the bed and looked down at my Madhu. I couldn’t see the piercing in her navel because they had replaced the bandages. She was still tied to the bed, wrists attached to the corners above her head, legs in a frog style with her knees spread and tied. The rings in her pussy were clearly visible.

“Hurts,” she mumbled, except it sounded like “herth” with the new brad in her tongue.

She smiled shyly. I decided the best thing to do was to leave and come back tomorrow. I kissed her goodbye and left. But I didn’t go back to the hospital until Saturday when it was time to take her home.

Madhu was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. She was wearing a cheap, loose dress that came to mid thigh. It has a square bodice which her tits, as she called them, overflowed. When I entered, she stood and put her arms around me. “Oh, Ajay. I was afraid you’d left me. You frightened me not coming back. Why didn’t you return my phone calls? Please, Ajay, I don’t want to lose you!”

“I needed to let you rest,” I answered. The truth was I was thinking over what was going on in our lives. That and I spent every available moment having sex with Sonya, which I really enjoyed a lot.

“I’m sorry I was nasty to you, Ajay,” she murmured in my ear. “Please forgive me, baby. Please. I love you so very much, and, you really are the perfect husband for me.”

She kissed me hard and I felt the brad against my tongue. I was going to like that brad.

“You’re perfect for me, Ajay. Not just any man could love a slut like me. Not just any husband would be so understanding when his slut wife fucked other men. Please, Ajay, tell me you’ll stay with me and that I’m forgiven for being nasty to you.”

“Of course, I forgive you. I love you.”

“Oh, Ajay. That makes me so happy! Please. Take me home.”

I took her home, to our house. She was glad to be in her own bed. Saturday she slept most of the day. It was Sunday morning before she felt like talking again. She was sitting up as I removed the dishes left from her breakfast in bed.

“Who was the woman you were with?” she asked, her eyes locked onto me intently.

I was afraid she was going to start another scene, but she seemed calm.


“Sonya? Why she is nowhere near the woman or the slut I am. I was afraid you might have been with someone who would make you want to leave me. I’m not worried about Sonya,” she said smugly.

“You don’t need to worry about anyone, Madhu. I’ll never leave you.”

“I know that now. I really shouldn’t have said anything. If Mr. Malik told you to do it, I’m glad you did. But, please, Ajay, don’t go chasing women. Come to me. I’m the best fuck you could find anyway. And look at the way I look. I’m a fucker’s playground now, Ajay, and you’re welcome in my sandbox any time.”

Madhu did look like a fucker’s playground, with those huge tits and that narrow waist, which made her ass look more inviting, and with those piercings everywhere. But it was more than that. She had a look in her eye, a smile on her face, which said, “I want to be fucked now.”

I thought it was strange that a woman who fucked anything was upset if her husband had another woman. I didn’t need to understand. I needed Madhu to be happy with me. She seemed to be happy, happy with me, herself and Mr. Malik. I wanted to keep her that way.

“I wish we could fuck, but the doctor said I’m off limits until tomorrow. I can give you a hand job if you want. Maybe we can try out this new brad.”

She had a happy smile on her face. Her Madhu smile. The one I liked so much.

“Come on. Get your clothes off and lie down. I’ll play with you.”

When I lay down naked on the bed, she scooted up against me. Those huge tits rested against my chest. She started playing with my cock.

“Let me tell you about the rest of my weekend before the surgery. That’s something you always enjoyed.”

“I want to hear.”

“Where did I leave off? Oh, I remember. That Friday night I spent with Horse and his friends. I told you why they call him Horse. Good lord, that man’s well hung! Ajay, before dawn I think I had sex with every man in that retirement home who could get it up. And a few tried and could not do it, but most sure could. It was really fun, you know. Not only did I have a variety of cocks shoved up my pussy for hours on end which any slut would like, they were a bunch of nice guys. Most of those men had never fucked a slut like me. And it had been a long time since they had fucked a woman my age. There were so grateful and sweet with me.

By morning, I was exhausted. They’d fucked me a long time and I only got a couple of hours sleep. I bathed and changed into the clothes Mr. Malik left for me. It was just a top and pair of short shorts. When Mr. Malik arrived, he was peeved to see how tired I was. I guess he understood, however. He took me back to his place and let me sleep the rest of the day.

