Sex At First Sight

Part One, An enchanted encounter:

My God, what a stunner!

She has the loveliest face I have ever seen! More than that, she seems very sweet. Sort of like the girl you took to the prom, politely stifling a giggle seeing you in that ridiculous tuxedo, but nonetheless give you a sweet kiss and tells you how wonderful you look.

That kind of sweet!

I saw her over the mounded vegetable counter at the supermarket. She looks up at me, and immediately lowers head but then raises her clear light blue eyes and I see a shy smile. I continue with my shopping, but keep her in sight … sort of!

Then out of nowhere, a tall rough-looking guy approaches her grumbling something to her as he pushes the Brussel sprouts out of her hand saying,

“Put those back … I hate those! C’mon, let’s go Dot!”

Obviously a boyfriend, since I didn’t notice a ring on her third finger, left hand. He seems like a jock or ex-jock, handsome enough to have gotten any girl he ever wanted in life. As he pulls her away, she looks up and smiles at me.

She is petite with silver-blonde hair cut in a pageboy that perfectly frames her incredibly beautiful face, feathering down onto her graceful neck. She has a light complexion with a sort of permanent blush to her cheeks. She looks like an angel; all that’s needed are the wings!

Down the aisle a bit, I hear this man berating her for something else, but she treats him like so much background noise as she turns back to look in my direction.

“God! I have to know who she is!”

As she checks out, her boyfriend is waiting by the windows, looking at his watch, and telling her to hurry up, making the point with his hand motioning to her. She is chatting with the checkout girl, Angela, as if they are friends. I frequent this store enough to know that when I am in Angela’s line, I will always get a sweet smile from her after I make a flirting remark or two.

When this pretty blonde finishes at the checkout line, she is hefting her bag of groceries by herself as her man is pulling her away by the arm. I decide to leave, making sure I am in Angela’s line. Her line is crowded, but I want to talk to her so I wait my turn. I tumble my goodies out on the conveyor and say,

“Hey, Angela! How’s it going?” (Shit, that was lame!)

“Um, hi Michael, what’s up? Do you want paper or plastic?”

“So that’s what our love affair has come down to has it, Angela … paper or plastic?” I tease her.

“Is that what we have once a week over spaghetti and cans of whole kernel corn Michael … a love affair? So my love, paper or plastic?”

“Uh, paper … I guess Angela!” after a few seconds I continue as delicately as I can,

“Um Angela, I noticed you talking to a very pretty, little blonde girl. Um … who is she?”

I tried to say that casually, but Angie is smart and just gives me a smile as she passes my items over the barcode reader.

“Oh, you mean Dotty, uh, Dorothy. Yes, she is very pretty isn’t she? Everyone thinks so! But, before you waste your time, she is with ‘Mr. Wonderful.’ His name is Greg, and he treats her like property. Would you like the receipt in the bag or with you?”

“Angie, meet me for coffee when you get off work … can you?”

She scrunches up her pretty face a little, and says,

“Mmm, alright Michael, I’m off at three so how about meeting me at Starbucks around the corner?”

“Great. See you there.”

Angela is pretty, petite, and seems like a very sweet girl! She and I have flirted a little over carrots, cans of soup, and zucchini sliding across her counter. I know that she can be bratty in a sweet way … know what I mean? But, this is the first time I asked her to meet me anywhere. I never thought that Angie was all that taken with me, but our non-relationship has always been pleasant.

She is sort of a friend, but the few times that I have looked directly into her dark brown eyes, I got a little twinge. I don’t know why I never asked her out, she really is kind of a cute little thing. Those pretty brown eyes … my God! They have always gotten to me, and I should have asked her out long before this. ‘Paper or plastic’ … that’s about as intimate as we have ever been.

It is three-twenty-five, and Angela walks into the Starbuck’s after having to count out her register and finishing up at work. She starts the conversation after we settle on stools by the window with our caffeinated concoctions, with a couple of raspberry scones.

“So, you like our little Dottie! She is cute Michael … she is very cute, but as I say, unfortunately, she is spoken for.”

“Well, yeah. I do think she’s cute, and we kind of had a moment, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, I wish you good luck darling, she is currently owned by … Greg. And, I do sincerely mean good luck! If anyone were to get her away from him, I would want it to be someone like nice like you … as little as I know about you Michael, you seem to be very nice.”

‘Tell me about her, Angie!”

Angela takes another pull off her caramel macchiato, clears her throat, and starts in.

“Dorothy was a classmate, and track teammate of mine at Roosevelt high. She doesn’t mind being called Dottie, but hates ‘Dot.’ That is what asshole-face calls her! Oops, I’m sorry for that, but I am not exactly one of Greg’s biggest fans. Dottie and I still get together over lunch or for an occasional dinner or movie.”

She thinks for a second or two and says,

“If you wanted to Michael, you might join us sometime. That way, you get to meet her, and I will be there to keep an eye on you (giggle). Greg usually leaves her alone when she is with me, so would you like to do that?”

I am not exactly sure if she is helping me with Dotty, or if she is asking me out! But, I am interested in getting to know her lovely blonde friend, so I say,

“Yes—I’m there! Dinner or a movie?”

“How about we do both, you treat for dinner and we’ll treat for the movie!” She says with another musical giggle.

Angela pushes her chair closer to mine, writes out her phone number on a small napkin, and asks for mine. We exchange numbers, and I am finding it very pleasant being so close to this dusky hued girl. Then she surprises me by saying,

“Um, Michael, I am always like a little keyed up after work and I am wondering, if you are not doing anything right now, um … if you might like to walk me home. It’s just a few blocks away, and I have some cold beer in the fridge!”

I can imagine from her hopeful look that she might be saying to herself “God! What am I doing?”

I look at her for a few seconds. She is nervous, and her breathing is elevated a little. I would normally not have a problem dating Angela, since she is also very cute and has a nice tight petite shape. Her brown hair fits her face and feathers down nearly to her shoulders. She has caught me a few times at the store looking into her lovely dark brown eyes—getting lost in them actually—there is just something about a pair of dark brown eyes to me!

She usually recaptures my attention with a question followed by a cute musical giggle. She wears her blouses with an extra button unbuttoned, and while I can’t exactly see a lot of cleavage, she does afford a view of the swell of her pretty and pert breasts as they curve into her blouse, and white lace brassiere. I am very interested and quickly say,

“Yeah, a beer sounds good, sure Angela!”

I know that ‘a beer’ usually means just sharing a malted hops flavored beverage or two, but it could also mean, ‘I want to be with you.’ Whatever the case, I am saying yes while looking into her pretty eyes. She lets her breath out in a sigh, as she wears a relieved smile.

“Good! I guess we’re through here, so we can go!” She says brightly.

I pull her stool out for her, and hold the door for her as we leave. It is quiet between us as we walk, but not an uncomfortable silence. More like two people who are easy enough with each other just to enjoy a quiet moment together. She breaks the silence by wrapping her arms round one of mine, and says,

“Now, when we meet with Dotty you have to pretend to be my um, uh, boyfriend. Can you handle that?”

Before I can answer, she quickly adds,

“It’s okay if you don’t Michael, but it would just be easier in case Greg decides to follow us … which he sometimes does!”

Noticing that she has already established touch in an acceptable way, I reciprocate by patting her arm with my hand as I say,

“It will be my pleasure Angela.”

She just smiles and blushes with a little giggle and tightens her hold on my arm. I could get used to that sweet musical little giggle of hers!

We reach her apartment, and she tells me to have a seat as she gets us each a beer out of the refrigerator. She has a pleasant little place, with tasteful furnishings, but done on a budget. Her apartment is neat and well organized … what I can see of it. She excuses herself to shower and change after her long shift at work.

After several minutes, she is quickly moving into her bedroom in just a small towel. She leaves the door open so we can talk. I move over toward the kitchen to lean against the counter, and discover that I have a partial view into her bedroom. I see her take her towel off, and slip into a pair of shorts sans panties, and she pulls a light sweater over her head without a bra.

From what I am able to see of her moving into and out of my view, she has a very cute little shape … much better than I would have imagined from seeing her in those smocks at the market. I noticed a very pretty, shapely ass and stomach. Her breasts are small, but pert and high up, with puffy nipples. I can see just a flash of neatly trimmed brown pubic hair as she carries on the conversation, talking about Dotty and her asshole boyfriend.

I begin to wonder just who it is that I am interested in, is it Dotty or Angela! She talks the whole time she is in the bedroom, seemingly unaware that I can see her. When I sense that she is ready, I quickly move back to an easy chair, out of view of her bedroom.

I am about to put my bottle to my lips again as she comes out, but I stop and lower it to look at her. She looks fresher … cleaner … prettier than she does at the store. She perches on the padded arm of the chair I am in, and we clink beer bottle necks.

“Angela, you look very nice … not use to seeing you cleaned up!”

“Thank you, Michael!” She says with a deep blush, lowering her eyes.

