Friend’s Innocent wife became my FuckToy

Disclaimer: This story contain blackmailing, forced staff & many other kind of perversion. If this offends you, than stop reading here. Do not read & than try to give moralistic comments – that only makes you look stupid. Also, the story is just creation of pure imagination & fantasy – I do not support any kind of violence against women. This story has no resemblance with anyone living or dead. If you can’t differentiate between fantasy & reality – again stop here & better get yourself medically checked. Having said this, enjoy the story!

Friend’s Innocent wife became my FuckToy : Part 01

It was sometime in March of 2009 that I arrived to New York. I worked in a IT company & was looking for onsite opportunity for long time. I was 30 years old & bachelor … I needed money before I settled down in life. So when my manager called me & proposed a 1 year trip to USA, I was more than happy.

I never travelled abroad so I was a bit nervous. Company did provide hotel cost for first few weeks, but I needed to find some cheap accomodation within that period. My salary wasn’t that much that I could afford long hotel stay at own cost. I knew it was not going to be easy in a foreign land … but luckily, I came to know that one college senior of mine is working in my same company & posted in new yoirk itself.

He was 3 years my senior & his name was Rajan. Can’t say I liked him much during college days … he was one of those selfish, stingy & unsocial types. After he passed out from college, we were not in touch anymore. Neverthless, I took my chance & wrote him a email informing him about my travel & asking for his help.

I only half-expected his response so I was happy & releived to see his reply next day where he acknowledged that he remembers me & promised to help me out. In fact, he said he has already talked with a landlord very close to his own apartment & I could occupy it after first week of company sponsored hotel stay. The rent was very reasonable & Rajan bhaiyya said he could always help me in anything I need, as it was just walking distance from his place.

Ranjan came to meet me 3 days after I arrived & joined in work there. His look didn’t change much but he has gone bald & thinner. After initial hi-hello, he said “let’s go to my place … it’s Friday, so stay at my place tonight … I can drop you to motel tomorrow. You can also see the place I decided for you …”

I was feeling lonely, so I agreed without argument. As I came with him towards his car, I noticed that it looked almost like a salvaged car from junkyard. Ranjan shrugged & said “hey, it runs & I got it for $300 … so wtf!”. I relaized that he has only grown more kanjoos (stingy) nowadays.

While driving, we were doing small chats & he told me that he married 2 years back & immediately came to US. Her name was Ananya & she was from his villege. From his reaction, it didn’t seem like he was deeply in love with her. When I told him “wow bhaiya, being US immediately after marriage … bhabhi must have loved it …” he just passingly commented back “nahi yaar … my wife is just simple girl … she doesn’t go out much. why, she doesn’t even know english properly … ”

They still didn’t have kids, so Ranjan said they just rented a 1 bhk apartment. For me, he had fund out a studio room, which should be sufficient for 1 guy. As we approached his residence area, I noticed that number of white people are going down & I could see much more blacks & mexicans in road. The shops & apartments too looked rather shabby … compared to the areas we crossed earlier.

His apartment was a rather dingy 3 story apartment building … which must have been built at least 70 years back. Few black & maxican youths were smoking in front of it. They looked like local rowdies. There was also few girls … dressed in rather cheap & provocative dress, smiling and trying to get attention of passerbys. They looked like hookers.

When I looked at Ranjan, he winked at me and said “u got it right … those are whores”.

I was surprised … I asked him “but … why you got apartment here? This doesn’t look like very good area …”

Ranjan was slightly irritated “Why do u think we got this apt cheap? In good area it will cost 3 times. There is nothing wrong with this place … just ignore those people and you are ok!”

Well, I didn’t think any sane person should stay here with his wife, but I didn’t argue. I just followed him to his apartment … which was in 2nd floor. As we passed through dimly lit lobby, I saw 2 guys just lying on floor (most probably drunk) and the air was heavy with smoke & marijuana (ganja). I won’t have beleived such place exists in US if I didn’t come here!

Anyway Ranjan stopped beside the last apt in corridore & ringed the bell. After a minute, I heard sound of bangles and than the door opened.

Friend’s Innocent wife became my FuckToy : Part 02

From Ranjan’s earlier description of his wife, somehow in my mind was a picture of rather ugly looking, fat, unsophosticated woman. There was no base of such imagination … Ranjan never said anything about his wife’s look explicitely … but sometime we just form a picture of person without any reason. So, I was pleasenly suprised when Imany first saw Ananya bhabhi. Sure, she wasn’t really had a knockout look – but she indeed was very very cute with a touch of innocence in face & almost looked like a school girl. She was around 5.2″, slighly plump (but not fat), fair & had nice assets which her rather conservative dress couldn’t hide entirely. If she tried some make up & some fashionable dress, I was sure she could give many so called pretty girls a good compitition.

As we entered inside the modest living room & sat down on couches, I noticed that Ananya was shy but not without manners. Although Ranjan almost ignored her presence & continued talking with me, she sat quietly & talked occassionally when I asked something. After sometime Ranjan said he needs to go out to shop to buy few things for diner.

After he left, I started conversing with Ananya. At first she was little reserved, but soon she opened up & started talking more. I assumed since she didn’t know english much, she couldn’t taladjacentk much & she was rather happy to talk with some guy (other than hubby) after long time. When I asked her whether she has Indian friend circle, she just said “There are few of Ranjan’s collegues … but they stay far & Ranjan doesn’t like to go out much … we spend most evenings home …”. I realized that Ranjan has maintained his unsocial nature from college days.

While talking, Ananya offered me tea & I agreed. She was making tea, with her back to me … & suddenly my eyes went towards her ass. She was wearing a full sleeve nighty but when she bent, her ass showed up rather prominantly behind the clothe, & I can see it’s roundness. My cock suddenly became stiff. In last few days I hardly had time to think of sex … didn’t masterbate either. Now my cock wanted to rub himself against Ananya’s ass!

I felt slightly ashamed of my thoughts on friend’s wife … but it appeared like my brain didn’t control my dick, because kept stiff. It was rather emberassing n uncomfortable to have a stiff dick in pants. That bastard didn’t go down till we had diner & few drinks after that. And the whole time I had to talk & behave normally!

After few drinks, Ranjan became little unbalanced & left for bedroom saying he was sleepy. Soon I cud hear his snore. Ananya was watching TV … she said she will finish her fav serial & than come for sleep.

As she watched the serial, she unfurled her bun & loosened her hair to comb. Boy, it was the best quality hair I ever saw on a woman. Long, silky & it smelled so good. Let me tell u guys, I always had a fantasy for smaller girls with long hair & Ananya fit the bill perfectly. Tjhe smell of her hair made my cock jump in exitement inside my pant …. it was getting increasingly painful to keep it confined there.

After teasing my cock for another 20 min or so (unknowingly, of course), Ananya said good night & left. I was going to sleep on living room couch and no sooner the bedroom light was switched off, I too switched off the light, lied down on couch n freed my cock from pant. Boy, did it feel good! Soon I was jerking my cock. First I tried to think of some bollywood actress & pornstars … but my mind kept going back to Ananya’s ass & her hair. In my mind, I was embracing her from behind …. runbbing my cock on crack of her ass & smelling the aeroma of her silky hair with my nose burried in it.

I had to cum now … but I was afraid I will spoil the sofa & bedsheet. That will be a real embarassment tomorrow. So, very carefully, without making any sound, I went to adjacent bathroom & locked the door. As I was going to jerk again to releive myself, I noticed a medium sized plastic container in one side of bathroom. Rather curious, I went & opened it. It was full of used clothes. I guess Ananya kept it here for washing but probably forgot to take it out. Or maybe they always keep used clothes like that for washing … who knows.

Anyway, I searched through the pile of used clothe … and after few almost discolored shirts (must be Ranjan’s), at last found what I was looking for. It was a pair of rather ordinary white cotton bra & a light blue panty – but to me, it was valued in gold! The pantie looked slightly soiled … I could see a patch in middle.

I am not a pervert man & never did anything unusual in my life before … but that night I dont know what happened to me! I started smelling the panty … & as I inhaled the musky odour, I was only too aware that it was the smell of Ananya’s pussy. In all probablity, this is closest I was going to her sweet pussy …. and that idea made my cock harder. I started inhaling her pantie like a crazy man … wrapping it on my face & nose. At the same time, I wrapped her bra around my cock & started jerking it. This time I was imagining my cock burried between her boobs … while I was chewing & biting her pussy!!

The fantasy was too much & soon I started cumming. I had to bite my lips hard for not to moan too loudly. My cock erupted at least half cup full of cum & her bra was wet & sticky with it. I wiped the rest in her pantie.

After I gained my breath, I was afraid of consequence. What if Ananya realized what I did, when she checks the clothes tomorrow? After a cool thought of 2 minutes, I concluded that possibility is almost nil. First, no one checks used clothes, they just dump it in washing machine. Secondly, I was going to wash bra n pantie in water now before keeping it back. Even if Ananya checks it, she will only find it wet & can hardly guess the real event.

It took me another 10 min to clean. When I lied down on sofa, I was asleep immediately.

I shifted to my own apt next week. Since me & Ranjan stayed close, my visit to his house increased. I knew Ranjan’s stingy nature, so everytime I visited, I would take something with me – beer, packed food or vegetables. As I correctly guessed, Ranjan loved to have diner on guest’s money, so he was very happy whenever I visited. That suited me well & I didn’t mind spending money – because I really liked Ananya. In fact, I felt that I was getting obsessed on her gradually … so much so that nowadays I couldn’t even musterbate without thinking about her face, boobs, ass or legs. While at her place, even though she weared conservative dress, she made me hard. Sometimes when I could get an accidental view of some of her flesh – legs, belly or clevage … I almost felt like leaking in pants. Of course, she never flashed anything intentionally – I was quite sure she wasn’t even aware of my growing hunger towards her body.

In next few months, 2 strange things happened. Though you won’t find any connection of these incidents with my story so far, I am going to describe them anyway – partly because it has long term implications & partly because they were some of the most eventful & strange experience I had in foreign land.

First incident happened sometime in Apr end. It was a summer evening around 9PM & was getting dark. I was standing before local grocery shop. As I told you guys before, our locality was notorious for crime & I didn’t prefer to be out late evening. But that day I had some extra work in office & was blocked till late. Coming home I found out my refrigerator was empty, so I had to go out to buy some food.

