Real Brothers swapping wives on New Year Eve – II

I believe it was hardly a minute in which Arun Bhaiya took off his trouser and under shirt completely and turned me again over my back. I opened my eyes with a flutter and saw him, having just underwear on his lower half he was bare from his chest and he came over me.

Though in height we are almost same but Arun Bhaiya was much heavier than me, and as such there was no chance for me to get away from him now, neither I was thinking about trying doing that. Whatever was happening I was letting it happen. Closing my eyes I tried keeping me calm and silent and Arun Bhaiya started with a kiss over my cheek.

“Jaspreet I love you….tum meri bhi wife ho…and now I will fuck you” Arun Bhaiya more or less spoke out his previous words again and his words aroused me again. I started breathing heavy and he started kissing me all over my face.

After kissing my licking my face completely Arun Bhaiya moved down, leaving his entire weight over me and crushing my breast under his broad shoulders he started kissing me over my neck and just continued doing that for long, till I started panting in pleasure of getting seduced with my full involvement.

Holding me firm he sucked my both the ears one by one and licked all around that with significant saliva and I completely failed to resist myself from getting involved. Though Gunita Bhabhi and Manav were also present in the room but for me here was no sign of their presence, they were silent and watching me getting loved by Arun Bhaiya.

Closing my eyes I was moaning and gasping with an evident pleasure and that’s what Arun Bhaiya needed, as he saw that once again I am into the act he placed his lips over mine and started sucking them, I tried to keep my lips closed and behave reluctant but I failed again, even after trying my best I was getting carried away,

it was a moment which was not at all in my control and as I opened my lips Arun Bhaiya kissed me all around my mouth and sucked my tongue with all his passion. He was also getting excited, though he was still wearing his underwear but I could feel his hardness somewhere over my belly.

After kissing me and sucking my tongue and entire mouth Arun Bhaiya broke the kiss, caressing my forehead he looked into my eyes closely and spoke out in soft voice “Jaspreet…you don’t know how much I love you…you are my sweet heart” I don’t know what was that, love lust or infatuation, certainly since beginning Arun Bhaiya was very caring for me but from his gesture I never sensed any such feeling for me.

Anyway after saying that Arun Bhaiya once again kissed me over my lips and while sucking my lips tenderly he got aside from my top and before I would have realized what would he do next, his hand reached to my fuckhole and he teased my love opening tenderly. That was first time he was touching my pleasure hole and it sent a kind of electric current in my body.

I moaned feverishly and clenching his hand between them bought my thighs together. It was a strange mind state, intentionally or unintentionally I was trying controlling my desire but excitement was touching its peak, I was wet and flooding over my love hole, my opening was trembling strangely and I was scared of reaching my climax.

“Jaspreet apni taange kholo…” Arun Bhaiya spoke that, his hand was stuck between my thighs, over my fuckhole but keeping my eyes and thighs closed I just tried to remain like that. I was breathing heavy and to enhance my uneasiness Arun Bhaiya once again reached to my nect and ear and kissed me there and once again uttered, “Jaspreet Karne de mujhe…enjoy kar….”

His words, tender touch of his lips over my neck and ear made me moan in pleasure and just then he moved his hand slightly over my fuckhole. I was clenching my thighs together but somehow his finger teased my opening and I lost the breath. After that I just failed to resist him from playing with my opening and finally Arun Bhaiya inserted his finger in my wet fuckhole and fisted me tenderly.

Virtually I was in heaven; sexually I was never so excited, not even when I was newly married to Manav and my sex life was just started. But there was something which was stopping me from enjoying that moment; anyhow I could not take out this fact from mind that I am getting fucked by somebody other than my husband.

Arun Bhaiya continued exploring my fuckhole with his finger and touched my virginal walls all around my fuckhole and I just went on going crazy, I could not believe the way I was flooding and my fuckhole was trembling, every time he fisted my fuckhole I came up with a intense gasp and felt as if I am blow now.

