Lesbian Encounter With Roommate Neelu

Hello everyone. This is Shalini (obviously name changed). I am a huge fan of this ISS Forum for the last 5years where I get too much horny temptations when I go through some erotic stories which make me to masturbate me with my dildo in front of PC only. I am not criticizing other stories by saying that they aren’t erotic and each and every story has its own temptations which boost us to have immediate sex right now.
Now let me describe myself guys I am a girl from Hyderabad with 34-26-34 not slim figure or not that much fatty you can take it as a average built body with good skin tone and in college guys use to stare at me and I use to enjoy their looks but I use to pretend as if I am not caring their looks. And I am a erotic girl where I satisfy myself with my dildo whenever I get a chance in my room when there is no one and I feel this is the way I can proceed rather than having fun with a guy to taste real sex experience till I get married. And I have the habit of masturbation since last 5years and recently I got a dildo from other friend as she too had the habit of this and she managed to get a new dildo for me. Myself and the friend who got dildo for me use to have a sex chat by imagining myself as a boy and how I’ll fuck her and vice versa through Whatsapp and sometimes normal messages.
This is my first story so please excuse me if there are any mistakes guys and I don’t wanna waste much of your time and let me describe my first accidental Lesbian experience which happened one month back in the month of January this year with my roommate Neelima (name changed) and she is also from Hyderabad with 34-28-36 and awesome skin tone and she is little fatty but guys when you look at her even a person doesn’t have interest towards sex will also try to seduce her.
We both are from same college and same hostel. Along with us 2 more girls stay with us in our room but they go for job during night times in call centres. Because of this we 2 don’t get into contact with them regularly as we come to room after college and they leave for job. Me and Neelu use to get boredom and it’s like a hell in the night times neither as there is no laptop with both of us to watch movies nor TV in the hostel as it got repaired recently and that stupid hostel in-charge doesn’t take interest to get it done.
So we use to spend time during night times with our normal talks and we use to discuss how every guy looks us with lust to fuck there itself and we use to enjoy by discussing about each and every guy. One day as we are discussing normal college matters then suddenly Neelu said “I am sorry Shalu even though you shared all of your matters including your personal matter, I didn’t share my ex love story.” After hearing this I said hey common Neelu it’s nothing like that and I asked her why you had broken up with your ex and what’s the reason behind that. She said it was due to our misunderstanding problem we broke up and we were in relationship for the last 2years and I am comfortable now with no relationship with any guy. I said take light my dear its common in this teenage.
As I am very much interested towards love stories and sex I managed to ask the same about this to Neelu to share her experience. Firstly she hesitated but later she agreed and I am happy and she said lets complete our dinner first and after coming to the room we shall discuss. It was Saturday and the other 2 roommates left for their respectively relatives home and myself and Neelu are alone in the room. After we got finished up with our dinner we got back to her room.
We both have the habit of getting changed ourselves into night wear and as soon as we got into room we got fresh up and started to change our dress into night wear and as we both are there in the room we locked the door to change dress and while changing my looks got stuck at Neelu netted bra where I can see brown nipples with stiff and perfect shape. For a minute I was in heaven and felt I am nothing in front of her in assets which she has. We soon got changed into night wear and slept on a bed side by side and she started to say her story.
She said as a summary how they met and how they use to enjoy kisses, hugs etc. To my shocking she said her ex has taken her virginity when no one was there in his home. I was in imagination how her ex has enjoyed every part of her assets in every angle. She was calling me “Hey Shalu what happened to you?” I said nothing I was in imagination and now it’s ok Neelu.
She asked don’t you have a bf and also asked “if my guess is right you are in relationship right?” I nodded my head and said I hate all this kind of relationships as I prefer to have only one and one guy after my marriage. She smiled and pretended as if I am lying to her and later she accepted and conformed that I am single till today. As I am interested much towards sex slowly I asked her to describe how you felt when your ex has taken your virginity. She replied “Shalu it was a heaven where my ex fucked me the whole night in every possible angle and cummed for 6 times and made my pussy oozing with blood continuously”. On hearing this I was dumbstruck with her words and in mind an intention has started to have sex with Neelu. But later I scolded myself that I am not a lesbian to have sex with her and controlled myself.
Then we both fell asleep and in the midnight I got suddenly woke up and saw Neelu she is sleeping with her first 2 shirt buttons where I can have a nice glance at her cleavage and my nipples are getting harder after watching them. I am unable to control and went to bathroom with dildo and started imagining Neelu fucking me in every possible angle. Suddenly I heard Neelu coming towards bathroom and I was unable to recognize her arrival as I was in immense pleasure. As I forgot to lock the door with a hope that Neelu wont woke up at this time but my imagination came to be wrong and she came and saw me in half naked and with a dildo in hand.
