Sex with Nurse Kelly Chapter 2

This is Part 2 of the “Taking” series

Kelly arrived for work at the doctor’s office bright and early in the morning. She eased into her seat at the nurses’ station and felt an intense throbbing through her ass cheeks. It was still tender from the spanks she received from Dr. Alicia Davies during their adventures in Patient Room 3, which was right across from her.

She shifted her weight to her left hip as best she could when she sat in her chair. Her cheeks stung but it reminded her of things that had ripples of excitement pulsing between her legs.

When she settled in, she gazed at the room where Alicia did things that caused her feel like she was being carried through the clouds by the winds of sexual lust.

It still was like a fantasy that only occurred between her ears not where she worked with people that may have had opinions about what she did if they found out.

When she was with the doctor, she lost any semblance of control and her body and whims were no longer hers but Alicia’s.

In a way, that made things easier for Kelly. She gets overwhelmed with pleasure by someone that cares for her and all she had to do was accept it—if she could live with the possibility of it becoming headline news around the office. She knew Alicia wouldn’t let that happen but sometimes, it couldn’t be helped. A spur of the moment kiss, hair stroke, or caress seen by the wrong person and life at work would never be the same. She surely would be up for the “slut of the month” award with her own plaque hanging in the office. No, she chose not to think about that part. No matter what happened, at the end of the day she had to trust in Alicia even if she had to deal with a little embarrassment and a spanking here or there.

Kelly folded her arms into a pretzel and scanned the room. The other nurses and doctors were scrambling around handling their usual responsibilities. Every time they passed by, looked, or smiled at her, she felt so naughty having such a juicy secret. Alicia kept encouraging her to be more social, which clashed with her nature, but she crawled back deeper into her shell and curled up in it. She didn’t want to give anyone a chance to read her and figure out what she was hiding!

Alicia was not one of the white coats walking around. She was going to be late as she had some residual issues from her divorce to work out.

That’s what she told Kelly the previous night. She called and talked to Kelly about that and other random things with no mention of what they did together that day. The closest she came to talking about it was making sure she was okay. Alicia could have just as easily chosen to not give a shit about her and simply use her to fulfill her fantasies but that wasn’t who she was.

During their conversation, Alicia kept ripping at Kelly’s shell trying to pry it open and find out where her quietness came from. Alicia was adept at connecting with and understanding all types of people and though Kelly presented a challenge for her, she was going to figure her out. Alicia believed in the saying “still waters run deep” but instead of wanting her to delve into her personality, Kelly would have rather talked about Room 3.

She eventually submitted to Alicia and told her that growing up, her parents were so strict when it came to her getting an education that she wasn’t allowed to have a social life. She’d be belittled and catch fires of wrath from her parents for making less than A’s in her classes. Even when she left her parents’ roof and finished school, her silent personality stayed with her. It felt right so she didn’t bother to change it. Alicia found everything about her so sexy and alluded to more adventures to come.

Kelly learned that despite the growing number of her social media followers, Alicia was still missing that deep connection with someone and slept next to a chilled spot in her bed. The divorce was more crushing than anyone except those closest to her would have known. To wait your whole life for “the one” only to find out destiny said, “just kidding” couldn’t have been easy. Kelly thought maybe she would “ease” her suffering even if some things Alicia did pushed her bounds of comfort.

While Kelly was wishing she was there at the office, the table buzzed from her phone’s vibrations and she knocked it on the floor trying to swipe at it.

She leaned over and scooped it up. Her hands were shaking as she anticipated who might be trying to reach her. She sucked in a deep breath and read the screen. It was a text from Alicia and Kelly’s pussy began pooling with wetness.

“Hello, Kelly. I hope you’re well.”

Kelly texted back. “I’m great, thanks.”

“Good. I know you’re still thinking about yesterday. I’m going to fuck you again. I don’t care how quiet you think you are. You’re going to scream for me. Mmm, I’ll be there soon.”

Kelly could almost hear her sultry voice caress her ears. She was teetering on the verge of creaming her panties so she did the best she could to focus on her work. At least until Alicia got there.

She was wearing the rosy pink nurse’s dress Alicia always liked because it was cute, displayed her caramel toned legs, and matched her glasses’ frame. Her cocoa hair, which mimicked her iris color, flowed freely and danced upon her shoulders with each step she took. She never looked at herself as being a symbol of sexiness but Alicia had her sticking her breasts out a little more these days!

A few hours later, Kelly was in a storage room for keeping medical supplies. She was organizing boxes of gloves, bottles of sanitizer, and syringes on a shelf when she felt her dress rise over her skin followed by a rough grope on her panties.

She spun and the sight of Alicia had her heart about to jump into her throat.

Alicia was emitting the aroma of peaches. Her brownish blonde tresses were curly and hung to her upper back. Her jade eyes were sparkling like the gem itself. She was wearing a black leather jacket over her peach blouse and black dress pants. On her feet were her standard six inch heels.

It was pretty much over for Kelly at that point. Melted butter in her presence.

