My Son Raped Me

I am a housewife in a big city of India. I am 42 year old but still remain young as 25 because of my regular exercise and dieting. I have a son name hari. he is 20 year old. but we have not good relationship. this is because my husband is in gulf countries and he comes once in a 2 months. so I am the only parent for hari. he is not fond of his mother. I always scold him for his mistakes and that make him anger and we have long argueing about. but one day I’ve come to know that he is drug addict. I was shocked. I scold him and even slapped him. he promised me not to do it again. anyway this is a story about how the son rape his own mom. this is started like this.

Two weeks back on Monday it happenned that day I had asked harida my servant to get fish & make a nice meal. I was in the house & was feeling bored as a month had passed since my husband had returned to his job in the gulf I am still shaking when I remember what hapenned that day. Hari(my son ) said he needed eggs too & so he called suleman the andewalla. I had just finished my bath & as a mood I wore a silk sari & did up my hair nicely I put nice perfume & dressed up I heard suleman come & hari talking & then they were calling someone up & I heard the door open & shut but nothing hapenning. I started wondering so I went into the kitchen which has direct entrance to see what was happenning, I saw that hari was buying huge quantity of drugs from suleman & one beggar who were squatting in the kitchen. so I got angry with hari & suleman & started shouting at him.

so I got angry & asked all of them to get out. Hari tried to explain, but I lost my cool & they also started arguing. I got angrier & tried to push them out. suddenly at this point suleman just grabbed my hands & pulled me away I started yelling at him & he just grabbed me & stuffed a dirty kitchen cloth in my mouth. then he called to my son hari and the beggar forward his name was aslam chacha he was horrible looking around 50 yrs old had vitiligo on his face & hands was smelling & very dirty. I stared in horror as he came forward, suleman said sali kutti randi aslam chacha ko bhagati hain ab tujhe dekhte hain.

I couldnt believe that this was hapenning when hari my son of long standing was there. then aslam came forward & took off his smelly dirt stained lungi. they dragged me to the bedroom in my silk sari & finery aslam took off his torn banyan & they tied my hands & legs to the bed with his dirtstained lungi which I think was never washed. then that dirty smelly beggar with white patches & sores came near me his clothes had dirt & mud & he was smelling badly he did not had a bath for maybe months he came near the bed I pleaded with tears in my eyes. with my mouth gagged I was helpless. I looked at hari for help he smiled suleman licked his tongue I was horrified. they didnt stop.

this beggar with vitiligo took out & started rubbing his cock. he had a smelly cock that was thicker than an inch & possibly longer than ten inches. he thrust it in my face & straddled me over my breasts. My son started removing my sari as suleman loosened the blouse I resisted, aslam the beggar slapped me. I fell back aslam opened the cloth & tried to push his dong in my mouth I nearly choked, hari went for my pussy as suleman tried to enter my ass. As hari squeezed my ass flesh, his other hand slipped under my blouse in the front and explored my belly button and my stomach and it made its way upward towards my breasts. He began to move his hand over my sari covered ass knowingly. I felt him outline the edge of my panties. despite my resentment in my helplessness I felt my cunt beginning to get hot and moist. His one hand dipped into the crack of my ass and fingered my asshole while his other hand cupped my right tit. He played with my nipple through my bra, making it hard and erect. Sulemans one hand had pushed my bra cups aside and he had a finger well up my asshole.

Haris hands left my ass cheeks & breasts and dropped to the front of my sari. He hiked my silk sari up and ran his fingers along my inner thighs. My cum flowed from my pussy as he rested his hand on the front of my panties and rubbed my cunt slit. He moved to the top of my panties and dipped his hand inside. His fingers moved through my pubic hair as they searched knowingly for my cunt hole. I was being finger fucked from both sides, my cunt and my ass.

Suleman pulled his finger out of my ass hole and ran his hand inside of my panties around my hips. He located one of the bows that held my panties to my body. (i prefer panties that are tied, my husband had brought them from gulf) as he continued to finger my cunt, he untied the bow, then moved to my other hip and untied the second bow. He slid my panties off, removing them from under my sari. Hari was now freely finger fucking me in my pussy his movements became more rapid. I had my third orgasm of my morning against all my wishes. Hari brought his other hand to my back and slipped it under my blouse. He moved it up to my bra strap and undid my bra.