After finishing shoping, I was waiting near bus stand (I didn’t buy car yet) & smoking. In US most people have car, and beside it was rather late in evening (as per US standards) … so road was almost empty & I was the only passenger left. Suddenly, I saw a shadow fast approching me & before I could make any move, it was almost on my neck. Somehow I managed to keep my balance & had a glance on the figure. It was a short, fat mexican … & I thought I knew him passingly … I saw him among those black & mexican street gangs that crowd before Ranjan’s apartment complex. Now he was panting & in his hand was a pocket knife. I could see blood strains on it.

Before he or I could say anything, I heard siren of police car. The mexican looked around & swiftly ran towards a pile of cardboard boxes dumpled in one corner of road. He laid down & covered himself with boxes. In another few seconds, a police car stooped in front of me & 2 police officers dressed in smart uniform jumped out of it. One officer kept talking with his walkie talkie while another officer walked towards me.

I greeted him, but he ignored my nicities & harshly asked me “who are you & what the fuck you are doing here at this time?”

“I just came for shopping officer.” I answered calmly “I am waiting for bus. I am an engineer”. I also took name of my company, which was a famous MNC.

“Really?” the officer asked suspeciously “Can I see your ID?”

I shown him my ID. His voice changed “Sorry Mr. Sameer for bothering you. We are looking for a criminal … I guess he came this way. Did you happen to see him? A fat guy … he is dangerous!”

I thought for a minute and than said “Yes I think I saw him … ran that way …” I pointed to a dark ally on opposite side. I lied, but than I needed to stay in this area & police can’t give me protection from maxican gang.

“Thank you” the officer said to me & yelled to his partner “hop in Ryan, this gentleman says tht bastard went that way …”. In another 10 seconds they were gone.

When sound of siren was no longer there, the mexican came out of his hiding & came towards me. Frankly speaking, I was thinking whether I did a good thing by lieing. If this guy stabs me now, no one will be there to save me.

Instead the mexican extended his hand & smiled at me. He said in broken english “yo thank friend. You save Ramon …” than he added “Cop catch me .. I go jail 5 years. You save me. Your name?”. All the time he was shaking my hand so furiously in gratitude that I was afraid it will break.

“Sameer” I replied.

” Sammair … Sam ok ..” Ramon said “thank you Sam. you stay this area, right? You get any trouble … you tell I m Ramon’s friend. No one touch fat Ramon’s friend! ok? Adios … good night …”. Than he was gone as fast as he came.

For next few weeks I didn’t see Ramon … guess he was hiding from police. But surely the story of my saving him had spread, as all those rowdy mexicans crowding around street corners during evening nowadays used to smile & greet me.

Secod incident happened some 3-4 weeks later. That night I was visiting Ranjan’s house … but when I knocked his door, I found out it was locked. I later came to know that they were out visiting city that day. Anyway, as I returned back towards dimly lit corridore towards exit gate, I heard a loud moan – or rather sound of a female sob. It was coming from behind an apartment door.

I stopped there for a minute. I wasn’t sure what I should do. Should I ty knocking the door? I knew american’s dont like outsiders poking their nose into their family matters. This might be case of domestic violence. On other hand, what if this is some woman who is hurt (some accident) & needs some help? If I overlook it, she might die!

I decided to knock in. In worst case, people inside will not like my intrusion, but I was sure they will understand once I explain.

I banged on the apartment door. I guess in my excitement of being the savior angel, I banged little hard … and the door was not locked at all from inside. It rammed open & I saw the most astonishing & freaking scene I ever saw in my life too date …

The room was dirty with worn carpet & faded wall painting with only a single light hanging in center of room which didn’t cover the entire room. In center, below the hanging bulb, was a big cot. A petite white girl – from looks, she wasn’t more than 18-19 years old – lied on the bed. Both her hands & legs were tied with rope to four corners of bed tightly – she looked more like a spread out X. She was stark naked – except few shreds of clothe still hanging from her body. Rest of her torn cloth lied on floor & it was evident that people who took it off wasn’t very gentle with it.

Her mouth was gagged & staffed with a clothe … though I couldn’t be sure in dim light & distance, it seemed like her own pantie. She was probably trying to cry & scream, but only a muffled sound came up from gag. This is what I heard from outside.

On her top was a naked black man – rather I should call him a giant, because he looked huge. From his posture, obviously his dick was buried ibside the girl & he was chewing & biting her exposed boobs. As the girl looked at me, she was in tears & I could say that she in under tremendous pain & fear. The giant however was obviously enjoying it.

Around the cot there was few more people seating on chairs. As I entered, all of them looked at me. There was silence in room … even the girl stopped screaming for few seconds.

I was stunned to say the least. I gained my composure when the blavk giant roared “Who the hell r u???”. His eyes were red … obviously he was under effect of drug or booze … and he sounded really pissed off.

“I … I” I stammered. I didn’t know what to say. My throat was dry.

The giant got up & came in front of me. He didn’t even try to put some dress on. He was indeed huge, around 7 feet & muscular. He caught me by collar & almost seemed to pull me up from floor.

“Wha’ the fuck ye are doin’ in this nigga’ business?” He yelled “speak out or I’ll beat the crap out of ya’.

I was terrified. It’s not everyday a naked 7 feet giant threatens to beat you. I excercised regularly & had good physiche, but I was certain that a moderate blow from this guy, & I am going down like a pack of cards.

Helplessly I looked around the room, hoping for help. The other guys were drinking beer & they rather seem to enjoy the show. They just keep siping beer & look at us.

At one corner, in a lather couch was a fat guy, half asleep. As he looked at me with half wake eyes, I recognized him. “Ramon, help …” I shouted.

The fat guy jerked his head & his eyes become clearer. He seemed to recognize me too, for he quickly came down & hold the black giant’s hand “Cool down Joe” he said “Leave him. He Sam, Ramon’s friend …”

The black guy roared “I dont give damn. This rat spoiled my fun. I’m gonna break his jaw!”

Ramon backed up a little bit, but when he spoke, his voice was icy “Sam saved Ramon. No one touches Ramon’s friends. You break his jaw … I break your legs!”

I was greatful to my frend, but I wasn’t hopeful that a 5.2′ fat mexican can deter a black giant from thrashing me up.

I was mistaken. Obviously Ramon was an important person in this circle. They stared at each other for few seconds, than the giant left my collar & raised his both hands “hey cool man. Your friend is my friend ok?”

He looked at me now with big smile “Hey sam. This is Joe … people call me big Joe. Glad to meet ya …” he extended his hand.

I was surprised at the sudden change of his mood, but I shook hands. Big Joe said “Dont mind my man. Was jest getting ready to fuck that white bitch …” he gestured towards bad. “Hey Sam, you wanna have some fun my man? Go fuck the bitch man. Bet ye, she is tight meat ….”

Well, all I wanted at this point was to get out. “ahh ahm … maybe sometime later Joe …” I managed to say somehow.

“Your wish man” Joe said & sadly looked down at his flacid dick “My dong gone sleeping man. Gotta wake it up … “. I looked down too & it was the ugliest dick I ever saw even in porn films. Even “asleep”, it was at least 8″ & it leaked pre cum.

Big Joe waled down towards the terified girl & started rubbing his cock all over her face “Show time sweet babe. Big daddy gonna feed you lot of cock pudding tonight babe. You love cock pudding … dont ya?”. The girl started crying again. All other men laughed at the joke.

Ramon put a hand on my shoulder & took me outside. “Thank u” I told him once we were back in corridore.

“Hey no way” Ramon said “Dont mind Joe. He fuckhead … but good guy.”

“Who is the girl?” I asked. I wanted to leave immediate but my curosity won.

“Ah that” Ramon said “White bitch. Her husband take money from Ramon. He doesn’t return money. Ramon doesn’t like people not return money. So Ramon brings her here. Have fun with friends” He smiled, as if it is no big matter “We open the bitch up a little tonight. make her our puta (meaning whore in latin)”

“What if she goes police tomorrow?” I asked.

“Ah no no” Ramon shakes head “We give her drug. She dont remember anything tomorrow. Her husband knows but he don’t dare go police” Ramon laughed.

I had enough for today so I thanked Ramon again for saving my ass & returned back home. I didn’t feel like eating that day & went to sleep. Till the time I was awake, I was just thinking of the poor girl & the guys using & abusing her. When I slept, I dremt of it. Only, in my dream, the girl was Ananya. She was tied helplessly & looking at me with tearful, pleading eyes. I was biting her boobs & fucking her violently. As I kept ravaging her body, big Joe & fat Ramon seat beside & cheering for me “Fuck the bitch Sam … fuck her like slut ….”

For first time in many years, I had a nightfall that night. I don’t remember having it from the time I started masterbating!

Next one month went rather routine way. I continued visiting Ranjan’s house frequently. In the meantime, I also bought a 2nd hand car. It was in good condition & I got it cheap, thanks to Ramon’s contacts.

During June month, things turned bad. The wall street suddenly crashed … there was lay-offs & job cuts everywhere. Even my company couldn’t escape the onslaught. Our manager called us one day & said lay offs will start in our company as well from next week. For those of us from India, it meant packing staff & going back home.

When lay off indeed started next week, luckily I escaped. I was placed in a new project which had funding till next year, so I was safe. Ranjan was not so lucky. He was given a pink slip with 1 month notice & asked to either find new job or go back India.

For next few weeks, Ranjan was in terrible mood. I knew he applied for green card & wished to settle down here. Going back to India meant he had to forfeit this dream.

That bastard must be taking all his frustation on his poor wife, because whenever I visited his house, I found Ananya in sombre mood. Her eyes will be red & puffy most times … which meant she must be crying a lot. Ranjan was always drunk & he will shout on her & abuse her without any reason. I felt bad, but what could I say? After all, it was his wife! He was also rather rude on me recently … I guess he was jealous that my job was saved while he was shown the door. Many time during drink, he will tease me unnecessarily or say crude thing. In other condition I would have slapped that bastard, but I knew doing so will close his door for me forever … & I was still obsessed with his wife. So I resisted myself & stopped going to his home.