She is taking about how nice it is to clean up after work, getting rid of all the sweat, grit and filminess she collects during a shift at work. She walks to the counter after finishing her beer, and places the empty on the counter.

This affords me a view of her pretty ass, perfectly outlined by her tight short shorts and the way she moves. As she stretches to the counter, I can see just a little of her firm ass cheeks. She has a very distinctive sway to her movements that I find attractive and sexy. I guess you would have to be a poet to describe it accurately, the soft self-assured swish, the way her hair flounces as she turns her head, and her easy smile. Yup, poetry!

All I can say to myself as I watch her is, “Damn!” She catches me looking and smiles saying,

“Like another, Michael?” She knows that she caught me a little unprepared and adds, “Another beer, I mean!”

“Uh yeah, Angela, great!”

I am able to watch her bend over to retrieve it, and she alters my notions of the architecture of the human form as the thin cotton material of her shorts stretches over her petite and shapely little ass.

God, she is so cute!

She pads back over to me and stops so she is close, and hands me the fresh one taking my empty to the counter. She returns, takes my hand saying,

“Come join me on the couch Michael.”

Once situated together on one side of the couch, she turns to me,

“Now about Dotty; she is very cute as you know, but she is very shy. Mostly because Greg so dominates her. I already have a date with her for Friday night … just a couple of days from now … and we are just going to see a movie, but I will tell her that you are taking us out to dinner first to someplace nice.”

She smiles slyly,

“You are okay with that aren’t you Michael!”

kind of a leading question but I reply quickly,

“Um, yeah! You pick a place, and I will treat. But you guys have to buy the tickets and popcorn later.”

Her laugh sounds like the starting notes to a very pretty song. I laugh also, and my heart skips a beat at the sound of her musical laugh. I am lost for another moment just looking at her.

“Great! I will call her tonight and let her know … not about you of course … but about the change in plans.”

I smile my assent to her plans, and start to wonder if Angela and I need Dorothy along … perhaps, it might be just the two of us. I take a bold step by asking,

“You know Angela, if you have nothing else planned tonight, I know of a very nice little Italian place near here. If you like, we could get out a little, and discuss Friday night over some spaghetti and a nice bottle of Chianti.” (Smooth, huh?)

“Well … I have a toning session at the ‘Y’ later, but I um … yeah, guess I could put it off for another night! Sure, I would love to! Let me call Dotty about Friday first though.”

She grabs her cell, selects her number and smiles at me as it rings.

“Hi Dotty, Angela … Um, I have a change in our plans for Friday … uh huh … well I have a friend, who wishes to go with us and we are going to do dinner first … he is treating! Uh huh … he’s a nice guy … Michael … well you have met him, sort if … uh huh … uh huh … well we will have to leave a little earlier … yeah … about six, is that okay? He is? … Good! That will work then … over here … yeah … he will be here too. Okay honey, bye!”

She disconnects, turns and smiles at me, saying,

“Well sir, not only do you have a comely little date tonight, you have two of them on Friday night. Dotty is interested in meeting you.”

She finishes her beer and puts the empty next to the other two and says,

“I don’t want to go out to dinner like this so can you wait just another little bit while I change? You can stand over by the counter again if you wish! That way we can talk!”

She says that with a knowing smile, and it is my turn to blush as I feel the heat on my cheeks.

“Shit! I feel like such a creep, being caught watching her change!” I think to myself!

She twirls around and heads back to the bedroom. I am so embarrassed having been caught spying on her after her shower that I stay where I am, just waiting without repeating the peeping Tom routine. I notice that she does keep her door open again, this time a little wider. It takes her just a few minutes, to change into a cute plaid pleated skirt to just above her knees, with low heels, and walks out with a white blouse still wide open with no bra.

She says, heading to the bathroom,

“Come on in, Michael! I am just going to put on my face a little and we can talk as I do!”

I follow her into the bathroom and nervously take a seat on the commode with the lid closed, while she digs out her cosmetics and with a little eyeliner, and a little puff here, and a little puff there, she is ready for the lipstick. I have a full view of her lovely smallish breasts with their puffy darker areolas topped with pink nipples as she works. With that task quickly completed, she turns to me opens her blouse and says,

“Bra or no Bra?”

“Your choice Angie!” I answer nervously.

I am not sure why this little girl is so open about showing her stuff but for the moment, I have no complaints since she seems so natural about it. As I stare at her tits without answering, she answers her own question,

“No bra!”

She figures that since I have already seen her tits; displaying them to me seems like no big deal to her! Actually, I have always loved girls who are comfortable with her bodies, and with showing it, albeit discreetly. She turns toward me and says that she has make up on her fingers, and can I button her blouse for her.

This is a very intimate thing to do, especially since we are essentially strangers. She is so natural about it that it seems like a reasonable request, so I start at the bottom. I work my way up as she smiles at me with a sweet ‘little girl’ smile, likely enjoying my discomfort with the sexy situation she has created. When I get to just about in line with her nipples, she stops me.

“I just like to show a little Michael … but not too much!”

She shrugs her shoulders with a little chuckle. She is so easy with asking a man she hardly knows to button her blouse for her, that I actually find it charming. My dick is starting to awaken to the reality of the situation.

I already knew that she likes to show a little, from the way she buttons them for work. She surprises me by putting her hands on my hips, tiptoeing up and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. She giggles musically.

“Let’s go darling!”

On the way out the door, she whispers to me,

“I’m not wearing any panties either!”

She giggles like a naughty schoolgirl, seemingly happy being a very bratty little tease, obviously trying to make me feel a little off balance. She curls her left arm around my right, and we are off to the restaurant with her still giggling at my discomfiture. We walk along for a while without conversation; she is smiling and just taking in the view of shops, and the fresh air. She breaks the silence by saying,

“Michael, don’t be embarrassed that I um, saw you watching me. I would have invited you in my room while I was changing, but I thought that might be a little too forward.”

She blushes a little and continues,

“I don’t want you to think I am like … a slut or anything, but I do not get hung up on modesty or anything, and … I sort of like you Michael! I just don’t like a lot of tight straps, and binding waistbands, so I don’t’ wear them … most times!”

She gives me a moment to take that in and continues,

“I am very comfortable with my body, but sometimes guys misjudge that and try to take advantage. I know that you won’t do that Michael!” Then with another thought,

“I know that tonight is not exactly a date, but it kind of feels like one, and I like … don’t do anything on the first date!”

I laugh a little at her little declaration, and put my arm around her and I replay,

“I like being out tonight with such a lovely and sweet … and honest girl. I actually like the fact that you are comfortable with your body … you already know that I know how cute it is. And, I will honor any rules you have for doing anything, and whenever!”

“Oh, I know that I put you on the spot at my place, but I am proud of my little bod, and um … I uh … just wanted you to see it! That is why I left my door open! I also consider tonight to be a date, and I am happy you asked me out!” She wears a serious look and continues,

“I always wanted you to ask me out over my counter at the store, but you never did. Now that you have … sort of … I find you very nice and easy to be with!”

I look at her and say somberly,

“I should have asked you out a long time ago, I like you and I thought about it a hundred times! Your friend Dorothy is very cute, but I don’t want Friday night to seem like I am only there for her.”

“Well, I didn’t say anything to Dorothy about you being her like date or anything; I just thought that you would have two girls, and which one you consider to be your date is up to you. I would like Friday night to be just three friends out for an evening, all on equal footing. I will make sure Dotty understands that too.”

We reach the restaurant and find a nice private booth near the back, but away from the kitchen noise. The booth is cozy and we are close over the small table. We order as soon as the waiter appears, I order the spaghetti with Italian meatballs, and she goes for the fettuccini primavera. I order the house Chianti.

Angela looks at me and we decide a little toast is in order, since the wine comes first. She raises her glass and makes the toast,

“Here’s to … unintended consequences!”

I chuckle at her clever summation of our situation and simply reply,

“Here, here!”

I find out that Angela and I are both twenty-one and both finishing up at City University. She is in nursing, and I am taking a business course. Dorothy is dropping out of college at Greg’s demand. He was her high school boyfriend, and captain of the football team, the baseball team, and the wrestling squad … just another dumb jock!

Angela and Dorothy were members of the same 440-relay team in high school, which explains their similarly slender shapes and good muscle tone. I was also a baseball player in high school and now play ball for the university (second base/shortstop). As I think about it now, I think I remember seeing Angela in the stands at some of the university games. Her pretty face and dark eyes are hard to miss.

We talk, laugh, eat, and drink our Chianti. I find that Angela is a clever conversationalist and seems to be quite well educated. I ask her about that, and she admits to a 3.85 GPA. At one point, I ask her to lean forward. She kneels on the bench on her side and leans over the table.

I take my napkin and dip a corner of it in the water glass, and wipe a little tomato sauce from her cheek near her lips. Then I lean forward and kiss her. She stays in that position long enough to give me a nice view down into her blouse (and likely an up-the-skirt view from behind for someone) and then she settles back with a little blush.

