These stories involve the greatest of taboos, that of boys having sex with their own mothers.

Sometimes a mother seduces her son. Other times it is the other way round. Either way, even if there is some initial hesitation, these lustful mummys and their horny sons find exquisite fulfillment in fucking each other. Most importantly of all, the sex between mothers and sons is invariably unrestrained, unashamed, uninhibited, and utterly depraved. After all, if a woman and her son have broken the most profound of taboos by engaging in a sexual relationship with each other in the first place, then there is little to stop the pair of them from going all the way and indulging in every imaginable sordidness with each other; anal-sex, facials, tit-fucking, fisting, watersports, and a whole lot more besides.

Exactly how these sublime mothers and sons get together varies. Sometimes it’s by accident. On other occasions it may even be a more profound and loving attraction that brings out their latent desires, as in the romantic tale, A Maternal Affair. Some mums may simply believe in a ‘hands on’ approach to sex-education, such as in Anal Sex For Beginners.

More frequently it is simply out of practicality and convenience. If a frustrated single-mother spends her lonely nights masturbating in her bed and wishing she had a horny stud to fuck her senseless, and her teenaged son is in the next room jerking off and wishing he had a willing lady to fuck senseless, then it seems sensible for them to put aside their inhibitions and indulge in a bit of mutual fun. There may be a taboo against such antics, but even if it is his own mother, what perpetually horny adolescent boy could resist a beautiful mature woman should she beg him to slide his throbbing teen cock into her willing mouth, her furry cunt or her tight rectum?

Shalini was waiting for her only 18 year old son, Vivek, to come back from his college and finally break the silence of the house. Shalini’s husband’s workaholic nature kept him away from home for weeks and at times months which left her behind lonely with just one companion, her other love of life, her son, Vivek. Gloomy Shalini simply shined up with a smile as the door bell sounded and she was up in flash to greet her boy and share the entire day’s incidents with him. As she opened the door there he was, her boy in dirty clothes, hairs messed up, back straight from basketball practice With out shower and just finished his practice session. Yet Shalini hugged him and happily like a baby screamed right beside his ears while hugging him “How many times have I told you sweety to take bath after practice? Don’t come home in this state I don’t like to see you like this go take bath and come out soon. Vivek Shuttered few words aaaahhhhhhhh mom you will get me deaf someday, Stop acting like a kid. Hawwww ! I’m the one who’s acting like a kid! Shalini argued. Yes” said Vivek. You are the one who forget what elders say not me. Shalini giggled and said “I was just reminding you honey to be human. Vivek just grinned at this comment. Shalini slapped Vivek at his butt and gestured him to take bath soon and get back for his favourite freshly baked cookies. Excited Vivek followed his Mom’s orders and went to the room shouting “yeah Cooooooooooookies coooooookies! Shalini smiled finally in the entire day. Well that was her life, lonely mom with just her son. Shalini had become like a kid in her life with her son. More like a friend and less like a mom. The kind of persistent absence of her husband from their life had made her realize she has to fill in his shoes and give more love from her side so that Vivek does not feel his absence. As they both spend a lot of time together, both shared a more close relationship like friends sharing everything with each other, going out for movies, restaurants and at times also disco clubs. In her depressed life always waiting for her husband Shalini had learnt to fight her depression out by attending dancing lessons and gyming with her son. As a result even at the age of 40 she had figure of hot teen girl. She was gifted with good height 5.7 ’ fair skin and long curls black hair. She was a bit plump weighing 58 kgs but due to exercising she had flesh tightly griped at right areas giving her vivacious curves around her waist and firm round butt and her 36 size breast made her a head turner where ever she went.