Fooled by wives

I read this story by on the internet. I hope the writer won’t mind if you read it.

It all started as “girl talk” over a few drinks. Just a normal girl’s night out, leaving the husbands at home. The two of us had been going “out on the town” once a month for the past year.

We are both in our mid thirties, and quite attractive, thanks to our three times a week gym workout. The gym is where we first met. Thankfully we now “work out” together, so if one of us doesn’t feel like going to the gym the other one talks her into it.

Pam is 5’3″, very petite, and has a cute face. My name is Judy. I have long natural blonde hair, an athletic figure, and get a lot of looks when out on the street.

As usual, after the third glass of wine, the conversation got around to sex. We both suspected that each of our husbands had been unfaithful to us on occasion. We didn’t suspect them of having a girlfriend, but since they both traveled in their job, we thought that each of them had an occasional “one night stand”. Neither of us were overly concerned about this, it was just “boys will be boys”.

After additional wine consumption, Pam mentioned that she thought each of us could probably get the others husband into bed without much trouble. At this we started laughing and coming up with bits of scenarios where this could happen. We were both laughing hysterically as each piece of the plan was added, amended, and joked about. It was just “girl talk”, with neither of us taking it seriously.

We ended a very enjoyable evening; both of us expecting a serious hangover the following morning.

For the next two months, at our girl’s night out, the same topic kept coming up. I felt that Pam was discussing it because it got a lot of laughs, and also because of the fantasy excitement of the game. I guess down deep I felt the same way.

After several glasses of wine, and many laughs, Pam blurted out “LETS DO IT!” I sat there in silence for a moment, and then started laughing. I took her up on the dare as I said “OK”. I’m sure that neither of us would have agreed to the plan sober; but now it was like going to the gym. If either of us backed out we felt like we were letting the other one down.

The laughing died down as we agreed to the timing for our plan. It would be scheduled over a whole weekend, so we agreed on four weeks from Friday.

Pam’s husband Jim, and my husband Nick didn’t know each other. Neither had they met the other girl, having only talked briefly on the phone a few times. We agreed to provide each other with photos and descriptions at our next gym meeting.

Pam had been on the internet and found two resorts located side by side in the Bahamas; with quick taxi service between them.

We had been discussing a weekend away for the four of us, with the intention of meeting each others husbands. That plan now changed! We were going to meet each others husbands all right, but not in the way we first planned.

Each couple would book the weekend at a separate resort. On Friday nights the largest resort held a huge dance, usually attended by hundreds of people. We would be sure that both couples attended.

The most important part of the plan was that each of us would tell our husband that the trip included a treatment at the spa, which would last all afternoon on Saturday, and that they were on their own for the afternoon. If Friday night was successful we could continue the rendezvous Saturday, if we wanted to. If Friday night hadn’t worked out, for one or both of us, we could continue our efforts on Saturday.

We agreed to keep in contact with each other as much as possible by cell phone during the trip.

As the date grew closer we were both getting excited, but quite nervous. Although we didn’t discuss it, we were thinking of all that could go wrong.

Both couples were taking the same flight. If the chance arose, we were going to make eye contact with the other husband. This would give a good entrance when we saw him at the Friday night dance…”weren’t you on the flight with me?”

Nick and I arrived at the airport about two hours early. Waiting in the bar for time to board I saw Pam and Jim walk by. I was immediately impressed with him, at about 6’1″ muscular build, and reasonably handsome. Pam noticed us as she passed, and we exchanged quick smiles.

The flight was uneventful. The fasten seat belt sign came off quickly, allowing Pam to pass us on her way to the back lavatory, and me to pass them on my way back from the front lavatory. I saw Pam looking Nick over as they made eye contact. Jim and I did the same. I was sure I would recognize him later, and he would remember me.

While waiting for our luggage I saw Pam and Jim board the shuttle to their resort. Our shuttle came a short time later.

After checking in and going to our room I suggested a nap, wanting us both wide awake for the big dance that night. It had been a long day, so Nick didn’t object, and we dozed and rested for a couple of hours.

When it was time to get ready for the dance I took a long hot bath, while Nick jumped in the shower. I took my time getting ready, putting on my new matching panties and bra under my new black, fashionably short, dress. I noticed that I was taking much longer than usual fixing my hair and putting on make-up; and I could feel the excitement and anticipation for what was to come. I had never done anything remotely like this, and probably never would again.

