My father had brought a new Maruti Esteem.I attended a driving school & learned to drive that car. Now as my father was using the company car for most of the time our personal car used to be idle. So I used to drive the car whenever I needed to.

There was a garage just opposite to my house. The mechanic’s name was Riaz who was a good friend of my daddy, as my daddy had helped him to set up the garage. He was 25 years old unmarried guy. Riaz used to attend to any faults if & when necessary. Riaz was in late 20’s & a good worker (in both types as I experienced later).

First when I used to take the car to his garage for repairs he used to talk with respect. But now a days I could sense something changing in his behaveiour. Now he started openly joking with me as if I was his friend. I found it little akward first but then I also started joking with him. I also noticed that now he used to sometimes stare openly at my body. His eyes were glued on my chest mostly as I had a fairly good boobs & when I used to bend under the car bonnet to look at some fault he used to look in my neckline. Now I am not a prudish girl but I found this irritating sometimes. Also many a times he used to caress his lund openly from over his trousers when I was looking at him. I thought this was harmless and didnot say anything. It made him more open & during work he used to touch my body. I decided that now I will not go in his garage & find a new garage.

Then it so happened that my friends decided that we will go for a outing on Sunday. Since only I had a car in the group I offered to bring my car. It was Friday morning.Then I remembered that the A/C was not working & also there was light problem. Left with no alternative I had to take my car for repairs to Riaz as he was the available person. I told him the problems & told him to change the headlights if necessary. During this time I could sense his eyes all over my body. He told me that the car will be ready by 3 pm & told me to come then & collect it. I agreed & went home.

I went to his garage at exactly 3 pm. As it was Friday he was alone in the garage but I couldn’t see him anywere. I called him out 4-5 times but there was no responce. So atlast I went into his office cum room. There I found him sleeping on the floor in just a lungi & T shirt. I was to call him again but what really stopped me from calling him again was that his lungi had moved aside & his lund was standing out. My voice stopped in my throat & my pulse started shooting up. His lund was out standing like a flagpole. It was long thick with the head gleaming with cum. I heard him whispering something caressing his lund, so I strained my ears to hear what he was saying & when I heard him I was shocked. He was saying, “Ohhhh Aarti aur chus mera lund, zor zorse chus isko. Bahoot dinose mai mera lund tujhse chuswana chahata tha aur baad mai teri gulabi chut chodna chahata tha. Aaj tu mili hai to poori bhadaas nikalunga is badan pe Aarti.”

It meant Riaz was dreaming about me & he having sex. His action & words started making me hot. Now I realised what his thoughts about me were about. Riaz ab aapne haathse aapna lund sehla raha tha. Uska woh khada lund dekhke meri chut garam hone lagi aur chuchyo mai khoon tez daudne laga. Maine paya ki mare nipples khade ho gayee hai. Maine aapne haath se pant ke uppar se meri chut sehlai. Mujhe aaisa laga ki mai abhi jake Riaz ka lund aapne haatho mai lake usko sehlake choos dalu but after staring at it for a long time I came in my senses, moved out of the room & again started calling him.

It seems Riaz awoke because I heard some noise from the room. At last he came out in the same dress & seeing me smiled & said, “Sorry Aarti aaj chutti hai na to kaam karneke baad mujhe neend lag gaye. Lekin tare car ke A/C ka kaam maine kar diya hai. Tujhe jyada time to nahi rukna pada na Aarti?”

Resisting myself from looking at his lund which was standing under his lungi I said, “Nahi Riaz maine bus 2-3 baar tujhe aawaz di. Accha yeh batao A/C mai kya problem thi.”

Riaz said that it was a gas problem with the A/C & that he will check the lights after he takes a trial of the A/C job. I also didnot want any problems so I agreed for a test drive. He went in to change his clothes & after changing in a shorts & T shirt he came & sat in the driver seat & telling me to sit in the adjasent seat started the car with the windows shut.

