Hot sexual adventure with gf


This is rahul writing about my sex encounter with my ex now married gf reena, belong to delhi. we broke up at the end of college and never came in contact with each other for long time till 20 th september 2012 (when there was our batch reunion)

Due to some of my pending work i arrived there late in reunion,was meeting my pals their wifes,husbands n kids.Lot of catching up was due so lets not get into that lets shorten the story n come to point.


I went to bar for a drink there some of my pals introduced me to rajesh as reena\\\’s husband,i greeted him n asked where is Reena ,he took me to her

Omg she was in black transparent sleevless backless saree(her figure must be 34-32-36 and height 5’5)and her milky white body was shinning in front of me i went into my dream world that how i use to devour each and every part of our body during our affair(mind u she was equally damn hot in bed) she said hi to me n hugged me lightly i gathered my senses n said hi to her and hugged her then the catching up part started.

As time went by her husband was busy drinking and i was chatting with neha(hoping to score a homerun) in brief at last we exchanged numbers well we parted our ways and said bi to each other,then after few days our general messaging started on whatsapp n smses she was working in delhi also near my office

So once during chatting we made a plan to have lunch together at a resturant, i choosed a cozy one with sofa seats(to be close to her n complete my aim),

I reached the resturant bfr n i chossed a corner table she arrived after some time n she was in yellow suit she was looking beautiful n we greeted each other n moved to table but for my disbilef she took the chair in front of me n i was on sofa(n i was so pissed off that time)but resturant made my day they put a loud music there so it was getting difficult for us to have conversation so she said “let me come and sit on sofa so we can chat comfortably”n i was like yupiie huge tip for the restaurant ppl

I n she used to have alcohol bfr so i offered her she said i cant have my hubby doesnt allow me n will get pissed off i said hav cocktail he will not know as thr is a long time for her to reach home she agreed and i n her had a cocktail with food n cocktail was having affect on her she was leaning on me laughing holding my hand sometimes putting her hand on my thighs so i quietly put my arms around her waist she looked at me with a stare n thn strtd laughing n said “i know what do u want” i said “when u know then y cant we have some fun tghtr “

She said”no its wrong if my hubby comes to know then” i said “whos gonna tell”

She kept quiet n i planted a small peck on her cheeks she said ok lets go its getting late for work

N i knew i have scored my runs but man of match award will be announced very soon

Next day she called me n was upset her husband came to know about her drink n was pissed off i said ok be calm n relax he will calm down

She said “i had such a beautiful time yesterday n he ruined it”

I said “we can have it again but this time more cautious”

She said”no baba not now after few days my hubby going out for a week then”

I said”okay”(i knw bang day is coming)

So next few days passed very restlessly for me

Finally it was last day i asked her to take holiday from office n lets go to mussorie

She was reluctant in begining but later agreed

So next day

In morning we were off to mussorie in my car

I had all reservations done there

We had fun all the way n reached mussorie in evening

There we checked as husband and wife knowing this she gave me a naughty smile i also winked back at her

We checked in our rooom n she asked me oh husband n wife ahhaaa i said ya tht to on honeymoon ahaaa

She said naughty boiii i said wait for some time u will know how naughty i am

She smiled n due to journey tiredness we dozzed of for couple of hours in bed(i also wanted her to sleep so tht i can bang her whole night)

I woked her up around 8 with a peck on her cheeks n she returned tht back to me and we hugged each other for some time and i was feeling her boobs crushed in between i wanted to tore open her clothes but controlled n asked her to get ready lets go out for dinner and drinks

We went to mall road there and were moving as a maarried couple enjoying life thn went to a resturant n ordered drinks and snacks n had a great time

Till the time we were finished we were drunk and returned to our hotel

She was wearing a long skirt and a top and jacket,i put on the music channel and we started dancing together and i kissed her lips n we were getting wilder in kissing each other i removed her jacket she pushed me on bed and said not so fast naughty boi let me change first

She went into bathroom for changing and i was waiting for her outside impatiently

She opened the bathroom gate and asked me to dim the lights of room i did

She came in front of me wearing a sexy black transparent lingerie her boobs were pooping out of it n her milky white thighs were making my dick go nuts

She said i remmber how u loved making sex to me when i used to wear lingerie i was astounished that she rembers tht

I said its today is not going to be a different day baby i still love it

She smiled and came near the bed n sat on me and we started french kissing my tongue was inside her mouth and we were deep kissing each other

She removed my tshirt and started biting my shoulders and neck oh man she was so hungry for sex i love wild cats slowly she strted nibbling my nipples one by one paying attention to each one and her hand went inside my trouser and she was carresing my dick i was in heaven and enjoying she contolling me she removed my trouser

