Raj and jay are brothers who are well settled in US with a family business .

Priya was their younger sister and Swapna was their mother .

Raj and jay were married to sneha and swati

Raj and Jay used to stay in Us while Priya swapna SWETHA AND SWATHI
used to stay in mumbai cause Swapna dint like the idea of staying in Us .

Priya joined a college in mumbai and used to hang out regularly with friends and Spend most time chatting ,Facebooking .

One day while the maid was sweeping she found some papers under priyas bed which she gave to swetha .

Swetha saw them and found out that they were priya’s mark lists and progress cards and very disappointed with her performance in last few tests .

Swetha showed the papers to sneha and priyas mom .
Both were equally shocked n frustrated with the situation .

Swetha complained that if she continued that this performance she would fail the final exam .

At night dinner all were seated .

Priya was asked about the results to which she responded sheepishly and negligence .

Swapna asked swetha and sneha what must be done !!

Swetha :- If priya was my own sister i would have put her in right way in 10 days

Swapna :- Dear ur priyas sister in law u have all the rights over her .ill be going to my moms house this weekend and return next month u should take care of her

Priya:- But Mom

Before she could continue

Slap slap landed slaps by swetha right on her cheek .

Swetha :- how dare u object ua mom tell sorry

Priya:- Sorry mom ( in a low voice )

Swetha :- Loudly idiot hold ua ears n tell

Priya Still in shock on whats happening involuntarily holds her ears and utters a bit loudly ( SORRY)

Swapna :- dear she is all under ur control make her straight

Next day Swapna left home leaving Priya
Swetha and sneha in home .

Forgot to mention ages

Swapna :-47
Swetha:- 26
Sneha :-24
Priya:- 18

After Swapna left sneha and Swetha warned priya to study nd obey them .

One day when sneha was in her room she heard loud sounds from Priya’s room .

Sneha went and called on the door
“Priya whats that sound open the door ”

Priya opened the door and sneha found out she was listening music .
Sneha held priya by her ears and took her down to the hall where Swetha was watching tv .

Sneha :- Swathi priya is listening music instead of studying .

Priya :- sry bhabhi i was gonna study in a few minutes .

Swetha :- oh no priya u wont be gud until u r punished jus hold your ears n stand in the corner and put ur hands straight 90° .

After 15 min priya started to feel the pain
and pleaded swetha
Bhabi its paining

Slap again swetha slapped hard n said

Did i ask u to open ur mouth???
Jus shut up n do as i say or ill remove ur clothes n make u stand on road.

Priya was stunned with the very idea and kept calm .
Mean while sneha seeing all this humilation was aroused and wanted to extend it .

Sneha:- swetha ask her to raise her hands and kneel down.
Swetha:- Do as sneha bhabhi told .

Now priya red faced due to humilation she never expected was kneeling down in her very home in front of her bhabis who were never harsh.

After her kneeldown punishment priya was allowed to go .

Next day priya was asked by swetha to wash her dresses n clean the shoes.
Priya :- bhabhi y should i ???

Phattt slaapped swetha

How dare you answer a no to me back ???
Tday ill take all the pride out of u are now a toy for me

Swetha:- Sneha ,Sneha wr r u??? This idiot is to be punished come down .

Sneha who was working instantly came down .

Now priya was made stand in the hall and bhabis were sitting on sofa either side

Swetha :- priya u got to remove all your clothes and clean my shoes

Priya shocked n dint move.
Slap phatt
Common stupid open your clothes ad start washing

Priya :- plz bhabi this time i won’t object plz dont make me nude plz

Swetha:- now ur in the path but ha u must remove ur clothes or ill take u to market area and punish u there

Priya :- plz bhabhi plz (almost crying)

Swetha:- OK do one thing remove your top

Priya head hung in shame slowly brought her hands down curled up her top n very hesitatingly removed her top revealing the pink bra she was wearing.

Priya was in deep shame and embarrassed in that revealing bra which couldn’t hold most of her tender boobs .

Swetha and sneha were enjoying every part of the situation .Priya was in tears and red faced .

