Humilation of husband for sex

Hi all this I Akhil, 30 years, from Chennai. I think you would have read my stories of farm house humiliation, naked in river bed, CFNM stuff. This one is a bit of wife humiliation and domination one. I am 30 and my wife is 26 yrs. We got married 2 years back and my wife(name Archana) is a bit dominating type like she will call me vada, poda and sometimes in front of the maid servants as well. I love the domination from her side. When she calls me vada or poda I will see the maid servant( name valli) laughing. May be she also likes dominating me. Valli was 18 years old and was staying with us for all house hold work. When my wife becomes playful and horny she will humiliate me to the core. She will dominate and she loves it. She loves doing that in front of the servants. When I take bath if I lock the door she will get angry. She will ask me to keep the door open and take bath. Even if the maid servant is around she will command me “Dei Open the door fully and take bath, why do you feel shy in front of us”. I would normally wear my undies and take bath in such situations. She will ask the maid servant to collect all the dirty clothes for washing. She will be in the pantry room and send the maid servant to collect the clothes. The maid will come to my bathroom and with a smile will ask for the clothes. I will give her all clothes except my undies which I am wearing. Once she takes it back to the pantry Archana will see that my undies is not there and send valli again to collect my undies. She will tell valli “If he is feeling shy pull it down by force and bring it”. Valli will come and tell the same to me. Hearing this and in an embarrassment my member will grow harder. I will be negotiating with Valli that I will finish my bath and give. Archana knowing that it is getting late she will come herself and call me out of the bathroom.

In the meanwhile for washing there is another lady in mid 30s who has already come down to the pantry room to wash clothes. Archana and Valli were now seeing me in my undies. Archana was asking me “Why is the delay in handing over your panties”. Valli would laugh hearing Archana refer panties for my undies. Archana continues “There is nothing great inside and why should you feel shy for it when only Valli and myself are there”. Archana’s face was becoming red and angry. She continued “For doing this delay you will be punished severely now, Go to the pantry room and hand over the panty to the Washer woman and come and finish your bath”. Hearing this I was more embarrassed. Valli started laughing openly. I was standing there expecting her to take back the Instruction. Valli added “Why are you standing do madam’s instruction”. Valli also learnt commanding and dominating. Archana by action asked me to obey her instruction. I was still standing. Archana said “If you do not do this you will be asked to go around the apartment with this panties. All women and children are around playing outside in the compound”. Hearing this I was frightened as she is capable of doing to satisfy her dominating character. Moreover there are 30 or 40 residential families in the apartment.

So I decided to do what Archana said. So I walked to the pantry room with my Underwear and Valli followed me. As I went in that was the first time the washer woman was seeing me in my underwear. Seeing the boss in such a state she did not know whether to laugh or not. But she was watching me and did not speak a word. Valli commanded “Take it off”. Archana from the hall ” Has he completed the job Valli”. Valli replies “No madam”. Archana in a fury comes in to the pantry room and asks me “I think you need to be sent in the same state to go one round in the apartment”. I was trembling and fearing this. Archana said “Are you going to handover your panties for washing?”. I turned away from all the 3 ladies and was showing my back. I was slowly pulling down the elastic on top with both hands. It was brought to the extent of showing my ass crack and I used one hand and covered the ass crack with the other hand. I brought it fully down and removed it. I aimed and throwed the underwear on the heap of dirty clothes from where I was standing. Archana said “I asked you to give in the washer woman’s hands, Go do it”. Now I had to turn and face the 3 ladies. So I used one hand to cover the back crack and one hand to cover the front member till the balls and walked to the heap of clothes. I had to take off the hand on the back and reveal my butt to Valli and Archana. I managed not to reveal anything to the washer woman and was ok with showing Valli.

But valli had seen me in this state of undress a couple of times. But has not seen my penis. When I took my hands covering my ass crack Valli blurted with a laugh. Then I handed over the underwear to the woman. She got it from me and I walked fast out of the pantry room. Archana called me “Akhil, where are you going fast, There are too many clothes today and help the washer woman with her job”. Oh! I am gone today. I was embarrassed. I was sure the washerwoman is going to see me naked. It is also Archana’s habit that once she gives me an instruction no way she will go back on it. Some how or the other she makes sure that I will do it. So now I know that I have to help this washerwoman naked. I asked Archana “can I wear something”. Archana replied “This woman is married and she must have seen bigger things. So there is no reason to feel shy”. I was looking at Valli as though she will be seeing me naked. Archana said “Valli, you can leave this pantry room for some time”. Then Valli left. I was now with this woman and Archana was commanding put soap for those clothes. I was covering the front with one hand and was applying soap with the other hand. The washer lady was rinsing. Archana said doing with one hand will not wash clothes well. Then I sat down on the small plank and used my legs to cover up my manhood partially and had to use both hands to apply soap. The washer woman was from her position could see my crotch area partially. My wife left the place saying I have to finish and give her a call to come and check.