“How are you, Kelly? I love your dress!” Alicia spoke in her bedroom tone as she flung Kelly into a wall nearby and started kissing her like she’d been missing her lips.

Her lips immediately had Kelly flaming inside. She kissed Alicia back and opened her mouth to invite the doctor’s tongue. Alicia licked her tongue and sucked on it. She nibbled on Kelly’s upper lip before diving in for a deeper smooch as she switched between hard lip presses and tangling their dripping tongues together.

Alicia’s hand slid over Kelly’s tits, her tummy, and found its way under her dress. While keeping the kiss intact, she rubbed her pussy through her panties back and forth with her open hand. Tension and desire were building between Kelly’s legs but the increased clamoring nearby was a bit rattling. She tried to move away almost instinctively but Alicia grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the wall at her side. With the doctor’s body pressed against hers, she was going nowhere.

Alicia gave her another long kiss before she detached and gasped for air while Kelly did the same.

Kelly, after coming from her daze, finally answered her question. “I’m…great! Oh, wow.” Her heart was in overdrive. “So, um, how did things go with your ex-hubby?”

Alicia flipped her hair. “I think we’re on cordial grounds now at least. I think we’ll be friends again one day but we need some time apart.”

Kelly said, “I’m sorry. I can’t imagine what a divorce is like.”

Alicia pulled her close. “Let’s not talk about things of the past. I’m thinking about something else.”

“What might that be?”

“I think you know…” Alicia said as she held both her wrists and pulled her off the wall. She stepped beside Kelly, cocked her hand, and spanked her ass so hard it buckled her knees. She was already tender and it sent waves of pleasurable discomfort throughout her. Alicia spoke into her ear. “Don’t think I forgot about you cumming without my permission yesterday. I’m going to punish you really good for that.”

Her voice sent quivers down Kelly’s spine. “How are you going to punish me?”

“You’ll find out…” Alicia said as she took two steps away from her but turned back around. “Don’t forget that I’m going out with Renee and Oliver for lunch today. Are you coming?”

Alicia made it sound as if Kelly had a choice but that look she had, how she stared into her eyes, dared her to say no.

Kelly grinned. “Sure, sounds like a blast.”

Great, a situation where the expectation of being social would be present. Kelly was just thrilled. At least Alicia would be there…

A couple of hours later, they arrived at the restaurant, which was known for its Italian cuisine. It was 12:30 in the middle of the lunch rush. Servers were flying around with trays of pasta, pizza, and sodas. There were booths lined up along the walls and wooden tables and chairs in the center. All full of chattering patrons on their lunch breaks.

The lighting was dark but warm and the aroma of basil and tomato sauce was prominent in the air.

A hostess greeted Kelly and the rest of her group and escorted them to their booth.

Kelly took up the rear and wanted to get a peek at Alicia’s ass but it was hidden behind the bottom of her leather jacket. Drat.

Once they reached their booth, Alicia stood aside and nodded at Kelly to go in first. She took the hint and slid across the red cushion until she was by the window.

Alicia took her jacket off her shoulders. “I didn’t realize how warm it would be in here or I’d have left my jacket in the car.”

Alicia squeezed into the booth and laid the jacket across Kelly’s lap. Kelly turned and looked at her but she just went on chatting with Renee and Oliver.

Kelly directed her attention to the menu in front of her with pictures of spaghetti dishes, pizzas, and calzones. She was certain that jacket wasn’t there by accident but she’d have to wait to find out what mischief the doctor was up to.

Kelly was trying to keep to herself but wondered how long that would last.

Oliver ceased talking with the group and looked at Kelly. “So, Kelly, where are you from?”

Well, that didn’t last long. She got that question a lot, obviously. It was pretty clear that she wasn’t from around those parts and that seemed to be a conversation piece people used with her. She rarely offered much so they had to use something.

Oliver was an African-America doctor with a thin mustache, a social, center-of-attention guy that kept everyone engaged and entertained. Not much unlike Alicia and that comparison was the only reason she spoke. That and she was supposed to be trying to be more engaging since it was Alicia’s wish for her.

Kelly, with her face buried in the menu, said, “Oh, I’m from a little dark place you may have heard of. My mom’s tummy. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!”

She made an attempt at humor but wasn’t sure how it came across. Oliver’s grin caused her some relief.

Oliver chuckled. “Ah, okay. I think I like you already.”

Kelly said, “It’s nice to have a fan. It’s better than being the one in the office no one can stand that everyone’s trying to set up to be fired.”

Oliver nudged Renee, who was next to him. “No, that’s Renee!”

The fluffy, red-haired Renee, who was in her late 20’s, had a fake look of shock plastered over her pink blushed face. “Hey, I didn’t snitch on Dr. Morris! One of his patients asked me who his supervisor was and what was I supposed to do? Lie? I didn’t tell him to slip his hands under her dress and perform an ‘examination’ she never asked for! Now, I’m the villainess.”

Alicia said, “I heard she was pretty hot. I guess he couldn’t help himself.”

Kelly had faded out the conversation. A bunch of inaudible chatter at this point. She felt the jacket in her lap move. A hand slipped beneath it and rested on her thigh. She knew it was Alicia and she tensed. She had been in a persistent state of arousal all morning and it was only going to shoot up higher from there.