At office also Ranjan was always grim faced & we hardly talked for next few weeks. Hence, I was surprised when one evening he called he & asked if I can come his place. He sounded cheerful “Sameer you must come now man … I have some news to share!”

It was a rainy evening & I was watching a good blue film n jerking … I wasn’t too egear to go out. But Ranjan insisted & I was little curious too … so I agreed to go.

Ranjan greeted me at door & he seemed a very pleased man “come come man … I have bought a glenfiddich & just opened the bottle …”

“wow” I thought “if this stingy bastard bought $70 whisky & sharing with me … than it must be very gud news!”

It indeed was for him. Apparently he was able to find a new job. The salary was lower than current one, but given the market condition, he wasn’t expecting even that much. Priority for him was to stay back US & he was sure he will manage better job once market becomes ok again.

Only catch was, the job was on west coast & he needed to go LA & join in 1 week. When he said that, I felt rather sad, because I won’t be able to see Ananya anymore.

“So when you & bhabhi are leaving?” I asked.

“Only me, not her ..” Ranjan said “This house has 4 months left on lease. If I leave it now, I have to forfeit the advance. Can’t let that much money go in this market. Beside in LA I will be in shared acco with some juniors. If I take her, I have to rent new house & buy all furnitures and all … that’s too much cost!”

What a stingy bastard! I thought. “So bhabhi going back to India?”

“Can’t do that either” Ranjan shaked head “Her visa expired & if she goes India, he has to go embassy to stamp it again. She can’t talk properly, they will just reject her! I think it’s best she stays here till lease expires … by than if I can get a job here, I will come back … otherwise I will manage something there …”

I couldn’t beleive he decided to leave his wife alone for 4 months here! “But bhaiyaa … how you expect her to manage everything here alone?” I couldn’t help but say.

“I thought of that. That’s why I wanted to talk with you …” Ranjan said “Sameer, can you help her getting things she needs? I mean grocery & all. I will send her money .. that’s not a prpblem. You just have to drop staff here … & see if she needs anything …”

“I can do that, no big deal ..” I said “but have you thought how she will stay here alone? This is not good place. A woman staying here alone … I mean anything can happen …. ”

This time the dumbass seemed to get my point. He kept silent for few minutes, sipping whisky … his face became grim again. Than suddenly he seemed cheerful & looked at me “Hey Sameer … just thought one thing. Why don’t you come and stay here for next 4 months? I know you probably will miss your privacy a bit … but it will be a great help yaar. Good side, you wont need to pay rent … & Ananya can cook for you. What you say?? Plz dont say no man …”

I hardly beleived what I was hearing. Is this idiot really proposing me to stay 4 months with his sweet wife alone here? wow! 24 hours with my masterbation queen … for 4 months!! Even if he asked me to pay my entire salary in return, I would have done so!

Outside, of course I didn’t express my exitement … but only said hesitantly “But … but bhaiyaa … you have done so much for me so it’s small thing I can do in return … but what ’bout bhabhi? Will she be ok?”

“What can be her problem?” Ranjan frowned. Than he yelled “Ananya … come here.”

Ananya was in bedroom, she came down quietly & stood beside sofa. Without looking at her Ranjan declared “Listen, all problem solved. Sameer will stay with you for next 3-4 months here. You dont have to worry about shopping & grocery & all … he will do everything. Once lease finishes, I will take you there in LA. ok?”

As I expected, Ananya was real emberassed at her stupid hubby’s proposal & for first time, I saw her protesting him “no no … how Sameer can stay here? I mean … he has own house … he will not be comfortable here. Why can’t you take me with you?”

“Dont be stupid Ananya” Ranjan snapped “How many times I have to tell you that I cant take you there now? Taking house in LA & getting furniture & all will cost me fortune. I am not going to waste so much money now. What’s your problem with what I said … if Sameer agrees?”

Ananya didn’t say anything, but I knew very well what was her problem. No sane Indian woman will agree living with a outsider for 4 months … while her hubby is on other part of country.

Of course, for Ranjan all that mattered is money. He continued to convince his wife “Listen, I have thought everything. This place is not safe for woman alone. If Sameer stays, he can handle any problem. Beside 4 months will pass quickly. What you say now?”

Reluctantly, very reluctantly, Ananya nodded. She was not dumb, & she knew it was indeed not safe for her to stay here alone.

“Done!” Ranjan declared “See, how I plan everything well! No problem now! Sameer you will take good care of my wife, right?” He laughed at his own stupid joke & took a big gulp of whisky.

I will take care of her more than you bargained for, you bastard. I thought. Outside, I just smiled & took another sip of drink. Today was very good for me. I couldn’t wait till the bastard leaves & I move next room to my dream queen.

Ranjan left for JFK on Tuesday morning, & I shifted to his place with all my luggage same evening. Being a bachelor, I only had few suitcases. My landlord was good man so he didn’t mind my sudden notice. Anyway studio rooms are much in demand & I paid him 15 days rent extra.

I found Ananya in bad mood. Entire Tuesday & next day she was swallowen & hardly spoke. This was first time after marriage she was without husband (not to mention the awakward situation her stupid husband has put her). From my experience, I knew only time can recover a girl from bad mood – logic & consolation are usually of no use. So I too kept silent most of the time. Beside I had lot of pressure at office as I joined new project, till Thursday I hardly had time & used to go office early morning & come back late night.

As I thought, Ananya’s mood started getting better by Thursday. That night she was watching her fav hindi serials again & we had some good light hearted chat. My work in office too started getting managable … by Friday 3PM I was confident that I understood most of the work & coming days won’t be hard.

Friday it was raining, most of my collegues left early afternoon. I went to office canteen & sat with a cup of coffee. Now the office tension was over, my mind bounced back to Ananya.

Frankly speaking, there was 2 part of mind fighting with each other. One part kept saying “what are you doing? If you want to do something, do it now! You got only 4 months … and every day you miss, you are 1 day less with her!!”. Other part (The rational part) said “Be careful what you do. Dont do anything stupid … you will screw your life & career!”.

Both were correct. I thought long & hard. At last, I decided I will listen to both. I needed her … I have to take some risk, but I also need to plan such way that in worst case, I have a escape route. For next 1 hour I thought intently & came up with a plan. I imagined every possible scenario & at end I was sure that I have proper plan for everything that may come.

Once the plan was done, I felt sudden exitement. I didn’t want to waste another moment … I needed to start from today. My dick throbbed inside my pant, as if to inform me that he too is waiting ….

It was aready 5PM, so I shut down my workstation & get into the car. I needed some help from my friend Ramon now.

But when I reached his usual street side gathering place, it was empty. I guess due to rain. Only one guy was seating there smoking ciggrette lazily. I knew him by face & name though – his name was Andre’ and he was one of Ramon’s gang member. He was present during my face off with Big Joe that night. Unlike his other gang members, he was smart & he spoke fluent english. Though we never talked directly, I decided to approach him anyway.

Seeing me coming towards him, Andre’ stood up waved at me. “Hola” he quipped jovially “Looking for anyone my man?”

“Yes … Ramon ..” I said.

“Ramon wont be here today.” Andre’ shaked his head “Gone city for some deal. You need anything? How can I help you?”

I thought 1 second whether I should ask him, than thought what the heck. “Yes, I am looking for … err .. some medicine …”

“Medicine?” Andre’ laughed “wrong place my friend. You should ve in drug store, isn’t it?”. Than he looked at my face (which must be tensed) and become serious “Just kiddin’ man. What kind of medicine you need?”

“Err .. amm” I thought how to put it forward “I … you remember that day I banged in when big JOe was … err doing ?”

Abdre’ nodded, but he didn’t say anything, which made me more nervous. “Well … Ramon said you guys give the girl some medicine … which … she wont reember anything next morning. I was wondering …..” I didn’t complete the rest.

Andre’ nodded again & said “And why you need that medicine, my friend?”

I knew this question might be coming, so thought of a story for that before. Though Ramon was friendly with me, I dn’t want to tell him everything (not yet). I told Andre’ the same story “Well … I have a girl friend you know. We are good … I mean she likes me … but she is very conservative … and … and … she is not ready to give it … you know what I mean! I just thought … if I have … err .. that medicine ….”

Andre’ was a smart man, I dont know how much of this story he beleived. Perhaps nothing, because a sly smile appeared on his face “Girl friend huh? Never saw you with any girl …” than he shrugged “But than, it’s none of my business! Anyway, the medicine u ask for … we have it but we use liquid … injection. Don’t think that works with girl friends! U can’t give her injection, can you?”

My heart sank. But Andre’ was still thinking & than he said “Just wait here.”. Saying this, he diappeared behind the partment block.

After 15 minutes when I was wondering whether I should leave, Andre’ came back. STanding very close to me, he handed me over a paper envelope. I tried to open it, but he stopped me “Don’t open it here. Not legal staff. Did you use this shit before?”

I said no. Andre’ nodded “thought so. Let me give you little prep talk than.” he paused “This got 6 tablets inside. You use only use 1 at a time, understand? This thing is potent … you give more and anything may happen.”

I said I understand. He continued “After girl takes it, she will start funny in 10-15 minutes. Some feels dozzy …some sleepy. Don’t do anything than. wait till she kinda becomes still … but her eyes will be open, ok? Not much of body movement. She will be like somewhat zombies, you know. You can move her, slap her … do anything you want. She can see and listen … maybe she will try to wiggle a little …. nothing that you can’t manage.”

“But … but will she remember what I do?” I asked “HOw this thing works really?”

“Hey man, I am no doc, ok?” Andre’ shrugged “But I can say you this. It’s like heavy drink, you know? Only ,uch more potent. After heavy drink you do lot of shit but next day you remember nothing. This staff like that. Only warrentied that she will remember nothing. Maybe the part that she was feeling funny. Nothing after that. So feel free to do whatever you want!” Andre’ winked.

“Ok” I said. It was enough information & fited my plan perfectly.

“One more thing.” Andre’ said “I have never tasted this, but people say it tastes funny. NO color, no smell … but tastes bad. For girls we do, we inject them … so we dont give shit to taste. But if it’s really your girl friend … well … you may wanna do some tricks.”

“One last question” I said “how long the effect remains?”

“Cant say sure” Andre’ replied “As I said, we use injection. Liquid more powerful … lasts whole night. Tablets … I hear they last 2 hours. To be safe, I will say 1.5 hours.”