Oh, Ajay, I love how hard you are. Want to come in my hand?”

“Your mouth.”

“I’ll try,” she said.

She lowered her mouth around my cock. I felt her tongue swishing around. The brad felt great on my cock. I could feel every bump on it. She stopped.

“Ajay, my tongue’s still sore. Let me use my hand.”

“No. Just play with him while you finish your story.”

“Okay. About six, Mr. Malik awakened me. He led me into the shower and turned on the water. I didn’t want to get my hair wet, but he had other ideas. And, you know, a good slut always does what her man wants her to do. Not that I had any choice. He shoved my head under the shower and turned off the hot water. God, it was cold! I was shivering, with goose bumps all over me. It was strange. Every place his body touched me, he was so warm compared to the cold water, it felt like I was burning from his touch.

He turned the water to a normal temperature. He lifted me up so my legs were around his waist. I just eased down, letting that big cock of his slide up me. Ajay, it’s too bad you are not a woman. You’re missing out on the greatest feeling in the world, having a big cock shoved up your cunt. He fucked me there like that. The water was flowing all over us. He was banging my back against the wall. Fucking me. I started to cum, Ajay. It wasn’t a mind-blowing orgasm, more like floating and getting electrical shocks which made me twitch and spasm on his cock.

He leaned into me, trapping me against the wall with his cock still in me, and turned off the water. He eased out and pushed me to my knees. He stuck his cock in my mouth. I sucked him real good. Soon, he came in my mouth, the hot cum spurting against the roof. I swished it around before I swallowed. He softened there as I continued to suck him.

Do you want to cum?”

“No. But I want you to play with him a little more.”

“You know, Ajay, you’re learning to hold back better. I’m going to like that. Let me try sucking him again.”

Madhu wrapped her lips around my cock again. It felt so good. So good. I decided to cum in her mouth. I held her head with both hands as I pumped my cock in her mouth and let myself go. I heard her slurping and swallowing as her head bobbed on my firing cock.

“That was nice, Ajay. I like swallowing your cum for a change. Sluts love cum, you know. Let me tell you more of my weekend.

After our shower, I asked Mr. Malik what I should wear.

‘Just this,’ he replied.

He took a heavy steel chain from the drawer. He wrapped it twice around my neck, pulled it snug and locked it in place with a heavy padlock. The weight felt strange and about a foot of chain hung loose down my front so it dangled against my breasts.

‘That’s so we’ll know you are a slut and will do as you are told,’ he said.

‘Do I wear anything else?’ I asked.

‘No,’ Mr. Malik said. ‘Tonight, some of my club members are coming over to play poker. You will service us, all of us. You’ll do anything anyone wants. I also expect you to keep the snacks and the drinks coming. Sluts like cum, Madhu. From now on, you’ll eat all the cum you can get. If someone cums in your pussy or ass, you’ll use your fingers to trap that cum and suck it down. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mr. Malik,’ I answered.

‘Address all the men by their last names. I expect you to be a perfect slut with my friends, Madhu.’

‘Yes, sir. You can count on me.’

Well, Ajay, there I was naked except for a chain around my neck. I was going to service the whole poker club. I felt so slutty. I felt so good!”

I could tell Madhu was excited about her weekend, about being a slut for them. She kissed me and I could taste my cum in her mouth. I didn’t mind.

“Mr. Ambani was the first to arrive. He is a rancher and businessman. Mr. Malik and I were both naked. I helped Mr. Ambani undress, hanging his clothes in the closet. He gave me a big smile and pushed me to my knees right there in the hall. Mr. Malik just grinned.

I’m a slut. I knew exactly what to do. I grabbed his cock and stuck it in my mouth and started sucking. He rested his hands on my head, letting me suck him. I’m a good cock sucker, Ajay. I’ll be the best ever someday if I’m not already. Mr. Ambani came in my mouth.

‘Very well done, Madhu,’ he said. ‘I have a present for you.’

Ajay, her handed me two wine bottles. But it wasn’t wine inside them. It was a white viscous liquid.

‘What is this?’ I asked.

