My encounter with my sister ( bahen ki chudai )

During my childhood I was completely innocent and studying in coed school in Bangalore. I was shy by nature at that time. Girls used to tease me and slowly I too start attracted but never dare to say anything to them. Luckily It happened with my own sister which I promised to share with you all in continuation with I posted previously. I hope you will enjoy them well. Now they are all here:

These accounts are true and happened many years ago when I was 18 years of age and my sister was 20. I will not go into great detail as I am not a detailed story writer as indeed I have not really wrote down these experiences in detail before to anyone other than my wife who indeed found it to be a great turn on for her. Also I did not have penetrative sex with my sister but carried out almost every other sexual activity.

As I said I was 18 and lying on my bed looking at a women’s catalogue depicting pictures of bras and pants for sale and wanking off to these pictures when suddenly my sister just barged into my room as she normally did but, on this occasion I was wanking. I quickly put my cock away as she walked over to me giggling and looked at the catalogue as she stood over me. I asked her to leave which she did and carried on giggling as she left my room.

Now I must admit I did fancy my sister as she had a lovely figure and dressed trendy for that time of era back in the seventies. I had never seen her naked but the clothes she wore showed of her lovely breasts, bum and legs. Anyway over the next couple of days she just drew me little giggles and generally giving me teases by flaunting herself at me which I remember being quite timid to it all. None the less I did sometimes fantasies about her as I had my wanking sessions between my sheets with my tissue paper.

Then one day my sister called me into her bedroom. I walked in and she told me to come over and sit on her bed which I remember doing so rather sheepishly. She then said outright if I liked to see women in bra and panties. I was getting all shy and did not answer her but she told me not to be shy as she was my sister and then asked me if I would like to see her in her bra and panties. I remember getting all excited by means of my cock stirring as I only had shorts on and she just turned away and walked into her walk in dresser. I sat there for a couple of minutes wondering what was going to happen when she opened her door and came out displaying her under wear. I remember sitting there just staring at her lovely body – her tits looked great underneath her bra and as she turned around her bum was great. My cock was getting hard again and she asked me what I thought. I blurted out something like she was great and looked really nice. She then done another couple of twirls and went back into her dresser.

I just sat there and readjusted myself to make me comfortable and once again she walked back in displaying another set and asked me what I thought. My erection was permanent now and I said she looked terrific or words to that effect. Again she teased me with some movement and twirls then went back into the dresser. This carried on for another couple of shows after which on her final display my sister asked me which was my favorite set. I remember saying all of them and started to thank her but, she told me to let her know my favorite so I remember on that first account saying the white set.

So once again she went back into the dresser and came back out displaying the white bra and panties. She then took my hand and beckoned me to stand up. She then walked around the bed and laid down as I stood over her. She then asked me to take my cock out which was hard and noticeable. Again I got shy and said no and sorry but, my sister said not to be shy and to take my cock out and show her it. Well I undid my belt and pulled down my shorts and took my cock from out of my pants. She then told me to start wanking as she caught me before. Again I started to get a bit shy but she told me to relax and enjoy her body as I was wanking and to enjoy her bra and panties. So I then started to wank off as I watched my sister transfixed on my cock – she glanced up at me a couple of times and smiled as she did.

As I was about to come I told my sister and she told me to make the spunk go on to her belly which when I did come I maneuvered myself over her tummy as I stood and let my spunk drip onto her belly. After I came I started to thank my sister – she got some tissues from her side table and cleaned the spunk of her belly. She then gave me a couple of tissues and told me to wipe myself. She then sat up and asked me if I enjoyed that of which I said yes and thank you. My sister then told me to leave her room but also told me we will do it again and it was between us only to which I swore I would not tell anyone.

Well that was my first encounter with my sister and it progressed from there onwards. If you would like to know more my experiences with my sister I will gladly do so.