I dwecided to be safest & go for 1 hour. That shud be sufficient for my purpose.

I gave Andre’ my thanks. I was greatful actually that it was Andre’ instead of Ramon. This guy is smart, Ramon couldn’t explain so nicely. I offered Andre’ money but he refused “No big deal. A beer anyday you like …” he smiled.

I said I will. As I drove back, I felt the exitement again. So far, everything was perfect.

On my way home, I picked up a margarita mix and one taquila from local liquor shop. I also picked up some barbequed chiken from a local diner. I asked them to make it extra spicy & add lot of garlic & extra bbq sauce. I hoped that the spice is going to hide the bad taste Andre’ was talking about.

I reached home around 7PM. Ananya was just planning to go kitchen. I told her there was no need … I already packed food from outside. She was happy (Housewives are generally happy when they don’t have to cook). I told her I will also make a special drink for her tonight.

“What drink Sameer?” She was curious.

“It’s called Margarita, bhabhi” I replied “Very famous drink in parties. You tried that ever?”

“No … we hardly go parties here …” Ananya said “Is it alcohol like you or Ranjan drinks? I dont take alcohol.”

Oops, I thought. “But Bhabhi, there is very little alcohol ….” I said “It tastes really good … I thought you will like it. Everyone takes it in party nowadays … even Indian ladies. It costed me $40 … but that’s ok. If you dont want to take, I will throw it … no big deal bhabhi. Don’t want to force you if you don’t like …”

Ananya said “no .. no… why should you throw it? It’s so costly. You can drink sameer. I dont drink … that’s why. Otherwise I would have taken too …”

“Bhabhi I don’t drink alone …” I pressed her “Just one glass … please bhabhi? I promise I won’t insist more … if you dont like it.”

“Ok” Ananya agreed, somewhat reluctantly “But only 1 glass.”

If what Andre’ said is true, 1 glass is going to be just enough. I told her “Bhabhi, that’s fine. You can give me company with 1 glass I will finish rest. Let me change my clothes … than we will have diner & drink. After that we will see ‘kasauti zindegi ki’ … it’s there today, right?”

‘kasauti zindegi ki’ was Ananya’s fav serial which she never missed. One thing she liked in me was I had always shown great interest in the serail & used to discuss each episode with her … while Ranjan usually made joke out of it. In reality, I thought the searial was utter trash like all other saas-bahu serials … only reason I watched it – and for that reason, 1 crore other warm blooded adult male viewers watched it was – Sheweata Tiwari. Shweata was a slutty, bitchy MILF whom I loved & I had shagged numerous time thinking about her.

“Yes it is there …” Ananya smiled “starts at 9PM. Prerana will face Anurag today …” she said exitedly.

“Wow can’t wait to see how it goes …” I faked own exitement – well, not really fake. I was exited too – but totally different reasons.

I went to kitchen & took two glasses out. I put a lot of ice in crasher & put margarita mix & some tequila in it. I didn’t put too much tequila – I was just using it to hide some of the taste – I din’t want to get myself drunk. Once the mix was ready, I filled up 2 glasses with it. In one glass, I dropped one tablet Andre’ gave me earlier. It dissolved almost immediately. As Andre’ said, there was no smell, nor there was any change in color of drink. I put both glasses in fridger … I made sure to use glasses of different design, so that I dont miz them up later.

Than I went to restroom, took a cold shower and changed dress. Usually I put up shorts or pyjamas but that night I had to put a jeans because my cock was rock hard. It was already leaking pre-cum in anticipation. I carassed it lovingly “Wait pappu … have patience. Few more plan yet to be done. Than I will feed you the tandoori chicken. Promise!”

My “pappu” jumped few times, as if to say he had full confidence on me.

I came back from bathroom around 8.45. Ananya was already seating on sofa and watching tv. “Hurry, sameer” she said “Show going to begin soon …”

Yes, I thought, I agree. I told her “why dont we take diner there itself? I can pull down a small table ….”

“Ya … whatever …” Ananya was absorbed in TV “You need any help?”

“No madam” I said. I pulled a small side table and placed it before the sofa. On it, i put 2 dishes & the food pack I have brought. From fridge I brought 2 glasses & handed over one to Ananya. My hands were shaking, but Ananya was too busy in TV to notice that.

I sat down beside her. “Here is Margarita for you, bhabhi… Cheers!” I raised the glass to her.

“Cheers … he he” she giggled “Let’s see how it is ..” she took a sip and made faces “Yukk Sameer! this tastes strange. Kadwa hai (its acidic..)”

Oh man, I hope she doesn’t throw it away … I prayed. I told her “Bhabhi, first time always drinks tastes like that. You will like it after few sips. Take it with chicken wings … you will like it!”

“I don’t think I am ever going to like it! God knows how you & Ranjan drink this trash. To think one has to pay for this … cheeee” Ananya still made faces but to my releif, she took a bite on a chicken wing & took another sip.

Before she could say anything, I drew her attention other way. “Bhabhi, do you really think Prerana is doing good by marrying so many time? I mean … she is playing with 2 guys. I think it’s really bad of her!”

“Come on Sameer” Ananya was exited “You guys always blame women. What else she could do? Dud Anurag do good with her? But you guys will never see that …”

So we argued. I was glad that she forgot all about the taste & drink & kept sipping. When she was finihshed, she looked at it surprised “Ohh … when did I finish it?”

We both laughed. Inside, I was very very tensed. Next 10-15 minutes are going to be crucial. Even in full A/c, I was swating … good that Ananya didn’t took her eyes from TV and looked at me.

I was looking at her every now and than … to see if there is any changes in her behaviour. For first 5 minutes (which to me sounded like a hour) there was none. Than I noticed the first symptom. She was sweating too.

“Uff I am soo hot” She quipped “I wonder why. Its cold outside … but see, I am sweating”. Than she looked at me “oh, you are sweating too Sameer …”

“It’s just the drinks, bhabhi” I told her somehow … my heart beats going up. “Should I open the window?”

“Nah … leave it” Ananya said “Cold outside, and rain will come in … just switch one fan please”

In another 5 minutes, she started looking sleepy. Her eyes were turning reddish and her voice stuttered. “I .. fee..ling sl..eeeepyyy …. min.d if i ..I lie do..wn hereee?” she stammered.

“No bhbahi … please” I said & quickly moved to a plastic chair beside sofa. Without another word, Ananya put her legs up & lay down on the sofa. She was still looking at TV, but her voice was trailing & her breadth became heavy. In some time, all her movements stopped & she lied still, as if she was sleeping. But I could see her eyes open & fixed at TV.

I called “Bhabi … bhabi …” few times, but she didn’t respond. Just to be safe, I waited another 5 minutes. Than I pushed her – slowly first, than hard – still no movement or response. Her eyes were open but it had a empty look. When bent down & waved my hands before her eye … she didn’t even blink.

Relieved, I stood up & looked at her stretched body. She was wearing a plain cotton saree … staff housewives usually wear for comfort. It was not the perfect dress for my purpose, but it will do. As she breathed, her chest went up & down … and I looked at it hypnotized. It looked so firm & round … even under the saree n blouse … I had a urge to grab it than n there.

Fuck, I still couldn’t believe girl of my dream is lying in front of me, helpless, ready to be used and abused as sex doll for next few months. Even in her comatose condition she looked hot! The saree, while covering most of her body, still exposed her completely flat, white belly. Since she didn’t go outdoor much, didn’t tan well. She was white like porcelain there.

I was practically drooling for licking that belly! But there was little time to waste. I quickly opened my suitcase & took out my digicam which I bought last month. It also came with a free tripod. I fixed the camera on tripod & focused it so that the sofa is in view. Than I put the camera in remote control mode. The digicam came with a small remote control for taking self photo … pressing a button on remote made the camera take snaps automatically.

Last but not least, I put up a sky mask sort of cap, which I bought from wall mart today. Many people use it here to save face from cold wind. One put on, only eyes and mouth are exposed & no one can recognize the face anymore.

Now that my photo session set-up was complete, it was time to get my model ready!
First I took few snaps of her as it is, though I turned her face a bit to look at camera. The snap came well – if someone didn’t know she was drugged, there was absolutely no way one could think she was not posing for camera intentionally.

Than I adjusted her body to make it in seating position. It proved harder than I assumed … though Ananya was light like feather, it’s not really easy to adjust or move a non-coperating, still body and make it look natural. It took me some time, but eventually I succeeded in make her seat on corner of sofa, with her one hand on arm rests for balance. Again I adjusted her face to look at camera & took few more snaps.

For my next shooting poses, I removed saree (pallu) from top of one of her boobs. She was wearing a red blouse inside & it contrasted well with her off white saree. Having only part of blouse exposed gave it a rather slutty look!

Next I dropped the pallu completely to expose her blouse. Her blouse was rather conservative & didn’t show any clevage as I was expecting – so I helped it by opening first 2 hooks of blouse. Now her ample clevage was showed up – milky and creamy! It looked yummy and I was sure that when time comes, I will love to suck them for hours without a break.

Inside she was wearing a white bra – but I didn’t dare to take that off. It will be lot of trouble to put them back … as I said, it wasn’t easy to manage a drugged body & I was short on time. As a added touch, I adjusted her mangalsutra (many call it thali down south) to hang between the clevage.

I took lot of snaps, full ones as well as close snaps, focusing only on her clevage. Even in small camera display, photos looked real cock teaser. My friends always told me I am a bad photographer, but I guess it doesn’t really matter when the model is so sexy! Anyway, this motivated me for being more imaginative. Long back while driving on Mumbai roads, I mistakenly entered the kamathipura area (Mumbai red light district). I remembered the way whores were seating beside road in inviting position. I wanted to try some of thoses poses with my sweet bhabhi now!

In her seating position, with blose fully exposed and partly opened up showing her clevage, I adjusted her bra straps to show up from side. I than took both her hands and raised them to place behind her head. This caused her firm boobs to point slightly upwards … as if she is showing her assets to customers. I wish I cud also put a slutty smile on her face – that would have made the pose complete! Of course that was not possible.

I checked my mask again and sat beside her. I burried my face on her clevage. Oh God, did it smell good. She didn’t put any perfume … it was just natural body smell of a young, pure, beautiful woman. I can bet guys, if there was a way to extract that aroma … it will sell 1000 rupeees per ounce!

