Rough Pounding of Shruti Haasan!

Ahhhhhhh!! Come on, get on your knees bitch! Let me look at your filthy cum slut face while i shoot my load your face!!

By saying this, Suhas sprays all of his cum all over Shruti’s face after drilling and cumming in all her holes!

And makes Shruti to lick his dick clean! and makes sure that no cum stain is left on his dick!

Suddenly.. Sound comes from his door.. THUD.. THUD..

Suhas comes to senses and realises that it’s his dream anyways and sees his cum all over his bed.

Suhas’s dad calls him, saying ‘Beta, I’m going out! Take care of the house!

‘Sure dad’ replied suhas.

Suhas is confident that one day he is gonna tear all the holes of his dream fuck Shruti..

After had a fantastic dream with her cum slut queen Shruti, Suhas cleaned himself and got ready to reach his college!

Meanwhile, he came across the hot hoardings of his slutry sex goddess on the roads and he just contolled himself and concentrated on his ride..

Suhas knews a fellow college mate who had lots of shruti hassan’s stills and photos in his mobile phone. He would sit at his table at free times and scroll through his shruti hassan gallery. Suhas have seen his salivating look when he devoured the slim figure of the actress.

He would sometimes masturbate in their college batroom itself and shoot his hot cum on his smart phone display- Shruti hassan’s smiling face on his cellphone display would still be smiling when the white semen from his pant slippered through her digital lips and neck.

Finally he reached his college, and entered his class.. met his friends.. his best friend who is Karan, who is very fond of actresses! He’s the son of rich businessmen in the city and had fucked new actress and small actresses but always dreamed to fuck the pussies of the sultry actresses.

They always discussed about how they ravage the holes of the actresses when they get a chance and always used to talk dirty about actress! They also created pages on facebook expressing their lust towards them.

‘You’re damn lucky bro.. Your father works as royal chief security guard in Kamal Hassan’s house for the past 30 years.. Someday you’ll get a chance to fuck his bitchy daughter infront of him’ said karan in a egoistic tone.

‘No bro.. But I haven’t got a chance till now.. But my cock always throbs for her and I don’t mind dying after fucking her holes’ said suhas.

‘Anyways bro, I am always there if you need any help’ said karan.

Being Computer Science engineering students, they have good knowledge about gadgets and computer related stuff.

‘Sure mate’ said Suhas.

Suhas reached his home after the college hours in the evening and started turning channels in tv.. then came the latest add of Fanta starring slutty shruti.

His eyes were just glued to the tv during the add is playing on the tv.. he never thought he would shag for an advertisement.

Opened his zipper and took his hard throbbing cock and masturbated thinking fucking Shruti’s tight bulging wide ass and pressing her melons over her orange top.

He always wanted to have her duck lips around his dick and wanted her to suck his balls.. then get a tit fuck from her HUGE melons.

When he was about to pull her hair and shove his hard cock into her mouth for a perfect blowjob.. He wanted to fill the fanta bottle with his hot sticky cum and made shruti whore to drink it all like this..

Tring.. Tring.. His cell phone rings.. gets call from his dad.

He lifts and his dad speaks in a hurry.. ‘Beta, I am going out of station which is very far away from our place.. as my best friend is feeling not well. It may take some days till I get back. So, I would like you replace my position in Kamal Sir’s House’.

After listening to his words.. Suhas cum erupted like a volcano in happiness and his heartbeat started to beat faster as he’s gonna stay in his sex goddesses home finally for the next few days.

‘Sure dad, I will. You don’t worry. I will take care of the things.’ Said Suhas.

‘Fine beta.. I have talked everything about this to Kamal sir.. You can take my place from tomorrow.’

‘All right dad’ ends his conversation with his dad and his mind started to make some nasty plans.


Suhas, after coming to senses cleaned himself and called his friend Karan..

“Hello Karan.. Here’s some good news.. I am going to work in Shruti Bitch’s house for some days.. any ideas??”

“Hell yes bro! I have an idea.. How about keeping CC Cameras in her bathroom and bedroom so that i will give some great fapping time” laughed Karan.

“Ok bro.. will call you once i settle down there.. You get ready with those CC Cameras buddy”

“Sure man.. Enjoy your lusty goddess in real”

Suhas ended the phone call and the following next day was eager to come to Shruti’s house.

