Sex with My Step Daughter

My step daughter came to my office crying one day immediately after the bell rung.  Seems that despite about 10 girls their age being pregnant, Amy was picked on more than average.  She had been isolated and called every name in the book, because she had gotten knocked up by some man that she couldn’t identify.  Amy’s usually a strong girl, but the constant teasing was taking a toll on her.  Well I comforted her as much as I could, while locking up the science department.  I didn’t have to ask who was doing the teasing; I knew exactly who the insticator was.  It was my neighbor’s child Kim.  Well I had already had a plan to stop it all but I was just waiting for the right moment.

Kim’s mom and I were friends with benefits.  We had been screwing each other for quite some time now.  We started about a year after my wife (Amy’s mom) had been hit by a drunk driver and had passed away.  I had already adopted Amy so she was able to stay with me even after the funeral.  Hell her dead beat father, who had already gave up his parental rights tried to take her back, but the courts put a stop to it.

As I said, Kim’s mom and I were part time lovers.  We would get together when the girls were away from the house as long as her husband wasn’t around.  well he wasn’t around much as he was a long distance truck driver.  Oh she wasn’t doing anything that her husband didn’t know about hell he was screwing a few different women and girls when he was on the road.  They had a simple understanding, as long as neither got some disease or she didn’t get knocked up, they could continue to see and screw who they wanted when he was on the road.

My plan was simple; I had developed a drug that would make someone do almost anything that you ask, almost like hypnosis.  What’s more the victim would only remember what you wanted him or her to remember.  So as summer drew near, I started quietly spiking carol’s drinks with the drug.  I wanted her to help me with my plans to put her daughter in check.  I had also appropriated a few months supply of a very strong fertility drug.  I gave carol the fertility drug so she could slip it to Kim.  Carol was told to tell Kim that they were vitamins and they would help her.  Once the kids were out of school, I started seeing carol more often, being under the influence of the drug, she didn’t realize that anything was different than before.  So each day, id go over to her house and screw her.  Once I was released for the summer vacation, I went straight to carol’s house andslipped not only the fertility drug into Kim’s drink, but the hypnotic drug into her drink too.  Even with Kim being in the living room with us, I started feeling up carol and asked her to suck and lick my cock.  Well under the influence of the drug, she did just that in front of her child.  Once Kim got interested, I told her that if she wanted to try, that she needed to strip down to her panties only and then she could suck on my cock.  Kim almost ripped her clothes off, despite being a virgin she took to having my cock in her mouth like it was second nature.  I also took the time to play with her little tits as she tried to force my cock down her preteen virgin throat.  I pulled Kim off of my dick just in time, I didn’t want her to get her first load of cum in anything but her pussy, but I wasn’t quite ready.  I wanted her to see her mother take my dick in her pussy and ass first.  So right there in the living room, I ordered carol to strip and lay on the floor in front of her daughter, then I went down on her and feasted on her cunt juices.  Once I had my fill of her juices, I moved up and  :walkman: :walkman:shoved my cock deep into her hole.  Soon carol had her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me into her as hard as I was pushing.  She cried out with pleasure as I unloaded the first load of the day into her hungry cunt.  Once I gave her what felt like several loads, and pulled out of her, carol tried to lick me clean (as what she normally did) but I wouldn’t let her.  I ordered Kim to go down on me and lick mine and her mom’s jucies off of me.  She licked me like I tasted as good as a bowl of ice-cream and once again tried to force me down her throat, but I ordered her to tongue fuck her mom.

Seeing Kim with her tongue in her mom’s cunt, got me hard once again, so I picked my victim up and carried her to her bedroom.  I wanted the little bitch to remember getting her first cock each time she laid down to go to sleep.  I had ordered her mom to stand at the side of the bed with my camcorder and she had to video tape her daughter loosing her virginity.  Once set up, I ripped Kim’s panties off of her and started using my tongue on her little cunt.  Her mother videoed the whole thing as I moved up and bite her tiny tits and lined up my dick with her preteen virgin cunt.   Kim screamed in agony and tried to pull away from me as I shoved myself deep into her fertile virgin pussy.  I gave her a couple minutes to get used to being stretched and from the loss of her hmen, before I started easing my cock in and out of her formerly virgin cunt, and withing minutes it was feeling good to her.  The proof was when she wrapped her legs around me like her mother had done a couple hours before.

Well I fucked Kim through the rest of the night, giving her at least 4 loads of my cum in her tight ass pussy, and 1 in her mouth, before we all fell asleep on Kim’s bed.  The next morning, I found myself alone in Kim’s bed.  As I was ondering what happened, I heard the water running from the bathroom.  I pretended to still be asleep as Kim came out, still naked.  I could see through the slits in my eyelid that she was debating something, but eventually she climbed back into bed and took my dick into her mouth.  She only sucked me for a few minutes before I was hard as a rock, so she slipped up and straddled my hips, and lowered herself on my cock.  Once she was completely impaled with me dick, I gave up pretending and I grabbed her around the hips and started pushing in rhythm to her fucking mouth.

Still naked, Kim and I walked downstairs where her mom was finishing breakfast.  We ate, and then I took both of them one more time for good measure.  I then told them that I’d be back later that night and I dressed and left for home.  Amy was already up, soaking in the pool, hell she looked sexy as hell, wearing a bikini in her very pregnant belly.  I stripped and dove in I gave her a hug and told her that I was taking care of her problem.  She smiled and asked me to sit up on the edge of the pool.  She was far enough along in her pregnancy that sex was now uncomfortable, but she was always willing to use her tongue and lips to pleasure me.  Unforturnatly I was pretty much used up and couldn’t  give her a load of her favorite juice this morning.  Once we were finished there, I brought her inside and she watched the video that I had made of her instigater getting fucked for the first time.   Amy laughted and smiled, knowing the eventual outcome of my actions that night and the actions that I’d be taking for the next month or so.

For the next month, id go over to Kim and carol’s house, so that I could give both of them a few loads of my fertile cum.  I did this until Kim started showing the first signs of having been knocked up.  At that point, with the help of those hypnotic drugs that I was using, I convinced both of them to forget that I was the one that had been fucking Kim.  Basically she knew t hat she had acted like a slut for the last month or so,  but she had no idea who’s dick that she had drained.  I’d still go over there every few days to see her mom, who still gave it up to me as often as I wanted as long as her husband wasn’t home.

By the time school started back up, Amy had already had her baby, a girl that she named after me. Her name was Roberta.  Kim’s pregnancy was going well.  she was very embarrassed to start school as she was aready showing and was bigger than most would be.  That’s because the fertility drugs worked.  Damn if this little bitch wasn’t carrying quaduplites in that pre teen body of hers.

Most of her friends had abandoned her because of the embarrassement so Kim started hanging out with the so called bad girls, the ones that were either knocked up, had kids already or were just rebels.  Amy being the leader of that click took pride in acting understanding and patient with her new found friend.

Still today, I’ll fuck my step daughter every day after school, run over to carol’s house and fill her up and I might take Kim if things go right.  She still can’t remember who planted the babies in her womb but she does love my cock up her pussy and ass each night.



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