After eating dinner at the local restaurant we hopped in a cab and headed for the dance.

I knew that I looked good, receiving a lot of confirmation from the men taking a quick glance as we walked through the lobby. I could tell by the attention that I got from Nick that he also noticed.

As we walked into the dance I felt my knees go weak, as anticipation and fear were about to overwhelm me. If I hadn’t seen Pam walk by shortly after we entered I’m sure I would have turned and run. Seeing her gave me some feeling of confidence. Grabbing Nick I led him to the bar, needing something to calm my nerves.

The plan was for Pam and I to mingle with the crowd so our husbands would get used to us being away for extended periods. The timing for each of us to approach the others husband would have to be simultaneous, so neither man would come looking for his wife. While talking to an attractive girl they’d probably hope that their wife stayed away.

Apparently the dance was a huge success. There were people everywhere, all having a good time. Several men politely asked Nick if they could dance with me, and he danced with several of the women.

I noticed Pam standing across the room. She had been waiting for me to see her, and motioned for us to meet. After excusing myself I headed for the women’s room.

Fortunately Pam & I were alone in the women’s room. I gave her a big hug and told her how excited and also how scared I was. She felt exactly the same. She said “its 9:00 pm. At 9:30 we both find a reason to move away, leaving our husbands alone. Jim is across the room sitting at a bar. I know where Nick is.” I nodded approval and after a quick hug we went back to our husbands.

Making sure that Nick’s glass was full at 9:30, I told him I was tired of dancing and was going to the women’s room, and then walk around for awhile. As I walked across the room I smiled at Pam as we passed each other.

Luckily Pam’s seat at the bar next to Jim was still vacant. As I sat down and ordered a drink I noticed a quick glance of approval from Jim. My heart was beating rapidly as I looked at him and said “weren’t we on the same flight this afternoon?”

Jim’s eyes moved over my body in what he thought was a discreet manner, but his face expressed obvious approval. “Yes, I remember you! I never forget a pretty face!”

Jim and I exchanged pleasantries over a drink, and then he asked me to dance. On our way to the dance floor he escorted me with his hand on my back. A feeling of excitement swept over me as I thought about achieving my weekend objective.

The music for the dance was fast, and we both smiled a lot, only occasionally touching briefly. We applauded the band as the music stopped, then turned to go back to the bar. After a few steps a slow romantic song started. Jim took my hand and guided me back to the floor.

We danced at a respectable distance with his hand gently on my back, and mine on his shoulder. After a short time I could feel him pulling me closer, as his hand went further around my waist. Romantic excitement started to build for both of us as we moved around the floor.

I caught a glimpse of Nick across the dance floor, and hoped that he was dancing with Pam, although I felt a twinge of jealousy, knowing she was looking for more than just a dance.

My thoughts of jealousy quickly passed as I was pulled closer, and his hand moved slightly lower. I was now cheek to cheek with him as he moved me around the dance floor. As Jim’s hand moved still lower on my back I moved against him, feeling his manhood start to grow. By the end of the song he no longer held my left hand. Both of my arms were around his neck; his hands were on my butt pressing me against him. I could feel that he was now fully erect. I could also feel my body responding as his leg moved between my legs, massaging my mound.

When the song ended we returned to our seats at the bar, his hand holding mine.

I had to get away long enough to learn of Pam’s progress, so I excused myself for a trip to the women’s room, gently kissing his cheek as I left. When I reached the women’s room I called her. Luckily Nick was getting them another drink, so she answered the vibrating phone. “How is it going” I asked, as I preyed that she was with him, and he hadn’t been watching me dance with Jim. “Fine” she said, “we just finished a dance which included a long kiss, and some intimate touching. How is it going with you?” Just a flash of jealousy crossed my mind, but the excitement was a stronger feeling. “Good, Jim and I danced, with much the same result.

“I think we both answered our initial question about getting the other’s husband in bed easily. The next step will be actually doing it, do you want to continue?” I whispered, both hoping for and fearing a positive response. “I think so, how about you?” Pam replied “That’s what we came here for, let’s do it.”

We talked briefly, and concluded that it would be awkward doing anything tonight. There could be serious concerns about why we were away from our husbands for so long. We decided to each set up a meeting for Saturday, when each husband thought his wife would be at the spa all afternoon.