‘Cum. Farm animal cum. Horse, bull, ram, all mixed.’


‘Yes. You’ll drink all of it before the night is over. I know how sluts like cum.’

He was right, Ajay. Sluts like cum. This slut loves cum. All evening when I got them drinks, I topped off my own glass with the cum Mr. Ambani brought me. My lord, Ajay, I have no idea how much cum I swallowed that night, but it was a lot. You know, that cum tasted differently than a man’s cum, but it was still very good cum. I know besides all the cum the men gave me, I drank both bottles of the animal cum. Well, actually, some of it I rubbed all over my face when they told me to do it. But I drank almost all of it.

Do you want me to make you cum again, Ajay? I’ll swallow all of it, I promise.”

“Just play with it, and finish your story.”

“I really would like some cum.”

“I need to buy you a dog,” I said with a laugh.

“Ajay, that would be sweet. Maybe two dogs. Big dogs with big balls that hold a lot of cum.”

Madhu laughed, but she was being serious.

“Ajay, it was a wild night. I helped every man undress after he walked in the door. I hung up his clothes. Then I blew him. I fixed them drinks and got the snacks. They started playing poker. After I got all the drinks, Mr. Malik had me kneel on the floor by him for a while. But then he ordered me under the table.

‘Now, Madhu, suck my cock. When I say switch, you move to the man on your right and suck his cock until I say switch again. Understand?’

‘Yes, Mr. Malik,’ I said as I crawled under the table.

Well, Ajay, the idea was to keep all of them hard but not let them cum, to build up their desire. I was under that table an hour, I bet, sucking one cock, then the next. Is that slutty or what? Just sucking one cock then another. I loved it. Of course, I could identify the men by their cocks even if I didn’t know what seat they were in.

Mr. Malik told me to kneel by him again. Oh, Ajay, my pussy was dripping juices from sucking all those cocks. I hadn’t orgasmed and I wanted a cock in me so badly I was about to die. But I didn’t say anything. A slut does not demand, Ajay. Not a good slut anyway. She waits on her man. I didn’t have to wait long.

Ajay, do you like hearing these stories?”


“Why? Why do you like hearing about your wife fucking and sucking other men?”

If Madhu had asked me that question a few weeks ago, I don’t know what I would have said. But I’d thought a lot about that. A whole lot. I guess seeing Madhu and all the joy she was having and my week with Sonya is what made it clear in my mind.

“Madhu, you’re a natural born, true slut. You need to fuck and suck a lot. I would rather you be my happy wife and a slut for other men, then unhappy like you were before. And I want us to have a baby.”

“But, after I’m pregnant, do you expect me to be faithful again?”


“That’s good, Ajay, because you’re correct. I am a natural born slut. More importantly, I love being a slut. I love sucking cocks under the table, and having big tits, and knowing a lot of different cocks are going to be rammed up my slimy slue. I loved being commanded and being tied up and being whipped. I love it, Ajay. I just absolutely love all of it.”

She was smiling down at me when the doorbell rang. She jumped up and reached for her robe.

“Answer in the nude,” I said.

She gave me a slutty grin and pranced out to the door. I wondered what was happening, but she returned shortly with a glass in her hand.

“You should have seen the deliveryman’s face. He couldn’t take his eyes off my tits as I signed the receipt.”

She held up a bottle of white liquid for me to see.

“Look, Ajay. Animal cum. Mr. Ambani sent it. Wasn’t that sweet of him to do? His note said I would get a quart every other day. Isn’t that great? All that cum and just for me.”

She poured some into her glass and took a big gulp of the cum. It left a white line above her lip which she licked off like a cat licking cream.

“All for me, unless you want some? Do you, Ajay? Do you want to share this cum? I know you like to eat your cum from my pussy.”

“I don’t want any. I like seeing your orgasm, Madhu. I don’t eat you to get cum.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Ajay. A quart every two days is not a lot and I really don’t want to share.”

She turned the glass upside down and drained it into her mouth. She stuck her finger, sliding it around the edge of the glass to glean whatever was left. She sucked her finger clean as I watched her. She lay down beside me again.

“Should I go on with my story?”


“Mr. Khanna said, ‘I’m ready to fuck the slut, but I think we should tie her up first.’