My second experience with my sister involved masturbating in front of her again but both lying down on her bed – the chapters with my sister will progress to involvement with each other but I will build this up as it is too much to write at one time but, I hope you will enjoy the episodes.

It was about a week later after my first experience with my sister that another encounter was to develop. During the course of that first session I remember we acted normal but on the odd occasion my sister would tease me and asked me from time to time if I was jacking of to her model session she had given me to which I would just smirk and shy away. I was actually jacking off thinking about my time and thinking what was going to happen next.

I remember the second time (as I do all of my times with my sister) mum and dad were out as was my older brother on this night. I was in my room and my sister as usual walked in on my room while this time I was watching television. She was wearing a bathrobe and sat on my bed. She then asked me if I had a wank today to which I said no and she went on to ask me if I would like to wank for her in her room. I of course said yes please but again rather coyly in my reply. She then asked if that was all I ever wanked over – she meant my catalogue she caught me with. I said no and that my mates and I would swop and share a magazine called Fiesta (Fiesta as some of you may know was a soft porn mag then showing naked women and sometimes guys who privates were covered up but the ladies showed there pussy’s).

My sister asked me if I had a copy which I said I did. She then asked me to come to her room in 5 minutes with me only to wear my pants and with a copy of my magazine. She left my room and instantly my cock started to go hard. I got undressed down to my pants and went under my mattress to get a copy of Fiesta. I remember sitting on my bed and was shaking a bit with nerves but looking forward to see what my sister had in store however, I still had a hard on and it would not go down no matter what I tried to think so I was embarrassed to go to my sister’s room as she would notice right away. Anyway five minutes or so elapsed and I went to my sister’s room and knocked to which she told me to come in. I said to my sister I was sorry as I put my head round the door and told her I was hard down below. She told me not to be silly and come in. So I went in and had my magazine round my cock area as I walked over to her bed.

She was still wearing her bathrobe and was lying on her bed. She told me to come and lie by her side. She was on her tummy so I got on the bed and lay down beside her also on my tummy which was great as my hard on could not be seen. She took the magazine from me and said let’s look at the pictures and see what you get all bothered about and laughed. I felt very comfortable this way as my cock was hard and hidden and I was looking forward to looking at the pictures with my sister.

She opened the magazine and she started turning the pages and looking at the first set of pics of a naked woman. She then said things like she is nice and also ran her fingers over the pictures of the breasts and pussy which got me really excited I remember. This went on as we looked through the pictures in the magazine together and my sister on occasion would ask me if I was hard to which I always said I was. During this period she also asked me which pictures I have wanked off to. I showed her a couple of pics rather sheepishly. We continued to flick through the pages and my sister teasing me with her fingers on the women’s breasts and pussies and looking at me at the same time with her wicked smile. I would hardly say a word but was really enjoying what my sister was doing.

Finally she closed the magazine and just said to me it was time to see me wank off. Without any further ado she got up and took her bathrobe off to reveal her in bra and panties. God what a sight – her body was just fantastic as I looked at her and could not take my eyes of her. She got on the bed and told me to swing around and join her to which I obliged. She then told me to take my pants of which I duly obliged but again feeling a bit embarrassed as my cock was solid. She then told me to start wanking off and to watch her as I did. Well I started to wank of by her side and as I did she started to feel her body touching her breasts through her bra and then running her hands down to her knickers and feeling her pussy through her knickers.

She would then raise a leg and rub also between her legs smiling wickedly to me and asking if I enjoyed this which I said yes as I jerked of my cock. Alas this only went on for a couple of minutes and I told my sister I was going to come. She then moved her body down to bring her breasts close to my cock and told me to wank on to her bra and tits. Well I came instantly as my spunk came out and I stared to rub it against her exposed part of her breast and making sure as I did that my cock was rubbing onto her top part of her breast. Now I have never even touched her breast as yet with my hand but here was my cock rubbing against her breast as I came.

