Freshman Feminist Falls

Summary: 18-year-old white feminist is targeted by black stud.

Note 1: This is an April Fools 2016 contest story… read the whole story to find out why.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, and Wayne for editing this story.

WARNING: This story is about a white feminist who succumbs to black cock. If that isn’t your thing, please stop reading. The story uses sparingly the ‘N’ word and also uses a few stereotypes that society pretends we have moved past.

The reality is that one of my fantasies is black cock. It’s not because I’m racist, it’s not even about size… it’s about taboo.

Anyways, here is a lengthy story of an 18-year-old freshman feminist who is drawn into a twisted game of sexual submission.


So many events and moments in life transpire that lead to a major life changing moment. Each of these small decisions seem inconsequential at the time. (For example, if I hadn’t sat beside Brittany the first day of Feminist Studies would everything that eventually occurred have happened?). If I had reacted differently to any one moment, the domino effect could have veered a different way and the major life changing moment may not have come about. Alas, there is no sweet time machine like in Back to the Future, no way to change the past.

That all said, I have always believed that you control your life and are always in control of your decisions. Which is why I only have myself to blame for my current predicament.

But before I get to that…let’s start at the beginning.

I grew up with just my Mom, my sperm donor ditching after I was conceived, but before I was released into this wild messed up sexist world. Mom did her best, but was always searching for a man who would love her and, in turn, support her and her daughter.

I can’t even begin to keep track of the revolving door of potential step-dads, but I will say they all seemed to be the same (they looked different, had different jobs, but all were not good enough for my Mother). My mom, who was a hard worker, and a dedicated mother, completely lacked self-confidence in herself and her relationships. Thus the vast array of men who entered my life realized this about her quickly and took advantage of her submissive nature. Mom was walked on, hit and verbally assaulted by a variety of despicable men. Mom was a different woman when men were not in her life and thus I resented each man who took her away from me and I resented her for getting so immersed in being someone she was not just to keep a loser of a man and continue to believe the age old fallacy that a woman needed a man to be successful and fulfilled (seriously, with the advancements of sex toys what really was the purpose of men besides procreation? And even the idea of reproducing offspring into today’s fucked-up world was questionable at best).

Watching my weak mother try to change for those disgusting men made me resent her and made me resent most men.

This past year, a man named Thor, yes that was his legal name – I checked, had moved in with us and besides checking me out a lot, he was incredibly rude to Mom. I told Mom to get rid of him, but this was her version of a successful relationship. I knew then I had to leave as watching her become a facade of her single self was too hard for me and was killing our relationship.

I was offered a few scholarships and took the one that got me furthest away from the dysfunctional relationship I currently had with my Mother. It was a fresh start and I planned on making the most of it.

Now I should note I am not some eighteen year old prude. I had dated a few boys, slept with some of them, but just couldn’t get past whatever flaw I saw in them. Going to college, I decided I was going to focus on my academics and not get caught up in the drama that came with relationships.

Ironically, it was the first class, on the first day, that the first domino was placed and such a trivial one it was.

Even though I had come to the school for a tour and even did my own tour just the day before, I got lost and ended up arriving five minutes late to class.

The professor gave me just the slightest look of annoyance, but I joked, “Sorry, Professor, I got lost and, like a man, I didn’t stop for directions.”

The class, all women, broke into laughter and the Professor quipped, unable to hold in a smile, “Well, let’s keep the ‘men’ references to a minimum shall we?”

“Of course,” I replied, sitting in the only available seat I could find.

Twenty minutes later, the professor gave us five minutes to discuss why we chose this class with an elbow buddy. I turned to the partner on my left and said, “Hi, I am Claudia.”

The ridiculously pretty tanned as if she spent her life on the beach, which being in California she may have, replied, “Hi, I am Brittany.”

‘Of course you are,’ I thought to myself; her hair, so white it almost wasn’t blonde, only enhancing her beauty, as did her blue as the ocean eyes. I was instantly envious, even though I was not unattractive myself. I was a chestnut brunette, with almost identical chestnut eyes, a look that made me more the girl next door than the head turner that Brittany obviously was.

“You from here?” I asked, already assuming the answer was affirmative based on her tan.

“Like, yes, born and raised,” she said, sounding like a valley girl from one of those eighties movies. “How about you?”

“Minnesota,” I replied, before joking about my lack of a tan, “As you could guess from my white as snow arms.”

She giggled and asked, getting us back on topic, “So like why are you taking this class?”

Even though she talked all bubbly, I instantly liked her and briefly told her my life story. Once I was done my story, she gave me a hug and said, “Well, to new beginnings and new besties.”

Although we were from two different worlds, maybe even planets, we clicked and became great friends. We had World Literature together and American History and became two peas in a pod.

Although she was not the brightest crayon in the box, she had a heart of gold and really was the sweetest girl I had ever met. Her infectious personality wore off on me and I became less pessimistic and more of an optimist, although never reaching the world is ‘all rainbows and unicorn’ universe Brittany lived in.

She helped me with my lack of fashion sense and I helped her with understanding Shakespeare. She had me wearing dresses, the color pink, and had me wearing pantyhose and heels. She was turning me into a girly-girl and it led to me getting a fair amount of attention from the opposite sex (nowhere near as much as Brittany, but enough to boost up my self-esteem immensely), although I kindly rejected the advances, still trying to focus on my schooling.

Everything was going well until Chuck came along. Everyone has met a Chuck before. The kind of frat boy who oozes charm even though his personality is vapid. He was without a doubt the most attractive guy I had ever seen in person and a variety of naughty ideas flooded my head the day I met him, yet as soon as he spoke they faded instantly.

“Hey, babe,” he said, so syrupy sweet I thought I may get a cavity. Two words and I knew everything I would ever need to know about him. He was a jock. An insipid jock who was at school on some football scholarship taking up a spot for some kid who actually wanted to get a college education. He was the kind of guy who had women throwing themselves at him and he knew it. The same thing happened to Brittany, but she was so sweet herself that she didn’t actually know how attractive she was. Unfortunately, when two different types of sweets meet the result is usually disastrous.

Not surprisingly, Chuck’s smug confidence and sexy smile had Brittany hooked in no time.

Did I mention he was also black? As they started dating I couldn’t help but think they would make the most beautiful babies in the world. That said, I knew the relationship was doomed. Chuck was not a one girl type of guy; Christ I wasn’t even sure he was a one girl per day guy. But I sure couldn’t tell Brittany that… all I could do was be there for her when the inevitable break-up happened.

Brittany was glowing a week later, when it was obvious they had had sex.

“He is like the most amazing lover ever,” Brittany raved.

“I bet,” I said, unable to hide my disdain for him but knowing sweet Brittany wouldn’t catch it at all.

“And, like, oh my God, the rumour about black men is true,” Brittany said, as she moved her hands apart to imply size.

“He has a big mouth?” I questioned, playing with her.

“Oh he has a long thick tongue,” Brittany giggled.

“At least he went down on you,” I said, impressed. I had found most men think oral sex is a one way street, which always pissed me off. My only real orgasms from being with a guy came from Joey, who would go down on me for as long as it took for me to come. Since then I have been disappointed over and over, always finishing myself off if I was in the mood once I was back in my bed. Thank God for my magic wand… Like seriously, besides reproduction what purpose did men actually have? That… was the real question that needed to be answered.

“Oh yeah, I came twice before he even fucked me,” Brittany said, a little louder than she should have, a couple people glancing over at us.

“Maybe you shouldn’t announce that to the other girls here, they may want a piece of him,” I said, not really joking as I knew how women thought.

“He’s mine,” Brittany said, suddenly serious.

Curious, I asked the question I really didn’t need to know, “So when you imply big what exactly do you mean?”

“Ten inches,” Brittany revealed.

“Bullshit,” I said, the biggest I had been with five and a half… Truthfully both my vibrators were bigger than any man I’d allowed in me.

Brittany continued, “And so thick that I couldn’t wrap my whole hand around it.”

“It’s because you’re so petite,” I joked.

“I could barely take him inside me at first,” Brittany said.

“Well, I’m happy you found someone who makes you come,” I said, not needing any more details, especially when we were about to start a class on feminism.