‘Why? She’ll do anything willingly,’ Mr. Malik responded. He turned to me.

‘Do you need to be bound, Madhu?’

‘No, sir. Just tell me what you want.’

‘I want to whip her,’ Mr. Khanna said.

Ajay, I know you whipped Sonya. And Mr. Malik told me you would be whipping me each day. Actually, I am looking forward to it. Being whipped and then fucked is so slutty, it makes me horny thinking about it. But, you know, I like being tied up, too. Remember when Mr. Malik tied me to his desk and whipped me. God, I loved it! But I knew Mr. Malik was trying to show his friends how eager and obedient I was. I wanted him to be proud of his slut. They were all watching me, to see what I would do.

So, I said it. ‘You don’t need to tie me up. I’ll hold still for my whipping.’

Well, Ajay, they stopped playing cards and laid me face down across the table. I reached across the grab the table edge in my hands. I knew I was going to have to hang on no matter what they did to me. Mr. Malik told me to spread my legs and hold still.

‘Madhu,’ he said. ‘You can scream and cry, but you better not move your hands or feet.’

I started to answer, but I got the first lick from a willow branch right across my ass. God, it hurt. It hurt more than the piercings. I screamed at the top of my lungs. But I didn’t let go of that table. You remember seeing the marks when I came home. They gave me ten. Mr. Khanna, who insisted I be whipped, was the mildest in his strokes.

I was sobbing and my ass was burning. The heat was going all through me. I needed to be fucked so badly, Ajay. God, I needed it. That whipping made me feel so slutty and so horny I thought I would die if I did not get fucked. They were all standing around looking at me and every cock I could see was rock hard.

‘Come on, you studs,’ I said. ‘I need to be fucked now!’

That started it, Ajay. All six of them fucked me every way they could until none of them could get it up. Ajay, it was my first three at one time. It took a little maneuvering, but I did it. And I ate every drop of cum I could find, even the cum that oozed out of my ass hole. It tasted different than the other cum, I must say. They fucked me on the table and on the floor and one fucked me while the others held me in mid air. Fucking and fucking and fucking. I was just floating with orgasm after orgasm. God, I was in heaven!

Ajay, I’m really horny. I can’t fuck, but you are the best pussy eater in the world. Would you, please?”

“I’d like to eat you, Madhu. Why don’t you turn so you face my feet and work on my cock with your mouth?”

“How about a titty fuck? My tits are not as sore as the rest of me. I was wondering, Ajay. Why didn’t Mr. Malik have my nipples pierced?”

“He told me that. You’re going to be nursing babies and Mr. Malik said he’ll take the milk the baby doesn’t need.”

“Oh, Ajay. Just think about it! A tiny, precious, baby, my baby. No, our baby, Ajay. It’ll be ours even though another man gets me pregnant. A real man with real sperm. Yes. Our baby nursing on these big tits. I bet my tits get even bigger when my milk comes in. Wow. I’ll really be huge. They are DD now, you know. I wonder how big they’ll get?”

“Real big. Now, wrap those big tits around my cock, slut!”

“Oh, Ajay. I love it when you talk that way.”

Madhu jammed her pussy down over my mouth. I felt her suck my cock to get him wet and then slip it between those tits of hers. It was strange feeling the rings of each side of her pussy against my cheeks. But her pussy was a sweet tasting and good smelling as ever. I sucked and licked. Madhu started bouncing up and down.

“Come on, pussy eater! Come on! I’m so close!”

It was so good to hear her scream when she orgasmed. Her pussy was jammed down hard over my mouth with my tongue stuck up her as far as it would go. I love eating Madhu’s pussy. I felt her relax and rest. Then she started moving again, rubbing my cock between those big tits of hers. When she felt me tighten like I always do before I cum, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked. That brad was wild on the underside of my cock. I loved cumming in her mouth. We both drifted off to sleep with my sweet Madhu’s hot and pierced pussy in my face and my cock in her mouth.

Madhu is in training, & Ajay helps outs

I showered in the morning and made us breakfast.

“I wonder what I’ll do today?” Madhu said.