She softly says, “thank you Michael!’ as she is stealing some of my spaghetti and about half of my last meatball. I say,

“You know, there is something quite endearing about a girl who can show you her tits, and then blush about it. It is a real loving gesture if you think about it, in addition to being very erotic.”

She smiled coyly as we finished our meal and headed back to her place.

“Michael um, would you like to come up for a cup of coffee? I have to get settled down early for school tomorrow and work afterward, but I have a little bit of time!”

“Sure, coffee’s good! And don’t worry I won’t try to push your boundaries … too much!”

She looks sideways at me with my equivocation, and slowly says,

“Thank you … I think. Come on up!”

She leads the way to her apartment and and into the kitchen to make some coffee. I am on the couch, since I think it would be easier to get little closer there. She brings a couple of cups of black coffee, and smiles knowingly when she sees me on the couch with a big smile.


“Oh yes, you have a very comfortable couch! It is just so very …. ‘comfortable’!”

She giggles, and says, “I’m so happy that you are … ‘comfortable’! Music? Pop, classical, new wave?

“Whatever you like honey. I know I will like it!”

She puts on something instrumental, soft and pleasant. Then she joins me on the couch, facing toward me with her arm on the back. She smiles, and I can see that her blouse has separated a little and I can see one very pretty little breast … like just about the whole thing. She notices my noticing, looks down and then at me and says softly,

“It’s just a tit Michael!”

She smiles and undoes a couple more buttons so I move in closer and slide my hands into her blouse, over her lovely little mounds of flesh with their puffy areolas and hardening nipples. She moves closer, and we melt into a soft sweet kiss as she opens her mouth. We forget about the coffee quickly cooling on the coffee table, and move into a more passionate embrace and kiss.

She moves up to straddle my thighs facing me, and puts her arms around my neck, continuing to kiss me. I slide my hands along her thighs, under her skirt and onto her pantiless little ass cheeks.

“Mmm, be careful Michael, a lot of that stuff down there is off limits right now!” (giggles)

“Well, you will just have to call off sides on me if I touch the wrong ‘stuff”! I say with a laugh.

“You know I will sweetie!” she says.

I massage her little ass, and I get moans from her. As I reach under buttocks, my fingers explore her crevice, and she squeals when I slide a fingertip over her sensitive little pucker.

“Yellow light, darling!” she whispers.

I continue to finger her little butt, and ask, “Are you sure?”

“Uh huh!”

As I slide my fingers under the back of her thighs, they encounter her moist pussy lips.

“Ohhh, Red light sweetie!”

But the little hypocrite lifted her ass a little to allow me to touch her there, so I call her on it,

“I think you want me to touch you there!”

“Mmm, maybe … and maybe not!”

After slipping one fingertip into her just a little, and getting another squeal from her, I moved my hands to safer territory on her hips, and higher on her buttocks.


“Thank you Michael!”

She pulls her blouse out of her skirt, and unbuttons it all the way giving my free reign to touch her on top. After a passionate kiss, we pull apart and putting our foreheads together just talk softly … just silly first date kinds of endearments and light teasing. I wait for a slight pause in our intimate conversation, and look into her face and say,

“Do you know that you have the most incredibly beautiful eyes I have ever seen?”

She softens into a sweet, shy smile and says, almost inaudibly,

“Thank you, Michael! I do get some complements, but coming from you it is special!” She hesitates and says just as softly,

“Are they prettier than Dorothy’s?”

That is the first time either of us mentioned her lovely friend since leaving for the restaurant. Actually, I had forgotten about her, and was really hoping to concentrate on Angela tonight. I think for a moment before answering her little landmine of a question,

“Actually, part of what attracted me to Dorothy, was her clear blue eyes, and her incredible face. Angela, there are prettier girls in the world … there are even girls prettier than Dorothy is … believe it or not. But, I find your eyes mesmerizing … I get lost in them. I have a thing for dark eyes, and yours are very beautiful.”

She is following every single word I am saying with great interest and some amount of trepidation until the last two sentences at which she smiles a little. Then I continue,

“The thing is honey, all of these girls … all these lovely girls are not you! So what if they are prettier? They do not have your warmth, your sweetness, and they do not have what I see when I look into your eyes! Angela, they can never have what you have now … my attention!”

As I speak, I watch her expression change through the gamut of emotions from interest, to worry, to understanding, even a shy smile, and finally to her chin trembling as she realizes that the man she has always wanted to be with likes her … maybe loves her.

“Oh, Michael I—”

That was all she could get out before she became too emotional to continue, so I rescue the moment by saying,

“I know, Angela!”

Then I reach in and kiss her as she opens her full lips and sweet mouth to me so willingly, as our lips melt together in a luscious kiss. She puts her arms around my neck and offers me little soft kisses, with tears running down her lovely rosy cheeks as her doe-like eyes search for mine each time between kisses. When she recovers a little, we do talk about Dorothy, and about what will happen Friday night. She says,

“If you wouldn’t mind pretending to be, uh … my boyfriend, I can sit between you and Dotty in the theater. That way I can talk to her and kiss you … if that’s okay.”

“That is okay … more than okay, Angela! I am starting to realize what a truly special person you are.”

“Oh Michael, I hoped you would say something like that. But I still feel that Dotty needs to know what the original idea was for our meeting on Friday.”

She lowers her head a little, and slowly raises her eyes nervously, and continues,

“But Michael, i-if you w-want to um, date Dotty after you get to know her, I will be … uh … I won’t stand in your way.”

“Let’s not worry about anything like that, Angela!”

She lets out a pent up breath, and with a relieved smile says,

“Okay … good, Michael!”

“Angela,” I say looking her straight in the eyes,

“Tonight things got away from us a little, so let’s do this right if we are going to have a relationship, let’s take our time … let’s take it slow.”

“I agree. Let’s just see what happens Friday night, and we can go from there!” she offers.

We kiss softly for some time, until she breaks contact. She has a rather sad expression as the she whispers in my ear that she has an early class tomorrow and then the store, and says that she needs her sleep. She reaches up and kisses me sweetly and says,

“Goodnight Michael!”

I smile and nod as Angela sends me home floating!

~ ~ ~

Part Two, Friday night double date:

Friday night comes and I am at Angela’s apartment by quarter-to-six, waiting for Dorothy to arrive. Angela is putting finishing touches on dress and makeup, and then comes out to join me. She kisses me on the cheek saying that Dotty should be here soon.

No sooner does she say that, than the outside buzzer sounds, and she buzzes her friend into the building. Dotty is at the door, and Angela is right there to open it for her. She sees me as she enters, but I am not sure if she remembers me from the store. She is so pretty that she must have guys smiling at her all the time.

Angela puts one hand on Dotty’s shoulder and the other one on mine and introduces us. I move to shake her hand and Angela says,

“For the God sake Michael, kiss her! She won’t break!”

I lean in and give her a quick kiss on the lips as she closes her clear blue eyes and then flutters them open with a pretty smile after I pull away. She is petite like Angela, and has nearly the same body type. The only exceptions are that she is paler, has short blonde hair, cut in a cute pageboy, blue eyes, and actually is quite a bit prettier than Angela is.

Angela embraces her friend, and kisses her on the lips as well, but a little bit longer and sweeter. As longtime friends and teammates, I guess they are comfortable touching each other. I always considered girl-to-girl affection to be very hot. She breaks her kiss with her pretty friend and explains the ground rules,

“We are three friends going out for dinner and a movie, and anything goes that another person will allow. There are no preconceived notions or expectations. Whatever happens; happens!”

Dotty nods her agreement and I look at Angela with a curious look, but reluctantly nod my agreement as well. I am not sure that I want to jeopardize my nascent relationship with Angela with an incautious touch or kiss with Dorothy. Dotty is a living doll no doubt, but I really like Angela.

We take my car, and since Dorothy is Angela’s guest, she lets her little blonde friend ride in front with me. Dorothy is wearing a powder blue dress with a simple cowl neck, and cinched at the waist by a matching belt. Her dress drapes to just above her knees, and she is wearing three-inch heels. Angela is wearing a navy blue knit dress with a white linen collar, and a placket with four buttons, two of which are open at the top. It is form fitting and extends to about three inches above her knees.

Angela directs us to a nice medium-priced restaurant. I hold Angela’s chair for her to be seated, and the maître d’ holds Dorothy’s for her. I select a nice Australian viognier, since it goes with a wide variety of foods. The maître d’ smiles and says,

“Nice! I’ll have it brought right out for you sir!”

The girls are excited about what dynamics might develop between the three of us with our date tonight. Angela knows that despite our magic from the other night, Dorothy being much prettier might win my heart. I am not as convinced, since I have already seen what I like in Angela, but like she said, “Whatever happens; happens.”

The wine steward pours me a little to taste. Having passed my taste test, he fills the glasses of the girls, and then a full pour for me. I ask if anyone has a toast they wish to make, since all of the one’s I know are Irish, and a bit ribald for this group. Dorothy ventures forth and raises her glass and simply says,

“Here’s to good food, a good wine, and good friends! May they all last a long time!”