Alicia began stroking her leg back and forth over her dress and then directly on her soft legs. When she dragged her hand back, it pushed her dress up and she gasped. Kelly’s efforts to look normal were quickly declining into failure!

Oliver said, “I was thinking we should get one extra-large pizza for everyone. Make it easier. What toppings do everyone prefer? And what to drink?”

Alicia said, “Just cheese and veggies for me. Water and lemon to drink.”

Renee replied, “I don’t care. I’ll eat anything. Ditto the drink Alicia said.”

Oliver looked at Kelly. “Hey, what about you?”

“Cheese and veggies sound good to me but I’ll take passion fruit tea,” Kelly said as she closed the menu.

Oliver waved the waitress over and put in the order.

The other three went on conversing. Even while chatting, Alicia was gliding her touches beneath Kelly’s dress. She pulled on her knee to signal that she wanted her legs to open and they did. She lightly ran over her inner thigh and swept over her panties to her other thigh. She dragged her fingertips back to her crotch.

The waitress delivered the drinks to the table but that didn’t distract Alicia.

Alicia rubbed Kelly’s pussy through her undies with intensity and a moan slipped free but she tried to play it off by coughing and clearing her throat.

Kelly was ready to burst but used her fading willpower to resist for fear of disappointing Alicia.

Kelly tossed her head back and rubbed the rear of her neck. It was really getting toasty in there and her skin was heating up.

Alicia traced the edges of her cotton materials and slid a digit inside. Kelly was breathing a little heavier and gripped the table to keep from being blown away. She covered her face with her other hand and looked away from her coworkers.

That finger started dancing around her sex before it slithered into her pussy. Kelly held the table tighter and more expressions of ecstasy came from her lips.

Renee, in the midst of giggling about something, shifted her attention to Kelly. “Are you alright?”

Alicia pushed her finger in further and wiggled it within Kelly’s wet sex hole.

Kelly spoke through moans to try to answer Renee. “Ah, um, it’s kind of hot in here, isn’t it?”

Renee said, “I think so, too. I’m going to lose ten pounds if we stay much longer.”

Alicia angled towards Kelly and winked. She seemed to be enjoying the sight of Kelly squirming in her seat.

Kelly whispered to the doctor, “Please. Not here!”

Alicia smirked and drove her finger into her faster and as hard as she could. Kelly clamped her legs as a rush of sexual energy grew between them. She was sure the pair across from them was going to figure out what was happening!

Alicia withdrew her finger, joined it with another, and plunged back into her womanhood. She pumped into it, sinking as deep as she could with each thrust. Her pussy was pulsing and she buried her face into her hands.

“Oh, my God!” she cried softly.

Oliver asked, “Did you say something?”

Kelly smiled a very phony one. “Oh, I was saying grace before the food got here.”

“A woman with beliefs. Very nice indeed,” he said.

Kelly blew in relief and was happy that he was off the trail—at least it appeared so.

Alicia finger-fucked her with slow, deliberate strokes, and Kelly closed her eyes and felt every heated friction made within her.

Around that time, the waitress arrived with their half veggie, half all-meat pie. Alicia slid her fingers out of Kelly’s pussy and grabbed a slice of pizza. She didn’t seem to mind her juices mixing with her meal.

Kelly was barely able to finish a slice and sip her tea. The sparks firing in her pussy was making it damn near impossible to focus on much else.

The waitress came by again later to ensure they had everything they needed. For some reason, Alicia asked her for a pen. She began writing something on a napkin.

Alicia waited until Oliver and Renee had their eyes down to eat her pizza. Alicia dropped her hands in Kelly’s lap and let the napkin slide onto her jacket.

Kelly unfolded it and her eyes popped out at the message she had for her.

“Take off your panties and give them to me!”

She wondered how long she planned on keeping them. It may be a challenge to get through the day without bending over or squatting. With her mouth agape, she looked over at Alicia who was munching on her crust.

Kelly said, “Excuse me, Alicia. I need to use the ladies’ room.”

“Sure, hon,” she said as she slid off the cushion to her feet.

As she moved past the doctor, Alicia smiled with much seductiveness then puckered at her. Kelly almost couldn’t wait until it was just the two of them but she was still concerned about her “punishment.” Maybe she was already in the middle of it.

She scampered to the restroom, ducked into a stall, and locked it shut.

She hiked up her dress and looked at her white panties. They were stained with her nectar. She could smell her own scent and she was turned on about to cum hard.

Kelly pulled down her panties and took them off. She balled them up and walked out attempting to look normal.

She made her way back to the others. The rush of air up her dress on her bare skin was a naughty feeling, one she’d never felt before. Despite her dress falling to her knees, she still felt exposed and bare. She couldn’t believe the things she was doing but there was a lot of appeal to being so bad for once in her life.

When she arrived back at the table, Alicia let her back in.

Oliver was tossing his napkin on his plate. “That was some good eating there.”