But it did not happen; eventually Arun Bhaiya stopped playing with my opening when he saw me reaching to my climax. He was partially over me and next he lifted his lower half a bit, certainly to take out his underwear from his legs, he was about to fuck me and by now I was not in state to oppose him, rather I was going through strange sensation over my fuckhole.

My love opening was contracting in desire of getting plunged and keeping my eyes closed I just remained like that. Arun Bhaiya widened my thighs and adjusted his crotch over my fuckhole while lying over me. Unintentionally I myself folded my legs inwards to give away access of fuckhole and in a moment I was feeling tip of his monster over my wet and swollen fuckhole.

“ohh…Jaspreet…you are my doll… I will fuck you baby…” Virtually Arun Bhaiya was waiting for this moment since long, since beginning he was trying controlling his excitement, whatever he was doing with me he was doing it with patience, just for my comfort, so that I can also enjoy unless if he would have desired he would have fucked me the moment I was stark naked

and Manav and Gunita Bhabhi were holding me and that instant when he was resting his monster on the doorway of my fuckhole, he was losign control over himself, I could sense his lust in his voice. “Ohhh……” while shivering in strange sensation I cried in intense pleasure with an open mouth, finally he was inside me.

He was hard like it cannot be imagined and so slow in inserting his monster in my fuckhole that I could feel every inch of his length going into my womb. He buried his entire length in my womb and eventually our crotch met, I was puffing heavily in pleasure, I was starved for sex since long and that instant excitement was rose so high that my body didn’t knew that the man lying over me is not my husband,

it was just lust which was blowing me and driving me crazy. Arun Bhaiya remained still in my fuckhole; he was looking at my facial expression. I was already at the verge of explosion when Bhaiya was fisting me and that instant when Bhaiya was keeping himself still in my fuckhole I was going through hell of fucking desire.

My fuckhole wanted to blow, my body needed a proper fuck but how could I ask him to fuck me and in that starving desire suddenly my thighs started trembling helplessly. I gripped Arun Bhaiya tight in my arms and wrapped my thighs around his ass and whimpered in pleasure like never before.

I believe Arun Bhaiya was waiting for that, sensing my state he was toying with my body and as I cried to get a fuck he moved a bit, he rubbed his crotch over my fuckhole, his balls crushed my thick and wet pussy lips vigorously. “Ohhhh….” Pleasure I went through with that rub was life taking; I cried with a woofing gasp and tried crushing Arun Bhaiya’s in my arms and thighs with all my strength.

I was never bought to this height of excitement, I was dying to reach to my climax and anyhow it was not happening and just then I cried again, finally Arun Bhaiya started fucking me with a steady inward strokes. He was well in his control while digging my fuckhole with his thick and hard monster but I was blowing me with the every thrust he made in my fuckhole.

Stretching my fuckhole muscles wide open he was pumping me with a thrilling control and every rub of his monster over my virginal wall was spreading waves of sheer pleasure in my entire body. I was not at all in state to think about showing any reluctance, I was crying and grunting in pleasure to the fullest and within a minute or two I started to orgasm.

It was a most intense orgasm I was gone through in my sex life till now, I was trembling while crying in pleasure, dam inside me was broken and it was breath taking. Wrapping my thighs around Arun Bhaiya’s pumping ass and nailing his strong back with all my passion I tried squeezing my fuckhole over his vibrating monster.

Certainly that would have pained him but that instant neither I was in state to think about it, nor was he bothered about that. I needed him to stop fucking me but I believe my shattering state aroused Arun Bhaiya further high and instead of waiting for me to calm down from my orgasm, he continued fucking me after overcoming my efforts to stop him and I went on grunting in strange fucking sensation.

Arun Bhaiya fucked me steadily throughout my climax and my feeling was weird, every time he plunged me I went through a trembling sensation. I was never fucked like that; I was gasping in Arun voice and pleasure was evident in my cries, it was a kind of fuck which I cannot forget till I will die.

