My Didi’s Secret Chudai

My name is Rohit and I am 21 now. I’m belonging to high-class family living in high society area here in Bombay. My father is businessman and owning reputed company. My mother also well educated and working for one foreign company as a legal adviser. I have one older sister, kavitha didi who’s 25 now.

I never really paid too much attention to my didi when we were growing up. She is four years older than I am, so we really never had anything in common. When she gone to the Banglore City five years earlier for studying in degree collage I was only 18, and concerned myself with normal teenage boy. One year before, After finishing Degree College in Banglore City, my didi returned back into our house. Father and mother worked six days a week, so for the most of the time, I was home alone after school every day. My didi attends a local college three-day week to finish her master degree, and worked few hours in one firm to get some experience and off course! to earn some money at her own. She used to come back home late in the evening.

At the age 21, all I could think about was sex. The first thing I noticed about my sister, Kavitha didi, when she got back was the size of her breasts under her tight T-shirt. God! they were huge! And perfect! Her waist was so tiny I wondered how she supported her upper body. It was as though I was seeing her for the first time, though the last time I saw her was eight months before when she came back for wedding of her close girlfriend. Needless to say, she was beautiful. I was in amazement, (and a little embarrassed that I was getting a hard-on looking at my own sister, but I couldn’t help it). When she hugged me and wrapped her arms around me, and pressed those beautiful perfect breasts against me, I almost came in my pants. I knew right then that my life was not going to be easy with Kavitha didi being back.

My sister, Kavitha didi had a body that was driving all boys and men crazy. To me, it was pure tease in my own home. All I could do since my sister had been back was jerk off, and think about her. I don’t know how many gallons of cum I shot with Kavitha didi in my fantasies. Dreaming about her wasn’t all that I did. I lusted after her all day and nights. I tried to get glimpse of her naked flesh but she was very cautious around me. She never wears a short or thin gown, or anything that would show much to me. Forget about going to her room for a peek, because she kept it locked.

One day I was alone in the house. As usual I checked the lock on Kavitha didi’s bedroom door, as I did every day. Only this time it was open. I went into the room. Room was filled with expensive air freshener. Her dressing table was full with deferent creams, perfumes and so many things. It wasn’t strange, as my sister is fashionable and wears make up all the time. I opened her cupboard and saw array of her sexy and expensive dresses. Some of them I haven’t even seen on her. I imagined how she’d look in those sexy dresses. I found her sexy undergarments in one drawer. All of them were sexy. I wondered how she maintains such an expensive life style? From where she get money from all of this items. Sure father or mother wasn’t giving her this much money to spend. I guess she afford this with her part time job.

I decided to masturbate with one of Kavitha didi’s bra and panties but all of them were washed and fresh. I then went to her bathroom to find out the one which she wear previous day. In the bathroom under her night gown one pink bra and panties were laying down. The mere sight of which drove me crazy. I immediately took off my clothes and got naked. I smelled crotch of her panties and then lick them. I wrap her bra around my hardening cock and started jerking off. Within a five minutes I came all over her huge bra, which I used as a towel to wipe cum off my cock.

After I got up and put my clothes back on, I looked around Kavitha Didi’s room for a little bit. Who knows when I would have an opportunity like that again? I casually checked her dressing table drawer and saw a bunch of pink tissue paper with perfume smell. I looked carefully that tissue paper and found name of one hotel on each one. I was surprised how she got this much tissue paper of particular hotel. Is she visiting this particular hotel frequently? If yes! Then why? With whom? Thousand questions click in my mind. I decided to find out. I took one of the tissue paper and came back to my room, because I knew she’d be home after some time.

I took telephone directory and tried to find out telephone number of that hotel. There were 5/6 telephone numbers with same hotel name. I called up those numbers one by one. Most of them were normal hotels situated in city but one hotel was far away in the suburb of Bombay and guy told me its kind of night club opening in the evening only. That particularly drove my attention to this hotel because Kavitha didi was coming late every evening.

I noted down address and location of this hotel and decided to go there in the evening. I didn’t have much else to do in the evening. I had a couple of friends, but I really didn’t socialise much. Most of my recent nights were spent at home thinking of my sister anyway, so this would be an adventure. I had to go to this hotel to see what was going on.