He drove the car outside the garage & asked me as to where we drive upto. I said anywhere till I can feel the cooling. I was in a red jersey & blue jeans. Being Friday the streets were less busy so Riaz hardly took anytime to come out of the city. I could feel the cooling nicely now. Driving around aimlessly Riaz looking at me said, “Aarti ek baat bolu? Tare dono headlights ko mujhe ek dum acche lagte hai lekin mujhe unko jara khoob dhyan se check karna hai aur fault dhoondna hai. Abhi check karu headlights?”

I didnot see anything wrong in what he said but asked him how will he check them in running car. He said we will park the car & he will check it, to which I agreed. He stopped the car on a lonely road & got down, opened the bonnet to check the headlights. Accidently my eyes went to his crotch & I saw his lund was still standing. My eyes were fixed on them & again I felt my chut showing signs of getting excited. After checking the headlights Riaz came on my side & telling me to get down showed me the loose contact of the wire.

After closing the bonnet Riaz said, “Aarti yeh headlights ko maine check kar diya lekin abhi bhi tare 2 headlights baki hai. Tum kaho to mai unko bhi check karu?”

I didnot understand which 2 more headlights he was talking about so I asked him, “Tu kaunse 2 headlight ki baat kar raha hai Riaz? Tera dimag to thik hai na? Kaunse aur 2 headlight hai mare pass jo tu check karna chahata hai?”

In responce Riaz came near me & pointing to my boobs said, “Aarti mai in headlights ki baat kar raha tha. Meri yeh bahoot dino ki tamanna hai ki mai tera shirt utarke aur bra kholke tujhe aapne hato se nanga karke achi tarah check karu. Bol Aarti check karu mai inko abbhi yahan? Yahan to hum dono ke siva koi nahi hai. Mai bade itminaan se inko check kar sakta hoon.”

During saying this Riaz had caught my palm in his hand & was caressing it lightly. I was too stunned to reply anything & in this time Riaz put both his hands on my boobs & started caressing them slowly but firmly.

Coming to my senses I moved back towards the car & said, “Riaz kya kar rahe ho? Mare badan se aapne haath hatao Riaz. Is sun saan jagah pe mujhe lake aana aur aaisa karna yeh tera maqsaad tha kya? Chalo ab mujhe jane do.”

Actually I was also hot after seeing his lund but couldnot bring myself to say that. But this did not deter Riaz & he came forward & again started playing with my boobs & said, “Aarti aaj to tune bhi mujhe nanga dekha hai to mujhe bhi tera nanga badan dekhna hai. Kaisa tha mera lund, tujhe pasand aaya kya? Tujhe pata nahi mai kabse tujhe chodna chahata hoon.”

Then I realised that Riaz ne soone ka bahana banaya tha just to show me his lund & make me hot. Since I had no place to move back I was standing still & then Riaz started unbuttoning three buttons of my jersey. After that when he could see my cleavage Riaz put in hands on my bra & started fondling my boobs. As I tried to remove his hands from my jersey Riaz took out one hand & putting it under my jersey lifted my jersey revealing my bra. Then before I could react he removed my jersey totally. I covered my chest with my hands & tried to get in the car but Riaz caught me from behind & pushed me against the car door & opened the front hook of my bra to get a clear naked view of my heaving boobs.
Riaz then removed my jersey & bra from my body quickly & made me naked till waist so fast that I didnot have time to react to anything. His touch over my naked tits had made me also hot & eager for sex. So when he started sucking my nipple I came to my senses & said, “Riaz please raste mai aaisa mat karo. Kai car yahanse aati jati hai, mujhe kitni sharam hogi aagar kissi ne mujhe aaisa dekha to. Please kaamse kaam car mai to chalo.”

With saying this I made it clear that I was ready to get fucked by him but instead of listening to me Riaz started opening my jeans belt & said, “Iska matlab hai Aarti ki tu bhi mujhse chudana chahati hai? Mare lund ne teri chut mai chudai ki iccha paida ki hai na Aarti?”