My whole body was going through a quake and suddenly my pelvis started jerking with sudden jolts. My body was not at all in my control, strange tidal waves were hitting my body and making me shivers helplessly. I was holding Arun Bhaiya with all my strength and feeling that I am about die. Suddenly I felt that entire blood of my body is going through my fuckhole and finally it busted.

Finally I cummed and I cummed like hell while panting carelessly. It took me couple of minutes to catch my breath; with a chilling weather outside I was sweating like hell and when I recovered I realized that Arun Bhaiya is yet not over, he was paused for few seconds and as calmed down a bit he started fucking me again.

Excitement was touching its peak in him too, his pace was high now and he was grunting while screwing me. “Ohhh….Jaspreet…my baby…I really love you yaar……Ohhhh…God” Arun Bhaiya was going bizarre in fucking desire, eventually his heavy ass rose and fell over my crotch for hardly one more minute and he too reached to his climax.

He buried himself deep inside my womb with a loud moan and I felt his monster shivering while releasing its load. He filled my fuckhole with his paste till the edge of it and puffed in relief. We both were exhausted like hell, in chilling weather we both were totally soaked with sweat and Arun Bhaiya continued lying over me, he was calm now, mentally as well as sexually.

I too wanted to relax but my mind was not letting me calm down. Does this really happened or it’s a nightmare? How can all this happen with me? How can Manav do all this to me? Moreover how can Gunita Bhabhi do all this? Closing my eyes and bearing Arun Bhaiya’s entire body weight I was going through storms of thoughts and I could not see any way out of this mental trouble now.

“Finally aaj ho hi gaya….” It was Gunita Bhabhi who spoke that; when I was getting fucked both; Manav and Gunita Bhabhi were present in the room but I didn’t realized where were they, I was so badly engrossed in fucking that I did not saw them, neither they made any significant noise which could take my attention,

they were silently witnessing the way I was getting sexually shattered by Arun Bhaiya and now I was feeling shame in opening my eyes. Gunita Bhabhi’s words took Arun Bhaiya’s attention too and he got up from my top and once again caressed my cheek and removed hairs which were coming over my face. I opened my eyes to see him and he was smiling.

I was dying in shame and did not had courage to turn my face to see two other people who were also in the room and before I would have overcame that hesitation I heard Manav saying something which was little surprising. “Bhabhi…ab hum bhi kar lein” addressing Gunita Bhabhi, he asked her if they can also fuck and in reply Gunita Bhabhi accepted his proposal by saying “aaja….”.

I could not believe what all was happening in my life, I was yet not recovered from the shock of getting fucked like that and now I was witnessing my husband fucking Gunita Bhabhi in front of my eyes. That instant once again I felt that this cannot be true, it’s a nightmare and soon it will end but it was real and the moment Gunita Bhabhi said yes to Manav, Manav started taking off his clothes.

Gunita Bhabhi was already stark naked, she lied on the bed beside me, turning my face I was looking at her but she was ignoring looking at me. She was looking straight where Manav was taking off clothes and within a minute Manav rose over Gunita Bhabhi and completely lied over her. I could see my husband lying beside me over some other female but like Gunita Bhabhi even Manav did not saw me.

Just then to give more space to the fucking couple Arun Bhaiya pulled me while wrapping his arm around my waist bit towards himself and continued watching his brother making love to his wife. Manav was very aroused so was Gunita Bhabhi, he squeezed her milk mounds for hardly a minute and sucked her nipples for a while but ultimately did not wasted much time in foreplay and while kissing each other they came in confronting posture.

Manav lifted his bottom bit up and Gunita Bhabhi widened her thighs apart to set his crotch over her fuckhole and holding his monster in her own hand guided it into her pleasure hole. Finally Gunita Bhabhi also moaned in pleasure, Manav invaded her fuckhole with his monster with a sudden jerk and eventually started fucking her with a steady pace after resting over her for few seconds.

