My Sexy Hot Daughter

Steve did not remember when he first had incestuous thoughts about his daughter Karen. He suspected that subconsciously he had had them for a longer time than he cared to admit. He was not fully aware of his ‘problem’ until her eleventh birthday.
It was toward the end of her birthday party when she jumped onto his lap. They hugged each other and he wished her ‘happy birthday’ for at least the tenth time that day. As she animatedly talked to her friends, she continuously shifted her position, squirming about excitedly. Suddenly, as the child’s ass moved about on his crotch Steve’s cock began hardening in his pants. He was helpless to stop it.
Karen was not the slightest bit aware of her father’s aroused condition and she continued laughing and talking with her family and friends while at the same time her soft little ass moved around on her father’s hard-on.
Steve felt his whole body flush with embarrassment. The constant movement of the child’s soft ass was actually turning him on. To his chagrin, he could not help himself. He wondered if anyone noticed him. He sensed that he was red as a beet as sweat formed on his upper lip. As Karen continued squirming, he felt the pre-cum moisture from his twitching cock.
He was feeling helpless and frustrated at how his mind and body were betraying him. He was becoming frantic, desperately wanting to get out from under his daughter. Abruptly, after getting the youngster’s attention, he made a hurried excuse and quickly lifted her off him. With a practiced move, he somehow was able to push his raging hard-on aside in his pants so that he could stand without anyone noticing the bulge. He then made a hasty retreat from the party, rushing into the bathroom, so that he could calm himself down.
That was the real starting point of his awareness of his ‘problem’. From that day forward, through the next three years, Steve became very aware of his daughter’s femininity.  After that day, he became increasingly conscious of Karen. He not only began to look at her extremely pretty face, but he was gradually paying more attention to the child’s body. His eyes frequently gazed at the flesh of her legs and the small buds of her nipples in her blouses and sweaters.
The more that Karen’s body filled out, the more that he seemed to be attracted to her. He could not help himself. He made sure that neither his wife nor his sons caught him looking at Karen, but his desire was obvious to him. He fought himself but it was a losing battle.
Soon he began to get bolder. On those occasions when Karen would sit on his lap, or if he managed to involve her in a tickling game, he now found himself ‘copping a feel.’ He was wise enough not to be obvious and no one was aware of the strange attraction.
Karen herself never noticed her father’s ‘accidental’ touches to her breasts and she continued playing, as a child with her daddy, whenever she could.
It was after his daughter had her first period that Steve first began fantasizing about having sex with her. Up until then, he was just looking and sneaking a touch.
Now he began visualizing and secretly dreaming of Karen while he fucked his wife. Shortly afterward, he added a new twist and it was this, that probably turned out to be, the final straw that broke through his resistance to his devious urges.
He began to take dirty panties from the hamper that his daughter had worn that day. Behind the closed bathroom door, he would smell them while he masturbated and pictured his child naked.
He now was fully aware of his problem. He also knew that all of these thoughts and desires were wrong but that he could not control his urges. He had only two choices. Admit to his wife what was happening to him, or continue in secret. He was convinced that telling his wife (or his priest) would only lead to the break-up of his marriage.
As he continued his fantasizing, and Karen continued to fill out, the inevitable thought captured his brain. He probably would never get the chance but if the opportunity ever arose, he knew now that he would take advantage and fuck his own daughter.
Except in the rarest of cases, father/daughter incest can only happen when the two find themselves alone, together. This was exactly what happened to Steve and Karen, on a dreary rainy Saturday morning.
Steve was on a special project at work and time was crucial. He brought part of the project home to work on it over the weekend.
Because of the importance of the project, Steve begged off going with his wife and kids to the opening day parade and first little league game of the season. Ann agreed.
It was to be an all-day affair. This was a big day for 12-year-old Jason. He was going to be the starting pitcher. His mother always went to his games, but on this day, his older brother also went along to give him support. It was decided that Ann and the boys would go by themselves as Karen hated going to the games, and they saw no need to force her to go, especially being that her father would be home with her.
