Anil and Neeta Agarwal come to live in this newly constructed complex 3 months back. It was a big complex with all amenities like, club house, swimming pool, garden, temple and many other things. It was a high class complex where only the rich and super rich could afford to have a flat. There were 2 flats on each floor and Anil’s flat was on the top floor with a private terrace. The terrace was open to a lake and the lake view from terrace was very exclusive. Anybody standing on the terrace could have a full view of the surrounding, but nobody could see anything on the terrace as it was on the top floor.

The flat opposite to Neeta’s flat was vacant as the owner had purchased it for investment purpose. Mr. Ajay Joshi and his wife Priya, a middle aged couple were the owners of the flat. Ajay was working in Gulf and both the husband wife lived there whereas their son was studying in USA. Ajay had purchased this flat as investment and also to settle down after coming back from Gulf. Ajay had given the keys of his flat to Anil so that periodic maintenance could be done to the flat.

Anil and Neeta were married for last 3 years. Anil was a doctor and Neeta was a housewife. Neeta’s family had given a hefty dowry to Anil in the marriage which was a custom in Marwari families. Even this flat was financed by Neeta’s father on Anil’s persistent demand. They were a nice couple but Anil looked quite old compared to Neeta. Being a doctor was just a front for Anil as his practice wasn’t something to be written of. His main business behind the facade of practicing was of money lending. Most of the time Anil spent in his clinic was lending money at high rates to the needy people and then taking interest from them by hook or crook. Neeta knew all about Anil’s businees but she being a typical Marwari, couldn’t say anything against it. Also the money earned by Anil in such a way was catering to her hi-fi life style so why should she complain?

Neeta was 23 years old, with fair complexion. Straight nose and big eyes added to her sex appeal. Neeta had nice flesh in the main areas and looked very sexy when she wore her saris in the typical Marwari style. Neeta had nice 36 aize boobs and a big 38 sized ass to go with her bosy. She was always in saris which were quite transparent with tight blouse. The blouses that she wore were also typical Marwari style with low neck and deep back. The stitching was very tight, body hugging and so when Neeta wore the blouse her boobs filled up the blouse giving a hefty view of the big boobs enclosed in tight bra. Also the portion just under the blouse bellowed up giving her a sexy look.

Neeta had a nice figure of 34-28-34. The tight low cut blouses that she always wore outlined her busty boobs and exposed her very fair cleavage. Also tying the sari just below the naval showed her white skinned stomach. Neeta had a pretty face and whenever she smiled or laughed the dimples that got formed on cheeks looked very beautiful.

Compared to her Anil was a bit fat and being a studious type looked more than his age. He was a serious type person as opposed to Neeta who was very out-going and very talkative. Since all the flat owners were new to each other the initial days were bit boring for Neeta. But within a few days she made friends with many of the ladies and now she had a nice group with the ladies.

The society has appointed 2-3 agencies for maintenance of the building which included sweepers, gardener, guards and other sundry people. Being a new society it was being maintained to perfection.

Out of these people appointed was the sweeper Usman Gani. Usman was 30 years old, with a hard earned physic doing many types of odd manual work which had molded his body very nicely. After his shift at the society he did some gardening as well as carpentry works too. For this purpose Neeta appointed Usman to clean and water her terrace garden as well as the weekly maintenance of Ajay’s flat.

Usman was a womanizer and had fucked many women but mostly of the low class working category women. The sweeper women or house maid types were for his taking as he was a good charmer as well as his nice physic made the women fall for him. Also since in this low working category women, sex was not a taboo except for some. Also since his nature of work involved working with women he had no shortage of women. The women whom he fucked also used to come back on his calling since he was a good fucker.

Usman had his eyes on Neeta from the day he saw her. Her sexy fair body was so inviting to his eyes. Though he had fucked many women his thirst for a high class women like Neeta was yet to be quenched. The way Neeta wore her saris was more than anything to trouble Usman. Whenever Usman used to see Neeta he could feel the heat in his loins going up. It was good that Neeta has appointed him to tender and water her terrace garden, which give him a exclusive time to observer Neeta.

Neeta too knew of Usman’s looks but she didn’t pay more than needed attention. Usman was a good worker and very shortly the terrace garden starting blooming under his care. Neeta was very happy with his work and praised him. Whenever Neeta praised Usman, he was happy. Now the awkwardness that existed between them had reduced to a large extend.
Usman when started coming newly to Neeta’s flat saw that Neeta hardly talked to him except for the work issues. But now after 3-4 months she started behaving quite feely with him. When he had started his duty at Neeta’s flat, Neeta invariably used to be in a sari, but from last 1-2 weeks, Usman saw that she started wearing night gown’s also. Though the night gown was fully covering her body, being of somewhat thin material exposed Neeta’s body against light.

Usman, being a bastard that he was, now kept talking to Neeta and seeing her body whenever she was against the light. That time he could see the outline of Neeta’s thighs and also her panty shape. On the upper portion he could see her bra too. It was a bonus for Usman and since Neeta didn’t know anything about it, she used to stand like that and talk with Usman.

It was only one day when after Usman had observing her and Ajay come to the terrace garden and saw Neeta standing like that unknowingly exposing her gown clad body to Usman, that he called her inside and shouted at her. He said in uncompromising words that she was behaving like a slut and that she loved to exhibit her body to the low caste Usman.

Neeta was shocked to hear Anil’s accusations but couldn’t say anything. What had happened was wrong but she didn’t do it purposely. She even didn’t know it was happening. It was just out of carelessness. But the thing that hurt her most was the filthy accusations made by Ajay on her. From that day she used to sit in the hall and direct Usman.

In this way Usman’s scanning of her body was over but then Neeta didn’t know but all her inner secrets were already know to Usman.

The thing was that, Sangita, who was Neeta’s housemaid, was one of Usman’s many sex partners. Many a times while fucking Sangita, Usman had praised Neeta’s sexy hot body and wished that he could fuck Neeta once. Sangita used to tell him how Neeta used to discard her bra and panty after her husband left for his clinic. Also she had told him the types of bra panties Neeta possessed and the sexy blouses.

Usman used to get very horny after listening to Sangita’s talks and used to fuck her harshly. He also promised Sangita that one day he will surely fuck Neeta. Dreaming about fucking Neeta, Usman used to fuck his partners.

Here Neeta when came to know about Usman seeing her body from over the gown, was angry with herself. What a creep that Usman is to take her advantage like this. After this incident, she again remembered Usman’s lusty looks and she felt ashamed.

After that day Neeta started keeping a distance between Usman and herself. Usman too didn’t want to hurry up the things and decided to give Neeta her space. He didn’t know why, but his mind told him that somehow, by hook or crook, one day Neeta will be under him.

Unknown to Neeta, Usman and Sangita’s affair was going on. Neeta could never see the lusty looks Usman had for Sangita nor could she know of Sangita’s sexual advances towards Usman. Sangita knew of Usman’s urge to fuck Neeta and she always kept talking more and more about Neeta whenever Usman came to that topic.

And then one day it all started happening.

Sangita after finishing her work at Neeta’s house told Neeta that she was going. Neeta was on phone with some of her relative. She just nodded her head and gave Sangita the permission to go. Neeta after finishing her talk saw that the main door was not closed properly. As Neeta had to go for a bath, she went to close the door.

As she approached the door to close it she heard someone talking in whispers. It was a man and a women talking on low tone but with heat in the voice. Opening the door a bit, Neeta looked out from the gap and was aghast at what was happening before her.

On the staircase just diagonal to her Neeta saw that Usman had pinned Sangita to the wall. There was no fear in Sangita’s eyes. Instead she had a spark in her eyes. Usman’s hands were on Sangita’s boobs from over the blouse as her pallu was down, pressing them nicely. Neeta also saw Sangita’s arms around Usman’s waist.

Playing with Sangita’s boobs Usman whispered, “Saali Sangita, 5, din ho gaye, tujhe kuch nahi kar saka. Sangita kitna tadpa hoon mai tere liye tujhe kya pata?” (Sangita you bitch, its 5 days I couldn’t do anything with you. Do you know how much I missed you?)

Sangita smilingly hit Usman on the chest and said, “Tu kitna tadpa hai who dekh rahi hoon mai Usman. Mere mamme to aaise masal raha hai jaise poora gussa utar raha hai. Ab mare periods chal rahe thay yeh to tujhe maine bataya tha to mai kaise aati tere saath masti karne?” Then kissing Usman’s cheek she added. “Usman 5 din se mai nahi mili to tu kuch tadpa nahi yeh mai jaanti hoon. Us Salma ko tu chod raha tha yeh kya mujhe pata nahi? ”

Neeta first was shocked to see all this and more over she got another shock when she heard Sangita and Usman talking so freely. It was shocking to her that Sangita was openly telling Usman that due to periods she couldn’t get fucked and that she know of Usman’s other sex affairs too. Neeta was surprised that these people talk about sex so openly. Neeta was also surprised with the multiple sex partners that Usman was having.

Before Neeta could think any further she saw that Usman had opened Sangita’s blouse. Sangita’s braless boobs were now naked. Sangita’s boobs were of handful size with dark areola and fairly protruding nipples. Playing with one boobs harshly, Usman started sucking the other boobs. Begin in heat, Sangita too pressed Usman’s head on her boob.

After sucking both the boobs Usman said, “Saali tujhe abhi chodna hai Sangita. Dekh mera lauda kitna tight hua hai. Ek to tu itne din se mili nahi aur Salma mai ab woh maaza nahi. Salma ki chut to randi ki chut bani hai. Salma saali 4-5 logo se chudwati hai. Par tu sirf mujhse aur Prakash se chudwati hai. Chal na abhi tere ghar chalte hai.”

Sangita shamelessly playing with Usman dick from over his pants said, “Haan Salma to ab randi ki tarah chudwati hai. Aur meri chut abhi bhi tight hai isliye tujhe mai pasand hoon. Usman mujhe bhi tera lund chahaye. Tujhe pata hai na ki periods ke baad mai lund ke liye kitni tadapti hoon? Lekin abhi nahi aa sakti mai. Aur 4-5 gharo ke kaam baki hai.”

Playing with Sangita’s nipples Usman said, “Thik hai Sangita. Ek kaam karte hai. Kal hame Joshi ka flat saaf karna hai. To tu udhar aa. Mai to wahi rahunga. Tab mai tujhe wahi chodunga.”

Sangita agreed to Usman’s suggestion and then they both went down. Neeta saw that even while going down, Usman was playing with Sangita’s ass and Sangita was laughing.

Neeta coming out of trance shut the door quietly and sat down. She had seen the sexual play live for the first time. Usman and Sangita were so casual about their relation. Neeta was amazed that in spite of knowing that Usman fucks other women, Sangita didn’t mind it. Though Sangita wasn’t Usman’s wife, but even then she should have protested thought Neeta.

Neeta was more amazed to know that under the pretext of maintaining Joshi’s flat, Usman and Sangita were having a romp there. Sangita started working in Joshi’s flat 2 months back. Previously Salma was doing that job. So it meant that Usman used to fuck Salma there too. Neeta now remembered that other cleaning maids too had gone there.

Oh God, thought Neeta. This Usman had converted Joshi’s flat into his sex play ground. How can these lower working class people be so casual about sex she thought. Usman is fucking 3-4 females and that females have multiple affairs. And both of them know that their sex partner is sleeping with other man/women and yet they are so casual about it.

Today after hearing Usman’s plan, she thought about not giving the keys to Usman tomorrow. But then her sudden change in behavior may create suspicion in Usman’s mind. Usman may think that Neeta has come to know about his affairs and my create problems. Neeta also thought that when tomorrow she catches Usman and Sangita in compromising position, she will have an upper hand and then she will fire both of them. Also she will call up Ajay Joshi and give some reason for discontinuing the periodic maintenance of their flat.

Neeta used to open the flat and go to her house. She had strictly instructed Usman not to lock the door from inside as she would come to check the work anytime. Though Neeta had never gone to check his work, but after today’s episode she decided to go there tomorrow and give a surprise check. After an hour or so, Usman or the maid used to come and tell her to lock the flat as their work was over. Neeta never went there as she was busy in her own work. Neeta never gave the keys to them as she was worried that they might make a duplicate key. If tomorrow anything goes wrong she didn’t want to be blamed by Joshi’s.

Neeta decided that after Sangita’s goes to that flat tomorrow; she will slowly go there and see for herself what games these bastards play and then expose them.

It was decided by Neeta that once a week Usman and Sangita will clean Mr. Ajay Joshi’s flat. Sangita would do the sweeping and swabbing work and Usman would do the terrace gardening and other cleanliness related works.

The next day Sangita came as ever. Usman was already working on the terrace garden from last hour or so. Sangita started doing her daily chores. Both were doing their respective works quite normally. After Usman finished his work he went and washed his hands.

Then coming to the hall he said, “Bhabhiji, Joshi Sir ka flat saaf karna hai na aaj?”

It wasn’t the first time that Usman was asking for the keys. But today Neeta knew what was going to happen in that flat. She looked at Usman for a moment and then got up. Opening the table drawer and handing the keys she said, “Haan Usman, yeh lo chabhi aur jake lock kholke mujhe chabiya lake deke thik se saaf safai karo flat ki. Sangita mera kaam karke aayegi thode time mai aur woh jhadu pocha kar legi.”

Neeta didn’t understand why she added the last sentence but now she had said it. Usman took the keys and without looking at Sangita went away. After opening the lock, he came and gave the keys back. But this time while going he looked and smiled at Sangita who was mopping the hall floor.

15-20 minutes later finishing her work Sangita said, “Bhabhi, mera kaam ho gaya. Ab jake Joshi Sahab ke flat ka kaam karke chali jayungi.”

Neeta just nodded her head in accent and told Sangita to go closing the door as she will go for a bath. As soon as Sangita closed the door, Neeta went to the door and put her eye on the eye piece.

Neeta saw Sangita going in the opposite flat and closing the door behind her.

