How I fuck my mom

Hiii friends this is nithin,21 m from kerela. Untill my 18year my life used to be same as other usual kids , who like to play with friends, eat and lead a happy life . At my 18th year i lost my father unfortunatly . after tht my mom was very much lonly . then stefan uncle start to come to our home. Stefan uncle was friend of my dad , he used to come often to our house when my father was there . i see my mom seem to be relaxed and happy when he comes either me too . i see them both very close when they talk in alone, i just thought it all was normal as i dont know to judge things quickly at tht age.
One day it was my half yearly leave time , i was studing 9th std, i gone to play cricket with my friends to near by ground . we used to play from mornign to evening and manytime i skip my lunch too , as we eat snacks and all ther we dont feel hungry. on tht day i dont even ate my breakfast i just straight away gone to ground as it was getting late. then after some time at 11 i felt very hungry so i thought to come to home and eat something and go back, as our team too lost in a match , i gone to my house for some quick breakfast.

when i go to house the current was off , so wen i push door to knock it opened , it was not locked inside, when i entered house i heard very peculiar sound , like “ahhh ,,,,,,ahhh “ and heavily breathing noise, i thought something wrong and rushed to bed room from where nosie is coming . there i was shocked to see my mom and my uncle in same bed having sex. the bed room was fully opened gone straight and when the minute i saw i came and hide in pillar next to room , i dont know wht to do, they didnt notice me . i just sat i felt like thunder strik, i felt like vomiting, i really dont know wht to do or wht happening for a minute. they still having sex dont know abt my arrival , i slowly brought some courage and gone into the room and shouted “mom……wht ru doing “
they both were shocked to see me there, they were having intersourse tht time, when i shouted they both seperated , my mom ran into the bath room to hide, stefan uncle “ ohhhh nithin my god ,…….im sorry im sorry” he was saying in shivering voice got all his dress scattered around and ran out . i just sat on the bed and my mom was in bath room for an hour i didnt move , as i was in total shock , either my mom . the scene was again and again coming in to my mind . i want to say it to anyone and just cry but dont know who to say or wat. then i start to make up my mind myself. “ this is really happened in my life , its hard to digest bt its ok , my mom too have sense and she needs some one for her desires…..every one needs sex ,even me now or later so its not bad to worry abt tht , “ like tht i made up my mind . then i knocked the bathroom door there was no sound from inside,
me” its ok mom open the door i do understand wht you need “
i heard sobbing sound from inside,
me” its ok mom ……..please don’t make me worry come out i want to talk to you “
then mom opened the door half and ask for towel, as she was nude i pass a towel to her. she wear the towel and came out. for the first time i feel something inside when i see my mom in towel, the towel barely covers her big boobs, and it was just below her thing. when i see her the fucking scene which i saw them both was coming in my eyes i cant able to control myself. i could see her face was hanging of shame, i made her to sit on chair and told
me” its OK mom i understand what you need ,and what situation u done it …..”
while I’m talking to her my eyes were gliding through her body,her fair glowing skin, big boob, her big smooth thigh…i was seduced… suddenly she watched me that and told “ OK nithin can i change my dress…..”
me “ OK mom …..” and i came to my room .
that night i barely slept , i was thinking about all that happened and masturbated 3 times . I’m slowly entering in to incest. that i cant able to judge that time . her glittering body and sex with Stefan was flashing in my mind . my mind fully conquered with incest.
The next morning i woke up and saw mom sitting on sofa and drinking coffee . i gone sit next to her.
mom “ want coffee dear “
me “ Y’s “
she gone to kitchen and bring me a cup of coffee, while she bent down to keep the coffee mug on table my eyes straight away search her boob glance, wow that was lovely i cant able to control my organs i guess , i straight away gone to bathroom and jerked. came back and sat to drink coffee , eventhogh my mind say no nithin don’t ……my lips spoke
me “ hw did all this started mom , when you feel on stefan”
mom was little shocked when i ask it suddenly
mom” ohhh please dear i want to forget those things please dont remind me “
me “ its ok mom you can share with me , “
mom “ to say real dear we used to meet even bfore your father dead”
i was shocked to know tht .
me “ but i thought you both do sex after father “
my mom shocked a little when i used the word sex, but she knows its all out of her hand now .
mom “ ys dear we meet bfore father ……i dont want to hide this so told “
me “ do father know this “
mom “ no “
me” ok”
me “ do father have sex with you mom “
mom feel embarresed when i ask tht
she just nodded head saying ys
me” thn why do you have sex with this guy “
mom “ please nithin dont ask me tht again and again “
me “ please say it i want to know “
mom “……..dont know may be i could have like him or i could hve like sex “
i can find something courageous from mom words
me “ so you lke him or sex in clear”
mom “……”
me”…………..can i ask you a thing mom if you dont mind……”
mom “ ofcourse dear ask “
me “ can i…….”
mom “say”
me “ can i have sex with you mom “
mom was struck like a thunder hit her , then she burst-ed
“ you bastard you have these things in mind ahh , you son of bitch , i done something wrong ys i accept it and i apologise but its not tht bad tht no one on earth dont do , but you bastard ask such thing …..”
me” please mom don’t get angry , ys i accept wht you do others in world can do and wht i ask other wont but i want to say you tht you like sex and me either , the only thing tht block us from having sex is our relation ship , in world only humans dont have sex with parent but all other living creatures do , why dont we a exceptional , just leave the world and all other thing , i like to say and want tht , so i asked , i dont feel sorry abt tht “
she just didnt say any word gone in to her room and locked the door.
i just gone to my room.
at lunch also we didnt speak to each other .she just cooked the food ate and gone inside her room and me too. and at night when i came to have dinner , she too came to dine table to have dinner. we didnt spoke anything and just was eatting.
mom” are you sure abt wht you ask in the morning??”
i was very happy when she say tht ……..
me” ys im mom”
mom” but this could spoil your studies”
me” no mom i promise ill give you the same result as i give now”
mom “ ok but undersome condition”
i was in cloud nine when she say tht i was ready to agree all the condition she abt to say and aske “wht mom “
mom “we can have sex in home only not in outside or in public, you can cll me by my name while inside not outside , for outside world we are still mom and son , and one more thing you should not say a word to your friends or anyone “
me “ i agree to anything you say mom , i just need you “
mom” do you know abt sex”
me “ ys through internet only”
mom smiled and said” ok then finish your dinner quick”
and got up gone to her room
i just swallowed my dinner i was in extreme happiness. i washed my hand and just rushed to mom room.she was laying on the bed and relaxing her self , i gone in to the room and i got little nervous and i can feel my hand shaking slightly. she look at me and told” so what you want to do now”
me “ anything you say mom”
mom “ here after dont call me mom in home , just call me by my name “
me “ ok mom …….sorry radhika ………but i feel uncomfortable call you by your name “
mom “ its ok you will get practised by time, so what you want to do now…??”
me,in a little shivering voice “anything as you say”
mom “ you told you know from internet ?? “
me “ yes …but this is my first time….so im blank…”
mom smiling “ blank or full of dreams and ideas “
me “ dont know…may be both…”
mom “first thing in sex…ur man and im woman, man dont ask…just command woman on bed, as whatever you feel to….”
i was feeling like in dream land….but with slight fear “can i see you nude…”
she just smiled, stood up and removed her nighty …….ohh my gooossss she was beautiful , she was topless just with a panty her fair skin is glowing, perfect shape of 34 D 26 36. she is just like a marvelous painting. now my whole body start to shake, she noticed tht and smiled
mom “ you are in tension dear , just relax, you got lot of time,so is this enough or should i remove my panty??”
me “ ys sure “
mom “ you want to see all nude ??” she smiled
me “ys ofcourse “, my heart was pleading for next and my eyes are wandering her body.
mom “ ok then….remove my panty dear “ saying that she uplifted her hands.