“Seven times,” Brittany revealed.

“Fuck off,” I gasped, having never had multiple orgasms in my life.

“I may have had more but I literally passed out after the seventh,” Brittany said.

I laughed, “Well how is he going to top that?”

Before Brittany could respond, our professor began talking about corporate America and the complete lack of respect for women still present in 2016.

I wondered, was it possible I was wrong about Chuck?

After class, Chuck was waiting for Brittany outside the lecture theatre.

“Hey baby,” he said, still dripping with the same creepy smug suaveness I had always noticed in him… way too many of my mom’s rotating door of men had the similar suaveness that faded the instant Mom was hooked… I’d seen that movie way too many times and was worried I was watching it again with Brittany.

“Hey, baby,” Brittany said back, her cheeks going red as she ran and hugged him.

“Hey good looking,” he said to me, even as Brittany hugged him.

Nope, I wasn’t wrong about him.

“Hey,” I replied, keeping my responses to the minimum hoping he would catch on that I wasn’t interested in a conversation with him.

He didn’t catch on.

“So, Carol,” he began.

“It’s Claudia,” I corrected.

“Right,” he nodded, not apologizing or correcting his mistake. “So, do you have a man?”

“It’s 2016, I don’t need a man,” I tersely responded.

“Every woman needs a man, isn’t that right, baby?” He said, grabbing her ass.

I sighed. The guy was exactly who I thought he was. A creep. “Yes, without a man I am completely lost,” I sarcastically responded.

Catching my sarcasm, unlike sweet Brittany, he agreed, “You would know that was true once you had a real man.”

“I see,” I smirked. “And what, may I ask, is a real man?”

“One that knows exactly what a woman needs and wants, even if she didn’t know it herself,” he answered, looking at me smugly, his words clear: I want to fuck you.

“I think I’m doing quite fine on my own,” I answered.

“He’s just trying to be helpful, Claudia,” Brittany said, as her ass continued to be molested by the pervert’s big black hand.

“Oh, I know,” I nodded, not wanting to turn this into a spectacle. “He is very sweet to care about the needs of his girlfriend’s friend,” I added, stressing the word ‘girlfriend’.

“Just trying to help, sweetheart,” he said.

“I think you should reserve the endearing terms for your girlfriend,” I advised, before adding, “I need to get to class. I have philosophy and he glares at anyone who is late.”

“See you in World Lit,” Brittany said.

“Yes, hurry, you wouldn’t want to upset a man,” Chuck quipped smugly… apparently smarter than I thought as he played on my earlier words.

God, I wanted to slap that smug smile off his face. I also was pissed I had set myself up so easily. I ignored his words as I agreed, “See you in a bit.”

“She may be late,” he said, even as I turned away, his meaning obvious.

“You’re so bad,” Brittany giggled, so intoxicated by him she couldn’t see the titanic disaster this was going to turn out to be.

I sighed to myself as I headed to class knowing that this relationship was going to be a complete train wreck and likely soon and I would have to be there to pick up the pieces.

Brittany wasn’t late for class, but when I saw her I gasped. She definitely had a big gob of cum in her hair. I whispered, “Brittany, you have cum in your hair. A big white gob.”

“I do?” she asked, her face going red.

“Yeah, you should likely go to the washroom and clean up,” I suggested.

“Thanks,” she said, quickly getting up and going to the washroom.

I sighed. There was no way he couldn’t have known he shot his wad in her hair. What an asshole. I knew I had to say something, but I wasn’t sure what. I had no real evidence he was a smug bastard other than my years of experience and being able to read between the lines of his words.

When she returned, she whispered, “He had me suck him off in the football locker room.”

“Brittany, anyone could have walked in on you,” I pointed out the obvious.

“I know,” Brittany said. “I tried to say no at first, but he was so persuasive, and sexy. I couldn’t say no to him.”

“How did his cum end up in your hair?” I queried, already knowing the answer.

“He was actually super sweet about it,” Brittany said looking so sincere it literally broke my heart.

“He was sweet about coming on your face?” I asked bluntly, trying to point out how ludicrous her words were without actually coming right out and saying it.

“That sounds dirty when you say it that way,” she said, before explaining, “he told me that he wanted to mark his territory by coming on me.”

“How sweet,” I said sardonically.

Missing the obvious sarcasm, she nodded, “I know. It, like, made me feel so special.”

“Brittany,” I said, “don’t you think what he did was a bit sexist?”

“He said you would say that,” she answered.

“He did?” I asked.

“Yes, he said you wouldn’t understand because you hadn’t found a man that could bring you to your knees in love,” Brittany said.

“Knees in love?” I questioned, the words so ridiculous that even a gullible naive girl like Brittany should have seen through his pile of bullshit.

“I know, it sounds corny, but it was, like, so sweet,” she said, looking so much in love it broke my heart. She so reminded me of my mother and that naive belief that the pathetic loser she were dating was her knight in shining armour.

“At least you didn’t have to swallow,” I pointed out, always hating swallowing cum… although I had only done it a few times as I hated the gooey feeling of it. The taste didn’t bother me usually as it was almost tasteless.

“I did yesterday,” Brittany revealed. “Twice.”

“TMI!” I said, putting my hands to my ears.

The professor started lecturing and a few minutes in Brittany broke my heart again… saying the words my mother had said about so many guys I wasn’t sure I actually believed those words meant anything.

“I think I’m in love,” she whispered.

I just nodded as I pondered that those were just words. Love, real love, was an abstract concept that was as rare to find and keep as winning the lottery (actually finding your soulmate was likely more valuable than winning the lottery). Real love was one where both man and woman or man and man or woman and woman or whatever other variation that existed treated each other as true equals.

And this… this wasn’t love… infatuation or lust, sure; but love, not even close.

After class, I said, “I need to go to the library and do more research on women’s influence in politics,” the essay topic I had chosen for both my feminism class and my American history class, although one was on the current political landscape, while my history one was looking at women’s roles through history.

“Okay,” Brittany nodded. “I think I’m going to take a nap. Last night was a bit of a work out.”

“TMI!” I again said.

“We need to get you a man,” Brittany said.

“Are those your words or Chuck’s?” I asked.

“Mine,” she said.

“Well, like I said when we first met, I don’t plan to date in college. I want to make honours.”

“You can, like, do both,” Brittany said, “you’re, like, super smart.”

“Thanks,” I smiled, “but I’d rather focus on one.”

“I’m going to find you Mr. Perfect,” Brittany said with confidence.

“I met him already,” I smiled. “Actually met two.”

“You did?” Brittany asked, surprised.

“Yes, my magic wand and my rabbit,” I said with a wicked smile.

“You brat,” she said, playfully hitting me.

“Go take your nap, I really need to get a couple hours of work in before dinner,” I said.

“Yeah, he wants me to come over again tonight,” Brittany revealed.

“I’m sure he does,” I said.

“You don’t like him much, do you?”

“I’m just worried he may hurt you,” I said, thankful for the opening.

“You worry too much.”

“You don’t worry enough.”

She shrugged, “You need to live a little.”

“After I graduate,” I said, before adding, “and become a rich, powerful CEO.”

“Then you can choose, like, any man you want,” Brittany joked.

“Yeah, I can have my own boy toy,” I joked.

I headed to the library and was buried in a book about Eleanor Roosevelt when I saw a shadow hovering over me. Somehow I knew without looking it was Chuck.

“Hey, good looking,” he said.

“Shouldn’t you be resting for your marathon night with your girlfriend?” I responded, not looking behind me at all.

“Are you jealous?”

I turned around and stood up, not liking having him towering over me like that as I responded sarcastically “Yes, I wish you’d just rip off my clothes right here and fuck me.”

“I know you think you are being sarcastic, but the reality is if I pulled my cock out right here you would allow me to do just that,” he confidently said.

“Whip it out,” I said, not backing down from this smug bastard.

“You don’t think I will, do you?”

“You’re like most men, all talk no action.”