I smiled. I knew what she was going to do because I knew she was going to be tied to the bed all day. She kept asking me what I was doing as I fastened the leather restraints to her wrists. I snugged them tightly so she could not get away. Then, I chained her to the headboard corners with the chain, just like Mr. Malik told me to do.

“Ajay, what are you doing?” she asked, concern evident in her voice.

“I thought sluts did not question their man,” I replied.

“You’re my husband, not my man.”

“Madhu, I know you’re Mr. Malik’s slut first, but, you’re my slut second. Anyway, he told me to do this to you. So, keep quiet!”

I fastened the clamps to her nipples and attached the clamp chain to her wrists.

“Oh, migod,” she said. “This’ll stimulate me all day.”

“I’m not through.”

I greased the butt plug and the vibrator and inserted each in its proper place. She was whispering “no, no” as I tied the leathers around her, holding them in place. I turned the vibrator to high. She jammed her feet on the bed and arched her back. I heard her groan.

“Have a nice day,” I said as I turned out the light and left.

There was a note on my desk when I got to the office. Mr. Malik wanted to see me immediately. I went right to his office. Sonya had a smug smile on her face as she let me in. I had been horribly concerned because when Mr. Malik trusted me to whip his other slut, Sonya, I had whipped her too hard. He told me to hit her so the stripe would disappear in twelve hours. But I gave her one that lasted seven days.

Mr. Malik was sitting behind his desk when I entered. When he stood, I saw his cock hanging outside his pants and it was hard. I looked at Sonya who was standing beside me.

“I want my cock sucked,” Mr. Malik said emphatically.

I looked at Sonya, but Mr. Malik said, “I want you to suck it, Ajay. Come get on your knees!”

My head was reeling and I felt a little dizzy. Suck my boss’ cock? Me? Ajay? That is what he just said. He was glaring at me as he slowly stroked it, keeping it rock hard.

“Now, Ajay.”

I know I had never thought about sucking his cock, or any other cock, for that matter. Often I had eaten my own cum out of Madhu’s pussy, but that was to help her orgasm since I gave her so few orgasms with my cock. That is why she liked being Mr. Malik slut so much. He made her cum like a house afire. I was totally unprepared for him ordering me to suck his cock. I don’t know why I said it, but I did.

“No, sir.”

“What did you say, you wimp? I’ll fire you and take your wife away from you forever. She’s my slut and she will do as I tell her. Do you want that? Do you want to lose Madhu and your job?”

Sonya had a superior, smug expression. I was very angry with her for I was sure she had whined to Mr. Malik and set up this whole scene. But it was Mr. Malik’ face I studied. He didn’t look angry. He looked neutral, almost quizzical.

I know Madhu thought I was a wimp, a worthless wimp, because I couldn’t give her the baby she wanted. I knew she liked fucking my boss and his friends more than she liked fucking me. Even Sonya said I was not as strong as Mr. Malik, implying I was less than a man.

I knew losing Madhu would be the worse thing that even happened to me. But, I had only one answer.

“Mr. Malik, I’ll do almost anything you want me to do. But, sir, I will not do that!”

I was nauseous I was so frightened, but something told me I had answered correctly. Mr. Malik looked at Sonya and smiled. She looked chastised, that smug expression wiped from her face.

“That’s the correct answer, Ajay. I was testing you. Sonya, come get over the desk.”

“Yes, Mr. Malik,” Sonya answered in a shy, little girl voice.

I watched as Mr. Malik tied Sonya across his desk just like he had tied my wife that first day he had whipped her. He raised her skirt. She was not wearing hose or panties. I could see the stripe on her ass still healing.

“I knew you wouldn’t do it, Ajay, but Sonya thought you would. I had to make sure. I’m proud of your answer. Now, let’s talk about whipping sluts. This stripe you gave Sonya is almost eight days old and is still very visible. That’s way too hard.”

“I understand, sir. I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t apologize. I was afraid you’d be too gentle with them. A real slut likes to feel the sting. She likes to know her man will whip her when she needs it. I want to show you how hard to swing. We can practice on Sonya. You don’t mind, do you Sonya?”

“Please, Mr. Malik,” she pleaded, her voice quivering.

“What did you say, Sonya?”

“No, sir,” she sobbed.

“Gag her, Ajay.”