Angela and I give her a “Here, here!” nearly simultaneously. Then a wicked smile traces across Angela’s face and she asks me for an Irish toast.

“No way honey! They are all a little risqué for our little outing tonight, I think!”

“Aw, c’mon! Chicken?”

I roll my eyes, and wracking my brain for a semi-decent one I raise my glass, and say,

“Okay, here’s one!”

Here’s to a woman’s kisses, and to whisky amber-clear! Not as sweet as a woman’s kiss … but a damn sight more sincere!”

The girls burst out in laughter and drink to my toast as well.

“Oh, Michael that was cute do you have any more?”

“Aw c’mon Angela!”

“Just one more, please!”

She insists with a little faux pout, as I roll my eyes. I raise my glass again and say,

“Okay my little darlings, here’s one! Raise our glasses!” then I clear my throat and continue,

“I’ll drink to the girls who say they will, and I’ll drink to the girls to say they won’t. But I won’t drink to the girls who say they will … and then find out they don’t!”

The girls both again, burst into laughter, and the couple at the next table over-hears that one and they join us in laughter.

I am thinking, it is a good thing they didn’t ask me for the one called “the barmaid from Sale,” but that one is technically is a limerick not a toast!

We order from the menu, Dorothy selects a nice roast chicken on rice, and I pick the salmon. Angela orders the best steak dinner in the place, medium-well! I give her a smile and a nod that says, “that’s my girl!” She giggles, and promises me a piece. We explain to Dorothy that Angela and I are likely to share our meals a little and she is welcome to participate. She exclaims,

“Wow! It seems like you guys are already a couple!”

Angela quickly corrects her saying,

“Dotty, there are no lines and no relationships tonight. Everyone is for anyone.” Then Dorothy smiles and says,

“In that case I want to participate too.”

Then she causes my cock to twitch just a little as she pats her hand against her flat shapely midsection and says,

“Chicken, steak and salmon … my little tummy is not going to know what’s going on!”

We all laugh, as Angela reaches over and puts a hand on Dotty’s, and then on mine. According to Angela’s wishes, we are just three friends of equal standing tonight. I am guessing that Angela wants to make sure I really choose her by tempting me with someone much prettier.

This is a somewhat dangerous game to play, but I will play it her way despite my great admiration for her, and the fact that Angela herself is quite a pretty girl. So, if Dotty wants me to kiss or touch her, will oblige her, as I will with kissing and touching Angela.

This is about the strangest setup I have ever seen, and I will have to be careful. I have already decided to continue my affections to Angela, and only respond to Dotty when she initiates something. I want to continue with Angela after tonight, and will not do anything to jeopardize that.

Angela starts to ramp up the action, by cutting a bite-sized morsel from her steak, and slowly opens her lips, and slides her forkful into her mouth, closing her pretty red lips sensuously around the bite and slowly retracts her fork, closes her eyes and gives us an “Mmmm!” she slides her hand over her breasts and say slowly,

“That was sooo good! Was it good for you guys too?”

Dotty, not to be outdone picks up a small morsel of chicken moves it over to mymouth. As I open it she slowly slides it in until I close my lips around it and she slowly retracts her fork, then she leans toward me, opens her mouth slightly and makes a show of giving me a slow and luxurious kiss, with our lips meeting in noisy slurps. She pulls away and says,

“How was that, darling!”

“Holy shit! Amazing!” I hear myself say involuntarily.

The guy at the next table drops his fork watching Dotty and me, and we all laugh.

The girls feed each other with little morsels and with mouthy slurpy kisses with lots of tongue, and giving me sideways glances and smiles as the do it. Since we are now attracting a lot of attention, we return to normal dining. But, the die is cast for what might be a very sexy evening.

Dorothy is absolutely the prettiest girl I have ever seen! Her cute pageboy perfectly frames her gorgeous face, and those light, clear, blue eyes are mesmerizing! She has a pale complexion with a natural blush to her cheeks that is very appealing. I am resolved to keep my guard up against damaging anything I have started with her pretty, but more darkly hued friend.

We all order one New York cheesecake with three plates for dessert, and take turns feeding it to each other with a lot of laughter. We end up getting as much on our mouths and chins, as inside. I get the bad news, and it seems I will be working a lot of overtime the next couple of weeks to pay for it. But, being with these two amazing little lookers is well worth it!

I walk out with my arms around Dotty and Angela, and every guy in the place is thinking the exact same thought, “You lucky bastard, you!” Angela asks me for my keys, and announces that she is driving us to the theater, and that Dotty and I are in the back seat. Since we have some time before the feature starts, Angela drives us to a very shady and quiet little park.

Dotty starts by leaning back against me behind our sexy little chauffer, with my arms around her. I slide my hands down to her stomach, and slowly massage her with my fingertips, taking care not to go too far with her. She turns her head so I can kiss her, and I kiss her for a long time as one hand slides up to her breasts with the other moving lower down her abdomen.

Her bra is so thin that I can feel her nipples as I play with them and pinch them as she moans into my mouth. Her breasts are a little larger and rounder than Angela’s and her nipples get harder and longer when aroused. I massage her lower down, past her flat stomach and just above her mound.

She breaks the kiss, and slides her hem up nearly to her crotch; she is wearing thigh-high sheer stockings. She takes my hand and places it on her bare skin just above her stockings. I massage her buttery soft thighs, letting my finger slide between her legs. She moans loudly, opens her thighs, and pulls the hem of her dress up further exposing her bikini panty-covered crotch to me.

“Touch me … there … Michael!” She says, in an earthy and sexy voice.

I play with her soft inner thighs, and following her wishes, let my fingertips go up further. She allows me to massage her pussy and her clit over her thin panties as she opens her thighs further. She is in another world as I touch her. She takes my hand and places it inside her panties, and allows me to slide it over her clit and pussy lips. I check the rearview mirror and find that Angela is very stoically looking straight ahead not wanting to see what is going on behind her, I guess.

Dorothy is moaning long and loud until she takes in a couple of sharp deep breaths, and shudders into an orgasm as she releases her breath in short halting huffs. Afterward, she just melts into my body moaning softly, and I slide my finger inside her between her pussy lips, just massaging her slippery and moist, fleshy insides. She shudders again, and she moans into my mouth,

“Oh, Michael! Touch me more!”

I couldn’t help myself, having this incredibly lovely creature in my arms, allowing me to touch her. I hear her huff several times, and then she squeals into a strong orgasm with my finger still inside her. After I withdraw my finger, she turns around, unzips my pants and fishes my already nearly hard cock out, and kisses it. She licks the clear pre-cum from the tip, and slides it in between her lovely pale pink lipstick-covered lips.

She gives me the most amazing blowjob I have ever had, with her slender and delicate fingers tickling my balls. I moan loudly trying to delay the familiar feeling, but as she slides her lips all the way down, I explode in her pretty mouth, and she swallows it all, squeezing my balls to get as much as she can.

It feels incredible, letting go inside of her warm, fleshy, moist mouth as her tongue bathes the underside of my throbbing cock. As I throb inside her mouth, I involuntarily groan, “Oh God!!!” I am still recovering from the delicious pain/pleasure of my orgasm when she crawls up and gives me a long impassioned, and cummy kiss holding my face in her hands.

She doesn’t have to say the words as her sweet smile says them for her, “Thank you Michael!” I would very happily wrest this little girl away from that rock-headed jock except for one thing, I fell in love with Angela during our first date.

Then we hear Angela’s voice from the front with her now watching us in the rear view mirror,

“Everyone good back there?” Dotty looks at her dreamily, and she and I breathe in unison,


“Okay my darlings, the theater is not far and the feature starts soon, so put away anything that got taken out, and zip up anything that got unzipped! Mama’s going to drive you to the movies!”

We had straightened ourselves out chuckling at her last statement, and separated in the back seat by this time, so we just laugh at our cute friend and driver. I feel that I have had my piece of Dorothy and she, hers with me, so my attention returns to our pretty chauffer. So does Dotty’s as she reaches up to the front seat and kisses Angela on the neck, whispering in her ear,

“Thank you darling, you can have your Michael back on the way home, and I will drive!”

Angela smiles and reaches back to pat her on the head and catches my eye in the rearview mirror with a sweet sexy smile. That is her sign of agreement. I know that I might also have to give them time for any girl-to-girl stuff they might want while watching the movie.

I begin to feel like I have betrayed Angela with Dotty in the back seat, but what happened between Dotty and me, is what Angela wanted to happen. It is clear that she needed to test my affection for her by giving me, my taste of Dorothy to satisfy my ‘at first sight’ infatuation. To get her out of my system, so to speak, so she will know that I truly choose her.

Dorothy comes over and sits on my lap and we just kiss softly with my hand sliding up her dress as she parts her legs for me. Angela pulls into the theater lot. Dotty’s panties are soaked with her juices! She slides off my lap, adjust her dress and hair, and then she runs her fingers over my bulging crotch, and says,

“Ohhh, I’ve done a good job getting you ready for Angela haven’t I?”