Swetha :- Now remove your trousers too

Priya :- Bhabi u said only top ( still crying )

Sneha :- Do as said u r not given chance to talk . jus remove your trouser or ill make u drink our piss .

Swetha and Priya were both shocked with what sneha told . Swetha and sneha got aroused by the dialouge .

Priya with trembling hands got to her trousers and unhooked the button and struggling the shame lowered her jeans till her ankles and with head shung in shame she stepped out of the pant in her pink lingerie .

Swetha and Sneha were stunned to see the toned body of the tender teenage girl who was their sister in law .

Her thighs and the curves seemed tempting even to the girls in the hall. Both the spectators skipped a beat to see that stunning beauty .

Swetha :- Now go and wash the utensils and shoes .

Priya left the hall to the kitchen. Both the ladies caught a look at the sexy butt of their in-law . Priya started to wash the utensils in utter shame in the lowest outfit she has ever wore in front of anyone other than her room mirror .

In hall
Sneha :- swetha what’s wrong with you u should have stripped her naked .wow what a bomb shell she is …i want to fuck her

Swetha :- sneha im attracted to that bitch too but lets make it slow …let us shred that couple of lingerie in time …y make it fast …she must be happy that we dint see her nude but she doesnt know what i have in store for her …

Sneha :- wow swetha …this mere idea makes me wet ..let me go to my room

Swetha :- ill accompany you …

IN Sneha’s Bed room

Swetha and sneha were seated on the king size bed which sneha ordered for the fuck they have when her husband comes to India .

The bed was very cozy and mesmerizing comfy.

Swetha , Sneha never before felt this feeling and both were sex starved cause their husbands were busy money making .
Swetha resembles porn star PRIYA RAI
Sneha has the beauty too . Both in their mid twenties are super looking and can crave any men to look them .

Most of the times they were in house but if they step out of the house one can see hundreds of eyes taking a historical tour on their sculpture bodies .

Swetha and Sneha never shared any sexual experience as they were busy in households works as their house is big n relatives present to meet their mother in law . after many months they both were single in home without their MIL.

They perhaps changed dress in the same room but not to the extent of nude . What they saw in each other is maximum the bra in d top and never seen each others panties.

Now after this humiliation they did to priya they felt strange feelings of sex and that too were willing to make it out with each other .

Sneha:- Priya has a sexy body .
Swetha:- Yea we must use that body its stunning .

Sneha :- Have u ever seen a girl nude ??

Swetha :- at times when i was doing my graduation in hostel we were open and too lazy to go to the common bathroom to change so yea i glanced few nude bodies .
And what abt u ?

Sneha :- yea i saw some of my side relatives cousins nude in some occasions .

Swetha :- what were the occasions you got to see them nude ??? ( blinking the eyes )and did anyone see u nude??

Sneha:- i will say but on the condition that u say your experiences both of them u being nude and u watching othera nude ok ???

Swetha :- Deal

Sneha :- Well when i was in 8th class me and 3 of my female cousins used to go to the same school . Once our school organised a trip to the village waterfall and lake but we could not go as there was a function in home .
After coming to school next day all the girls in our school kept on telling that they enjoyed the max and all which pissed us and we told OK lets go once again .

The girls didn’t accept as its not safe to go all alone . But after much insisting from us two of them were ready to come .
We chose a day between our schedule as that was time close to final exams and in summer holidays we wont be able to meet coz everyone would go back to their places and it was decided that our family shifts to a place nearby city and never return to that place and our education was fixed in the city .

So as planned we went to the place on friday and as it was a non holiday not many were present over there and most of them were kids of the nearby farmers .
As soon as we went over there my cuisines said that they wanted to play in the water .

Other two classmates said ok n asked me to join but i was lil afraid of water so i refused .

My cousins were going into the lake with full clothing .

Ritu , uma were girls (classmates whose already been to this place )

Ramya , Prani , sush were my cousins
Everyone was nice to look at some being attractive and some with meat located at right parts 😉

Ritu :- Hey are u going to swim in dress??

Ramya :- or should we get naked here?