After I came my sister got herself upright and got tissues and wiped the spunk from her and also handed me tissues to wipe myself. I then said to my sister that I really enjoyed that. She smiled at me and said it’s ok. She then told me to put my pants back on. As I did she got hold of my magazine and said she would be hanging on to this as she wanted to read the “wife’s stories” she had noticed in the magazine. She then said we could carry on this but again warned me very sternly I remember to keep quiet. I told her I promised I would not and we will do this regularly to which I thanked her very much. Well I was a bit more confident in myself and as I got up I leant over and kissed her on the cheek and thanked her and as I turned around she smacked my bum and laughed. I once again remember leaving my sister’s room feeling very elated indeed.

Now I know this may sound quite timid to some of you folks but to me it was so sexually exciting and to this day is still etched in my mind as great times and so erotic to me. This does develop really sexually between my sister and I but as I have said no penetration. Hope you wish for me to continue as I want to share my fond experiences with my sister to you folks.

Well everything was going great, from my two experiences I have written so far and another more couple of sessions with my sister allowing me to wank on her tummy and breasts while in her underwear, where what happened next nearly ruined the whole exciting fun with my sister.

One night I was out my friends in the local park having a laugh and drinking and some cans of lager. I was a little drunk and after our goodbyes I headed of home. As I got in I went to the kitchen to get some water and my sister was there making a sandwich or something and she said hi to me without turning round to look at me. Well because I had a little drink in me without thinking I grabbed her breasts from behind and started to rub them (bearing in mind I have never physically touched my sister intimately).

Well without saying a word my sister just turned around and slapped my face with such a whack that my lip burst open as her hand hit my mouth. I reeled back with the pain when she watched me again round my ear. I realized what I had done but did not realize why she was so angry. After my second whack she grabbed my arm as I cowered and told me to go to my room – she actually swore – and said Mum and Dad, your brother are in the house as is my boyfriend.

I ran up the stairs and went straight to bed and started to cry softly as I realized what I had done. I was really hurting both through the pain and realized my sister was really mad with me. I woke up in the morning with a fat burst lip and blood over my pillow. I was I remember very sheepish and sad and still in pain. I was called downstairs for breakfast and without thinking went straight down and went into the kitchen. I went in and my brother, sister and Father were sitting down at the table and Mother was preparing breakfast. My sister just glared at me when my father asked what I had been getting up to.

Mother turned around and asked if I had been fighting. It was my lip – I said no but Mother came up to me to check me out (she was a sister at the Royal Infirmary). She then whacked me around the ear and said that I had been drinking. It was a sore whack and then went on to lecture me regarding drinking and getting into fights. Father told me to get back upstairs and get cleaned up before school. I remember the tears I had again but was more upset on my sister and how angry she was and most of all if I blew my sessions with her.

I was going out the front door when my sister grabbed me and told me I was not finished with. I tried to say sorry but she told me basically to fuck off and will talk to you later.

That night I got in and my sister made a beeline for me and took me upstairs straight to my room and closed the door. She went on to say such things as who do you think you are, family could have seen me, boyfriend etc. How dare you all this sort of things to which I kept trying to say sorry. She went on to say if I ever did that again etc. I was sitting on my bed and my eyes welling up and she dropped the bombshell of saying that our little fun was over. I said sorry about ten times over but my sister stormed out and that was that.

Over the next couple of days I at every opportunity tried to apologies but it was just back to the normal brotherly sisterly routine scenario. I was really upset and could not explain to my sister how sorry I was – not for the fact just the fun we were having was going to stop but I loved my sister and I was also sorry for the way I acted towards her. So I decided to write a letter and put it an envelope and place it in the room where she would notice it. So I compiled a letter saying how sorry I was, how much I loved her as a sister, and how much she could trust me in future, things like I would never do it again and finished it off with lots of kisses and smiling faces.