Renee was sipping her water. “Yeah, I’m stuffed. I don’t know how I’m going to work the rest of the day!”

Alicia was staring at Kelly.

Kelly slipped her the panties under the table and Alicia bent over to stuff them into her purse. Alicia covered her with the jacket again.

Alicia said, “I feel like taking the rest of the day off myself.”

Oliver leaned towards Alicia and took her hand. “How are you doing? I know you’ve had a rough time lately.”

“Thanks but I’m over it, really. I’ve found ways to occupy my time and I focus on my work so that helps.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” he said as he rotated his wrist to view his Rolex. “We still have fifteen minutes before we have to go back. We don’t have to rush.”

Renee nodded. “I agree. Let’s wait until the last minute this time.”

“Well, I’m going to make that vote unanimous!” Alicia said as she was sliding up Kelly’s dress again.

Kelly had her straw between her lips acting like she wasn’t being fondled with.

A long object, ribbed, with the texture of hardened gel passed over her legs. Kelly wondered if that’s what she thought it was.

Alicia teased her sex with the cock-shaped vibrator. She turned it on the lowest vibration setting hoping the noise would blend with the bustle of the restaurant.

Kelly couldn’t help but think how unfair this was but it felt so good.

Alicia pushed the head in only and moved it back and forth. Kelly bit on her finger to keep from moaning. The toy went in further and her pussy wrapped around it and squeezed. The vibrations sent waves of pleasure throughout her. Every muscle was tingling.

Alicia fucked her a little faster, building momentum. She drove it in deep, twisted it around, pulled it away while still twisting, and forced it deep again.

She left it in as far as possible and switched to the next vibration setting. The cock pulsed faster and Kelly’s chest was pumping quicker. The sensations were delightful and speeding her heart like wild. Alicia began shorter strokes and built back up to faster ones.

Kelly was trying to focus on the window next to her and watch the cars speed by.

Alicia penetrated her with potent drives into her pussy and pushed it in as hard as she could.

Renee slapped the table in front of Kelly. “Hey, do you drink? We’re thinking about going to a bar next weekend.”

Kelly hoped they wouldn’t talk to her now of all times. “Ah…um…mmm. Sure, I’ll drink an orange juice or some water.”

Oliver chuckled. “No, no. We’re talking about alcohol. You know, beer, Bacardi, Hennessey, a screwdriver, or martinis?”

Kelly was wiggling in her seat and softly moaned again as Alicia fucked her quickly with the cock. “Mmm, uh, sure. Whatever is fine…”

She didn’t drink. Really, water and OJ was about it. She was trying to end the conversation no matter what it took!

Alicia caressed Kelly’s thigh while she was still plunging the toy in Kelly with a rhythm of thrusts that massaged the inside of her pussy. She kept this up and Kelly moaned aloud. Both Oliver and Renee swung their heads to look at her.

Kelly was beyond embarrassed.

“What happened?” Renee asked with an expression of concern.

Kelly searched her mind for a quick response. “Oh, um, I bumped my toe on the table leg. Clumsy me. Oooh…”

Oliver’s brows curled. “Are you sure? That sounded like something else.”

Renee tapped his arm. “Be nice! Get your mind out of the gutter.”

Oliver stood and dropped a $20 bill on the table. “That’s difficult because I built my house there but since we’re going back to the office, I’ll work on it.”

Alicia put the toy back into her purse and kept her eyes on her hot nurse. Kelly was whimpering as she would have given anything to cum and she was going to!

When they arrived back at the office, all was quiet. There were a few patients but none were there to see Alicia.

The doctor went to her personal office and Kelly was confused and a little frustrated when she returned to her seat in front of her computer.

Alicia left her hanging when she was about to reach a cum that surely would have had her whole being exploding. She had been a good nurse and didn’t deserve that. Alicia casually striding away like it was no big deal was the icing on the cake. Kelly was happy with doing anything to help her get through her marriage termination but she couldn’t remain in silence this time. She gathered her courage and got back up to see her.

Alicia tossed her handbag on the office floor. Kelly closed her door and the doctor flipped around. She looked to be startled.

“Kelly, I thought you were going to finish unpacking the supplies in the storeroom?”

Kelly’s lioness was tearing its way out. “Dr. Davies! You can’t act like nothing happened in that restaurant! You need to let me cum! Please!”

Alicia leaned on the desk and smirked. “You’re coming in here to make a demand of me?”

Kelly realized what she did but it was too late. That was more so her frustration talking than her usual sweet self. “No, I…”

The doctor smiled and strolled over to her. She clamped her hands onto Kelly’s shoulders and moved her in front of the desk.

Alicia occupying her space still had Kelly trembling especially when she sensed her sudden change in mood.

Alicia grabbed her chin and pierced her with her jade glare. “I didn’t hear a question, Ms. Kelly. What do you call what you just did, hmm?”

Kelly said, “I call it an apology.”

“Really? I’m starting to think that you like being punished. Was it not enough that I got you riled up and not let you cum yet?”

Kelly didn’t know how to answer that. She loved how Alicia was in charge but some things were just torture.