Ritu :- not naked jus get into ur inners at least last time when we were here we carried extra clothes so we went in full clothes but now as we don’t have dresses we need to go in wet clothes all over the village with our dress clung to body n exposing assets .

Ramya and other girls totally upset with the thing now started to remove their dresses with other two girs .

Normally in 8 th class we were not wearing such fancy inners in village we wore a peticoat over bra and an underwear till lower thighs coz even our skirts rise our shame will be covered.

So now except me all the other 5 girls were in underwears ( bra with peticoat and drawer)

Once they got into the water their petticoats got wet giving a clear view of bra and their lil boobies .

All clothes were given to me .
After a few minutes i felt the urge to pee and i went near a tree and pissed when i returned i was shocked coz there were no clothes or any signs of clothes .

Shocked i called my friends and said that we lost clothes they immediately came out with clothes stuck and exposing assets cool breeze making temperature hot .

We all searched here n there but all in vain.
We sat there n heard some laughs nd turned back to see our classmates raghu and akhil there with all our clothes .

All the girls closed their hands crossed to cover their protruding breasts.

Now akhil and raghu were sincere boys and few girls liked them but less we know that they were perverts and all our clothes were with them .

Me :- akhil thanks give the clothes we lost …

Akhil :- lost ??? No when ur busy pissing we took ur clothes jus to see u embarrased!!!

I was in shame coz they were talking things which girls dont want to hear directly.

Other girls pleaded too but they dint want to lose the opportunity and time with 6 girls .

Thoughts like me who was dressed would go home and get clothes came into mind but it won’t work as explanation must be given on d way and these bastards can do anything with the girls .

So finally they broke the silence saying

” we can make u nude here and do whatever we want even if u shout no one would come n if by chance anyone comes they dont want to lose the beauties too then the ratio of boys increase in order to get your clothes back jus play a game with us and u r free to go and this will be a little sweet secret of our gang coz we always wanted to have a happy gang witj girs and sneha we will join the school in city and will enjoy city culture together for all u knw this school has vulgar and irritating kids unlike us soo its better if u do as we say ”

Girls seemed to agree coz they have no chance and the temperature has risen the girls on display in their inners in front of boys for the first time making the scene hotter .

After the girls accepted the deal the boys lead them to a cave like stone formation where there are no signs of anyone .

It was closed on all sides the path leading the entrance is known only to few of them so there is impossibly no chance of any passer by .

Now all the 6 girls ( 5 in inners and me fully clothed ) were seated in a circle and boys were facing us in opp direction .

Now the boys told ” lets play a game but before we need u all to be fully clothed to start if u try to escape as u know we will catch at least two of u n rape u so better behave ”
Saying this he handed over the clothes to us as and girls wore them now feeling covered.

Now akhil stood up and said now we will play truth or dare . its jus two groups boys vs girls .

Now all of us understood y our clothes were given back . The boys wanted the girls to remove the dresses all by themselves .clearly they wanted a strip tease .

First Akhil asked the group ” TRUTH OR DARE ”
We were in no mood to take at first coz we were aware boys would not miss a chance.

So Ramya uttered ” Truth”

Akhil posed ” which color bra are ur wearing”
Bastard hit the question like a storm the very first question asking about a private part.

Now that we were a group we need to answer the question one by one .

Ramya :- white
Prani :- pink
Sush :- violet
Uma:- white
Rita:- white
Me :- pink

Akhil :- nice colors ( winking his eyes to the batch)

Now it was our chance
So ramya who was utterly in shame asked

“Truth or dare”
Guys took a dare
Ramya ” Do 100 situps ”

Akhil:- woah woah stop the fuck or ill fuck u

All girls :- it is fair we answered so its ur turn
The boys shocked by our response they were in no mood to lose the fun
So both of them started doing sit-ups and asked us to stop at 20 .

We were not that dared to continue them coz too much would be a loss for us .

Next Raghu asked ” TRUTH OR DARE”


now this was an awkward question but we had to so some of them said yes n others no .

Akhil who was angered by the sit ups asked prove , we were stunned how can we show our pussies???