I gagged Sonya with the same gag that had filled Mr. Malik’ other slut’s mouth, Madhu’s mouth. I handed him the crop.

“Now, watch.”

Mr. Malik and I practiced whipping Sonya. I must admit it takes more skill to whip a slut than I realized but after twelve or so, I was doing much better. I knew I was because Mr. Malik said so.

“Ajay, you want front or back?”

“Either’s fine with me, sir.”

“Take her mouth then. I’ll ream out her pussy.”

So, Mr. Malik and I double fucked his slut secretary as she lay tied across his desk. I pulled out and came on her face. Honestly, Sonya loved the whole thing. She was licking my cum from her lips and smiling at me when I stood back to admire her and all my cum on her face.

“Have a seat, Ajay. We need to talk,” Mr. Malik said.

He left Sonya strapped across his desk with cum on her face and dripping out of her pussy. She put her head down on the desk and sighed happily. Mr. Malik patted her head. She raised up and smiled at him before snuggling back against the desk again.

“Ajay, Madhu’s a magnificent slut. Out of the best sluts in America, Madhu would rank in the top ten. Did she tell you about her weekend with my club?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ajay, they all loved her. In fact, we came up with a plan and I want to discuss it with you. I want your agreement before we implement it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Malik, but she’s your slut. Why not ask her?”

“Sluts don’t want to be asked. They want to be told. Isn’t that right, Sonya?”

“Yes, Mr. Malik,” she whispered softly.

“Since you’ll be spending the rest of your life with Madhu, I want to make sure you agree.”

“What is it?”

“First, I’m sure Madhu told you there were six men there. But, that’s only part of my club. Total membership is twenty-four. In the past, we have had club sluts, and most of us also have our own sluts, like Sonya here is mine.”

Sonya blushed a little but wiggled her ass invitingly.

“We want Madhu to be our new club slut. She would quit teaching. We’d provide a townhouse where she would go each morning. She’d service whichever men were on the schedule that day. Ajay, this is a paying position. We pay ten thousand a month, year around, even in those months when she’s too pregnant to have sex. Of course, we would not let her know it’s a paying position. The money would go to you, for a new house to hold all those kids and to invest for the future.”

My mind was reeling! My Madhu making that kind of money. But she would be a whore!

“I don’t know if I want her to be a whore, Mr. Malik.”

“She won’t be. Just consider her a professional slut, helping you to provide for your future and that of your children. All of these men are clean, discreet and very careful, Ajay. We don’t want to run the hazards of fucking around. That’s why we prefer having a club slut to bringing in call girls or hookers.”

He could tell by my expression my brain was trying to digest all this.

“Ajay, did you leave the vibrator and butt plug in her like I said?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And her nipples are chained?”

“Of course.”

“Ajay, you know Madhu’s always horny as hell. She absolutely loves sex.”

“Yes. I know,” I replied with a grin. I loved it that she loved sex.

“After three weeks of being stimulated as much as she is, no one man will be able to satisfy her. No one. Not me and not you. She’ll be a big titted fucking machine. By making her the club slut, you insure she’s only having sex with good men and men who won’t try to take her away from you. It’s to your advantage.”

“I can see that.”

“Probably, with twenty-four of us, she’ll have twenty-four men a week, plus you, of course. That should keep her happy.”

“I do want to see my Madhu happy.”

“I know you do, Ajay. And she knows it, too.”

“Okay, Mr. Malik. I agree.”

“Good. Sonya’ll keep her schedule, arranging the dates and times when men will arrive at the townhouse. Madhu will be at the townhouse and fuck and suck whatever man is there. By the way, there’ll be twenty-five. My father was so taken with her he wants to be included. The other club members have approved it.”

“She was impressed with your father, too, Mr. Malik.”

He laughed.

“Every woman is. I wish I had inherited his big cock rather than his blonde hair. Now, let’s talk about Sonya. I want you to enjoy Sonya, Ajay. I do have a sexy and pretty wife who likes me to fuck her twice a week or so. There will be times Sonya might be lonely and I don’t want that for her.