Neeta was now in a dilemma. Should she go and see what Usman and Sangita were doing and then fire them or to let them do what they wanted. Neeta didn’t know what she might do if she caught them in a compromising position. Should she fire them then and there or wait and talk to Anil about it.

Remembering Anil she smiled. She knew her husband was a type of a person who will boss only on his wife and the poor people who took money from him. Even when Anil had caught Usman staring at her cleavage on the terrace, he shouted at her in the bedroom, but didn’t have the guts to talk to Usman.

After nearly 15-20 minutes, Neeta decided to go in Joshi’s flat and see what actually Usman and Sangita were up to. Neeta got up and coming out of her house went very quietly to Joshi’s flat and pushed opened the door very steadily, without making any noise.

The drawing room was empty and so was the kitchen. Out of the 2 bedrooms, 1 was locked with all the costly material. Neeta could hear 2 sounds in that quietness. One she made out was her own breathing and the other was slow pitch panting. The low pitch panting voice she discovered was coming from the other bedroom whose door was casually shut.

Usman was very casual about closing the door as he knew that Neeta never came in this flat. Neeta very slowly walked to the door and from the door that was ajar looked inside. The scene which she viewed inside shook her to the core.

Neeta saw Sangita and Usman from the side profile. Sangita was sitting on the bed and Usman was standing in front of her. Both were naked to the day they were born. Their clothes were down in a pile besides them. Sangita was caressing Usman’s dick and licking it from time to time.

Caressing Sangita’s face with one hand and pulling her nipple with other hand Usman said, “Saali chus mera lauda. Jaise maine teri chut chaati waise hi masti se chus mera lauda. Saali kitna tadpa raha hai mera lauda tere muh mai jaane Sangita.”

In reply Sangita took Usman’s dick in her mouth and sucked it for some time and then said, “Haan mujhe pata hai Usman tu kitna tadpa raha hai meri chut chodna. Harami, jabse idhar kaam karne aaye hoon tabse kitni baar choda hai tune mujhe. Issi ghar mai aur issi bed pe pehli baar choda tha mujhe tune. Waise tune aur Prakash ne is society ki sabhi kaamwaliyo ko choda hai.”

Putting his dick in Sangita’s mouth and pulling her nipple Usman said, “Haan re sahi boli tu. Aur itna hi nahi, tujhe pata hai Prakash ko bich mai 10000 rupaye mile to saale ne kya kiya? Usne usme se 5000 Salma ko diye aur uske badle uski ** ki beti Fatima ko chodna 2 din le gaya. Poore 2 din aur 2 raate Prakash ne Fatima ko choda tha. Tujhe pata hai na ki Salma boli thi ki jo mard use 5000 rupaye dega usko beti ke saath suhagraat manane dungi. Behanchod, maine kafi koshish ki lekin paise nahi jama kar saka. Per us maderchod Prakash ne barabaar chance mara. Aare Fatima ka seal todne maine mere item Bhabhi ke pati ke pass bhi paise maange lekin us harami ne 15% byaj bola to meri gaand hi phat gaye.”

After thoroughly sucking Usman’s dick, Sangita took it out. Usman’s dick was shining with the saliva from Sangita’s mouth. Neeta saw a rock hard straight dick 9” long without foreskin. Neeta was seeing a circumcised dick for the first time. In her mother’s place and in-laws too Muslims were people not to be interacted with. Because Usman was a gardener of the society, where no outsider can come to work, she had kept him for her terrace garden work.

Neeta was first shocked seeing both of them naked and Sangita sucking Usman’s dick. Though she has seen pictures and films of sucking and fucking, this was her first live show. Anil never sucked her pussy and didn’t like Neeta sucking his dick. They always had plain missionary position sex. Here Usman and Sangita were thoroughly enjoying sex.

Neeta was then shocked to hear them talk so openly in the most vulgar language. She understood that these low class people had no morals. For them language and sex was an open thing. How could a mother take money for deflowering her daughter? It was beyond Neeta’s thinking.

But what shocked Neeta the most was Usman’s last sentence. Who was the item ‘Bhabhi’ Usman was referring to? With a shock she realized that it was Neeta that Usman was referring to as her husband always lent people at a exorbitant interest rates. Then she remembered how Usman used to eye her body from time to time with a hungry sex look. Was Usman looking at her as a sex object?

Before Neeta could think any further her chain of thoughts were broken by Sangita’s next action and words.

Sleeping on the bed spreading her legs, she pulled Usman on her naked body. Usman was kissing her playing with her ripe hard boobs. Usman then catching his lund put it on Sangita’s choot and gave a push. Sangita moaned a little and moving her ass adjusted her choot for the next push. Usman sucking her nipple gave another 2-3 push and shoved his lund in Sangita’s choot.

With his lund nicely fit in Sangita’s choot, Usman started giving long slow thrusts. Both were moaning and enjoying the fuck. Pressing Usman’s mouth on her nipple Sangita said, “Mujhe pata hai Usman ki Prakash Fatima ko 2 din le gaya tha. Woh randi Salma kitni baar boli thi ki uske liye uski ladki ka seal bahoot paisa layega. Aur hua bhi waise hi na? Ab 5000 to hum jaise logo ke liye choti rakkam to nahi na? Prakash ke naseeb mai tha Fatima ka seal thodna aur usne tooda. Ab tujhe pata hai Salma ne Fatima ka liye uske maalik ke bête ke saath setting kar diya hai. Fatima ab us Sharma ke bête Rahul ki rakhail hai. Rahul ko bhi ekdum mast kamsin maal mila to woh khush aur beti paisa lati hai to Salma bhi khush. Ahhhh aur chod mujhe harami, period ke baad chut mai badi khujli hoti hai isliye tujhse chudwane aaye hoon. Aur zorse thok meri chut maderchod Usman.”

Now giving long deep and fast strokes, Usman mauling Sangita’s boobs hard said, “Saali randi, mujhe pata hai periods ke baad teri chut mai badi khujli hoti hai. Harami, maderchod kuttiya, dekh kaise bhooki aurat ki tarah chudwa rahi hai randi. Sangita mujhe pata hai ki Salma ne Fatima ko Rahul ke saath fit kiya. Aur yeh bhi pata hai ki Rahul usse har mahine 5000 rupaye aur bahoot gifts deta hai. Par meri randi, mujhe kab milegi meri sexy Bhabhi? Kitne dino se tadpa raha hoon mai usse chodna, par abhi tak kuch nahi ho paya. Kaise us randi Bhabhi ko lau mere bistar pe aur kaise chod dalu usko samajh mai nahi aa raha meri Sangita.”

Neeta watching the sex scene and hearing the dirty language was getting hot. Her heart was beating very fast and she could make out that her nipples had gone taut in the tight blouse. Also her cunt had started oozing pre cum after watching and hearing all the dirty acts and talks. But up till now she couldn’t understand who was the Bhabhi Usman was referring to from time to time. Neeta had wanted to leave after confirming the act in between these two, but now she was engrossed in watching the act.

In response to Usman’s words, Sangita thrusting her waist vigorously upwards to meet Usman’s long deep strokes said, “Maderchod kutte, idhar mujhe chod raha hai lekin tere khayal mai wohi Bhabhi hai. Saale meri chut chod raha hai lekin sooch raha hai tu us Marwaran Neeta ko chod raha hai. Usman mujhe acche se pata hai ki jitna tu naye-naye aurato ko chodna chahata hai usse jyada tu us nakhrail Neeta ko chodna chahata hai. Uska pati, who harami Anil to garib bechare logo se byaj wasool karta hai aur tu uske aurat ko chodna chahata hai. Ab who Bhabhi tere bistar pe kaise aayegi woh pata nahi, par mai bhi dekhna chahati hoon us Marwaran Neeta ko mere jaise tera lund ko lollypop jaise chuste aur phir tu usse kaise ek randi jaise chodta hai.”

Neeta was aghast to hear her name from Sangita’s mouth. She knew that Usman looked at her in a lusty way and that he will fuck her if he gets the opportunity but she was surprised to know that even Sangita knew that Usman wants to fuck her that badly. If Sangita knew about Usman’s wish to fuck Neeta, then Neeta knew all the working staff would know about Usman’s wish, since these people talk very openly about their latest sex partners and also the women they wish to fuck.

Hearing the dirty language, watching the sexual act and now listening to their talks about fucking her, Neeta, was very angry but also she could feel herself very aroused. Her panty was totally drenched with juices and also her boobs and become tighter with nipples becoming taut and poking her flimsy night gown.

Here, Usman caught Sangita tightly and turned himself over. Now Sangita was on top of Usman. Adjusting himself from down under, Usman catching her boobs said, “Le randi saali, bahut khujli hai na teri chut mai harami? Ab khud chudwa le apni chut chinal. Nikal jitna dum hai tujhme aur jitni chahe utni chudwa le teri chut saali kutti.”

In response Sangita now started humping her chut on Usman’s lund. Her boobs which were dancing with each hump were being mercilessly mauled by Usman. Usman was also thrusting his lund deep in Sangita’s chut. Pinching and pulling Sangita’s nipples Usman said, ”Sahi boli tu Sangita. Mujhe to kabse us Neeta ko chodna hai. Sirf chodna nahi, balki mujhe usse dikhana hai ki kaise uske jaise garam sexy aurat ko ek asli mard ne chodna chahaye. Aagar mujhe usse chodne ka mauka mila na to kasam se uska muh, chut aur gaand aaise chodunga ki woh chutiya Anil ko bhool jayegi aur hamesha meri banke rahegi. Saali us Marwaran ko meri kuttiya banake rakhunga. Randi saali kya tight blouse pehanti hai aur sari bhi kitni niche bandhti hai. Jab mai terrace pe kaam karta hoon to kai baar maine uske chuchiyo ki galli dekhi hai. Uffff kya chikna gora jism hai saali ka. Kasam se Sangita tujhe sirf usse chodte dikhaunga hi nahi balki jab mai usse chodunga tab us randi Neeta se teri chut chatwake bhi lunga.”

Hearing these words and viewing the deeds of this couple Neeta instead of getting angry was getting very aroused. She had come here half an hour back and after 10 minutes of her arrival Usman had poked his lund in Sangita’s chut. And he was yet fucking her vigorously. And to add oil to fire, she had heard Usman and Sangita use the most degrading words for her and they way Usman wants to fuck her. She kept on looking at the action on bed with more attention to Usman’s lund that was fucking Sangita’s chut very nicely. Unknowingly she was caressing her chut from over the gown.

Sleeping on Usman but humping her waist on Usman’s lund, Sangita said, “Haan Usman, mujhe bhi us nakchadi Neeta se meri chut chatke lene maaza aayegi. Uski maa ki chut kitne nakhre karti hai, kaise sajti sawarti hai saali jaise ki dhandewali ho. Tune dekha hai us randi ki nazar hamesha yehi dekhti hai ki uske jism dikhana wali aadao se samnewale mard pe kya aasar hota hai. Kuch bhi kar harami Usman par us randi ko ek baar chod, aur mujhe pata hai ek baar who tujhse chudi to phir baar-baar chudegi khud aake tere niche.”

Now Usman once again took Sangita under him. Now starting to fuck her hard he said, “Haan maderchod Sangita, mai to Neeta to chodke hi rahunga. Par ab chal hamari chudai khatam karte hai. Nahi to woh chinal maal Neeta dekhna aayegi ki humne itna late kyon ho raha hai. Mai Neeta ko pakka chodunga yeh waada karta hoon meri randi. Le yeh le mera lauda, saali bahoot pasand hai na tujhe mera lauda. To le harami chut aur le mera lauda.”

With these words Neeta came to her senses. She found that involuntarily she was playing with her cunt and boobs from over the gown. Though she had worn her panty, she was without her bra as she removes her bra in the night. She knew she had to leave now or then Usman might see her there. For the last one time taking a good look at the action and more precisely at Usman’s lund Neeta went away from there.

Coming to her house, Neeta took a glass of cold water and sitting on the sofa, sipping the water started remembering the deeds and words of Usman and Sangita.

Neeta couldn’t deny that first she had thought of telling all this to Anil and then firing the pair if she found them in compromising position, but after seeing the vigor of Usman’s lund and his intention of fucking her confused her mind on the line of action to be taken. She knew she couldn’t tell Anil a word of it. But then how could she face Usman and Sangita now when she knew what they had in mind about her?

Continuously she was reliving the scene and the words. Neeta could even now feel her nipples getting tight and she opened 2 buttons of her gown and started softly caressing her boobs and nipples. It was creating more heat in her body and now she started caressing her pussy from over her gown. The sensation was so arousing that she started playing with her body closing her eyes.

Caressing her cunt with one hand and putting the other hand in the gown, playing with her boobs and pinching her nipples, Neeta closed her eyes. She could visualize the scene that she had seen some time back. She could see Usman’s glistering lund coming out of Sangita’s mouth, his hands playing with Sangita’s boobs and then Sangita getting her cunt humped with the lund shining lund of Usman.

Thinking of the scene and playing with her was making Neeta hotter. She was now fingering herself and moaning slightly. The moment she started rubbing her clitoris, Neeta could feel a wave of passion pass through her hot body.

Neeta’s pulled her gown to her waist exposing her cunt. She had already opened her gown button so that she could freely play with her boobs. Overcome with lust Neeta now she put 2 fingers in her cunt and was playing with swollen clitoris. She was also very roughly pulling her nipples and pressing her own boobs biting her lips with a continuous loud moan.

Neeta could fell her passion building up. Figure fucking her cunt, she could feel her orgasm fast approaching. In the heat of frenzy she increased her speed of fingering. Her moans were becoming loud with each stroke.

The moment she could feel waves of her lust break the lust dam she gave a low shout. Still with her eyes closed but fast fingering herself she muttered, “Ahhhh haan chod mujhe, aur chod, le teri Neeta ki chut harami Usman. Mujhe hi chodna tha na tujhe harami. Aaj chod dala mujhe tune. Ahhhhhh mai gayeeeeeeee Usmannnnnnn.”