Once again room was filled with pleasure moans and they just went on rising in volume. This time it was Gunita Bhabhi who was crying in pleasure and it was my husband who was screwing her as if she is me. I still could not believe what all was happening around me, first me getting fucked by Arun Bhaiya and then Gunita Bhabhi fucking with Manav.

I closed my eyes and started chanting my god’s name, I pleaded him to take me out of this nightmare but once again I would say it was happening in real life and soon Gunita Bhabhi started moaning with shrill cries, she was reaching to her peak, Manav was also puffing madly in lust “Bhabhi…meri jaan….I love you…..”

Manav spoke that while screwing Gunita Bhabhi with all his pace and passion and within a minute of hard and fast fucking they both climaxed. Like I did with her husband, Gunita Bhabhi grabbed Manav in her arms and thighs while going through shattering orgasm and like Arun Bhaiya did with me, Manav hollowed his balls in Gunita Bhabhi’s fuckhole while clenching his hips together twice or thrice in quick succession.

Spent, we all were spent now, everyone was relaxed and it was just me who was still going through hell of thoughts and as they finished fucking dam of emotions also busted inside me and I started crying. Manav was still lying over Bhabhi, while crying I saw Gunita Bhabhi pushed him from her top and tried to get me in her arms.

In reflex I pushed her and started crying even louder but ultimately Gunita Bhabhi hugged me. “Jaspreet just relax….please don’t cry…sab theek ho jaayega”. How could she say that? I was shocked to see her that aspect, in a way since then she was an ideal female ever came in my life but suddenly my perception for Gunita Bhabhi was broken and with that I just continued crying like a child.

Sensing my state Gunita Bhabhi sent both the males out of the room and bought me to the washroom. We used the washroom and Gunita Bhabhi continued trying talking to me but I was in same crying state and did not listened to her. We came out and Bhabhi gave me water to drink, as I was thirsty I accepted that and that made me calm down a bit and while I was drinking water Gunita Bhabhi got a fraction to speak to me.

While looking into my eyes seriously she told me to listen to her without crying and after that she detailed me everything. What all was happened between her and my husband in the past, when I was not married to him; she was drunk and Manav fucked her and also told me that after that day she continued having sex with Manav and unfortunately Arun Bhaiya caught them red handed and later detailed me whatever settlement they had over this matter;

that Manav would also let him fuck his wife after getting married. I was shocked like hell and could not believe whatever facts Gunita Bhabhi revealed. I was yet not over with crying and after knowing everything I started crying again and as such I did not have anybody except Gunita Bhabhi whom I could hug.

After that Gunita Bhabhi gave me her nighty to wear and brought hot tea for both of us. That night males slept in the other bedroom, which was on first floor, which was actually mine and Gunita Bhabhi stayed with me and after having tea we switched off the light to sleep.

For some time Gunita Bhabhi continued speaking something or another, she was trying to relax me and desiring me to speak to her over those subjects but I mostly remained silent and ultimately she went into sound sleep. I was awake for really long, almost till 4 in the morning and still I could not believe over what all happened.

I was recalling everything and feeling embarrassed from the way I was used by my husband and Gunita Bhabhi to save themselves. I still could not believe how a person like Arun Bhaiya could do all this, since then I knew him as a great human being but I was wrong.

Like that slowly my consciousness also surrendered and I remember when I slept I was up with a thought of going back to my mother’s place next morning but ultimately I failed in doing that too.
I don’t know how it happened, when Gunita Bhabhi got up and went out and Arun Bhaiya came into the room.

While I was in deep sleep I felt something is around me and as opened my eyes in I saw Arun Bhaiya was bare over his chest and leaning over me. While touching me a bit and resting his weight over his elbow he was lying beside me in a same blanket. I was surprised and next instant tried getting away from him casually but he overcame my efforts, came over me partially and looked into my eyes closely,

“Kahan jaa rahi ho?” he asked me in soft voice, I stared back into his eyes with bit of hesitation and he spoke again in same soft voice “Don’t you like me?” my heart was beating high and I just remained silent and he spoke again in continuation “Main to tumse bahut pyar karta hun?… I love you much more than Gunita…” and with that he hugged me.

