my mom is a internet sex slave v/s mom in wife reform school

Story plot:
Hello friends. I am thinking of writing a new story based on extreme bdsm fantasy on my mom. I am sharing the story plot and wants suggestions if you want to continue me with this story plot and your suggestions on the plot. Also I want suggestions if I should write it in hindi or in English.
Story 1: my mom is internet slave
I am 24 years old living in Canada. My mom also lives in Canada. She is 44 years old but due to our office distance we lives apart and meet only on Sundays. I get to know about bdsm world and gradually after watching a lot of stuff I have joined a group named master jojo’s slave. This is a paid web group where master jojo enslave and exhibit his slave and perform all the punishment tasks on his slave live on cam as per the subscribe viewers demand and suggestions. Although his slave has right to wear masks always on cam. I started liking it and get addicted to this group and really started participating in suggesting punishments for the slave.
Once because of some mistake done by his slave master jojo has punished her that her right to hide the mask is no more and I was surprised to see that she was my mother. And now master jojo has started using her openly and started exhibiting her slavery live and also renting her to interested subscribed masters.

Story 2: mom in wife reform school
Today my mom is a sex slave and available for all the masters interested. She is a real pain taking slut very popular in extreme sadists. But she was not like that. She was a very traditional indian housewife. But it started when my mom started growing old. It was incident of 10 years back when my father was tired of her declining beauty of assets and her increasing excuses for sex. So my dad got an opportunity to visit U.S. for a business tour and there he heard about a wife reforms school. By curiosity he visited this school and get to know that it is a bdsm training academy where wifes are being trained for becoming a hardcore paintaking sluts to spice up the life of husbands and if even after that husbands are not interested they will be auctioned in slave market. My dad was very happy to know and without thinking he made a plan to admit my mom to this wife training school. Although thry made my dad sign a paper which said that once admitte my dad have no right on my mom for 1 whole year and the school will keep my mom as per their rules and regulations which are very strict and inhuman. My mom will go through a very extensive 24*7 slave training which also include public humination and even renting out slave to the masters for use or in masters party for their enjoyment.her life will be worse than an animal and after 1 whole year she will be ready for even the greatest sadist physically as well as mentally. So how all this happened and how the training goes on and what happened to my mom now.

Friends I want suggestion which story I should continue and in which language. Also your valuable suggestions to spice up the story. I am waiting eagerly for your comments so I will start the story. You can also check my previous thread on some minces bdsm stories.

My Mom in wife reform academy
So as I have discussed in the story plot my mom Mohini is a simple religious housewife. She is very conservative and traditional. her husband is her God. She was a sex goddess at her younger days with height of 5 foot 9 inch darker color assets of 34c-32-36. My dad was very happy with her and used to fuck her daily. She was also very happy with her life and used to spend her whole day at home doing house works and chants of gods and goddess. But the situation started getting bad when my mom started growing old. Her vagina was no so tight as earlier also her boobs and ass were not so firm now. And with the increasing age my mom started making excuses for not doing sex. Everyday she said to my dad today is my fast so I cant do it or I am tired or having headache etc etc. My dad was so worried about it and he started loosing intrest in my mom.
In the meanwhile my dad get an opportunity to visit Canada for a official tour. So it was his first foreign trip he also accompanied mom with him.that was the time when it all started.
So before starting my story I want to introduce you to my family. So we have a family of 4 members with my mom dad and my younger sister. My mom mohini is 42 year old and I have already described her. My dad Rahul is 46 years old and he is kind of very simple person a traditional indian person. My younger sister anu just turned 19 and she is a real beauty. Although my mom is darker in color but Anu is very fair in color and a tiny slim built body with 5 ft 2 inch height weight only 45 kg and assets of 30-38-32.
So coming to the story My dad and mom was on visit to Canada. My dad thought my Mom will change after coming to foreign and his sex life will become normal again but it was all in vain. My Dad tried for 1 whole week in Canada to have sex with mom but my mom always made some one day after having a small fight with my mom over this my dad leave the hotel room in disappointment. He bought 1 bottle of beer and was walking in the street. He was thinking deeply that now my sex life is over. He was going in his thoughts suddenly he saw a hoarding-“ Wife Reform Academy” He was very curious about that and he suddenly take a cab and told driver to go there. It was a drive of about 20 minutes- my father was thinking what is this? What kind of academy is this etc etc. in 20 minutes he reached there. It was a very old fort kind of building. He entered in and there was a small room. An old European lady was sitting on the chair and a table and two chairs was lying there. As he entered she told him to sit. He saw there were big pictures of nude ladies all over the walls. Some ladies were nude and on all 4s with coller in their neck, some were tied to the walls and being whipped. He was pretty excited and aroused by seeing all this. The lady said, hello I am Anna. How can I Help you?
My dad said I saw your hoarding and want to know what is this wife reform school. So she started explaining to dad that we are the govt approved wife and girls reforming academy. We train young and old bitches according to husband needs so they can make them happy. We train them to be a good wife, a good pet, a good slave. Our philosophy is every woman is an animal and deserve to live like that we just take that animal out of them so their husbands will be happy from them.
My dad was listning this very carefully and she mummered hmm she really need this training. She started so if I am not wrong you are here for your wife, right? He answered slowly yes. She said- we know all these indian bitches and we have already reformed many indian bitches. They took excuses on religious basis or traditional basis etc etc to not have sex and all. See we can totally reform your wife into a animal a pain slut a slave to you. But our training is very hard and she or even you will not have any right on her body or her mind. It will be training of a one whole year and she have to live here only by our rules 24*7 just like an animal and we will use her as per our wish. As we are certified training academy we can use her publiclaay or rent her out whatever we want. So just think and sign these papers. My dad started thinking.