All this time aslamchacha the horrible beggar was rubbing his smelly lund on my face & mouth & lips. I was helpless. My mind was in a daze as I slowly opened my mouth. He realised the end of my resistance & withdrew his big fat smelly lund & moved it over my face. I felt his cock along my cheek. I moved my mouth to it and took his semi-erect prick which had suddenly gone limp at the thought of fucking a beautiful lady in her own house in her bedroom, between my lips. I ran my tongue over his cockhead as I sucked more of his prick into my mouth. I tasted the remains of his cum as well as the flavor of dried semen & dirt. His prick stiffened under the workings of my mouth and lips. I was able to take the entire shaft down my throat I moved my head back and forth along his hard cock. I reached up and touched his balls as suleman & hari had freed my hands from the bed.

He took my head in his hands and guided my cocksucking movements. I continued to suck his cock from head to root. I flicked my tongue all along his shaft. He pulled & looosened my hair my lips were at his cockhead, I moved my mouth to the underside of his prick and licked down to the root. When I got there I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. I worked on his balls for a short time. I felt him move. He turned around and his ass was in my face. At this point, I would do anything. I spread his ass cheeks and searched for his ass hole with my tongue. When I found it, I licked, kissed and sucked at his tight asshole. I made my tongue as rigid as possible and probed as far into his asshole with it as I could. The thought of kissing ass was enough to make me come again.

As I sucked his asshole I encircled his cock with my hand and jerked him off. When he had had enough of my ass sucking, he turned once more and my lips returned to his cock. This time. he held my head steady and fucked into my mouth. His cock pistoned in and out of my mouth rapidly. I used my tongue on his shaft as best I could. He suddenly buried my face in his pubic hair, his cock down my throat and shot his load of warm sticky cum into my mouth. I licked up every drop of the dirty beggar aslamchachas smelly semen as I could.

He held my head and kept his cock in my mouth. I felt his prick go limp between my lips. He wouldn’t let me go. Still he held me there. Hari had in the meantime bunched my sari up at my hips and pressed his cock against my cunt. His hands moved to my ass cheeks. I guided his cock over my pussy, and slipped his hard, dark skinned prick into my cunt hole. I had an orgasm as he pushed deep into my pussy. His hands on my ass guided my fucking motion up and down his cock. As he thrust in and out of my cunt, he unbuttoned the top of my blouse and exposed my erect nipples.

He lowered his head to my breasts and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I came again. He ran his tongue over my nipple, then lightly chewed and sucked at it. All the while he fucked me and squeezed my bare ass. I felt his thrusts become more urgent and knew he would come soon. I flexed my cunt muscles around his prick desperately trying to milk his cum from his long, hard cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks hard and pushed into me as far as his prick could go. I felt his cock pulsate as he filled my smooth silky shiny pussy with his cum. Seconds later I came once more.

After he pulled out of me, he wiped his cum and my cunt juices from his cock onto my silk sari. Suleman all this while was fingering & lubricating my ass hole with my pussy juices. When my asshole was wet enough he finger fucked it while he continued to play with my breasts.

I’d never been fucked in the ass before, but I was overcome with sexual need and as he spread my ass cheeks I reached for his prick and guided his cockhead to my asshole. I was shamelessly moaning as he pulled my hips back and slid his prick into my virgin ass. He slowly worked his cock up my asshole. At first, it hurt as sulemans large prick filled my tight rear hole. I began to move my ass along his prick on my own. His hands left my hips, one returned to my exposed breasts, the other again lifted the front of my silk sari which was by now fully dishevelled & wet with my sweat & hari my son, suleman & aslamchacha the beggars cum, and fingered my cunt. As his finger touched my cunt lips I came in his hand.

He fucked my ass and fingered my cunt with haris cock coming in & out of it for several minutes. Then his hands returned to my hips and he moved me hard along his ass fucking prick. I felt him tense and seconds latter, his cum was spurting into my asshole. He held me close as he shot his load. He did not pull out of my asshole. Instead, he rocked slowly back and forth and played with my breasts with both of his hands.

Suleman pulled his cock out of my ass. aslam the beggar had gone limp & his limp cock had come out of my mouth despite his attempts to hold my mouth pressed to it. suleman, turned me around to face him. I felt his lips touch mine as he kissed my opened mouth. His tongue passed my lips as it found mine. He kissed me passionately for a minute or so, then, he moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and pushed down firmly. my mouth was full of raw tobacco juice & leaves & I felt nauseated, but I was helpless. yes this went on for about 2 hours I was exhausted & used.