Next morning as I was leaving for school she just said to me I got your letter and she smiled and kissed my forehead and told me to get to school. I can remember being very happy again. Well the tension had gone from my sister over the next few days and we were laughing and joking with each other again. I did think though that our sessions were gone. Well how wrong, my sister came into my room one night soon after the letter and said to me to come to her room later.

I was all excited again as the house was going to be empty and was wishing if I was going to have my sessions again. Later she called me into her room. She sat me down on the bed and thanked me for the letter and how much it meant to her. She went onto say how stupid it was of me and you cannot think you can do things like that and also her boyfriend could have seen it or to that matter Mother or Father. Once again I said I was really sorry. She was then stroking my hair and actually told me how she cried for a couple of nights the way she had beaten me up and how it hurt her to do that to me. I told her I cried also because how much I hurt her feelings.

She was wearing her usual night gown and cuddled me hard into her with my head against her breasts. This time there was no bra as I was getting a good eyeful as her gown was open and there was no bra there. She kept stroking my hair then asked me if I would like to carry on the fun we were having. I do remember really hugging her closely and said yes please like the little kid I was.

She then said would I enjoy it better if I was to stroke you down there. I already had a hard on and of course I replied yes please. She then told me to lie on the bed and to take my clothes of which I did including my pants showing my hard on. She laid down beside me and asked if I would like to see her breasts without the bra on and that I could touch and kiss them as a sorry for beating me. I thanked her and of course said I would love to. Well she opened her gown just to reveal her lovely breasts and I remember what a sight they were for the first time to see them.

I was trembling and she knew it and drew me in closely to her and told me to relax and enjoy. She swung around and got a load of tissues and placed round where my cock was. She then put her hand on my cock and told me to touch her breasts which I did. It was great and then my sister started to stroke my cock and in no time I just shot my load – it was only after about ten seconds and the orgasm was great. My sister laughed and said something like that was quick. She got the tissues together and cleaned me up. I said sorry but I was so excited with her hand on me and that could I carry on to touch her breasts and kiss them.

She said yes and I started to feel my sister’s breasts and pawing them. My sister kept kissing my head and told me to relax and to enjoy them. She then told me to kiss her breasts which I did and then managed to then put my lips around her nipple and started to suck on it. I was really enjoying myself but my sister also was starting to moan slightly and was pushing my head into her breasts as I sucked her nipple. She then took her hand and started to stroke my cock again which was hard.

So I had my sisters hand pressing my head against her as I sucked her and my cock was being stroked again. Her moans were getting a bit louder and her arm was pushing my head harder into her breasts as I sucked and squeezed them with my hands. My cock was also getting nicely stroked but my sister was also rubbing my cock between her legs against her panties and she was making it touch hard against her crotch and rubbing my cock against it.

She was really rubbing hard against it – I did not know what she was doing but suddenly she pushed my cock hard against her pub area and straightened her legs and told me to suck harder on her nipple. After she relaxed she started to kiss my forehead and continued to rub my cock up and down until I said I was coming to which I then started to spunk and sucked harder on her nipple.

She held me close and asked me if I had enjoyed that to which I said yes but asked her if she was okay as I was wondering. She said that she had an orgasm and kissed my forehead. I remember feeling happy. We lay embraced for a bit and I continued to play with her breasts. She then said we better get ourselves together. Once again my sister reminded me this was our secret. I thanked her and kissed her and promised her and left the room feeling really great.

It was only a couple of days after my lovely session with my sister regarding my first experience of playing with her tits and her cumming that our next experience was to happen.

It was a morning and the house was empty and I remember being downstairs sitting having a bite when my sister entered the room. She said the house was empty and asked if I would like some fun with her. Of course I said yes and she came over to where I was sitting and opened her bath robe revealing her lovely breasts and exposed pussy. She looked great and this was the first time I had seen her hairy pussy.