“Yes, it was enough. I learned my lesson.”

Alicia slid her hand into Kelly’s hair, grabbed a handful, and jerked it. “I don’t think so. Turn around and put both hands on my desk.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

Alicia slapped her hands on her hips. “So, I have to ask twice?”

Kelly swallowed hard. “No…no. Dr. Davies.”

She was quaking but she showed her rear to the doctor and put her palms down on the oak surface.

Alicia said, “The truth is that I was going to let you cum in a few minutes after I checked my e-mails because I’ve been waiting to taste your pussy all day but now we have to do something first. Lift your dress.”

Kelly realized how rude she must have come across and that her impatience led to this. She reached for the bottom of her dress and pulled it above her waist. Her ass was exposed for the doctor and her knees knocked against the front of the desk as she awaited her penalty.

She felt Alicia’s hand rub her cheeks. Not rough but gentle brushes of her fingertips.

“I’m sorry!” Kelly blurted out.

Alicia cocked her hand back and swatted Kelly’s ass and it hopped into the air. “Did I ask you to speak?”

“Owwww! No!” Kelly cried. She was still tender and that had a stinging pain rush through her cheeks.

“Did you not trust that I would take care of you? Haven’t I done that since you’ve been here?”

That was not the impression she wanted to give. Alicia was likely hurt by that. Kelly would have gladly given up her salary for the year to be able to rewind time three minutes.

Kelly mumbled, “I’m…sorry. I know you’ve been good to me. I shouldn’t have come in the way I did.”

“Bad girl! I’m tired of your innocent, quiet girl act!” Alicia said as she gave her a hard spank followed by another and a third where she drew her hand away further than before and contacted her flesh with more intensity than any other spank.

The sounds of the spanks echoed throughout the office.

A burning sensation filled Kelly’s ass and she kicked her feet back with a yelp. “Ahh!”

She held her tongue and took her punishment.

Alicia slapped her left ass cheek with ten spanks and switched to the other and spanked it ten times in rapid session. Kelly clinched and bit her lip.

Tears dripped from Kelly’s eyes. It felt like fire yet something about it was making her drenched between the legs.

A few moments passed but further spanks did not come. Kelly eased a hand behind her and comforted herself with a few soft rubs.

Alicia snatched her wrist and mashed her hand back on the desk. She spanked Kelly five more times across both cheeks and she shook her little red bottom.

Alicia came to within an inch of her face. “Are you going to demand things of me again?”

Through sniffles, she said, “No, Dr. Davies. I promise. I’ll always trust you.”

“Humph, we’ll see,” Alicia said as she took off her leather jacket and threw it into her chair. She unbuttoned her blouse, top to bottom, and reached behind herself to unhook her bra and toss it to the floor.

She held her tit with light brown areola and darker brown nipple. “Show me how sorry you are.”

Kelly was all too happy to. As much as Alicia had done for her, she was anxious to “make things up to her.”

Kelly brought her mouth close to her tit and Alicia fed it to her. She suckled on its flesh and swirled her tongue around on the nipple. She flicked it across one way and back the other several times. Alicia looked at the ceiling and gasped. Kelly let her licker travel all over the breast and wound up back at the nipple. She sucked again, harder this time, and bobbed her head while keeping it clinched between her lips.

“Oh, yes, like that…” Alicia said and Kelly was smiling big on the inside.

She caressed her other tit and brushed over her stiff nip a few times. Kelly felt Alicia’s quivers in her mouth and was happy with her approval.

She left little nibbles along the side of her tit, under it, and back to the nip once more. She lightly bit it and sucked to soothe it.

She didn’t leave out her left tit as she gave it some attention as well with quick licks on it. With her hand cupping the other tit and giving it a massage, Alicia was crying out.

“How’s that?” Kelly asked after Alicia pulled her tit back. It was glistening with saliva with a cherry red mark on it.

Alicia flew right for her lips and they tried to suffocate each other in a frenzy of kisses. Kelly was all but a melted marshmallow.

Alicia said, “Hoo, that was good but you have to eat my pussy now and make me cum. Get on your knees!” Kelly lowered herself before the doctor and looked up at her. “Well, you can’t eat me if my clothes are on.”

Kelly and her shaking fingers reached for Alicia’s belt and loosened it. She undid her pants, tugged on its zipper, and grasped her pants legs. No matter how much she tried, Kelly couldn’t get completely comfortable especially how Alicia stared at her presumably to discipline her if she made a mistake or got out of line.

After a minute, Alicia grumbled, cupped Kelly’s chin, and held it up so she could glare into her eyes. “Do you take this long getting undressed in the evening?”

Kelly, with a pounding in her chest, said, “No, Dr. Davies.”

“Then why are you taking so long? I thought I told you to go after what you want. Unless you don’t want it?”

Kelly waved her hands. “No, no! That’s not it. Sorry.”

She ripped at Alicia’s pants to get them to her ankles. She ran her hands all over her legs from her calves, to her thighs, and over her black silky panties. She gave those panties a massage and she checked Alicia’s reactions. She deeply inhaled and played with her own tits.