With the waves of passion subsiding, Neeta was feeling very relaxed. Though her breathing was heavy, the passion factor was over. Neeta thinking about the whole thing was a bit ashamed about taking Usman’s name. She couldn’t understand how and why she took Usman’s name while cumming. Was it because of the scene she had seen or was it because after seeing the scene she unconsciously wanted Usman to fuck her?

Neeta couldn’t give a satisfactory answer to herself. But she realized that, from the day she came to know that Usman was seeing her body, her sub conscious mind was playing the scene again and again. And today after seeing Usman in total action, her sub conscious mind had made her take Usman’s name while cumming. Neeta just closed her eyes again with a finger in her pussy and other hand now gently caressing her naked boobs to let the sex fever subside.

When her heart beats and breathing normalized, Neeta open her eyes slowly. And then she got a GREAT SHOCK of her life.

Standing in the door were Usman and Sangita looking at her. Neeta was so shocked and surprised seeing them looking at her half naked body that she couldn’t understand what to do. Neeta couldn’t know from when they were watching her play with herself. Usman and Sangita were watching her with a lust in their eyes. They both were seeing her naked boobs and pussy being fingered. Also the wet hand was showing the cunt juice secreted by Neeta.

Recovering from the stupor Neeta removed her hands from over her body but unknowingly without pulling up her gown asked.”Tum dono kab aaye? Aur door knock karke nahi aa sakte kya tum?

In response Usman walking towards her said, “Bhabhi hamari kaam ho gaya aur har baar ki tarah hum chabi lene aaye Joshiji ka flat lock karne. Aur jahan tak mujhe yaad hai humne kabhi bhi aaj ke pehli knock nahi kiya tha. Har baar aake aapse chabi le jake unka flat lock karte hai.”

Neeta knew what Usman was saying was true. Also she could sense Usman’s stress on the work ‘kaam’ and she know what kaam Sangita and Usman had just now accomplished in that flat. With Usman coming near her Neeta realized from Usman’s eyes that her cunt and boobs were yet totally exposed and Usman was feasting on them. With full shame Neeta adjusted her gown and gave the keys to Usman. Smiling at her Usman went to lock that flat.

Sangita was standing there looking and Neeta. Sangita didn’t know what had made Neeta finger herself but she was surprised to see this high society woman finger herself like any other ordinary lady. The way Neeta had always behaved like a super cultured lady in front of her servants made her servants a bit afraid of her. But Neeta’s fingering act of today had diminished her figure in the eyes of Sangita.

Usman till that time came and giving the keys to Neeta once more scanned her body and then they both went away.

Days were passing by but Neeta’s embarrassment wasn’t diminishing. Being caught fingering her cunt by Usman and Sangita had ashamed her and that too after watching Usman and Sangita have very raw and vulgar sex. Neeta’s embarrassment was more because Usman and Sangita used to daily come to her house for their work. Whenever she saw either of them she was reminded of the fingering act. She could also make out a glint of mischief and lust in the eyes of them both.

The way they had licked, sucked and ate each other’s lund and chut and the language they had used was too much for Neeta. And to add glory to the situation they way Usman had described his sexual desire to fuck Neeta was the limit. Even after that day she had seen Usman and Sangita one more time in Joshi’s flat and heard the deep sexual desire of usman to fuck her and also involve Sangita in that act. On face though Usman and Sangita were calling her Bhabhiji but in private they were using the choicest abuses and dirty names for Neeta and her husband.

Unknowingly Neeta started thinking more and more of Usman and his desire to fuck her. Even during the time he was working at her place she could sense his eyes scanning her and see his lust for her in them. Also many a times there was the unexpected touch of hands or bodies during the gardening work. Usman too could make out that Neeta was eyeing him and looking at his pelvic area.

Though he didn’t know the reason and moreover he didn’t care for such a change in Neeta’s looks, he discarded wearing the underwear now. Also seeing Neeta in the gown used to pep up his lund whose outline could be seen distinctly by Neeta. Here Neeta too know that usman was trying to show off his tool and unwittingly she starting looking more and more at his lund.

Neeta and Usman knew what was going on in each other’s mind. The way Usman was seeing Neeta and the way Neeta was unabashedly watching his lund from time to time were hotting up the things and something was bound to happen. From Neeta’s behavior Usman could make out that Neeta will not mind if anything happens between them. Even till now Neeta hadn’t told Usman or Sangita to stop coming to work at her place. Even after finding her fingering herself, Neeta used to be in her customary nighty when Usman came to work.

Neeta on her part wasn’t ready to convince herself that she would not let Usman even touch her. After seeing Usman fucking Sangita and his talks about fucking Neeta had made Neeta open up to the idea to let things happen if they happen. She too was fed up of the lack of sex on Anil’s part. And the amount of satisfaction with Anil in the beginning though wasn’t anything to say about, his sexual hunger now a day was a matter of minutes. And so Neeta had decided that if the day comes when Usman does something, she will not stop it.

One day as Usman was working on the terrace, Neeta too was there seeing the newly bloomed flowers. Anil had gone to his clinic and Sangita too had finished her chores and gone away. Neeta’s eyes went to a rose plant and she saw that its stem was getting infected with some insect. Also its leaves were half eaten by the worms. It was a lovely red rose plant. Bending to see it she said, “Usman aare idhar aao. Dekho is gulab ko kya hua hai.”

Usman saw Neeta bending and seeing the rose plant and saw an opportunity. He came directly behind Neeta and slightly touching her ass with his ever swollen lund said in a sexy voice, “Kya hua Bhabhi is gulab ko?”

Neeta felt Usman’s lund slight touch on her ass as she was in the thin nighty and heard what he had said. Neeta realized that Usman had said gulab in a double meaning tone. It meant the plant and it meant Neeta too. But more than that she shivered with the slight touch of his lund. After that day, it was the first time that Usman had done something physical with her. Till now it was all but visual assault by Usman on her. But today it seemed that Usman wanted to take the initiative.

Showing as if she hadn’t realized being touched Neeta too replied in a double toned voice, “Haan dekho na Usman, yeh gulab ka itna acha paudha ab kaise murjhaya hai. Lagta hai yeh dhire-dhire sookh raha hai.”

Finding that Neeta wasn’t opposing nor showing any resistance Usman pushed his lund more on her ass. Now his lund was slightly between the crack of Neeta’s ass. Usman understood what Neeta had meant to say. Bending a bit on the already bent Neeta Usman said, “Haan na Bhabhi, itna accha aur sundar hai yeh gulab aur iska paudha. Bhabhi ab aagar is gulab ko thik se khad (fertilizer) aur paani nahi mila to murjhayega hi na? Aur Bhabhi meri maano ko aap is gulab ko paani aur khad (fertilizer) mat dalo apne haatho se jaise usdin daal rahi thi. Balki mujhe isko khad aur paani dalne do aur phir dekho yeh gulab phir kaise mast khil uthega.”

Neeta was shocked with Usman’s words and action. She could feel his hard tool in the crack of her ass. And the words that Usman uttered said it all. Usman was referring to her act of playing with herself. And that he wants to feed and water her meant that he wants Neeta to suck his lund and then fuck her to cum in her cunt. Neeta just couldn’t say anything back in reply and she just stood up looked shyly at Usman and went in the drawing room. She could feel herself perspiring and so she put on the fan and stood under it holding the chair.

Seeing that Neeta wasn’t resisting or saying anything to stop him Usman was happy. Moreover he was glad the way things were turning now. The shy look in Neeta eyes and faint smile on her lips has nearly said it all. The way Neeta walked back to the drawing room swaying her magnificent ass made Usman’s cock go more stiff. And now as Neeta was standing with her back to him, Usman could see her tight gaand in the thin tight nighty. Her dark ass hugging panties were making out a great shape og her tight ass. Usman knew now was the time when he should strike the iron when it was hot rather he thought now is the time he should fuck Neeta when the hot ass was showing itself.

Slowing coming in the drawing room, Usman came and stood behind Neeta. Neeta too was thinking what would be Usman’s next move. She hadn’t resisted to any of his moves nor said anything but now her heart was beating hard. Usman moved more near Neeta and now again his lund was in slight contact with her ass.

All of a sudden Usman placed his hands on Neeta shoulders which were naked due to her sleeveless nighty and pushing his lund a little more firmly on Neeta’s ass said, “Kya hua Bhabhi? Aap bina koi jawab diye aandar aaye. Maine kuch galat kaha ya galat kiya Bhabhi. Ab aapke murjhaye gulab ko acche se paani pilaya aur khod-khodke khad dala to phir aapka gulab khil uthega na? Mai wahi karna chahata hoon taki aapka gulab phir se khil uthe aur aap khush ho jaye.”

Neeta was stunned by this totally unexpected action and words. Neeta had thought that Usman will just come and try to talk to her but Usman had shattered all her thoughts. Neeta was surprised over his actions and they way he had asked if he can fuck her. This time Neeta felt a harder lund on her ass. Now being trapped in between the soft sofa and Usman’s hard lund, she didn’t have any space to move. So standing steadily and taking a deep breath Neeta said, “Tu sahi bol raha hai Usman. Lekin mai mere gulab ko har din khad aur paani dalti hoon. Aaisa kya hai jo tu karega to mera gulab khil uthega jo mai nahi karti yeh bata.”

Seeing that Neeta too was joining the game, Usman pressed his lund more on Neeta’s ass and putting his hands on her waist, caressing it said, “Aare Bhabhi, aapke is sundar makhmali gulab ko hardin jo paani aur khad milta hai woh ab purana ho gaya hai aur issi wajah se is gulab ko acche se khil nahi sakta. Uske liye aapko naye maali ka paani aur khad chahaye. Mai aapko yakeen dilata hoon ki mere haatho se aapke is gulab ki parwarish karne do, phir dekho kaise khil uthega yeh aapka gulab.”

Experiencing the sweet sensation Neeta closed her eyes. She knew from the position Usman was standing he could easily see her deep cleavage. Usman’s talks were so bold and hot. He just told her that Anil isn’t taking good care of her and he wants to fuck her. Though not in that same words, but his words meant that only. And it was true also. After certain period the fucking between husband and wife becomes monotonous thus losing its shine. Neeta too after seeing Usman fucking Sangita wanted to try out with Usman and so she was allowing Usman to take these liberties with her. Usman’s ramrod lund was knocking on her back door and his hands were caressing her waist.

Putting her hands on Usman’s hands and shoving her ass back Neeta replied, “Usman tu shayad thik bol raha hoga, lekin yeh to yakeen ke saath kaise bol sakta hai ki mera yeh sundar makhmali gulab murjha gaya hai? Yeh gulab abhi bhi acche se khil uthta hai.”

Usman realized that Neeta was in the game. The lady who always kept a distance from him, hardly making any physical contact was today doing things both verbally as well as physically. Deciding to now become more open and make the most of the situation Usman in reply put one hand across Neeta’s waist and pulling her more on his lund and now put his other hand on Neeta’s boobs and caressing the nipples said, “Neeta Bhabhi, tu khud dekh jabse mai tere is garm gulab ko sehlane laga hoon to tere chehere pe kaise mast gulabi aaye hai aur aankho mai masti. Bhabhi tu sooch sirf sehlane se tera gulab itna khil uth raha hai to jab mai isko aapna paani pilake khad dalunga to tu kitni khil uthega. Uffff Bhabhi tere is gulab ke sine ke dono phool kitne mast hai. Maaza aayega tujhe paani pilake khad dalne.”

Usman total capture of her body and openly telling his intention brought a smile on Neeta’s face. She looked at the mirror across and saw that really her cheeks were red and a sparkle in her eyes. The mere thought of getting fucked by Usman and his short play with her body had done this. Neeta also realized that Usman was calling her in a tone with which he talks with Sangita. From ‘aap’ Usman was now calling her ‘tu and tum’. Neeta could feel her boobs becoming tight and nipples hardening with the play of Usman. Today was the day when she would get fucked by Usman. Till evening she was free as Anil came home in the evening.

Neeta now bent a bit on the sofa back. This made her ass being pressed more on Usman’s lund. Enjoying the sensation she said, “Usman mai tayyar hoon tere se paani pine aur khad dalwake lene taki yeh gulab aur acche se khil uthe. Lekin Usman mai tujhse paani piti hoon aur khad dalwake leti hoon yeh baat kissi ko samajhne nahi chahaye. Khass karke is society ke naukar, naukrani aur baki kissi ko bhi. Samjha na?”

Happy to hear Neeta’s accent, Usman turned Neeta towards him. Neeta turned down her eyes in shame. Usman was seeing Neeta from so close today. Her heaving chest and the white cleavage was making his mad. Neeta could see the tent formed in Usman’s pants. Opening the buttons of the gown Usman put his fingers in the cleavage formed by the tight bra. Usman then put his fingers of both hands in the strap of the gown on the shoulders and slowing starting to push the straps down said, “Ohhh meri Neeta, tu uski koi chinta mat karna. Mai tere is gulab ko paani pilake khad dalta hoon yeh baat kissi ko nahi bataunga. Hamare yeh khel tere hi ghar mai chalne wala hai aur woh bhi jab hum akele honge isliye kissi ko samjhega bhi nahi. Chal ab zara mujhe tere is garm gulab ko poora nanga karke to dekhne de.”

Neeta showing some shame and a bit resistance tried to stop Usman from pulling down the straps but both knew it was just a token resistance. Neeta was surprised that Usman was now calling her by her name, but she didn’t show or say anything to Usman. As the straps came away, Neeta’s gown fell in her legs. Neeta was standing in just her bra and panty. She had now closed her eyes. Then without thinking anything, Neeta snuggled herself in Usman arms and said, “Usman, uffff, dekh mera gown gir gaya niche. Itni jaldi kya hai tujhe? Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai aaise mai Usman.”

Usman holding the just bra and panty clad Neeta in his arms kissed her cheeks. His hand was already roaming on her sexy round ass. Usman could feel Neeta’s boobs being crushed against his chest as could Neeta feel Usman’s lund over her panty clad cunt. Caressing every inch of Neeta’s back Usman said, “Aare meri Neeta ab jab mera lauda tujhe khilane wala hoon hi to tujhe nangi karna hi padega na? Uffff kya sexy maal hai tu. Kitna mast mulayam jism hai tera meri Neeta. Kasam se tujhe poori nangi karke chodne mai bada maaza aayega meri jaan.”