We agreed to take another half hour to finalize tomorrows meeting. Whatever plans we made, it had to include Pam being at her hotel tomorrow, and me being at my hotel. It wouldn’t do for both of us to show up at the same room. Each husband had to be occupied until 4:00PM, no earlier and no later. We agreed to keep our cell phones close in case something unexpected happened.

As I walked back to the bar Jim was anxiously awaiting my return. Over the next half hour, as his hand freely massaged my leg, I explained that I had to be leaving soon but had tomorrow afternoon free if he was available. We agreed to meet for a late lunch at my hotel. I kissed him, this time on the mouth, and then quickly walked away.

As I cautiously approached Nick’s table, Pam was just standing up, then leaned over and whispered something in his ear before leaving. I waited for several minutes before approaching the table; then leaned down and gave him a kiss.

“I hope you’re having a good time,” I said. I told him that I had been out exploring the hotel grounds. I’m sure he spoke honestly when he said that he had been enjoying himself.

After another drink Nick agreed that it was time to leave. On the drive back to our hotel Nick seemed far away. I knew that he was fantasizing about his date with Pam the next day. I didn’t mind, I had my own fantasies.

The next morning Nick and I got up later than usual; both with a slight hangover from the previous evening. We had a pleasant breakfast, but were both obviously into our own thoughts. Nick nonchalantly questioned me about my spa appointment, and whether it would be for the entire afternoon. I assured him that it would. We walked the beach until 11:30, when I told him I had to shower and go to the spa.

I was so nervous and excited when showering that I started to shake. I wandered if I could really go through with this; but knowing that I was going to. I put on new panties, no bra, a tube top, and very short sexy shorts. Looking at my legs in the mirror, I could see the results of my many gym visits.

After giving Nick a quick kiss, I told him to enjoy the afternoon, and I would see him about 5:00. I smiled to myself; sure that Pam would make sure that he had a very enjoyable afternoon.

I had previously picked a spot where I could watch Nick leave the hotel before heading to the restaurant to meet Jim. Like clockwork, just long enough to take a quick shower and dress, Nick left the hotel and got in a cab.

I ran back to the room to make sure all his things were back in his luggage, and then headed for the restaurant.

Jim was at a table when I walked in. As he got up smiling, I could tell from his quick review of my body that he was pleased. As I sat down he took my hand and told me how happy he was to see me again.

The lunch was light, but did include two gin and tonics each. I think both of us needed a little fortification for what was planned for the afternoon.

After talking for half an hour he asked if there was some place that had more privacy; and I quickly suggested my hotel room. There was no backing out now!!

Jim held my hand into the elevator, and up to our floor. My knees were weak from the anticipation and excitement. He probably felt the same way, because neither of us spoke. I turned to the right, still holding his hand until we reached the room.

As I threw my purse on a chair I turned, noticing immediately that he was already hard. He took two paces and we were in each others arms. Our mouths met, then our tongues, as we kissed more passionately than I had done in many years.

The kiss lasted for what seemed like several minutes. As his hand moved down my body to my thighs, I pushed into him, feeling his erection against my stomach.

As his hands moved to take my tube top off, I raised my arms over my head in assistance. He tossed the garment on the chair as he bent down and gently ran his tongue over my left nipple.

He then reached for the top button on my shorts; as I unbuckled his belt. My shorts fell to my ankles, leaving me standing in front of this man, actually a stranger, in nothing but my panties.

My thumbs pulled the panties down and I stepped out of them, now completely naked, as Jim finished undressing.

His cock was about the length I was used to with Nick, but much thicker. I wandered how Pam, as small as she is, got that inside her.

We both stood there for a moment, completely nude, not saying a word; just appreciating each others body.

As Jim escorted me to the bed, I lay down and he moved beside me. We again kissed passionately.

My nipples were hard as his mouth circled one, then the other. As his tongue moved down my body I spread my legs, giving in to whatever he had in mind. His tongue circled my slit, then down the middle. As turned on as I was, my pussy must have been wide open for him.

His body was now turned around, and for the first time I got to feel that magnificent cock, as my hand wrapped around it. He had now found my clit with his tongue. My body reacted on its own, pushing my pussy against his tongue. I felt myself shudder as the biggest orgasm I have ever had overcame me. I don’t know if I screamed. I was surely screaming inside.