Kelly grasped the top of her panties and slid them down. She took in the sight of her pussy’s plump lips and swollen clit. Her scent was strong with arousal.

She rubbed her clit with her thumb while she jumped into her pussy and feasted on it with a flurry of swipes all over the outside. Alicia braced herself on the desk and moaned.

Kelly sucked on its fold and flicked it with the flesh between her lips.

Kelly spread her pussy to give herself better access and she slithered her tongue in and licked its fleshy pinkness at all angles. She slid it in further and lapped at her insides all over.

Alicia sat on the edge of the desk, grabbed a handful of Kelly’s locks, and pressed her face deeper into her pussy. Kelly was getting high on her aroma and her pussy was becoming wetter and overcharged with lust.

She rolled her tongue in her pussy some more. She inhaled to get some air and she dove back in some more. She fucked Alicia with her licker thrusting into her. She glided it out along the insides of her pussy and slid it back in.

Alicia closed her legs around Kelly and jerked on her nurse’s tresses. Some pain resonated through her scalp but she kept eating her doctor and Alicia was thrusting her hips into her.

“Oohhh…I’m going to cuuuummm…yeaahhh!” Alicia’s voice rumbled as she tightened the lock on Kelly.

She screamed and Kelly continued licking her. Alicia came so hard that Kelly could feel her shockwaves through her own body.

Alicia collapsed backwards. “Ooh, ahh, mmm…”

After a minute, she sat up and eyed Kelly with her glistening chest rising and falling. Kelly was hoping so much with pleading eyes that she was pleased—and so she could cum!

Alicia lifted her hand to signal Kelly to stand. Before she could rise all the way up, Alicia took two handfuls of Kelly’s ass and lifted her onto the desk. She shoved her to her back and jerked her dress up so that her little brown pussy was in view.

Her legs were dangling over the side of the desk.

Alicia said, “Open your legs you little quiet slut!”

Kelly felt a shock. Slut? She’d never heard that directed at her. She was sure she didn’t really mean it—she hoped.

Kelly spread her legs and waited. Alicia was just looking at her sex like she was planning something wicked for it.

The doctor pulled out the desk’s bottom drawer. Kelly watched her hand as it came into view holding what looked to be a new, eight inch black strap-on dildo. A quick breath whisked through her chest as she looked at its size.

Alicia kicked off her shoes followed by the pants and panties that were bunched around her ankles. She pulled the harness to her waist and adjusted it. All the while, Kelly was imagining how it was going to feel when it consumed her.

Alicia walked over to her nurse with the cock’s head in front of her pussy. “I think a bad nurse like you deserves no less than this cock. What do you think?”

Kelly said, “Yes, ma’am.”

Alicia asked, “So, what do you want right now?”

Kelly was feeling beyond slutty and it seemed like Alicia was eating it up. If her family found out what she was doing, they would have a hundred fits and pretend like she was a stranger.

She said, “I want the cock.”

Alicia slapped Kelly’s tit. “No! You know how you’re supposed ask for it.”

Kelly jumped and gasped from the contact. “I want you to fuck me!”

“And how do you want me to do it? You want it hard, right?”


“Harder than when I fucked you last time?”


“Tell me!”

“I want you to fuck me harder than last time!”

Alicia yanked the young nurse to the end of the table, lined up the cock with her pussy, and pummeled her.

She drove her hips against hers time and again with power. The toy expanded her sex as it swallowed it whole.

Kelly’s eyes seemed to triple in size when it filled her and rubbed around within. She shut her eyes and absorbed the feel of Alicia dominating her pussy.

Alicia sped up further and seemed to be giving her that cock with as much force as she could. It was grinding back and forth and Kelly was doing the same on the folders beneath her.

Kelly tried to seal her mouth to keep from crying out in ecstasy. She felt as though she might detonate with an explosion of cum at any moment.

Alicia hooked her arms around both of Kelly’s legs and held them still as she continued to thrash her with the big cock. It shot through her pussy and sent miniature quakes throughout her each time.

Moan after moan burst through her mouth. Alicia continued rocking their bodies together sending intense vibes racing through the entirety of her existence. Kelly was speeding towards a cum.

Alicia was sucking air and looked as though she’d just come in from the rain considering how much she was perspiring. The room was like a sauna and both were becoming musky.

Alicia clamped onto her thighs, pulled her off the desk, and flipped her.

She mashed on the back of Kelly’s head to signal her to lie flat.

Alicia said, “Stick your cute ass out for me.”

Kelly poked her ass up as she laid flush on the wood. Her lower body was jiggling. With her ass sticking up available to be used for Alicia’s desires, she hoped she wouldn’t spank her tender cheeks.

Alicia held the head of the cock at her pussy, eased it in, and drove in as deep as she could. She held it there for a couple of moments before she slowly moved her hips away to where it was halfway in and she punished her pussy again.

She held her hips and built a rhythm ramming her. It seemed Alicia couldn’t resist the urge to pop her cheeks a few times and Kelly bit her tongue to take it.

Alicia slowed her cock and Kelly wondered what she was doing. The last time she tried to turn around, her ass got a rough slap so she waited.