After thinking a lot dad signed the paper. Anna said very good.Now yoy wife is our property for the next one year and after a year you will get her as a pure paintaking slut. But during the year you have no right or say in anything. Dad nodded. She continued now go and bring her here tomorrow morning at 6. Her enslaving ceremony will happen in front of you and then she will be under our control. Dad was very happy and he left for the hotel. As soon as he reached to the hotel he saw mom was watching Tv. He switched off the tv and said: Mohini I want divorce from you. Mom was shocked. She was not beliving what she was hearing . she anyhow managed to say: honey what happened? Why are you talking like this? Dad said: see mohini, I am tired of you. Your body is now not fuckable and also your mind. I cant live with a boring old bitch. Mom started crying and she hold my dad’s feet please dnt say like this. I will do everything to make you happy. You are my husband my lord. My life is nothing without you.
Dad was thinking for this moment. He said:: ok I am giving you a chance. If you want I will not leave you you have to get training from wife reform academy. If you passed successfully from there I will adopt you else I will give you divorce. And dad told mom everything about wife reform academy.
Mom was shocked but she had no option and she said yes. But she said please I want to meet my daughter once before going there. My dad said : shut up slut. And dnt worry you will meet her in the academy itself. I am thinking of admitting her also there as I know she is your blood only and I don’t want to ruin any other males life. I want she will also be a good slave before getting married to a male. Now go to sleep and we will go there in morning.
In the morning mom and dad reached to wife reform school. As they entered they saw there were two more people are sitting with anna. As they reached anna said: hii Rahul, we are waiting for you. Meet Mr. Mohan and Mr. Robert. Mr. Robert is our founder and Mr. Mohan will be incharge of your wife. We have specially selected indian master for your wife so he can break her traditionally. And she said mohini touch feet of your masters. Mom was very uncomfortable and she started sobbing. Dad saw mom in anger and mom touched feet of master Mohan and Robert. Master mohan said: Mohini undress and let us check this slave meat. Mom was shocked and started crying. Mohan came to mom in anger and started slapping very hardly on her face and said see I dnt like repeating myself and it will be very tough for you if you will delay or deny any of my order. My order is the wish of god for you now on. You will even breathe on my wish. And saying this she torn the dress of mom. Now mom was standing naked in front of everyone. She was trying to hide per pussy with her hands and crying. Tears were falling from her eyes. Mohan shouted hands up in the air. This time mom has no courage to delay and she suddenly raise her hands up in the air. She was standing naked with her hands up. She was looking ver y sexy with her bulky curvy body.with little overwight and little bit of tummy and big assets but her height was managing that and she was looking like a dusky bulky slut. Mohan came and started touching her body from top to bottom. He touched mom’s pussy and ass firmly and said hmm a good old whore. We have to work a lot on her boobs and ass. They got very loose. But the good thing is she is a tall strong slut. We can treat her very roughly and badly and her body can tolerate this. Mom was feeling like a animal which is being sold in the market and sobbing. Mom shouted: enough slut mohini. 1 more tear and I will show you what I am.this is the last warning to you. Mom anyhow stopped crying. Now mohan came with a instrument . It was to measure dimentions of her pussy and ass. After measuring he said to dad: sorry to say man but your dick is not capable of utilize her pussy completely. Her pussy is digged by only 6 inch. We have to work very hard on her pussy also so she can take dicks of upto 16 inches. And her ass is unused. That too we have to streach. Well anyway we will work upon it. This is a good fuckmeat and will become a great slave. Now mohan took out her mangalsutra and handed it to dad , now she belongs to us and took a dog collar and fixed it in her neck. Now you can leave Mr. she is all ours.