Neeta too allowed Usman to feel her whole body. She too was feeling his back. But the thing that was giving her the most pleasure was Usman’s lund rubbing against her pussy. Holding Usman more firmly Neeta said, “Teri baat sahi hai Usman. Lekin itne jaldi aur itne achanak tu mera gown utarega yeh mujhe pata nahi tha. Aur Usman tu to mujhe ab directly sirf naam se bulane laga aaisa nahi tu yeh kya sexy maal aur jaan bula raha hai?”

In reply Usman lifted Neeta’s face in his hands and looked in her eyes. Both could see pure lust for raw sex in each other’s eyes. Looking in Neeta’s eyes Usman put his lips on Neeta’s lips. With the union of their lips, Usman tasted the sweet saliva of Neeta. Neeta could taste the smell of cigarette from Usman. Slowly their tongues started flirting. Usman took Neeta’s tongue in his mouth and started sucking it. The way Usman was kissing Neeta made Neeta realize that Usman was way different from Anil. The brashness and crudeness was in no way matching the softness of Anil.

Kissing Neeta Usman was playing with her sexy ass too. His other hand was now on Neeta’s boobs caressing them freely. Both were enjoying their intimacy when Neeta’s cell rang. Breaking the kiss Neeta extended her hand and took the cell from the table. She could see it was Anil calling her. Telling Usman to stay silent Neeta picked the call. Usman though silent by mouth was busy with his hands. With Neeta’s back to him once again, Usman caught her by her waist and dry humping her playing with her boobs was waiting for the call to end.

Neeta though was hearing to Anil’s talk was enjoying Usman’s play. It was so weird for her to talk her husband on one side and get played with her new low class lover on the other side. The sexual arousal was showing in her tone which was heavy then other times. She tried to stop Usman but he wasn’t letting the play stop. His hand had now gone in Neeta’s bra and was now playing with her whole boobs.

Neeta finished her call and turning to Usman said, “Usman ab mai teri hi hoon to zara ruk nahi sakta kya? Anil ka phone tha, Tujhe pata hai usko us din ki wajah se tere uppar zara gussa hai. Aagar usse kuch sunai deta ho?”

Sitting on the sofa and pulling Neeta on his lap Usman said, “Aare meri rani, mai to sirf tere badan se khel raha tha, kuch bola kya maine jo woh sun sake?”

Putting her arms around his neck Neeta said, “Haan woh bhi sahi hai. Accha sun, abhi jo tu mujhe khilane wala tha woh nahi kar sakta. Anil aadhe ghante mai aa raha hai. Usko khana khaa ke thoda aaram karke bahar jana hai. Tu shyam ko aaja jab woh chala jayega.”

Kissing Neeta’s sexy cleavage Usman said, “Aare yaar abhi to khelne liya tere saath aur abhi usse aana tha kya? Shyam ko kitne baje aau mai?”

Pressing Usman’s head on her cleavage Neeta said, “Usman mai tujhe shyam ko 6 baje phone karti hoon. Uske baad tu aaja ghar mai.”

Licking the cleavage happily Usman said, “Thik hai meri Neeta Bhabhi, tu mujhe call kar phir mai aake mere is laude se tujhe chodunga aur tera yeh gulab khilake rakhunga.”

Listening to his answer Neeta shyly smiled. Then standing up from his lap Neeta told Usman to go as Anil will come shortly. Again taking Neeta in his arms Usman said, “Abhi jaa raha hoon rani lekin shyam ko jab mai aayunga tab abhi ki poori kasar bharke lunga.”

Neeta kissed his cheek and affirmed to his demand. Once again kissing Neeta Usman left.

Shortly after Usman left, Neeta went for a bath. She was happy that today she was going to be fucked by Usman. From the day she saw him fucking Sangita, Neeta had wanted to Usman to fuck her. As Usman had rightly pointed out that now a days she doesn’t seem satisfied with the quality of sex that Anil gives her. And it was very true also. Sex with Anil had become 10-15 minutes affair. Anil like all Marwari’s was now a day’s more interested in making money neglecting his prime duty as a husband. Neeta being so sexy and hot needed somebody to take care of her sex needs and incidentally saw the sex between Usman and Sangita. This showed her a path where she could satisfy her body hunger. And so today when things started happening, she just let herself go with the flow.

Knowing Usman, she knew that given a inch Usman would surely go the mile. So when he started the double meaning talks and touching her, Neeta didn’t do anything to frighten him or stop him. Instead she gave him more confidence which lead him to go for her. Neeta decided that today evening when Usman comes to fuck her she will give in 2 very sweet surprises.

Leaving Neeta’s house as Usman was going down he too was thinking about the luck he had today. That rich bitch Neeta, whom he had wanted to fuck from the day he had seen her was his for taking now. He didn’t know how and why Neeta gave him a go-ahead but then if he is going to get the woman he wanted to fuck so badly readily available, then why should he think more. Smiling to himself Usman went for his next chores.

Neeta took a bath and wore a nighty. She then started cooking for Anil. Anil came and had lunch. He then went to sleep telling Neeta not to disturb him for 2 hours as he had a hectic schedule from evening. Neeta told him that should lock the room from inside and go to sleep peacefully. Neeta then had her lunch and starting browsing some magazines. Though she was going through the magazine, her thoughts were on what Usman will do and how Usman would fuck her in the evening.

Suddenly a thought came in her mind and she got up and pushed the bedroom door. Finding it locked from inside she was happy. Sitting in a position from where she could see if the door opens even a bit, she dialed a number. When after 4-5 rings, the call was connected she heard Usman’s voice, “Bolo meri Bhabhi, phone kaise kiya?”

Neeta said, “Bus aaise hi Usman. Anil khana khake so gaya aur mai bore ho rahi thi to tujhe call kiya. Tu kya kar raha hai?”

Usman said, “Neeta mai bhi khana khake abhi zara late gaya tha. Lekin dil mai bus tera hi khayal chal raha hai. Saala tere pati ko aaj hi kyon jaldi aana tha? Mere poore mood ki maa-behan kar di usne.”

Neeta was surprised by this reply. In a way Usman was abusing Anil. She said, “Aaisa kya bol raha hai Usman tu Anil ke baare mai?”

Sensing a bit anger in Neeta’s voice Usman said, “Aare meri sexy Bhabhi, mai tere pati ko kuch nahi keh raha. Bus uske jaldi aane pe gussa dikha raha hoon. Accha yeh bol kya pehna hai tune abhi meri garm maal?”

Satisfied with Usman’s reply Neeta said, “Mai to ek ghar ke gown mai hoon. Tu kyon pooch raha hai yeh?”

Usman said, “Bus aaise hi poocha. Tera woh sirf bra aur panty mai ka jism yaad aa raha hai. Kya mast item lag rahi thi tu. Mai to sooch raha hoon ki bra panty mai itni mast maal lagti hai to poori nangi hogi mere saamne to kya dikhegi tu. Aur jab mera lund chusne baithegi to Allah kasam jannat hogi mere liye woh to.”

Neeta was shocked by the word ‘maal’. Usman was talking to her in the way he talks with Sangita. Though she liked it she found it strange that her husband never called her by any such name but her servant whom she allowed to touch her today and who was yet to fuck her, was calling her by these words. She could feel her cunt getting warm by the things Usman said he would be doing to her.

Neeta with a hunger in her tone replied, “Uffff Usman, kaise baat kar raha hai tu? Mujhe maal kya bol raha hai? Maalkin hoon mai teri yeh baat bhi bhool gaya?”

Caressing his lund Usman said, “Aare Neeta ab tu maal dikhti hai to maal hi bolunga na? Aare meri sexy maal, aurat ki in shabdo mai jitni tarif karo utna usse accha lagta hai. Ab tu meri Maalkin hai mujhe pata hai lekin Maalkin mai bhi to maal shabd hai na meri Neeta rani?”

Neeta smiled at Usman’s answer and said, “Haan re Usman, Maalkin mai bhi maal hai. Aur sun such mai tere in shabdo ki wajah se mujhe gussa nahi aaya balki accha laga. Waise aajtak Anil ne mujhe in shabdo mai kabhi pukara nahi na isliye zara shock hui thi mai.”

Usman laughed a bit and said, “Meri sexy Neeta, tere pati ne tere saath bahoot se baate nahi ki aur kaam nahi kiye to abse mai karunga. Tab tu aage-aage dekhti jaa tujhe kitna maaza aata hai. Aur sun na meri Bhabhi, tere se baat karte-karte mera lauda khada hua hai. Mujhe abhi tujhe tere ghar mai aake choomna hai. Kya bolti hai tu?”

Getting totally shocked by Usman request Neeta said, “Pagal to nahi hua tu Usman? Anil ghar mai hai aur tujhe kiss karne aana hai abhi mere ghar mai? Hum mil rahe hai na shyam ko tab tujhe jo karna hai kar tu. Lekin abhi nahi Usman.”

Usman pleaded many a time by Neeta denied his request. At last heeding to her denials Usman said, “Thik hai rani, lekin 1 din tera pati ghar mai hone ke baad bhi tujhe kiss karunga yeh vaada karta hoon tujhse.”

Happy that Usman had left his demand Neeta replied that she will see how he does it in a naughty tone. Then after speaking for some more time Neeta disconnected the call.

Anil getting up after some time and freshening up got ready to go. At 5 PM his friend came and Anil went with him unknowingly leaving his sexy hot wife Neeta to get fucked by her new lover Usman.

After Anil left Neeta had a nice bath. She wanted to remain fresh the whole evening. She knew it was going to be a fuck to remember. After having a bath she called up Usman and told him to come by 6-30. Neeta then opened the wardrobe to select the clothes she wanted to wear. Laughing at the thought that she was going to be made nude after Usman comes she started the selection.

As decided by them in the noon, Usman rang the bell of her house at 6-30. The door was opened by Neeta and Usman looked at Neeta with a smile. Seeing the way Neeta was dressed up made Usman stand there looking at the sexy as if struck by a lightening.

Neeta was in a dark pink pure chiffon sari. The material was so transparent that against the light Usman could see her white legs. Neeta had tied the sari tightly around her body accentuating her sexy figure. The side profile of Neeta showed her big boobs clamped in a sleeveless blouse with a deep neck and deep back. The blouse had no hooks but was tied with 2 straps on her 3/4th naked back. Also the round tight ass could be prominently seen due to the tight wrapped sari.

Neeta had let her hair loose which was giving her a sexier look. The pallu of the sari was covering one of her boobs and Usman could see the nipple of the exposed boob standing and poking against the blouse material. The blouse too was of a flimsy material. Being a tight blouse, Neeta’s boobs were pushed up showing her deep sexy cleavage. The absence of bra was showing the fullness of her boobs enclosed in a tight blouse. Neeta had applied a light gloss to her belly button which with the movements of Neeta’s body was as if winking at Usman.

Neeta extended a hand to Usman. Coming to senses Usman took her hand and stepping in closed the door behind.

Neeta had closed all the curtains of the drawing room and put on the air conditioner. The whole room was ablaze with the lights. Neeta wanted that when Usman started to remove her clothes he shouldn’t miss seeing any part of her sexy body. Neeta too wanted to see how contradictory would their bodies be with Neeta a pure fair complexioned naked women in contrast with a black low category Usman.

Usman brought Neeta in the centre of the room. He could see her white cleavage and stomach. Turning Neeta around, he observed her whole body in the sexy transparent pink sari. The dark pink sari was in total contrast with Neeta’s complexion. Putting one hand on her ass and the other caressing Neeta’s stomach Usman said, “Hai Allah, kya husn hai tera Neeta. Kasam se maine socha tha usse bhi behtaar hai tera badan. Aur uppar se yeh gulabi sari mai tu aur khil uthi hai meri rani. Mai to tera gulab khilane aaya tha par tere husn ka gulab pehle hi mast khila hua hai re jaan.”

Standing against the back rest of the sofa Neeta allowing Usman full freedom said, “Usman aaj hum pehle baar yeh khel khelne wale hai isliye maine yeh sari pehni. Aur yeh blouse bhi. Mai janti hoon ki tu bahoot dino se mujhe hawas ki nazar se dekh raha tha aur aaj jab tune mera jism chua aur woh baate ki to mai khud ko rok na saki. Maine socha ki jab sab karna hi hai to kyon na poore acche tarike se kare?”

Usman moved the pallu a bit which now uncovered both her boobs. Kissing the boobs from over the blouse Usman realized that Neeta wasn’t wearing a bra. Fingering the cleavage Usman said, “Yeh tune ekdum sahi kiya meri maal. Aaj waise to mujhse teri pehli chudai hai. Iska matlab aaj hamari suhagraat hai. Aur suhagraat ke waqt dulhan ne ekdum saj savarke uske pati ya chodnewale ke saamne aana chahaye. Neeta kasam se tu ekdum jannat ki hoor dikh rahi hai.”

Hearing Usman’s praise Neeta was happy and she snuggled herself tightly in Usman’s arms waiting for his next move.

Both were standing in the centre of the room. Neeta was fully illuminated by the lights. Her each and every sexy body part could be seen totally or partially by Usman. Even though the room was cool, Neeta could feel her nipples tight and poking at the flimsy blouse material. Neeta knew that Usman could see her exposed boob from over the blouse material. Neeta’s dressing up was having its effect and it was showing in Usman’s eyes and the tent formed in his trousers.

Usman standing in front of her took her in his arms in a tight embrace. He could feel Neeta’s boobs being crushed against his chest. Then holding Neeta’s face in one hand, Usman tilted her neck. Neeta knew what was coming and she opened her lips a bit. Usman saw the wet shining lips and put his lips on it. Within moments they were kissing very vigorously. Both were sucking and biting each other’s lips and the tongues were also playing their duel. Neeta couldn’t imagine that Usman was such a great kisser. He was anticipating Neeta’s moves and playing along.