* Many times in her outings with Vivek people mistaken by her appearance felt that she was his girlfriend instead of mom, that too a very hot girlfriend. Shalini knew this and actually liked the way people thought about her being a teen and girlfriend of hot guy like Vievk. At first she felt weird why does she likes the idea of being Vivek’s girlfriend but later she realized that he was the only other guy in her life whom she loved. And being his mom she knew that how fine young guys he is and she was happy to have him around as Vivek’s father was hardly around. Sometimes Shalini could not resist herself from looking at Vivek like a young man rather than a son. He surely had grown up to be handsome and attractive guy.* Vivek being an athlete playing basketball for his college had an athletic body almost 6’ ft tall. He shadowed Shalini when ever he stood beside her. And constant gyming every morning with his mom and later practicing basketball gave him good muscular physique. Shalini’s attraction towards her son was quite natural as he was the only guy present in her life. But things became very intimate after an event that changed both mother and son’s way of expressing their love and craving for one another. One evening Vivek was very depressed missing his father. That day his college team had won basketball championship and he was man of the series. But his father was too busy working on an assignment in Kuwait and did not even pick up his call to share his joy. Shalini saw the depression on her son’s face that made her depressed too and she started thinking of ways to cheer her champ up. After the dinner when Vivek was seating on sofa with his head down Shalini decided to play little game with him. She got a basketball and to lighten things up she threw it at him hitting his head. Shocked Vivek looked up just to find his mom laughing at him. Ahhhhhhh you think you are champ can you snatch the ball from me? Shalini challenged Vivek joyously. Mom you don’t even know to hold the ball properly” Vivek said laughingly when he saw how cutely she stood in front of him holding the ball in the worse possible manner. Hawwww* son don’t you forget who taught you what you know today you seem scared’ Shalini teased Vivek by saying so. Hearing this, furious Vivek stood up and ran after her to snatch the ball. Shalini responded by running to and fro. And suddenly their laughter broke the sad silence of the house. And the room was filled up with energy and excitement. Running and pushing each other they behaved like kids. Shouting and laughing they ran furiously here and there around the sofa. Finally Shalini challenged Vivek “ok champ stop me from taking the ball to my bedroom” and she started running towards her room. Surprised by new thing in the game Vivek took a time to respond and shalini got a lead. She ran into her room and jumped upon her bed. Vivek followed her into the room later. Shalini screamed victoriously I won, I won and made faces to Vivek you couldn’t stop me na na na na Hearing this Vivek got furious and tried to snatch the ball out of her hand. Mischievous Shalini pressed the ball between her chest and bed and lied on top of it. She said like a kid “Winner keeps the ball” she had no intentions what so ever of giving the ball away. You cheated said Vivek.Oh Yeah how? I asked Shalini. You changed the game. I was supposed to get the ball not to stop you from reaching your room” Vivek complained. Shalini said it is something which is called Goal you looser and taunted him more and more. Furious Vivek tried to get the ball from her. Shalini had decided not to give up so easily. They both began to wrestle on the bed for the ball. Shalni laid on top of the ball pressing it right under her bossoms and Vivek lied to her right with his entire body brushing against her in their innocent game they were not maintaining any distance of what so ever kind. Vivek’s hand brushed against Shalini’s lovely breasts as he tried to pull the ball under her. Excited Shalini just laughed at the tickling feeling caused by Vivek’s touching her armpits and side of her lovely round breasts. They kept on wrestling like kids with Shalini pressing the ball under her and wrapped her arms too around the ball. Their innocent game of wrestling had left no place for shyness or distance a woman a mother should keep from her son. Vivek’s hand kept touching Shalini’s lovely breasts again and again and Shalini just didn’ t stop or reacted in any opposing manner to it. She just happily enjoyed their innocent game which was making both of them laugh and smile. Though trying a lot, unable to get the ball Vivek finally stood up beside the bed and tried to push and pull Shalini away from the ball. On seeing this mischievous Shalini came to know she would not be able to keep the possession with her. So she came up with a mischievous plan to distract Vivek. As Vivek bent to grip her from her shoulders mischievous Shalini griped Vivek’s loose shorts and pulled it down in a flash. Stunned by this Vivek left grip of Shalini’s shoulders and try to pull his short up. But more amazed was