I just smile stupidly trying not to cream in my pants, as her glossy pink fingernails scratch over my hardening cock through my slacks. Angela opens Dorothy’s door for her and the girls hug and giggle a little as Angela plays the chauffer bit to the hilt. I get out on my side and turn away from the girls until my bulge starts to subside.

We walk into the theater, and the girls tell me that they are paying, and treating me to anything I want. They make it loud, so it is clear to anyone around us that I am their little gigolo tonight, as they laugh and giggle over my momentary embarrassment.

The girls let me in first to the last row in the darkest part of the theater. Angela is next, followed by Dotty. They do not allow me to carry anything, since I am their … man. The arm rests fold up in this theater, so we have three seats in a row, where we have the freedom to move back and forth, to cuddle together, or whatever else!

We are all settled, and Angela puts the popcorn and drinks down out of the way, and turns to me, immediately sliding her tongue into my mouth all the way. My hand naturally goes to her pert little breasts, and my fingers massage her puffy areolas and pink little nipples as she moans into my mouth.

The girls picked a late showing of a movie that has been out for a while, and there are only a few scattered clumps of patrons there, and no children. The closest people to us are about three rows ahead.

Angela leans back on me, like Dotty did in the car, and I have her entire front to play with all the way down, as we watch the movie. I slowly slide my hand over her stomach, just massaging her lightly. Then I move my hand up her little front.

She unbuttons the other two buttons on the placket at the top of her dress and I slide my hand inside her dress and right onto her breasts since she is not wearing a bra. My fingers play with her nipples as they become harder. She moans softly as she watches the movie.

Dotty sees her friend’s hemline moving up her thighs, decides to play with Angela too. She pushes her dress up more to be able to touch her skin above her stockings. Angela is in heaven with our attentions to her body in our dark corner. My eyes meet Dotty’s and we chuckle at being about to give some attention to our little brown-eyed chauffer.

Dotty discovers that Angela once again left her panties behind when she dressed, so her fingers move quickly to fondle Angela’s naked pussy lips, and slide under the hood to her growing pink clit. Angela opens her legs wide to her friends touch pulling her dress up over her hips, as she reaches her head back for me to kiss her.

Her heightened state of arousal come as much from being so exposed in public, as from the sexy attentions she is receiving at both ends of her petite body. Anyone walking up the aisle might see her little pussy, glistening in the light from the movie. Angela is a closet exhibitionist; it gives her a thrill to show some flesh in public. The good news is that she is cute, and presents a very pleasant view.

With her friend’s pretty legs spread wide, Dotty moves in placing her hands on her friend’s upper thighs, and Angela soon feels Dotty’s breath on her pussy lips. I reach down and pull Angela’s dress up over her ass and Dotty places little kisses on Angela’s pussy and clit. She sucks Angela’s sensitive little nubbin into her mouth as Angela starts moaning and breathing hard.

Dotty moves her mouth to Angela’s swollen pussy lips, kissing and sucking them. Angela stars breathing hard as she places her hands on Dotty’s blonde head to hold her in place. When Dotty slides her tongue into her pussy, Angela starts to shudder into a strong orgasm as I kiss her to stifle her loud moans.

Angela returns to her attentions to Dotty by quickly removing her bikini panties, and stuffing them in my shirt pocket. “Souvenir!” She whispers with a giggle. She quickly brings her friend to orgasm kissing and sucking Dotty’s swollen little pussy. Angela holds her friend until she returns to normal and we all settle back, watching the movie for a while, Angela leaning against me, and Dotty leaning against Angela. We are shushed a couple of times by other patrons as we talk and joke quietly together.

I take Dotty’s panties out of my pocket, and put them to my nose out of curiosity. They smell sweet from her normal scents and soaps, mixed with the heavier musk of her female smell and juices from Angela’s and my attentions to of her. Angela rolls her eyes seeing me doing this and whispers teasingly,


We pass the popcorn back and forth, and all drink out of the same huge cup of soda, just like good little theater-goers. The movie isn’t half bad, and we have taken care of Angela for driving, and having to listen to Dotty and me in the back seat. Dotty lovingly smooths Angela’s hair back off her face, and asks her friend,

“Are you having a nice time tonight darling?”

“Oh, yes! You guys are so wonderful, even our panty-sniffing pervert over here!”

“Angela, I want Michael to have them … as a remembrance!”

I can see Dotty’s face in the half-light. She is luminous … beautiful … sweet. She looks up at me and gives me a sweet smile, and my heart skips a beat seeing how beautiful she is.

Angela notices this exchange, and possibly wondering if she is losing the battle to her lovely friend. I turn Angela’s face to me, and kiss her softly but passionately. I put all the the feeling I have for this girl into that kiss, and when we come up for air, she just says,

“Wow! Michael!”

Dotty conveniently gets up to visit the ladies’ room, and Angela starts to get up to follow her but she says,

“No, darling, you stay here and talk to Michael!”

She leaves Angela and me by ourselves and we cuddle and talk as softly and as quietly as we can. After a break in the conversation, she turns to me and says,

“So, Michael what do you think? She is lovely isn’t she?”

I look into Angela’s dark eyes and say,

“Yes, she is!”

“Do you love her … do you think?”

“Yes, I am starting to have great feelings for her.”

“Well, is it her hair, her eyes, her body?”

“Yes, It is all of those things, She is an absolute knockout! I love her brown hair and those beautiful dark brown eyes, her cute smile and the way she looks in her navy blue dress! She is an unbelievable beauty!”

“Michael, don’t you mean blonde hair, and blue eyes? And, Dotty is wearing a powder blue dress … are you color blind?”

“Well darlin’ I am looking right at her and I know what brown eyes look like when I see them!”

Dotty is still gone, conveniently giving us a lot of time to ourselves. Angela is confused,

“Michael, you mean me!”

“Of course silly! who else?”

She lets her breath out, wears a big smile and wiggles her butt into her seat with the self-satisfaction of winning me, over her much prettier friend. She turns to me and says,

“Michael darling, I know that this is only our second date, but i-if it is okay w-with you um, I would love it if you would … if you could like, stay the night … with me.”

She looks hopeful, as she sees a broad smile start to spread over my face and I say,

“I would like that very much. Now, can you please stop teasing me with Dotty? She is an incredible beauty, and she is an extremely sweet person, and I loved touching her, but she is not you. She is not the girl I fell for the other night!”

She is in tears long before I finish my confession to her, and by the end of it she is sobbing as she says,

“Oh Michael, I-It makes m-me s-so happy to hear that!” then I see that mischievous little smile I have some to love and she says,

“You are so getting laid tonight, dude!”

I laugh at her and just say, “Okay by me darlin’, sounds wonderful.”

Then Angela reaches into my pocket, takes Dotty’s panties out and puts them to her own nose saying,

“Mmm! Dotty smells so sexy!” then she stuffs them back into my shirt pocket.

Then we hear a sweet female voice from the other side as Dotty slides down into her seat,

“Has he proposed yet?”

We both look at each other and laugh quietly, and I say,

“Not yet, but she did proposition me!”

Angela elbows me in the ribs. Dorothy breathes a sigh of relief and says,

“Good for you darling! Michael, you are an amazing man, and under different circumstances, I would want to take you into my bed! But my life is so complicated, and you have a much better girl right here!”

I smile at Dotty in agreement, “Yup, she’s a little brat sometimes, but I like her!”

Angela frowns a little at the word “brat,” but sweetens it into a smile. The credits are rolling for the movie and the few other patrons are getting up to leave. Dotty looks at Angela with a puzzled look and asks,

“Darling, please tell me what this evening was all about! I certainly would have let you and Michael go out by yourselves, and you and I could have gone out another time.”

Angela looks at her and looks at me, and says,

“This evening started because Michael saw you at my store and thought you were so pretty that he wanted to meet you, so I set this evening up. But Michael and I had a date the other night, and kind of hit it off. I just wanted to be sure he is with me for the right reasons and not because he is interested in someone else he couldn’t have.”

Angela reaches down to slurp up the last of the soda, and continues,

“I wanted him to have real attention from you, and in order to do that, we had to pry you away from Greg for an evening. There was to be no sex, but just getting to know you and to touch you so he could make a decision between us. I know that sound barbaric, but I expected that he would choose you, since you are far prettier and feminine that I am. I invited him back to my place tonight!”

“So I guess I am stuck with Greg then.”

Then to me, Dorothy says,

“Michael, I would have been very happy if you had chosen me, but I can see the attraction to Angela, and I am happy for you both! Um, if she doesn’t treat you right, just give me a call honey!”

Angela takes Dotty’s hand in hers and says,

“Darling, stay with Michael and me tonight! We can make up the couch and you can make a small declaration of your independence from Gregory. The first step is always the hardest my dear!”

“Angie, you don’t want someone else around when you are with Michael!”

“Don’t be silly Michael and I both love you, and you are welcome to be with us! We want to protect you!”

I chime in, “That’s right Dotty! Stay with us tonight, and I will make us all breakfast in the morning.”

