Paloma – The Neighbour Aunt

Hi friends, my name is Milfhunter and I am from Pune. I have been a reader of ISS for a long time now. This is an incident which happened when I was in the 12th std (18 years old). This incident is between me and my neighbour aunty which was truly a treat for me,and I lost my virginity to her. Ok i won’t take more of your time and start with the story.

So coming to the incident. Her name was Paloma.. She was married and her husband was in the Indian Army. In the year 2004-05 she moved in to our building you will see her surely you would cum in your pants. If you have seen the pornstar Sensual Jane you can imagine her structure,she was one hell of the hottest bengali milf I have come across.

Paloma was a sexy aunty and I always had lust in my eyes for her, she usually used to visit my house as we were neighbours. I always have fantasise about her while I am masturbating. One day Paloma had worn a very deep gaun (nighty) and her boobs were visible through it,she was cleaning her house and I was alone in the house so just went to her place to pass some time.

But that day when Paloma started to sweep the floor, her boobs oozed out from her nighty,and was moving to and fro while cleaning the floor. I was constantly staring at her melons, she caught me staring at her melons and asked me “what are you looking at kiddo?”

I replied “nothing just watching u clean the floor”.She asked whether I liked it or not, I was into 2 minds what to say as i was scared whether she would tell my mom about this. The conversation was in Hindi..

Paloma: Kya dekh rahe ho tum babu?

Me: Kuch nahi aunty TV dekh raha hun!!

Paloma: Accha, sach batana acche lage?

Me: Kya achhe lage aunty?

Paloma: Mere boobs aur kya?

Man I balls in my forehead that time, could not figure out what to say but still managed to say

Me: Aunty Kasam se bahut ache aur mote hai, ji karta hai bas inhe pakad kar masal dalu

Paloma: Toh aaja na, der kyu kar raha hai?

Me: Haan aunty,

me uske pass gaya aur usne mera haath uske boobs pe rakh diya. I touched her boobs for the first time and she let out a soft moan “Aahh””

Paloma: Kabhi sex kiya hai?

Me: Nahi lekin bahut saari porn dekha hun

Paloma: Acha zara bata kounsi category ki dekhta hai?

Me: Muje sabse jyada pasand “Milf”category hai

Paloma: Acha” Milf ” aur woh kyu?

Me: Are woh haar ek kaam mein experienced hoti hai na

Paloma:Toh bata tuze inn porn mein kya achha lagta hai?

Me: Muje boobs chatana, nipple chusana, chut chatna, gand chatna.. Yani oral sex bahut pasand hai ,jab koi aurat orgasm hoti hai woh paani peene mein maza aata hai

Then after cleaning the floor she went in the bathroom for a bath and took shower and came in just towel wrapped around private parts.

Woahh looking at her in this attire surely raised the bars inside my shorts and was easily able to make the hardon

Paloma:Kya hua babu?

Me: Kuch nahi aunty, aap itni sundar ho yeh aaj pata chala hai muje

Paloma: Chal jutta kahi ka?

Me: Nahi aunty sach me aap bahut khoobsoorat ho, agar aap meri gf hoti toh mein kabhi apko akela chhodta hi nahi tha

Paloma: Uff aab aur muje chane ke jaad par mat chada, mein itni khoobsoorat nahi hun

Me: Nahi aunty aap bahut sexy dikh rahe ho, me toh aapse pyaar karne laga hun

Paloma: Hayy mere dewane, chal andar tuje jannat ki sair karati hun

Paloma:Muje pehlese hi pata tha ki tu kitna harami type ka hai,lekin mein jaana chahati, usdin jab tu so raha tha tab hi meine tere pant me bane tent ko dekha tha

Me: Aunty sach me mein bahut lucky hun jo muje aap jaisi aunty mili hai

She took me to her bedroom and then she told me to remove my clothes and i obeyed her orders and then the real fun started

Paloma: Ajja mere sher, kha ja muje kanse tere pyaar ke liye tadap rahi hun

Me: Aunty mein bhi toh kabse sirf apko yaad karke masturbate kar raha tha

Paloma: Abhi se jab tak hum akele muje sirf “paloma” ya tuje jo acha lage wahi bolna

Me:ok Paloma

I started to kiss her forehead, then moved on to her eyes, lips and then was sucking her boobs and she exclaimed

Paloma: Ahhh, saala kutta kaat mat na, ufff aoo kaise pyaar se chus raha hai.. Aur chus inhe Ahhhh

Ahhhh ohhhh hmmm


Paloma: Kaha se sikha tune yeh sab?

Me:Sex video dekh ke sikha hun

Me: Kya tumhari chut chatu?

Paloma: Neki aur puch puch, chat le raja

Paloma: Ooohhhhh Ahhhhh …… Haa jorse… Aur jorse…. Mera dana chuso….. Haan aise hi….. Haan aur thoda udhar … Haan ….. Uffffff … hmmm

Me :Paloma…. Paani badiya hai

Paloma: Pile mere sher… Tuze abhi bahut kasrat karni hai

Paloma: Yeh tera lund bahut chub raha hai muje

Me: Toh chus le na,,tere pyaare muh me jaane k liye tadap raha hai… Teri muh ki chudai karni ise pehle

Me: Hmmmm …….. aaaaaa …… palo ……. mast.. Aise hi. ….. Ohhhh. Meri jaan.. uffffff….. hyyyyy……

After the oral session I held my penis in hand and guided towards pussy and inserted in it.

Paloma:Kabse ise lene k liye tadap rahi thi……. Aur chod… Chod…. Chod bc….bhosda bana daal aaj iska

Me:le meri raani……. Hayy kya chut hai teri…. Mera toh dil hi khush ho gaya….

I fucked her for like 25 minutes and discharged in pussy. Paloma had cum for like 5 times during the session and i came two times. All the cum was dropping from her pussy…we had an wonderful day…. And this fucking continued for 3 more years till she got shifted to another place as her husband was in the indian army…


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