Shalini as Vivek stood before her drenched naked below waist with his manhood jiggling and moving around due to his hurried movements. Shalini didn’t expect that Vivek would not be wearing any underwear. But Vivek was totally naked below waist in front of her and with his manhood exposed right before shalini’s face. Seeing this excited Shalini began to laugh. Seeing this Vivek got more embarrassed and tried to move out of her sight. But his ego brought him back and instead of going out of the room he jumped back on top of Shalini in a way she could not see his lower body and tried to pull out the ball. Why did you do that? Scream Vivek. Laughingly Shalini said all fair in love and war. Oh yeah how about I pull out your gown you will come to know what is embarrassmentexclaimed Vivek. Oh dear don’t be ashamed its nothing I haven’t seen before remember who use to give you bath till 6th grade ha ha ha ha” laughed Shalini yeah but now I am grown up complained Vivek lying on top of Shalini’s back oh yeah I could see that for a few seconds you have grown big too big excited Shalini just said something rather innocently which her son was not expecting at all. On listen his mom commenting upon size of his cock, Vivek first felt embarrassed but later strangely felt excited. Shalini was in too mischief mood and not ready to settle just with that. She said you really had a cute little butt too.. I liked to squeeze it often I do still now. Stunned Vivek recollected many incidents when she did so. He got embarrassed but strangely felt excited. But vivek said “ohh stop it! You pinch me and slap me on my butt that’s not very good that hurts while he lied on top of her back naked below his waist with his manhood rubbing against her firm round inviting butt covered just with the thin gown material. Ahhh I never pinched you as hard as you use to pinch my nipples while I gave you bath” shalini exclaimed. Remember how many times you use to play with my tits and pinch my nipples hard, you just waited for my blouse to get wet and become see through while I gave you bath and once you could see my nipples you started playing with those and pinch very badly remember. Listening to these comments from his mom Vivek got back to the memories of his childhood. He remembered how Shalini use to give him bath even up to the age of 1

He remembered how Shalini use to give him bath even up to the age of 18 to 19 years and how he use to play with her tits in the bath tub. The visions of his childhood became clearer to him. Apparently back than what he saw and did to his mom’s tits were innocent games to him but tonight remembering those sights made him realized how invitingly sexy his mother is. All the words of his friends came back to him who sometimes said “you got a hot mom! Hit Vivek very hard taking him into thoughts of sinful pleasures. Young Vivek’s unctrollable manhood began to harden with the sinful visions of Shalini’s hot round bossoms and lovely nipples. Shalini still in her innocent game with his kid allowed him to lie on top of her back with his manhood rubbing against her cute round plumpy butt. But due to the talks of his mom and feeling of her sexy curvaceous body under him Vivek was in a whole new world of sinful pleasures. Shalini still tried to wrestle and protect the ball and continued childish game unaware of what she did to her son due to her talks. Vivek took a little part in the game too to get the ball but with his mind basically thinking of hot body of his mom. Shalini was wearing just a gown without any under garments as she was dressed for sleep soon after dinner. But the gown she was wearing was very thin and could hardly sustain the pressure of wrestling with young man. Her gown moved up and up as she tried to release herself in childish play from the grip of her son lying on top of her. She laughed and giggled all through the time. But pretty soon something happened that stopped her laughter. She realized that something was rubbing against her butt and moving in her ass crack that too bare to bare skin. Shalini suddenly realized that she was not wearing any undergarments and her gown has moved all the way upto her waist due to her and Vivek’s frenzy movement leaving her bare naked below her waist beneath her son who too was naked below his waist. All of a sudden realization of the situation shocked Shalini and she lied still for few seconds thinking about what to do.* Vivek’s manhood engorged as he realized that it was rubbing against the most private sacred places of his hot mom’s body. His uncontrolled youth instantly reacted in the way nature intended and lust and passion grew up in him.