As soon as dad left Master Mohan told Anna that announce on our website to her entry and her “introductory The slut show”- the bridal episode and keep her ready. Its time to introduce her to our viewers and left the room.
As master left the room anna stood up and told mom to be relax. Mom put her hands down and asked in a very frightened voice what is this “the slut show”. Anna started explaining her- see mohini, now you are not a normal woman. You are a sub slut slave here for the 1 whole year and its gonna be miserable. You have to take the toughest humiliation and pain during this period. Your life will not be better than an animal and after one year you will be a proper bdsm pain slut. And it will be better for yyou as soon as you will accept your destiny. And I am warning you about master Mohan. He is the most cruel master here. He don’t tolerate any kind of indiscipline. So be careful and try to be a good pet for him it will be beneficial for you. Now “the slut show” is our academys online show where our website’s subscribed viewers get to interact with the sluts and they can participate by announcing punishments to them . It is your first show where you will be introduced to them live on cam and they will get to know you. And will ask you questions and may be some punishments on you. Master Mohan will be the host of the show. And I am warning you last time be polite to every viewer and show your face happy. As you are an indian woman its special addition “the bridal show” you have to be dressed as a indian bride gateup. And be ready for any kind of humiliation. Mohini was in shock where was she and couldnot belive her destiny that 1 day before she was in a luxurious hotel and now she was being introduced as a whore to common people. Well Anna gave her a saree and ornaments to her and said be ready in 1 hour I will come after 1 hour.
1 hour later Anna and master mohan entered the room. Mom was ready with a bright red color saree with mangalustra in neck and sindoor. She was looking very gorgeous even in this age in that bridal getup. Now master mohan signelled to anna and anna lifted her saree from behind and slowly put a small device in her asshole. She screamed slowly and asked what is it? Anna said It is a electric butt plug with remote control. Remote is with the master and he can give you a high voltage electric current whener he want. So be cautious on the show. Whenever he will feel that you are not polite with the viewere or being shy he will give you current. And she hold hand of mom and took her a cabin. It was a dark room with a stage in between. There was two chairs and a table placed in center of the room. As mohini reached there light illuminitad the stage. Anna told mohini to sit on a chair and left the room. Mohan sat on the other chair and said start. A camera turned to stage and started recording. There was a big screen fitted on the wall. So it was the time to going live on the show and master mohan announced : hello our dear viewers, so as promised we came up aour new entertaints in our slave academy , so as you all know she is an indian bitch so its our bridal show. And its free to all our viewers. Later shows of her will be charable. So dear friends come and check her so you can choose where to subscribe for her or not. You can connect to us anytime via video conferencing so be fast and participate. And the first call came. Mohan picked the call and and transferred it to mohini. So it was mr Robert a 60 year old man who was on video conference and mohini can see her on screen on the wall. So Robert said so slut introduce you to us.
Mom was very nervous shy and feeling uncomfortable. As she didn’t speak for 30 seconds master mohan pressed the button of the remote and mom just felt a quick shock in her asshole. She was in pain but as anna said she have to be smiling. She anyhow stopped her screeming and said yes sir I am mohini, 42 years old . I am from india . and my assets are 34-32-36. Now mr. Robert asked: ok than why are you here? Mom was feeling really humiliated now and was feeling like crying. But she didn’t want to take the current again so she said: my husband was not happy with me sexually. He wanted to make me a good wife so he admitted me here to train me. “so you admit you are a slave” mr. Robert said . “yes sir” “than dumb whore who gave you permisiion to sit on a chair . don’t you have any manners how can you sit on chair in front of your master . on ground and on all 4s like an animal quick. Mr. Robert orderd. Mohan gave a quick shock to her and she immediately followed him and be in a doggy position on ground.
Now the second call rang: it was mr. X who requested mr mohan that I have heared indian bitches are very traditional. We want to see how they treat their husband. So we want she will treat a black dick as her husband in front of us. Mr. mohan replied ok. And she signneled and a black man enterd the room. A he enterd the room mohan told him to be naked. He took off all his clothes . Now mohan said just cleared her old husband’s signs. And told her something in the ear. He nodded and came to mohini and told her to sit on her knees. She followed him. Now he took his dick in his hand and started peeing on her head. She was now live sitting on her knees and a black guy was peeing on her head. It was like a nightmare for her but she cant do anything except excepting her destiny. Now master mohan took her mangalsutra out from her neck and fitted it on the black man’s dick. And orderd mohini make your husband ready. Mohini didn’t understand . mohan gave a long hard current this time and as she opened her mouth to shout black man put his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her by her hair and started pushing his dick deep in her mouth. His dick grew big as 10 inch long and 3 inch thick. She was struggling for breathing. Now he took out his dick. It was black full big. Now master mohan orderd her to worship the dick as her husband. She first touched the dick to her forhead. Thn she said my dear lord black dick , I am your slut . you are everything to me. Than she took some fluid coming out of the dick in her hand and put that on her head.
Now the master mohan announced so friends how do you like our new enterints. We will be back with the second part of our bridal the slut show episode and you have one more chance to decide on her. So good bye for now and we will meet tomorrow again on the second part of the show.