He smiled as he moved his hands to his jeans, unzipped them and to my surprise pulled out his dick. Now I was in a secluded area, I liked not to be bothered when I was researching, but this was pretty ballsy. And I had to admit, his cock was huge and it wasn’t even hard. Not wanting to let him know I was impressed, I shrugged, “Good for you, you can whip out your dick to your girlfriend’s best friend. Classy!”

He smiled as he stroked it. “Brittany will let me fuck you.”

“Does she know this?” I responded, trying to match his smugness.

“Not yet,” he admitted. “But she will willingly let me fuck you to keep me.”

“You are hilarious,” I laughed, trying not to glance down at his dick, even though I was curious how big it really was.

“Mark my words,” he said, “I’ll have her begging you to fuck me.”

I scoffed again. “Even if you somehow convinced her to do that, which is ridiculously pretentious in the first place, I wouldn’t do it.”

“You sure?” He asked.

“If you were the last dick on earth and I the last woman, the human race would die out,” I responded.

“Want to touch it?” He asked.

“How deft are you?” I questioned, getting annoyed now. “I have no fucking interest in you. None. Zero. Zilch.”

“Take one look,” he ordered.

“Do you really think I’ll glance down, see you have a big dick and suddenly become some insipid bimbo?”

“I have seen it happen before.”

“Yes, some women are sluts.”

“Brittany did.”

“Brittany is sweet and naive. I see through you.”

“And what, perchance, do you see?”

“A pathetic loser who defines himself by how many women he fucks and thinks self-esteem is based on dick size,” I answered.

“Take a look,” he repeated, ignoring my assessment.

“If I do will you leave me alone?” I asked, curious to see how big it was hard and eager to have him leave.


“You promise?”

“Scout’s honour.”

“Were you ever a Scout?”

“I was,” he nodded.

“Fine!” I sighed, in the way that implied I was completely fucking annoyed. I glanced down and stared at his cock which was as big hard as Brittany said it was. And I can’t explain it, but the pure blackness of the cock somehow made it seem to shine.

He explained, “That’s Professor Waterson’s cunt juice that makes my cock shine.”

“Bull shit!” I said, quickly pulling myself out of the brief trance I was in. His cock was impressive, no doubt, and I imagine many women had enjoyed its impressive girth, but hearing him say he had fucked Professor Waterson was ridiculous for two reasons:

1. It meant he was cheating on Brittany and was willing to tell her best friend.

2. He had fucked my feminist Professor who was the most extreme left wing woman I had ever met. There was no way she would fuck a student… especially a smug, sexist, fucker like him.

“Believe what you want,” he shrugged. “The reality is that the biggest feminists are often the most submissive cock hungry sluts… especially white feminists for nigger cock.”

“Do you even hear yourself?” I asked, his words so sexist and ridiculous it bordered on pathetic.

“I never lie,” he said, before adding, “I never have to.”

“Whatever,” I said, waving my hand in his face.

“Last chance to hold it in your hands.”

“I’ll pass,” I said, turning around and sitting back down.

“Your loss,” he said.

I don’t respond, ignoring him as I tried to resume researching.

Thankfully I heard the zip sound and then saw his shadow disappear.

I sighed with thanks. I was beginning to both understand how hard it must have been for the suffragettes and other woman to gain the rights they fought so hard for and also that many men hadn’t come to grips with the reality it was 2016 and we had sexual and racial equality.

I worked for another hour, but was so frustrated with the prick’s pretentious, sexist and lewd behaviour I couldn’t stay focused.

And in case you are thinking it was his dick that distracted me, it wasn’t.

Yes, it was impressive.

Yes, it was long and thick.

Yes, I was curious what such a big cock would feel like.

But, I was a feminist and I if I did sleep with a guy it was because he was a nice guy, treated me like a woman and respected all people regardless of gender or race… not because he had an impressive package.

Instead, I wondered how I was going to deal with my best friend’s boyfriend hitting on me.

The obvious option was to tell her, but there could be a lot of collateral damage with that:

1. She could not believe me.

2. She could get mad at me for telling her (something I had seen happen in high school many times).

On the other hand, if I didn’t and she found out what happened I would also be in the potential crossfire.

I sighed as I decided I had to tell her… that is what a good friend does.

I texted her:

We need to talk.

She didn’t respond. I figured she may still be sleeping.

Unfortunately, she lived off campus with her family and I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t actually get a hold of her.

I sighed and headed to my dorm room, figuring I would have dinner and watch some Netflix.

Brittany never did text me back, but was waiting for me in front of the lecture theatre.

She hurried over to me and said, “We need to talk.”

“Agreed,” I said, not able to read her tone or look.

She pulled me to the side and began, “I need your advice.”

“Okay,” I nodded, letting her share her thoughts before I told her about yesterday.

“He wants to have a threesome,” she revealed.

I was shocked. Not that he wanted a threesome, all guys wanted a threesome. No, the shock was two-fold:

1. He had the nerve to suggest it was me.

2. That she actually thought to ask me.

“I’m not interested,” I bluntly said.

She laughed, “I wasn’t asking you. It’s for me. Two guys.”

“Oh Brittany,” I sighed, this being even worse.

“What? I’ve always wanted to be in a threesome.”

“Since when?”

She shrugged, “A while, plus Chuck said double the pleasure, double the fun.”

“That sounds like Chuck.”

“I came six more times last night.”

“TMI, Brittany,” I said, before saying, “I do have something I need to tell you and you’re not going to like it.”

“What?” She asked concerned.

“Chuck hit on me yesterday.”

“When he showed you his dick?”

“He told you?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, he said he was just joking with you,” she said, buying his bullshit hook, line and sinker.

“It didn’t seem like a joke,” I countered.

“You just need to get to know him,” she said.

“I do know him,” I said. “He’s like all the guys my mom used to date. Christ, still dates.”

“He is not,” she said, annoyed. “He said you would do this.”

“Do what?”

“Not support me.”

“Not support you? I’m trying to protect you,” I responded, frustrated at how naive she was.

“I can look after myself,” she said, before turning around and storming away.

I called out, “Brittany,” but she just kept going.

I sighed, knowing that when she got angry it was best to leave her alone as she gets even more irrational.

I went to class and took really good notes as she didn’t come to class, as I’d assumed she wouldn’t.

I was having lunch when Chuck sat down across from me.

“Cute you assumed you were a part of the threesome,” he opened with. “I think that says a lot.”

“Like what?” I asked, already annoyed by him with one sentence.

“That deep down you either want my big cock or you’re a dyke and you want Brittany’s pussy,” he said.

“That is the only logical reason you can come up with for me not wanting to fuck you, isn’t it?” I shot back.

“It would make sense,” he nodded, before adding, “Although I have turned some lesbians straight.”

I scoffed. “Yes, because that is how it works.”

“It has in my experience,” he shrugged so matter-of-factly that I think he actually believed his own bullshit.

“Does it ever occur to you that I am repulsed by you because of your smug personality and sexist attitude?”

“No,” he answered, “you dislike me because you’re a feminist who thinks she is better than men.”

“Because we are,” I responded, not even pretending to be kidding.

“I bet you Brittany’s asshole which I plan to fuck tonight while she blows my buddy, that if you come back to my place for one hour and resist the temptation of having my cock in you I’ll break up with Brittany.”

I laughed, “Yeah, right.”

“I’m serious, come back to my dorm and last one full hour without my cock in one of your fuck holes and I’ll break up with Brittany before I turn her into a three hole fuck slut for black cock,” he said.

“No way,” I said, “am I going back to your place so you can rape me.”

He shook his head. “I would never rape a woman, I don’t have to. I will not put my cock in-between those cute lips of yours or that neglected pussy of yours unless you give me permission.”

“Well, that’s never going to happen.”

“Then you’ve got nothing to lose.”

“Excuse me?”

“If you’re so positive you can resist the temptation of my big black cock then come over and prove me wrong and at the same time save your sweet, still somewhat innocent best friend from being sodimized.”

“Yeah, then she will blame me for breaking you two up,” I pointed out.

“I promise I won’t mention you at all,” he said.

“So if I go back your dorm for an hour you promise not to rape me?” I asked, thinking I could still save sweet but dumb Brittany from becoming like my mother.

“Scout’s honour,” he said.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going to email myself as evidence of where I’m going in case this goes astray,” I said, pulling out my phone.