As soon as my mind was under control I moved further under him and licked the underside of his cock, moving on down to his balls. As he rolled over on his side, I took as much of him as I could in my mouth.

Neither of us had said a word since being in the lobby. Jim broke the silence when he said “I have to fuck you now!”

As he rolled over, and positioned himself, I spread and raised my legs. I felt the head of his cock part my pussy lips. I was so turned on I knew he would have no trouble entering me. He groaned in satisfaction as he buried himself in me easily. I climaxed at least two more times before he pushed in as far as he could and groaned, as I felt his cock spasm.

We were both spent; so we just lay there, both on our back, with his arm under my neck.

We had sex one more time before he said he had to go. We both dressed and I walked him back to the elevator. I didn’t feel comfortable going any further. It was just past 4:00PM and I didn’t want to take a chance on Nick showing up. We kissed again as Jim entered the elevator.

I hadn’t been back in the room for more that five minutes when Pam called. “How did it go” she asked?” I said “Pam, I know it’s your husband, but I just had the most fantastic fuck of my life.” Pam giggled, then said “You didn’t tell me you were married to such a wild man. We fucked in every conceivable position, and I must have climaxed a zillion times.”

Pam told me that Nick was on his way back. I said “Yeah, they’ll probably be using the same cab. One will get out as the other gets in.”

We agreed that we had better spend Sunday with our husbands. We both giggled when Pam said, “I wonder how they will react on the flight tomorrow, sitting with their wife, as the girl they just screwed walks by.” We agreed that each of us would walk down the aisle of the plane and smile at the other’s husband.

On Tuesday evening Pam and I met at the gym. We gave each other a big hug; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Over drinks after the work-out Pam said, “I was thinking on the flight back; why don’t we meet as couples at our house on Friday evening. Both husbands know that we have wanted to get together and meet each others husband and for them to meet each other.”

“I can’t wait to see the reaction. They will both be in shock; but what are they going to do. Neither man can say to the other, Oh! By the way, I fucked your wife silly this weekend; and they certainly can’t say anything to their wife. Neither knows that his wife was involved in this.”

“Eventually it will cross their minds that you and I should have recognized each other on the flight. At that time, if not before, we have to tell the truth; maybe even Friday evening after they sweat for a few hours.”

“I don’t know about you, but I think when they know the truth, they will be mostly interested in getting into the others wife’s pants again; more than they will be pissed. I certainly wouldn’t mind having Nick again, and from what you tell me about your Saturday afternoon, I’m sure having Jim inside you again wouldn’t be all that objectionable.”

I couldn’t think of an argument against this. It would relieve some guilt that I felt. I wouldn’t mind Jim’s cock again, and it would certainly be hilarious watching them sweat.

That evening, after checking with Nick, I called Pam and told her we would be there on Friday evening. We both got a good chuckle, thinking of their reaction when they saw us.

As we went over the plan we were both giggling. The only danger would be if one of the husbands felt threatened or jealous, and didn’t cooperate. We had to make sure this didn’t happen. We both loved our husbands and didn’t want anything to jeopardize our marriage, just alter it a bit!

Friday finally came and I felt fear and excitement as I took a shower and dressed. Nick was quite comfortable, smiling and joking. If only he knew what was in store for him!

As we walked to Pam’s front door I took Nick’s hand, holding it tighter that I probably should have. I felt that I was going to wet my pants as I rang the doorbell.

Pam answered the door and feigned an appropriate look of surprise as she saw Nick. I acted as nonchalant as possible; “Hi Pam, this is my husband Nick. We’ve talked about our husbands for so long I’m glad you finally get to meet him.”

Pam put out her hand. I could see the relief in Nick’s face as he realized that she wasn’t going betray their recent rendezvous.

Pam escorted us in. Jim was just walking out of the kitchen when he saw us. His face reddened as Pam introduced us. I acted surprised; hoping that Nick didn’t pick up on the body language of either Jim or I. Our handshake seemed to calm him. Just as Nick had done, he felt relief that our secret would remain a secret, at least temporarily.

As drinks were served and the four of us chatted, both men seemed to relax somewhat. They were probably thinking that if it came out, their lover of last weekend had as much to loose as they did.

Not surprisingly, as we talked for half an hour on various subjects, the trip of last weekend that both couples took was never mentioned.