Kissing Neeta, Usman put his hand on Neeta’s boob. He could feel the full ripe fleshy mound in his hands. Neeta gasped for a moment when she felt Usman’s hand on her boob. Looking in Neeta’s eyes, Usman kissing her started playing with her boob. Neeta too joined the game by thrusting her boobs in Usman’s hand and kissing him back holding his head. Neeta could feel Usman’s fingers playing with her sensitive nipples and a moan escaped her lips. Neeta’s pallu was now down and her flimsy material blouse was now visible to Usman. Grinding her cunt on the large tent formed in Usman’s pant, Neeta could feel her cunt become wetter.

Sucking Neeta’s lips Usman removed Neeta’s pallu totally and now started to open the knots of Neeta’s blouse. Neeta caught his hand to stop him. Usman looked at Neeta. Neeta could see the raw sex hunger in his eyes. Catching Neeta’s hand, Usman removed it and opened the blouse knots. As soon as the knots opened Neeta’s blouse fell sideways revealing more than 3/4th of her white boobs. Neeta was filled with shame. Though she herself had responded to Usman’s talks and touch and had herself called him to fuck her today, when the time came to get naked she was filled with shame.

Usman understanding her condition but with the resolve to make Neeta overcome her shame totally and get herself fucked with gay abandon, removed the blouse from her boobs. The sight that greeted Usman was really sexy. Neeta’s 34 sized white milky boobs were standing proudly without any sag or support. The dark brown aureoles were being displayed prominently with her tight nipples. Softly caressing her chest and shoulders, Usman removed the blouse. Neeta’s white skinned naked chest was now free for Usman to play with.

Rotating his rough hands over the smooth well formed naked boobs of Neeta, Usman said, “Uffff Neeta kya mast bade-bade mamme hai tere. Ekdum makkan jaise safed aur bhare huye hai re yeh mamme. Aur tere nipple dekh kaise taanke khade hai. Tere yeh mast mamme masalne aur unko chuske tera doodh pine ki tamanna kafi dino se mere dil mai thi. Aaj mai woh tamanna poori karunga meri rani.” Usman saying this bend down and started licking one boob and playing with the nipple of other boob.

Feeling Usman’s lips sucking the nipple made Neeta hotter. Her naked boobs were being played with a different man for the first time and she loved the rough hands and the passionate suck of Usman. Pressing Usman’s mouth on her nipple Neeta replied, “Haan Usman aur chus mere doodh. Aaj subah se yeh nipple bechain thay tere haatho se masalke lene aur tere muh se chuswake lene. Bahoot accha lag raha hai Usman, masal daal mere doodh tere in mardani haatho se.”

Usman saw that if just by sucking her boobs Neeta was so hot then what would happen when he would fuck her cunt with his hard lund. He was sure that after fucking her for the first time this high society bitch would be his for taking anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Removing Neeta’s blouse Usman now pinching her taut nipples said, “Haan re meri Neeta, tere mamme aaj aaise maslunga ki tu dard aur khushi se behaal hogi, tere nipple ko chus-chuske laal karke rakhunga aur phir teri garm chut ko to aaise chodunga ki saali tu hamesha mere lund ke liye tarsegi. Kya gora jism hai tera saali. Maaza aayega tujhe chodne meri jaan.”

Usman now started licking the boobs and the valley between them. It was making Neeta hotter. She was surprised when Usman had said ‘saali’ to her but she over looked it. She was pressing Usman head on her boobs and making him play more and more with her body. The licking of her body was arousing her more. She could feel Usman’s hands roaming freely over her chest and back. The rough hands were giving a great sensation on her body. Sucking her boobs alternately Usman was now pressing her round tight ass. Neeta could feel both her boobs becoming wet due to Usman’s licking.

After licking Neeta’s boobs to his heart’s content, Usman looked at Neeta. Neeta’s face was flushed with sexual arousal. Her lips were shivering with the arousal. Sitting on the sofa, Usman made Neeta stand in front of him. He could feel Neeta’s body shaking a bit. Her uppar half naked body was shining in the lights. Catching Neeta in the waist Usman pulled her near and now kissing her stomach and naval started playing with her ass. All these things that Usman was doing now were never done by Anil. Neeta had seen some clips where all this was shown but she didn’t know the sensation these acts created. Now when Usman started licking her stomach and poking his tongue in her naval, Neeta lost her control and started moaning in a sexy tone.

Licking the naval Usman started to remove the sari pleats from the petticoat. Neeta was now so hot that she herself helped Usman in removing the sari from the petticoat. Looking down she could see Usman’s lund making a bump in his pants. As the sari fell down Usman now pressing Neeta’s ass more harder said, “Neeta kya mast gaand hai teri. Aaj subah jab teri gaand pe lund dabaya tabhi samjha mai ki tere mammo jaise teri gaand bhi mast kadak hai. Dekh mera lauda kaise khada hai tujhe chodne ke liye.” Saying this Usman stood up and catching Neeta’s hand put it over his lund.

Catching Usman’s tight big lund for the first time sent a shiver in Neeta’s body. Though the lund wasn’t naked yet she could feel the big size of it in her palms. As Usman started removing her blouse, Neeta helping him said, “Usman maine aajtak Anil ke muh se yeh shabd nahi sune jo tu istamaal kar raha hai. Woh to seedhe aake choomke, mere doodh se khelke sab kar deta hai. Par tu jis hisab se mere jism ke saath khel raha hai woh bada maaza de raha hai mujhe.”

Kissing Neeta’s cheeks and pulling her nipples Usman said, “Aare meri rani aage-aage dekh mai aur kya-kya karta hoon. Tera pati saali sirf tujhe choomke, mamme masalke chod dalta hai yeh pata hai mujhe. Lekin aaj to tujhe aaise chodunga saali ki Anil ko lund hai ya nahi yehi tu bhool jayegi meri jaan.” Neeta was shocked by Usman’s statement but being hot for Usman’s lund couldn’t say anything back. She couldn’t say anything when Usman called Anil by his name. She knew that if she was going to get fucked by Usman, then the master-servant relation will end making them in just a man-women relation.

Usman after removing Neeta’s blouse pulled out his T shirt. Neeta could see his black hairy broad chest with his muscles shining in the light. Usman’s chest and muscles were giving his body a great look. Neeta was seeing a well muscled and well toned body in real for the first time. With one hand on his lund, Neeta pushed herself against his chest, pressing her naked boobs against his hairy black chest said, “Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai Usman. Mujhe kamar tak nangi kiya aur ab tune T shirt utara to mujhe kaisa to lag raha hai. Kya karu mai Usman?”

Usman turned Neeta around and now holding her from the back, rubbing his lund on her gaand and playing with her boobs said, “Aare meri Neeta rani, ab kaisa sharmana? Ab tu aadhi nangi ho gaye hi hai, mere lund se khel bhi rahi thi, ab to bus hum poore nange ho jayange aur phir tujhse mera lund chuswake teri garam chut mai mujhe mera lund dalke tujhe jee bharke chodna hai. Ab jab tujhe chodnewala hoon hi aur tu bhi tayyar hai mujhse chudwane to sharma kyon aa rahi hai saali.”

Usman while playing with Neeta’s ass could make out that she hadn’t worn a panty under her petticoat. He was surprised that this hot bitch was so eager to get fucked that she hadn’t worn a bra or panty. Pinching her nipples with one hand, Usman started to untie her petticoat knot. Neeta realized that the time had come for her when she would be naked in front of Usman. From morning after Usman first with words and then with actions started to make her hot, she wanted to get fucked by Usman. Also his big lund which was now in between her ass cheeks was making her more hot.

As the knot got untied, Neeta’s petticoat started falling down by itself. The petticoat material being of satin make and Neeta’s smooth legs didn’t hold the petticoat from falling down. Neeta was now totally naked in front of her servant. In shame, Neeta hid her face in her hands when Usman started to turn her around. It was such a sexy sight for Usman. His Maalkin was standing naked in front of him. Usman sat on the sofa and looked at Neeta who was totally naked, hiding her face. Her nipples were being exposed though the boobs were covered partially by her hands. But Neeta’s clean shaved cunt was shining in full glory due to the wetness.

Usman stood up and removing Neeta’s hands from her face kissed her lips. In response Neeta embraced Usman out of shame. Massaging Neeta’s sexy naked ass Usman said, “Neeta rani, yeh bata ki jab Anil tune chodne aata hai tab tu uski pant utarke usse nanga karke uska lund nikalti hai ya Anil khud aapne haatho se nanga hota hai teri chut chodne?”

Kissing Usman’s face Neeta said, “Shi kitni gaandi baat karta hai Usman tu. Woh waise karne se pehle Anil uske kapde utarta hai aur mai mere kapde.”

Making Neeta sit on the sofa and standing in front of her, with his aroused lund in front of her face Usman said, “Yehi to. Aare Neeta aaj tu mujhe nanga kar meri pant aur underwear nikalke. Tu tere in komal haatho se mera lund nanga karke dekh tujhe kaise aalag maaza aata hai. Chudai ke khel mai mard ne aurat ko nangi karna hota hai jaise maine tujhe nangi kiya aur aurat ne mard ko nanga karna chahaye jaise tu mujhe karegi.” Bending and catching her boobs and kneading them Usman added, “Aur sun meri rani, chudai ke waqt aurat mard jitna gaand bolange unko chudai mai utna hi maaza aata hai. Mai tum jaise paisewale sharifo jaise baat nahi kar sakta. Mujhe to sab baate usse bhasha mai bolne aata hai jo bhasha mujhe aati hai. Ab tu tere mammo ko doodh bolti hai lekin doodh to mammo mai hota hai na? Ab tu bhi mere jaise bolne shuru kar aur dekh tujhe kitna maaza aata hai chudai mai. Ab meri Neeta rani, chal meri pant aur underwear nikalke mere taane huye laude ko aazad kar.”

Neeta hearing Usman’s language from the day she saw him fucking Sangita and his playing with her from today morning knew that whatever Usman was saying was true. The crude language and his rough actions had made Neeta mad for his lund. Realizing that she too had to join the fun, Neeta caressing his lund from over his pant and looking at Usman started unbuckling his belt. When she opened his button and started unzipping his pant, she could see the black thick slab of meat coming out. Neeta then pulled Usman’s pants down totally and now could see his monster lund standing straight facing her.

Usman’s 9″ long and 4″ thick black lund was a sight for Neeta. She could see its red head shining from the pre-cum. Usman being a Musalmaan had a circumcised lund. Since he had no foreskin on his lund its red bulby head seemed large for its size. Though Neeta had seen Usman’s lund, she was seeing it from such close quarters for the first time. Neeta couldn’t resist touching it and she took Usman’s lund in her gentle white hands.

All things between them were in total contrast. Neeta a fair skinned gentle lady against the rough black skinned Usman. But Neeta knew that the satisfaction Usman could give her would also be in total contrast to what Anil was giving her. Caressing the lund Neeta Said, “Usman kitna bada aur mota hai tera yeh lu…. Uffff maine aajtak sirf Anil ka hi dekha hai, yeh to usse double hai. Mujhe bahoot dard hoga isse lene.”

Usman removed his trousers and now both were stark naked. Usman’s wish to fuck this beautiful Marwaran Neeta was going to be realized soon. Catching Neeta’s face, Usman caressing it with his lund said, “Ahhhh saali Neeta, tu lund bolne wali thi par ruk kyon gaye? Aare tere muh se lund, chut, gaand, chudai aaise shabd sunne maaza aayega. Sun meri Neeta rani, ab jab tu mere niche aake, mera lund teri chut mai leke chudnewali hai hi to sab sharm choor aur dil kholke chudwa le. Behanchod kya mast badan hai tera saali. Khub maaza aayega teri chut aur gaand marne.”

Neeta was shocked with Usman’s abusive words but then she remembered the way Usman and Sangita were talking. She realized that then also when Usman was fucking Sangita using abusive language, Sangita was also replying back in the same language and both were enjoying it. She had wanted to speak these words, but due to her family’s rigid upbringing she never had to occasion to say that words. Now that she was naked holding Usman’s lund and was going to get fucked by Usman, who himself was talking in that way, Neeta decided to shred her inhibition and talk openly.

Catching the lund in one hand Neeta caressing Usman’s testicles said, “Usman tu jaise gaanda bol raha hai aur galliya de raha hai waise mai bhi bolna chahati thi bahoot dino se. Par mai jin sanskaro mai pali aur badi hui usme yeh sab karna thik nahi lag raha tha. Uspe Anil bhi aaise mamlo mai ekdum seedha hai. Maine kitni baar yeh galliya suni hai par kabhi istamaal nahi ki. Par aaj jab tere saath sab karne wali hoon to soochti hoon ki mai bhi sab bolne ki koshish kar bol hi dalu.”

Smiling at Neeta, Usman putting his lund on Neeta’s lips said, “Aare yeh to acchi baat hai na saali. Bindhast bol tujhe jo galliya aur gaanda bolna hai aur sun jo galliya mai dunga aur gaanda jo mai bolunga. Kasam se bolta hoon Neeta tujhe sunne jitna maaza aayega utna hi maaza tujhe bolne mai aayega. Mai to chudai ke waqt mere niche jo aurat hoti hai usko maa-behan tak ki galliya deta hoon aur maan mai jo chahe woh bolta hoon. Tu bhi waise kar aur dekh kitna maaza aayega. Chal ab tera muh khol aur mera lauda chusne lag.”

Neeta previously had just kissed Anil’s lund but had never given him a blowjob. And now seeing this black monster staring at her pink lips was making her think of sucking it or not. Holding the lund in her hand she kissed it and said, “Usman maine pehle kabhi koi bhi lu…. mera matlab maine Anil ka lund bhi nahi chusa kabhi. Sirf kiss kiya hai kafi baar. Mujhe kaisa to lagta hai lund muh mai lene.” Saying the word lund 2-3 times lifted a burden from Neeta’s mind. At last she was saying those words openly.