me “what me ??”
mom “ ohh dont be stupid nitin, it is you…come on “
i slowly caught hold of her panty and pull it down…i am watching my moms pussy soo close. i bought it till knees and was watching the pussy closely…
mom “just strip me dear and watch as you like “
i then removed the panty and she was standing close and let me watch.
mom “ so now its your turn”
saying tht she removed my t shirt and unbottened my pant and unziped. then she ask me to go nude and she lay on the bed.i was totally nude , my 6” cock was half hard.
me “ wht should i do now”
she just laughed “ do anything you want honey , im all your now … said you watched in internet ??”
then i start to touch her stomach and with a little fear touch her boobs lightly with a finger it was soo soft, she was just closed her eyes and enjoying, she want to know how far i go .when i touch boobs she didnt say anything so i got some courage and touched it with my both hand . she was just closing her eyes and told in mild voice “ kiss me honey “
i kissed her on cheek, and neck. she opened her eyes and told you are soo timid…. saying tht she hold my face and kissed my lips hard , it was like heaven our both,skin, face, lips, air saliva was mixed and she was just smooching my lips biting it softly with her teeth, entered her toung in to my mouth and she was out of control. to give me more courage while kissing itself she got hold of my hand and start to press boobs harder . i just left myself to her, it was like dream to me …….i was in ecstasy . to bring me more courage she just made me to lay on bed and she go below me …..when she touch my cock there was thousands of stars shattering around me ,by the time my cock was fully erected , she just took it in her mouth , i didnt expect tht , she was just suck sucking sucking … was wonder ful and at a point she caught hold of my balls and told “ you are abt to cum can i take it in mouth or you want to fuck me “
i immediately said “ i want to fuck you mom “
mom “ no mom…….”
saying then lay side to me , i got up and go on her , she just took my cock and put into her pussy, it was warm, wet feel so good . i started to fuck her , while fucking i was just kissing and lay on her boobs , withing few second i feel back pain , i just got up and said “ mom its paining my back”
mom “ please dont call mom now , i dont get into mood”
me “ wht to do …..”
i was just kneel down between her legs , she jsut stroke my cock with her hand to keep it tempered told” ok honey go on scold me as you like “
me “ you mean “
mom “ ys feel tht im your bitch , scold me with wht all bad word you have “
me “ but mom……..”
mom “ go on i said”
me “ ok ………you devil lady, bitch, you fucker “
mom”good harder “
me “you bloody prostitute, shyless men fucking bitch……”
mom “ slap my face come on “
i was confused and slapped her face light.
mom “ come on harder you good for nothing lazy “
i just slapped her harder now on her both cheeks…
i was confused why she ask tht “ but why you ask it “
mom” just to take you out of shyness and make you to call me by my name “
me “ ok radika i wont call you mom in home ……”
mom “ thts good “
saying tht she placed a pillow under her back to raise her waist and give me a good position to fuck ,then i again start to fuck her , this time i feel comfortable to fuck , within few minutes 5 min i think ……..i cummed in her pussy , she just hugged me tightly with her i just filled all my cum in her. we we just in tht position for a min then i rolled out.
me “ hw was it “
mom “ you are a good player honey “
me “ you too radika “
she just smiled at me kissed me on lips. eventhough i felt tired i dont want to sleep.
me “ do you feel sleepy radhika “
mom “ ya a bit but i dont want to sleep and disappoint my boy now, this is his first day and i want to give my all to him” smiled and kissed on my lips.
we both were sleeping side by side and i was playing with her body, just pressed her boobs, stomach , belly button.while i was playing with her boob and nipple..
mom “ come on nithin pinch my nipple now “
i pinched the nipple lightly.
mom “ harder dear “
i pinched it harder, she moaned in low voice” isss ahhhh”
me “ did that hurts ??”
mom smiling “ real pleasure in sex is with pain only dear”
i can slowly guess that mom is a hard player in sex, so i gathered some more courage and pressed her boob harder and smooched her lips harder. while my hand go below her hip for pussy i felt little fear and took off.
me “ so can i used your whole body “
mom “ man dont ask….use it dear its all yours “
me “ so can i touch your pussy ??”
mom laugh “ go on nithin, touch , play , eat it , finger it , slap it…do what ever you want “
saying that she wide opened her legs. i touched my own mom pussy for the first time, it was a great experience that cant be explained in words.inserted my one finger into her pussy, and saw her, she was in eye closed position and cool so i got some courage and entered my another two fingers and saw she moan in pleasure “ iss ahhhh go on “
inner wall of her pussy was soo soft and wet, i can feel my own cum there, was playing with it for sometime and after 3am we done an other fuck then we both slept hugging each other……..

the next morning when i woke up, she was not in bed , i got out of the bed and check the house.i was all nude. she was in kitchen making break fast . i just gone behind her pat her ass “ what are doing dear”
mom “ ohh you couldnt see ..breakfast”
she was making omlet , i just sim the gas told” ok give me a morning fuck “ there is no one to stop us or say anything this gave us a great way to fuck every where ,saying that i lifted her nighty , i thought she would object but she didnt , she just leaned holding the cupboard to give me position. now we were like a rabbits to fuck all around the house, as i was nude i just hold her nightie up and start to fuck her, for few minutes, while fucking her felt her nighty was disturbing so i asked her to remove it , she too removed and we both were nude and i fucked her for 5-6 min and cum med in her pussy and took her nighty came out
mom “ hey nithin give me my nightie “
me “ no radika be nude just like me i like it …”
mom “ god.. come on nithin this is not fair , ……”
me “ ok first you finish break fast ill give you “
as i was adament she just wore a apron and cooked the food . she came out of the kitchen nude with plates , it was like an angel walking nude in the house
mom “ now give me nithin “
me “ no radika this bloody nighty is very disturbing while i fuck you , so please be nude in house “
mom “ no way i feel embarrassing to be nude dear , ……. ill remove when you want “
me “ ok just wait “
i had an idea , i go in to her room opened the cupboard, took out my father’s shirt .
me “ ok then wear it mom “
mom just got it from me “ shirt … want me to just wear it “
me “ ofcourse …..”
she just smiled and wore, it was just grt on her, it was just below her bum and i unbuttoned two buttons up which gave good view of her half boobs and gave me good mood to fuck her again .
me “ you look grt in this “
mom “ hmmmm why dont you say….. it give clear view of my all vital parts na “
then we laughed. then we both had our breakfast , after tht she clean the table and plates , i was watching tv , then she came and lay on the sofa. i was nude as i feel something very happy , excited when i was nude so i choose the way to be nude in house. she took the remote from the table and change the channel. i just gone near her and stand aside,
mom” nithin move away you are blocking my view”
me “radhika ……….cant you see”
mom” wht “
me “ my cock is getting harder ….help him “
mom” ohhh my …….nithin dont you feel tierd , for your age these experiences are too much ”
me “ ohhh i remember but i cant help when i have such a wonderful sexy women with me , plzz suck it “
she just look astonished , smiled and took my cock in her hand just stroked it and start to suck, i can feel her warm deep , beautiful mouth all over my cock, it was grt . within few seconds my cock grow full, she was playing with my balls as well. after a few mins she hold the cock and told “you want to fuck ?”
me” no i want to cum in your mouth this time “
she then took it in mouth again and was sucking it harder and faster , within mins i feel like to cum , i just grab her head and stuck my cock fully in her mouth then blast my cum. tht time i dont sensed tht im chocking her.while i release her she gasp for some air, tht time only i realised
me” ohhh sorry radhika …….am i hurt you”
mom “ its ok nithin …….”