I begged them to stop all three said randi, kutti, abhi hame kabhi mana karegi? hamari baat kabhi talegi? haramjadi tu to hamari laundi hain. phir kabhi hame mana kiya to dekhna. haramjadi ab dekhte hain tujhe. I was very hungry & said thik hain mujhe maaf karo mujhse galti huin. hari, I will never scold you for taking drugs. They seemed to relent & cool down a bit, but they said, …. first serve some food for us. so I got up in my dishevelled silk sari, made it straight & went into the kitchen & served food for them on the table they ate to their hearts content. I was very hungry & started taking my plate when suleman stopped me. he said come here….. he pulled me & he took me into the bed room with their dirty plates with the leftovers. now you are also begger. so eat this food like a begger you bitch… he laughed loudly.

I looked pleadingly at my son, but instead of rescuing me he lunged forward & pushed my face to those plates. helpless I started licking them & nibbling at the leftovers as suleman twisted my arm to ensure I licked it all up.. I licked the hot curry & choked. I asked for water, suleman refused. I asked hari, he just laughed. finally I asked aslam the beggar he asked me to beg for it. I said mujh bhikaran ko thoda pani hona seth. he smiled & to my horror took out his cock.

Suddenly, I felt liquid flowing from his limp prick. He was pissing. hot streams of piss started falling on those plates which I was licking & on my face. He lunged forward & held his cock to my mouth. I tried to yell ” stop”, but his cock filled my mouth and muffled my protest. I had no choice but to try and swallow as much of his piss as I couldotherwise I would have choked further. He went on pissing all over on my sari, face, hair, food, bed. it was all getting drenched in his urine as suleman had twisted my arm my mouth was open in pain & all the pee flooded my mouth & I had to gulp it down lest I choke. I tried to scream but the piss flooded my mouth & I gulped it down. I

felt humiliated. As his piss filled my mouth he began to withdraw his cock. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and piss overflowed from my mouth onto my chin and down my neck. Still pissing, he pulled out of my mouth and aimed his cock at my head. His pissed all over my face and my hair. The piss flow then moved down to my neck and chest. I don’t know why, but I knelt in front of him obediently as he pissed on me. My only movement was to lift my breasts so they would get completely covered with his warm piss. He gave me my panties to hold open so he could piss on them also. When he was finished, I moved my tongue to his cockhead and licked it clean. they all laughed. with his hands, aslam motioned me to stand up. When I did, he lifted my sari which was lying on the floor with one hand and took my panties in the other. By some actions he did, I knew he wanted me to put my panties, now soaked with his urine, back on. I re-tied the bows and slipped my panties on. His piss seeped into my cunt. I re-hooked my bra and buttoned my blouse and wore my sari as he let go of it. There was piss on my face and on all my expensive clothes. then all of a sudden hari tore off my sari.

Then they all kept taking turns & kept fucking me this went on & on I lost sense of time. I think they did this for hours on end, then they left. I just lay senseleass, when I recovered I found all were gone including my bastard son. Immediately I packed up & left for my relatives place.

i have just returned after two weeks & thought I should share my experience with you it was all so horrible I thought. but now as I write this actually I am contemplating I really loved being fucked by my son with that horny beggar with sores & white patches with the ten inch circumsized thick hard smelly dirty cock & the way they pissed over me. I am getting horny…………. yes whole day I have been rubbing my pussy as I came back. Nowadays I regularly having sex with my son. we enjoy gangbang also. once he and his 8 other friends having me. that was the great experience. but that will be sometime else. Send me hot stuff & write to me with your hot experiences.

I am a 22 years old software professional, living in New Delhi, India. My story is about my Mom who now is 48 years old. My mom is very pretty but quiet bulky as most of the Indian women in there late 40’s, she is 5″6 feet with a heavy body frame, she has black hairs and brown eyes, She is very fair and one thing which I like most about her is her big boobs, they are 42 D (that’s what was mentioned on her bra)!!

I managed to peek into the bathroom a lot of times when she went for changing clothes and taking bath but one day I saw her removing her big bra that was the first time I saw her big boobs naked and God they were so big and look so soft I wish if I can fuck them right away! The nipples were big and dark pink and the areolas were at least 3 inches in diameter dark brown in colour, they were so white and clean I wish if I can rape my mom for them. Since That day I started to think a lot about my mom and started masturbating with a picture of her big white melons in my mind. I was desperate to do anything which can bring my dick between her boobs. I decided to do something and that led me to do something silly like trying to expose my erection to her etc.