My camera remote control came handy here as I took snaps after snaps. I took snaps as I kissed each and every part of her upper body – arms, cheek, clevage and belly. I inhaled and filled up my lungs with as much body aroma as I could. I can’t tell you how hard it was for me, not to throw up the entire shotting session, jump on her, tear her dress and rape her than & there. If you are hungry for 2 days and I place a plate full of delicious biriyani in front of you and tell you that you can only touch & smell – but not eat – well that somewhat describes what I was going through!!

As next step, I placed one of her legs on sofa (whith knees bent) while another leg was still on floor. I raised her saree till her knee exposing her fleshy thighs and giving a peek to her inner assets. I could see she was wearing a blue cotton pantie – maybe the same one I jerked my cum on when I met her first night! Anyway, overall result was quite slutty – if you see the picture below, you will understand what I am talking about. Needless to say, I took plenty of pictures from different angles.

I was already short on time, so I quickly proceeded with my last photo shoot session of the day. I kneeled down on floor before her & burried my face on her thigs. I placed her both hands on my head … in picture it created a impression that a horny woman pressing her lover’s mouth on her thigh & inner areas … and insisting him to eat it out!

Here I must admit that I lost all my control! I did take 2-3 pictures with my remote control, but it became impossible for me to ignore her body anymore and continue taking pictures. My brain simply didn’t work that time … it was almost drugged by my lust for her body. Add to that the intoxicating body smell!

I threw my remote control on one side of sofa. To hell with plan!! I am going to enjoy it now … may whatever comes!! I fantasized and jerked on this doll for so many days and month …. now I could control myself no longer! If I resisted any longer, my cock was probably going to blast. She might be not in senses, but she was going to cool down my pappu anyway ….

With trembling hand, I touched her legs. Oh, I can’t say how it felt … so soft, so warm … like melting wax! Her feet was small, like babies … unlike many women, she didn’t have any cracks in feet, it was smooth as butter. Neither didn’t she have any hair on legs … I was sure it’s natural and not result of artificial waxing from any beauty parlour.

I never had any foor fetish. I saw some blue films where people does weird things with feet … but I personally never had any fantasy regarding that. If at all, I considered it a strange fetish. I guess things change when you have the right girl & right foot!

I lifted Ananya’s foot and rubbed it against my hairy cheast. It felt good. I brought it closer to my face so that her foot was looking at me, dead in the face. She had painted her fingernails in shiny red and like all good traditional housewives, she wore silver anklets. I couldn’t help but extend my tongue and began to feverously lick her soles. I continued to lick the bottom of her foot until it was covered in saliva. Not for a single moment the question of hygine came into my mind!

Like a possesed man, I then moved to her toes where I licked between each toe making sure I gave each toe space equal attention. I suckled on her toes like it was some delicious candy. I licked and sucked both feet like there was no tomorrow. When I was somewhat satisfied, I moved up to her legs and thigh.

Licking the inner side of thingh made me shiver in lust. It had a light musky fragnance of sweat and it was whiter than outer side – perhaps for being underexposed. Time to time, I burried my face & nose in her flesh to enjoy the silky smoothless. I wanted to bite her flesh and put my teeth marks all over it … but I resisted somehow. There will be enough time to do so later days … right now I couldn’t do anything foolish.

As my moved upwards, licking her soft thigh flesh, the musky aroma got stronger. I knew it was coming from her sweet pussy … and I had the urge to take off her pantie and devour on her honeypot. Again I resisted. I needed to enjoy her body slowly … I will have 4 months for it. No need to try everything today.

I don’t know how long I licked her feet and legs and thigh. When I finished, the whole leg was glistering with my saliva … in some places of thigh, it was actually dipping. In bringht neon light of room, it looked like someone has painted her legs with a glossy paint.

I was on the edge of madness. My was so much aroused that I knew I probably would come with the first contact of her feet on my crotch.

I stood up and looked at her. She was staring at me with her big, open eyes … as if to ask “what are you doing with my legs, you pervert?”

“Bhabi … ohh bhabhi ..” I moaned “You liked it, didn’t you … you naught girl? It feels good to have a pervert devar (brother-in-law) as your foot slave … right? I bet your bastard hubby would never have done this …”

Of course, she didnt reply (If Andre’ was right, she probably wouldn’t have registered what I said) .. but I loved to think that she silently consented to what I said. Even if she doesn’t remember anything tomorrow, the very thing that I was doing my first act of perversion on her body and she was watching it with open eyes … was enough to make my cock jump and leak pre-cum.

I took my cock in hand & looking at her, slowly jerked it “Bhabhi … will you like your devar to make you dirty with his cock? See how he is salivating looking just at your legs. I think he he wants to touch your feet … give him your blessings bhabhi!”

Saying this, I took both of her feet in my hands. I pressed her soles togather. She had perfect, shapely soles and they hade a small gap in between.

Without thinking further, I pushed my cock head between that gap. Ohh … her sweaty soles are as wet and tight as her vagina! And I started fucking it like it was really a vagina. The touch of her soft toes against my cock made it arche in pleasure … it felt like as ten little
tongues caressing the tip of my penis. It twitched and bounced between her high arches, and dribbled pre-cum copiously over her soles. I looked at her eyes, and I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer.

I pressed her feet tighter … The pressure of her feet against my cock was now tighter than before, and my movements were faster. The pleasure keeps increasing, and increasing, and , and it’s starting to be so intense that it actually hurts ……

“Ohhhh Bhabhi …. I am cuming …. youuuu” I screamed “Take my cum … you whore …. lett mee washhh your feeeet with my cummmmm …. bhabiiiiiii”

My whole body began to spasm, and my cock started shooting cum as lava releases from volcano. I cumed and cumed … till lights went out from my eyes and my feet felt wobly. When the last drop of cum dripped out of my cock, I could stand no longer and somehow I managed to slump down on sofa and panted like a hurt animal.

Whn my breadth stabilized, I slowly opened my eyes. I felt weak … but I knew I had lot of work to do. Probably more so now after the mess I must have made.

I was somewhat fortunate. I guess I must have cumed one cupfull … not a surprise, considering my fantasy of so many months coming true that night. Luckily for me, most of the cum landed on her legs and thigh. Ropes of cum hanged from her toes and her thigh dipped with strands of my cum … some of which slowly dribbled down towardes her upper thigh and pantie … making soil marks on her white flesh.

Few stray shots did land on her saree and belly. Saree marks were going to be problem, as I was sure I can’t simply wipe off the marks. I looked at watch and jumped up. I was well over my planned time … the clock showed almost 1.30 hours passed since I started! If she wakes up at this point, I am going to get royally screwed.

Neverthless, I still took my digicam and took last few snaps of her cum covered legs and body. It was my first love shower on Ananya, and I wanted to capture it as a permamnant memory.

I quickly went to bathroom and dipped a towel in water. I squeezed the extra water out. Coming back at living room, I started wiping all marks of my perversion from her body slowly with that wet towel. Unfortunately, as I expected, no matter how much I wiped, there was still patch marks on her saree. I could only hope that she doesn’t check it too minutely later.

This been done, I pulled her adjusted her saree back … to make it look normal as much as possible. When I was satisfied, I lifted her in my arms, went to bedroom and layed her down on bed. Before leaving for the night, I looked back at her once more. Her eyes were still open but half closed … so the effect of drug must be waning off. She looked like a sleeping princess & I couldn’t help but bending down and give a wet kiss on her forehead “Sleep well, sweet bhabhi. From next week, I will not let you sleep. For you have to satisfy this hungry beast all the time … 24 hours a day … 7 days a week! This is my promise to you!!”

I switched off the light and closed the bedroom door. I still had some more works to do … but my body simply gave up. I lied down on sofa & thought about sweet memories of past few hours. I don’t know when I fall asleep.


Next morning I woke up late, around 9AM. Ananya generally wakes up early but that morning I couldn’t find her either in living room or kitchen. No, not there in bathroom either. Bedroom door was closed & I didn’t dare to knock.

My heartbeat increased. What if what Andre’ said was not true? What if she remembers everything? What she will do? If she calls her husband or police, what possibly I can say?

As I thought again and again, I realized how much valnerable I am right now. I did not have a single way to escape. All now depended on Ananya – or rather how much she remembered, if at all.

Even in morning cold, I started swaeting. I had to leave for office, but I couldn’t make myself getting ready for that. For good or bad, I needed to know the reality – and for that, I needed to wait for Ananya. By end of today, either I will go ahead with my plan or I will be jail, rotting there for next 10 years!

Each moment felt like an hour. I smoked at least 3 ciggerates and went close to bedroom door and pressed my ear at least 20 times – hoping I could hear some movement inside. There was none.

Just when I thought I will get a nervous breakdown, bedroom door opened slowly. Ananya came out … her saree and hair was dishelved and her eyes were red & puffy. She looked at me once and than towards the clock.

“ohhh its 10 already!!” she said in a suprised tone … than pressed her head with both hands “uff my head hearts so much!”

She set down on sofa and burried her head between hands for sometime. Than she looked up “I don’t even remember what I did last night … I was watching that serial … than … when did I go bedroom?”

“You were feeling sleepy bahbhi” I quickly said “I asked you to complete the serial but you said you want to sleep. You dont remember?”

“No” Ananya shaked her head “Remember nothing. I guess it’s because of that nasty drink. I shouldn’t have taken that.”

“I am sorry bahbhi” I said, trying to sound apologetic (but releived & happy inside) “I should not have pressed you.”

“That’s ok” She said. “I dont think I will take breakfast today … going to sleep again. You won’t mind right? There is some snaks in kitchen, you can eat if you want …”

“It’s ok bhabhi” I told soothingly “Don’t worry, I will take in office. If you feel bad … call me, ok?”

“I think I will be ok” Ananya said “Just need some more sleep.”

I quickly prepared & started for office. As I left, she was already back to bedroom.

While driving for office, I couldn’t but congratulate myself. Everything went perfect! Few more tricks and than I am going to have my very own personal fucktoy ….


That night, after coming back to home, first thing I did was to connect to wireless network and configure router such way that no computer other than me can connect to it. I knew Ananya chats with Ranjan in evening & I also knew she was technically novice.