i grab her head and gave a deep kiss on lip, i can feel my cum still sticking in her mouth , then sat near by her and asked “ so hw is my cum taste “
mom” ohhh you just directly injected in my throt , hw can i taste it then”
me “im sorry ….ok ill give you for taste next time , so you ever tasted any one cum bfore”
mom “ ys “
me” who”
mom “ your father , stefan, and others”
i was really shocked to knw tht word ‘others’
me “i cant get you wht you mean by others”
just smiling and said “others means others, ……other guys”
me “ ohhh radhika this is ridiculous you mean to say you fucked many guys”
mom “ ohhh good so fucking his own mom is not ridiculous haan”
now she is very dare to speak anything to me
me “ hmmmm so hw many “
mom “ hey not too much nithin just 4-5 “
me “ you slut… dont even know the count ahh… who are they “
mom “ just stefan’s friends only “
me “ do you still continue??”
mom “ no ….”
saying tht she gone for bathroom , as i feel little tierd i gone to my bed room .
then at 1 pm i woke up had my lunch and saw she is sleeping , so i didnt disturbed her, and watch tv.
then she got up by evening , got ready to prepare dinner , we were just had some chitchat and some naught play which both of us like much. then it was time to dinner, she prepared roti and dal makni . suddenly i got to remember a thing so i took a roti and start to jerk my cock ,
mom “ ohhh wht you want nithin”
me “ hmmm just wait”
saying it i cummed in tht roti . me” so you want to taste my cum na , eat it “
as i didnt fucked her from morning i got lot of cum in it , she smiled and took , start to eat
me “ hw is it”
mom “ ohh grt than the dal …lol”
we just laugh out.
after she eat fully” so i ate yours wht you going to eat from me”
me “ ok cum in this roti ill eat “
mom” i cant cum now “
me “ ok get up “
i took a roti and stuck in her pussy , take it back and eat mom “ soo clever”
me “ hmmm its soo yummy just stand till i eat this two rotis”
she was stading with her legs wide till i eat 1 roti , after finishing first one i got a brighter idea
me” radhika now turn around and bend down “
mom” wht “
me “ do as i say “
she too was a very obedient lady so done as i said , now i took a roti and stuffed in her ass, this she didnt expected “ oooch you grow too nasty nithin “
me “ ohhh its soo tasty you know radi “
mom “hmmmmm……..”
we were crossing all the boundries between us, i know she likes it very much , the roti too gave a lovly smell to eat , i ate the whole second roti by the way ………….
tht night we done a perfect sex , as last night it was my first sex i could not be very active but today i was ready to anythng as i seen on internet and also radika was giving a grt company. we also tried anal but it was failure as i feel much pain in my cock.we had sex for 2-3 times tht night.
the next morning alarm rang, today college starts , it sucks. previously i feel bored to sit in home while hoildays now my mind doest accept the term college, i want to be in home , with mom , on bed ………but if i ask her tht she would definitly dont allow me to have sex with her again so as a good child i should got go college…….it was 6 am she was sleeping nude near me , her hair was covering one of her boob the other one was clear to view, pussy is wet with my cum. she is sleeping like a beutiful picture .i just watched for 5 mins and got up , if she wake up at 7 am is ok for me to pack lunch and all.i first gone to bath , i heard phone ringing . while i came out it got disconnected and noted stefan number at caller id . i smiled to myself , i know he want to know wht happened then, as today is my college tht he know so he is calling was 7 i gone to wake her up. she too got up took bath, while bathing again there was stefans number ringing , i took the phone and gave to her on bathroom, when she know its stefan she dont know wht to tell , she look at me , i just told “go on radhika dont worry i dont mind if you have sex with him or not……” she was happy when i told tht and said stephen to come to home . she then came out prepared for my lunch and breakfast , she seems very happy , while she serving breakfast on table i saw she wearing panty along with the shirt, me” ohhh radhika plz remove tht panty yar , its not good “
she didnt say a word removed it , i feel very happy when she obey my orders, i can see her sweet pussy and ass everytime she roam around.
now it was 8.15 in the morning and i packed my books and wear shoe and saw door knocking , my mom gone and saw through door viewer and i told in mild voice “ stefen is here “
me” go on …”
she opened the door, first stefen was stunned to see her in tht costume then he just graped her and placed a hard and tight kiss on her lips. they both were just out of control even they dont know the door is opened and i can feel a strong love between them both . when i came out of the room with my bag stefen was little bit shocked to see me , he dont know tht am in home. i just look at them both , he was holding mom by her waist
me “ its ok go on stefen, finish the work you you left last time “
he was shocked when i say tht , he look at mom confused , she just hugged him and smiled” sure dear we do our best “
i know till he know everything he dont speak to me , so i said bye to both of them and gone to college . only my body was in the college but my whole mind was in home only, very eager to know wht they both were doing and i want to see them both having sex.
the time in college was horrible tht day , it was like in hot pan,when the last bell rang i just ran to the home driving my cycle faster than anyother day . then reached the home took house second key and opened the door , when i enter the bed room i see them both sleeping sound, they both were nude and it was very sexy to see mom sleeping nude with other guy on bed. i just enjoy the scene for sometime now itself my cock raised to half and gone to my room , shed my dress 🙂 , washed face , came to kitchen, prepared coffee for 3 of us and took it to mom’s room.
me “ wakie wakie you sleep heads……”
mom wake up first “ ohhhh nithin thank you i badly needed a coffee now…….”
saying tht she got up sip-ed coffee a little and gone to bathroom, i was drinking my coffee and watching uncle stefen, his cock is really bigger than me even though its in rest. mom came out of the bathroom and lay on bed and was drinking coffee.
me “ he have big enough cock na , mine want to grow up more”
she was smiling and woke up stefen, when he woke up and saw me sitting in the room took bed sheet and covered his thing.
me “ ohhh stefen uncle you dont need to cover things here , our house is now a free sex zone na ….lol”
stefen “ oh ya … atlast you turned into incest “
me “ ys , this damn lady mesmerised me to fuck ……you could have heard abt mother fucker, now you got chance to see it….lol”
stefen “ya she is soo sexy tht no one can miss to fuck her by any chance”
by the time mom was drinking the coffee and enjoying our conversation .
after she finished her coffee i took charge on her , i start lay on her side and start to press the boobs , stefen seems to watch it interesting i dont bother if he see us having sex.
mom “ ohhh nithin just now he finished and you started …
me” you only told you like sex much “
mom “ not like this baba ….anytime sex”
we all laughed
me “ i cant help it now radhika , wht you say stefen “
stefen “ ys ofcourse “
he sit on chair near by and was smoking , watching .
mom “ hmmm go on “ she didnt say a word then, me too dont want to continue conversation .i kissed her hard, smooch her lips, she seems to be little tired as she cant able to give full company i decided to go for fuck straight away . so i put my cock in her pussy and start to fuck . my cock play easily in her pussy , it was not soo tight as yesterday , i guess stefen played a lot today in her pussy.after a 5-6 mins of fuck i cummed in her pussy . stefen was little bit shocked to see me cumming in her pussy,
stefen “ hey nithin , you cum in her pussy , you know she may get pregnant “
by the time radhika told” dont worry dear i used precautions for tht”
stfen “ thts good , so can i too cum in ur pussy , why dont you leave me to do tht “
mom” not like tht , nithin is just beginning so let him wear condom and all later , more over i can’t take much tablets and all , it may spoil my health know “
stefen “ ys but you have to take a tablet a day , if nithin fucks or me or either both one tablet only na “
mom “ ys ………”
stefen “ then why cant you allow me to fuck without condom “
mom “why you want to cum in my pussy tht badly ahhh??”
stefen “ ohhh definitly “ saying tht he stood up , and i can see his cock is hard . mom just gone to bathroom washed her pussy and got in bed, i was laying near.bed was big enough i moved to a corner. they both didnt told me anything to got up.he just kissed her and put his cock in pussy .
i dont thought tht mom pussy can take tht big cock. they both were doing in missionary position, as im very near i could see their beautiful sex , he just inserted his whole 8” cock in , his cock was shining as her pussy is wet.he is enjoying his fuck without condom very much and mom too.
stefen “ ohhhh ahhh this was my dream radhika “
radika “…….hmmmm take all you want dear “
they were kissing and to my point they were having a perfect sex , enjoying endless.