The parade was at 10 AM and they left the house at 9:30 AM.
It was about 10 AM when Karen awoke. Knowing that it was a Saturday, she just threw on her shirt-robe over her body. It was nothing more than one of her father’s old white dress shirts and it went down barely past the youngster’s panties, which were the only thing that she was wearing underneath it. She went down the stairs, greeted her father who was working in the living room, and made herself breakfast. As usual, when she went past him Steve took notice of his daughter’s body. He sucked in his breath as he saw the two columns of flesh of her long legs.
Shortly thereafter, his daughter was alongside him on the floor of the living room. He was rummaging through his papers and Karen was stretched out on the floor, lying on her side, watching TV. Steve was stealing peaks at her legs. He could see the bottom of her panties and he started getting heated and nervous. A strong stirring urge was building up within him as his eyes kept returning to his daughter’s body.
The combination of seeing the 14-year-old beauty lying there and knowing that they were alone in the house somehow finally set him off on the forbidden path. It was then that he decided to try to make something happen.
He made a few comments to Karen hoping to goad her into saying something a little out of the norm so that he would have an excuse to ‘make them play.’ He finally succeeded when she teasingly called her father a ‘wimp’. Steve had been hoping for that opening.
He playfully bounced up and rolled after her, pinning her arms down over her head, and saying, “Take it back!”
The youngster laughingly giggled and challenged him with, “No!” and it was then that Steve began the usual tickling game.
It was a game that they had played since she was a little girl. Now, at 14 year’s old, they did not seem to play as much, but she still enjoyed playing with her dad.
“NOOOOO.” she squirmed in delight as her father moved upon her in a flash. Almost instantly, as soon as she had rolled from her side and onto her back, his legs were kneeling between hers.
Steve began to playfully tickle her stomach and say, “Take it back!”
His daughter continued to giggle and twist. She playfully hollered, “No!”
The game proceeded along its normal route for Karen. She was laughing and squealing, obviously having a great time.
However, Steve’s mind was not on ‘the game’. It was on his daughter. Just the thought that they were alone and he had her in this situation, squirming about beneath him, was enough to cause him to have a tremendous hard-on, which was bulging in his pants.
As the tickling game progressed, he rarely touched her. Most of the time his hands were moving toward her, playfully threatening to touch and tickle her, but only occasionally actually touching her stomach, which was covered by the shirt-robe. As he feinted and parried he allowed his crotch to lightly push into his daughter. Karen took no notice as she twisted about under her father.
“Say you’re sorry!” he warned playfully.
“I’m…I’m sor…sor…sorry,” she giggled and then burst out with a loud playful, “NOTTT!” while laughing wildly.
At that point, Steve’s tickling began more in earnest and his fingers and hands worked over the frenetic, twisting child, “No, no, stop, stop…” she laughed.
Suddenly her father’s hands tickled higher than normal, brushing against the youngster’s breasts, but they immediately withdrew, back to her stomach. Karen didn’t notice, as she was too busy fending off the playful probes. She continued laughing, half-heartedly begging him to stop, but not really wanting him to do so because of the fun she was having.
His hands again moved up and touched her breasts. This time they stayed longer that normal and suddenly Karen took notice. She was about to stiffen when her father’s hands again withdrew and were instantly about her middle. Once more, she was twisting about playfully.
The hands again moved up. This time as they touched her breasts they lingered longer. Suddenly, Steve allowed his hands to cup the fleshy mounds of his daughter’s tits. As his fingers squeezed lightly, both father and daughter gasped at the same time. Before Karen could voice her disapproval Steve moved his tickling fingers down to her stomach again.
Although she was laughing again, her eyes were now watching his intently and Karen detected something in his eyes and face that she had only seen once before. That was when Billy Forbes forced her into having sex in the back of his car. Now that same wild look was on her father’s face.