I was shocked and the total pleasure has gone as soon as she saw me. I came into normal stage and pleaded her not to share this with anyone as I have the habit of satisfying myself in peak times when I am in hunger of sex. She gave a naughty smile and said “My dear Shalu nen ne messages anni chusanu nv ela sex chat chesavo ne frnd tho”(I saw your all sex chat with your friend on Whatsapp)” so dont get panic and trust me. I thanked her and I got back to my bed and fell asleep.
After some time suddenly I felt something crawling on my chest and woke up to see it was Neelu’s hand trying to open my buttons. I pretended as if I am sleeping and thinking in mind the day has come where I can have a nice seduction with gorgeous assets owing girl. I adjusted myself to make Neelu to unbutton my shirt and my dear readers I didn’t expect within seconds she unbuttoned my shirt and started pressing slightly my breasts upon my bra and slowly I spread my legs she kept her hand inside my pant and started pressing my pussy upon my panty. It was a pleasure which I can’t express and I can’t resist myself and woke up and sat on bed and asked her “what’s that Neelu what you are trying to do me “in a aggressive voice just to pretend.
She replies “i am sorry Shalu actually I got tempted with your perfect shapes and I came near to bathroom to have pleasure but as you stopped that masturbating and came to bed to sleep I thought you aren’t that kind of lesbian to satisfy me”. Upon hearing this I slapped her cheeks sweetly and said “U my slave even I am waiting for this response from your end and you slut opened your mouth now. Common lets enjoy without wasting our time and have a memorable seduction”.
Then we went to bathroom and got mouth cleaned and came to bed. By standing beside bed I hugged Neelu tightly and landed my lips on her lips and had a smooch approx ten minutes and I started squeezing her boobs on top of her night suit and she started tapping my buts. In no time I started removing her night suit and made her fully naked and she has done the same to me. We got on to the bed and I laid myself on her and started kissing her cheeks and lips and pressing her boobs hardly. She tried to lift my hip up and insert her finger into my neatly shaved pussy.
I laid upon her breast now and started sucking them like a baby angry for milk feeding and she was moaning in soft voice mmmmm. Meliga Shalu nopedthunai na nipples ni bite chei meliga meligaaaaaaaa. Aaahhhh mmmmmm” and I was unable to resist with her tempting soundings went bottom to pussy. “I felt her ex was a luckiest guy to get insert his dick into this pussy and made this a deep valley and I am further luckiest girl to place my tongue into this deep valley and lick all her juices”.
I started licking her pussy like a mad dog by spreading her legs to maximum possibility and she was pushing my head tightly towards her pussy to lick the walls of the deep valley and taste her juices. She was moaning out loadly “aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yyeeeaaaaahhhhh uussssssshhhhhhhh chusi chikave mmmmmaaaaaaaa aaaaahhhhh vachesthunde Shaluuuuuuuu”. In few seconds she cummed her juices into my mouth and on my face and she came to me and licked all the juice which had fallen on my face. I was in cloud nine. She cleaned my face with her tongue and I poured her juices from my mouth into her mouth.
Now she asked me laid down and got dildo from my bag and kept beside me. She rested on me and gave me smooch and the juicy mouth with deep and awesome smell was just irresistible and I was slapping her buts and she started abusing me “ente chepu epatidaka nanu etla fuck chesavo danikante double heaven neku chuistha Shalu (till now you fucked me and be ready to bare my double heaven fuck)”. She started squeezing my boobs and biting my erected nipples and with other hand she was trying to insert her fingers into my pussy hole.
I was screaming like a hell and inserted my finger into her ass hole and started fingering it and we were in totally cloud nine and started moaning and we both forgot the surroundings of the room. Then she took dildo and wore around her waist and spread my legs and slowly by applying oil inserted into my pussy. I was shouting like hell “osey meliga petave naku nopiga unde (insert slowly as its paining me) mmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. She was saying “tatukove nanu na fucking ni chepa kada double heaven chusisthanu (bare my fuck as I said I gonna fuck you badly”.
Now we changed our position and she started fucking me in doggy style and I had taken her breasts into mouth and sucking hardly and tried to take her total breast in my mouth and I succeeded. She then made me to ride the dildo by taking me on top of her and I said I can’t bare this pain Neelu take out the dildo from my pussy hole. She took out the dildo and made me to lie on bed and started sucking my pussy. I was saying and moaning “naku vastunde bayataku Neeluuuuuu aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm. yyeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (I was about to come Neeluuuuuu)” and I cummed all my juices into her mouth and her mouth looked like a loaded gun with bullets and rest of juices fell on her forehead and I cleaned her face by rolling my tongue and she poured some juice into my mouth from her mouth. It was a beautiful attractive smell of the juices.
We felt exhausted and laid naked for some time and after couple of minutes went to bathroom and got cleaned and slept naked under the blanket. Next day morning we woke up and I gave a smooch to her as a greeting. Whenever we get a chance we use to continue this and later we had a threesome experience with my dildo friend at her home.
The story might be a bit lengthy as it was my first lesbian experience don’t mind and I goanna post the threesome experience later based upon your feedbacks and suggestions.

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