At a point stefan increased his speed and mom too lift her waist to give him a good position. Within some mins he blast his cum in her sweet hole they both were at top of thier satisfaction. mom body had a mild shake when he spray his cum in her, i know she was at her top of reaction, her eyes where closed . then he kiss her on lips and gone to bathroom i can see his cum overflowing out of her pussy now. she lay on bed for some time and got up gone into the bathroom.
Stefen and mom took bath in same bath room, even though i want to see them both in a bathroom but i thought i should give them some privacy. so i decided to be on bed. first stefen come out of the bathroom and collected all his dress scattered on house, then mom came out she was just in her towel. then stefen got dressed told bye to me and kissed mom then gone to his house. mom then came to bed and slept off, as she was tired i don’t want to disturb her so i gone to watch tv. then at 8 pm i was doing my home works , and saw mom came out of the room , she was just in pantie with no other cloths, i was happy that she start to like nudity in house. then she gone into kitchen and asked me “ what you like to have for dinner nithin “
me “ anything radhika “
she made roti, dal with lassi for dinner.
radhika “ come on nithin , have your dinner “
i closed my books and gone to dine
radhika placed the plate on table and she took some roti and dal and start to eat.
radhika “ I’m too hungry …”
me “ i know you work too hard these days na “
we both laughed .
me “ i guess u don’t need any extra recipe today ??”
radhika “ if you got i don’t bother”
me “ no radi i want to serve it in your ass today “
radhika “ ohhh ass encounter today ……”
me “ ys , do you like it “
radhika “hmmmm if don’t will you spare me ??”
me “ if you hate it i wont , but if you don’t like it i will “
radhika “ no prob nithin its all in the part of sex na “
me “ ys . i love you yar , you are very sportive “
After finishing our dinner, we cleaned the house, washed plate, i helped her as i can see she do lot of work from morning and also i want finish all the house work quick then only i can take her to bed at time and can get up early as i have to go for school next morning. after all work finished we gone to bed at 10pm.
she removed her pantie and was nude, we both were nude now. i made her to sleep on bed by showing her back. i sit near by and start to explore her ass. i touch her bum and make a mild massage which she enjoys a lot. then i start to finger her ass hole. she seems to enjoy that too , so i got more courage and entered my two fingers into her ass hole it was a tight .
radhika “ apply some oil dear”
i gone took some coconut oil and pour it on her ass and massaged , applied some in her ass hole too and fingered , now even though it was tight but it slided smoothly. now i made her to lean in doggy position with face down. i can see her ass hole clear now, as mom was very fair and her ass hole in brown color was highlighting much. i kissed her ass hole she sounded ‘ issss ahhh’
me “ you like it radi “
radhika “ sure “
then i put my toung in her ass hole , she didnt say anything so it grew some courage then i licked her ass hole like anything. then i wanted to fuck her now , applied some oil in my cock and pressed it in her ass hole. she was in that same doggy position. when my cock butt enter in her she shouted in pain, i drew it and asked whether she feel more pain .
radhika “ no it was after long time na dear so i feel painy , you dont worry go on “
me “ after long time ? when did you do it last “
radhika “ it was once with a guy , friend of stefan “
now i got some courage as she have enough experience bfore so i pressed my cock in to her ass hole now with full force, at last all my cock is in her sweet hole even though i feel some pain in my cock but i like it . she shouted “ahhhh…….nithin slowly “
then i slowly stroke it. i stroke very slowly with, while stroking i was watching her ass hole enlarger, i drew all my cock and saw it become little bigger now.
me “ the hole grew bigger radi “
radhika “ ys dear just like pussy ass too have elastic nature”
me “ hmmmm ……”
wondering about that i once again pushed my cock in her sweet hole and stroked, by the time im fucking her i was pinching her nipples and so on . i really enjoy the fuck and so mom. after sometime she ask me to go fast , and i gained my speed her tight ass hole was entirely entertaining my cock. within mins i flooded my cum in to her ass hole, tht was myfirst success full ass fuck, i was very happy, and saw my mom ass flowing with cum. she smiled at me and we exchanged our usual romantic kisses…..

our life was deticated to sex we 3 me , mom and stefan enjoyed
a lot , i really love those things. we never bothered at anything , just sex was our full intention.
after some day passed over one day while i was return from school to home , i see mom and
stefan, he was in towel and mom was in bra and tiny shorts, they were arguing some thing and
when they see me they both got mute. i go to my room washed face and came to hall, mom saw
stefan and say” u itself say it to him “ said and gone to kitchen to bring me coffee.
stefan was confused.
me “ why whts problem”
stefan “ no nothing nithin , just dont know how to say “
me “ hey whats these formalities steve, just say it “
stefan “ ok nithin ill say , you should not take it serious , be frank if you dont like it say to me ill
dont ask it again “
now i was confused, “ ok say it “
stefan “ no dear there is a friend of mine sadhiq want to meet your mom ….”
me “ meet mom? for what “
stefan face seem to be dull and dont know how to continue…
by tht time mom came into the room with coffee and continued from where stefan stop.
mom “ he want me have sex with me for money “
i was little bit shocked, eventhough i know she fucked few guys before now its for money means
like prostitution, when i think my mom is a prostitute im shocked.
me “ you mean fuck him for money “
mom “ ys “
me “ it means prostitution know radhika “
mom “its not like tht what you think dear, he is a very friend of steve and so he want to meet him,
for doing it free we collect some money thats it .its not like fucking every guy for money “
me “ but……ok do you like it mom”
mom “ not like that if you dont like it we wont do it “
me “ no i want to know your wish “
mom “ i neither like it nor hate it dear , to say true now our house financial prob is growing , want
to pay your school fee, rent for this house, food ect…. so i thought to accept it . and also sex is
not a big thing in our house na….if i do it we can tackel it some what.”
me “ ok mom if its ok for you i dont bother “
they both seems to be happy when i say that.
me” so how much will he pay “
stefan “ 2000 for a night “
me “ ok so how long he will stay here “
stefan “ he actually works in dubai comes to india for some while, he will be in india for 10-15
days . so till then he come when he find free time “
me “ ok when he is coming “
stefan “ tomorrow”
then stefen took bath , dressed and got ready to go to his house.
stefen” ok dear ill come tomorrow with him “
me “ bring him with money “
stefen “ you got it “

that night when i was fucking her , when ever i think my mom is going to be a prostitute i feel something bad but it gave erection to my cock.she is going to taste every cock for money.