She sounded like she was rummaging through her drawer of toys.

A moment later, Alicia asked, “Have you had anything in your ass before?”

Kelly’s whole body clinched and her impending explosion was stuck in limbo again. “No. I don’t know about that.”

Alicia said, “I do! Your body is mine and that means every part of it. Is that clear?”

Kelly whimpered. “Yes, ma’am. I know you’ll take care of me.”

Kelly said that but was unnerved at the idea of anything going into her ass. She’d heard stories about the screams that caused and her chest and tummy cramped.

Alicia ran her fingers through her crack with a slippery gel. She stopped to coat her asshole with it. Kelly’s breaths shuddered as she believed pain was going to follow but she was going to stay put.

Alicia teased her puckered bud with the tip of her finger. “Relax, Kelly. It’s going to be fine.”

Kelly tried to do that but she was still shaking with anxiety.

Kelly curled her lips inward and clamped them together. She could feel herself spread a little wider each time Alicia’s finger went a little further in than the last push. Alicia eventually got her whole finger in and Kelly filled the room with her moan.

Alicia left her digit there while Kelly felt the cock rubbing through her slit again. At first, she thought she was searching for her fuck hole but she quickly realized it was a tease.

Without warning, the toy slid in and Alicia’s faster penetrations caused the cock to vibrate within Kelly. Alicia stopped to finger her ass slowly and Kelly was squealing.

Alicia continued to fuck Kelly senseless and fingered her ass a little harder, which pushed out another loud cry.

In a sudden instant, Alicia took away the cock and she could hear her fidgeting. Her pussy was quivering and craving to be fucked more but the doctor had something else in store for her at least for now.

Kelly’s ass cooled again with more of the gel coating it.

Alicia said, “You’re such a dirty little nurse about to get fucked in her ass. Tell me why you’re so bad.”

“I love how it feels when you fuck me. I love how you love it, too. That’s why I’m so bad for you.”

“Good answer. Now, tell me what you want me to do to your cute ass.”

Kelly wasn’t sure how she was going to handle what she was about to ask for. Bent over a desk, she was about to be violated in her darkest, most sacred place. She wanted it for Alicia but she didn’t because it scared her. The former thought won.

Kelly said, “Fuck my ass good but don’t hurt me too bad, please!”

Alicia pressed the tip of the cock at her asshole. “As you wish, my slutty nurse!”

That toy wasn’t the same size as the other one. It felt to be a couple of inches smaller. Kelly was relieved…somewhat.

Alicia eased the cock in and Kelly squealed as her ass stretched and widened to consume it. She moaned louder the further it penetrated her. She laid her head on the table and squinted.

Alicia slowly pulled away to the tip and glided it in again. She fucked her with slow strokes to get Kelly used to the feel of having her ass taken.

Songs of delight hummed from Kelly’s lips. “Ahhhh…”

Alicia drew back and gave her a deeper, harder thrust that rocked her. Kelly grit her teeth.

Alicia plunged in again and sped up the cock. “Do you like it when I fuck your ass?”

Kelly was becoming drunk with arousal and what she said barely registered. “Ooohhh…yes…ahhh…”

The doctor spanked her ass while she built up to pounding her tight hole. “No one out there would believe that sweet little Kelly is in here at work getting her ass fucked.”

Alicia was moaning more, too. She was getting off on her power trip.

She dug her fingertips into Kelly’s cheeks and spread them as she gave her the cock with even faster thrusts until she had her about to scream but she whisked her hand to her mouth and caught it before it escaped.

Alicia brought her movements down and had the toy drifting back slowly. Kelly relaxed a bit but Alicia started drilling her again. Her ass was being pushed to the limit as she lifted and dropped her heels over and over.

The doctor slipped away and left Kelly’s ass pulsing.

“Okay, you can cum now,” Alicia said.

Kelly reached for her swollen clit and spun her fingers in circles onto it. The doctor fingered her pussy again with hard penetrations until a blast of body-rocking sensations burst throughout her and she came and came.

For how long she’d held it, the massive release had Kelly like rubber and void of energy as she threw her arms out over the desk.

As she tried to recharge, Alicia shoved her fingers into her mouth. “Taste how yummy you are.”

Kelly couldn’t help but feel weird that she was enjoying the taste of her own juices. She sucked on each of Alicia’s fingers until she cleaned the cum off them.

Alicia wiped her forehead. “Whew…that was exhilarating but we need to get back to work. I have a patient due to arrive in five minutes and guess who I need?”

Kelly was blown into another world and now she had to actually work. She wondered how she was going to manage that as the ladies dressed.

Once they were fully clothed, Kelly looked at her doctor. “Thank you for letting me cum.”

Alicia walked over and kissed her deeply. “You’re welcome. Now, go get ready. I’ll be out shortly.”

Kelly asked, “Can I have my panties back, please?”

“I think I’ll hold onto them for now. They’re kinda cute.”

“Okay…” Kelly said as she left. She’d have to be extra clever to keep her secret treasures from being discovered by straying eyes.