I didn’t have my own car. My parents have their own car and recently they present one car to Kavitha didi. When I asked about my car they said that when I’d got 23 they’d give me one. For time being I use my sister’s car occasionally, if she let me use it then only. Since that particular suburb area was far away from where we were living I decided to go by local train. I got down at that suburb railway station and took auto to go to that hotel. I talked with auto driver about that hotel. All he told me in that hotel there is one famous night-club and most of the dancer is from high society.

I got down near the night club. I got cigarette before entering in the hotel to make an impression that I’m used to go places like that. Even though I was just 18 I looked a lot older than my real age, so I didn’t think I’d have a hard time getting in. I was right. The doorman didn’t even looked at me. Any way they don’t care as long as they get customer whether he’s below the age or above. This was easier than I thought.

When I got inside, I saw at the end of the club there was one stage with one girl dancing on it. Table arrangement was made all around the stage and most of them were full. Place had been dim lighted but stage was brighten with spotlights. When I observed the place I found most of the peoples were males. Hardly one or two women were sitting in the public and from the look they looks like a low class or prostitute. I wonder what my sister will be doing in this place. I didn’t know whether what time Kavitha didi will come there or with whom she’ll come or anything. I sat on the table far away from the stage and entrance trying to hide myself as much as I possibly could. Though I wasn’t there to drink, I ordered the beer.

On the request of customer Deferent Hindi songs was playing and on the each song deferent girl would come on stage to perform. All girls were beautiful and sexy. They were wearing very exotic dresses for every song, dancing seductively. Customer was getting mad seeing every girls in sexy skimpy dresses and would throw money on them. My cock was throbbing at the sight of these gorgeous girls on the stage. I had never seen any half-nude girl before and now I was seeing dozens of beautiful girl in one room! Then for the next song I looked A beautiful, tall, girl stepped on to the stage. She started dancing on that song. When I observed face of this sexy girl I felt it familiar as I was sitting far away from the stage.

Oh shit! Oh shit! My suspicions were right. It was Kavitha didi, my sister. I recognised her with that mole just above her upper lips. “How weird,” I thought, my sister comes to this place as a CLUB DANCER. Being belongs to rich family why my sister doing this cheap club-dancing job? What on earth make her to do that? Whether she’s doing this by own will or by force? Thousands questions came in mind within a second.

I was bit embarrassed seeing my sister like that. But my embarrassment disappeared as I watched her slowly dance seductively with that bikini type skimpy dress. To tell you truth! My mind filled with lust rather than shame. My cock got harder and harder inside my pants. Here my sister was showing her sexy body to whole world and I was trying to get glimpse of her body desperately for the long period, in spite of living in the same house. By the time song finished with her sexy steps, I thought I was going to explode! She left the stage and next girl stepped in.

I thought my Mother and father would freak out if they knew their daughter was doing this sort of thing! But I wasn’t thinking about that at that moment. All I was thinking about how I’m going to use this big secret against Kavitha didi. If she found out I knew her secret, I could basically get anything I wanted from her. But tomorrow if she denied it wasn’t her, then? How she know I actually saw her here? I had to let her know I knew. I had to let her see me.

I waited for my sister to come again for her next performs. I already paid my bill etc. to walk out from the club. She came for next song and started dancing on the stage. In the middle of song, I walked up to the stage where she was dancing, and looked up at her. She didn’t recognise me at first, so she looked down and smiled as if I’m one of the customers. Then she stopped short.

“Saagar??? Oh my God! What are you doing here!” (I read the question in Kavitha didi’s eyes). She was horrified to see me. I could see she didn’t know what to do. She slow down her dance, her face was bright red with embarrassment and fear. I looked her from bottom to top and without a word, I turned and walked out of the club.

The train rides home seemed like an eternity. When I got back home at about 10 PM, I couldn’t wait to get up to my room to jerk off! I couldn’t stop thinking of Kavitha didi now more than ever. She was an absolute goddess. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night, tossing and turning, and thinking of those entire beautiful half-nude girls.

Next day when I woke up first thing came in my mind, Something was going to happen today, I thought. I didn’t know what it was, but today was not going to be a normal day at my house, that was for sure.


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