My Blackmailing Of Two Teachers And Making Them Sex Slaves

My name is akhilesh, 5.6″ average body my story is about two teachers whom i had sex with. Their name is minu abraham and jinu jose,.

The story begins when i was in degree 2nd year. When i came to college i saw two new teachers, they were looking very sexy. Anybody would get a hardon seeing them, unfortunately they are appointed to next department so they are not teaching me.

But i had a strong feeling to have sex with them, i know that they will not easily agree to my desire so i had other plan, BLACKMAILING was my only way. I brought a hidden cam and fitted it in the ladies toilet, a week after i got what i needed, they urinating, cleavage, ass crack, pussy, navel everything. I decided to blackmail one of them and trick the other into it. I emailed my collections (what i collected from toilet) to Minu Abraham from a fake id. after a day i got her reply she asked me

Minu:” who are you?, where did you get these?, what do you want?”

I told her “i want you, i want to fuck you” then she said

Minu: “noo its never gonna happen,i will never allow it

I said ” i dont have any problem, but i will spread this video in whatsapp, youtube etc if you dont listen to me

Minu: she started crying, “please dont do that it will end my life

I lied to her that ” i want you only once and i will not bother you again. She agreed with a hesitation. I brought her number and told her that i will text her the details.

Next day i saw a nervousness in her face, i texted her to go to the toilet and remove her panty and throw it in the dustbin, she texted me “dont, i cant do it” but i insisted her to. when she returned i immediately checked the dustbin,.

Yes there lies her panty, i was in the clouds hooo the smell of her pussy was very much for a hard on.i texted minu to come to the toilet and remove all your dress and wear the blindfold that i had placed there, after 10 min i when i reached there, to my surprise minu was all naked except the blindfold man that was a scene the two melons of my teacher hanging freely and the clean shaven pussy . Minu was scared i told her “dont worry i will not hurt you” then i planted a soft kiss on her lips she was taken aback by my move, i insisted her to dont move an inch.

Then i kissed her on her lips it was a deep kiss my tongue touched her tongue. She was not coorporating and struggled to break free then i hugged her tightly, her soft round breast was pressing against my chest i felt a quiver my body her body was warm i slowly ran my hand in her back and reached her round ass i pressed her ass i inserted my finger in her asshole she cried in pain My other hand was on her pussy, i started rubbing her clit she resisted me from doing it but i keep on squirting her pussy and clit, slowly her resistance declined, her pussy was wet and dripping. I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy she gasped a little, my other hand was fondling with her tits, squeezing, pinching, biting,etc. I took her fluid and put it in her mouth, she felt degraded in tasting her own fluid.

Then i took my 7 inch cock out i told her to sit down. I showed my cock to her face i smashed my cock in her face she was afraid of what was going to happen. I forced my cock into her mouth the feeling of cock into the teacher’s mouth was priceless i was in heaven i took hold of her hair at her back of the head and pressed her head to my cock forcing her to swallow my whole length cock, she was chocking and i removed my cock, she was crying, i took my cock in and out of her mouth resulting in her to chock.

Then i made her stand up and i shoved my cock into her pussy with out saying anything to her, she was surprised by my act, my cock was entering her by pushing her pussy walls to the sides, i started penetrating my cock in and out of her pussy at first she was stuggling to get away but i increased my speed, every time my balls hit her ass it was making ‘twap twap twap’ sound then i made her in doggy style hhho man fucking a teacher that tooo from her rear was awesome i was literally tearing her pussy i kept on fucking lady of my dreams she was moaning AAAARRHHHHHHHHH AAANNN AARRNNNNNNNNNNNNN AARRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN”, cried out minu then i took my cock out and took her pussy liquid in my hand and poured it in her asshole

She pleaded with me not to do that as she understood my intention but all her crying gone in vain i slowly inserted my middle finger in her asshole she was crying i had to close her mouth to keep her sound low i again started fucking her pussy with my dick and her ass with my finger my other hand is now caring her breasts which is hanging downwards i pinched her breasts she was moaning AAARRRGGHH, UUUNNHHGGGHH,  AARRGGGHHH, UNNNNGGRRHH” , she was getting pleasure, then i immediately inserted my dick in her ass how that was a virgin ass at first it was difficult to move my cock i removed my cock a bit and then forced it into the virgin ass i slowly started moving my hips she was crying from the pain she receiving tears were flowing down from her eyes i fucked her ass like a machine Aahh OOOHHnn UUNNGGHH UUNNHHGGG AARRRGG OOHhh UUNNNUUNNHHRRGG  OOHHHHHHHHHHH”.

My balls were slapping her arse with each stroke. i tore her ass and when i was about to come, i increased my speed she was moaning and groaning i felt happy in her moaning by my acts when i was at the edge i made her turn around and i forced my cock into her mouth, i started fucking her mouth vigorously and i exploded in her mouth, but i didnt removed my dick until my last drop of sperm was in her mouth, she was gagging and some drop of cum escaped from her mouth. I made her swallow my cum then i returned to my class

Hope you all liked my story next time i will tell you the story of how i tricked the other into my plan.



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