As I expected, Ananya tried to open her yahoo than came to me complaining “Sameer, please look here na … I can’t connect to yahoo. It says no network. What to do? Ranjan said he will be online ….”

“But bhabhi, I can connect …” I said innocently.

“Ohh. Maybe my machine has some problem. Ranjan does something from time to time. Will you look into it?”

That’s what I expected her to say, so I said yes. She handed me her laptop & I faked doing this and that. Ananya was waiting egearly so I told her “Bhabhi … it will take some time to fix. If you want to chat with bhaiya … why don’t you use my laptop? I dont have any work till diner anyway. By that time I will fix this too …”

Ananya didn’t suspect anything and as I gave her my laptop, I could see her logged in & start chating with her idiot hubby. Unkonwn to her, I have installed a trojan software in my machine … which will capture any password entered in browser or yahoo messanger and record it.

In another 30 minutes of faking intensive work on her computer, I declared triumphantly “Bhabhi …. your machine is now fine. CHeck it out!”
In reality, all I did was to reset the wireless router back.

“Ohh thanks Sameer” Ananya said. “I am finished chating … I dont think I will log in again. Thanks.”

we had diner early that night. Ananya said she was much better but still felt lightly dizzy & wants to go bed early. That was fine for me … in fact I needed some private time alone to complete rest of my plan.

When she locked her bedroom doors, I opened my laptop. As expected, my faithful software did capture her password … which was “princess”. Princess indeed … I thought. YOu are going to be my cum princess!!

I than connected the digicam to download pictures. The photos came better than I thought. I did very good job with setting her for poses, because she indeed looked like a horny woman in fire and ready to chew any cock that comes to her way. If I posted those photos in a site like exbii, I am sure she would have easily won the title of exbii queen!

That, of course, was not my intention. Instead, I opened up a notorious dating/swinger site which was very popular in US. Swinger couples, woman (aged and young) and even hookers used to visit there to find a sex partner or cutomer. They will open a thread there and give there details for attention of possible partners. Needless to say, all horny pervert males like me used to visit it often in search of a fuckmeat.

Here, I created a account with id “horny_indian_housewife”. Than I took some more time and created a thread. I guess it’s better if I copy/paste the contents of my posting directly … rather than trying to explain it. Here is how it went :



Are you a pervert with dark, obscene desires? Do you want to use and abuse a pure, homely housewife? Do you have enough money and desire to see your fantasy coming true?

Look no further. I am here to satisfy all your needs. I am a pure Indian housewife – 5.4″, 34C-26-34, fair, long hair and sweet face … ready to do anything to please my client. Yes, you can use (and abuse) my body as you want. I love it and there is no limit how low I can go. I can fulfill all your nasty dreams that you are afraid of even mentioning to your wife or girl friend.

So what you are waiting for? Come, contact me at [email protected] for more details. Hurry, first come, first serve. Black, white or latin guys with huge dick preferred. I am waiting!


I posted a faceless picture because I didn’t want anyone to know her true identity. In email, of course, I gave her real mail id. I submitted the thread and than went kitchen for making a coffee. It was going to be a long night for me. I puffed 2 ciggarettes and watched some sports events in TV.

After some 1 hour or so, I sat down before my computer again. This time I logged in to yahoo using Ananya’s user name and passowrd. As I thought, there is no shortage of horny men in US. In just 1 hour, there were 50 or so mails – some asking for more details, some asking how much they have to pay … some asking for her face photo.

I carefully chosen only foreign looking names – anything remotely sounding like INdian/paki/Bangladesi name, I just rejected. NO matter how smaller, a subcontinent guy will alaways have better chance of recognizing her from any past or future meet. Possibility of that with a black, white or latino guy is almost nil.

It came out as a list of 30 or so. I replied to each of them carefully, giving them all sort of spicy details (false, of course). I also included a normal face photograph. I also mentioned in each mail that her hubby is out and she can host them if needed, in her own house. With some more money, she is ready to come down to a good hotel.

Satisfied, I closed my computer and went sleeping singing my fav song. Next day was saturday and my office was closed. If all goes well, tomorrow will be the D-Day.

Next day morning, I managed to wake up earlier than Ananya. I prepared the breakfast … with items I knew was Ananya’s favourite. Today is going to be a new chapter in her life. I wanted to make my doll happy from morning.

Ananya was pleasently surprised. I told her “Bhabhi, what’s plan for weekend?”

“Nothing special” Ananya said “usually we go for some shoppping … or just stay at home. Ranjan loves to watch TV and take rest.”

Yes, that bastard loves it because he thinks going out means spending money – I thought. I told her “Come on bhabhi, you want to spend whole day in such nice weather? Let’s go to city bhabhi … we will drive there and spend whole day. It will be fun!”

Ananya seemed to love this idea. “Ok, let’s go. Give me 30 minutes to get ready.”

I myself got ready in 10 minutes and waited for her. When a girl gets “ready”, they at least take 1 hour. To her credit, she got ready in 45 minutes.

To my surprise, she wore a lime green sleveless salwar-kamiz which was little tight and hugged her body tightly. It was not a big deal for any normal girl, but I always saw Ananya wearing rather conventional dresses. She prbably noticed my surprising look so she blashed a little and gave a awkward smile “I bought it when coming from India. Was in suitcase till than … told you na, we don’t go out much. Thought of putting it today … I think it’s little tight …”

Well, the fact was she looked ravishing even in this simple salwar-kamiz & the “tightness” only increased her beauty by making every curve of her body eminent. Her long hair cascaded on her back till her waist. She looked like an angel.

I told her “Bhabhi … you look very pretty. I think the dress suites you great”. It was a honest comment.

Ananya blushed further. She looked prettier when she blushed.

Drive to city was only 30 minutes, but I enjoyed it so much. She was seating beside me and the passing air blew her long silky hair on my face. I could smell the fragnance of shampoo and it made my cock twitch to think about what I did with her last night.

Whole day, we went from one spot to other. She was as happy as a small kid. I never saw her talking and laughing so much.

As evening came, we walked down to fashion street of city. For those of you who never visited NYC, fashion street is famous as center of fashion & garment shops in new york. Gorgeous and expensive shops lined the steets. Like any other girls, Ananya was thrilled. After walking a bit more, we stopped near Kmart (a shoping mart like walmart).

I told Ananya “Bhabhi … ahmm … there is something I wanted to tell you …”

Ananya was looking at shops dreamily. My question broungt her back to reality “What is it Sameer?”

I faked to be shy “Bhabhi …. I didn’t tell you … I … I am having affair with a girl …”

“Oh, is it?” Ananya was surprised, and like any girl, curious “Who is she? here or in India ..?”

“No bhabhi ..” I lied “Just met her here a month before. She is not Indian … she is mexican. Her name is Rebeca”

“Oh is it?” bhabhi smiled “I know mexican girls are very pretty! How you met her?”

I smiled “I will tell u all bhabhi. But now … I need a help from you …”

“What is it, Sameer? I will do if I can.”

“Bhabhi … Rebeca’s birthday is coming. I want to gift her some dress. But I dont have any idea about what dress will fit her … I want to gove her surprise, dont want to tell her now. I thought if you can help me.”

“hmm, you are romantic Sameer” bhabhi giggled “But I haven’t seen her …”

“Oh she is almost like you bhabhi …” I said “I mean figure. She is a bit short from you … rest will be same I think …”

Ananya blushed a bit when I mentioned about figure. But she kept her face serious and said “Oh than it will not be that difficult. We just have to buy clothes a bit shorter height. Now, I take time shopping ok? Dont get impatient ok? Ranjan starts shouting after 20 minutes … ”

“Take as much time you want bhabhi …” I laughed “So, chale?”

Like all standard US shopping malls, lines and lines of clothes and other items marked the floor inside. Ananya looked at me and asked “So … Sameer babu … what you want for your GF? Jeans, t shirt … or something else? and what budget?”

I pretended to look shy “Bhabhi … what I can say … you know better what girls like. PIck up whatever you like. No budget issues …”

“Ya ya I know ..” Ananya smiled “Men dont have problem spending for GF. ONly when she becomes wife, you guys become stingy”

I just smiled. Well, I can spend for wife alright. Only other’s wife.

“One more thing bhabhi” I hesitated “umm … she … likes a bit of open dress. Maybe you can look into summer dress section ….”

Ananya smiled “hmm I see. Ok I will go there. You coming with me?”

“Bhabhi I will just see some other things. You take your time. I will come there in 30 minutes …”

“Make it an hour” Ananya said “I told you, I take time. Dont blame me now …” she started walking towards the summer dress section. There was a reason why I wanted her to pick up dress specifically from that section. Summer dress section is where you will find most open sort of dress here – at least one that girls wear in public … frocks, skirts, shorts …. common attire for western girls in summer, but I guess not many Indian women wil dare to wear those in public. At least not conservative women like Ananya.

I had 1 hour in hand. I moved towards teen section of mall. I made sure that Ananya couldn’t see me. Here, I picked up some cheap pink teeny t-shirts (with even cheaper taglines printed on them like “I am princess” and “do you like my twins” etc. ). I also picked up few slutty looking hot pants.

Than I moved to lingerie section. I simply loved lingerie on women. If I had enough money, I probably would have picked up entire section. Since that wasn’t possible, I selected around 12 pairs, with different colors and style. I was the only man in that section and my hand was full with my the lingeries I just picked up. The elderly black saleswoman helpfully handed me a bag to put them in. As she looked at the dresses, she smiled and winked at me “I see a streamy night coming …”

“You bet…” I winked back. Sure, it is going to be big time streamy. Maybe more than that.

Next I went in cosmetics section. I picked up as many colors of lipstick & nailpolish I could lay my hands on – red, ppink, brown, black … even silver. Man, cosmatics are costly! Still I couldn’t help but pick up few more items – mascara, eyelash darkener and some hair bands and clips. I loved my women in heavy makeups – not always, but once a while, for change of taste. It game them a cheap slutty look, which often is quite apealing to cock.

Next to cosmatic section was jewlerry section. I had no intention of buying anything there, but one item caught my attention. It was a shiny metal cross hanging from a slender metal chain. It was about three inches long and two inches wide. It wasn’t flat, it seemed to have some design on it, with ridges running up and down the different pieces like vain. I could see little points running along the ridges like tiny thorns.
It was going on discount. Probably no girl wanted to buy this evil looking piece & take chance of getting hurt from those metal thorns. I liked it exactly for same reason. I took it.