“Go ahead,” he shrugged, “I have nothing to hide… literally. He even added, “If I touch any of your intimate locations without permission even… you win.”

I emailed myself, thinking this was going to be too easy and then said, before I could change my mind, “Let’s go.”

“Cool,” he nodded, as I followed him to his dorm room thinking of what a great friend I am and how Brittany would never know the sacrifice I made to protect her.

Even as I followed him, I had this thought in the back of my mind, ‘This is not a good idea!’

Yet, the reality was I wanted to prove to this cocky son of a bitch that not every woman succumbed to his smug charm, and I wanted to save Brittany in the way I couldn’t save my mom.

Once in his dorm, he asked, “Want a drink?”

“No thanks,” I said, worried he may try to give me a date rape drug or something, even though truthfully that didn’t seem his style.

“I’ll be back in a minute, feel free to take a seat,” he said, very courteous which was so unlike him.

I was also surprised how neat the room was… he just seemed like a guy that would have a completely cluttered mess.

I was looking at pictures of his family, something else that surprised me (not that he had family, of course he had a family, but that he would have a half dozen pictures of his parents and siblings. While looking at these I could briefly forget he was a sexist pig.

“So I need to prove I’m not a liar,” he said, startling me.

I turned around about to ask about which thing when I saw he was completely naked. I gasped, “What are you doing?”

“I’m always naked in my dorm room,” he shrugged.

“Well get dressed,” I demanded, looking at his body which was undoubtedly the best I’d ever seen.

“The deal didn’t say anything about what I would or wouldn’t be wearing,” he pointed out.

“Deal’s off,” I said, not willing to spend an hour in the presence of a naked boyfriend of my best friend.

“Okay,” he shrugged. “How much do you think Brittany will scream when I slide this,” he continued, grabbing his semi-erect cock with his hand, “in her ass?”

“Why are you such a big dick?” I asked, trying to avoid looking at his massive trunk, before realizing I had added the word ‘big’ before dick. I prayed he hadn’t noticed. Of course, he had.

“Because I have a big dick, a real big black dick,” he said, slowly stroking his cock.

“I know you’re black Chuck, you don’t have to remind me,” I said.

“Is that the problem?” He asked.


“That you’re a racist.”

“I’m not a racist. I hate all smug, sexist men evenly, regardless of race,” I countered.

“Have you ever been with a black man?”

“That’s none of your business,” I said and requested, “And for the love of God would you stop stroking your dick.”

“I’m just using what the Good Lord was generous enough to give me.”

“I’m happy with what God gave me too, but you don’t see me fingering myself or playing with my tits,” I sarcastically retorted, the conversation already bordering on the absurd.

“Not yet,” he said smugly, still stroking his now completely hard dick. No doubt about it, that cock would tear tiny Brittany in half.

“Not ever,” I countered, before adding, “And if you want to stay naked go ahead. I’m pretty sure I can resist the temptation.”

“That is the bet,” he nodded, turning around and going to his home theatre system.

‘Fuck! Even his ass is perfect,’ I thought to myself, before cursing myself for thinking that.

He turned the television on and said, “I thought I should show you this to prove I wasn’t lying.”

“About what?” I asked, as a video started and he sat back down.

I instantly recognized the room where the video was. It was the lecture hall where Professor Waterson, my feminist professor, lectured from.

He said, “I wish I would have filmed the first time I fucked her, but I didn’t expect her to submit so quickly.”

I didn’t respond as my eyes were transfixed on the video as Professor Waterson was at the podium looking nervous.

“Ready, Professor?” Chuck asked, out of camera view.

“We can’t do this,” Professor Waterson said, a clear look of worry on her face.

“Can’t do what?” Chuck asked, sauntering into view.

“You know,” she said, avoiding eye contact with him. It was strange to see the woman I respected the most looking so vulnerable, so weak… just like I had seen my mom so many times.

“No, you’re the educated professor, explain it to me,” Chuck said, now standing on the other side of the podium in shorts and his football jersey which really showcased his muscles (damn it girl, stop thinking of him like that).

“What we did was wrong,” she said, finally looking up and into his eyes.

“How so?”

“You’re a student.”

“And you’re a pretentious white bitch who needed to be taught her place is on her knees with a cock in her,” he said, before adding, “maybe I am the teacher here.”

I couldn’t believe Professor Waterson was allowing him to talk to her this way.

“Do not be so crude,” she protested, although it was obvious she was uncomfortable and nervous.

“Stop being a prude,” he said. “I thought we cleared up who was in charge last time when you begged me to fuck your ass in front of your teacher aid.”

“Oh God, please stop,” she said, her face going beet red.

I noticed she didn’t deny she had taken his dick in the ass which only added to the utter shock I was in…for a variety of reasons: he obviously wasn’t lying, the professor I admired couldn’t live up to the morals and codes she preached to us and somehow she took his dick in her ass.

“Is your white cunt wet, Professor?” He asked, moving around the podium.

“Please, stop,” she protested, so weakly and quietly, I wasn’t even positive that was what she said.

“Tell you what, Professor. If your white fuck hole is dry, I will walk out of here right now,” he said.

Professor’s whole body language answered that her pussy wasn’t dry.

“On the other hand, if it’s wet, likely soaking your panties, I’m going to fuck you right here, right now. So are your panties soaked, Professor?”

She shook her head no.

“Really?” He asked, genuinely surprised.

“I’m not wearing any,” she admitted.

Chuck roared, both on the video and on the couch. This broke me out of my trance as I demanded, “Turn this off.”

“I’ll give you the same deal,” Chuck said.

“What deal?”

“If your white, tight box is completely dry right now you win the bet and can leave now,” he confidently said.

Although I could feel a dampness in my panties, the scene for some inexplicable reason turning me on, I asked, “That’s it?”

“That’s it,” he nodded, his cock standing straight up as if saluting me.

“I’m not wet,” I lied.

“Show me,” he said, not believing me.

“I’m not showing you my vagina,” I said.

“I’ve shown you my cock,” he countered.

“I sure as hell didn’t ask you to.”

“I’ve seen dozens of pussies,” he said, before adding, “Christ, I’ve seen hundreds, I doubt yours is anything I haven’t seen.”

“I’m not showing you mine.”

“Because it’s wet,” he said

“No, it’s not,” I said, hating he was right and hating how confident he was.

“Then show me.”

“I’ll just last the hour.”

“Your choice, wet box,” he said.

“And stop using derogatory names for female body parts,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“I’ve learned white women love being called names,” he said.

“Sluts do.”

“Brittany loves it.”

“She’s just not,” I stopped mid-sentence.

“Not what?” He asked, knowing what I was about to say.

“She’s naive.”

“Trust me, the way she bobbed on my cock like it was chocolate, well it is chocolate I suppose, she didn’t seem too naive.”

“She’s insecure,” I said, trying to avoid the reality that she was not smart enough to see through his suave bull shit (can bull shit be suave?).

“She’s like all white women.”

“So every white woman is now the same?”

“Yep, when it comes to big black cock they are,” he nodded. He pointed to the television, “look at Professor Waterson bob on my dick. And is there any woman you know more prim and proper than her?”

“No,” I whispered, as I turned my gaze back to the television and my mouth stopped open as Professor Waterson was on her knees, bobbing on his cock like she was a sorority slut. “Holy shit,” I said, to no one in particular.

“Holy shit, your professor is a dirty cock sucking whore or holy shit my dick is amazing?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s all your cock,” I sarcastically quipped, even though my body was beginning to betray me. My pussy was on fire and as I looked at my watch I realized I still had 44 minutes. Had I only been here sixteen minutes? Well, over a quarter done, I supposed.

“Watch this,” he said.

For some reason I did and watched as he pulled his cock out and stroked his cock as he prepared to coat Professor Waterson face with his cum.

“Gross,” I said, something I would never allow any man to do. It was so derogatory. It was just another man made fantasy

“Listen,” he said.

“Do you want my cum all over your face, professor?”

“Yes,” she nodded, looking completely hungry and in lust.

“But isn’t getting a facial a symbol of a male built hierarchy meant to keep men on top and women on the bottom?” Chuck asked as he tapped his dick on her face.

