Online Chat Fun Turns Into Real Intimate Wild And Hard Fun

I love all the iss readers. I am a 27 year old working guy and I live in Delhi. The story which I am writing happened to me a 4 year ago in Jaipur (During my college days). I love sex very much and easily I get an erection.
I also love to chat on the net. Now my story starts from here, 2 yrs backr when I was chatting on the yahoo chat, I met a lady named Muskan whose age was 32 years and she told me that she was married with 1 kids (1 son of 8 years), as she was married at the age of 20 years and she was a Rajasthani. While chatting we became very friendly with me and she told me that she also lived in Jaipur and her husband is a business men. After having a long chat we both agreed to exchange our numbers. Now 2 days later I was got a message from an unknown and it was Muskan my good luck. Since then we have started talking on phone for long hours as and when we got the time and possibility so that it will impact my studies and her work at home. One day while talking to her, I have requested her to meet at Gaurav Tower (near malviya nagar) and intially she has refused (due to married and her commitments) but someone I have managed to convince her.

The D- day come finally, we have decided to meet at Mcdonalds in GT in the evening time. While I was waiting and trying to call her which was disconnecting from her… after 10 mns, I got a call from her and asking my whereabouts…

Then in the night we again met in the chat, Muskan told me that I was a handsome looking guy and I also told that she is a pretty looking lady. Muskan messaged me that she wants to talk to me on the phone and increase our friendship, I at once understood the reason of her being desperate. Immediately I rang her up and Muskan was happy to hear my voice which I felt and we started talking like good friends and I also asked about her husband. Muskan asked me whether I had a girlfriend. I picked up the courage to ask her about her sex life, as I asked her she became depressed and told me that she wanted sex very badly. Then I proposed Muskan about me being her sex partner, she accepted immediately, as she could make out as a decent guy. Muskan told me to come to her house at around 10:30 the next morning, as her daughter will go to school and she will leave her son in a friend’s house. Then I reached her house she welcomed me in her house, but we both knew what we were going to do.
Muskan was in a red salwar with red nail polish and lipstick. Muskan then told me that she was missing sex. She then took me to her bedroom and we started chatting sitting on the bed, but she was giving all naughty smiles at me. Muskan saw the erection in my pants and she smiled at me I slowly embraced her by taking her in my arms and we both were breathing heavily and I gave her a moist kiss on her lips for at least 2-3 minutes and we were embracing each other erotically and now I kissed her in French style, exploring each others mouth. Muskan told me lets enjoy. Now she undressed me and my long erect penis popped out. I opened her salwar kameez and her bra and I climbed over her and started making love badly by kissing her forehead, eyes, earlobes, lips and she was moaning aahhhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh, bahut maza avee chee and also sucked her nipples. Now I was kissing her lips and my one finger was inside her pussy. Now I parted Muskan’s both legs and I started licking and inserting my tongue inside her pussy, she was enjoying and moaning very loudly, aaaahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhh her love juices flowed inside my mouth. I also stimulated her clitoris which she enjoyed very much and much.
The chance was mine to get a blow job and I slept on my back and she covered my penis with her beautiful soft lips and started moving up and down and she gave erotic bites to my penis, then we were in 69 position, as she was on top of me. We again embraced and kissed each others lips badly and our body had become hot. Now it was time for the real action, as I slept on my back and she sat on my penis and I caught her ass with both of my hands and she started pumping up and down and she was. After sometime we both changed our position, as I slept above Muskan with her both the legs tightly wrapped round my waist and I was pumping in and out and she was moaning loudly.
Now I increased my speed and so her moans increased, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I was kissing her lips and neck. I felt that my semen was boiling like anything inside my penis and it was tickling me. I told Muskan ‘I am going to cum’ and then I took out my love tool and I released my load of cum on her boobs and on her stomach and she massaged my cum on her body moaning in great pleasure, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I slept over my back with my both legs folded upwards and with her nails Muskan started tickling my cock and testicles and my love tool was again erect, she also tickled my thighs and with her long nails she tickled the area below my testicles, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, bahut maza aa raha hai Muskan, my love tool was erect again and she started rubbing my penis on her boobs and told me that my love tool is really hot. Then I fucked her in doggie style from back and was caressing her ass with both my hands and then my cum again gushed inside her pussy. Then Muskan slept above me and she caught my face in her hands and started kissing my lips, forehead, and earlobes. We then kissed each other and slept in each others arms.


When I woke up I got a bottle of cheese spread and spread over her clean shaven pussy and started licking her pussy. Then my love tool was again inside her pussy and Muskan was sitting on my penis and was pumping very hard as if she was riding a horse. We were exhausted and we fell in each others arms and slept for an hour. Muskan told me that it was the time for her daughter to come back, so I kissed Muskan on her lips and pussy and I went home. After that 2-3 times I went to her house and had sex with her and enjoyed sex in 69 and many other positions. One day Muskan’s friend padma came to know about our relationship, because Muskan told her. Padma was also a 24 year old married girl and she was also interested in me and due to this I went to padma`s house when her husband was out of the house and in the meantime my long hard penis was inside padma`s pink pussy and fucked her in all positions. Then I had sex with Muskan’s another friend named priya who was unmarried. In this way my love tool got 2 married girls pussy and one unmarried girl’s pussy.
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