Remember when you were a teenager? You would go to your father and say ‘hey, pop. Can I borrow the car tonight?’ If he said yes, you took the car for a ride? Well, let me be pop. You know Sonya’s much more fun to ride than dad’s old Chevy. Come to me and ask anytime you want her. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Sonya?”

Sonya raised her head. I could see the cum on her face, white and dry. She gave me a big smile.

“Yes. I’d like that,” she said.

“I’d like it, too,” I said, grinning back at her. Sonya was not my Madhu. By that I mean, I didn’t love her like I loved Madhu, but Sonya was fun and sweet.

“Only one more thing, Ajay. The baby.”

“That’s very important, Mr. Malik. Madhu really wants to have children.”

“She’ll have five before we are through. As for now, she’s resting for four weeks. One reason is the surgery. The other reason is the timing of her ovulation. The weekend we’ll take her is the weekend she is ovulating. We can almost guarantee she’ll get pregnant.”

“How do you know she isn’t pregnant now?”

“When she was in the hospital, the doctor did a D&C, where they scrape out the lining of her uterus. No one has fucked her since then. There’s no baby in there.”


“This is what I want to do with her. My father, five other men and I have formed a little betting pool. We’ll all take Madhu that weekend, planting our seed in her. When the baby comes, the one whose seed sprouted will win the bet. We’re putting five thousand each into the bet, Ajay, which is a total of thirty-five thousand. The father of the baby will get fifteen thousand of that. The other twenty will go into a education fund for the baby.”

“Wow. I’ve never heard of anything like that.”

“These guys like to bet almost as much as they like to fuck. You have any problems with that?”

“No, sir. It would be great for the baby’s college to be paid for.”

“That child will definitely need to go to an outstanding university. You’ll have a special child, Ajay. All of these men are very intelligent, successful, healthy, well educated, and are handsome with good, athletic physiques.”


“There’s one thing they don’t have in common. They don’t have your physical characteristics.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, although I understood perfectly what he said.

“Madhu has blue eyes and brown hair. You have light brown hair and green eyes. Of the seven, only my father and I have the same characteristics. One is a wild, red headed Scotsman. The other four all have dark eyes. They are a Sicilian, a Hispanic, a black, and an oriental.”

“Then, the baby won’t look like us.”

“The odds are two out of seven the first baby will look like you. Ajay, I could have picked only men who had your basic characteristics, but I wanted a diverse group.”


“It makes the waiting more suspenseful. And, we might even make some side bets during that nine month wait. But, from your perspective, Madhu’s a slut. She loves being a slut. What could be more slutty that having a child that obviously isn’t your husband’s? Then, for the rest of her life, every one will know she fucked around because the baby doesn’t look like you.”

“I see what you mean, Mr. Malik.”

“Let me explain further. The way the bet is set up is more complicated than just that. The first time there will seven of us depositing our seed in Madhu. The winner drops out and the next baby roulette will have only six contestants. Since she’ll have five babies, the last one will be the product of one of only three men. Work out the math. The odds are overwhelming she’ll deliver a rainbow before she’s through.”

Mr. Malik gave me a big, happy grin. Sonya was smiling contentedly as she lay bound on the desk.

“Ajay, that’s a real slut. Five children, five obviously different fathers.”

“She does enjoy being a slut.”

“Yes, she does. And she’s a damn fine slut, too. Any problems with the plan?”

“No, sir. It sounds like you have an interesting future planned for Madhu.”

“And for you. These will be your children as well as hers. You’ll be living with her and raising those children.”

“I love children, Mr. Malik. I just hope they’re all healthy and happy.”

“Me, too. Anything else?”

“No, sir.”

“Have a good day. Oh, Ajay, not one word of any of this to Madhu. I want everything that happens to be a surprise to her.”

I nodded acquiescence. Mr. Malik was starting to fuck Sonya’s ass as I quietly closed the door behind me.

I was surprised how much work I got done that day. It was six when I opened the front door at my house. I heard Madhu groaning in the bedroom. When I saw her, she was writhing in sexual need on the bed, the chains pulled tight, her nipples distended. The vibrator was still humming away.

“Oh, Ajay. Thank God. I can’t cum. Please, Ajay! Let me cum.”