Holding his hands I replied in affermative. Riaz freed his hands & said, “Aarti tujhe chodunga to car mai lekin meri tamanna hai ki tujhe road pe nanga karke jee bharke dekhu aur phir tujhe chodu.”

I tried to plead him holding his hand par Riaz ne meri ek na suni aur meri jeans ka belt kholke button aur zip khol dali jis wajah se meri jeans pori utar gaye. Then sitting down Riaz removed my sandles & my jeans. Now I was standing in the road with just my red panties.

When I tried to hide my nakedness with my hands Riaz putting his fingers in the elastic of my panties & pulling them down said, “Aarti tu nangi hone mai jitna jyada time lagi utni jyada time tujhe road pe nangi khada rehna padega. Tu jaldi jaldi nangi ho jaa taki tujhe car mai sulake mai chod saku.” I had no other option but to listen to him & removed my hands from my boobs. Till then Riaz had removed my panties making me full naked. Them making me stand a little away from him started touching & commenting on my naked body.

Just imagine this scene, ek jawan khoobsurat nangi ladki road pe car ke side khadi hai aur ek jawan ladka us ladki ke mast badan ko chooke aur masalke usko aur excite kar raha hai. Riaz standing at my back patted my ass & ran his finger in my ass crack said, “Hai Aarti yeh teri gaand kaise uchal rahi hai, aur yeh chuchiya dekh kaise tan ke khadi hai mujhse chuswane aur maslane ke liye. Aarti mujhe tera yeh jawan badan 4 mahino se sata raha hai. Tera badan dekhke to mai hosh kho deta tha. Tu jab bhi garage mai aati thi na dil karta tha ki tujhe wahi pe nanga karke chod dalu. Teri chuchiya dekhke to mera lund bekabu ho jata tha. Aaj to mai itne dino ki pyas tujhe chodke bujhaunga.”

During this time Riaz was observing my body feeling my gand, boobs, chut. I was just standing puzzled what to do. Then Riaz opened his pants & lowering his underwear revealing his hot lund, sat on the backseat of the car with his legs out & pulled me in his legs & said, “Aarti yeh le mera lund chus pehle baad mai teri chut chodunga.” I knew my pleading to him will not do any good so I sat on my knees naked on the road held his massive lund in my hands & caressing it, lowered my face on his lund & kissing it started licking it. His lund was also big which couldnot go fully in my mouth.


Riaz caught my head & now started fucking my mouth from down saying, “Hai Aarti tera lund choosna to tare badan jaisa hai. Lagta hai bahoot lund choose hai tune, le aur aandar le mera lund aur choos chooske mera paani nikaal.” I started & kept sucking him more hard for long time & then I heard a car coming. I tried to get up & move in the car but Riaz held me like that firmly & told me to keep sucking & not to worry. The car came near & I could se 2 men in it & I thought it will stop but thankfully it went away.All this tension made me so hot that I came without even being touched. Seeing me grinding my chut in my thighs Riaz also got hot & released his load in my mouth holding my head firmly but some of his cum out & fell on my boobs. Riaz put his hands on my boobs & started playing with my boobs with his cum.

Riaz took me in the car & then feeling my chut with his palm said, “Aarti sahi mai tu ek mast ladki hai. Yeh aaisa mast jism aur tera lund choosna. Yeh bol Aarti doophar ko mera lund dekhke tujhe kaisa laga.”

Inspite of cuming once I was hot so pulling Riaz to my naked tits I said, “Riaz doophar ko jab maine tera lund dekha to mai aasal mai sharma gaye lekin jab teri baate suni ki tu mujhe neend mai chod raha hai to mare badan mai garami bhad gayee. Aur mare badan ki garami kitni badh gayee iska saboot yeh hai ki zindagi mai pehle baar road pe kissi ne mujhe nangi kiya hai, aur mare jism se khoob khela hai. Yeh sab tera lund dekhke hua.”