“Stop…stop!” She was still giggling, but her words were meaningful now.
Even though her father’s fingers were still acting out the playful tickling ritual, they were no longer just brushing lightly about in a random sort of way. Instead, he was actually tickling the flesh of her stomach. With the help of his playful maneuvering, her shirt-robe had rode up past the top of her panties. Her skin felt soft, hot, and wonderful to Steve and he wanted more.
Karen’s fright had only been temporary. Her father had managed to divert her thoughts and his tickling fingers were driving her wild, “Stop, daddy, stop.”
“Say you’re sorry…take it back,” he demanded.
Her whole body was thrashing beneath his, as she laughingly cried out, “No! I won’t!”
The child was not consciously aware of it but the chills that her father was inducing were causing her maturing body to ‘feel funny’. She would have thought that her urges to pee her panties were the same as when she was younger but in reality, her body was responding differently to the warmth of her father’s body and breath. Even if she had not noticed his manliness pressing into her, her body was quietly responding on its own.
“Take it back!”
“NOOOO!” she laughed and squirmed.
Again, his hands attacked. Only this time they moved to her inner thighs and he tickled that thrashing flesh. Karen felt the tortuous pleasure of her father’s tickling and although she didn’t realize it, a different pleasurable feeling was beginning to run through her.
Steve then moved his eager hands back to the skin of his daughter’s stomach and, after a few seconds of tickling with her kicking beneath him, he moved his hand upward again, this time beneath the shirt-robe.
Suddenly he felt the flesh of her breasts jutting against the edge of his fingertips. Steve looked down into Karen’s eyes and suddenly the girl was fully cognizant of what was about to happen unless she stopped it. She stopped laughing in mid-stream as her father’s hands began to move up slowly and then paused. Her breathing seemed to temporarily cease. Father and daughter were suddenly at a crossroad and both of them were taking heed of the situation. Her mind was jumping wildly. She made no effort to stop him. Their eyes were upon each other’s as his hands began moving again, up on the soft breast mounds, and clasping the hot tit-flesh.
She stiffened and gasped.
Their eyes held for what seemed like forever.
Karen was frightened. She remembered her rape and how impossible it was to stop Billy. Her father was much, much more powerful and it would be useless trying to fight him, if she wanted to. His fingers were now beginning to knead her flesh and then, as their eyes held, he took the nipples of her tits between his thumbs and forefingers and began squeezing teasingly.
The 14-year-old girl was speechless. Her mind was racing. She was afraid that she would not be able to stop him. At the same time she was not even sure that she wanted to stop him, her body was feeling so alive and excited. His tickling had brought pleasurable feelings to life, inside the child/woman’s body.
Karen twisted her hips and suddenly became aware of the hardness of her father’s crotch pushing into her. Her breathing had become extremely labored as her heart began beating heavily in her chest. Steve was massaging the exciting flesh of the youngster’s tits. His cock was raging in his pants. His mind was wild. Yet, he did not want to force her.
“I love you baby,” he whispered, as their eyes remained locked.
She was frightened, yet excited. Disgusted, yet intrigued. Against, yet strangely, for…
He looked harder into the child’s eyes, “Kar…do you…do you want me to stop?” he asked and then in a whisper he added, “I don’t, hon.”
The youngster was too afraid to speak for fear that her voice would betray her. She was truly enjoying her father’s manipulations of her flesh and, deep down inside her, she knew that she would be willing to do more with him. She felt a tremendous sexual excitement within her. In addition Karen knew that this was probably not only inevitable but she was sure that, because of her past actions, she was to blame that this whole thing had escalated over a period of time.
(In the past, she had felt her father’s crotch become hard beneath her when she sat on his lap and secretly she was impressed with herself that she had been able to cause her father to become aroused. Moreover, she had been wise enough to know that she was the reason for his hardness. She had told herself to stop sitting on his lap and to dress more fully around him but she refused to listen to her other voice. Karen concluded that she actually wanted to get her father’s total interest.)