* Shalini was shocked and simply stunned as she reaslised intentions of Vivek, feeling his engorged cock all around her butt and slipping between her crotches due to his frenzy movements. She felt herself in the most awkward position and could not think about what to do? She said in shaky voice “Vivek, Vivek get up let me go but her voice was too fragile and Vivek could not hear this as he was lost in a completely whole new world. Shalini tried to move out of her son’s grip but strong Vivek had completely taken control of her body. Shalini tried to call him out again “Vivek, Vivek! But the feeling of heat coming from his mom’s cunt and her soft round sexy bums drowned his mom’s voices in his sinful thoughts of burying his cock into his mom’s love canal. Vivek began to enjoy the mesmerizing feeling of his mom’s hot round butt and juices around his cock and began to rub it more and more against her body. Stunned by her son’s act Shalini tried to move out of Vivek’s grip by pushing her lower body onto Vivek. But only to do the biggest mistake of her life or may be the biggest turning point of her relation with her son. Her sudden movement of lifting her butt pushed Vivek’s hot cock which was resting outside her entrance, right into her slippery wet cunt in a flash making both of them gasp and moan aloud and shaked their bodies by a shuddering vibrations that shot across their bodies. Shalini’s craved love hole that was deprived of a cock for many months due to constant absence of her husband hungrily sucked Vivek’s cock inside it, taking it deeper and deeper by releasing all her stored slippery love juices at once for Vivek’s cock. Stunned Shalini collapsed back on the bed. Releasing her body from the stiffness that she develope due to nervousness and opposition and set herself loose on the bed feeling the depths of her craving ignored cunt being explored by her son’s long thick cock. Shalini moaned in pleasure “Ahhhhhhh as Vivek made the first push deeper into her cunt burying his cock to all its lengths. Vivek’s hand moved down on to Shalini’s hot butt and pressed and squeezed her soft inviting flesh as he punched into her cunt harder being wild. Only horny urges took over him as he begin to throttle in and out of Shalini’s pussy Shalini on the other hand kept on moaning “No Vivek stop stop stop but her voice was not supported by her body that liked every inch of friction that was created by Vivek’s cock in to her wet cunt ignored for months and months. Her voice was too low for any one to hear. In fact she was just whispering, whispering to herself trying to convince her that she is not the part of the sin and that she tried to oppose it, but it is no longer under her control. Vivek got hornier and hornier as he raised himself on his mom’s back and got a good view of her soft round creamy butt and scene of his cock getting buried into her pussy to all its length. Shalini kept on whispering in vain “Stop Stop Stop and Vivek kept humping her riding her back. Sound of flap flap flap and rhythmic humming of both mom and son filled up the room. Shalini’s hungry vaginal walls sucked and sucked Vivek’s young cock milking it to perfection for the best orgasm he could ever have. Young Vivek could not hold longer and neither could his sex craved mother and both of them cummed moaning aloud ahhhh agggggggg Mom, aaaahhhhhh Oh Vivek, Stop hhhhmmmm don’t cum into me ahhhhhhh moane Shalini. Vivek pushed harder and deeper burying his cock all the way allowing shalini’s cunt to show its magic on its entire length. On the other hand though Shalini did not wanted this to happenand asked vivek not to cum her craved cunt enjoyed every shot of hot cum released by Vivek into her. She moaned aloud as she felt the strong squirts after squirts dashing her vaginal walls filled with her own son’s love seeds. They both hummed rhythmically and moaned pleasingly till the pleasure subsided slowly fucking each other and later simply collapsing down .Shalini collapsed on bed and Vivek collapsed on shalini’s back. Both lied that way for few moments with vivek’s cock still nestled in Shalini’s cunt. But soon Vivek came back to senses and realized the soft “ Stop it. Stop it, moans of his mom that she laid out earlier which he overheard due to the madness he was in. He flipped out of her and simply stood amazed and shocked at what happened.* He saw Shalini’s cunt drenched with his cum which even dribble out of her cunt that seemed carnaged by his manhood. Unknown of what his mother felt who was still lying with her face buried in the bed, Vivek ran in to his room and shut the doors of his room with loud “thudddd” sound. On listen this sound Shalini snapped back from the world of pleasures and pleasings to reality and turned her face just to find herself alone in the room, wondering whether what happened was a dream?