Sitting on his knees, caressing Neeta’s sexy thighs and kissing Neeta’s nipple Usman said, “Wah meri maal, meri rani, tere muh se lund sunne kitna accha laga. Aare behanchod teri jaise high society aurat duniya ko yeh dikhati hai ki tum kitni sharif ho, par saali aandar se tum bhi randi jaise hoti ho. Neeta aare tune lund nahi chusa to maaza nahi aayega tujhe. Mai bhi to teri chut chatne wala hoon. Anil ka lund chusa ya nahi isse mujhe kya karna hai? Woh chutiya kuch kar bhi sakta hai tere saath aaisa lagta nahi mujhe.”

Neeta could feel goose bumps hearing Usman referring her as a sister fucker and a whore and also to Usman calling names to Anil. At last Usman was using the words he was using with Sangita. Neeta knew that she was walking on a very sexy path with such a fucker with her. Making Usman sit near her and taking his lund Neeta said, “Usman tu kya sab galliya ek hi baar dega kya? Mujhe randi bhi bulata hai aur Anil kuch kaam ka nahi yeh bhi bolta hai. Lekin Usman such mai mujhe lund chusne mat bol abhi. Dhire-dhire mai try karungi lund chusne tera jaise mai ab dhire-dhire lund bolne lagi hoon. Aaj pehle mere chut ko chodke mujhe tera paani de raja.”

Usman thought that now Neeta was his for taking anytime anywhere. So let the play go according to her wish. Later he can use and abuse her body the way he wants. Making Neeta stand and putting his arm around her waist Usman said, “Chal thik hai meri randi. Tujhe lund chusna aahista-aahista sikhaunga. Abhi chal teri chut chodunga harami aur tujhe dikhaunga ki asli chudai kya hoti hai. Chal tere bedroom mai chalte hai.”

A wave of ecstasy passed through Neeta’s body when she heard Usman abuse her. The play was getting hotter. She wanted more and more of this abuse by Usman so that she too can start her own use of these words. For getting fucked in the bedroom, Neeta had other plans. Right now she didn’t want to get fucked in the bedroom. So sitting down and kissing Usman’s lund she said, “Usman, bedroom mai phir kabhi chodna mujhe. Mai chahati hoon ki tu teri is Marwaran Maalkin ko idhar hall mai hi chode. Waise bhi Anil se chudwake kaafi din ho gaye aur aaj subah se jab tu mujhse khelne laga meri chut garam hui hai. Yehi chod daal mujhe Usman.”

Seeing the whorish talk and behavior of Neeta, Usman was happy. He always knew that Neeta was a bitch in heat but he didn’t know that she would be so desperate for a fuck. Usman sat down and making Neeta lie of the carpet, opened her legs and sat between them. Caressing her sexy white thighs he bend down and gave a deep kiss and suck on her cunt. Neeta shivered with the feel of tongue on her pussy. Though Anil like a true male chauvinist pig, had never licked her pussy, she had seen men licking a pussy in the blue films. Usman wasn’t giving her a full lick fuck as he wanted to show Neeta that since he was giving her a oral sex she too would have to do it for him.

After a lick and suck for 2 minutes, Usman got up and came between her thighs. Neeta’s mangalsutra was sleeping in between the valley of her two boob’s mountain. Rubbing her cunt with one hand, he put his lund on the cunt opening. Neeta shivered with the touch of his hard black lund. Rubbing its bulbous head on the cunt juice Usman said, “Chal meri randi Maalkin, tayyar ho jaa aapne naukar ka laude lene. Behanchod harami, tujhe chodne ki tamanna kaafi dino se thi par tu mere niche kabhi aa sakti hai yeh soocha nahi tha. Lekin ab to tujhe hamesha chodunga meri chinal Maalkin.”

Saying this Usman pushed his lund in the cunt. Taking a big dick for the first time was painful to Neeta and she tried to suppress her pain by biting her lips. As the head of the lund entered the cunt, expanding the cunt walls, Neeta thought as if Usman was stabbing her with his lund. Giving some small pushes, Usman embedded his lund partially in Neeta’s cunt lips. He could see the pain in Neeta’s eyes with a moan from her mouth. Sleeping totally on Neeta, sucking her boob, Usman gave a hard push.

Neeta felt the tearing pain in her cunt. She caught Usman’s arms digging her nails in them and shouted, “Ahhhh Usmannnnnnn harami, kitna dard dega mujhe. Saale itne bedardi se kyon ghusa raha hai tu tera lauda meri chut mai. Uffff meri to jaan hi nikal gaye. Zara aaramse dalke chod ma mujhe. Mai kahi bhaag nahi rahi hoon jo tu aaise jaanwar jaise chodne liya hai mujhe.”

Putting both his hand on Neeta massive boobs, pressing them a bit more hard and thrusting his lund more into Neeta’s cunt Usman said, “Aare meri chinal maalkin, mera itna tagda lauda dekhne ke baad tu hi kahi bhaag nahi jayegi yeh pata hai mujhe. Mere laude se poora chudne tak aur uske baad bhi tu ab mujhse door nahi jaa sakti yeh baat hum dono ko pata hai. Aur sun meri maal, mera lauda tere chutiya pati se bada hai, tujhe aajtak uska chota lauda lene ki aadat pad gaye thi, to mere is mote laude se dard hogi hi na saali. Pehle dard seh lena baad mai dekh kaise gaand uchalte chudwake legi mujhse harami chut.”

Neeta bit her lower lip to bear the thrust. More than half of the lund was inside her cunt. Even in the A/C climate she could feel beads of perspiration on her forehead. The fact about what Usman was saying regarding the size of the lunds was true. Anil’s lund was really half the size of Usman. She was surprised with Usman’s referral of Anil as ‘chutiya’. Usman was now taking full liberty with her, doing what he wanted and saying what he felt.

Caressing Usman’s chest hair with one hand, Neeta put her other hand on Usman’s lund and caressing it said, “Haan pata hai mujhe ki Anil ka lund chota hai tere lund se. Par yeh kya baat huye Usman ki tu usse chutiya bol raha hai aur mujhe randi chinal bula raha hai? Aare ab tera lauda dekha to kabhi bhi isse door mai nahi janewali yeh baat such hai, lekin pehli baar tu teri maalkin ko chod raha hai to kya pehle hi time mai phad deni hai kya tujhe meri chut harami?”

Usman was happy hearing Neeta using abusive language. Also he was happy to note that in spite of calling Anil in a degrading way, Neeta wasn’t angry. Usman had decided to degrade Anil so much in his wife Neeta’s eyes and mind, so that in future when he would play his master stroke, that time Neeta would be on his side in front of her husband.

Due to the juice secretion from Neeta’s cunt, Usman’s lund was now wet enough to go easily in her pussy. Taking a bite of her boob with a hard suck of the nipple Usman replied, “Aare Neeta ab jab tu ek paraye mard se chudegi aur woh bhi jo ki ek maali hai, matlab tere mukabale ek low class addmi hai, to jo baat woh bolega woh tujhe sunni hi padegi na chinal? Aare mai to aur jin aurato ko chodta hoon, meri begum ke siwa unko to maarta bhi hoon aur khub dard deta hoon. Aur tujhe pata hai itna dard aur galliya khane ke baad bhi woh saali chinal aurate dubara mere niche sone tayyar hoti hai. Ab tu aage dekh tujhe kaise dard aur galliya deta hoon mere laude ki randi. Rahi baat tere pati ko galliya dene ki to sun meri randi, tera pati chutiya hi nahi gaandu bhi hai. Saali garibo ko paise deke unke interest pe zindagi gujarta hai. Maderchod saala gaandu hai woh. Aare mai bhi mehnaat karke apne family ko paalta hoon, par woh kya ghanta mehnaat karta hai paisa kamane? Mujhe pata hai tere baap ne bahoot dahej diya hai usse au wohi paise woh market mai ghumake byaj se paisa kamata hai.”

Saying this Usman gave a hard push and his full lund entered Neeta’s cunt. Usman purposely timed his stroke after saying what he wanted about Anil so that due to the painful pleasure given by Usman’s lund, Neeta won’t be able to contradict him immediately. And it had the desired effect.

Neeta was on the verge of replying back to Usman’s reply when she felt the hot hard black dick invade her cunt roughly. The mouth remained open with the pain of the thrust. The cunt had expanded to the greatest limit to accommodate Usman’s black lund. The pain which was accompanied with the deep thrust was too much for Neeta and she could feel herself cumming. With the cunt releasing its water Neeta caught Usman very hard and grinding her pelvis against Usman’s pelvic grunted, “Ahhhh Usmannnnnnn ufffffff mera to paani aaya harami. Kya zordaar dhakka maara tune kamine, zara to reham kar mujhpe.”

Removing his lund till the head remained in Neeta’s chut and then again ramming his lund fully, Usman started fucking Neeta. The black hefty strong bull Usman was over the white gentle Neeta, now fucking her with deep long strokes. Neeta’s mangalsutra was dancing in between her twin globes. After her first orgasm, Neeta was once in the sexual throes. Usman was sucking her boobs, caressing her sexy naked white body, kissing her and doing all the things to be done while fucking Neeta.

Neeta massaging Usman’s gaand said, “Usman mujhe pata hai Anil kaise paise kamata hai. Maine kai baar usse yeh baat boli bhi hai ki garib logo se aaise byaj se paise lene se Bhagwan kabhi maaf nahi karega usse aur usse iski keemat bharni padegi. Par woh aaisa insaan hai ki jiska Bhagwan sirf paisa hai. Tu such bola ki mere pitaji ne usse kaafi badi dahej di thi jisse woh aaise istamaal karta hai. Dekh na woh garibo se byaj wasool karta hai aur aaj uski biwi se tere jaisa ek maali byaj wasool kar raha hai. Mujhe pata hai ki tu sirf ek baar aaise byaj wasool nahi karega aur mai bhi har baar tujhe byaj dene tayyar rahungi.”

Smiling at Neeta’s reply and fucking her Usman said, “Sahi boli tu meri randi. Behanchod tera pati logo se byaj wasool karta hai aur aaj uski biwi ko chodke mai uska badla le raha hoon. Teri behan ki chut harami, tu to ab meri randi baan gaye hai, tujhe to ab khub chodunga meri chinal. Yeh le mera lauda teri garm chut mai chinal aurat. Maderchod such bolta hoon Neeta, ek din Anil ki gaand marke rakhunga mai. Uski behan ko chodu, ek baar Anil ki izzat utarke rakhunga.”

Neeta was shocked by Usman’s words. She understood that due to Anil’s money minded behavior he had looted money from these poor people. She knew about Anil’s reputation but was hearing it openly for the first time. She knew that she had to be bothered about Anil, but even she was hurt by Anil many a times, right from the time when he had demanded a heft dowry from her father and then had insulted her parents many a times.

Pulling Usman’s face down and kissing him Neeta said, “Usman jane de uski baat, uske karm ki saaza usse milegi. Ab to tu uski biwi ko chod. Anil ki behan bhi Anil jaise hai isliye to meri uski jamti nahi. Bade harami hai yeh bhai behan par ab Anil mera pati hai to zindagi bhar uske saath rehna hi padega na?”

Usman was happy to hear Neeta’s reply. It meant that the plan he had thought about could be achieved with a little help from Neeta. Now pounding hard in the cunt he playing with her boobs said, “Haan jane de Anil ki baat. Us gaandu ko to mai baad mai dekh lunga. Usko bhi aur uski behan Urvi ko bhi. Behanchod saali jab last time aaye thi to kitna aakad ke baat kar rahi thi. Uski maa ki chut, ek baar uski bhi gaand maarke rakhunga. Chal rani ab tujhe chod dalta hoon. Maderchod kya mast garam chut hai teri chinal. Le yeh le, aur le, aur le mera lauda harami chut. Aaj to teri chut ki maa behan chodke rakhunga.”

Neeta got her second orgasm due to the deep hard pounding. It was because of Usman’s fucking and the continuous abusive dirty language that he was using that had made Neeta cum twice. She was also enjoying his fuck and abuse. Even when now when Usman abused her mother, Neeta didn’t feel bad. Taking the pounding she said, “Haan de saale harami, de tera lauda meri chut ko. Ahhhh kitna maaza aa raha hai tere laude se. Teri kasam Usman, chudai ka itna maaza aaj tak nahi mila Anil se. Urvi ke saath jo karna hai kar tu par abhi chod daal meri chut.”

“Le meri randi Maalkin, chudwake le teri garm chut mere laude se. Saali harami, kitna sexy jism hai tera behanchod. Sun randi, sirf Anil ke behan Urvi hi nahi balki teri behan Rashmi ko bhi chod dalunga. Le mera lauda, aur le meri sexy chinal.”

Usman now started fucking Neeta very furiously. His each stroke was deep and hard. Neeta whole body was taking his deep strokes with the same vigor. Her boobs were dancing due to the constant jabs. Due to the speed that Usman was fucking her, Neeta realized that he too was on the verge of cumming. His abuse and intention to fuck Anil and her sister were adding oil to fire. Neeta was responding splendidly to his strokes by jerking her waist to meet his lund deep in her chut.

Usman now put his hand under Neeta, holding her tightly and increasing the speed said, “Le randi chut, saali chinal raand Neeta, mai ab zadnewala hoon. Le maderchod le, teri maa ki chut nichod le mere laude ka poora paani harami. Dekha zaddddddddd raaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa haiiiiiiiiiiii meraaaaaaaaaa llllllaaaaauuuuudddaaaaaaa mmmmadddddddeeeeeerrrccccchhoooddddd Nnnnnneeeeeeeeeeettttttttaaaaaaaaa.”

Neeta could feel Usman’s lund depositing his cum in her chut. She too come hard with the constant jabbing and holding Usman said, “Haaannnnnnn deeeeee Usman, dddddaaaaaaalllll teraaaaaa paaannnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiii. Uffffffff kitnaaaaaaa aaaaaaacccchhhhhhhhaaaaaaa llllllaaaaaaaaaaagggggg rrrrraaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaa haaaaaaiiiiiiii meeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeee cccchoooooooodddddddduuuuuuu.”

