Maid Seduced Me

This is a real story, I had develop this sex urge from very early days of my life, as my mom and dad both were working and I was always left alone with the Kamwalis, she was elder to me, but she was very fond of me .One day it all started, after I came back from school, she warm up the foods and sat with me on dining table to feed me, while having food I felt something different, she was taking time to remove her figures from my mouth , she was removing it gently after putting food in my mouth, and after some time, she started to move her figure on my lips while taking it out, also she had unbutton two buttons of her blouse, so her big assets were more visible to me, after some time she started something new and stated putting one figure in her mouth after taking it out from my mouth and then taking it out and rolling it on her lips, after some time I felt some pressure on my left thigh,

I saw that she had put her hand on my thighs and was moving upward, I didn’t understand anything ,but was having some different kind of sensation, actually I was enjoying it, then she moved her hand upward and she reached my pappu (that’s what I used to call it when I was a kid), she started playing with it while still feeding me, I felt a shiver in my body, this continued till the food in the plate was over.

After that we commanded me to go to her so she can change my cloths, She removed my shirt and shorts, she noticed a bulge in my underwear, which as not usual for me too, she naughtily smiled at me and ask me pointing a figure there and touching it with her figure , I said I don’t know and she smiled, , She first hold my hands on by one and put the sleeves of my top and then button it , also while tying the last button her other figures were playing with my pappu, after that we told me to raise my left leg you wear the pyjama, and to hold here shoulder as she was sitting in front of me,

I was slightly off balance and while try to hold her my hand slid and caught hold of her right boob over her blouse, she cried in pain, whith a moan as I pulled it to regain my balance, I regained my balance but could not take my hand off the boob and was unconsciously caressing it over her blouse, I told her sorry and continued caressing it telling her “kya bahut dard hua, main sahle deta hum” she also moaned loudly and looked at me in a very different way, I remove my hand quickly, now my pyjama was half done and she was worried that it would fall if she tried to put my other leg in the pyjama so we ordered me to lie down on my back so she could put the pyajama in my other leg and put it up I obeyed and while pulling my pyjama up I could she her boobs very clearly from her unbutton blouse, also she was watching me staring her boob and smiling very naughtily, now while pulling up the pyjama when she came up to my lund ( that what we called it later) she first brushed her lips then the tongue and lastly the chin and then also rub and stretched the elastic to it , I could not figure it out but I was in seventh haven.

Then she told me baba its time to sleep or your mom will come and scold me, I agreed as I was very found of her , don’t know why but today was liking her more than ever. She used to sleep with me, she was a beautiful but poor lady , so she used to wear clothes donated by my mother , so they were always loose fit, so while sleeping I could see her boobs, today she hugged me and sleep, it felt really nice and cozy, I innocently touch her kiss her , her pallu slid from her blouse and I was watching her boobs from her blouse and was remembering what happen earlier she saw me watching me and asked me “kya ye tumhe accha lagta hai”, and I sais “haan”,

Then she asked me “kya tum iss par apna sar rakh kar sona chahoge ” and I said yes , she put my head on her boobs after some I felt asleep due to warmness of her body, after some time I felt something rubbing my lips and slightly open my eyes, her blouse was open and she was brushing her left boob nipple on my lips , I was really excited, I didn’t wanted her to know that I was awake , so I opened my mouth slightly while keeping my eyes shut as if, I was deeply in sleep, she adjust her nipple in my mouth and try to close it with her hand, I started sucking it and milk started flowing as she recently had a baby , which was with her inlaws she used to keep him there, when she came to work at my place.,

She started to moan a bit but at that time I did not understand then she hugged me tight, take my one hand and put it on her boobs and pressed it with her hand , as she was inviting me to press her boobs after that she took my other hand to her ghagrah which was already open and put it inside on her panties. It feels wet there, I thought she must have pissed in there, but then I find it sticky like gum so I did not under stood it, then she slowly put my hand under her panties and guided my middle figure inside a hole, I was not understanding anything but was enjoying it, it was wet and sticky but warm inside, she started pulling my figure out and putting it back inside as if she is teaching me something ,

After some time I started doing it my self, she watch me carefully so make sure that I was not awake, but then she was sure that I am far asleep and she continued , her hole was getting wetter and wetter then she removed her hand from there and left my hand in there , her hand came between my leg on the top of my pyjama and started caressing my lund , I was started enjoying it more and I bit her nipple , squeezed the bob and put the one other finger in her hope, she gasped , and moaned loudly , i was know taking my figures deeper and twisting it , she knew I was awake , but she was so excited by now that she wanted to continue , she put her hand inside my pyjama and started playing with my tool, she started moving it up and down ,

I could feel that it was growing bigger each time she did it, I was also very excited, now I could feel her thighs tightened no my hand and she was pushing her self on my figures so that it goes deeper , she started shivering and hugged my tightly and started squeezing my lund vigorously, I felt some liquid flowing out of her hole and she was still rubbing my now erect dick I was also feeling something very different and felt that something is flowing out of my dick and I jumped with excitement . after some time every thing stopped and I heard voice “baba are you awake” and I replied “yes” she asked me “kitni des se”and I answered “jab se appne mere mooh me kuch rakha tha” and I could see fear and shyness in her eyes, I then told her “muze bahut maza ayah hum roz aise hi karege jab mummy ghar pe nahin hogi tab, varna who hum dono ko dantegi”, she was relived by my statement and hugged my tightly , kissed me and said “thai hai hum roz aisa hi karege”, saying this we hugged each other tightly and went to sleep.



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