Well, she thought, I’ve finally succeeded. Do I want him to stop?

Karen took a big swallow, shut her eyes tight and only slightly but definitely shook her head.
“Oh baby…” he breathed a sigh of relief and a glow of happiness came across his face.
His daughter’s eyes reopened and she watched with awe as her father lowered his body down onto hers. Steve watched the 14-year-old’s frightened face. Her delicious looking lips were quivering. He wanted to taste his daughter from head to toe and he wanted to start with her mouth. She saw her father lowering his face and realized that he was going to kiss her. Her chest began pounding even harder than ever at the thought that she was going to actually kiss her daddy. She was not sure that she wanted to. The thought was foreign. He moved his mouth gently onto hers.
Trying not to frighten her away his mouth began pecking softly on her lips urging the girl to reciprocate. His hips were gently pushing down and back into her body. His mouth continued pecking. Then he felt his daughter’s lips part. Her mouth opened and his closed in on hers, his eager tongue moving between her teeth and into her hot wetness.
Karen moaned as she felt herself lose all of her inhibitions and her hands moved up to the back of her father’s head, pulling him into her. There were no more questions as to where this was heading. The young girl wanted her father now as much as he wanted her, and if the truth were told, she probably secretly wanted this to happen all along, as much as he did. She moved her hips up and down gently in counter to his movements.
“Nmmmmmm, ooooo, daaaaddy, mmmmm…” she moaned into his mouth as his tongue worked wonders over her lips and teeth, in, and around her eager mouth.
His hands continued kneading the young girl’s exciting tits. He could feel her heart pounding ferociously under his hands.
Steve broke their hot passionate kiss and with his lips resting upon hers he whispered, “Kar, baby, I love you. Oh baby I…I’ve wanted to…touch you for so long…I love you baby…let’s take this off, hon.”
His hands had retreated from her breasts and moved outside of her shirt-robe to the top button.  His upper body was off hers and he was kneeling between her legs. As his fingers began to open the buttons, he lifted his face up and looked down at hers. Steve could see her breathing heavily as her eyes nervously watched him. His fingers were trembling as he opened her blouse, which seemed to make the moment even more exciting. He watched her face and he saw that a wanton lustful look had slowly overtaken the youthful innocence.
His fingers worked speedily, opening each button, and then she heard her father gasp. Her blouse was wide open and her father’s eyes were feasting on the twin beauties of the 14-year-old girl’s tits. The nipples were hard and protruding. She watched his eyes, as they became riveted on her budding breasts.
Finally, he was whispering hoarsely, “Take your top off hon. Let me see all of you sweetheart.”
Steve’s fingers had moved into the top elastic of the child’s panties, “And lift up hon, let’s get these off too,” he whispered as he began pulling them down as his daughter raised her butt so that they slid easily over her long legs. His eyes now moved down her body and ran frantically over each inch of his daughter’s exposed skin and when the child’s pussy came into view, he gasped anew. He slipped the panties off her ankles and tossed them.
Then Steve began ridding himself of all of his clothes while Karen quickly had her arms out of her shirt-robe. Her father’s eyes remained riveted on the young pussy. He was fascinated. He knew that some girls trimmed their pussies but he had thought that actresses and models were the only ones who did that. It was obvious that Karen maintained hers. The blonde hairs were cropped to about a quarter of an inch and there were no hairs outside a one-inch strip around her exciting mound.
Karen watched with trepidation as her father tore the remainder of his clothes off his body. She felt a tremendous bubbling inside of her as she watched his eyes burning into her, between her legs. His excitement was her excitement.
Then he was naked. His eyes were still on the prize. His cock was twitching madly. Steve then allowed his eyes to run up the length of his daughter’s hot looking body, moving over her heaving belly and chest, the exciting tits and up into her lust-filled face. The Devil had overtaken Karen as much as Steve.