She said something like – do you like what you see – which I replied yes and once again my cock was rigid. She started to tease me by coming forward and holding her breasts out to my face then going backwards – turning around and opening and closing her bath robe. She kept just smiling at me and then asked if I was hard.

She stopped fooling around and came forward and felt my cock through my pajamas bottoms and as she did this she leant forward and said go on you can play with them. So without further ado I took my both hands and started to play with my sister’s breasts and was sucking and kissing her nipples. From time to time I would glance down and look at her hairy pussy as she was rubbing my hard cock. She told me to keep playing with her breasts and that I could see more of her pussy in a while.

This got me really excited and I started to suck and kiss her breasts harder and also sucked her nipples harder. She kept rubbing my cock through my pajamas and I asked her if she could take it out, to which she did. She then grabbed my cock by her whole hand and started to Jack me of as I sucked and played harder with my hands and mouth on her breasts. She also started to make moaning noises and in no time my spunk was shooting out as she jerked up and down letting my spunk flow on to her hand.

I sat back and enjoyed the experience as my Sister then went to get some tissues. She cleaned up my cock and wiped her hand. After wiping she then threw the tissues in the bin and then started to lick her hand where my spunk had been. I just watched as she licked her whole hand. It was great to watch and she said nothing but was just smiling at me.

After she said it was her turn to have some fun and told me she had been looking at my magazine this morning and she would like to show me a few poses. She then wrapped her bath robe around her and took me by the hand and we went upstairs. At the top she told me to go and undress from my pajamas and to come back in my bath robe only. I got changed and then went to my sister’s room and knocked on the door. When I went in she was completely naked lying on the bed with her legs wide open but bent at the knees. She told me to take my robe off and to sit at the end of the bed. She then said she had been looking at poses from the magazine and thought this was a sexy one to show me.

Well the sight was amazing my sister’s breast’s looked great but the site of her pussy was fantastic, I could not keep my eyes of it and once again my cock was getting hard. My sister asked if I enjoyed the pose and I just stood up and showed her my erection. We both just laughed. She then said would I like to watch her play with her pussy. I nearly died and said I would love to watch.

So at first she started to play with her breasts and nipples with both hands then I watched as she sucked on a finger and brought it down to her pussy and started to rub her crack. I was as hard as I watched her then place a finger up her cunt. Her eyes were shut then she brought her other hand down and started to play with her pussy. It was great watching her go in and out and rub herself and also to see the pinky flesh. She kept doing this for a bit and at times she would let out some moans.

She from time to time asked if I was enjoying it as she kept her eyes closed though. Well I was and I was stroking my cock as I watched the show. She kept playing with herself and fingering and by this stage my sister had two fingers up inside her and was starting to arch her back and squirm. I knew she must be coming soon as her breath was harder and her noises were more profound.

I was jacking of also and then suddenly she came and pushed her two fingers harder into her and also grabbed her tit and squeezed it. It was such a lovely site and I remember I stopped jacking off and just watched as she was climaxing. Afterwards she just sighed and then she opened her eyes and asked me did I come. I said no I was about to but I stopped and just watched you enjoying yourself.

She then said to me to come in between her and kneel between her legs. I went between them and she then took her hands and opened up her pussy and asked if I enjoyed this. I said it looked great and then she told me to start wanking and to look at her pussy as I did. So I started to wank and watched my sister pulling and rubbing her pussy. She also kept saying go on do this for your sister words to that effect. It was the sister bit and her pussy that got me so excited and once again I was about to come so my sister arched up and grabbed my cock and jerked my cock till my spunk was landing on her near her pussy. That was just fantastic.

She leant over got the tissues and cleaned her tummy and my cock however there was a little bit of spunk drop and she picked it up and rubbed it between her fingers then put it in her mouth and then swallowed it. She licked her lips then said do you know what that means. I said no and she said well that’s for the next time you will see. I honestly did not know what she meant but, then told me to get cleaned up so I gave her the usual kiss and went out her room. I was having a great time with my sister. Hope you are enjoying my experiences.