Pinching my nipples Riaz said, “Aarti tune mera lund chooske mujhe ek baar zaad diya ab yeh bata ki mai tujhe kahan aur kise chodu.” I bent down & took his now limp lund in my mouth & after kissing & sucking it said, “Riaz tera lund zorse meri chut mai daal ke aur meri chuchiya masalke dabake aur chus ke itna chod ki mujhme chalne ki taqat na rahe Raja.”

Mauling my both boobs Riaz made me get down of the car with my clothes in his hand & locking the car took me in the near by trees. I was walking naked by his side & he was playing with my body when we reached a secluded spot in the jungle.

There Riaz made me stand against a tree & sitting in my legs opened my chut with his hands & put his tounge sucking my chut like a dog. First he was doing it slowly but then he started lapping kissing sucking biting my chut like mad & pressing my ass. I was finding it hard to stand but Riaz didnot let me sit. Now he put one finger in my gaand from behind & started doing gaand mai ungli simultanously. It was too much for me & I nearly collasped on him.

Taking me over him Riaz kissed me deeply & then said, “Aarti tujhe chut chudwani hai na to pakad mera lund aur daalke le aapni chut mai aur chod mujhe. Mai niche sota hoon aur tu upparse mujhe chod.” I tried to tell him to come over me & fuck me but he didnot listen so at last I sat on his waist & Riaz caught his lund in his hands & I lowered my chut slowly to arrest this throbbing lund in my hot chut. Slowly as his lund started entering my chut I started feeling great.

At last uska poora lund jab meri chut mai gaya to meri gaand pakadke Riaz bola, “Aarti le ab chuda ke le aapni chut. Chal uppar se chodna shuru kar.”

Putting my both hands on his chest I started going up & down getting my chut fucked in the process. My whole body was shaking vigourously with the jerks. Seeing my boobs dance Riaz couldnot resist & taking both boobs in his palms started massaging them hard pinching my nipples also & sucking them too. It was such a heavenly feeling to get fucked like this.

Fucking him more hard I said, “Riaz doophar ko tera lund dekha to mujhe laga udhar hi nangi hoke tujhse chudwa ke loon. Lekin aagar udhar chudwati to jis tarah se tune mujhe road pe nanga karwaya woh maaza nahi milta. Riaz aagar woh car rukti to kya hota na. Mai kitni daar gayee.”

Pinching my nipples Riaz replied, “Aarti mera sapna tha ki tujhe aaise hi nanga karke chodu. Isliye aagar tu garage mai bhi chudwana chahati thi na to mai tujhe nahi chodta. Aur rahi baat us car ki, to aagar woh car rukti to mai dono mardo ko bhi tujhe chodne invite karta. Kyonki tu aaisa mast choosti aur chudwati hai ki tujhe ek mard se aaram nahi milta.”

Fucking his lund I said, “Riaz aaisa mat bol, mai waise ladki nahi hoon samjhe?” Here pumping both boobs of mine Riaz said, “Aare aagar tu waisi ladki nahi hai to banata hoon tujhe waise, aakhir tujhme itni garmi hai woh thandi kaise hogi aagar tujhe koi mast lund nahi mila to Aarti.”

The precum from my chut was getting over Riaz’s lund & comming out of my chut going in Riaz’s ass. My legs started aching due to fucking but as I was near to cumming I increased my tempo & atlast holding Riaz’s face tightly on my nipple gave a hard push cuming finally to relive my sex juices which were getting mixed with Riaz’s cum & flowing out.

After getting up Riaz suggested that I sit naked throughout the journey to the garage & as the car had tinted windows no one can see us, but when I said no he said, “Aarti kaam-se-kaam kamar ke niche kuch mat pehno taki mai teri chut se khelte khelte car chala saku.” At last I agreed & fingering my naked chut Riaz drove back to the garage making me hot again in the process that we had another game of fucking in his garage.

Then my car used to be parked in his garage for 2-3 days a week & when ever my car would be there Riaz would park his lund in my chut oiling it throughly.


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