Finally, the day has come and he is about to enter the big house of the Sultry Siren Shruti Haasan..

He made sure in his mind that he’s going to be behave innocent and stays calm till he gets the chance to pound Shruti’s holes.

He entered the house and there he meets Kamal Haasan, Legendary actor who’s known for his kiss scenes with every actress he worked with.

“Hello Sir, This is Suhas”

“Nice to meet you, young man”

After shaking hands with Kamal Hassan, Suhas went into the luxurious , fine floored spacious house.He made me sit on a big black sofa at the center of the room. He sat opposite to him and explained how his father used to work in this house for the past 30 years.


After a minute or so, Shruti Hassan- the sexy actress made her presence. She was wearing a round necked short sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans.

Her face though without any make-up had undeniable sexiness.

“This is Suhas madam, your temporary chief security guard”

She eyed him once then sat down opposite to him in the cushioned chair opposite to him before extending her arm towards him.

Suhas was in a dream state. The gorgeous actress had swept him off my feet. He took her arm and shook it gently.

When she leaned forward to shook my hand(there was a considerable distance between their couches) he had for a short-second a view of her t-shirt covered boobs from an angle in which he noticed the start of her clevage line.

Her hand was soft with long and pointy fingers. He Wished he could hold on to her as long as i like.

Her t-shirt was of a greyish colour with brown flower pattens.

Her t-shirt was designed in such a way that her boobs though not that big and busty were elegantly shaped while arm sleeve was gown-like with wrinkles and loose-fitting.

Suhas smiled to himself on this thought.

His dick started to bulge in his pants after seeing cleavage of Shruti and all he wanted is to kneed them in his hands and chew them all the time..


Shruti got a call from her producers to attend for the shooting on that day and She departed smiling to me and hugging her father.

(wish she could give me the same hug too.. so that i could feel her sexy big boob s of her) suhas thinks in his mind..

“So, Suhas..”

Suhas adjusting his bulge in his pants..

“Yes Sir, I must this to you.. My daughter doesn’t care for the people like you.. I mean she shows attitude towards poor people and workers..”

“She acts like that when i’m around her.. So don’t wonder if she treats you bad when i am not there in the house”

“Ok Sir, That’s not a problem” Says suhas.

(Let me teach you arrogant bitchy daughter some discipline with my COCK) thinks in his mind..

Suhas started to work all kinds of work as kamal don’t want to keep many workers in the house.. He used to work all kind of stuffs in their house including washing clothes, Cooking etc.

Days passed by.. He gets phone call from Karan..

“Bro.. I am ready with my CC Cameras.. When will you install them in that bitch’s bathroom?”

“I will come and take it today” Says suhas.

He goes to Karan’s house and takes the CC cameras which are of size of a Shirt button and comes back to house.

He puts one in her bathroom at one side of the shower to get a view of her HUGE and Gigantic melons..

And one camera on the corner of the bathroom wall to get a clear view of her dripping wet pussy and meaty saucy ASS!

The cameras are online all the time and will be recording all the time by Karan.

Meanwhile at the house..

At the night time.. he got a glance at his sex siren Shruti after her shooting..

His dick started to bulge in his pants.. started to hide infront of her.. And he greets her.

Shruti doesn’t care and he remember what Kamal said in the morning that how she treats people when her father is not around.

Suhas made up his mind to fuck Shruti either by seducing her or by completely dominating at against her will teaching her some discipline to control her fucking attitude.

After some days..

Kamal: So Suhas..

Suhas: Yes, sir.

Kamal: I’m going out of station for my next movie shooting. Make sure u take care of shruti and the house ..

“As trust your father for his noble service towards our family for the past 30 years.. I’m keeping my trust in you..”

“Moreover suhas, My daughter Shruti is very strict in all matters .. and may be treating you harsh these days.. Don’t take it to your heart son”..

“No way sir, I will never take it to my heart”

“Make sure that you always cook fresh food ans ask her favourites before cooking..”

“Yes sir” (will make her to taste my cum recipe and make her to drink my hot thick cum ) suhas thinks in his mind.

Suhas: Sure sir.. will serve your daughter with my cock..

Kamal: what did you just say?

Suhas: Err.. I mean will serve your daughter with my cook sir! ( Yeah.. will make her slutty mouth stuffed with my cock all the time once you’re out of the house)..thinks in his mind.

Kamal: Good! Take care of her and make sure that she will be comfortable all the time.