The wanton look on his daughter’s face told Steve that she was as hot as he was. He wanted to taste her pussy, so badly. He had smelled her panties enough to know that he wanted this thing more that anything imaginable. He was determined that she would not be sorry, that this would be the most pleasurable experience in her life.
She watched with glazed eyes down at her father. His head bent and moved between her knees. Slowly Steve placed his lips on the flesh of her inner thigh, just up past the knee. Karen instinctively bent her knees, bringing her heels up and opening her soft thighs for her father’s oral assault. She continued looking down at him, her heart beating unbelievably hard from this forbidden excitement.
“My pussy…my beautiful, beautiful pussy,” he murmured as his lips sucked and kissed upward on the flesh of her hot thigh and his tongue licked and tasted up toward the awaiting entrance.
Karen’s hands were at her side, digging at the rug as her body involuntarily twisted from the thrills that he was causing in her body.
She tasted wonderful to him. As his mouth approached her pussy, Steve’s fingers moved beneath the child and clutched her wonderfully soft ass cheeks.
“Nn-nn-nn-nnnn…” Sounds were now emanating from her throat as the excitement was building within her body.
The aroma of his daughter’s body was causing his brain to pound. The smell was awesome. Steve’s mouth moved into the waiting lips and his nose urgently sought to absorb as much of the aroma into his brain as possible. His nose pushed eagerly into her hole and vacuumed in the elixir. His cock was twitching beneath him. His brain was pounding.
“Mmmmmmmmmmm…mnmnmnmnnm,” noises were coming from him as he continued to smell. Then, with his nose pushed solidly into the pussy-hole he breathed in with all of the force that he could manage, trying to blow his mind with the awesome aroma.
“NNNNGGGGGGGGGG!” Karen let out a surreal sound of pleasure from within clenched teeth as a force of uncontrollable tremors overtook her pulsating pussy. At that moment, the world was elsewhere and Karen would have allowed anyone or anything to have access to her exploding cunt. The pleasures caused by the suction from her father’s nose were overwhelming. In addition, this was compounded when his nose pulled out and his mouth pushed into her hole and blew a mighty breath of air within the child. Karen’s hips raised more than a foot off the floor, pushing fiercely into his working mouth. Her hands reached down and desperately pulled at the back of his head, smothering his mouth, nose, and tongue with her thoroughly moistened pussy.
As he worked his mouth in and about her pussy-hole, Steve continued clutching his daughter’s ass-cheeks, guiding her cunt to his frenetic tongue. He had never experienced having any girl so hot and excited from his oral ministrations. Karen was clutching at his head and fucking up to his mouth as none other before. Wild with passion himself, he moved his lips over her clitoris and sucked in gently on the hardened flesh.
Steve was not prepared for the even wilder reaction that her cunt then presented. Her legs wrapped around his back and her thighs squeezed tightly on his ears. Her hands remained tightly gripped on the back of his head and her hips were swinging and bucking in an out-of-control fashion as she began mumbling incoherently. A tremendous climax was upon the youngster as his mouth licked and blew.
“Daaaaaaa, ooooooo, I’M DOIN’ IT, OOOOOOOOHH, ooooooo, IN ME, NNGG…”
As a final tremor erupted and the young girl exploded in her father’s mouth he pushed a finger into her ass hole, forcing it deep inside as her whole body stiffened, suspended in mid-air. Steve licked and sucked the unmistakable taste of raw sex that his daughter exuded.
Finally, the child was totally spent and her body relaxed and lowered itself back down.
Slowly Steve pulled away from her pussy and raised himself, kneeling in an upright position, looking down at his daughter as she slowly began to come back to earth. She looked up at him and gave him a nervous, thankful smile.
“I love you daddy,” she managed to murmur.
Keeping his legs between hers, Steve laid alongside, facing her while at the same time he brought her naked body over onto her side, facing him.
“I love you too sweetie,” he whispered into her lips as they met in a peck. Her hands had moved up to each side of his face. Father and daughter began to become acquainted with each other as physical attractions kissing and pecking for sexual excitement.