Enough of shoping for 1 day. 1 hour was almost over and I needed to buy & pack those things before Ananya comes back. I didn’t want her to see these things. Well, not yet!

While walking back to billing counter, I observed kids/school section. To top the icing, I picked up 1 more set from here. It was a school uniform – plaid skirt and white shirt. For some special occassion, I thought.

There was not much queue in billing section. I asked the attendent to pack everything except the locket & chain, which I kept in my pocket. I had to caugh out good amount – but that was ok. What is money for, if you cant spend it to fulfill the biggest fantasy of your life?

After I finished my secret shopping, i went ahead to look for Ananya bhabi. To my surprise she was now having a few bags and now was in the skirts isle. Just looking at her matching the short leather skirt on her thighs as if buying for herself made my dick hard. How i wish i can see her in the tight leather mini skirt. Its not easy to see a conservative married indian women checking out sexy western modern dresses. She was not aware of her surroundings. It’s true that when women shop , they forget the rest of the world. I decided to approach her

I called “Bhabi … bhabi …” few times. Then she turned with a smile

“Hi Sameer! Sorry I was too engrossed with selecting a skirt for your girlfriend.I’m almost done. Hope it’s not too much?”

I was too horny to see her bags. Just her smile alone was giving me the hots.

“It’s okay Bhabi. Looks like you had alot of fun doing this shopping. I will call you if i ever need to buy cloths. Let’s pay the bill and get something to eat” I said.

“What’s that in your bag Sameer?? Looks like you did some shopping of yourself” I was shocked. Oh shit, I didn’t have time to prepare for an answer.

“Erm.. Nothing Bhabi.. Just some briefs and inner wear for myself” I stammered.
“Would you like to see them Bhabi?? I playfully pushed the bag towards her.

” Cheee, Sameer.. you can keep your undies. Let’s go to a restaurant. All these shopping made me hungry already”

So we went to a french restaurant at the mall. As we sat, I took out my cigarette and flicked the flame.

Ananya look inquisitively and asked me..

“How do you smoke that thing? It stinks so bad Sameer! chi chi chi.. Even Rajan smokes that “.

I thought what better way for a fuck toy to behave then to flick a smoke between her cute fingers. So I told her “Bhabi, as a housewife you will never understand the joy of smoking. Especially during stress. This is the only thing that helps. Even Rajan bhaiya knows this.”

Ananya became defensive and said to me” hey! Even housewives are stressed here in this big U.S.A. I cannot talk with anyone as I don’t know english and just sitting at home.
Even Rajan doesn’t call much these days. Maybe i should grab a smoke too since I can get stressed”

I started chuckling and told her that although she would fit right in with a smoke, still saree and smoking don’t look good together. Plus, all this shopping surely makes you happy and stress free.

The waiter came and asked us, ” Sir what would you like to order? ”

I asked Ananya who seemed drifted and thinking about something deep what she wants to eat.

” Just order anything, Sameer” she said with a mood out voice.

After making the order, I asked her what seems to be bothering her.

” Bhabi, cheer up bhabi. I was just joking. Please na? ”

“Are yaar, No Sameer, you are right. I’m just a housewife na. I should atleast help my husband and share his burden at times like this.

” What are you planning to do Bhabi, everyone here only speaks English, even the cleaner. Plus Rajan bhaiya surely doesn’t want you to trouble yourself.”

” Sameer.. you know your Rajan bhaiya, he is very stingy, atleast i should do something to earn money to support myself. Please Sameer, I only know you. Suggest something na?”

“okay, bhabi.. cheer up. I will get back to you. let’s finish our food and get back home”, I told Ananya. She was relieved but at the same time I knew she will bring this back again.

I have to lay down the road to her corruption. She shall not be the sweet housewife but a slut, A sexy sweet fuck toy.

I will have to plan my road to corruption for her.. But it shall wait. We then took all the sexy cloths we bought to home after our meal.

Few days passed and Ananya has kept pestering me about any ideas. Her hindi serials are not enough for her anymore.

I came up with an idea. One day as I came back from the office, I called Ananya with full excitement to tell her my idea.

“Bhabi! Bhabi! Where are you? come here na! I have a wonderful thing to share with you.

“What is it Sameer? I’m back here making dinner for us”, She said.
” oh ho, come here first and see what i brought you!” . Ananya came hurriedly with excitement to see what was on my hand.

Ananya was so surprised to see this letter after I explained to her. I managed to get her a job at a local saloon as the water girl. She was so happy to finally earn some money. I told her she will be starting next Monday itself!

She couldn’t thank me enough. But only i know the people at the saloon are not the most conservative people around. I have made my visit there beforehand when I wanted Ananya to join here. She’ll progress well given the proper exposure.

So came monday and she was dressed in a saree as she always does to go to work at a high end saloon since she didn’t have any other dresses that she wears.

I took half day to accompany her to the saloon and teach her how to take the bus to and from work. I could she that she was slightly nervous but I managed to calm her down saying there’s nothing to worry about.

After that i introduced her to the workers and owner and told them a little about her as her English was very broken.
As I was leaving i said ” Bhabi, you’ll be alright na? I have to get to work but I’ll come check up on you during my lunch time”

She was quite occupied and just said ” Han han, I will be okay .Thanks again.I’ll see you later ” as her new friends pulled her in to explain the job and her duty

Slowly but surely, I noticed changes in Ananya. None of the changes were dramatic But Ananya and I had been staying together for so long I kinda knew my friend’s wife. First of all, it was completely unlike her to miss any of her serials no matter how insignificant or how tired she may be physically. Also, I could tell that spending the majority of her days with the girls at work, most of whom were non-religious themselves, was taking its toll on Ananya. I suppose in an effort to fit in, Ananya began to make minor, very subtle changes to her outward appearance.

One of the first things to go was the saree and punjabi suits. Ananya, more often than not these days, sported tighter fitting knee length skirts that hugged her curves and looked much more fashionable. Skirts above the knee were strictly big no no , but below the knee skirts were still acceptable, if somewhat frowned upon. I’m not so sure I can say the same for Ananya’s choice in blouses. Ananya had always worn her sleeves long, usually to her wrists and her collars were normally high and buttoned if she wore any. In all of our time together, Ananya had never worn anything sleeveless or low-cut. Now, however, she regularly sported tighter, short or sleeveless blouses to go with her skirts.

The girls at work were different than anyone Ananya had ever known. Ananya had never been around women who talked about sex, but in a salon, sex seemed to be the only topic of business. More than once, Ananya came home still blushing from something one of the women had said at work. She was naïve about most things sexual, as her husband kept her that way. Sometimes she’d come home and ask me about something sexual the girls had mentioned at work and I’d just try to explain without laughing out loud and making her feel like a bimbo. Sometimes I’d tell her to do what I did… just look it up on the Internet.

Ananya had never had any experience with computers. Sure, she learned enough to email and skype with her husband.. She even had one at home so she could answer emails from her husband but now she rarely talks with her husband anymore.
However, Ananya now had to spend a significant part of her workday surfing the web. She went from almost no practical knowledge of the Internet to using it on a daily basis. She did almost all of her sales and orders online, as well as all of her communications.

Ananya no longer had her husbands contact as he was busy and i was also occupied with work, so she gradually became closer with the girls at the salon.

Ananya finally allowed herself to research some of her questions about sexuality. To put it mildly, she discovered porn in a big way. Ananya would come home from work and get on the computer instead of her usual serials after she’d had her dinner and shower. She had bought herself some lose fitting shorts and pajamas and started wearing those around the house with a tank top or t-shirt. That was pretty significant because she had always condemned others for wearing anything that resembled pants as “indecent for our Indian culture”. She had never worn those things before, even in private, but now she wore them regularly. I’d often walk into the living area and see her sitting cross-legged in the chair, reading a story online. Several times I caught her clicking out of a window just as I walked in. She would click back to some mundane website, but when she’d look at me her face was flushed and she had that guilty look. She knew she’d been busted, but she didn’t say anything and I didn’t mention it. Besides, on those nights when I knew she’d been surfing porn, I could expect some pretty wild sex soon. Who was I to argue with getting some?

One Friday night I’d gone to the bar nearby after work and was having a few beers when Lizzie my coworker walked in. She came in sporting a new, shorter haircut and she’d added some highlights. Tommy my buddy complimented her on the change and leaned in to kiss her while I ordered her a beer.

“Thanks honey,” she said. “I got it done today at Salon Paris downtown. Sameer, you didn’t tell me that Ananya worked there now. It was a surprise walking into a salon and seeing her there.”

“Yeah, she’s been there for quite a while now. She’s in charge of marketing for several of the salons Robert Parker owns around town. She seems to like it and the money is good ,” I said.

“That’s what she said. She’s a hell of a marketer, that’s for sure. It was her idea for me to cut all my hair off. I’ve never had really short hair in my life until now. For someone who doesn’t cut her own hair, she sure can convince others to cut theirs,” Lizzie laughed.

I was shocked. I knew how Ananya felt about touching scissors to your hair. Until now, I thought she’d only been marketing styling products, not encouraging others to cut off their “glory”. Lizzie must have noticed the confused look on my face.

“Well, anyway, I just went in for a trim. When I saw Ananya come down the back stairs, I went over to say hi. We sat down and talked for a while over coffee and the subject turned to hair. One thing led to another and the rest is history. Hair today, gone tomorrow!” Lizzie continued. “But one thing Ananya said did sort of seem odd. She said that she was tired of her hair and wished she could just cut it all off. I don’t know Ananya very well, but I know some of her traditional upbringing and I found that a little odd, don’t you, Sameer?”

“Who the hell cares?” said Tommy, reaching for the pool cue and cutting me off before I could answer. “We’re in the middle of Sammer here getting his ass kicked and we don’t give a fuck about women’s hair.” I just laughed and didn’t bother to answer. I did, however, get my ass kicked in that game of pool and several more. I was too preoccupied with the changes in my innocent bhabi. As soon as I could, I got in my pickup and headed home. I expected to come home to an empty house since it was Friday night youth service night.