I thought I would carry on my thread regarding my relations with my sister.

This next account was to be my first blow job from my sister. It was only after a couple of days having me watch her lick some spunk from her fingers from our last session. It was I remember a Saturday afternoon as Mother and Father always visited my grandparents and this day I asked to be excused as my sister told me to make some excuse as she wanted to try something on me with her usual cheeky smirk and grin. Well whatever my excuse was I was not going to my grandparents and Mother and Father left the house with just my sister and me.

Well my sister told me to have a shower and when I was finished I was to join her in her bedroom. Once again I was like a cat that got the cream and ran off and got showered. After I finished I put my bathrobe on and went to her bedroom door and knocked. She told me to come in and once I entered there she was sitting on the edge of the bed naked. I think I was starting to control myself as my cock did not stiffen but it was such a lovely sight to see my naked sister I can assure you.

She then told me to lie on the bed on my back and to open up my dressing gown which I done rather quickly lol. As I lay there she got up and went to her dresser drawer and brought out a long band of cloth of some sort and came over to me and opened my legs apart and she knelt in between me. She then instructed me to lift my head forwards and she then leant forward to me rub her breasts as she was going to blind fold me. I remember laughing nervously and saying what for but, she told me not to worry and just relax as it was going to be fun for me. So I played with her gorgeous breasts and nipples as she wrapped the blind fold round my head. I still did not have a hard on as the apprehension of the blind fold made me wary. Well the blind fold was on and she told me to lay back again and rest my head.

When I laid back down she asked me if I could see anything at all to which I replied in a nervous voice no. She then lay on top of me and started rubbing her body up and down me and was pushing her breasts onto my chest and giving me kisses and telling me how much I was going to enjoy this. My cock was now solid and I could feel her bush pressing onto my cock as she was rubbing herself up and down me. I then put my arms around her but she told me not to and to keep them by my sides. At this point the way she was pushing into me with her hips gyrating against my cock I really thought she was going to allow my cock to slip into her cunt. Alas no because she then got off me and then there was silence. I remember saying to her what was happening and she told me to hush.

I then felt her hands clasp my balls and she also started to rub up and down my cock slowly wanking me. Well in the next instance I knew exactly what she was doing because her mouth was now kissing the top of my cock then she took my cock in her mouth. I remember saying Liz this is wonderful thanks and things as such to which she stopped and told me to be quiet and just enjoy. Well there I was lying getting my cock sucked off by my sister. She was licking me up and down and then putting her mouth over my cock and going up and down on me. I heard the moans and sometimes slurping and other noises as she sucked on me and pulling my cock up and down. She would stop on a couple of occasions and just start to stroke and play with my cock and balls then she would take my cock in her mouth again.

It came to the point where I was going to come and I told Liz and she stared to suck harder and made more slurping noises and then I came and she sort of released her mouth as I came and she wanked me as she must have been watching my spunk come out and after no more spunk came out I presume she then sucked on my cock gently again and kept doing this as my cock went limp. She then started to lick my belly and kissing it which was lovely. After wards she got beside me and she told me to take the blind fold. She was sitting down beside me and told me to look down at my cock and she explained to me I would not need tissues as she had swallowed it all and licked the rest of my belly. I told her that was so lovely and I gave her a big hug and we started to kiss. We stopped and I asked her why did she blindfold me and she explained to me that her boyfriend wants her to suck him off but she was a bit nervous as she really did not know what to do.

She explained that having me blindfolded I would not be able to see her and that she was herself a bit nervous and hesitant as to how to do a blow job. She asked me if I enjoyed it really to which I said of course and at anytime did she hurt me to which I told her she did not. I told her I really enjoyed it and would she do it to me also from now on to which she cheekily said yes without the blindfold next time. I really enjoyed my sisters company not just for the fun we were starting to have together but she was a great friend to me also.


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