Priya gets fucked by Gopal rao sir to save pass his brother in EXAM


Hello, I am Kunal from Lucknow and this story is of my sister Priya and my teacher Goparao. I am 18 years of age and Priya is 5 years elder to me. I used to live in MP before I came to Priya’s place last year. And due this change I lost one year of studies and also got failed. And there started the story of pussy fucking of Priya.

As I failed; Priya thought of speaking with my teacher Gopalrao and urge him to pass me. She took me with herself and we went to my school. She spoke to Gopalrao in his cabin.

Priya Begging To Get Me Passed
Priya: Sir, Please help Kunal. Look he is 18 years now and we can’t afford to keep him in 12th standard. He had some issues in mom’s place so he had to shift here in Lucknow. And because of these changes he could not study properly; as such he was average student in Ratlam.

Gopalrao seemed to be unchanged and he said, “Look madam there are some rules and we can only allow him if he has obtained some marks in at least few subjects. He is failing in 4 subjects now. If he had failed in 3 of them; I could have done something for sure. He failed in my subject as well.

Priya: Sir, Please do something. Let him have one chance so he can attend college. Please sir, please.

Gopalrao: Sorry, mam. We can’t do extraordinary things for him.

Priya: Sir please. I can do anything you want if you pass him. I can promise that he will work hard now on.

Gopalrao: Anything, are you sure?

Priya: Yes, sir.

Gopalrao seemed interested as Priya said she can do anything to get me passed. He looked at me and asked me to go out for some time. As I went out he closed the door behind me. I felt there was something suspicious in the drama now. I though of having a look at it. But the room was closed. Then my eyes went on one small hole in the window. I put my eye on it and I had the biggest shock of my life. Gopalrao had his hands on Priya’s thighs; and soon he reached to her pussy area. It looked as it Gopalrao asked for sex to pass me and my sister accepted it. Gopalrao had his lips on Priya’s shoulder and he kissed her there. Priya had her eyes closed and she pressed her lips under her teeth. She was being aroused by hand on her pussy and kisses on shoulder. Gopalrao reached on her salwar and he pulled the string which kept is tight on her tummy. With a flash her salwar came on the floor and Priya was standing there in her panty. Gopalrao kept on rubbing his hand on Priya’s pussy for some time.

And She Had To Sacrifice Her Pussy
And now he began to undress himself. As it was too risky to be nude here; he just dropped his pants. His large dick was making good shape on his underwear. Priya reached there now and pulled that magenta color underwear. I had to remove my eyes from the hole; that was a monster cock. My 18 years old dick was less than half in size compared to sir’s cock. And Priya started kissing it; what a misery I was having as a younger brother. Priya soon took that dick in her mouth and she started to kiss and suck it vigorously. She took the full dick in her mouth and Gopalrao kept on pushing it more. He was making strokes in her mouth which was making dick come in and come out nicely. Priya kept on sucking that monster cock for 5 minutes and then she stood up.

Gopalrao put his hands on her fat ass; and he guided Priya to stand like a dog. Priya was made to put his hands on table and Gopalrao parted her ass cheeks. I saw him spitting on Priya’s pussy from the back. And then he took his dick in his hands. He started to rub that dick on pussy walls and Priya was out of control now. She was trying to control herself by pressing her lips below her teeth. And she got a perfect jerk in her pussy. Gopalrao pushed the 80% dick in her pussy and Priya alsmot screamed. I could hear it slightly as I was on the window only. Priya started to shake her ass now and same thing was done by Gopalrao. He was reaching to Priya’s boobs in her kameez and fuck her nicely in her pussy. Their motions did last for more than 5 minutes and I saw a final jerk from Gopalrao. I knew he emptied his load in pussy and that is why that last jerk was there.

Priya adjusted herself and started to wear her salwar. Gopalrao also pulled his panst back on the position. I ran and sat back on the bench outside the cabin. After 2 minutes door opened and I was called in. Priya told me that sir had shown her my exam papers and I need to do well. She also told me that teacher will pass me this time but I have to show improvements and pass on my own from next time. I looked at Gopalrao and I could see a lot of satisfcation on his face. Priya did not know that I had seen her pussy shown from the hole. I am still not able to figure out; whether Priya sacrificed that day or she did it for mere enjoyment…!


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