“Well … okay! You guys are the best, and I love you both!”

Dorothy insists on driving my car so Angela and I can reconnect in the back seat. In front of Angela’s building, we hear Dotty say,

“Oh shit! He’s here!”

I look up to see a large figure exiting a car and heading our way. The three of us get out of the car, as he lumbers up and booms,


She says, “This is Michael! He is Angela’s boyfriend. He and Angela and I are spending the night at her place, so just go home, I will be at my place sometime tomorrow.”


I stepped forward to reinforce the message that Dotty is staying with us.


I step up in his face, and say, “I’m the one telling you how it’s going to be, back off and go home! Leave Dotty be!”

He takes a swing at me, and I block it by catching his fist in my hand. I have had a lot of practice catching baseballs with my bare hand, so his meaty fist is about the same. I use my grip on his fist to push him back a little. He redirects his attention to Dorothy,


“Greg, I am through with you! Do not come over tomorrow or ever! You are abusive and I am not your property.”

Dotty stands up to her boyfriend, giving him as brave and determined look as she can muster. She sticks her chin out in a gesture of defiance. When he moves toward Dorothy, I step up and thump him hard in the chest, and say,

“Leave her alone, dude. She is now under the protection of me and my boys!”

He is rubbing his chest where I hit him, as if it hurt. He points at Dotty and says,


“Well, dump my dumb ass now then. Go home Gregory, we are through!”


He fumes and stomps off and jumps into his car. He squeals the tires as he fishtails away into the night.

Dotty comes over to me and puts her arms around me, and puts her head on my chest saying,

“Thank you for backing me up Michael. God, I’ll have your children for helping me get rid of that … that asshole! Please pardon the language!”

I can feel her shaking as I hold her. I know it frightened her to stand up to Greg finally, but she is the brave one tonight. She earned my respect for taking her life back.

Angela yells, “Hey! If anyone is having his children it is going to be me!”

“Don’t I have a voice in this?” I ask teasingly.

“Shut up Michael, we are arguing about who is having your children!” Angela says, and then we all laugh, and move inside.

The girls take a shower together, and come bouncing out giggling and jiggling. They are both completely naked as they come out snapping each other’s tight little asses with their towels. I sit on the bed, and Angela finds safety on my lap. I take her towel, and start to dry her hair for her. She turns around facing me, and straddling my legs with her naked crotch pushing up against my lower stomach.

She throws her arms around me, and kisses me as her breasts press into my chest.

“Michael, feed me and take me to bed!”

“Me too, Michael!” says Dotty giggling.

Angela gets down, turns and gives her a dirty look so Dotty rephrases,

“I mean, feed me and take Angie to bed!”

Dotty walks over to me and hands me her towel, and I stand to dry her hair as well, as she puts her arms around me pressing her naked little body against me. She looks up at me and I give her a non-sexual peck on the lips.

The three of us then move into the kitchen with Dotty and Angela still completely naked. The jiggling of little tits and tight little buns is at once erotic and comic, but presents a view I am thoroughly enjoying … Dotty’s lightly covered platinum blonde triangle gives her kind of a shaved look at even a short distance. I start making some scrumptious omelets for the three of us. Angie makes some pancakes and Dotty, the coffee.

The girls crowd close to me, and I feel arms, legs, and tits from both sides pushing into me as we eat, and laugh, and tease. I am in heaven with my arms around these two nude lovelies touching and kissing me, until we all realize that we are all getting tired.

Angela gets Dotty a couple of sheets and blanket to put on the couch, and I watch Dotty’s incredible little ass as she leaves to settle in. She slides between sheets on the couch, still naked. I have to admit that Dorothy is an amazing sight clothed … but naked, she is unbelievably beautiful!

Angela has a cute little shape as well, and I have become very fond of her pretty face, and incredibly expressive brown eyes; they tell me all I have to know about her thoughts and feelings. She is Angela, and that is all she has to be for me. After getting her friend settled for the night, she starts back toward the bedroom saying,

“Come on Michael, time to make me a woman!”

I smile and then rush up behind her scooping her up on my arm as she squeals,


I carry her tiny body to the bed and gently lay her on it; I quickly undress to join between the sheets telling her,

“Angie honey, we don’t have to do anything tonight that you are uncomfortable doing. You have nothing to prove to me sweetie, and we can just cuddle if you like. I know we are rushing your timeline quite a bit, and I can wait.”

She wears her sexiest smile and opens her legs to me and I see her lovely pussy for the first time. She opens up to me so wide that her pussy lips gape and I can see her pink fleshy insides. She says breathily,

“It’s … okay Michael … but be gentle! Forget … timelines darling, I’ll …I’ll let you know … if we … go too far!”

I smile to reassure her, and slide into the bed between her open legs. I change my mind when I see her moist pussy so invitingly open, and I just have to taste her. I slide my hands under her buttocks, and lift her up as I push my face into her, kissing, licking, and sucking her sweetly.

She tastes wonderful, with that distinctive fresh and musky young girl pussy smell. She closes her eyes and starts to moan, breathing harder and becoming very wet and satiny-slippery down there. I move up to kiss her face and as the tip of my cock brushes against her vulva, she gasps. I slide just my tip into her.

She is very tight, and my thickness is stretching her lips, so I take it slow with her. Just inch by inch until I have about three inches in her, and I check to see how she is doing. I see her wince a little and she is biting her lower lip.

“Okay, honey?”

“Yes Michael, it’s tight, but it doesn’t hurt … too much! I um think I can handle some more!”

I slide almost out of her and back in introducing another couple of inches as she moans with pleasure, likely tinged with a little pain. With five inches in her, I am just about at her cervix so I back off a little and start to stroke in and out of her in a slow smooth rhythm, trying not to go too deep. I can feel her getting close as her breathing quickens. She is thrusting her hips up against my thrusts,

“Oh Michael! Oh Michael, Oh God! I’m coming! Oh Michael! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

With one more stroke out and back in, the friction pushes her over the edge, and she screams into a strong orgasm, shuddering and convulsing and pushing her pelvis up as she grabs the sheet in her tiny fists.

“Oh Michael … oh … my God, Michael! Oh, oh! It … has never … been … this strong … be-before! I can … feel it … in my butt, honey … the electricity! It hurts!”

Then she laughs with her head bouncing on the mattress and shaking side to side as she continues,

“The tingle, oh god! It hurts … but it hurts so good!”

She continues to convulse as I pound into her, and I stiffen and come deep inside her. I realize as I push into her, that I am all the way inside her tiny body. I look into her flushed and sweaty face, and I see the little girl I admired for so long behind that counter in the supermarket, and now I am lying on top her her with my cock throbbing deep inside her sweet, tight, vagina!

“Michael, I have wanted to be with you for so long. My heart was nearly broken when you wanted to meet Dotty, but you chose me over her so I am the happiest little girl in the world, and I have seven inches of you throbbing inside my little cunny!”

She wiggles her little ass and giggles to make the point. Looking into her pretty face is keeping me hard inside her, and I say to her,

“Wanna do it again?”

“Oh Michael, you are such a bad, boy … of course! Can we?”

“Just give me a few minutes!”

But, she is still worried about Dotty and with a knitted brow and worry in her voice asks me,

“What about that gorgeous piece of girl-flesh out in the other room. Wouldn’t you love to be with her? She is lying out there between cool cotton sheets completely naked, breathing in and out with her breasts heaving and her thighs rubbing together … I’ll bet her little kitty is really warm and moist!”

“Nah, she’s lovely, but I have everything I need right here! Do you remember my saying that I chose you over Dorothy? Better grab onto the sheets again little darlin’ we are going again!”

She did grab hold of the sheets in her tiny fists, and I did pound her hard into another mind-blowing orgasm for both of us. She thrust her hips up to meet all of my strokes, with her hard, tiny, athlete’s body. After cuddling and talking quietly for a while, Angela and I gently made love a couple more times that night until we fell asleep, with me still inside her.

Morning comes with us having parted, and with Dotty obviously feeling lonely and spooning up behind Angie. She must have wandered in during the night, and slid in between us after we parted. So, instead of spooning behind Angela, I am behind Dotty’s naked little bod with my arms around them both, with my cock nestled between Dotty’s sweet little ass cheeks.

“Morning Michael!” she whispers. She looks at her still sleeping friend, then turns around toward me, and looking down at my hardening cock growing between her thighs, she says,

“I can help you with that sweetie!”

I smile at her and reply,

“You see that little brown-eyed beauty behind you? Well, she is my little love, and I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.

“Okay, Michael, just trying to be a good guest, looking out for her host!”

We both chuckled about that, and I turned onto my back and closed my eyes again. Dorothy pushes closer to me just cuddling against my side. After a few seconds, and still half asleep, I feel tiny fingers playing with my cock as it lay across my thigh. I didn’t open my eyes, so I don’t know whether they belonged to Dotty or to Angela.