Once again I would say I don’t know what was running in my mind that instant and I really don’t remember that moment completely. I was in half sleep state and after hugging me Arun Bhaiya don’t know when he placed his lips over mine and started kissing me, I don’t know when I opened my mouth for him and why I responded back to his kiss.

Slowly he rose over me bit more and squeezed my breasts over the cloths and I moaned in pleasure. Next he tried taking off my clothes, I resisted a bit but he continued and told me that Manav and Gunita Bhabhi are also having sex in the other bedroom “wahan Manav aur Gunita bhi sex kar rahe hain”.

Don’t know why I was letting Arun Bhaiya do whatever he was doing and gradually all my clothes disappeared from my body. Arun Bhaiya was already half naked, he was bare from his chest and in a moment he took off his underwear and adjusted himself over my opening and plunged his monster in my fuckhole with a sudden jerk.

I cried in pain and pleasure, I was not wet but just in few seconds I started flooding at my fuckhole and Arun Bhaiya fucked me steadily while sucking my breasts and ultimately we both reached to our climax. Time was almost seven when Arun Bhaiya relieved me and after that apparently day started as it uses to be.

Both the males took leave from their work and planned to go out to have some fun. Finally we all went to Ammusment Park, Kids were happy and rests three were trying their best to keep me smiling and talking to them.

But I was lost, throughout the day I thought about what to do next and repeatedly thought about going back to mom but eventually came to conclusion that it would be very heart breaking for her and she might face all the people of my family who were against this marriage. For the time being I postponed taking decision over this matter and eventually tried calm down my perplexing mind state.

Finally day came to an end and I was somewhat sure that now they will not disturb me but I was wrong. I was alone in the bedroom with my child sleeping beside me and all three came to the bedroom. Arun Bhaiya started and ultimately all three spoke to me about their mindset over whatever happened and they all ended their statement while saying that we are one family and they love me.

I started crying again and Arun Bhaiya hugged me, he calmed me down and kissed my entire face with all his affection told me sleep peacefully. I accepted mentally I was so tired that I too wanted sleep. I was expecting that now at least he and Gunita Bhabhi would leave, but he stayed and told Manav and Gunita Bhabhi to leave.

As I heard that expressions of uneasiness came over my face significantly and sensing my state he instantly promised me that he will not do anything with me. I lied on one side with my child in the middle and Arun Bhaiya lied on the other half. I don’t know for how long I was awake and what all ran in my mind except this assumption that once again Manav would be fucking Gunita Bhabhi in her bedroom.

When my sleep broke in the middle of the night time was around 2. I got up, used the washroom and by the time I came back into the room Arun Bhaiya was also awake. He was sitting on the bed while resting his back with a support of pillow and as he saw me he called me “mere pass aao…”

Room was otherwise dark but small lamp was glowing and it was sufficient for us to see each other’s facial expressions. Showing zero expressions I stared at Arun Bhaiya with an unsaid question “why?” and he spoke again and expressed his desire that he wants to make love to me “I want to make love to you”.

I stood still, neither I accepted his request nor I denied to accept it and he got up a bit and extended his hand to hold my wrist and pulled me to the bed over his side. Once again I was letting him do whatever he wanted to do and ultimately Arun Bhaiya fucked me again. That was the night which finally turned my mind in entirely new direction and I accepted this aspect of my life that I am married to two males.

In the end I must mention that this incident is happened in a recent past and since that day we are shuffling our partners regularly. It’s not that we switch just to fuck; we are living with each other’s wedded partner like our own partner and trying enjoying life with a new outlook. I don’ know if we are doing a sin? I believe sin is whatever obscures the soul and if it does not obscure it is not sin.

Gradually I am getting close to Arun Bhaiya as I am close to Manav and including me since now everyone is enjoying life with two life partners. That’s what all I have to say and share, I would love to read reviews of readers over my experience in the comments below.


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