Maa Ke Ang Ko Chua Aur Sehelaya

This is a sex story when I was in 11th class. We lived in hyderabad for few years and shifted to bangalore. I was a sincere student and was very innocent. I always respected my mother and did whatever she said without any questions.

My mom is 5 foot tall and has a gorgeous figure. Even my uncles don’t miss a chance to stare at that curvy body and lovely ass. Coming back to the incident which changed our lives forever. I slept with my parents in the night on the same bed. My mom used to sleep in the middle. So this was during winter when it was really cold and we only had 2 comforters at our home. My father is big so he used one of the two comforters and my mother had to sleep in one.

Whenever we used to sleep, I had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night. So for the last couple of months, I was observing that my mothers nighty was always till her knees and her legs and mine were inside each other. Maybe she felt colder than me so she used to sleep very close to me in winter. One night when I woke up in the middle, I found, this time, the nighty had come till her thighs. Then I got afraid and went to sleep.

My mother has a very shallow sleep. She wakes up even by small noises. So one day when we were sleeping, I woke up and felt that her legs are on my thighs. I don’t know why but I felt something different that day. I couldn’t sleep for half an hour. I placed one of my fingers on her thigh and started to feel the smooth legs she had. I was very ashamed at that time but it felt really good. I was scared that I will wake her up. So I slept after touching her with finger 4-5 places on her thighs.

After 1 week, at the night I was sleeping and when I woke up , I was shocked. She was sleeping on her stomach and her nighty was barely covering her round chubby ass. Now I gathered enough courage and tried to face my palm on her butt cheek. Slowly I moved by hand to her ass crack. She moved a little but I thought she didn’t wake up. I kept my palm still on her ass. Then after some time she turned around. Now I was very aroused. I knew her pussy will not be covered now.

I slowly moved my hand to her groin’ area. The first time I felt her pubic hair. It was very arousing. I kept touching her pussy with one finger very slightly so that she doesn’t wake up. Then when I got comfortable I was feeling her legs her thighs and her vagina through my legs and fingers. I was all over her but I was shocked she didn’t wake up after so many activities.

In the day everything was normal like nothing happened. But her behavior was unusual. She would do things like asking me to check her heartbeat by placing my ear on her breast.

After this, I observed that at nights her nighty was always till thighs. I would wake up in the night and pull her nighty till pussy and I caressed her pussy softly.

One night when I was touching her pussy she moved in such a way that my hand was between her thighs and touching pussy. I was in heaven. I could feel it was wet. So I gently stroked my arms up and down. I could feel she is getting wet but after some time she moved and turned away from me and slept. I was confused.

In the day everything was normal. But in the night we had real fun. I still didn’t know if she was aware of this.

So one night when we were sleeping she didn’t put her bra and her nighty was fully covering her body 🙁 So I moved a bit and placed myself such that my hand is on her nipple. I could feel it was erect.

I slowly moved my fingers on her nipple and they were erect in no time. I was getting more courage so I pulled her night up and with other hand started caressing her pussy. I could feel the warmth of her body. Then again after some time she turned around and went to sleep.

The next 1 week my father was out of station for some official work. I was very happy. I could also see happiness in my mother’s eyes. We both watched movie in evening..Had dinner. And then she showed me all the new nighties that my father had gifted her. One was a bit transparent and she forgot she didn’t have to show me that.

So she quickly removed it from my sight. I let it go at that time. But in the night when we were talking on the bed I asked her why did she not show me that naught nightie. She told me you are asking silly questions. That day I slept early. I woke up around 3 am and went on to feel where her nighty was.

To my amazement, she was wearing transparent nighty and no bra and panty beneath it. She might be comfortable with the nighty. So I slowly pulled the nighty up and started touching her vagina. I could instantly feel the heat coming from her body. I turned towards her and hugged her and slept.

After 5 mins I could feel her legs on my thighs and her hands around my stomach. I got some courage and put my head between her boobs. She also moved in such a way that my hand was in between her thighs and my face in her boobs. She started moaning a bit and then started slowly humping my arms. I was excited and wanted to fuck her at that time.

I took out my penis and started stroking it. After sometime I felt a hand on my hand and now we both were stroking my penis. Then she slowly hugged me and said in my ears :”Peeche chain hai use khol de dono ko asaani hogi”. I didn’t hear anything after that.

I opened her nighty and asked her if I can turn on lights I want to see your lovely body. She was very shy initially but after some time she told “Thik h baita. Light on kar de. Par teri maa ab jawan nhi rahi. Aisa na ho ki tu light turant band karke so jae” .

I told nhi maa aapki skin bohot smooth hai aur main aapke body ka har part paas se dekhna chahta hun”. She said “Thik h to fir main apne pet pe let jati hun. Peeche jitna chahe dekh le.Aaj main kuch nhi bolungi”.

Then I started kissing all over her legs. Then I slowly moved to her thighs when she started moaning and she suddenly pushed my face in her buttocks. I slowly moved down to her pussy and started licking it.

She said “Beta pehle upar. Neeche to jana hi hai na baad main. Thoda upar bhi to aa.” I was in heaven at that time. I told her I want to fuck her in doggy style now and pulled her up spanked her hard and by mistake inserted my penis in her ass. She didn’t say anything and was moaning. I asked her is it supposed to be this tight. She said “Haan kabhi kabhi. Abhi ruk mat. Sawal baad main”. And then after some time she told me to lie down.

I asked her is it supposed to be this tight. She said “Haan kabhi kabhi. Abhi ruk mat. Sawal baad main”. And then after some time she told me to lie down.

She then she sat on top of me and asked “Apni maa ka wajan to sehen kar lega na. Choti si to hai teri maa” and then she put my thing in her wet pussy and started humping me. That was pure bliss. She said “Tere papa to ek hafte bahar hai. Tab tak tujhe bohot kuch sikhana hai”. Rest of the story in next part.


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