“Those rules are only true for white men,” professor replied, taking the cock back into her mouth.

“What are the black cock rules then?” Chuck questioned, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

She didn’t hesitate, no longer sounding like a feminist professor but more like a slutty porn star making a film, “White women are born to be three-hole fuck sluts for big nigger cock.”

“You want to be a nigger cum bucket, professor?”

“I am your cum bucket, now shoot your dominant seed all over your white slut’s face before you slam that nigger snake in my cunt or ass,” professor said, in complete insatiable lust.

Seconds later she received the cum she demanded as her entire face was coated with cum.

“Disgusting,” I said, even as I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” he said.


“Never say never,” he countered, as he said, “come sit beside me.”

“I’d rather stand.”

“Come here, Claudia,” he said. “I promise I won’t touch you without permission.”

“You promise?” I asked, the idea of sitting down a good one, my legs kinda sore and numb.

“Unless you think you can’t control yourself,” he said, his smug smile back.

I laughed, as I went to sit down beside him, “I am always in control.”

As I sat down I couldn’t help but feel leery, I mean I wasn’t going to give into this asshole, but I was incredibly horny and his cock and body were incredible impressive.

“This part gets a little crazy,” he said, as he was now really fucking Professor Waterson from behind. Instantly I pondered, how he was still hard after already coming all over her face just a minute earlier.

I again returned to watch the video, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“How much do you love my cock, slut?” He asked, as he really slammed into her hard.

Watching him really fuck her, I wondered what being pounded that hard would feel like. The guys I fucked had never bent me over and pounded me like that… likely because they knew I would have ripped their nuts off and I usually took charge and rode them.

“I fucking love it,” Professor answered, her breathing increasing and her moans loud.

“Love what?”

“Your big black dick slamming into my slutty white box.”

“But you teach a course in feminism,” he pointed out.

“I’m a feminist to white men, but for black cock I’m just a white bimbo whore willing to do anything.”

“Anything?” He asked, stopping with his cock buried deep in her.

“Don’t stop,” she whined.

I was in awe of the desperation in her voice and facial expression.

“Please keep fucking your slut with that big nigger cock,” Professor pleaded sounding so nasty.

Hearing Professor Waterson use the word ‘nigger’ just added to the surreal sight I was witnessing.

“I want something from you,” he said, not moving, seeming to know he had her completely at his whim.

I glanced at his hard cock, which he was stroking ever so slowly. I just as quickly looked away sensing I was beginning to be drawn into his sick, twisted game.

“Anything, I’ll do anything, just please fuck me. I’m so close,” she declared, the lust in her eyes undeniable. It was a look I’d never seen before.

“I want you to seduce one of your female students in your feminist studies class and bring her to me,” he said.

“Please, not that,” she pleaded.

He pulled out of her and said, “Fine, I’ll go fuck Dean Carter.”

“You’ve done the dean too?” I asked.

“Very few can resist,” he shrugged.

I missed whatever the Professor said and demanded, “Rewind it.”

He chuckled softly as I realized I had requested he rewind a porn movie starring him.

He did, though, and I was so captivated by what I was witnessing, even though I knew I shouldn’t watch it, that I resumed watching.

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it,” the professor repeated with a desperation that I couldn’t fathom ever feeling.

“You’ll make a student in your feminist studies class eat your pussy and then bring her to me to fuck?” He questioned, as he slid his cock back inside my wanton professor.

“Yes, dammit,” Professor Waterson screamed loudly, “I’ll make one of my freshman a cunt licking slave and then bring her to you to use as you wish.”

I couldn’t believe it.

“Do you often seduce your freshmen idealists?” He asked.

“All the time,” she admitted, “they always want to please me, to support the cause and it’s easy to convince them that lesbian sex is one way to claim their femininity and to be close to me.”

“What would they say if they saw you getting fucked in the ass leaning over your podium?” he questioned, as he pulled out and slammed into her ass.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed with what looked like a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I said, “That can’t feel good.”

“I’m told it’s a very different, but equally pleasurable way to get off, although it takes some time to get used to,” he said, all normal as if giving me sex advice.

“Another thing I will never do,” I said, glancing at his erect cock again and wondering how it could even possibly fit.

“Most girls say that at first,” he said.

I ignored him again as I was transfixed on the shocking action on the television.

I missed whatever her answer was to the last question, but heard instead, “Oh yes, ream my asshole with that dominant fuck stick.”

Hearing my feminist teacher talk like a slut was both shocking and yet turning me on. My pussy was literally on fire unlike I’d ever felt before.

“Go ahead,” he said, “touch yourself if you want.”

I wanted to, but there was no way I was going to do that in front of him. I couldn’t show any weakness. “You think this is turning me on?” I asked.

“The red flustered cheeks, the look in your eyes, your antsy body movement and the fact you can’t stop watching says yeah.”

“I’m just trying to keep myself entertained as I last out the time,” I looked at my watch, still 32 minutes, holy fuck, “thirty-two minutes of this weird game you are playing.”

“I promise I won’t touch you without permission,” he said.

“Right, boy scout’s honour,” I sarcastically retorted.

“Exactly,” he nodded, before adding, “I never touch a woman without her asking and wanting it. I don’t have to.”

Professor screamed, “I’m coming!”

“Did she just come from getting ass fucked?” I asked incredulously.

“Most women do,” he shrugged.

“Most sluts do,” I corrected.

“Are you calling your professor a slut?”

“I guess I am,” I nodded, as I watched her spin around, drop to her knees and devour his cock… his cock that was just in her butt. Disgusting!!!

“I guess you’re right, not all women will suck my cock once it was in their shit hole but professor Waterson didn’t even hesitate. She does suck a mean cock.”

“Good for her,” I sardonically said, even as I watched her bob up and down. I couldn’t help it, I wondered how much of his cock I could actually take. No way all ten of those thick inches could fit inside me.

“And good for me,” he said.

On screen he said, “Yes, clean my cock so I can bury it back in your cunt, Professor.”

Chuck stood up and said, “I fuck her a few more minutes before shooting a second load on her face.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“It’s been proven that cum is good for a woman’s complexion.”

“More male created bull shit,” I countered.

He stopped the movie and after a moment a new one came on.

“Do you videotape everyone you fuck?” I asked, as I recognized this room.

“No, no,” he said, “just a few special ones.”

“There are no cameras on now are there?” I asked, suddenly concerned even though I hadn’t done anything, sitting beside my best friend’s naked boyfriend wouldn’t look good.

He shook his head no, “Scout’s honour.”

“Sarah?” I gasped, as the red headed freshman from my class walked into the room in her cheerleader outfit with Professor Waterson.

“Yeah, I thought it was a good choice,” he nodded, as he walked in front of me and asked, his cock now inches from my face, “Hungry?”

“Starving,” I said, leaning forward as if I was going to take it in his mouth and then said, “For real meat.”

He laughed, as he sat back down beside me, “You’re good.”

“So I’ve been told,” I quipped back smugly.

“Knees, slut,” Professor Waterson ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sarah obeyed, instantly dropping to her knees.

I couldn’t believe it was Sarah. Yes, she was a cheerleader. Yes, she was a beautiful redheaded, green eyed girl with long legs and big tits, but she also defended herself when questioned by classmates about being a cheerleader and succumbing to one of the most stereotypical male fantasies there is.

“Crawl,” Professor Waterson ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Sarah obeyed, as it suddenly occurred to me that this meant Sarah had eaten Professor’s pussy. It was also shocking to see Sarah looking so obedient.

Chuck came into view and was already naked on his couch.

“Do you ever wear clothes?” I asked, glancing again to his chiselled body and big black dick (dammit stop thinking of his dick as ‘big’ and ‘black’. It’s just a dick).

“To bed,” he said.

“You stay naked all day, but wear pajamas to bed?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah, it feels weird being naked when I sleep,” he said.

“But this isn’t weird?” I asked.

“Not for me,” he answered stroking his cock.

This time, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as he stroked it. Maybe it was watching the porn movie, maybe it was six months without sex or maybe it was his impressive dick… but I was really having to work at not reaching for it.