“Daddy that was awesome,” she managed to mutter as their mouths continued probing their newfound exciting feelings. As they worked their mouths upon each other, occasionally a tongue would flick out and run across the lips of the other.
Steve began to move his hands back upon his daughter’s body. One cupped the flesh of a tit and Karen gasped. She felt her skin tingling as he gently squeezed about the mound while his thumb and forefinger joined, exacting a pleasurable moan from her lips. His other hand moved over her quivering belly and moved into his daughter’s crotch, playing lightly within the child’s moistened slit. She felt a brand new stirring from within.
“Mmmmmmm, baby you’re delicious,” he said into her mouth as his hands continued working her back into a passionate state. Their mouths were becoming more demanding. Karen was becoming more and more bolder and finally her tongue was assaulting her father’s mouth with all of the appearances of a sex starved woman, searching deep within and about the hot wetness, reaching every sensitive spot and bringing him to a frantic state.
As Steve’s fingers slid within his daughter’s moistened slit, his throbbing cock twitched against her pussy-mound. He was becoming frantic to bury it within the child but he wanted it to be as easy for her as possible. He was fucking his hips into her with easy pushes and then his cock was pushing at the youngster’s hole. Steve could no longer control himself. He had to have her! He would have to hurt her and apologize later; his body would no longer afford him the luxury of bringing her along slowly.
He pushed his daughter backward and they stayed glued, mouth-to-mouth, crotch-to-crotch. Her tongue was causing his mind to lose all sense of fair play. He was going to fuck her…pound her cherry away…
As Steve rolled his body on top of the child, he pulled his mouth from hers. With his cock poised to push into her he looked down into her wanton face and whispered, “This is gonna hurt bad, bad…I’m gonna break your virginity.”
Karen’s hands closed around her father’s neck and a wonderful hungry smile came on her lips. Her legs suddenly opened wider and wrapped around his and she said softly, with an urgent tone, “It’s okay, dad. I’m not a virgin anymore. Do me…hurry!”
Steve’s whole being did not allow for any further talk. He plunged his cock into her waiting pussy, feeling a wonderful tight, juicy slide down to her depths.
“OOOOOHHHHH,” she cried.
“Nnnnnnnnggggggg,” he grunted, between clenched teeth. His cock felt as if it had inflated to perfectly fit her insides. He slowly pulled it back out and to the edge of her cunt and his daughter’s hands rushed to his back and clutched desperately at him. With her legs wrapped around her father, Karen’s hips rose from the floor and floated beneath his fucking figure.
“Oooohhh baby…OH YOU”RE…YOU’RE GOOOOOOOD!!!” he groaned.
Father and daughter were now fucking in a furious frenzy. Her cunt muscles were clutching tightly at his cock’s every withdrawal from her depths and then relaxing to accept every returning frantic thrust inside of her.
Then their mouths were again working passionately upon each other. As desperately as cock was pounding cunt, tongues were licking and jabbing and tasting, while hands were touching and clutching and digging, while hips were fucking and writhing, and mouths were moaning.
Steve felt the final pressures building in his throbbing cock and he knew that if he didn’t pull out now that he would cum inside of his daughter. He didn’t care. He wanted to shoot it all into her. He loved her. She had given everything to him. He didn’t care if she got pregnant…No, he wanted to make her pregnant! That thought only served to inflame even more and he began thrusting with wild abandon.
“OOOOOHHHHH,” he cried.
He was pounding fiercely into his daughter as the pressure in his cock reached its apex.
“Nnnnnggggg, I’m, oooh baby, I’m, daddy’s…”
Karen sensed what was happening but she didn’t care. With all of her strength, she clutched furiously at him as he began shooting spurts of incestuous juices into her waiting cunt.
“NNNNGGGGG….” Squirt after squirt of incestuous sperm filled the child and she whimpered incoherently, as she experienced her final glorious spasms.
The deed was done.


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