of fiction. Once upon a time, there lived a couple named Ankit and Reshma. They had a son named Rohit. They lived in Jamshedpur, which is located in the state of Jharkand. Ankit was a 40 year old man, and his wife Reshma was 38 . Their son Rohit was 21 years and had just completed his engineering, and was looking for a job. Ankit worked as a manager in a reputed bank, and Reshma was a house wife. They belonged to a middle class family. Ankit was a drunkard. Even though he had a good reputation outside, he was not a good husband. He ignored his son Rohit and everyday he used to drink heavily and started beating his wife. Both Reshma and Rohit were fed up with Ankit. Rohit applied medicines to his mom’s wounds created by his dad. But Reshma and Rohit were very caring for one another. Reshma loved her son more than anything in this world. Rohit also had equal affection for his mom. Ankit’s torture increased day by day. At one stage, both mom and son were completely fed up with Ankit, and they decided to leave the city, once Rohit finds a job. Within few months, Rohit got a job in an IT company as software engineer with a good basic pay. The company was located in Kolkata. So, one night, mom and son packed their belongings and left Ankit and the city, without Ankit’s knowledge. They went to Kolkata. At 38 , Reshma was fair in complexion, and was a very beautiful and tall woman. She measured 5.11 inches. She had a very beautiful body structure with a bit of added weight around her waist area, which made her look very sexy. She had measurements of ‘38-32-36 ’ with beautiful, mature boobs. Rohit was also a tall boy and measured 5.11 inches and he was athletic. Soon, they rented a house in Kolkata. As the rents were high, they just rented a small house with a single bedroom, hall and kitchen. It was just enough as they were only two of them. They got settled in their new house and soon Rohit joined the company. Within few months, they bought all the things for their house including a bed and sofa. 3 months passed. One day while Reshma was on her way home after buying groceries, she saw her son walking with a beautiful girl. She got frustrated seeing this. Until now she thought she was the only women in Rohit’s life. But she was unable to accept her son with another girl. Because after coming to Kolkatta, she started developing possessiveness towards her son, as he was the only man in her life. Soon a lot of questions raised in her mind. She wanted Rohit for herself, and was unable to see any other girl with him. Then slowly she came back to her senses, and she thought to herself, that girl might be just a friend of her son. That evening, she did not ask anything about the girl to Rohit, as she did not want to show her jealousy to her son. Few days passed. It was a Sunday morning. Rohit was not available at home, and Reshma was alone. There was a knock on the door. Reshma thought it would be her son, and opened the door. But to her shock, it was the same girl whom she saw the other day with her son. The girl asked for Rohit. Immediately, Reshma started shouting and yelling at the girl, and told her that she should never talk to Rohit again. The girl started crying and she ran away. Reshma got confused and she thought to herself that the girl is gonna take her son away. So she made up her mind and she decided to become the only women in her son’ s life. So she came up with a plan. The next day, after Rohit returned from office he was astonished to see his mom. Reshma was wearing a sleeveless blouse and a transparent saree. The low cut of the blouse made the top of her cleavage visible, and the transparent saree revealed her milky white hips. She had never worn such outfits and had been a conservative woman. Rohit was mesmerized by his mom’s beauty. Even at 38 , she was looking sexier. Rohit said, “Mom, I see a lot of change in you! !” with a smiling face. She replied, “Oh, am I looking good dear? I thought a bit of change was necessary.” He said, “Ya mom, you are very beautiful” as he was unable to help himself from staring at his mom’s cleavage, though he never had such intentions with his mom till then. He continued, “but mom, why is this sudden change?” Reshma said, “I always wished to wear this sort of outfits, but now as we are alone and there is no dad here, I thought of trying out these”. He replied, “Its fine mom, and I would like to see you in these sort of outfits everyday”, with a naughty smile and an erect dick. Reshma became happy hearing these words and she smiled back. The next morning it was a Monday. He was still in bed. Suddenly he heard his mom’s voice, Rohi, which woke him up. The sound came from the bathroom. So he went out of the room to check out. The bathroom was closed as Reshma was taking a shower. He enquired, “Mom, what’s the matter? As he was still in half sleep, she replied, “Come in beta”. Rohit went inside and saw his mom. He was spell bounded by what he saw. His mom was in just her bra and panty and she was looking extremely sexy. His eyes started gleaming and his dick started to erect. This is the first time he is