The next day when i return from school, i saw an extra shoe outside, i guess the customer is here. i gone inside house and saw, mom in hall was just in pantie and siting on the lap of the new guy, that guys just in his pant and no shirt. he was also pressing her boobs, stefan was sitting near by another sofa. when they all see me for a min they all shocked. that new guy sadhiq shocked and took off his hand from her
sadhiq “ hey who is this kid”
stefan was terrible confused wht to say. so i took over
me “im servent kid here sir…..”
mom and stefan was shocked and their face seem relived when i say that.
sadhiq looking at stefan “ so he knows everything happening here ahh”
stefan “ys..he knows”
me “ok madam ill be upstairs if you want anything you can call me “
saying tht i gone upstairs.
the scene of mom with him is full in my mind. im too curious to see wht they do, ys i want to see my mom fucking him. after sometime stefan came upstairs
stefan “ so nithin what are you doing…………?
me “ doing my home work…. so where are they ?”
stefan “ they are at room, ok im going to office dear, he will be going by morning, take care dear”
me “ ok bye steve “
i done my home work mastrubated once and slept off. at 9pm i heard voice of mom calling me , i go downstairs. there i see sadhiq siting on sofa , he was only on his brief and mom was in her pantie.
sadhiq “ok boy whts your name “
me “ nithin “
sadhiq “ ok can you go for shop ?? have to buy somethings and food”
me “ sure sir “
then he took his purse and get me a thousand rupee note and some hundreds.
sadhiq “ ok nithin get me a fried rice,chicken 65, chilly chicken and wht you want sweety “ asking mom
mom “ just get me roti and dal “
sadhiq “ ok then get something for you to eat, and a 555 cigarette pack, a johnny walker whisky.”
i got my cycle and gone to buy the things. i came after 30min and opened the door. there i saw mom and sadhiq making sex in hall sofa itself. they just look at me and continued they were doing in doggy style.
sadhiq while fucking her “ could have knocked the door na ?”
me “ sorry sir”
sadhiq” its ok keep the things on table, and bring plates , we will finish in a min “
i kept the things i brought on table and gone to kitchen to bring plates. took some water to drink from fridge that time i heard sadhiq mourning ahhh ysss . i came out with plate and saw he was tightly hugging mom and cummed in her pussy.then they exchanged some tight lip locks and he sat on sofa, mom took a towel near by and wipe cleaned his cock and put on his brief. then she gone to clean her pussy to toilet. i gone to him and said dinner is ready sir and gave him the balance change money . he told me to take it as tips. it was 500 something i was happy , it was my first earned money. then mom came to dinning table to have dinner. she was total nude.
mom “ ohhh am soo hungry “
sadhiq “ after eating all my cum you are still hungry??”
mom “ hmmm i always keep hungry..”
sadhiq “ so how you feel with me “
mom “ ya you are really romantic and stubborn honey”
sadhiq “ i know “
mom “ so you like me honey”
sadhiq “ys i never seen indian girl with such grt company “
mom “ ys , im specialized in that”
sadhiq “ ok get ready for anal tonight “
mom “ anal ……hmmm”
sadhiq “ why you dont like it ah”
mom “ not like that”
sadhiq “ even if you dont like, i am not going to spare you …….”
mom “ ya i know ,now i worry for my poor ass hole “
they both laughed. till that time i never seen prostitute in my life and now my mom is a prostitute. the thinking itself bring my cock hard.
sadhiq “ so nithin how long you are here ? where is your family “
me “ im here for an year sir, my family is in native, i work here and study “
sadhiq “ so you are a big enough guy to know all these thing happening here “
me “ ys sir “
sadhiq “ so you ever had this lady “
me “ no sir “
sadhiq “ why so , you should try her “
i just smiled and got off the table , washed my plates and gone to my room upstairs.
till 11 pm they where watching tv drinking , in hall they didnt yet entered into fuck. i was waiting in my room till they get to their room. after 11 pm he came to mood, he ask mom to suck his cock. he was sitting on sofa, she kneel down between his legs and start to suck his cock. she sucked his cock for 5-10 mins, then he caught hold of her hair and told her to crawl like dog, she too crawl like dog behind him, he took her to the bed room in that position. my pre cum already leaking when i see those activities, then i followed them without their notice. he made her to kneel on bed as doggy style and he was standing at the corner of bed then she was sucking his cock. he caught hold of her face and was technically fucking her mouth. i can see his big cock could easily reach her throat. when ever he gave time she was gasping for some air. eventhough i feel pity on mom i enjoy the whole scene. his cock was shinning with mom’s saliva. he then caught hold of her face and spit on it, when she try to wipe it sadhiq stop it and said “ let it be on your face bitch” she left it so. he then kept his one leg on bed and ask her to suck his balls, she caught hold of his cock with one hand stroking it she sucked his balls. then he caught her hair and rubbed his cock and balls on her face.
then he turned around bend facing his ass to mom and said “ lick it honey “. she just look at him and licked the bum , he told “no my ass hole bitch”,
mom “ ohhh did you washed that honey …..”
sadhiq “ is that bothers you bitch “
she then departed his ass and licked his ass hole
sadhiq “ you are a sex devil bitch, lick my balls too…”
she was obeying his command as a slave, i felt she is a best whore to be . he then turned around pushed her on bed and he climbed the bed. lift her legs up and he gone on her , then he just put his hot rod on her ass and rubbed it for some sec, then he entered his bud part in to her ass hole, she mourned issss ahhhh then he pushed his balance cock into her , it was like a sword entering into the cover.
mom “ slower plz”
he fucked her slowly for some mins, as his cock was big she gasped air a lot when he fucking.
mom “ its paining more dear use some oil “
sadhiq “ ok bring it “
mom came out of the room and saw me standing out of window watching their sex, she just smiled at me and gone to kitchen to take oil. i just followed her and when she entered the kitchen i just grapped her and kissed on her lips passionately . then hold her ass kissed her ass hole.
mom “ sorry nithin i know you badly need me ….”
me “ ys dear but i understand why you do all this for . are you enjoying it “
mom “ ohh ya after a long time i got an new cock to fuck im really enjoying it dear”
me “ thats cool i need that…”
mom “ ok let me go he will search”
i let her go . when she entered into the room he in commanding voice “ what takes you so long to bring this oil bitch “
saying that he slapped on her face , even though im watching i cant able to help her. he pay her , so her own her tonight. she dint say anything just smiled and took his cock in her mouth.after his cock got erect again she took some oil in her hand and pour it on his cock and moved her hand on his cock like massaging . then he got up the bed and made her to lay on bed and again pushed his cock in her ass hole. now the cock glide in her hole easily. she too feel ease this time . he stroke slowly for some time and then got to speed up, within some mins he cummed in her ass. he just laid on her for some sec and rolled asaid. she got up to wash , he just made her to turn around and show her cummed ass hole , she too stretched her ass and showed, he just put his finger in ass hole took some cum and gave to her , she too ate that cum. he repeated that for 2,3 times and allowed her to go. she washed her ass hole and came back, they then came out had some drinks and they fucked 3 times that night . i was spying them the whole night and masturbated 2 times……

hii friends this is your nithin once again, im very much happy to know all you guys comments thank you very much for supporting me. back to the story, next day i got up 6.30 in the morning. i just go downstairs to mom room and saw she and sadhiq still sleeping. they both were nude and hugging each other sleeping. i gone to kitchen made tea for all of us and came to mom room and wake up mom, and sadhiq too wake up. he just got up kissed mom on lips and let her go out of bed.she took towel and wear the towel gone to bathroom washed her face and came out . then sadhiq gone in to bathroom and took bath. by the time mom came to hall and had tea. then sadhiq came out of bathroom , put on his dress and came to hall. then he took his purse and took money from it . it was rs . 5000 and gave it to mom .
sadhiq “ stefan told that you collect rs 2000 for a night , i was here from yesterday noon so take it”
mom was happy to get more money.
mom “ so are you happy honey “
sadhiq “ ohhh you are excellent dear , i swear i never ever had such a great company from an indian girl . how long you are in this Field “
mom just smiled and said “ for a month only “
sadhiq “ hmmm you are great learner “
mom “ thank you dear .lol”
then he said bye to all and gone. i was just waiting for him to go. when he was just out of the door and locked i jumped on mom , just drew away the towel from her pushed her on sofa and kiss all over her face.
mom “ woooo you are too vigorous . just a day without sex makes you beast “
me “ hmmm it was terible night radi , watching my dream girl having nasty sex with other guy……offf it cant be put into words”
i dint wait for anything i just took departed her legs wide and got in between her legs and put my rod in her glory hole. i was just pushing all my cock into her hole while im doing i can feel my cock sail smooth in her hole . i can guess she didnt washed the cum in pussy . still sadhiq cum is in her pussy, i never worried abt that i just fucked her like never before and within some mins i cummed in her.i feel like some big burden came out of me . she just got up
mom “ ok nithin please let me have some rest , that guy didnt let me to sleep for the whole night”
me” ya i know “
mom “ ys you were watching that na, and stefan will come soon so i take some rest”
i just said ok and gone to my room to get ready for my school . i got ready and came down, saw mom sleeping sound in her room i dont want to disturb her so i locked the house with other key and gone to school.