He said or else u would be striped n left here so all of us stood up n lowered our skirts and in utter shame dropped our under wears to the extent exposing our public hair and quickly pulled up . they stole a glance . we sat down giving them the proof .

Now the boys were turned on seeing 6 cunts top at a time n they wanted more .
The girls also turned on and wanted to extend as any ways they saw us seminude nd only cunts and boobs were not on display .
The boys would never let us go until they are done seeing each nd everyone stark naked nd if chance without fucking .

So girls decided that y make it a forcible one juz make it slw n njoy .

Next Ramya asked TRUTH OR DARE


Boys were turned by this question and said yes
Ramya asked show now both the boy s lowered n teased us by showing exactly the area we showed.

Now all are horny nd boys asked truth or dare we jus wanted to give them a chanxe and said DARE


Surprised by their dare we answered no
Angerd by this the boys in a swift manner and held ramya n uma and made them nude in no time .
Now they dragged them to an end and asked them to bend and they made the nude girls face us

We were able to see their ass holes n pussies clearly .
Ramya nd uma were crying like hell coz their nudity is now used by boys.

All of us were trembling in fear what is gonna happen next.

Now they were fingering their pussies in that bent position and slapping the ass cheeks.

Now this was more humilating when they called me and prani and asked to lick the asshole.
With Shame we went nd started cing the assholes for the first time they forced our heads on to the holes n we were now licking the shit holes.

Now the boys asked all of us to strip n we were all nude in front of two boys of our class.

Then they ordered two girls to get into a pair and lick each other pussies n holes
After an hour all girls in the gang licked each nd every part of other girl.

Now we were all urged to piss we asked them to allow us they said we will allow u to piss only if thereis a mouth under ur cunt.
He meant we all drink our piss . we had to drink each others piss .now the boys asked us to go out n wash n come .we obeyed.

6 stark naked beauties who done all the humilating things of their life were waiting to leave but the boys asked us to give them a blowjob ..
Few donno wat a blowjob is
The boys pulled their pant and drawers and there erected cocks (after seeing the nasty things done by girls their hard on was the life’s best i guess .

They asked each girl to come n suck in this way every girl sucked both the cocks. Nd they asked to get our faces near and cummed on them .

Bits of cum on every girls face ..we were asked to lick each other face .

Nd now they faced suchh that their ass is now visible to us n asked to lick …the disgusting think ever expected but we were to do it …now we thought its done n stsrted wearing they stoopped us n said walk nude until we r out n reach the main way …

We cried “no “but in vain.

We started walking nd to our Shame n misfortune there were four kids in the way they were yelling ” shame shae puppy shame”
We were almost dying now the boys called them and asked to piss in our faces they did . Nd we were asked to suck their little Dick’s.

It was over . only thought that we would never see the boys nd the town made us live the day.
As planned we shifted in the next week n we never saw them again .

Swetha and sneha were feeling hot even the cool breeze of the air conditioner was working in the room .

Swetha :- sneha u experienced sex almost at the 8th class???

Sneha :- It was the most embarrassing situation of my life . i never shared with anyone except u and never known to anyone other than the gang .

Swetha :- it will be kept a secret .

Sneha :- of course u will but as per our deal you are supposed to tell your story too.

Swetha :- yea i will tell my experiences .

After i completed my intermediate i joined degree in a reputed girls college . The college was strict and girls were not allowed to go out other than holidays .
Boys are not seen or heard in the premises expect for the TV shows . The only males in the college are Two teenage boys in dining hall and watch man about 45 and security at the college entrance who don’t have access inside the college .

Security is tight in the college entrance. There were instances where boys were beaten up just for stopping in front of the gate.

So after all the nuisance of boys in intermediate we were relieved that there won’t be any heck now .

It was the third day of college i joined the hostel and only fear which was within me was the ragging part where lectures would leave the matter if the complaint is about ragging .

There were a total of 105 fresher’s into the college .
The night of Friday ( Saturday was off n Sunday was holiday) all the junior girls were called to mess by seniors .