After 5 minutes when both of them regained their breaths, Usman kissing Neeta’s lips gently removed his lund from her chut. Taking Neeta’s petticoat he cleaned Neeta’s chut first and then his lund. Again kissing Neeta, Usman then lied down near the naked and thoroughly fucked Neeta.

The climate had change outside. Due to the fall of darkness neither of them knew that dark clouds had gathered outside and it was raining a bit.

After sometime when both became normal, Neeta come on her left side and rubbing her boobs on Usman’s chest said, “Usman, khush hua aakhir teri Maalkin ko chodke?”

Usman said, “Haan re randi, bada maaza aaya tujhe chodne.”

Neeta moving her hand over his chest said, “Usman, maine tujhe mujhe chodne ki permission kya di, tu to meri maa behan ek karne laga. Tujhe pata hai, jab tu zadne laga to tune mujhe maa behan pe kitni gaandi-gaandi galliya di harami?” Then laughing a bit she added, “Harami kutte, ek to tujhe chodne mai meri chut de rahi hoon aur uppar se tu mujhe maa behan ki galliya de raha tha kamine?”

In reply Usman caught Neeta’s right boobs and pinching its nipple said, “Haan di tujhe maa behan ki galliya aur yeh bhi bola ki un dono ko chod dalunga. Par such mai bata harami raand, kya tujhe maaza nahi aaya maa behan ki galliya sunke? Maine to yeh dekha ki jab mai tujhe teri maa chodne ki behan chodne ki galliya de raha tha tab tu aur masti se chudwane lagi.” Pulling her nipple and smiling at Neeta Usman added, “Aur sun harami randi, tu mere niche chudwane aaye yeh tune mere uppar koi meharbani ki, teri maa ko chodu randi, tujhe bhi ek tagda lauda chahaye tha. Us hijade Anil ke lund se teri chut ki khujli mit nahi rahi thi isliye tu mere niche aaye randi, hai na?”

Feeling the pain after the attack on her nipple Neeta screamingly said, “Ahhhh saale bus na harami. Kya mera nipple khichke nikalna hai saale? Dekh Usman mai such bol rahi hoon. Aaj maine jitni galliya sune tere muh se aur jitna gaanda maine bola woh aaj tak zindagi mai na kabhi suna na kaha. Mujhe zara kharab laga jab tu meri maa behan ko galliya de raha tha par tu such bola. Chudai ke waqt yeh galliya sunke mai aur bhi jyada masti se tujhse chudwane lagi. Aur yeh bhi baat such hai ki jabse tu mujhe chod dalne ki nazar se dekhne laga tabse mai tujhse chudwana chahati thi. Aaj tune jo choda mujhe usse mujhe chudai ka asli maaza aaya. Aaj tak Anil se jo chudai hui hai meri woh teri is chudai ke saamne kuch bhi nahi mere raja.”

Happy on hearing Neeta’s answer Usman kissed her and said, “Neeta abhi bhi dil nahi bhara mera. Tujhe aur chodna chahata hoon mai. Lagta hai aaj poori raat tujhe noch-noch ke chodu randi. Lekin tera woh chutiya aane wala hoga na?”

Neeta now coming over Usman and rubbing her tits thoroughly on his chest said, “Such bola raha hai tu Usman. Mera bhi dil nahi bhara abhi. Mai bhi chahati hoon ki tu aur masti kare mere saath, woh bhi poori raat masti karke mere jism ki bhook mita de.” Then moving up a bit and putting Usman’s head in between the valley of her boobs Neeta said further, “Usman teri jo poori raat rukke mujhe noch-noch ke chodne ka armaan hai na woh aaj hi poora hoga mere raja.”

Surprised to hear Neeta’s reply Usman rubbing his mouth on the boobs and licking them said, “Kya bolti hai tu randi? Mai aaj raat bhar tere ghar mai rukke tujhe tere hi bistar mai nangi karke noch-noch ke chod sakta hoon. Woh harami hijada Anil kya karega phir jab mai tujhe chodunga? Hall mai baithke soochega ki uski biwi Usman se kaise chuda raha hai ya bedroom mai aake hamari chudai dekhega woh chutiya?”

Smiling at Usman’s reply, Neeta put her nipple in his mouth and said, “Kaise-kaise baat karta hai tu Usman? Tu sooch raha hai waise kuch nahi karega Anil jab tu mujhe aaj raat bhar chodega Usman. Maine tujhe surprise dene ke liye nahi bataya doophar ko ki Anil uske dost ke saath Pune gaya hai aur woh kal shyam ko aane wala hai. To abhi se leke kal shyam tak hame koi disturb nahi karega aur tu jaise aur jitna chahe mujhe chod sakega.”

Happy hearing Neeta Usman said, “Wah yeh acchi baat hai na Neeta. Tab to aaj poori raat aur kal shyam tak tera muh, teri garm chut aur mast gol gaand chod-chod ke aaiyashi kar sakta hoon mai. Wah meri chinal, kya mast baat hui yeh.”

Happy to hear Usman’s plans Neeta too happily said, “Haan zaroor Usman. Tere aur mere sab armaan aaj poori raat bhar jaagke hum poore karange aaj mere ghar rukke. Mujhe raat bhar chodne ke pehle hum khana saath mai khate hai Usman. Tu bol tu kya khayega khaane mai mere Usman?”

Usman happy to hear Neeta say ‘mere Usman’ kissed her nipples again and replied, “Raat ka khana saath mai zaroor khayange aur phir raat bhar mai teri chut aur mamme khayunga aur tu mera lauda khayegi meri rani. Sun Neeta, tu khana mat bana, mai hotel se kuch leke aata hoon. Isse time bhi bachega aur hum jyada masti kar sakange.”

Neeta agreed to Usman’s suggestion which was very practical. Usman got up and wore his clothes. Then realizing something he said to Neeta, “Randi sun, tera hijada sabko byaj se paise deta hai. Lekin aaj tu mujhe Rs. 4000 de udhar. Uska byaj mai tujhe kal shyam tak chodke de dunga. Woh kya hai na ki mujhe laga ki tujhe shyam ko chodke mai ghar jayunga isliye maine mera wallet nahi liya. Tu mujhe paise de aur meri salary mai se cut kar lena.”

Laughing at Usman’s words of fucking her whole night and repaying the loan with interest Neeta got up and went naked to the bedroom. She come out with the cash and sitting on the sofa she kissed Usman’s lund from over the trousers once giving him the cash said, “Yeh le Rs. 4000 USman. Haan aur sun harami laude, mujhe acche se chodna nahi na to double byaj wasool karungi. Is mamle mai, Anil se jyada harami hoon mai itna yaad rakh, samjha na?”

Usman making Neeta stand, giving her a long deep kiss and pinching her nipples said, “Tu uski chinta mat karna meri raand. Byaj ke taur pe sirf teri hi nahi balki teri maa aur behan ko bhi chod dalunga. Teri jaise sexy item ko mai bhi double byaj deta hoon aur yeh byaj dene ke mamle mai tera Anil mere saamne bada gaandu hai samjhi na Neeta randi.”

Both of them smiled on this sentance and then Usman went to bring the dinner.

Neeta was happy after getting fucked by Usman. She never had multiple orgasms till now. But today Usman had literally fucked her royally and she wasn’t complaining. The icing on the cake was that by God’s grace, Usman was to stay tonight and fuck her in her own bed. Neeta was also surprised to hear all the abuse and bad words Usman had said to her while fucking her cunt. Though she as a bit slutty at heart, she never knew that hearing such abuse for her, her mother and sister from low working class man would excite her even more and that she would like it.

In the morning if anybody had told Neeta that Usman would be fucking her with such abusive language today, she would have laughed out. But by sheer coincidence, it was today Usman took the final step, it was today that Neeta allowed him to go further and it was today that Anil went out.

What would have become a quick fuck was now turning out to be a long night of kissing, sucking and fucking. Neeta knew that Usman would make her do all the things that he wanted and would fuck her in the ways he wanted. Neeta decided to go along with him all the way till the act wasn’t painful. Deciding to freshen up before Usman comes back; Neeta shut off the A/C and opened the hall glass panes. She could see that night had fallen and it was raining nicely. The rain was giving more sexual feel to the already romantic mood of Neeta. Picking up her bra, panties and other clothes, Neeta dumped them in the washing basket and went for a nice hot bath.

Usman coming from the market and hotel purchasing all the needed items came and rang the bell. He heard Neeta asking who was at the door. When Usman identified himself she said that the door is open and he can come in. As Usman entered the house, a single low power light was burning in the hall. He could hear rain splashing in the terrace. He found Neeta standing in the corner near the kitchen.

Keeping the bags, he asked, “Kya hua Neeta? Aaisa andhera karke kyon rakha hai?”

He heard Neeta say in a seductive sexy tone, “Usman sab saaman rakhke, left wali wall pe switch hai usse ON karo.”

Usman fumbled in the dark and found the switch board and pressed it. When he turned around and saw Neeta he was sweetly astounded the way Neeta was looking.

Neeta had worn just 2 pieces of clothing on her sexy hot body. The first was a black dupatta worn around her waist in a single layer. The dupatta was of such transparent material that due to the lights falling from front Usman could see her calf’s, thighs and clean shaved cunt clearly. It was tied just around the starting of her cunt lips displaying her sexy deep naval.

The second piece of clothing was a tight flimsy red blouse. The blouse was very tight (Neeta had purposely worn a old blouse which she had discarded after her boobs had become large to fit in that blouse) thrusting her blouse upwards as Neeta had put on the lower hook. Neeta had purposely tied the lower hook, so as to give her boobs an upward thrust spilling them out of the blouse. She didn’t bother to put up the upper 2 hooks. The blouse too was of transparent material and her boobs and the taut nipples could be clearly seen.

Lastly after having a bath, Neeta didn’t towel her body. Due to the wet body, the clothes were stuck to her body showing Usman the hills and dales of the body. Her whole white naked body was shining with the water drops. It seemed as if Neeta had worn thousands of tiny diamonds on her sexy hot naked body. Her hair were totally wet and spread carelessly on her face and chest.

With the 2 clothes that she was wearing, Neeta hadn’t kept anything for imagination. These skimpy pieces of clothes were adding to the sensuality of her already sexy figure.

When Neeta went for a bath she was thinking what to wear when Usman comes back. Initially she had thought of just a towel from over her ripe boobs to the mid thighs. But then she thought it wouldn’t look at hot. She then remembered her tight blouse which she had discarded due to its tight fitting. She then decided to wear that blouse with this totally transparent dupatta and stand in dark when Usman comes. After Usman would put on the lights, he could see her dupatta and blouse covered body which would add to the sex appeal.

Sexily smiling and biting her lower lips, Neeta in a husky tone said, “Aaise kya dekh rahe ho mujhe Usman jaise ki kaccha khaa jaoge? Kaisi dikh rahi hoon mai Usman? Pasand aaya kya mera yeh pehrav tujhe? Bolti kyon band ho gaye teri Usman?”

Usman kept seeing at the sex goddess for some time. He mentally applauded at the sexy way Neeta had dressed up. He was observing all the hills and curves of her body which Neeta turning around herself slowly was showing. He came near Neeta and holding her hand made her stand still in the side pose. In this pose he could see Neeta’s scantily clad ass and the right boob. Putting his right hand on her ass, caressing it and left hand in the nearly open blouse, holding her right boobs, Usman said, “Kasam se Neeta tu badi sexy lag rahi hai. Yeh sirf dupatta aur tight tang choli, tere jism ki itni numaish kar rahi hai jitni ki tu nangi hoti to bhi nahi hoti. Aajtak maine filmo mai hi heroine ko aaise sexy kapdo mai dekha tha, par aaj tune yeh kapde pehanke sabit kar diya ki tu unse kuch bhi kam nahi hai meri rani. Aao meri bahoo mai meri rani.”

As Usman tried to take Neeta in his arms, Neeta playfully avoided his embrace and said, “Aaise nahi teri bahoo mai aayungi mai Usman. Kya koi sharif mard poore kapde pehanke meri jaise sexy aurat ko bahoo mai leta hai kya kabhi? Tujhe accha lagta hai ki mai aaise kapdo mai hoon aur tu poore kapdo mai hai? TU bhi pehle aapne kapde utar aur phir mujhe bahoo mai le mere Usman.”

Usman smiled at Neeta and removed his trousers and shirt. He was just in his underwear which was covering his long thick lund. Neeta could see his hard toned body without a flab of extra flesh on it. His broad shoulders and big muscled forearms were shining in the lights.

Usman now came near Neeta and took her in his arms and started kissing her. It was a deep kiss, where at one moment Usman was sucking Neeta’s tongue and then Neeta sucking his tongue. The tongue duel was making both of them hot which Neeta realized when she could feel Usman rubbing his lund on her chut. Her chut was nearly naked so she could feel Usman’s lund very nicely on her chut.

After a long deep kiss they separated. Usman went and took a whisky bottle from his bag. He then told Neeta to bring 2 glasses, bottle of water and a dish. Neeta was amazed to see alcohol in her house but without saying anything went to bring what Usman had told her. Opening the bottle Usman poured the whisky in both the glasses and then added just water to a glass and cold drink in the other. Giving the cold drink and whisky filled glass to Neeta Usman took the other glass.

Taking the glass Neeta said, “Yeh kya hai Usman? Mai Marwari hoon, kabhi daaru nahi pita koi hamare ghar. Aur tu mujhe daaru pila raha hai?”

utting some dry snacks in the dish, Usman came near Neeta and kissing her lips said, “Pata hai tum Marwari logo mai daaru nahi pite. Lekin yeh bata tum Marwari logo mai paraye mard se chud sakti hai kya aurat? Uska lund chus sakti hai kya? Aare Neeta yeh to bus aaise hi maaza lene ke liye pila raha hoon. Waise hi tujhe ekdum chota peg diya hai. Ab waise bhi tu mujhse chudi hai aur aaj raat bhar mai chodnewala hoon tujhe, to tujhe kya daar hai? Chal aaramse ek-ek sip le aur dekh aaj ki raat kaise rangin banata hoon. Cheers.”