o the next live session of the mohini has started. Mohan came online and announced so dear friends and viewers you have seen our new slut mohini. now this is our last free session with our new slut and after that you have to subscribe to our paid version for full live covergae of this slut. so the theme of this show is to decide the rules for this new indian slut. so you are free to add any rules of your fantasy to our indian slut mohini. this is 1 hour show and the person with the maximum rules will win 1 night with this bitch.
mohini was sitting nude on her all 4s on the ground facing master Mohan and waiting for her cruel destiny. so the calls started coming up and the viewers have started to tell their fantasies which will be now the rules for my mom which she has to follow every time and failing them will results in a very harsh punishments.
Mohan instructed anna to listing all the rules. and at the end of the show master Mohan read all the rules for Mohini
1. She will be always nude on all 4s just like a bitch.
2. she will always wear a dog collar in her neck with lash attached. and the person with lash in hand will be her god.
3. her pussy will be filled with a 10 inch dildo and asshole will be filled with a buttplug always 24*7.
4. She is not allowed to use any furnniture or electric appliances like fan or Ac or TV. she will be tied to a pole just like a bitch in a dark room when not in use.
5. her boobs will be attached with nipple clamps always and weight attached to clamps. weight the master will decide everyday.
6. She is not allowed to drink water anytime. She will be placed in a public urinal 2 times a day and everyone there will piss in her mouth.
7. at the start of the day she has to wake up and worship a new dick everyday and have to suck his dick and gargle with it.
8. Afternoon 4 hours will be the labour time for her where daily she will be given very hard physical task decided by master. so hard that at the end of 4 hours her body will shiver with pain. failing results in inhuman punishments.
9. 1 day in every week she will be sent to some lower class people to be used like beggers.
10. her daughter will join her as soon as possible.
11. 1 Dvd of her training will be relesed in Indian market every month and posted on indian porn websites.
12. there will be a competition for indian online spectators although the training will not be broadcasted in India but the winner of this competition will win 2 days bdsm with mohini in india. she will be sent to India with her daughter to the winner master and he can choose to use her as per his wish.
13. she will do 100 sit ups and be 1 hous in Indian murga punishment position everyday.

contd …5


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