Nick and Jim had a lot in common and talked about a variety of things. In the back of their minds I’m sure each was thinking “God! If this guy only knew that I fucked his wife last Saturday.”

Pam asked me to help with dinner and we went to the kitchen, leaving the men talking about their respective golf game.

A big smile covered both of our faces as Pam and I hugged briefly. “So far so good” she said.

We delivered the dinner to the table and the four of us conversed about a lot of things; with everyone consciously avoiding last weeks trip to the Bahamas.

After dinner each of us helped clear the table. Pam and I proceeded to clean the kitchen as the men returned to the family room and poured an after dinner drink. I liked the idea that they were getting along so well and had so much in common; and hoped the rest of the evening didn’t change that.

Per the plan I waited until the men were comfortable, then proceeded out of the kitchen back door, across the deck, and entered the sliding door of the bedroom. I was now on the other side of the house from the kitchen. Proceeding down the hall I went just far enough for Jim to be able to see me; but not Nick, seated a few feet away.

Jim finally looked my way and I motioned for him to come to me; holding a finger to my mouth for him to be quiet. He excused himself and followed me down the hall to the bathroom.

As he followed me in, closing the door behind him, he put his arms around me. I pushed into him, feeling the beginning of an erection against my stomach. After we kissed he said “I can’t believe it’s you! I have to see you again!” I whispered in his ear “that would be nice, think about it and we will talk again before Nick and I leave”. I kissed him and walked out the door; returning to the kitchen the way I came.

Glancing in the kitchen window I saw Nick and Pam exchange a brief kiss as he walked back to the family room.

Pam and I both had a smile of success as I walked in. After telling her about my meeting she said “yes, the first thing out of his mouth was that we have to get together again. He was certainly getting hard thinking about it.”

We decided that it was time for the last phase of our plan. This would be the most difficult. Pam and I proceeded to get completely undressed. Wearing nothing but a necklace I followed her to the family room.

There was shock on both men’s faces as they were confronted by two nude women.

Each of us walked to our respective husband and straddled his lap, moving close enough to feel an erection start. Our breasts were at their face as they sat there not knowing what to expect.

I whispered in Nick’s ear. “Do you want to fuck Pam? You can if you want to, it’s OK with me.” I could faintly hear Pam telling Jim the same thing. “There is only one catch; Jim and I will be doing the same thing.” As his mind was racing I reached down and unzipped him, freeing his half hard cock. Hearing no objection from either man, Pam and I nodded to each other and quickly exchanged places.

As I approached Jim and Pam approached Nick they reached out and pulled us to them.

We straddled them, but only on their knees, as Pam looked over at her husband and said; “There’s one thing that you should know, besides the fact that I love you. While you were fucking Judy last Saturday I wasn’t at the spa like I told you. Nick came to our room and we fucked all afternoon. Before Jim could think about that too much I moved forward and took him inside me. I looked over at Nick and said; “I love you, but you should know that I wasn’t at the spa last Saturday either. Jim came to our room while you were fucking Pam, and we spent the afternoon in bed.” Pam was lowering her pussy onto Nick’s now hard cock as I spoke.

Pam whispered in Nick’s ear, “take me to the bedroom.” Nick picked up the petite girl, his cock still buried in her. He walked down the hall with his arms around her, and her arms and legs around him.

Jim whispered “Let’s go to the other bedroom”. We walked with his arm around me, cupping my breast.

As we walked into the bedroom I could hear a small moan from Pam, “Yes!…..Yes!….Yes!”

Quickly removing his clothes; Jim and I embraced at the bed. After a long passionate kiss I moved to the bed on my back as he reentered me.

Moving in and out very slowly; unlike the passionate fucking of our first meeting, I could feel my climax gradually building. As I reached the peek I could feel his cock spasm, erupting deep inside me.

We lay in each others arms for a long time. There was no sound from the other bedroom. I hoped that Nick was OK with the events of the evening.

Finally rolling off of the bed Jim and I walked into the hallway. Our movement must have stirred the other two. They came out of their bedroom, all four of us standing naked in the hall. There was silence for a moment; then Nick relieved my fears by giving me a kiss. Jim just stood there looking at Pam with a big smile on his face.

Each of us found our clothes and dressed. As we started to leave Nick said “How about coming to our house next Friday, I’ve always wanted to play strip poker with two couples participating.”


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