Saurabhi – an upcoming bitch

This story is on the demand of a freind. I don’t know Saurabhi and may be you too. But she is a model and may be an actress. Here is her pic.

So here’s the story….

Saurabhi was a hot and sexy model and wanted to be a famous actress in bollywood. But she was not getting any role for any of the good films of bollywood. Then one of her friend who was an actor advised her to impress some famous personalities of bollywood, by hook or crook.

She thought about this for many days then she finally came to conclusion that she has to use her sexy body to impress others. She thought about Siddarth, who was a great personality of bollywood. By luck she was invited to a bollywood party and she knew this was her chance.

She was getting ready for the party on a hot evening. She decided not to wear any undergarments. She wore a red tight sleveless top with three buttons, whose two buttons she kept open. Most of her boobs were on clear view except for the nipples and they were tightly packed as if trying to get out. Her top ended just below her boobs. Her sexy navel was visible. Below that she had wore a white mini skirt that barely covered her ass. Then below that her sexy legs. She wore high heels and walked till her garage. She walked in such a way that her ass swayed and her boobs jingled in a rythm. She got in her car and reached Siddarth’s farmhouse and knocked his door.

Siddarth opened the door and oogled at the beauty at his door, in his dreams he was already fucking her. Then suddenly he got out of his thoughts and called her in and locked the gate.

“You are too early”, said Siddarth while he stared at her boobs.

“I need a favour”, asked she, directly.

Siddarth though for a moment.

“I need something in return”, replied he, giving a devilish smile.

After don’t know what had happened to Saurabhi, she undid her her top and took off her skirt.

“Whats it?”, asked she, while she stood totally nude in front of him. Siddarth was shocked for a moment but then without any delay he started kissing her and playing with her boobs. Then he pinched and twisted her red nipples, after that he sucked and bite them and licked her navel.

“Aaahh!! Aaaah!!”, like slow moans escaped her lips when he played with her wonderful boobs.

After making her boobs red by biting marks, he told Saurabhi, “Nice tits”.

Then Siddarth took his clothes of and stood front to Saurabhi with his totally erect penis in his hand. He did not waste time in asking fot a blowjob, instead he picked her up and threw her on his sofa.

“Sssssiiii!”, a pleasurable moan escaped the lips of Saurabhi when she felt the cold dick of Siddharth at the swollen lips of her pink hairless pussy.

He started rubbing his dick on the swollen lips of her pussy while he laid over her kissing and playing with her tits.

Saurabhi was getting more and more impatient, while Siddarth kept on rubbing his dick. “Geeeetttt iiiinnnnnssssiiiiideee, pleeeeaaassseeeee”, she moaned when she could not wait anymore.

Then, “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!”, came a shriek from Saurabhi, when in one powerful push Siddarth. Thrusted his whole dick inside her pussy.

“Easy, easy”, told Siddarth when Saurabhi overcame the pain.

Then slowly he started thrusting his dick in and out of her pussy, slowly. Slow moans like, “Aaahh! Aaahh! Ssiii! Huhhhh! Ufff!”, and sounds like, “Phach Phach!”, filled the atmosphere.

“Faster! Aaaaahh! Faaaaasteerrr!!”, moaned Saurabhi.

Siddarth increased his speed and he kept on teasing her tits while he fucked her mouth with his tongue. Saurabhi’s tits jingled in the same rythm as Siddarth’s dick moving in and out of her pussy.

“Fasteeerr! Baabbby faaasteeerrr! I aaamm goooiiing tooooo cuuuummmmm!! Faster!”, came sweet moans of Saurabhi.

“Aaahhh!! Aaahhh!! Baaabby your pusssssssyyyy isss soooo tiiight, Iiiiii looooovee yooooouuuurr pussssyyy biiiitcchhh”, moaned Siddarth, while he increased his speed.

He was thrusting faster and faster and faster and very fast.

“Aaaahh! Aaahhh! Aaaahhh!! Aaahhh!! Yeeeaaahhh baaaabbbyyy iii aaam yoooouuuurr biiitcchh! Fuuuuccckkk meeeee haaaarrdeerrr!! Faassteeerr! Yeeaahhh! Aaaahhh! Aaahhhh! Iiii aaam gooonnnaaaa cuummmm! Yeeeaaahhh liiiikeee thiiiissss!”, moaned Saurabhi while she clutched Siddarth tightly.

Siddarth also increased his speed while he moaned, “I aaamm aaalssooo goooiing tooo cumnmm”.

All around harder and faster sounds of “phach! Phach”, filled the atmosphere along with the moans. Then, Saurabhi and Siddarth, both of their bodies tightened, they clutched each other tightly and with a loud moan both of them cummed together.

Then both of them laid there on the sofa on each other, when Siddarth said in a low and weak tone, “You are an upcoming bitch”….



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