And started strocking my dick up and down and then took my dick in her mouth n i holded her hairs on top (i love watching a girl give blow job)n was looking at her she toook my dick out of mouth and then was sucking my balls and constantly jerking my dick with her hands this continued for some time then i pulled her up and kissed her again

Then i strtd nibbling her ears and she was moaning “ohh rahuuull i m enjoying it so much m getting so wet in my pussy”

I pushed her on bed and came on top of her i kissed her again on lips and my dick was now directly above her panty covered pussyy n i was rubbing on it and slowly i removed her lingerie strap from shoulders not fully but to make her shoulders nude and i kissed her shoulders and then holded her both arms on top and licked her clean shaven armpit and she was moaning “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm “

Then i licked her cleavage and pressed her both boobs in between and then bited them gently with my lips and slowly pull down her lingerie more below to expose her beautiful big milky boobs with pink nipple on them

I was looking at them she looked at me n pushed my head on them i started licking her nipples with my tongue n pressing other one with my hand she told me they are yours rahul suck them hard

I immediately tried to took one of them fully in my mouth n she pressed my head more forcefully and moaned loudly aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh harderrrrr

I sucked her both the boobs for a good amount of time then went below to her navel and put my tongue in her navel and licked it and was holding and pressing her boobs with one hand and my other hand was on her face and she was licking my fingers

Then i went below and in anicipation she raised her panty covered pussy but i kissed on tht slightly and removed here panty there was a shaved pussy inviting me to fuck her

I kissed lightly on that and then kissed her thighs licked her thighs and legs and i stood on my knees and raised her leg up in air then i slowly started licking her toes and with one hand was caressing her pussy she was moaning like hell and holding edges of pillows nectar was flowing from her pussy like anything

I went down n started licking her pussy she holded my head tight in her pussy n was moaaninggggg hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was licking her nectar from pussy slowly i inserted one finger in her pussy and was licking also and strtd stroking my finger she was in heaven and moaning like hell then i put two fingers and stroking it she was like fuck me now rahul fuck me plzz

I came on top of her and kissed her again on lips then i slowly pushed my dick in her pusssy and she kissed me hard and slowly i start stroking her pussy and i was eating her boobs and she was moving her ass with my stroking hmm tht moment was blisss

That time her husband rang on her mobile she ignored twice but i told her to pick it we will not make sound, she picked her hubby call and was talking to her and i was ramming her pussy that time it was one of my fantasy come true i was getting more hornier i started picking speed n signaled her to cut phone she told her hubby she very tired will tlk to him later bye and came back to action n told me u naughty boi if he might have heard my moan we would have been in trouble i said nthng smilled n kissed her back

I holded her hand on top n started stroking her faster n she was like faster rahul faster then i left her hands n she holded my ass and started pushing it faster inside her whole room was filled with sounds of fucking chap chap type and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Then i holded the edge of the bed and started stroking her she folded her legs around my ass and moaaannneddd i am about to cumm rahhhuuullll i increased my speed and my time was also coming i unloaded my cum inside her pussy n she cummed with me we lay down on each other for some time

Then we were caressing each other n talking to each other nude she started playing with my dick n said i want another round i said this week u will have infinite number of rounds she smiled n took my dick again in her mouth n my monster again rose up

I asked her to come to 69 position she obliged n i was sucking her pussy n she was sucking my penis,i started fingering her pussy n she increased my dick sucking speed i took my one wet finger n put it inside her asshole n she let out a moan aaahhhhhhhh rahuuul

Then i strted finger fucking her asshole for some time and she was moaning then i took out my finger n she turned n said dont worry i will fill this hole also with ur dick n she turned n strtd riding me like a cowboy n put my dick in her pussy

I saw her whole body in front of me those milky boobs tht deep navel i started getting hornier i got up half n took her boobs in mouth n she holded my head tightly n started increase pace n we were sitting n fucking i can see my penis entering her pussy and her juices making my penis wet

I kissed her again n she pushed me down on bed n strtd stroking up n down i was carresing her body with my hand she was looking like angel in those dim lights

She came down n kissed me again n offerd her one boobs to me i took it in mouth n holded her back tightly she was moaning like anythinggg

I was sucking her boobs very hard n taking it full in mouth she said i have another one also suck this hard now pleaseeeeeee

I took that in mouth n holded her ass n started stroking her pussy harder now she was not moving but i was stroking her from below we increased our pace she was holding my head on her boobs n moaning loudly She cummed and i cummed after few minutes of her

She lied on me n kissed me n said i wanted this for long time

N we kissed



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