this became regular and stefan became just like pimp, mom used to get 4-5 clients a week. due to her great company every one liked her very much. some come to my house and some took her out to their guest house or to any hotel. sometimes she takes 2-3 guys at a time. but she was in control , she do just for 2 weeks and the other 2 weeks is like rest and dont have sex with others. in that 2 week itself she earn a Ransom amount to drive the family.
i dont have much friend just two of them, mukesh and sudir, they are from well being family with no concern for money. even though they are my close and best friends i never told anything that is happening in between my mom and me.once it was saturday i gone out with stefan to a place, my friends called me to my house , they had plan to go out. mom took the phone and told ill be back in half hour. so they came to my house itself . i never brought them to my house. my mom used to wear just a bra and a little shorts which barely cover her ass in house[ if im there ill make her nude :-)]. due to her work she wear such slutty dress in house [ atleast she should have wear some decent dress while my friends came….] they just came to my house and knocked the door, mom just opened the door with the same costume [ bra and shorts ]. they were just shocked to see her in that dress. she had a great figure and very fair color any one who see her in that costume will definitely get sex mood automatically.she have a good physic of 34 D breast, flat stomach, and quite big ass. that day she was wearing black bra which highlighted her fair skin more , and the two boobs where like a foot ball tied inside bra.anyone would definitely seduce in a min if they came to see such lady in front of them , so my friends where helpless. it was the first time mom see my friends so she asked “ who are you , wht you want “
they were in an immersed shock state told in feeble voice, “ is nithin there aunty “
mom “ ohh you are nithin friend , he is not here dear will come in any min , just come in “
they both didnt say a word and came in, mom put on a shirt and gave them cool drinks and sat in front of them, talk to them both. they hardly see her face and they enjoy her body much. by the time she got call from one of her client and she spoke very openly to him, and scattered condom packs all these thing gave a clear view of what happening in our house to my friends. but they dint dare to ask it to my mom. when i came to house im shocked to see them both there and also my mom in such dress. now i dont want to hide anything from my friends , as they know everything except that i fuck my mom. from house then we all gone to cinema night show . while watching cinema they both seem to be thinking of something very deeply. they hardly spoke to me [ i know they were thinking abt mom ]. eventhough i want to tell them everything i dont know how to open the topic and i fear what will they think about me then. the theatre is just walkable distance from our house, after the movie we walk to house. they both talk to themself something and when i ask them wht they say noting . at a point when we are near to my house mukesh started “ nithin ill ask you one thing you should not take it bad….”
me “ say yar , “
mukesh “ what your mom job da”
i was silent when they ask that, i know they are going to ask that but i dont know how to say .
sudhir “hey you can share it with us buddy , we all are friends from our childhood, you know abt us and we know abt you . everything will be with us we promise”
me “ but why do you ask me this now da”
mukesh “just we want to know “
me “ why what do you both suspect “
sudhir got what i mean , he understand that they want to guess what i have in mind.
sudhir “ we are very sorry buddy if it hurts you but as a friend we dont want to hide you any more, we suspect your mom a call girl??”
they both said that and didnt look at me , they look down.
me “ ys da……”
when i say it they both got relaxed and their face turned bright. they again want to ask me something but they ignored that question and ask formally
mukesh “ how long she is doing this da”
me “ for a year yar”
sudhir “ we rarely seen your mom and when we see her today in that sexy dress we were shocked …..” sudhir just stopped and said” sorry for saying sexy da”
me “ hey its ok yar , she is really sexy na “
when i say that they both got some courage and smiled seeing both .
mukesh “ ys da she is damn sexy da , you know we watched a blue film and i said my fav porn star a girl like that your mom is wooow i dont know how to explain da”
me “ so she seduced you both ahh”
both of them “ ys ofcourse “
i just smiled at them .
sudhir “ so how much she take for a night da “
me “ hmmm rs 2000 , why you ask it “
mukesh “ may be we have a chance to come na ……”
he actually ask that accidentally but he had that in his mind . he just look at me for my answer.
me “ you scoundrels you want to fuck my mom ahh”
they both were very much upset when i said that.
sudhir “ but nithin ….”
i interpreted and said” hey i was joking da , if she have sex with guy that she doesnt even know then why not with my friends…….”
when i say that they both jumped in joy , and kiss me on cheek,
mukesh “ thank you thank you da , i know you understand us …..”
sudhir “ ys da you are my real pal…….we love you da”
me “ hmmm so you both like me or my mom that much ….”
mukesh “lol……both da”
sudhir “ so when can we go to meet you mom da “ . when i was about to say tomorrow mukesh came forward and said “ today”
i just look at them smiled and said ok
they were very much happy and we walked to my house
me “ but if she is with her client now , i can take you both tomorrow only…”
both said ok and came with me

while we are moveing to my house itself they got tensed and were asking lot of questions like…” do she accept to fuck us “ do she like us” what kind of mood she will be “ like tht ..i just gave smile to their question and said not to bother.
when i came to house and saw outside there was no extra slippers out side, i was happy that no one came tonight.we enter the house with my extra key. i made them to sit in hall and i gone to mom bed room. she was sleeping , i wake her up. she was just wearing that shorts and topless , she got up and said “ dinner is on table nithin eat it by yourself i feel sleepy “
me “ mom there is some guys come to meet you and waiting outside”
mom “ who, clients??”
me “ ya ……but you have to come outside and see”
when she took her bra to cover i asked her to come nude totally, she little bit wondered bcos i never asked her to be so..she was little bit wonder when she saw my friends sitting there.they we just terribly shocked when they see mom totally nude, their pants bcome tent at a spot. their eye were just wandering her body…. i just smiled to myself
i thought mom would go inside the room while she saw them but to my wonder she was standing before them like an angel,she didnt even thing to cover her parts.she was just showing off.. her sexy eyes,pink lips, big boobs, perfect abs, lusty pussy everything where making them enter into the heaven. she just stood open and viewable.
mom “ what nithin …..” she asked confusing
me “ ys mom mukesh and sudhir want to be with you tonight “
she sat on the sofa and look at “ are you serious nithin “
me “ ys mom they came to know everything so i thought why not they too enjoy with you “
mom “ but if others come to know abt it “
mukesh “ hey dont fear aunty we promise we wont tell it to anyone “
she was thinking for some time, and said “ ok guys you know i dont do it for free “
both mukesh and sudhir got happy when she told that.
mukesh “ ys aunty we got money “
mom “ its 200 for a shot and 2000 for a night “
sudhir “ we got it for a night aunty “
then sudhir got up took money from his pocket and gave it to mom .
sudhir “ is that ok aunty “
mom “ ohh dear , now am yours you can all by my name itself”
me “ ys she likes it much “
mom “ ok you both want to do here itself or go to room”
mukesh “ we go to room radhika”
they both seem to be very nervous as it was their first time.
then mom caught hold of mukesh hand and got him into bed room.
mom looking at us “ if you wish you guys can come and watch “
mukesh “ no radhika i want to be alone “
she just smiled put her hand on his shoulder kissed him and lips “ ok, mu sweety we do alone …lol”
then they both entered the room. sudhir was almost in a high point .
sudhir “ how much time it takes da”
me” normally for a shot 20 mins max da”
sudhir “ did you watch while your mom do”
i just smiled and said “ i even do her da”
he was in terrible shock when i say that.