Kelly was shuddering as she made her way back to her seat. Her pussy and ass were resonating with a consistent throb. Walking itself proved to be quite the task.

Her ass ached the most but being taken in her once uncharted hole had a thrill to it.

After ten minutes passed, Kelly noticed Alicia hadn’t emerged from her office. She was overcome with so much worry that she had to check on her. Alicia always kept her job number one and seeing a patient wait for so long was alarming.

When Kelly reached her door, she could hear sorrow coming from inside. She eased it open a tad but not so much that Alicia would notice.

Alicia donned her white coat but was still sitting at her desk with a flood of tears pouring from her eyes and bawling into her hands. In front of her was her smartphone. Maybe that had something to do with her despair.

Kelly tapped on the door and leaned on it. “Hey, what’s the matter?”

Alicia’s sniffing and cries kept cutting her off every time she tried to speak. “I…miss…Tim! When I talked to him this morning, he told me…’sniff’…how much he still loved me but he was happy with someone else. It hit me like a rock all of a sudden. I hadn’t cried until now.”

Kelly wondered what triggered that. Sex had the ability to conjure every emotion under the sun but why did she suddenly think of her ex? Maybe the sex did it somehow. Reminded her of the last person she fucked and a domino of emotions followed.

Kelly noticed the pic on Alicia’s phone. It was of Tim and Alicia. Both of them had their arms around each other with full-toothed smiles on their lips like no force in the galaxy could have separated them at that time.

Kelly slid the phone across the desk away from the doctor. “Maybe you don’t need to keep playing this movie over and over?”

Alicia wiped her face and runny nose as she sniffed. “Maybe I shouldn’t.”

Kelly couldn’t help but feel for Alicia. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around her.

“I’m so sorry,” Kelly said softly. She loved being so close to her and the warmth that surrounded them. “Maybe working will keep your mind off it.”

“I hope so…” Alicia said as she kissed the side of Kelly’s head.

She pressed her lips to it again and brushed her brown hair with several strokes with an open hand. Kelly felt relaxed and tightened the lock on her.

Alicia whispered, “Kiss me.”

Kelly was happy to hear those words.

She turned and grazed her pink lips a couple of times before treating them to soft kisses. She next applied a little more pressure and held the kiss for a few seconds. She released the kiss and pressed harder with the next. There was something about the way Alicia kissed Kelly back. So…lovingly and tender.

Alicia clutched Kelly’s hand and helped her into her lap.

Kelly was straddling the doctor and reattached their lips. Alicia was sliding her hands all over her back and stopped behind her head. She pulled her closer and held her tight as she bit and nibbled the length of her ear and flicked it a few times. She attacked her neck with ferocious licks and gave it bites like a bloodthirsty vampire.

“Ahhh…” Kelly moaned as her body electrified.

Alicia danced the tip of her tongue over her teeth and the insides of her cheeks before stopping on Kelly’s tongue. They moaned together.

Kelly grinded her lap and was losing it. Alicia lifted her dress and traveled through her spine with her nails. She squeezed her ass and Kelly’s eyes rolled white.

Alicia kissed her again and pushed her away. “I feel much better now, thanks. I wish we could keep going but I’d better see to my patients.”

Kelly hung her face and whimpered. “Aww, and I was getting so hot.”

She slid off Alicia and placed her feet on the floor.

Alicia popped out of the chair and smothered her in kisses. “Thanks for being there for me. You’ve made things a lot easier. I still want a family one day but having you helps.”

“Sure. I’m glad you’re okay.”

“I can’t get over how bad you’ve become. I have more things in store for you.”

Kelly giggled and headed for the door. “I’ll see you later!”

Alicia held her arm to keep her there for another moment. “Wait, I wanted you to know that I care about you but you know that I’m not a one woman…or one man doctor, right?”

Kelly didn’t think she gave away that much about how she cared about Alicia but perhaps she read it through her kiss and the tenderness of her touch.

Kelly didn’t realize how much it would hurt that she wouldn’t be the only one. She knew it all along without the words being spoken but she was became attached to Alicia. She snarled at the image of her being with another person. Be it Renee, Oliver, or whoever else she had her eyes on, she didn’t care for it. Alicia had taken her places she’d never gone and she wasn’t interested in coming back anytime soon.

She asked, “Are you saying that you’re interested in someone else? Someone here?”

Alicia shifted her weight to her back foot. “Jealous?”

“N…no, curious.”

Alicia rubbed Kelly’s hair. “Don’t worry your pretty little head. You’re the only one that I’m fucking right now. I’m simply not promising that it will stay that way.” Kelly looked disappointed. “Listen, I just got divorced and I’ve been miserable for longer than I want to talk about. I deserve to have some fun without commitment, don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Alicia kissed her cheek. “I told you that I’m not done with you. Now, go.”

The young nurse took off. She was happy knowing that she made her doctor feel better but not so much about having competition.

It was to be expected. She shouldn’t have expected more but she did. Whatever happened, she wanted Alicia to be happy and hoped that involved her somehow.

Kelly went back to work wondering what was coming next…


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