Innocent Shraddha Kapoor molested by her dad

Shakti had always an eye on her hot daughter Shraddha as she grew up. He always had a dead dream of doing all the same to her daughter what she did with girls in movies. But he never got the chance and he also was scared from the fact that her daighter is strong and bold and if she feels something wrong she will complain about it. How ever many a times he stealthly caught a glimpse of her while she was bathing or while she was changing.

But he never did anything else, he was scared. But now his sleeping fantasy seemed to take a breath when her daughter became a famous actress, he knew he could fulfill his incestous ideas as she can’t complain anything to anyone.

Today was the perfect time for him as her wife had gone out of India with his son. He was alone at home with Shraddha, execpt for the servants.

He called all the servants and declared a weeks holiday for all of them including the guards. They did as was told and left. Now Sgakti was all alone in his big bunglow on the outer skirts of the city, with Shraddha.

He closed all the gates of the house that laid the way in or out of the house. He had planned something and that was evil.

He climbed up the long stairs of his house to reach the room of his hot sexy daughter. He slowly enterd her room. He saw there was no one in the room. Then he heard voices of water running from the bathroom.

He again thought about his plan and then all of a sudden he started shouting in pain, “Aaaahh! Haaaaannnhh!! Oooooh!”, his hand was on his chest. He fell on his knees as if he had cardiac arrest.

Hurriedly somebody opnened the door of the bathroom and came out, she was Shraddha with a towel wrapped around her body covering her tits to her ass. Her milky white thighs were on clear view asher chest above her tits and shoulders and her armpits. Her hair was still wet that dripped water on her body that covered some distance over her smooth skin and then was soaked by it. May be she was bathing and on hearing her father’s scream she hurriedly wrapped on a towel and came out to help.

She saw her father on his knees in her room, she ran to him and tried to pick him up, “Dad, Dad, are you alright, dad, Sonu, Champa, any servant’s here, come here this instant, help me out”, shouted Shraddha.

Shakti kept his hand on her uncovered shoulder and started feeling the smoothness of her daughter’s perfectly fit body. He was acting. Shraddha again tried to pick him up and this time Shakti took advantage of this and he placed his hand on the soft chest of her daughter, in the process of getting up he pressed one of hr soft breasts.

Innocent Shraddha thought that his father was trying to get up and mistakenly pressed her breasts. She supported his father on her shoulder. Shakti’s hand was still feeling her daughter’s breasts over the thin fabric of the towel.

Shraddha slowly supported her father to the bed and kept calling for the servants after which her father told her that the servants were on vacation of a week, all of them.

While Shraddha was taking him to the bed, Shakti slipped his hand slowly over her towel and twisted his hand in such a way that the towel fell down Shraddha’s smooth and sexy body. As the towel fell, it expose her slim and sexy body. Her sexy 32 25 35 figure came in view. Her perfect tits with red nipples, her flat tummy, her smooth waist, her pink shaved pussy, her wide smooth ass and her milky white long and sexy legs. Her whole sexy body was on full view.

Shakti had many times seen her naked while bathing or changing but never this close. He was not even inches away. He was stuck to her hot naked body, while his hand was on her naked back.

Her lovely daughter wanted to pick her towel up but she can’t because she knew if she will bend down to pick it up her father will fell. So she let it be.

Shakti now started acting like he was having too much pain, then he slipped his other hand on one of her breasts and gripped it in his hands like he was taking support. Shraddha, who was already in so much tension and was worried about her father did not cared even for her private parts being touched by her father.

Slowly she reached the bed and laid her father there, she was continuosly asking her father if he was alright. She totally forgot that she was naked at the time. Her father asked for a glass of water and his medicine. His innocent daughter ran out of the room while his father stared at her tits jingling when she ran.

She came back with a glass of water and medicine in hand. She waw panting due to which her tits were jumping up and down. Shakti took his medicine and a sip of water then he acted like his hands trembling and splitted the glass of water on her daughter’s beautiful body. Some water ran down her soft tits and dripped down from her almost erect nipples. Rest of the water covered a long distance over her smooth flat belly to reach down her thighs, some even intered her pussy lips.

Shakti after splitting the water, apologised to her daughter and rapidly started rubbing his hand down her daughters beautiful body acting like he was soaking the water. He rubbed her hand along her tits, then along the smooth skin of her tummy, then her thighs and her pussy. Shraddha gave a moan of pleasure when he rubbed her pussy. She was getting aroused.

He was about to enter her pussy with her fingers to soak the water inside, when Shraddha stopped him indirectly asking him to sleep.

Shakti then thought its enough for today. Hu hugged her daughter’s nude body thanking her to save his life. He hugged her in such a way that her face pressed aganinst her tits and while huggig he made sure that his hands felt the smoothness of her back. Shraddha still thought her father was just thanking her.

She again asked her father to sleep. He declared that he will sleep in her lap otherwise he will not sleep. Shraddha let him sleep in her lap because she thought he was afraid. So she stayed there nude till his father slept in his lap, not before rubbing his face on her thighs and trying multiple vain attempts to get into her pussy…


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