“Go ahead, Claudia, just stroke it for me,” he offered.

“What? God, no,” I said, breaking my eyes away from it.

“It’s tempting, I know,” he said.

“Groping my tits would be tempting too if I flaunted them in front of you,” I countered.

“Challenge accepted,” he said.


“Take your baggy sweatshirt off and your bra and I guarantee I won’t touch them.”

I have huge tits. Way bigger than I should for my body at 34DD. “That hasn’t been my experience in the past.”

“Test me,” he said.

“And if you touch them even once, I win the bet?” I asked.

“Yes, if I touch them before you touch me,” he nodded.

I knew this was getting risky and inappropriate, I also knew that if Brittany ever found out our friendship would be over (even though I was doing this for her it would be hard to defend being topless in her boyfriend’s dorm room. But I figured this could speed up my victory and based on how wet my panties were I needed to do something.

“You’re on,” I agreed, as I lifted my sweater over my head. I then hesitated, feeling his eyes staring at me, as I glanced to the television.

Sarah was sucking Chuck’s dick and Professor Waterson was having her rather large tits being sucked on by him.

“Your tits are even bigger than the Professor’s,” Chuck complimented.

As I stared at Sarah bobbing on his cock, the video a lot closer up than the earlier Professor video, some wetness gushed into my panties and I let out an accidental moan.

“You want to be Sarah, don’t you, Claudia?” he asked.

“A cheerleader?” I asked, avoiding the obvious implication he was making.

“A cock sucking, black cock pussy taking cheerleader, yes,” he corrected.

“Oh God, yes, yes,” I said, standing up and moving in front of him. “Hearing you talk so dirty to me and putting me in my place has finally convinced me I must have your cock,” I purred, sounding like a slut.

“Take off your skirt,” he ordered.

“Yes, baby,” I purred, trying to draw him in, trying to get him to touch me first. I slid out of my skirt to reveal I was in thigh highs and a thong, both things that Brittany had got me to start wearing. And although they were secret acts of sexuality, it made me feel sexy to know underneath my conservative clothing I was showcasing my pretty damn good body (if I do say so myself).

“Thigh highs and a garter,” he approved. “Obviously Brittany has taken you shopping.”

My ass was directly in front of him as I asked, “Do you like?”

“Very much,” he nodded, checking me out like the pig he was.

“Go ahead and grab my ass,” I offered, wanting him to lose by his own weakness.

“Sit on my lap,” he countered.

I sighed to myself. He’s not as dumb as I hoped.

“Go ahead and slide that big black cock in me,” I purred, willing to push the envelope if it meant I won.

“Take off your thong and bra,” he ordered.

Thinking I was going to tempt him to touch me first, thus losing the bet, I turned around and seductively unclasped my bra and tossed it to him.

“Like?” I asked, bending over him and cupping them.

“They are a great pair of white knockers,” he nodded. Usually, as soon as my tits were offered, the guys mauled them. But Charles showed impressive restraint.

I leaned back up and slowly slid my panties down, making sure my pussy was eye level with the sitting pervert. I had to make myself irresistible to him, make it impossible to resist me.

“Shaved snatch, very nice,” he nodded approvingly as he stared at my pussy.

“Want to taste?” I asked, patting my pussy lips for him, knowing what I was doing was so wrong, so demeaning and yet a necessary ends to a means.

“I don’t eat pussy. I fuck pussy,” he said.

“Figures,” I said.


“A man who is only in it for himself and not the pleasure of the woman,” I said, now standing in front of him completely naked except for my thigh high stockings.

“Trust me, I make my women very, very happy. Look,” he said, pointing to the screen.

I turned around and obviously had missed a fair amount. Both Sarah and Professor Waterson were on the couch, on their knees, their asses up.

“Ready, my cheerleader slut?” He asked.

“I don’t think you’ll fit,” Sarah said, her eyes big with a mixture of lust and worry.

“Just relax,” Professor Waterson said in a motherly tone, which only made what I was witnessing more surreal.

“Watch the look on her face when I penetrate her cunt,” Chuck said to me just as he slammed into Sarah.

“Oh my God!” Sarah screamed with a euphoria you couldn’t fake, her facial expression equally enthralling long.

“Oh yeah, no one can fake that,” Chuck purred from behind me.

More wetness leaked out of me as I watched the undeniable pleasure Sarah was experiencing.

Suddenly, my knees gave out and I fell back onto Chuck, his hard cock poking into my back. I quickly got off him and stammered, “T-t-that was an accident.”

He nodded, “I know.”

“So it doesn’t count,” I clarified.

“No,” he nodded. “You have to willingly put this in you.”

“Good, as long as we have that clear,” I said, sitting back down, my cheeks red and the feeling of his hard cock that had briefly poked my back lingering in my head.

“You could have fallen at a different angle and you would have been impaled,” he joked.

I laughed, the situation turning silly, “Agreed. My body isn’t made for such an insertion like that.”

“Oh, you’d be surprised how much your body can take,” he said, as he pointed back to the screen.

I returned my eyes to the television.

“Oh God, so fucking good,” Sarah moaned, as she bounced back on Chuck’s cock, easily taking the entire massive dick inside her small body.

“Wow!” I said, in awe of how his cock could make sweet, demure, feminists turn into raging cock hungry sluts. I again glanced at his cock, this time wondering what it would feel like to have it in me. I shook my head at this thought, knowing that I was not only doing this to protect sweet Brittany but also as a statement for feminists everywhere.

“My turn,” Professor Waterson whined.

“As you wish,” Chuck agreed, pulling out of Sarah and moving to the Professor.

“Nooooo,” Sarah complained, “keep fucking me.”

“Shut up, slut,” the Professor ordered, just as her pussy was filled with black cock.

Sarah obeyed, a look of complete shock on her face.

“I think I’ve seen enough,” I said, my pussy burning to have that done to me.

“The best part is happening soon,” he said, fast-forwarding it a couple of minutes.

When he resumed play, both the Professor and Sarah were in the same position as before and both were begging for his cock.

“I only have a few minutes before I have to go to practice, sluts,” Chuck said. “So who wants me to fuck them until I cum?”

“I do,” they both answered.

Sarah begged, “Please, fuck me with that massive dick.”

“Slam my asshole with your nigger cock, baby,” the professor retorted, sounding so nasty.

“I can bring you more cheerleaders for you to fuck,” Sarah offered.

“I’ll bring you more feminist freshman to devour with that huge nigger dick,” the Professor countered.

“I’ll bring my entire team to you and have them all serve you,” Sarah continued, her desperation to have that cock back in her overwhelming her reason.

“Shut up, you insipid bimbo. You’re my slut,” Professor Waterson ordered.

“I can’t believe how nasty Professor Waterson is,” I said.

“Women will do anything for black cock,” Chuck replied, not condescendingly, but rather matter-of-factly. Watching these two beg for his cock, it seemed hard to argue. I again glanced at his cock. I glanced at the clock. I had eighteen minutes left. I couldn’t believe how slow time was moving.

“Not all women,” I countered.

“We’ll see,” he said.

“You really don’t give up, do you?” I asked.

“I know what I know,” he shrugged.

“Have you done this before?”


“The one hour challenge?”

“Actually, no,” he admitted. “It was kind of a spur of the moment idea.”


“Yeah,” he shrugged, as he stood up and in front of me, his hard dick now inches from my mouth.

“Does shoving your dick in front of a girl usually make her your slut?” I asked, trying not to show that he was having an impact on me.

“Most of the time,” he nodded.

“And when it doesn’t?”

“Be honest,” he said, ignoring the question. “You want my cock, don’t you?”

I shrugged, “Not really.”

“That isn’t a no,” he pointed out.

“It also isn’t a yes.”

“Want to change the bet?”

“Getting desperate?”

“No, just thinking that I could solve your problem,” he said.

“What problem is that?”

“The wetness leaking down your leg,” he pointed out.

I looked down and realized that not only was my wetness obvious, my legs were also wide open as if offering myself to him.

I shrugged, “What can I say? I like porn.”

“Big black cock porn?”

“Just porn,” I said.

“Both of you on your knees,” Chuck ordered.