As I walked to the bed, I wondered how often she would cum after eighteen days of being bound like this. The bed was soaked with her sweat and love juice. She was out of control. I knew I was not suppose to fuck her yet. So, I slipped my finger in her clit ring and pulled. She started thrusting back and forth, using the tension to stimulate herself.

She screamed like a banshee when she came. And, she did not stop cumming until she passed out. I undid the leather and removed her vibrator and butt plug. I unfastened the nipple clamp and unbound her wrists. She didn’t move. I covered her over with a blanket and went to make dinner.

It was more than an hour later when Madhu stumbled into the kitchen. She looked exhausted but happy.

“Oh, Ajay,” she said with a smile.

She sat on my lap with her legs outside mine. Her huge tits rested on my chest as she put her head on my shoulder.

“God, what a day. Ajay, it was wild. I was right on the edge of orgasm the whole time. The whole time. My pussy was running like a faucet. But I couldn’t cum. Can I get something to eat?”

“Sure, Madhu.”

I started preparing her a plate.

“Did you get laid today?”

“No, but Sonya sucked my cock.”

“Good. I’m too tired for sex.”

She almost fell asleep eating. I carried her into the bedroom and she was out for the night. It was much later when I realized I hadn’t whipped her. I hoped Mr. Malik wouldn’t be too mad about that.

The next day, I again left Madhu tied and stimulated. Again that night, she was too tired to fuck me. On the third night after Madhu passed out, I went to Sonya’s house. I was getting horny!

I did it just like Mr. Malik suggested. When I asked to borrow his Chevy, he laughed for ten minutes, then told me to go over to Sonya’s house.

When I got there, Sonya answered the door in her bathrobe. She dragged me into the bedroom. I saw her vibrator on the bedside table. It stayed there because I went where it had been. It was very late when I slipped back into my own bed, but Madhu never seemed to know I had been gone.

Friday had been a breakthrough for Madhu. She told me she had orgasmed seven or eight times during the day from the vibrator. But, Friday night, she told me was too tired again. When she said it, she gave me a nasty look, her face all crunched up, her eyes small and beady. She was still tied to the bed, but I had removed the vibrator, chains and plug.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’ve been sneaking out at night, Ajay. You think I don’t know, but wives know these things. Where were you going? You have someone else, don’t you?”

Ice storms aren’t as cold as Madhu’s voice.

“I went to Sonya’s house. You were off limits and exhausted. Monday you told me you were glad I had been with Sonya because you were too tired. Remember?”

“Oh. Well. Still. I’m not going to have sex with you, Ajay, until you apologize to me and promise to never see Sonya again.”

“Mr. Malik said I could have Sonya anytime I wanted to.”

“Mr. Malik said! Mr. Malik said! You wimp! Well, tell Mr. Malik I’m cutting you off! And tell him I’m cutting him off, too! I’m the best goddamned slut in the whole fucking country and I’m cutting him off! See how he likes that!”

Madhu was certainly very angry. I was unsure what to do and I wanted to do the right thing for us both. I guess she read my mind.

“Go ahead. Call Mr. Malik, you wimp! Ask your boss what to do with your wife since you are too big a wimp to know yourself!”

I did. I explained to Mr. Malik what had happened. He let out a big sigh.

“Where is Madhu now, Ajay?”

“Hands still tied to the bed, sir.”

“Good. First, put the restraints on Madhu’s ankles and tie them to the foot of the bed. Tie her very tightly, really stretching her out. Then gag her. Call Sonya from the phone next to the bed so Madhu can hear everything. Tell Sonya to come spend the weekend with you and to bring clothes and cosmetics. Really, Ajay, that’ll be a great assistance to me. My wife’s sister is in town and I need to fuck both of them this weekend. I was feeling badly about neglecting Sonya.”

“Good idea, Mr. Malik, but what about Madhu?”

“I’m not finished. After you talk to Sonya, get the riding crop. Remember how hard you hit Sonya that first time?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Carefully explain to Madhu she’s to be very submissive and sweet to you and to me. Explain she’s never to threaten you or me again. Explain she’s a slut, my slut and your slut, and that sluts don’t open their mouths unless some man wants to put a cock in it. That was the original deal, Ajay. While she’s foremost my slut, she’s your slut, too.”


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