Hot Sex With Bhabhi To Make Her Pregnant

Hi boys and hot girls, my name is Bittu(name changed). I am engineering student. I am 21 years old with average built body and 6″ dick. This is my first story, please send me suggestions on.
So let’s come to the story. Lady of this story in my bhabhi named Shruti(changed). I don’t know her figure but she is sex goddess. She has big boobs, juicy lips, round ass… I always wanted to have sex with her.
One day I got call from bhabhi that my bhaiya have to go out of india for 5 days. she asked me to come to Mumbai at her place to give her company. I readily agreed as I was preparing for my entrance exam and I was free. Who want to lose the chance to live alone with hot bhabhi.
I reached at her place, she opened the door and hugged me tightly. Her melons were pressing against my chest. It was awesome feeling. I entered and set on sofa. In no time bhaiya came. we had dinner and talked about many things. Bhaiya has flight early in the morning so I and bhabhi went to airport to drop bhaiya by car. We were on our way back to home. Bhabhi asked me if I have gf, I said no. Our conversation turned to marriage. I asked her about her marriage life.
Me: Bhabhi, are you enjoying your married life with bhaiya?
Bhabhi: What do you mean?
Me: Are you satisfied with bhaiya?
Bhabhi(with sad face): Your bhaiya always come late, he never has time to spend with me.
Me: Btw bhabhi, babu kab la rahe ho?
Bhabhi: Bhaiya tumhare ghar kab hote hain??? Unke bina kaise possible hai…
Me: Yess.
We reached home and changed in night dress. I was in boxer and t-shirt. Bhabhi was in nighty. It was almost transparent. I can see her bra and panty. She was looking hot. Looking at her curves I got instant hadron which made visible tent. I tried to hide it but bhabhi noticed and commented.
Bhabhi: Aap bade hogae ho… Hmm. Koi dhundhni padegi. Kaisi ladki pasand hai aapko?
Me: Bilkul aap jaisi…
Bhabhi(laughing): Hehehe… Chaliye ab sone.
And told me to sleep with her in her bed. She was in deep sleep, but I was not in mood to sleep. I put my hand on her right boob above her bra and nighty and started pressing them softly. It was awesome feeling. I became bold and inserted my hand under her nighty seeing that she is breathing heavily. She moaned a little ahhh… I grabbed her boob and started pressing it hard. She was not wearing anything below accept panty. I made my way to her pussy and started massaging above her panty. Suddenly she opened her eyes. I was shocked.
Bhabhi (angrily): Hey, what are you up to? Go and sleep… we will talk further tomorrow.
I said sorry to bhabhi and sleept. In the morning when I woke up. I saw bhabhi with a cup of tea with a smile as nothing happened. She set beside me and whispered…
Bhabhi: You love your bhabhi, hmmm?
Me: Yes bhabhi, I love you a lot and want to make love with you….
She came close to me and planted kiss on my lips. I grabbed her from waist and stared smooching her. Out saliva mixed with each other. We broke the kiss after 20 minutes. She whispered
Bhabhi: Come janu, let’s go to the bedroom and make love with each other…
I followed her and she locked the bedroom door. As soon as she turned to me I grabbed her and started kissing her lips. I was pressing her boobs simultaneously. She was moaning in my mouth ummm…ummm…mmmm
After 5min, we separated lips and I thrown her on bed and slept on him. I started kissing her ear lobes, neck and pressing her boobs. She was moaning ahhhhahhh ….. sssss
I removed her nighty, she was in red bra and panty. Her skin was so fair. She was looking beautiful. She removed my t-shirt and boxer as well as my underwear. I was nude in front of her. I started kissing her full body. Removed her bra with teeth. She was breathing heavily.
As I removed her bra, her boobs came out. It was great view to seeing my bhabhi half nude. Her boobs were so big with erected pink nipples. I started sucking one boob and pressing another wildly.
Bhabhi: Ahhh …ohhh shona aaram se…. ssssss suck it more ahhhh
I was sucking and sucking and sucking. I sucked each boob for 30min or more. They turned red. I made my way to her belly. Licked and sucked her belly button. She was like aahhhhhh … ohhhhhhsssss
I removed her panty too with my teeth. I started licking her legs from toe. I gradually licked her inner thighs without touching her pussy. She was screaming…
Bhabhi: Ohhhhhhh ssss shona don’t tease me anymore. Ab control nahi hota… Fuck your bhabhi… ahhhh
I licked her with my tongue from her ass hole to her clit at one go. She shivered with pleasure…. sssssa ahhhhhhh. Wet pussy was smelling awesome. Taste was little salty but awesome as I tested it never before. I was licking her pussy hard and hard.
Bhabhi: Ohhhhh hhahhhhh hhhahhhh hhaohh hhhhhhhh sssss ssss……. yesssss ohhh fuck me fuck me
And after 10min reached her first orgasm. It was intense. Her pussy juice flooded out on my mouth. I drunk all and licked her pussy clean.
Bhabhi: Ab to chodo mere raja… kitna intazar karvaoge????
Me: Thik hai janu…
And placed my dick at entrance of her love hole. Gave a jerk and my half dick entered her pussy. She screamed in pain. Her pussy was tight. I kissed her lips and gave another jerk and my whole dick was in her. Her eyes filled with tears. We rested in same position.After some time she commanded me,..
Bhabhi: Now you can fuck me baby… Fuck me hard
I started fucking her in and out slowly. I was sucking her boobs, kissing her neck and smooching her simultaneously. I gradually increased my speed. We are now in full swing.
Bhabhi: ahhhah fuck me as your wife baby fuck me harder
Me: Yessssss …. ahhhahh sssss
Room was field with sound like thap…thap…thap. We both were moaning loudly. I was about to cum after 20min of fucking. She cummed 3 times till then.
Me: Bhabhi, I am about to cum. Where I should cum?
Bhabhi: Shona, cum deep inside me. I want to be mother of your child….. I am also cumingg gggggg ……  ohhhhhh hhhh fuck harderr rrrrr
Me: Yessss bhabhi….. Hear I cum….. ahhhahhh ahhha hhh
We cummed together. I ejaculated my sperms deep inside her vagina. We were exhausted. We slept in same condition, let my dick in her vagina. I lost my virginity to my own bhabhi.
I woke up in the morning with feeling of a mouth on my dick. She was giving me blowjob.
After a fantastic blowjob, we went to bathroom and had bath together. We had another session of passionate fucking in bathroom. We came out necked. She prepared breakfast. We had breakfast on chair, she set on my lap and I inserted my penis in her vagina.
We stayed necked for next 3 days. We had great fucking sessions till bhaiya came back. I returned home. One fine day she messaged me that she is pregnant with my child.
She is pregnant by 7 months. I will go to meet her soon and have another great session.

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