It all started the day I have taken my off from job as it was winters me and my mom were sitting in our terrace taking sun, she was busy in weaving woolen and I was watching her boobs which were making me crazy and hard I spread my legs so that she can see my erection in boxer shorts and I was successful in it as she was also seeing it in between and at the same time I was pretending to be enjoying sun with closed eyes, after about 15 min I started getting wet and stains of precum were visible on my boxers, that was the turning point as she broke the ice by saying, Rohit you should massage your body as it is dry and rough, you should be extra careful during winters, I replied in careless manner saying that I hate to put oil, then she said that she can massage it for me when I resisted, she insisted that makes me think that something is going to happen so I agreed and got the bottle of mustard oil from the bathroom. I removed my t-shirt and now I was only in a thin boxer which was showing all my erection to the most fuckable lady in my life my mother.

She started massaging on my back first then on my thighs and then on my chest I noticed that she was very interested in feeling my hairy chest as she kept on massaging there for solid 10 min, then she moved her hands near my inner thighs and that was it for my I shot my cum and now it was clearly visible and in fact starting to flow thru my inner thighs as soon she saw my thick cum she nervously stand up and asked me to take bath. I was so horny that I took bath without closing the door of my bathroom, praying that if she can come and see my hard dick but she never came. After bath she in fact gave me loose boxer and a t-shirt to wear and she gave some food for lunch after that I went for a sleep or that what I pretended at least.

I was still getting hard on thinking about what happened earlier and I decided to do something for myself. As soon as she came to sleep besides me I lifted my Boxer so that my hard dick was fully exposed to her. I was still pretending to be in fast sleep but I was very well aware that she is watching my big dick I can even hear her taking heavy breaths and then I felt her hand over my dick for a fraction of a second and then I hear the sound of door shutting. I understood that she was nervous and confused and that’s why she left the room just after touching my dick, but it all made me so horny that I immediately masturbated and exploded my load on my chest.

All this happenings in one day made me mad and I was sure of one thing that I am gonna fuck her even if I have to rape her. The next day also I took a day off and excused that it is Saturday so I will have 3 days off in row. After breakfast she went to the bathroom for a shower and I went to my favorite place of peeking that is the window of the bathroom with a small hole, I was very horny and was determined to do anything at that time, she removed her gown and then her panties and then she turned towards the window and removed her bra.

Man that was the best view of her tits I had till that time and I was about to shoot my load after that she turned the shower on and started taking the bath after five minutes she laid herself on the floor facing her vagina towards me with the shower still and then she spread her legs and started caressing her vagina lips Labia Majora and Minora I always liked her boobs because they were so big and sag a little but her cunt was in fact more beautiful than her tits as the cunt lips were so big and were spreading like anything they were dark brown in colour and I swear that it was the biggest cunt I have ever seen till date!!

I presume she must have taken a dick of a horse to make her cunt so big, but now I was sure that I am gonna ram my thick dick in that beautiful cunt of my mom. After playing with herself for another five minutes her body jerked and I heard low moan from her mouth I knew she had cum after that she stayed there for another 5 minutes and dried her body with the towel her boobs were looking more fresh after that warm water bath. She wore a sari and came out at that time I was all set for the biggest fun of my life and was worried about the consequences also, as soon she came out I called her in my room and she entered my room casually and asked if I want anything I said I know what you want and I just saw what you did in the bathroom, she was horrified and asked how did you saw she almost screamed in anger.

I immediately slapped her and threw her on the bed she was in a state of shock and then I laid myself on her forcing her to spread her legs, she was screaming and then I gave her two more solid slaps and now she started crying a screaming I placed my lips on her she started to spit and then I tore her clothes at that time I have to really fight hard against her.

Her bra was exposed and the big melons were fighting to come out from the bra I just snapped the front portion of the bra and they were exposed I started licking and sucking them she started screaming again and was abusing me I almost gave a punch on her jaw and then she was quiet but still crying her tears were rolling down from her cheeks but I was enjoying those fuckable tits and the large areolas she had I literally bite her nipples so hard that they started to bleed she was still crying like maniacs without wasting any time I pulled her panty down and threw it on the floor she was fighting to get freed by moving her legs and by pushing me away from her body her white boobs were now bleeding because of my nonhuman behaviour but I wanted her so badly that I didn’t even cared about her then I took my face near her vagina which was hairless and clean shaved I took my tongue out and placed it in between of those beautiful and very big lips of her vagina she was salty there but I kept on licking I can still hear her crying but for me she was the fucking whore I wanna screw.