“Want to see two feminists become cum hungry sluts?” he asked, sitting back down.

“Sure,” I nodded, wanting to get his dick out of my face.

He moved away and I watched as both women dropped to their knees and opened their mouths as Chuck furiously pumped his dick.

Seconds later he splattered both their faces with an excessive load of cum, and once done the two woman instantly started kissing.

“So what is the new bet?” I asked, horny as hell.

“I fuck you.”

“Then I would lose.”

“And whoever comes first loses,” he added.

“But I only have to last ten more minutes resisting you,” I pointed out.

He stroked his cock directly in front of me and said, “But you want my cock. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Yes, I want to straddle your cock and have you slam your dick in me,” I replied, using a sarcastic tone even though, truth be told, I really wanted it in me. I glanced to the clock: eight minutes.

“I see past you, Claudia,” he said.

“Yes, because I’m like every other white girl, right?”

“No, you’re definitely not like every other girl,” he said.

“Happy you see that,” I said.

“But let’s not pretend you’re an ice queen either.”

“I never said I was.”

“And let’s not pretend that you’re not attracted to me.”

“You’re a very handsome man,” I said, just trying to keep the conversation going as long as I could.


“And you’re a beautiful girl with a great pair of tits,” he complimented.

“So we are two good looking people who are not having sex,” I said.


“You really can’t accept that I don’t want to have sex with you, can you?” I asked.

“You can’t really accept that you do want this black cock in your white cunt,” he countered.

“Oh God, you’re so fucking hilarious,” I said. “Even if I did briefly want to fuck you, stupid racist shit like that dries me up instantly.”

“So your cunt is dry right now.”

“Like the Sahara desert.”

“Can I touch it and see if you are telling the truth?”

“Go ahead,” I said, his pretentious personality again disgusting me… after I briefly got distracted by his big cock.

He stood up and surprised me as he moved his cock to my pussy lips and rubbed them.

“What are you doing?” I gasped with a loud moan, pushing him away.

“You gave me permission to touch your pussy,” he said.

“With your finger,” I protested.

“You didn’t clarify that,” he said.

“Just your finger,” I stressed, my pussy again burning.

“I bet you couldn’t last the last few minutes with my cock touching those pussy lips,” he said.

I replied before I could thought about it. “You could slide the dick all the way in me and I wouldn’t even moan.”

“Is that the bet?” he asked.

I realized I had opened my mouth way too much. Yet, this would prove it once and for all. I shrugged, “Sure, slam that cock in me and when I don’t moan, I win.”

“Twenty strokes,” he bargained.

“Three,” I countered.




“Eight,” I said, bewildered that I was actually bartering how many strokes I was going to allow him to have inside me.


“Fine,” I said, meeting him halfway, worried that I had got myself in too deep. Yet, really curious to feel what ten inches, regardless of race, felt like inside me.

“Get on all fours like the other feminist sluts,” he ordered.

“I didn’t bargain positions,” I said.

“Now,” he demanded.

“Whatever,” I shrugged, definitely turned on by his firm demeanour, but trying to act like he wasn’t winning. Fuck… he was winning.

I got into the position he instructed, trying to focus on not moaning… on not enjoying it… on winning.

He moved behind me and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy lips. Not wanting to be teased, that would only enhance the pleasure, I demanded, “Just shove that dick in me and get this over with.”

“You want my big black cock in you?” he asked.

“Yes, dammit, slide that big black cock in my white cunt,” I demanded, willing to say whatever he wanted to get this over with.

He slammed his cock into me hard and I bit my lip to hold in the moan that was dying to escape my lips. The pleasure was way more intense than I could have imagined as his cock completely filled me in ways I couldn’t have ever fathomed both in length and width.

As he remained buried deep in me, I got all cocky having controlled the first thrust. I asked, “Is that all you got?”

He laughed, as I quickly bit my lip in preparation, “You really are a piece of work.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Still in denial even with ten inches of black meat buried deep in you.”

“I can barely tell,” I quipped back, trying to goad him on. I wanted to feel him fuck me. I wanted to feel the pleasure and yet also control the rapture.

“Want to change the bet one more time?” he asked, his dick still lodged deep in my pussy.

“Don’t think you can make me moan?” I asked smugly as I looked back at him.

He laughed and gave me five quick hard surprising pumps.

“Oooooooh,” I moaned, out of both surprise and pleasure. I quickly protested, “That doesn’t count.”

“There were no rules.”

“I need to warn you before I pound your cunt with my big black cock?” he asked.

“Yes,” I nodded, knowing I just lost and trying to find a way to still win.

“Okay,” he agreed, which surprised me. “Tell you what. I’m going to fuck that white pussy like it has never been fucked before. But if I come before you, you win.”

Realizing this meant I hadn’t actually lost yet, I agreed with a laugh knowing I don’t come from having a dick in me, “Game on.”

“Why are you laughing?”

“I don’t come from getting fucked,” I revealed.

“That’ll change once I’m through with you. I’m going to turn you into another white cum slut for black cock,” he declared as he began fucking me. And unlike the white boys who made love to me or I rode, this time I was really fucked.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt, especially how much I liked it rough and I moaned, “Is that all you got?”

He laughed, as he began slamming into me faster, “Another insatiable white fuck toy is created.”

I briefly forgot why I was here: to save Brittany.

I briefly forgot that I hated the sexist pig.

I briefly forgot I was a feminist.

As he pounded me hard, I felt my orgasm rising… quickly. Shit, I thought to myself as I worried that maybe I could come from sex.

“Shoot your load in my white cunt,” I moaned, trying to get him to come before I did.

“You want my nigger cum filling your white cunt?” he questioned, as he grabbed my hips and kept slamming into me.

At the moment, I was willing to do anything to have him come before me, knowing I was near the brink, “Yes, cream my cunt with your nigger cum.”

“Beg bitch,” he said, suddenly stopping his hardcore fucking.

I didn’t even hesitate, desperate to come, desperate to feel his big hard cock fucking me again. “Oh God, keep fucking your white slut with that big black fuck stick.”

“But I thought you were a feminist?”

Copying Professor Waterson, I declared, “Only for tiny white dicks.”

He laughed, as he resumed pounding me, “All you feminists are the same.”

I hated the generalization he was making, yet it was hard to argue as I gave in completely to his confident swagger and his big dick. I didn’t respond as I closed my eyes, accepting, as my orgasm was near the brink, I was about to lose.

“Come for me, you nigger loving feminist fuck toy bimbo cum slut,” he listed.

I hated every word he was saying, but somehow it was the final straw that broke the camel’s back as I screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, damn you,” as the most intense, amazing, life-changing orgasm hit me.

“Another feminist falls,” he declared, as he kept fucking me throughout my never ending orgasm. “With two minutes to spare,” he added, as he kept fucking me.

Shame coursed through me at the reality I gave into a man, a sexist man.

Shame coursed through me as I just willingly fucked my best friend’s boyfriend.

Shame coursed through me as I couldn’t live the feminist morals I spewed over and over.

Yet, as he kept fucking me, a second orgasm began to rise. I couldn’t have multiple orgasms.

“Ready for orgasm number two, bimbo?” he asked.

“Yesss,” I replied to the derogatory name, the pleasure overwhelming me.

“Tell me what you are,” he ordered.

I hated saying the words, but at the time what I said was what I was. “I’m your white bimbo for black cock.”

“Good slut,” he said, likely with a big smirk on his face.

He kept fucking me hard for a few minutes as my second orgasm rose and then hit me, my entire body being usurped of energy, my head light like a bimbo.

“Ready for my cum, slut?” he asked, as my second orgasm ripped through me.

“Yes,” I weakly said.

“Knees, slut,” he ordered.

I knew then he planned to give me a facial. But I realized that was better than allowing my unprotected womb to be filled with black cum, so as he pulled out of my leaking cunt, I turned around, dropped to my knees in the humiliating submissive position and opened my mouth.

He slid his cock between my lips and said, “Let’s see what you look like with nigger cock in your mouth.”