With shivering bodies we all assembled in the dining hall and all the 60 seniors of 2 nd year were present ( our senior batch has 60 nd our batch intake was increased on demand ,3rds years were given a separate block and they wont have access to this block)

Of the 60 seniors only 10 seemed to be posh and gang type who i guess were the leaders .

After all of us assembled we thought it would be a formal ragging where we would be asked to sing songs , dance nd mimicry but soon our opinion was about to change .
No one aware of that .

Nisha( leader of the gang ) :- hello girls welcome to ****** college . Coming straight we are here to keep u in good behaviour.
we seniors are your masters in ur first year ,
Guiders in ur second year and frnds once we pass out .
All the things and rules which we impose are to be followed strictly and denial can cause too many problems in your stay further.

Now the rules are as follows

1) never say no to a senior
2) you should use bathrooms only when you get into second year .
3) permission must be asked to piss or shave your extra hair
4) regular check up of body would be conducted and it can be anywhere in the campus .
5)once you enter the hostel premises slide off pant and bend then stuff your panties in your ass crack exposing your bums , this indicates u need a permission to enter the hostel any senior passing by writes OK IN on your bum then only you are allowed in which would be checked at the inner gate.
6 ) pissing must be done only in front of a senior nd bathing must be outside the bathroom which is allotted to you.

God knows how we were able to breath after hearing all the rules .
7 junior girls were placed under a senior to ask the permissions for the things mentioned .
To my bad luck i was placed under nisha who is the boss .

After the meeting every girl (senior was asked to take the group of 7 girls rag them )
And the groups would be exchanged in times but apart from this any senior can rag any girl irrespective of the place .

Now nisha along with three of her friends were seated in chairs in their room .
It was a big one .

We 7 were standing in a line .

Then one girl approached from other room n whispered some thing in ear n went away.

Nisha:- so u 7 fortunate and unfortunate bitches jus change in plan .
U 7 will be ragged by all the gangs of seniors and then next group is selected . it is decided this way so that every girl is perfectly nd personally ragged .
So for the coming few days u r the only 7 that are going to be ragged.

We were more shocked listening this .

Nisha said ” ok lets not waste time lets get to ragging
Now all of u are to give your intro but after every detail you are supposed to shed a clothing and by end u all must be duck naked .

Didn’t expect this extent so soon .

The first girl on the row was asked to start .
She started to cry but no use nisha was no mood to stop .

OK girl cry but start striping or ull be taken to the road n stripped there nisha said .

Trembled girl started stripping .

We couldn’t hear the details coming out from her mouth but our concentration was on the clothes coming out of her body .

First came of the nighty revealing her sexy body in inners then in no time she was naked her round boobs nd hairy cunt on display. She tried to cover but nisha asked her to stretch the hands up.

She was buck naked in front of 12 girls without a thread on her body .

Red faced with Shame she was crying like hell. But in the next few minutes all of us were nude and our clothes were collected by them.

Nisha announced ” so this will be your dress until ur ragging period is over . u must go college n anywhere in this manner your luggage is also taken away.”

We cried no but y would she let us go .
The thought itself made us piss 100 times.

We slept in a hall given to us naked .
No one could sleep until like 3-4 am thinking of the coming ragging days .

We all woke up when our seniors shouted
‘ kameene chuitya wake up ur slaves not princess u randi ”

Nisha jus came to us and started slapping us hard ..wake up u sluts

In no time we were waken up and started brushing .
After brushing we were to bath in the bathrooms . common bathrooms were in the ending of the floor. We were in the other side that means we were to walk all along the rooms to reach there.

Now that only we were ragged in the week all are bathing in the bathrooms and fully clothed they can roam.
We 7 were to stay nude and bath outside.

Only 5 people saw us fully naked now to go the bathroom we were to walk all the way while everyone watching us coz its time to class and everyone was busy in bathing and getting ready.

Nisha told us to go bath and have come.
After bath hostel rule were to assemble in mess to have prayer and eat breakfast.

There were goosebumbs all over our naked bodies our pussy lips widened with fear.
My nipples were erected and all hair strands stood up like children seeing their teacher enter the class .


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