sudhir “ hey do you fuck your mom “
me “ ys…so wht “
sudhir “ hmmmm i just cant believe it da”
me “ hmm you should , if you cant i will fuck her infront of you both”
sudhir “ sure i want to see that”
he was in little tense while speaking so i ask him to go nude that may reduce his tension. then he too removed all his dress and just wear his briefs .i just took off all my dress and go nude. i put some blue film on tv and start to watch. sudhir seems to be patient-less. i masturbated once and still mukesh didnt come. sudhir start to roam around the room and at a point he start to knock the door.
sudhir “ hey wht is this da it was almost an hour he didnt come yet”
me “ hey why you ask me , may be he should have gone for second shot “
sudhir “ that son of bitch”
by the time mukesh came out , he was nude fully exhausted and sweating . he came with big smile
sudhir “ hey wht is this man you made me to wait so long “
me jerking my cock watching tv “ what second shot is too over “
mukesh “ ohh my god my heaven is here in bed da ……she is damn romantic”
sudhir didnt wait for a min and got into the room locked the door.
me “ so how you feel da”
mukesh “ ohh she is unbelievable da , done what all i dream of”
me “ what all you dream ….?”
mukesh “ doggy fuck, lip kiss, ass lick, pussy lick, cock sucking”
me “ not anal ?”
mukesh “ ohh ya will do it later, next time i should come alone this guy disturbed very much “
me “ hmmm”
mukesh “ so nithin she said you too do sex with her ……is it real”
me “ ys da “
mukesh “ you are damn lucky da”
me “ i know da”
he just lay on sofa and was dreaming , i know he will be in the dream land for another 2 days.
his cock seem to be tired as him. he had medium size cute cock. he ask for water and i told him to take it from kitchen. he gone to kitchen and had water . my friend fucked my mom and walking nude in my home, i just smile at him
mukesh “ wht da”
me “ nothing “
mukesh “ hey say it da”
me “ did we ever thought this all will happen ?”
mukesh “ hmmm ys da we never thought abt it , i know we will fuck a girl but i dont expect its your mom and we all gonna do her “
me “ ys …..and did you note that “
mukesh “ wht da “
me “ if you fuck my mom wht relation ship we are “
mukesh “ lol… are my son “
me “ lol….ys dad “
mukesh “ ys dont worry son ill give you a brother to play ……”
me “ that so kind of you dad “
mukesh “ so sudhir is your second dad ah? “
me “ ya lot of dads”
we both were very nasty funny.
later after 20-30 mins sudhir came out .
me “ wht dad you finished so quick…lol”
sudhir was saw me and mukesh questioning “ whts this dad thing guys”
mukesh “ if we fuck his mom he is our son na “
sudhir broke a loud laugh “ ohh ya definitely”
me “ so hereafter its you guys prob to look after me “
sudhir “ ohh sure “
mukesh “ so how many shots “
sudhir “ 2 “
me “ you made it so quick “
sudhir “ ya she made me cum like that , you know i made a cum in her mouth “
mukesh “ ohh thats sexy , i have to try it , where is she “
then mukesh got up and gone into the room , after some min he bring her out she too was we all are nude.
sudhir “ what you are doing there “
mom “ washing face and pussy dear “
sudhir “ hmm show your clean pussy “
she just wide up her legs and show to him.
mukesh “ hey dear i feel tired please get me some coffee “
mom “ so for you guys “
sudhir “ ys for all”
she gone to kitchen to prepare coffee, we were at hall watching blue film and talking .after some time she bought 4 cup of coffee and placed on table .
sudhir “ ok nithin its your turn go on “
mom just looked at me .
me “ no guys you do today ill do later “
sudhir “ no yar we want to watch it, just do it till we finish this coffee”
mom just got up tied her hair behind and came sit in between my legs and start to suck my cock. i was enjoying it , i can see they both cock start to grow. then i lift my legs up and told “ lick my ass radi” she didnt say a word and start to lick it .
sudhir “ ohh she licks ass too…” asking that he show his ass to “ lick mine too dear”
she gone near to him and licked his ass. i got down and while she is licking his ass i kneel down behind her and start to fuck her in doggy style.
mukesh was laying on sofa , jerking his cock and watching all. i just fucked her pussy for some time and inserted my cock in to her ass. mom was also sucking sudhir’s cock. i dont want to take much time as they had paid for her so i increased my speed and fuck cummed in her ass. then sudhir take my place and mukesh took sudhir place. mukesh too show his ass to lick and mom too done that.
mom “ guys my leg is paining “
so they make her to lay on sofa , mukesh sat near me and sudhir fuck her in missionary position. after 5-10 mins of fuck he cummed in her pussy. then mukesh gone to her sudhir came and sat near me . mukesh fucked her for some time and told “ i want to cum in your mouth dear “
she said ok and mukesh sat on sofa and mom gone under his legs and start to suck his cock .
mukesh “ ok radhika finger my ass and suck my cock dear “
she too do wht all he ask for . then with in some mins he cummed in her mouth . she took his cum willingly and ate that.
i just dont want to fuck her that night as they both were very interested in doing her and also its their first night of sex so i left for them and gone to my room to sleep. i know they both wont spare her tonight

the next day i woke up 8 in the morning, just wear my underwear and wash my face and gone down to mom room. there i saw mom in middle and mukesh, sudhir on either side of her. sudhir was hugging her and sleeping. they all were nude naturally. i gone to kitchen had some milk, and bread, came to hall and switch on tv to watch. by the time mom came out of the room, she was nude ofcourse. she gone to kitchen and took some orange juice and came to hall , she sat near by me .
me “ did they woke up”
mom “ no dear they are still in sleep ….they gone to sleep at 5 am only.”
me “ till then they were awake “
mom” ya ….get them up they got to go to college na”
me “ you could have wake them up na”
mom “ hmm if i wake them they will definitely start to fuck again”
me “ lol ya”
then i gone into mom room to get them up.
me “ wakie wakie guys”
they both wake up slowly, i just rolled on bed.
me “ so how was last night …..”
mukesh “ oh my ……wonderfull da i want to continue it …..”
me “ hey semester exams are nearing yar we should not take leave”
mukesh “ ohh fuck the semester…..i dont come today “
sudhir “ ya me too”
mukesh “ hey sudhir you go to college da and stay at night , i want her alone this night da”
sudhir just look at him for some mins then “ ok then atleast let me have her once now “
me” no da she fear if she comes in you guys wont let her out so you both come out……lol”
mukesh “ys thats true , ok sudhir you go out and do her and send her in with coffee, till then let me take some rest”.
then we both walked out of the room, and saw mom laying on sofa and watching tv.sudhir sat near to her , she raised her head and rested on his lap and he was pressing her boobs.
mom “ where is mukesh”
me “ he wants to continue it seem “
mom “ hmmm “
sudhir “ let me have now once dear”
mom “ but you just paid for a night only dear , if you want now you have to pay for a shot “
sudhir “ ohh this bitch is always money minded …..”
the word bitch i can feel they are too close to her. even though im there he use such words , i feel horny. he then gone into the room get his purse out of pant and ask “ how much you want “
mom “ 200 for a shot “
sudhir “ take it “ he just through it on her . he just gapped her leg and straight away put his cock in to her ass hole. he just fucked her vigorously for 4-5 min in ass, mom was shouting ahhh ahhh as it was very painful to her, then ask her to suck it , she too sucked it , then again he put his cock into her ass hole and fucked. then within 5 mins he cummed in her hole, he just lay on her hugging her tightly, then drew his cock and gave it to her to suck . she sucked that happily. then he kissed her lips , said bye and gone to his home to get ready for college .after some time i came down from my room dressed for the college. there is see mom sleeping on couch itself . i woke her up “ mukesh will be waiting for you mom he ask for coffee”
mom “ ohh ok ill go dear “
me” ok mom its getting late for me to college , bye “
mom “ ok bye dear “
the whole day in college me and sudir was talking abt radhika. sudir indeed very much intrested on her, as i can notice while he speaks.