seeing his mom in such a way. Reshma started, “Dear, the tap came of, could you fix this for mom?” in a sexy tone. He was still staring at her sexy waist, milky thighs, ass and her beautiful tits. He replied, “Oh sure mom”, and he fixed it immediately. But he was reluctant to leave the bathroom as he enjoying his mom’s beauty. Reshma said, ”Beta, mom needs to bath” with a naughty smile. Rohit came back to his senses and he left the bathroom. After he went out, Reshma became very happy with herself, as her plan worked out. She wantedly repaired the tap, as she wanted her son to see her in bra and panty. She thought to herself, seduction has now become easier. Them again she came out of bathroom wearing a sleeveless blouse and saree, like the one she wore the other day. Rohit was relishing his mom’s beauty all day.* The next day was a Monday. Rohit was unable to part his mom and wanted to see her again. So he took a day off from office, Still seeing her son in bed, Reshma asked “Dear, are you not getting ready for office? Rohit replied to his mom, that it was a holiday for him. But Reshma knew that actually it was a working day, and Rohit is staying at home to witness her beauty. Suddenly she became horny, and came up with another plan. She woke up Rohit from bed and asked him to remove his shirt. Rohit did not ask anything and immediately did as told. Reshma said, “Oh it seems you are not cleaning your back well and it‘s dirty” as she was staring at her son’s athletic body. He replied, “Oh nothing like that mom”. She said, “No, today I will soap your back” Hearing this Rohit’s dick already started to erect just thinking of him with his mom again in the bathroom. Reshma asked him to wait in the bathroom till she comes. Rohit did as his mom said. After a few moments, the bathroom door opened, and Reshma was again in her bra and panties. Rohit was eagerly waiting for this. She told him to remove his shorts. But he was feeling shy. But as his mom insisted he removed his shorts and was standing just in his underwear. Reshma started staring her son’s athletic well built body as she was rubbing the soap on his back. With every touch of his mom’s hand, Rohit’s erection grew in size and the tip of his 8 inch penis started protruding out of his underwear. Unable to control himself, he started touching his mom’s hip, as they both became hornier. Seeing that the situation was getting out of control, Reshma came back to her senses and went out of the bathroom. Rohit became disappointed, and thought that his mom might have become angry with him. But the day passed as usual, and Reshma was normal to her son. Seeing this Rohit became relaxed. The next day was Reshma’s birthday. So Rohit thought of buying a nice gift of his mom’s choice. He asked her what she would like for her birthday. Reshma replied she wanted a silk saree. As this was his mom’s first birthday since coming to Kolkatta, he wanted to make it a memorable one for both of them. The next day he came earlier from work, and took his mom to a romantic movie, then to a hotel, where they cut cake and celebrated her birthday. Reshma became very happy, as she had never celebrated her birthday before, as her husband did not care about her. She knew that her son is the only man in her life, as she kissed him on his cheek with a smile and she wanted to quench her son’s thirst the same day. Rohit was surprised and was also very happy. Then they reached home at night 10 pm. Both changed back to their usual dresses. Rohit called his mom and gifted her silk saree. It was a beautiful violet colored saree. Reshma thanked her son. But he was hiding something else in his back. Reshma got suspicious and asked, “Dear, what are you hiding in your left hand back there?” Rohit had bought another gift also. But he was feeling shy to give it to his mom. Reshma said, “Its ok beta, just show me what it is.” On her insistence, he slowly took the box in front and gave it to his mom. It was a pair of bra and panties. The bra was an extremely revealing one, and the panty was a G-string panty, usually worn by models. Rohit had bought it, because he wanted to see his mom in these sexy inner wears. Seeing this, Nalini was surprised as she did not anticipate such a gift from her son. She did not speak a word and she went immediately into the room and closed it. Rohit became very disappointed; as he thought his mom felt bad about the gift and became gloomy. After 5 minutes, the door opened and Reshma came out. Rohit was stunned by what he saw. His mom was looking like the sexiest women on earth. She was just wearing the bra and the G-string panty. She was extremely revealing and almost nude. Her cleavage was a pure treat to the eyes and her ass and crotch area were fully revealed in her new panty. Rohit was mesmerized and his 8 inch dick stood erect and was anticipating top come out. Reshma started, “Rohit