Instead, I walked in to find Ananya sitting at the kitchen table talking to her colleague Kelly Wells. It was the first time I’d seen Kelly since she’d started working at the saloon, and damn, but she had made some changes. I hardly recognized her. She had always been as ultra-conservative as Ananya. Now all of that was gone. Her long, brown, mousy hair was gone. Now she sported a short, trendy bob haircut cut in an asymmetrical style. Her hair was dyed a light honey blonde, but darker hues peeked out from underneath her long bangs and the short bristles above her bare and obviously shaved nape were dark as well. She kept her hair on one side tucked behind her ear and that ear sported several piercings. She must have had six rings in each ear. The bottom of her ear sported large silver hoops that seemed huge to me. I noticed that she was wearing a tank top and a pair of fashionable, if very short, khaki shorts.

She and Ananya were sitting at the table laughing away as if they’d never missed a beat in their relationship. I came into the kitchen and spoke a greeting, and then walked behind her to the fridge to get a beer. I noticed that she had a much embellished and intricately designed cross tattoo on her right shoulder. I didn’t comment. I just grabbed a cold beer and started to close the fridge.

“Can I have one of those?” Kelly asked. “I don’t usually drink beer, but that one looks so cold. Do you mind?” she asked me without looking at Ananya. I glanced at Ananya, expecting to see shock in her eyes, but instead I saw nothing. She obviously wasn’t bothered about her mate drinking beer at the kitchen table. I handed Kelly a Bud Light and walked to the den to enjoy mine. Kelly stayed well after midnight talking to Ananya and catching up.

The next day was one of my rare Saturday’s off. I decided to sleep in and I awoke to find Ananya gone. She left a note on the table saying that she was going in to the salon for a few hours to catch up on some paperwork and that she’d be home around noon. I looked at my watch and discovered that it was 11:00 already. I was outside in the back yard when I heard the patio doors slide open. I figured it was Ananya, so I didn’t turn around.

“Bhabi, did you get your work done at the salon?” I asked.

“Sure did. I even stopped by the cafe to get us lunch. Of course the black guys had to be there. I swear I can’t stand them looking at me like a slut!”

A few weeks ago, I’d have been astonished to hear Ananya talk like that about someone, now I was used to it. I turned and looked at her, smiling. For some odd reason, she was smiling back. Something looked different, but I couldn’t quite place it. I did notice that her denim skirt barely brushed the top of her knees, shorter than normal, but that wasn’t it. She wore tight, stylish name brand t-shirts all the time now, so that still wasn’t it. Oh well, maybe I was just imagining things.

“Sameer, guess who I saw at the shop today?” She asked. She cut me off before I could answer. “Lizzie, Tommy’s wife or girlfriend, or whatever she is. I really like her.”

“She’s nice. She mentioned last night that she was just at the salon yesterday. She said you convinced her to cut all her hair off.”

Ananya laughed out loud. “Cut it off? All she did was cut it up past her shoulders. I told her she should have gone shorter. Did you like it? I thought it looked really good on her.” Ananya was rambling. Something was obviously on her mind. “Anyway, she just stopped in to pick up some conditioner and styling gel she forgot yesterday. But she did invite us to go for a ride with her and Tommy later. They’ll be here in about 20 minutes, so you better get dressed.” She said, turning to leave.

When she turned around, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Was I seeing things? Was my mind playing tricks on me? It couldn’t possibly be true, but I knew I wasn’t hallucinating. I called out to her before she could walk through the open patio doors.

“Did you cut your hair?”

She wheeled back around, smiling. I knew now that was what she was waiting for me to notice. I was floored. I absolutely knew the implications of this, but I wasn’t about to ask.

“I didn’t think you’d notice. Actually, I only trimmed about an inch off. The ladies at work said my hair was damaged on the ends and trimming it would make it healthier. I know some people at home might frown on it, but it is my hair. Besides, I’ll still wear it up at when I skype with Rajan and no one will know. Now, go get changed. We’ve got a bike to ride!” She spun and walked into the house as if she hadn’t just revealed that she’d committed the cardinal sin for women in her country. I was speechless, but Tommy and Liz soon arrived and I was too preoccupied with the ride to re-open the subject.

We sat on the patio for the next several hours, drinking and telling stories. Whatever was bothering Ananya earlier seemed to have disappeared and she was laughing and joking like the rest of us. At one point in the conversation, Ananya even admitted that she’d tried champagne recently and got a little tipsy. Tommy and Lizzie laughed at her use of “tipsy”.

“I’d pay good money to see your ass drunk or stoned,” Lizzie said, laughing. “I bet you’re the shit when you’ve got a good buzz going.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. That one night with a glass of champagne was the only time I’ve ever drank alcohol. I know for a fact that I’d never use drugs,” Sarah replied, a little self-conscious.

“Weed isn’t drugs, sweet cheeks,” Lizzie said, obviously feeling no pain now. “It’s not any worse than drinking beer and you don’t get that dumb ass hangover in the morning. So, did you like your buzz off of champagne?”

“Yeah, I did, actually. It was nice. I didn’t like the headache the next morning, though.”

Eventually the conversation turned to other things. Ananya seemed to be perfectly at ease and I never even saw her flinch as the evening wore on and the beer started to run out. Lizzie had been drinking bourbon for quite a while and she was obviously well on her way to being shit faced. Tommy and I had been smoking cigars and we both laughed when Lizzie reached for one and lit it. She tried to inhale like a cigarette and coughed violently. We laughed even harder. Lizzie put the cigar in an ash tray and started to pour herself another drink. She realized she was out of ice, so she stumbled into the kitchen and came out with two red plastic cups of ice. Without saying a word, she sat down and fixed two bourbons and Coke. She handed one to Ananya. I stopped laughing and looked at bhabi

“Here you go, sweetie,” Lizzie said, sliding the glass toward Ananya. Ananya hesitated. “Go on, Ananya, don’t be a chicken shit. You did some brave shit today. Just cutting your hair was a huge step. But when you agreed to let Allie give you that hardware, you could’ve knocked me down with’ a fuckin’ feather! You did all that shit in one fuckin’ day, might as well finish it out!”

I could see that Ananya was visibly shocked. I had no idea what Lizzie was talking about, except for the part about the haircut. I hadn’t imagined that Lizzie was present when Ananya decided to trim her hair. I didn’t know the positions of all the girls in the salon, but the one time I’d met Allie, she was piercing a client’s ears. I started to put two and two together as my dick started to get hard.

Ananya looked at Lizzie with fire in her eyes, but she knew it was just the alcohol talking. I heard her mumble to Lizzie, “He doesn’t know yet. It was supposed to be a surprise.”

“Damn. I’m sorry, Ananya. I forgot. Now, here, little miss perfect, drink up.”

“No. I don’t drink, remember?” Ananya said, sliding the cup away. Lizzie slid it back to her.

“You didn’t do a lot of things until today. One sin is no worse than another. Hell, I’m pretty fond of all of ’em myself. Now I went through all that trouble of fixing you this drink, the least you could do is actually taste it.”

Ananya reached for the cup and glanced at me. I swear she actually smiled as she brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. My dick sprang to attention so hard that I was certain it moved the table. Lizzie and Tommy both cheered her on.

Sarah only drank that one sip and put the cup back on the table. After that, she started really loosening up. She even laughed out loud at Tommy’s dirtiest, filthiest jokes. I knew that her tolerance for alcohol, especially for hard liquor, was so low that she probably felt a light buzz, but probably not enough for the alcohol to really affect her actions. Right now, this was pure Ananya. If she was acting differently, it was because she was choosing to, not because of strong drink.

Ananya didn’t drink any more that night and I didn’t press the issue. The party finally wound down and Tommy and Lizzie eventually said their goodbyes. Tommy was fine, but I was worried that Lizzie might not be able to stay on the back of Tommy’s bike, so I told him to take my truck and I’d bring his bike home Sunday morning. Once they were gone, I went back inside to find Ananya sitting at the kitchen table, staring into space. Now that things were quiet, I could see whatever was wrong earlier, was bothering her again. I assumed I had it figured out, so this time I spoke up.

“Listen, bhabi, there’s no shame in tonight. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not a sin to let your hair down and have fun every once in a while, especially in your own home.”

“But it is a sin to cut that hair that you let down. And it is a sin to drink alcohol. It’s really a sin when someone professes to be partying in their own home. Worse yet, I took part in it! I can’t believe I was so stupid” she said, standing up abruptly from the table. She started to cry.

“Hush, now, bhabi,” I whispered softly, stepping up to hold her close. She just put her head on my chest and I stroked her hair. “We all do things we regret. Your hair is barely trimmed and it’ll grow back. I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, but if you do, then I promise it will be okay. Rajan bhaiya will forgive you. ”

“He might, but the people back at home won’t.
She didn’t say anything for the longest time. We just stood there embracing, understanding the moment as only a married couple can do. She quit crying and I felt her take a deep breath. She stepped back slightly and looked up at me.

“Do you know what bothers me the most? It’s not that I cut my hair. I did that because I wanted to. I might regret it tomorrow, but today I was happy that I did it. What pisses me off is that I’d wanted this to be an amazing evening of surprises for you instead for my stupid husband god knows where he is right now”

I was probably standing there with my mouth open because Ananya had just said “piss”, the closest she’d ever come to cursing in her life. But what happened next almost knocked me out cold.

“Look at this Sameer,” she said, lifting her t-shirt to show me a brand new, sparkling barbell through her belly button. She looked at me. I just stood there with my mouth open. Ananya had trimmed her hair, drank alcohol and got her first piercing all in the same day. While these things were mundane and probably even boring for “regular” people, considering our traditional background, this revelation was earth shattering. I was still speechless when Ananya commented on it. She saw my reaction and finally smiled.

“Do you like it? I wanted to do something wild today and the shop was really slow, so I let Allie and Lizzie talk me into it.”

“Do you like the surprises?” she whispered. “Do you like it when I’m bad? ”

“Yes,” is all I managed to say as I continued the foreplay with my tongue.

We drank so much alcohol she didn’t care anymore. We kissed

“You know you did this to me, right? It’s your fault. You corrupted me.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, moving down her neck to her breasts with my tongue.

“Don’t be. I like it. ” she whispered.

“Fuck me,” was all that she had said.



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