In a hurry I undid my jeans and took my dick out which was wet with the pre cum and within one second my dick was inside my moms hot pussy it was so smooth I started ramming her cunt inside out she was still crying and screaming and that in fact now added a bonus in my pleasure I took my mouth towards her sore nipples and big areolas they were bleeding but I still sucked her tasting her blood as well. I was sucking her nipples, squeezing her boobs and fucking her cunt at the same time and I was feeling to be the happiest man on earth as my desire of fucking my mother came true.

At that point it was seeming like that either she is enjoying the strokes from my thick dick or she is mentally prepared to get fucked by me as she was not screaming and abusing me anymore though she was still crying. I felt the pressure building up on my balls and I knew I am gonna cum now, I took my shaft out which was now shining because of my precum and my mothers pussy juices it was all wet.

I put it over her mouth and pressed it so that she can take it inside, she resisted by not opening her mouth and then I pulled her hair, she opened her mouth took it deep inside but she was still not sucking it and that irritated me and I started pumping my dick in her mouth as if I was fucking her mouth and four strokes and my hot cum started exploding inside her mouth and she tried to spit but was I vain and it started flowing on her cheeks she was looking very sexy that time I kissed her on her lips and tasted my own cum in fact I swallowed a little bit of it too and it tasted great.

I started kissing my mom on her lips in fact smooch will be the right word and our tongues were touching each others with my cum in both of our mouths it was not nasty but it made me hard again. I again inserted it in her vagina this time it was more smooth and easy, I was sure she has taken it accepted as she knew I am gonna fuck her till the time I want, as many times as I want and if she screams she will get another blow on her face. Her Boobs now looked more big because of swelling by torture I did on them and her nipples were now at least 1 1/2 inches erect and swollen they were now dark pink in colour, while I was fucking I continued squeezing her boobs and sucking them, my actions and fucking were to much for her as her face was dark red and she was breathing heavily.

Fucking her now was easy as she was not screaming and was not pushing me with her legs, this time when I reached climaxed I saw her body jerked the way it jerked in the bathroom when she was masturbating, I understood that this time she is also cumming and I wanted to taste her juices as soon as I came inside her I started licking her vagina lips and tasted sweet and salty juices of her and my sperms she was now enjoying as she were moving her fingers on my hair and fore head I continued to drink her juices and eat her pussy for another five minutes and I heard a low moan from her mouth similar to the one I heard at the window of the bathroom, she came again this time her juices were more visible and salty, it was thick and almost transparent in colour I drunk it till it flowed from her big vagina lips. I got another hard on and I was interested in a blowjob this time

Without saying a word I put my hard cock again on her mouth and she took it instantly this time she sucked like a whore in fact she even used her teeth which make my dick more hard then she even used her tongue over my dicks head and started moving her head in a rhythmic movement.

I was going to come again and I exploded once again in her mouth and this time she swallowed each and every drop of my sperm. I knew that she enjoyed what I did to her and will not complain to my dad or anyone else but now I felt sorry for being so rough with her. She was looking at me with a strange look a mixture of desire, love and anger kissed on her lips again and this time ever since our love making session or her rape to be precise she spoke

she said ” why you did this to me”, you did to your mother” why?

I replied ” I like you and I loved your body and I was getting disturbed by thinking about you so I did what I wanted’ then she said that what if she tells this to my dad,

I said ” I am sure you are not that stupid because if you will tell this it won’t be good for anyone of us more over we won’t be able to do what we did today.

she looked at me and said ” are you going to do this again?”

I replied ” only if you agree in future and I promise we both will enjoy each and every moment”

she was quiet and for positive I knew I had made her satisfied and she will always be sucking and fucking my dick happily.

Since that incident we fucked almost everyday and we even did a lot of experiments including anal sex. I never wore condom and always ejaculated inside her.

Guys and Gals you must be feeling strange or bad about what happened but remember one thing God made Man and Women, man and women made relations. So don’t mind fucking your mother or sister and for girls they should try father and brothers. Enjoy Incest as it is the Best thing you can feel


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