Reshma started, “Rohit, do you like mom in this new outfit?” with a naughty smile. Rohit stood speechless. Then he slowly opened his mouth,”Mom you are looking damn sexy mom you are the most beautiful women I have ever seen” in an enthusiastic tone as he went near his mom. He held her hand and was staring her wildly with lust and passion. Reshma started becoming hornier. Suddenly, she started screaming, Rohit beta beta awww aaww aaawww. Rohit was confused, mom, mom what’s the matter mom?” She kept on screaming beta aww aww its itching. It seems something is inside my bra aww awww beta remove it immediately aww. Immediately Rohit went back and unhooked her bra and threw it away. Now Reshma became totally nude, except for her thong. Her milky, sexy mature breasts were hanging like a ripe fruit. Rohit kept his hands on his moms milky boobs and searched for any insect. He was in heaven. But there was nothing to be found. Suddenly, Reshma started laughing, “aww beta, I was just playing with you. I am completely fine.” Hearing this he became relaxed. She continued, ”Dear, do you love your mom?” He replied, “More than anything in this world”, as his hands were still massaging her beautiful boobs. Hearing this Reshma became hornier than ever and she started removing her son’s dress. Within a moment she made her son completely nude. She was astonished to see her son’s 8 inch long dick in an erect position saluting her beauty.* Rohit kept his mom against his mom’s and started kissing her wildly. Reshma started responding and was eating her son’s mouth. They were in a lip locked position for 10 minutes. Both were exploring their mouths and had a very deep French kiss. Reshma started becoming wet. As their lips were locked, Rohit was holding his mom’s tits in his hands. Then he carried his nude mom into the bedroom and locked the door. He threw her on the bed and tore off her G-string and threw it away. He pounced on his sexy mom like a wild animal and started sucking her mature 38 D boobs. He was unable to contain his mom’s big boobs in his mouth, so he started pressing and holding it in his hand. He was nicely massaging her tits. Reshma was becoming more and more wet, with each of her son’s move. He tried to drink milk from her breasts and he was sucking and licking the boobs wildly, while his hands wee still massaging her tits. Reshma was making lusty sounds aww owwww ummmmmmm all the time. Then he started pinching and biting her nipples and Reshma started moaning in pain, awwawww. Then he started kissing Reshma from her top to bottom. He started from forehead, then eyes, nose, lips, chin, neck. Then he planted a sweet little kiss on both her boobs. Then he continued kissing her stomach, waist. Then he kept his mouth on her pussy. She had a neatly shaved cunt. He kissed her pussy and enjoyed the sweet smell of his mom’s wet pussy. By the time, Reshma became totally wet. Then he turned her and started kissing her sexy wide ass and back. Then it was Reshma’s turn to enjoy her son’s athletic well built body. She kissed and liked him all over his body and kissed his 8 inch dick slowly every inch of it. Then they both coddled in bed as her sexy boobs were pressed firmly against his chest and they were in the same position for a long time and they were slowly exploring each others body, as their body temperature were rising. Both were feeling the heat, and Reshma’s pussy became totally wet and all her juices were flowing. She was unable to withstand anymore. She moaned, Dear, mom can’t stand anymore, Fuck me fuck me insert your dick into me please. On hearing this Rohit became still hornier and took his 8 inch long dick and inserted it in his mom’s pussy in a flash, and started pounding her hand in a to and fro position. She started screaming in pain as she was unable to contain her son’s long dick inside her. She moaned aww slowly dear slowly. But Rohit was in no mood to slow down. He fucked his mom wildly as he squeezed and fondled his moms mature boob beauties as he was moaning in pleasure mmmmmmm. Both were nearing their orgasm. Reshma moaned, Beta cum inside me awwaw, Rohit was nearing his climax and he increased his speed and rammed his dick into his moms sexy pussy and pounded her mercilessly. In his last push he shot all his sticky white semen into his mom’s wet pussy. It was a thick load of white fluid. Reshma screamed in pain and pleasure,” awwww mmmmm The remaining semen was flowing all over her pussy, and his hairs. Both became tired and they again started kissing smoothly, as Rohit started eating his mom’s lips. Then they cuddled together in bed as their nude bodies were intertwined and they had a sound sleep. The next morning, Rohit again started fucking his naked and sexy mom. The fucking session continued all day. They started enjoying their life more than ever. Every day after returning home, they had wild sex and explored various sexual positions. Soon, Reshma became pregnant. The next year she gave birth to a beautiful boy baby. She was very happy to give birth to her son’s child. Soon, Rohit started milking his sexy mom. Their sexual adventures continued and they lived happily ever after. Thus Reshma became the only woman in her son Rohit’s life. Hope you liked the story. Comments and suggestions welcome.


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