Suhas: Sure sir. (This is the right time to execute my plan..) adjusting his hard throbbing cock while watching Shruti’s pic on the house walls..

Karan sees the CC cameras live on his laptop screen.

Shruti comes into the bathroom humming a song.. She slowly removes her top showing her huge milk tankers to the karan wathching on the other side of the cameras..

He could clearly see the pink bra holding her huge melons.. her boobs are just popping out to come outside..

Then she removes her tight jeans slowly which makes karan to see her panty line covering her pussy and turns around to remove her panty..

He sees the nice juicy and saucy ass of Shruti for the first time in his life..

Ane he started to remove his zipper and started to stroke his cock harder watching the slutty bodo of Shruti haasan.

She removed her bra allowing him to watch her 34D melons.. huge milk tankers!!

He wanted to get a titty fuck from her and cum on those luscious tits of her.

Shruti turned on shower and her silky hair was drenched in wet.. and some water droplets started to flow through her neck region down between her huge cleavage..

This sight gave karan complete erection and dick started to bulge like a cobra..

He shagged hard thinking of touching her slutty body .. fucking her mercilessly and filling her meaty holes with his hot thick cum and make her pregnant.

Shruti applied soap on her perky huge boobs.. and she started to rub her nipples..
She started to clean her arm pits area with the soap.

And brought the soap to her pussy region and started to rub for some time..

To his surprise.. She continued to rub her pussy and started to moan like a fucking whore..

Shruti moaned in pleasure.. ‘Ahhhh…. My pussy… my pussy’..

These sounds made karan to shag harder.

‘That’s why I like you bitch.. you’re one nasty fucking cum drinking whore..’ karan said while masturbating.

And she turned and applied soap on her ass cheeks.. which made karan to notice the creamy buns of her.

And thinking that he would drill her holes hard.. Shruti sat on the toilet and started masturbating..

After rubbing her itchy pussy she had cummed hard and reached her orgasm..

Karan while watching these scens cummmed instantly and cursed her saying..

‘Fucking bitch.. you’re a ture brahmin whore.. u made me cum again.. wish I were there so that I would load my load straight into your fucking cum drinking mouth..and made to lick my dick clean with your slutty mouth of your’s iyer mami’

Meanwhile in the house..


As kamal has left the house.. and it’s been two days since he left the house.

He called his slutty daughter Shruti.. Over the phone..

Kamal: Beta.. how are you?

Shruti: fine dad..

Kamal: Is suhas taking care of everything there?

Shruti: Not bad dad.. I will make sure he work’s well for us like his dad as a royal servant.

Kamal: Hmm.. ok then call me if there is any problem..

Shruti: sure dad.. bye!


Suhas is busy in making plans how to seduce shruti and how to fill her holes with his hot sticky cum..

Next day.. Shruti called him and said to take the car as she needs to go for her friends house for fun.

‘Do u know driving too’? shruti asks him.

‘yes maam.. I will give you best ride ever’..

‘what is u say’?

‘err maam.. I mean I am good at driving’ exhales suhas.

Ok then get me milkshake orders shruti in a dominant manner.

Suhas prepares milkshake and gives it to her.

‘Idiot.. wtf is this ?? Fuck you bastard..

Suhas gets irked by the word bastard.. He feels humiliated because even his father never scolded him like that.
But he controlled himself.. and he said..

‘Sorry maam, I will make it again’

Suhas goes to kitchen and started to imagine drilling her meaty holes.. stuffing his cock inside her mouth.. making her to choke.. gaping her holes.. slapping her ass cheeks.. messing her hair.. and cumming deep inside her ass hole.. all these made him to cum in a motherfucking torrent speed…


He cummed by saying… ‘AHHHHHHH shruti whore… my cum drinking slut..’

He mixed his hot sticky cum with the milkshake and gave it to her.

Shruti: mmm.. now it tastes better..but it tastes little bit salty.. what dis u add??

Suhas: protein shake maam prepared by myself.

Shruti: By urself? Make sure u add that to every dish from now on.

Suhas: (Yes you cum craving slut.. I added my hot sticky cum in it.. Look how you

are driking it like an absolute cock sucker.. will make ur slutty mouth to get filled

with my cum and I will make sure my cum flows through all your holes very soon)

thinks in his mind while rubbing his hard cock in his jeans.



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