In the meanwhile the washer lady asked me “Is madam always like this”. I said “yes she loves to make me naked in front of others”. While talking the washer woman’s eyes were trying to see through my stuff. Half and half she could see in the next few mins. Suddenly valli came inside and I dropped the soap and covered up my crotch in the sitting position. She laughed and said “I will make sure you are running naked in front of me”. Valli said to the lady “Your sister has come to take you”. Valli asked “Can I ask her to come and help you”. The washer lady said ok. Valli knows that I will feel fish out of water.

valli went and asked the washer ladies sister ( around 28 years name Lakshmi) to come inside. Valli brought Lakshmi inside and when they both came inside Lakshmi was surprised to see me sitting naked with my hands covering my crotch and the other her sister washing clothes. Lakshmi appeared to be a more mischievous lady. She was recently married from their conversation I could make out. The washer lady told Lakshmi “He is madam’s husband and madam has punished him for doing some mistake like this”. Lakshmi asked “What mistake he did and is that the punishment always”. valli replied “He was asked to take off his undies and give to me for washing, he refused and now he is made to work naked”. Valli added “Sometimes madam punishes like this”. valli commanded me “Are you going to wash the clothes or shall I call madam”.

Then I used one hand as before to apply soap. Lakshmi asked ” How can you apply soap with one hand”. Washer lady said to Lakshmi ” You recently got married why are you still lusty”. Lakshmi replied “MY hubby’s is very small”. The washer woman replied” This is still smaller”. Lakshmi asked “have you seen it fully?”. Washer woman ” Yes I have”. I was just sitting in-between these ladies when both of them were commenting on my penis. Lakshmi asked “Sir, Can you show me?”. I said NO. The washer woman said “You are supposed to show otherwise I will call madam”. I said please do not call her. Then Lakshmi said “show your penis by taking your hand off”. I complied. I took both hands to wash the clothes. valli was not there in this time as she got a call from Archana. Lakshmi asked me to fold my legs in such way that it does not block her view. I did it. Due to the wetness in the washing room my cock got small and was tiny. Lakshmi asked “Where is it I cannot see”. They both asked me to stand up. I did that. Imagine, I was naked in front of 2 lady servants in the wash room totally naked. I tried to cover up a bit and Lakshmi said ” should I call madam”. Both of them were completing the washing and asked me to carry the clothes to the balcony and hang them for drying. I did that. I was asked not to cover up by these ladies and I was doing that. Lakshmi once in a way will hold my balls and ask “why did it take so much time to hang the last cloth. were you showing yourself on the balcony to other ladies”. Another time Lakshmi will hold my cock and ask “Why does it not grow hard”. I was frightened more and hence it was small. But slowly her comments made me hard. Lakshmi was asking “Is that all it will get to”.

Finally their washing was over. I was trying to cover up my man hood. She stared. Washer woman asked me to go and call madam. I covered up with my hand and was walking to Archana. valli was there and asked what happened. She was eyeing at my crotch area. I said to Archana that I have completed the job. Then Archana came out and met the 2 ladies and Archana was surprised to see Lakshmi there. Seeing Lakshmi she asked me were you naked to both these ladies. I said Yes shamefully. Archana with anger ” I asked you to get naked in front of the washer woman only and not her sister, and why did you show her sister your man hood”. “Did you not know that you have to take my permission to get naked in front of another lady”. “Oh I am sorry”, I said. Archana turned to Lakshmi and asked ” Did you see him naked “. Prompt came the reply “yes madam”. Archana asked valli “Have you seen him naked”. Valli said “No Madam”. Archana asked me ” You have never shown Valli and how did you show Lakshmi, did you like her or what”. Archana gets wild if I like somebody. She will embarrass me if I say I like another woman. She cannot tolerate it. All this while I was covering up and my member got small. Archana then asked the washer woman and her sister to leave so that she can take care of me. Lakshmi asked Archana “Can I also come with my sister every day to wash clothes”. Archana could understand that Lakshmi liked to see my cock. Archana said “yes you can come”. Archana turned to me after sending them off. Valli was watching me. What happened next? Females from Chennai, if you would like to chat more about this email me to [email protected]


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