I awake a little, with the fingers still playing with me to find myself looking into Angela’s big brown eyes over Dotty’s shoulder as the cute little blonde plays with me. Angela kisses her friend on the shoulder says,

“Morning darling! Michael has such a nice cock, doesn’t he?”

Dotty is not sure how to react … but Angela is! She pulls her friend into a close embrace, sloppily French kissing her lovely friend as I watch them. Then she looks into Dotty’s clear blue eyes and whispers,

“It’s okay my darling! You are always welcome in our bed.” Then she giggles and says, “I am so hungry, what about you guys?”

Dotty and I look at Angela, and then each other not knowing what to say. Angela gets up saying,

“I’m going to take a shower; you two stay here and play a little if you wish!”

Dotty turns back to me pushes her firm petite body against mine and starts kissing me. I feel her ample breasts pressing against my chest, and I put my arms around her. We kiss long and luxuriously, as our hands roam over each other’s bodies. My fingers slide between her thighs, as she finds my now very hard cock with hers. She is stroking me from the tip to my balls and back up as I slide a finger inside her squishy, fleshy little cunt.

We both understand that Angie’s unspoken limits for us is that we cannot fuck each other, and that after last night and this morning, Dotty and I playing together will become increasingly inappropriate. After several minutes of our ‘playing,’ we look into each other’s eyes; Dotty closes hers and kisses me softly but briefly. We part lips as her lovely eyes flutter open again, and we fall apart breathing hard.

Angela comes out of the shower drying her hair and joins us in the bed, slipping in between Dotty and me. She pushes up against me and kisses me long and hard as Dotty plays with Angela’s firm little ass, rubbing, massaging and sliding a hand between her thighs.

Angela turns toward her friend, embraces her and smiles, thanking her for keeping me warm for her. She gets up, grabs Dotty’s hand and pulls her into the kitchen as I follow. This time all three of us are naked, and the girls tease me about my semi-hard member bobbing along as I follow them.

I make breakfast for the girls, and they make coffee for themselves and then I head out to the shower. Dressed in blue jeans and a sweatshirt, I walk back into the kitchen to see the girls at the counter with coffee. By this time, they have each slipped into over-sized T-shirts and boy-shorts.

Dotty gets up and puts her arms around my neck, and says,

“Michael, thank you so much for helping me with Gregory. I want to be rid of him so I can find someone nice like you, but he is so possessive and too hard to say no to! I don’t want to be anyone’s property, but Gregory was my high school boyfriend, and I guess he got that idea that I was his!”

She presses her belly against me, and I put my hand on her hip as I kiss the top of her head, and say,

“You’re welcome Dotty. Let me know right away if he causes you anymore trouble.”

I plate some pancakes for both of the girls, and leave finish getting ready. As I start down the hallway, I hear Angie turn to Dotty and say,

“Tell me quick honey, what did you and Michael do in the back seat?”‘

“Well first of all Angie honey, it was you that insisted that we be back there together! He only touched me over my clothes, and I was actually getting a little frustrated so I let him touch my, um … me inside my panties. I would have loved to pull my panties off and cowgirl the shit of him! But, considering what the two of us put the poor guy through last night I’d say that he was a perfect gentleman and he deserved the attention that you insisted I give him.”

Dotty takes a sip of coffee and continues,

“I don’t know what you have honey, but you should just relax and enjoy him … he is crazy about you … but I am warning you my dear little friend, that if you chase him away I will be right there to claim him! Darling, stop teasing him with me. You had him before our date, and he loves you … not me!”

“Oh I know, and it was probably silly to test him like that, but this whole thing was because he saw you in the store and wanted to meet you. I had to know that you were out of his head.”

“Never really in there, Angie! He fell for you when you guys dated a few days ago. I was out of his head then!”

I could hear the conversation, since I had the door open just brushing my teeth, Angie tears up listening her her friend, and when I came back later, she runs over to me throwing her arms around my neck and saying,

“Michael, hug me darling.”

I wrap my arms around her and I rock her as she cries it all out. She pulls back and as I look into the dark-eyed, tear-streaked little face of the girl I love, she says,

“Michael, I love you so much!”

~ ~ ~

Part Three, Moving forward with Angela:

Greg continues to bother Dorothy for a while, but she finds renewed strength in dealing with him. Some of my large friends and I—all baseball team members—are obliged to help her strengthen her resolve a few times, until he finally gives up on her and leaves her alone.

She takes up with a nice man named Jason from her university classes, and the four of us become good friends. I never lay a hand on Dorothy again, except for a hug and a peck on the cheek now and then. None of us ever said anything further about that night, or the next morning.

My relationship with Angela deepens as we continue to date. We find many things we have in common. We bicycle quite a lot with Dorothy and Jason, and play partner’s tennis together. I find that Angie is quite a talented athlete, and we beat Dorothy and her friend most times we play. I teach Angela how to play backgammon, which is one of my favorite games. It is really a game of odds, but she plays it too aggressively and loses more than she wins.

I am pleasantly surprised to find that Angela loves classical music, so I have someone to go to concerts with me. I also love opera, and she is trying hard with it, but it is an acquired taste. She loves the theatricality of it, the color, the action, the costumes, and all the extras; and she cried at the end of La Traviata, as Violeta once again dies from consumption in the arms of her lover, as she always does.

But she loved the lively drinking song, Libiamo ne’ lieti calici, a tune familiar to most everyone, and giggled throughout with a beautiful light in her face! She wore a beautiful black gown, which showed just a hint of cleavage. With her dark coloring and flashing her lovely dark eyes, she was stunning and turned every male eye.

We have an active sex life, and are very inventive in bed, but mostly she loves me on top, just fucking her straight and hard. She always cries after she comes, and I have to hold her until she cries it out. She quickly gets over her worry that Dotty is prettier than she is, and more attractive to me, when she tells me one morning after sex,

“Y’know Michael! You are really lucky to have me! I am really a great little piece of ass! And, did you see all of those men at the opera? They all wanted me Michael!”

I laughed and replied,

“Yes I am, yes you are, and yes they did! You are the most amazing woman I have ever met and I feel very fortunate!”

Then with a sly smile she ups the ante by saying,

“Be a good boy Michael, and I might just keep you around … no promises though!”

Then she queers it for herself by giggling. I know that somewhere in the back of her mind is Dotty’s warning about her treating me right, but I have no interest in Dorothy, as pretty as she is. Dotty is a sweet, kind person and a good friend but I love my scrappy little brown-eyed brat!

Angela and I are out to dinner with Dotty and Jason about a year after we started dating, and I wink at Dotty at a particular point. She casually announces that she is heading to the ladies’ room and grabs Angela’s hand to go with her. After the girls leave, Jason gets up to cue the waiter to bring the champagne when he sees the girls coming back from the ladies’ room. When Dotty and Angela come back, Jason and I are standing, and the waiter is there with the champagne bucket on its stand, chilling a bottle of Moët & Chandon White Star.

As Dotty joins Jason standing next to him, Angela’s eyes widen, seeing the champagne and her friends all standing waiting for her. Then the notices a little purple velvet box on her plate, looks at me as she gasps deeply with both hands covering her mouth. I drop to one knee in front of her and she realizes what is happening and gasps,

“Oh my God Michael what are you doing?”

Then she slowly sinks down into her chair. I tell her all of the things I love about her in a short but prepared speech, and ask her to marry me.

“Oh my God Michael … wait … what?” She says completely stunned.

“My sweet little love, do you have an answer for me?” I say to get her to come back to the reality of the situation.

“YES! MICHAEL … OH MY GOD, YES! YES, YES, YES, I WILL MARRY YOU MY DARLING!” she finally manages to say.

She fumbles a little trying to open the little box on her plate, and takes the ring out, watching it sparkle in the lights; I take it and place it on her ring finger. Then I rise, take her hand, and pull her into a sweet kiss. The entire restaurant is applauding with scattered whistles and “yeah’s”

My sweet Angela is in tears and throws her arms around my neck again crying on my shoulder. The poor girl doesn’t know what to do next, so I sit her down, and pour her a glass of champagne, and Jason pours a glass for the rest of us at the table. Angela raises her glass and then drains it. She is so excited that she grabs the bottle of champagne and starts pouring glasses of it for people at the tables around us until it is gone, showing them her ring, completely in tears.

People are laughing, and hugging her, congratulating her and a few of the men get up and shake my hand. With an empty bottle of champagne still in her hand, she looks at me and says,

“Michael you little brat! I am so surprised my darling. I am going to make the best wife you ever saw!”

She is still not sure what to do or say, so I embrace her again as Jason takes the bottle out of her hand and places it in the bucket. Angela is in tears, looks at me and not knowing what else to do, says loudly,

“You are so getting laid tonight, buddy!” as the crowd of patrons around us burst into laughter.

Dotty and I finally gets her settled down, so we can have some dessert, with people coming up to us and congratulating us. Angela becomes a little calmer, and shows her ring to everyone, including all of the waiters, and busboys, and anyone who is close enough. She sits back down as the crowd also settles back at their tables. She looks at me with her mascara streaking from her beautiful dark eyes, and says,

“Michael, you are a brat! You know that?”