Neeta thought that what Usman was saying was true. If she can sleep with a person other than her husband then what’s the harm in drink a bit? She took the glass and giving cheers to Usman took a sip. It was the first sip for Neeta in her life. Though the quantity of whisky was very small, she could feel the bitterness of the taste. She coughed a bit but smiled and swallowed the sip. She could feel the whisky going down her throat in her stomach warming the path it was travelling.

Neeta looked at Usman who had finished his peg and was pouring the next for himself. After making the drink, Usman made Neeta stand up and took her to the terrace. It was raining nicely now. The rainy climate coupled with the erotic dressing of Neeta and the sexual thoughts in their minds were making them more aroused. Holding Neeta in front of him, Usman removed the sole hook of her blouse. Neeta’s naked tits popped out with the taut nipples. Taking a sip, Usman put his mouth on a nipple and started washing the nipple with the whisky from the mouth.

Neeta felt the semi cold whisky swirling around her boob and nipple. Usman other hand was mauling her other boob. Taking a sip from the glass, Neeta kept the glass aside and pressing Usman head said, “Uffff Usman, bada maaza aa raha hai. Aaise hi chuste aur masalte reh mere mamme.”

Usman then again taking a sip did the same thing on her other boob. He could feel Neeta’s boobs getting tight and nipples taut due to the sexual arousal. After some time Usman finished his peg and pouring his 3rd peg said, “Neeta, chal ab nangi ho jaa, abhi hum dono nange hi terrace pe masti karange aur baad mai tujhe chodunga mai. Hum nange hi barish mai bhigte hai aur jawani ka maaza lene ke baad tujhe chodunga meri randi.”

Saying this Usman gave Neeta her glass started to remove her blouse. Neeta again taking a small sip helped Usman remove her blouse. Usman then removed the dupatta tied around her waist. Neeta was once again naked in front of Usman. Usman too removed his underwear and now pulled Neeta’s hand on his lund.

Neeta could feel a mild kick of alcohol. Her head felt light and she felt as if she was flying in air. The sexual arousal was growing more and more in her body. Playing with Usman’s lund she said, “Usman aaise kaise terrace pe nange masti karange hum? Kissi ne dekha hame nange to? Usse accha hum bedroom mai jake tujhe jo chahaye woh karange na raja. Mujhe bhi tere niche soke tera lauda lena hai, meri chut ki aag mujhe bahoot jala rahi hai.”

Without saying anything, Usman made Neeta take one more sip to finish her peg and he himself taking a big sip took Neeta on the terrace. Within a minute both were totally wet in the rains. Neeta’s long hairs were carelessly thrown here and there on her naked body giving her a very sexual look. Her mangalsutra was resting in between the valley of her big boobs. Whenever she moved her body from here to there, the mangalsutra danced in between the valley and on her ripe big boobs. The kinking of the bangles in the rain were adding to the heating up arousal.

Kissing Neeta Usman said, “Aare randi, tera top floor ka flat hai, aur to aur side mai bhi na koi flat hai na koi building. Ab aaise mai hame koi dekh sakta hai to woh uppar se Allah ya Bhagwan ya building ke terrace pe aagar koi ho to. Aur abhi is barish mai terrace pe kaun aanewala hai aapni maa chudwane? Isliye hum yehi nangi masti karange.”

Neeta had taken alcohol for the first time. Due to the rain and Usman’s touches she was feeling good. And the alcohol in her system was making her more hot and bold. She pressed her naked boobs on Usman’s chest and said, “Haan mujhe pata hai hame koi nahi dekh sakta idhar. Par mujhe sharm aati hai tere saamne aaise open mai nangi rehne Usman.”

Usman sat down and kissing Neeta’s wet thighs and playing with her cunt said, “Aare usme kaisa sharmana? Ab tujhe nangi dekhke chod bhi chuka hoon na mai? Meri to yeh tamanna thi ki tujhe nangi karke is mast terrace pe chodu randi. Tere us chutiya pati ke dimaag mai yeh baat kabhi nahi aaye hogi ki tujhe idhar is barish mai nangi chodna chahaye. Ab chal dekh kaisa maaza aata hai is barish mai.”

With this Usman now started licking Neeta’s cunt. His tongue was sucking all the love juices secreted by her cunt. Neeta was feeling so nice that she was moaning and pressing Usman’s head on her cunt. Whenever Usman’s tongue played with her clitoris she would emit a loud moan and press Usman’s head in her thighs on her cunt. Gasping for breath in the heavy rain on her naked body with Usman eating her cunt and small quantity of alcohol was making Neeta hotter. Pressing her chut on Usman’s relentless tongue and madly mauling her boobs Neeta said, “Ahhhh Uuuuussssssmmmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnnn bada accha lag raha hai. Maaza aa raha hai barish mai bhigte aaise tere se chut chat ke lene mai. Aur chus, daal teri poori zabaan meri garm chut mai, aur chod teri zabaan se raja.”

Eating her chut, Usman now sat down and then slowly lied on the wet floor. He made Neeta sit on him and kept eating her cunt. He was tasting her salty cum juices along with water drops. Now he had taken Neeta clitoris in between his teeth and was biting them slowly making Neeta moan louder. She was fanatically rubbing her cunt on his mouth moaning loudly and pleading him to help her release her sexual tension. Along with eating her Usman was fingering her ass hole too. Neeta in the throes of excitement didn’t realize when Usman’s finger had entered her ass hole.

When Usman at last took the clitoris in between his lips and started rubbing them vigorously, Neeta’s dam burst and she could feel her juices oozing out. In the fit of frenzy she caught Usman’s head in her hand and pressing it against her throbbing cunt said, “Ahhhh ufffffff Uuuussssssmmmmaaaaannnnnnnn mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr ggggaaaaayyyyyeeeeee mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii. Meeeeeeeeerrrrrraaaaaaa pppaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiii nnnnnnniiiiiikkkkkkkkaaaaaallllllllaaaaaaaa. Ahhhhhhhhh ufffffff aur chus mere raja, khaa daal meri garm chut ko.”

Slowly as her excitement subsided, both became quite. Neeta was sleeping over Usman and enjoying the rain on their bodies. When Neeta was in her mood of cumming Usman and put his second finger in her ass hole which she didn’t realize it then but now Neeta could feel Usman’s fingers in her ass hole. Wriggling her ass she said, “Ummm Usman, yeh kya kar raha hai tu? Mere pichwade mai bhi ungliya daal di tune. Tera irada kya hai Usman?”

Slowly finger fucking her ass Usman said, “Neeta mai to tera pichwada bhi chodnewala hoon. Tere jism ka pichla darwaza bhi mere lund se kholne wala hoon. Such bolu to teri jaise aamir ghar ki aurato ko kuttiya banake unki gaand marne mai hum jaise garib logo ko bada maaza aata hai. Lekin daar mat, mai aaj hi teri gaand nahi marunga meri randi Maalkin, ab to tu meri hai hi, bade aaram se teri gaand marunga.”

Neeta was happy to hear that Usman won’t ass fuck her today and she got down from his body and slept near him. Both were sleeping on their backs and Neeta could see Usman’s lund standing erectly. Also she could see rain drops falling on his lund as well as her boobs. Both were enjoying this naked intimacy in the rain on the terrace. After 5 minutes Usman got up and went and made another peg for himself. Neeta shamelessly was sleeping like that naked when Usman came back with a glass in his hand. Neeta’s alcohol effect had come down considerably.

She saw Usman taking a big sip and then coming over her put his lips on her lips. Neeta smiled and opened her lips to kiss Usman and then could feel the strong shot of whisky slowly being fed to her by Usman through her mouth. Though it was a strong dose, Neeta slowly was drinking it. As Usman finished feeding her, Neeta could once again feel the warm sensation running down her stomach.

Usman then made Neeta sit up and standing before her finishing the glass, keeping it down took Neeta’s head in his hands and then rubbing his lund on her face and lips said, “Neeta rani, ab jaise maine teri chut chaati, usko betasha chuma aur chuske tera paani nikala waise ab tu mera lund ek randi jaise chuske mera paani nikal. Mujhe bhi dekhna hai ki meri chinal Maalkin kaise uske naukar ka lauda chusti hai. Chal ab mere laude ko choomke chusna shuru kar meri randi rani.”

Call it the sexual arousal of Neeta or the effect of alcohol in her body or to reciprocate the happiness given by Usman by eating her cunt, Neeta, who in the evening had barely kissed Usman’s lund, took it in her hand and lovingly caressing it first kissed it nicely. Neeta knew about blow-jobs as she had seen many sex clippings. She decided that she will cast away her shame and do it the way she had seen it.

Rain was lashing their bodies and see could see the rain water falling on Usman’s lund and then dripping from it. Neeta once again licking the lund said, “Usman maine aajtak lund muh mai nahi liya. Par aaj na jaane mujhe kya hua hai ki mai tera lund chusungi.” Saying this Neeta looking in Usman’s eyes took his lund in her mouth.

A different taste was felt by her tongue. She took it out and swallowing her saliva again took it inside. Repeating this process 2-3 times more, Neeta then started sucking it softly. She could feel the ribs and veins of Usman’s lund in her mouth. For the first time she was sucking a lund and it was such a big tight lund. Now Neeta was sucking Usman’s lund in a rhythm and was loving it. Her other hand was softly playing with Usman’s testicles.

It was a sight which if Anil had seen then he would have gone mad. His beautiful sexy wife Neeta was totally naked on her knees in the rain and was sucking the gardener Usman’s lund very gleefully. Catching Neeta head and slowly fucking her mouth Usman said, “Kya mast chusti hai mera lauda randi. Aaise hai aur muh khole chuste reh mera lund. Tu to pakki chinal nikli Neeta, na-na bolke ab lund bhi masti se chus rahi hai. Teri behan ko chodu randi maaza aa raha hai tera muh chodne.”

Neeta was now deep throating the lund which was fucking her mouth and she was loving it. Usman’s salty precum was adding to the pleasure. Looking at Usman and seeing the happiness in his face was making Neeta happier. She was nicely sucking the lund by her lips and licking its head by her tongue.

After sometime Usman removed his lund from Neeta’s mouth and holding it up indicated Neeta to lick his balls. Neeta like a true whore smiled a bit and holding Usman’s balls brought out her tongue and started licking his balls. The balls tasted more salty due to it perspiration. Neeta alternatively took each ball in her mouth and after giving it a nice suck did the same to other. After getting his balls sucked Usman once again put his lund in Neeta’s mouth and started fucking it.

After getting his lund and balls sucked nicely, Usman made Neeta sleep on the terrace. Neeta never imagined that one night she will be totally naked lie on the terrace in the rain to be fucked by Usman. Usman was to get on top of Neeta but then he lied down and pulling Neeta over him said, “Chal meri randi Maalkin, ab tu khud uppar se teri chut chudwake le mere laude se. Maaza aa raha hai na tujhe Neeta?”

Neeta too shamelessly caught Usman’s lund and positioning it on the cut opening lowering herself on that lund said, “Haan Usman bada maaza aa raha hai. Mujhe kabhi nahi laga ki ek raat mai tere saath aaise nangi is barish mai bhigte huye chudwake lungi meri chut. Kasam se Usman bada accha lag raha hai tere se chudwana.”

Slowly the lund again entered her chut. And then Neeta started humping her chut on Usman’s lund. It was the first time that she was on top position. Till today Anil used to get on top and fuck her but now while getting her chut fucked by herself in this way was adding to Neeta’s pleasure. Usman too was thrusting his waist upwards and fucking her. Neeta’s swinging boobs were being mercilessly pressed by Usman heating her up more. Bending down and kissing Usman’s lips Neeta said, “Uffff Usman kitna accha lag raha hai aaise meri chut chudwake lene. Tune to mera dil khush kar diya mere raja. Usman aaise hi mujhe chodta reh aur meri pyaas bujhate rehna. Samjha na mere harami Usman raja?”

Pulling and twisting Neeta’s nipples Usman said, “Haan re meri harami randi Maalkin. Tujhe to khub chodna hai randi. Teri maa ko chodu saali chinal, teri chut ka koi jawab nahi. Le aur le aur le mera lauda, teri behan ki chut harami, bada maaza aa raha hai tujhe chodne.”

Neeta continued to get herself fucked till she came. When she slowed down, Usman took Neeta under him and started fucking her. The speed of rain and Usman’s fuck were making Neeta hot once again and she joined the game. At last when Usman came, he gave a long hard thrust and discharged his cum in Neeta’s chut. Both were happy with this fuck and Usman getting down slept near Neeta in the rain. Neeta took kissed Usman once and putting her head on Usman’s chest lied down in that position.

After sometime looking in Usman’s eyes, Neeta kissed his lips once more and then said, “Usman poori raat sirf mere jism ko kiss karke, mere mamme masalke, unko chuske, meri chut chatke aur tera lund chuswake mujhe chodke hi pet bharna hai kya? Raat ke khaane mai kya laya hai tune? Ya sirf mujhe chodega daaru pike aur mujhe pilake?”

Pulling Neeta over him and giving her a deep kiss Usman said, “Nahi re meri Neeta, aaj to pet ki bhook aur chut ki bhook dono ka intazaam kiya hai. Jism ki bhook abhi tujhe chodke thodi bhar gaye hai aur pet ki bhook ke liye maine khana laya hai. Hamare liye maine pulao, roti aur sabzi laya hoon. Aur abhi thodi whisky bhi baki hai. Tu thodi pi le baki mai khatam karke, khana khake ab aage ki chudai teri bedroom mai karange.”

Neeta too agreed to Usman’s suggestion and then they both got up. Usman took Neeta in the bathroom and both had a nice hot water bath. Later Neeta wore one of Anil’s shirt and her panty and Usman just wrapped a towel. Neeta had a small peg and Usman finished the remaining whisky and both had dinner.

After dinner then Usman took Neeta to her bedroom and fucked her whole night making her suck his lund and then both slept in the morning.


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