As soon as his hard cock was in my mouth, coated with my own cum, I began instinctively bobbing like the bimbo slut he had turned me into. I needed to get him off, to taste his cum and to end this surreal, humiliating situation… guilt hitting me hard as my second orgasm began to fade.

“Oh yeah, you’re a natural cocksucker,” he groaned, before adding, “like all the pretentious feminists.”

I couldn’t respond since I had his cock in my mouth and refuting his words was tough since I had just willing let him fuck the shit out of me.

“Ready to be marked?” he asked as he pulled his cock out of my mouth after a couple of minutes of cock sucking.

I didn’t answer, but opened my mouth for the facial I knew was coming.

“Answer me, slut,” he demanded.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Yes, what, bimbo bitch?”

“Yes, I want you to mark me with your cum,” I answered, too weak to fight and just needing this to end.

“As you wish,” he grunted, and splattered my face with an abundance of surprisingly hot cum. Rope after rope hit me, seeming to coat my entire face.

As he slid his cock back in my mouth, I began bobbing, retrieving any last remnants of his cum as I heard another voice.

“What the hell is going on here?” Brittany asked.

I went to move, but Chuck grabbed my head and held me in place as he began to slowly fuck my face.

“Is that Claudia?” Brittany asked.

“Yeah,” Chuck said, letting go of my head.

I turned to see her, my face coated in her boyfriend’s cum and apologized, “I’m so sorry, Brittany.”

“For what?” she asked glaring at me. “Fucking my boyfriend or being a pretentious bitch?”

“Both,” I answered, my cheeks burning in shame.

Chuck ordered, surprising me, “Get back in the same position, bimbo.”

“Chuck,” I began.

“Now, slut,” he ordered. “It’s time to show your best friend who owns your cunt.”

“Please, Chuck,” I pleaded, moving back into the same position he had fucked me to two orgasms in, mortified and yet unable to disobey him.

“You’re going to let him fuck you in front of me?” Brittany asked, aghast.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized again, my body overruling my mind. I wanted his cock back in me at all costs.

Chuck slid his cock back in me and I moaned loudly as Brittany moved to the couch, sat on the top, her legs straddling me as her boyfriend resumed fucking me.

She lifted up her skirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties and ordered, “Get licking, slut.”

“What?” I asked surprised.

But before I could say anything else, she grabbed my head and shoved it into her wet pussy.

Dazed, confused, horny and bewildered, I began licking.

“That’s it, slut, I’ve wanted you licking my box for a while,” she moaned.

‘A while?’ I thought to myself as I licked the surprisingly tasty pussy.

She continued, “You see Claudia, you came here to save me from becoming a bimbo slut to black cock, but in reality I sent you here to become a bimbo for black cock.”

My head spun with her words. She planned this?

“Well, and my own personal pussy muncher,” she added.

I couldn’t process her words while licking her pussy and getting fucked from behind. But although I couldn’t understand how or why, Brittany had been a part of this.

As if reading my mind, she explained, “You see, Claudia, today wasn’t Chuck’s idea, it was, like, mine. I mean he sure as hell didn’t protest, but this was all orchestrated by me.”

When she let go of my head, I looked up and asked, “Why?”

“Because I hated the way you treated me like some dumb blonde bimbo. You know I actually have, like, a 144 IQ,” she revealed.

I was stunned and literally speechless. I had no answer as Brittany ordered, “Take her ass, Chuck.”

“What? Please, no,” I pleaded, not remotely interested in getting ass fucked.

“Shut up, slut and get back to your new daily task: munching pussy,” she ordered, grabbing my head and shoving it back between her legs.

I felt his cock leave me and as I licked tentatively I felt warm lube poured on my ass cheeks and then a finger probing my asshole.

“This will hurt… a lot… at first, Claudia,” Brittany warned, as I felt him get back behind me and rub his long, thick cock up and down my lubricated ass cheeks.

I closed my eyes and prepared for the pain.

Then he pushed.

“Fuuuuck,” I screamed, my screams of pain muffled by Brittany’s pussy.

The pain was intense and humiliation burned to my very core.

“Shit, she is the tightest white bitch yet, baby,” Chuck groaned.

“Tighter than Beth?” she asked.

“Yeah, although you did prep Beth with your strap-on first,” Chuck answered.

Beth? She was our partner for a presentation last month. Were the two of them seducing all the girls in the class?

Brittany, as if reading my mind, explained, “Chuck and I plan to seduce, fuck and make white bimbos of every member of the freshman class in Professor Waterson’s class.”

“Then we go for the seniors,” Chuck added.

“One goal at a time,” Brittany giggled. “The guy is too ambitious.”

His cock kept going deeper into my no entry zone, each slow push forward creating new pain and yet a strange feeling of pleasure I couldn’t explain.

“All in,” he declared a moment later.

“Give her asshole a second to get used to your thick dick,” Brittany said, before explaining, “and now that we have turned the biggest feminist in the class into a cunt munching, black cock three hole taking, submissive bimbo, the rest should be easy.”

I lifted my head up and pleaded, “Brittany, this is wrong.”

“What is?” he asked.

“Making the women’s movement regress,” I said.

“But you did that! You could have saved me, saved the feminist movement in the school. If you would have lasted one measly hour without becoming a complete whore Chuck would have kept his word and left you alone. But you couldn’t, could you? You were tantalized by his cock, like a bimbo. You got undressed on your own accord in your best friend’s boyfriend’s dorm room on your own accord. You flaunted your body of your own accord. You willingly agreed to bend over and take his cock in that ignored cunt of yours for ten strokes. You then make a ludicrous deal to get royally fucked on the lame notion that you wouldn’t come. You did this to yourself,” Brittany said.

And as much as I wanted to disagree with her assessment, the reality was everything she said was true.

“Got nothing to say?” she asked. “No feminist response?”

“I’m sorry,” was all I could muster.

“So declare that you are a slut for black cock,” she demanded.

I obeyed, “I’m a slut for black cock.”

“You’re a three hole fuck toy for all black men.”

“Um, I….”

“Say it, bitch.”

“I’m a three hole fuck toy for all black men,” I quickly declared.

“And a pussy munching whore,” she added.

“What?” I asked.

“Fucking say it,” she demanded.

“I’m your pussy munching slave,” I said.

“Give her her reward, baby,” Brittany ordered.

“With pleasure,” Chuck agreed, as he started to slowly fuck my ass.

“Oh God, fuck,” I moaned.

“I plan to take you to the all-black frat house for a night, maybe even get you a black baby,” Brittany revealed.

“Shit, God, no, fuck,” I babbled.

“Who’s the dumb one now?” she laughed, as I couldn’t even complete a coherent thought.

My cheeks burned from shame, pain and pleasure, the mixture of contradictory feelings overwhelming me.

Brittany grabbed my head again and I licked her pussy while getting ass fucked.

Eventually, Brittany came all over my face and I lapped up her sweet pussy juices eagerly.

“Oh yes, you’re a natural pussy licker,” Brittany moaned, as she ground her pussy on my face.

Eventually, the pain faded completely and a unique pleasure washed through me.

Eventually, I had my third orgasm of the day, this one from getting ass fucked.

Eventually, he deposited his second load of the day in me… this time filling my ass with his cum.

Brittany added, as he unloaded in my bowels, “He only comes in my cunt. But don’t worry, Claudia, I plan to allow you to get lots of black cum in that underused white box.”

As Chuck pulled out of me, cum leaking out of my ass which only added to my complete humiliation, he asked, “So who is next?”

“Actually, this weekend is parents’ weekend,” Brittany said.

My eyes instantly went big.

Britany smiled, “Your mother is coming, isn’t she?”

“Yes,” I answered, realizing in a heartbeat how I had just become my mother.

“She sure as hell will be once I’m done with her,” Chuck quipped.

Brittany got off the couch and went and kissed Chuck.

Breaking the kiss, Brittany said, “You better hurry slut, you’re already late for class.”

I was so spent I wasn’t sure if I could move as I finally collapsed onto the couch and off my very sore knees.

“Unless you want us to call some of his friends over now?” Brittany asked.

The idea of getting more black cock in me made my pussy gush and before my brain could say no, I answered, “Bring them all.”

Chuck roared, “The last of the true feminists falls.”


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