me “ so wht did you like in her da”
sudhir “ ohh my she is mind blowing in every way yar , her beauty , body , way of movements, her curves, her company . every thing i love “
me “ hmmm but in the morning you were scolding her?”
sudhir “ thats the really kick in sex yar “
me “ anyway if you like it then im happy”
sudhir “ you are such a mother fucker you know …”
me “ ys i know …… so u done wht all u dream of ??”
sudhir “ ohhh it just began…. have to a lot with her…”
me “ its really intresting to hear…”
sudir “ sure to do too….lol”
at evening we gone to home there we saw stefen siting in the hall, when he see us both he smiled “ so nithin u too start to share ur mom with ur friends ah ?”
me “not like tht steve these 2 guys wanted badly so i thought and mom too didnt denied “
stefen “ she never denies any offer tht too from young guys mean she readily do”
me and sudir just smiled and i introduced steve to sudhir.
stefen “ so nithin am sorry im taking radhika out tonite “
sudir “ ohh but uncle i had booked her for tonite “
steve “ ohh i know dear but plz let us excuse tonite, bcos this guys are big shots and regular clients for us we cant let them down “
sudir “ ok then atleast let me have a fast fuck now……”
when we get into the room we could she nude mukesh sleeping sound in bed and heard bathing sound from bathroom.
thn sudir knocked the bathroom door
mom” whos tht “
sudir “ its sudir dear , let me come in “
she just opened the door and peeked out. we could see soap covering her body.
mom “ when did u came “
sudir “ just now ……wht u got to go out today steve said “
mom “ys dear am really sorry ….”
sudir “ hmmmm ok but let me just have a fuck now “
mom just think for a min “ ok wait ill come out “
sudir “ no just let me in i want to do with u in shower “
she just smiled and let him in, and they both locked the door.
after 15mins sudir came out of the bathroom wet and mom followed.
mom “ you guys are really very terific u know ….” she just smiled
sudir just lay on the bed, by the time mukesh got up.
mukesh “ where you are going sweety”
mom “ having some meet dear will come in the morning “
mukesh “ wht the fuck i paid u for the day till 6pm u should be with me , now its just 5.30 only “
by the time mom was just in her panty, she lay on him kiss his lips and said
mom “ ohh my dear its very important work ill give an extra one hour tomorrow its deal”
mukesh “ ok then now just give me a blowjob”
mom “ hmmmm” she just signed and start to suck his cock and lick his ass hole.
by the time steve entered the room and saw her sucking his cock and we were watching it .
steve “ hey guys plz be quick its getting too late “
said and he gone back to hall and sat on sofa waiting…
mom just sucked him deep and hard, with in 5 min he splashed his cum on her.
cum was dripping on her mouth chin and neck, she took the cum, ate it and kissed mukesh on chin. then she got dressed and started with steve to the party….

When mom and steve started for the party I ask them that I too was coming, steve thought for a moment and said “ hey its very private high class people’s party yar, they don’t like more people from outside “
Me “ I wont be a prob yar, ill hide from other’s eyes and will watch, I just want to know what kind of party and all. I never seen such in my life “
Steve “ hey you are still a kid dear will take you next time I promise plz let us go now “
Mom didn’t say a word.
Me “I want to see this time sure steve do something don’t give excuses”
Steve just look at his watch as it is getting late he said ok. Said bye to my friends I know they too want to come but as they watched our conversation they concluded themselve that they cant able to go now so they didn’t say anything just said enjoy and be safe. I said ok and get on to steve car.
Mom was doing some light make up, she was sitting backseat. He was throwing some instructions to me and mom.
Steve “ nithin don’t just do anything suspicious, and get caught be gentel , and radhika as it is your first time you too know everyone name and try to get contacts from those people we can get clients later”
Mom “ys ok but did you got the money “
Steve “ oh ya, they paid 20k and they want you to be fluffer it seem “
Me “ fluffer means”
Steve just smiled and said “ it mean she should do everything esply she should make sure their cock gets entertained…”
Me “ they…so there will be lot of guys a?”
Steve “ ya make 15-20 guys and 5 girls “
I was excited …I want to see they whole play…
By the time car just reached muttukadu and turned In to a big farm house….from the enterance to the building itself was a half km long…then we got in to the a big villa…steve took us via backside to the guest house…they I see 4 very beautiful girls wearing very damn sexy dresses and getting ready for the show. They steve introduced mom to a guy name vikky. He was like a supervisor there commanding all girls.
Vikky “ so it seem this is the beauty you where telling about “
Steve “ oh yes she is radhika “
Vikky “ so who is he …??”pointing me
Steve “ he is her boyfriend it seem he want to make sure everything is fine “
Vikky “ that’s nice , so you know here nothing is fine, she should give what all she have and they take what all she have”
Me “ ys I know and I want to take what all they pay “ and smiled
Vikky “ clever chap “
We were standing in middle of the room where all girls are getting ready and there where 5 more mens for make up and to help,
Then he just turned to radhika “ so you seem to got nice face and ass, just show it I want to see”
She said noting and started to strip, took off her t shirt and jean and stood with inners, looking for vikkys command.
Vikky “ I didn’t said you to stop “
She just stripped all and stood nude, it was very erotic to see mom totally nude and open before these much guys. He just pressed her boob and said “ ya very firm” saying that he just pressed that hard and harder. When he crushed harder she just morned “isss…”
By crushing her boob he pulled her near and said “you should bear the pain baby…those guys want to have you are animals….got it “
Mom “ yes sir….”
Vikky “ good “
Then he fingered her pussy a little and asked her to show her ass hole, she turned pulled her ass side to show her hole.
He was touching and fingering the ass hole and said “ you never bleach your ass hole ?
Mom “ no I never “
Vikky “ that’s why its nasty “
Then he called a make up man and told to bleach her ass hole….

he just took her to a table near by and ask her to be in doggy style, then he just put on some form like thing on her ass hole and took razor then shaved her ass clear and very delicate. then he took some kind of gel like thing and applied on her ass hole and left it dry for some time and clean that, we all were watching it. while he was doing that a huge guy came, steve introduced him to me and mom , he is the chief security for that party it seem his name is jai
jai “ so is this the girl you told about “
steve “ oh yes…how is she ?”
jai “ she is bloody beautiful “
saying that he caught hold my mom breast and pressed that and smooched her lips passionately …..
jai “ so what for she is commited ?“
steve “ i dont know , vikky didnt told anything , may be she will be used as fluffer “
jai “ she is dam perfect for that “
saying that he unzipped his pant and gave cock to her to suck.
me “ she have to do with security also ?”
jai “ ys…with every moving object here , do you got any prob?”
i didnt say anything, his cock was very huge in size mom cant able to take the whole in mouth . he just caught hold of her head and inserted his whole cock in her mouth force fully, it just entered to he throat i think. she just pushed him apart and took vomit.he got very angry by the act. he caught hold of her neck tight , she was gasping for air then he slapped hard on her cheek, by that he was saying “ you bloody whore pushing me apart, ill teach you a unforgettable lesson today” saying that he called for vikky though wireless.
steve “ hey she is new to the place , she dont know about this .”
jai “ you just shut up , if she do such thigh with our client what would they think, this whole thing is for them only and this prostitute is getting paid for what all they want” by the time vikky reached there. he gone near him and said what all happed . vikky was thinking for sometime .i got afraid that something wrong gonna happened.
mom “ am sorry sir i didint took such a long cock in my life, that why i did like that im very sorry .”
vikky “ you dont need to be sorry dear , you need to be trained a lot, as i say here all are like animals, they just need their dark fantasy to come alive , i think you need some training”
then he called jai and told something, he just smiled at him and came to mom.

jai “ get up you slut come with me “



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