“I know, my little love, I know!” I say laughing.

Dotty and Jason finally get their chance to congratulate their disheveled little friend, and I tell her that we can leave. Since Dotty and Jason drove separately, Angela and I head to my car. Before I can get her door open, she throws her arms around me and kisses me, mauling my mouth with hers. After our kiss she hugs me and in a quiet voice says,

“Michael, I love you so much. You know that I will be the best wife ever!”

Emotionally drained by the time I open her door, she sinks into the passenger seat. As I round the back of the car, I can see her reaching over to push my door open for me as she always does.

She lowers her seat back, and falls asleep for the whole journey back to her place, emotionally drained. Dotty and Jason are already there waiting for us, and have another bottle of champagne chilled and ready. They invited a few of our other friends, and we have a subdued engagement party for with the wine, some cheese, and fruit.

After the last of them leaves, Angela looks at me and says,

“Michael, I am so ‘f-ing’ horny, I don’t even want to get undressed!”

I pick her up in my arms, and carry her to her bed, and reach up under her dress and pull her panties off, but leaving everything else. We cuddle, touch, fondle, and slowly make love for another hour before we fall asleep. She turns and is lying on her side with her dress still up to her hips, and one stocking pushed halfway down her leg and the other one loose and baggy. I spoon up behind her just holding her as she starts to snore softly.

I wake before she does, and she is on her stomach with her dress completely up over her lovely little ass and her stockings just about falling off. I leave her to awake on her own, as I head for the shower, and after I dress, I make her a little breakfast: two eggs over medium, a small stack of pancakes, cut strawberries, and kiwi, orange juice, and of course coffee with two aspirins on the saucer.

I bring it all into the bedroom on a large tray, and kiss her on the cheek as she arouses. She is sleepy, with her hair disheveled so I pull her dress back down, pull off her stockings, and she is awake looking at me through her hair across her face.

“Good morning Michael!”

She notices the tray of goodies I brought for her breakfast in bed, and she says,

“Oh Michael darling! Breakfast in bed … I love it … you are so sweet!”

She is ravenous and wastes no time digging in as I am sitting on the bed, watch her with a pleasant smile and drinking my coffee.

“Michael! this is sooo good!” she attempts to say with her mouth full of food as I laugh at her. She has her tiny hand over her mouth trying to be delicate about talking with a mouth full of food.

She finishes, and I take the tray saying to her,

“Take a shower doll, and come out when you are ready, I will have some fresh coffee for you.”

“Okay Michael!” Then she softens into a teary smile, “What did I do to deserve such a sweet man as you?”

“By being such a little sweetheart, kind, loving and funny! Now get ready!” I say in answer to her rhetorical question.

She jumps out of the bed, pulls her dress off over her head and I help her with bra, and I watch her pretty little hiney disappear into the bathroom. She dresses in a pair of comfortable jeans, and a sweater with nothing underneath as usual. We just take the day for ourselves just staying in and talking softly. She leans back against me on the couch as I drink my coffee.

She cuddles up close as we talk, and she examines her ring and moving it around to catch the best light to make it sparkle. I put my coffee down and put my arms around my little darling fiancé. She leans her head back so I can kiss her, and we just continue to talk and laugh softly for a while longer. I managed to get my hands up under her sweater and massage her breasts as we talk. Our hearts are so full, holding on to each other, and just basking in the glow our feelings for each other.

We talk about our wedding, and select a date six months away. She says that she will leave the details and planning to Dotty and to her Mother. My brother will me my best man, and will plan the dinner for the wedding party as well as my stag/smoker.

Angela no longer works at the supermarket of course since she has her BSN degree in nursing, and is working at a local hospital in the children’s ward. I have a position in the marketing department of a medium size corporation, and since I have a year in already, am in line for a promotion. Angela lets Dorothy and her mother plan the wedding, and other than dress fittings, has little to do with the preparations.

Our day finally comes, for my little love and I. At the altar she tears up and her voice shakes so much trying to read the the vows she wrote that Dotty, as maid of honor, has to step in and help her get through them.

The reception is small but nice; she tosses her bouquet into the crowd of hopeful girls and even though Dotty makes a valiant effort, it sails over her head and in to the hands of a plump little fourteen-year-old girl cousin.

I take her hand and lead her over to a chair so I can take her garter off for the toss, and as I raise her dress up to mid-thighs, I discover that she has forgotten to wear her garter. I look up at her with her panties just peeking out from under the folds of her dress, she looks down and then at me saying,

“Go ahead darling, at least they’re something to toss!”

She raises her little butt off the chair enough for me to get her dress up further, and pull her white lace and silk panties down and off her legs. She is sitting on the chair with her pussy peeking out from under her raised dress, slips and petticoats. I twirl the lacy aromatic prize around on my finger and let it loose into the crowd of bachelors assembled for the occasion, all of whom are eighteen or older—Jason made sure of that!

Her wedding day panties are now the property of a tall handsome cousin who is about twenty. He shows them proudly to the assembled crowd, as Angela’s Mother has her face buried in her hands from the momentary embarrassment. Her aunt Gladys faints and uncle Ted has to revive her. James, the lucky cousin, stuffs them into his jacket pocket after briefly lifting them to his face for a little sniff. My wife’s natural aroma is very appealing, and now the scent of her pussy belongs to her cousin.

Angela has her hands over her mouth with a surprised and happy look, forgetting that her pussy lips are still mostly on display in front of everyone. I quickly reach over and pull down her dress and other layers.

Angela has another male cousin who is not so handsome and during his dance with the bride, he tries to grope her knowing that she is not wearing panties. Dotty alerts me quickly, and I cut in on the dance without creating a scene.

It is all just normal wedding reception kinds of stuff with successes and bloopers in sufficient number. I was not a big fan of my lovely bride displaying her sweet little pussy to the assemblage, but she didn’t seem to mind much. She has never been too concerned about accidental exposure and I always thought that she was kind of a closet exhibitionist!

Finally, I have the last slow dance. I kiss her and we just talk softly looking into each other’s eyes. Dotty has done an incredible job on her makeup; Angela’s normally beautiful dark eyes are incredibly lovely today and I am getting lost in them again as we dance. We have a hotel room far away from the reception, and we leave early so I can have my little bride to myself.

We are traveling in the morning for a week in Tahiti curtesy of our parents, so after she changes out of her wedding dress, we have dinner in the hotel dining room, wearing casual clothes. Dotty and Jason have volunteered to collect the wedding clothes from the hotel the next day. Sitting at the table waiting for our orders, she leans over to me and says in a whisper,

“I’m not wearing any panties, Michael!”

“So what’s new my little love! I don’t know why you even buy them since you don’t ever seem to have them on. Don’t get me wrong sweetie, I love you sexy little secrets.”

“C’mon Michael, I know I makes you hard knowing that I am not wearing them. Plus, it is more comfortable without them … usually.”

“You are definitely one of a kind my dear!”

She just shrugs her tiny shoulders and giggles. She tells me about her lack of underthings because she know that I will have a raging hard-on while we dine … and I do! She smiles knowing my secret, and inches up her dress a little just to tease me. After the meal, I move the small table away a little to help her up, and she has her dress up quite high up on her creamy thighs.

She opens her legs a little more, and I take her hand and pull her up and we return to our room. It is on the twenty-seventh floor, so I have enough time alone with her in the somewhat slow elevator to slide myself into her.

We have the good fortune of being undisturbed, as I get myself up inside her. I reach around and stop the elevator fucking her up against the wall of our private little chamber. As I come inside her she reaches behind me and starts the elevator again and it seems to race the remaining floors to our stop.

I manage to get myself back in my pants but she delays pulling herself together, and as the doors open, she is just pulling her dress back down, showing a bit of flesh to the couple waiting for the elevator.

She puts her hand to her mouth with a faux-coy smile, and says,

“Oops! Pardon me!” then she giggles as the doors close on our accidental audience.

~ ~ ~

Part Four, Epilogue:

I find that all I have to do to turn on her water works is to look into her dark eyes and say, “I love you!” I know that I would be lost without this little girl in my life … she ismy life!

Angela is a registered nurse and works with sick children. She loves what she does, and she is one of the best nurses in her hospital. After we return from our honeymoon, she starts work on her master’s degree, and it isn’t long before she is fretting over assignments and papers. The only cure to get her back on track is a hug from me, as I start to help her with her research.

I have a job with large national firm in sales, and I am in line for a vice presidency soon. There is some amount of travel, but I call Angela every night I can while I am away. I am waiting for Angela to finish her master’s, so I can start on my MBA. An advanced degree is a must, to keep up with the competition for positions in the corporate rat-race. But, right now, I am a fairly well-paid rat!

I don’t know what the future has in store for my little love and I, but whatever it is, joys and sorrows, we will face them together. For now, I will have those gorgeous dark brown eyes to look into every night barring business trips and times we must be away. But, I told my little Angela that whether near or far, I will never sleep before telling her that I love her.


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