First of the Month Party

My name is Paul. My wife Debbie and I have been married for 15 years. Because of an injury I sustained in a bike race I cannot father a child. Nevertheless, we are both still in love and in lust with each other; or so I thought. Events would occur tonight that would change my perception of our relationship.

It is the end of the month and time to prepare for our monthly “First of the Month” party. Our neighbors to the left and right, a total of 5 couples, get together on the first evening of the month for a BBQ, some beer and wine, and all around good fun. The next party in about a week is at our house. I sat down at the computer and sent invitations to the four other couples for the party to start at 6:00. The party would be BYOB and potluck with Debbie and I providing the hot dogs and burgers.

I know that it’s rude to eavesdrop, but I had come downstairs for a cup of coffee when I’d heard my wife speaking to someone on the phone. I waited outside the living room, listening to her one-sided conversation.

“Hi. I didn’t think that you would ring, after last week…I’m sorry too….I know… (Laughter)….I was good-wasn’t I! (More giggling)…..I wasn’t THAT good… If you say so. (Laughter)…Yes, I’m wearing them…I suppose they might be a little bit wet…No! I’m not fingering myself! …. You know why! …In his office, working on that bloody computer…I wish that it was porn… (Laughter)…Where are my fingers? They are inside my pussy now….yes, it does feel nice… (laughter)…of course it’s not as nice as your cock…it’s very, very wet!”

“I can’t…he might come in…. (Laughter)…stop it! I’ve got to go…I’m just as frustrated…I might… (Laughter)…I can’t wait for Thursday either…7.30, at the Sandpiper… (Laughter) If that’s what you want me to wear…I’m sniffing them now…. (Laughter)…you know I do…..You’ll just have to play with yourself then, won’t you! (Laughter)…… Bye.”

Shocked and shattered, I staggered back up to the bedroom in a daze. I hardly slept that night. In my mind I believed that to confront her about an affair I would need some real evidence. The following morning, Wednesday, after Debbie had gone to work, I began looking around the house for ‘evidence’ of her infidelity.

In the closet I found a couple of dresses and skirts that I hadn’t seen before — I would have noticed — they were very short! Some of her shirts and tops were a ‘bit revealing’. I was now struggling to comprehend my situation. Her underwear drawer was a revelation. There were g-strings galore; every color and size imaginable, yet, I was sure that I had only seen her wear black, sensible, ones. In the next drawer was a collection of bras. Again, her everyday ones were on top, but underneath were sexy half-cups and Wonderbras. In the last drawer were numerous pairs of stockings, and a couple of suspender belts. My heart sank with this last set of findings. She knew how much I liked her to wear stockings, but she’d always told me that they were uncomfortable, and had only worn them on ‘special occasions’ in the early days of our marriage, yet, now, I could see 6 different sets in front of me.

I sat on the edge of the bed with tears in my eyes. This was worse than I had thought, and must have been going on for a long time. As I worked away from home a lot, two or three nights a week, she had plenty of opportunity. Naively I had believed her when she had told me that she would visit her mother, neighbors or friends from work, when I was out of town. The bitch would pay!

That evening I prepared dinner, lit some candles and put mood music on the CD player. When Debbie walked in she was stunned that dinner was ready and giggled at the mood I had set. After dinner we danced to the music, and then she put her head on my shoulder and said, “”I know what you would like.”

She led me to the bedroom, removed my pants and knelt on the floor. Her fingers were now stroking my balls as she planted a few kisses on the tip as she pulled the foreskin back. Her mouth was hot and wet as she sucked my engorged knob. This felt good-very good-I’d forgotten how good her blowjobs could be.

My hands were firmly massaging her shoulders as more and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth. This was fantastic! Her mouth was bobbing up and down in rhythm with her hands, which were rubbing my shaft, and balls. My balls were beginning to ache. She did that for a few minutes to “warm me up” then got up, took off her clothes, and led me to the bed.

She had me lie down. The look of lust on her face, as she straddled my cock, was out of this world. Her eyes were sparkling as my 6 inches sank into her soaking cunt. She buried her face into my chest and proceeded to fuck the living daylights out of me! She wasn’t making love to me: she was fucking me! I could only take so much of her frenzied ride and I orgasmed and shot my wad in minutes. What felt like a pint of come shot out of my cock!

After kissing my chest she whispered, “My turn now,” and slowly ground her crotch into my groin, until her clit was in contact with my pelvis. Her speed picked up immediately. I held my breath, to try to keep my cock inflated, as she bucked and fucked until she ‘came’ with a loud sigh. Seconds later, she rolled off and pulled the duvet up, with a cheeky grin on her face. As she was preparing to turn out the light I told her that I had to check the computer for an important e-mail. Hopefully this would give her the opportunity to ring him, and I could plan into motion.

Sure enough, 3 minutes after I had left the room, I heard her whispering into her phone. “Hi! It’s me….(giggling)…of course, it’s still sore-I knew it would be…….he’s going to be away on Thursday and Friday, can you come over?…please…..On Friday he will get home around 10…We will have about 3 hours…Great……who?…I didn’t know that you had a brother… (laughter)…that sounds fun…no!…I’ve got to go…he’ll be back down in a minute…no! Well, perhaps when I go to the toilet…(laughter)…that’s when it gets really sore, you had better not be so rough next time…well, alright, a little bit rough. (Laughter)…7 o’clock, fine. Bye.”

I had told Debbie I had cancelled the party until the next week because I had to be out of town on the last day of this month and the first of next month. I told her that since I would not get home until after 10:00 in the evening I felt it best to just wait a week. She acted disappointed but said she understood.

While Debbie was shopping with her mum, on the Wednesday, I put my plan into action.

I’d decided that she must only fuck him in the living room, and not the bedroom (how thoughtful), so I hid my web-cam among some of my books and magazines, on a high shelf, that overlooked the sofa. I linked it wirelessly to my laptop so I could access the video when I returned.

Not wanting any mistakes, I took the fuse out of the TV plug and told her that there was a problem with the TV I would fix when I got home. I also told heart there was a programme that I was going to tape on the VCR, so not to worry when it began to record (sneaky — huh?)

It was another long day and night, thinking about Debbie and her lover, and worrying about my marriage.

I stayed at a hotel on Thursday. I called Debbie, supposedly from Detroit, and reminded her I would be at home 10:00 Friday night. I told her how much I missed her already, and probably wouldn’t sleep well. She told me she was going to her mom’s house in a few minutes and would be home around 7:00 Friday night.

After I hung up the phone I immediately sent an email to our party guests that the time was changed from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. I also told them I was surprising Debbie because she thought I was out of town. I asked them to meet me in front of the house, quietly, and then we would all sneak in the house together. After I got confirming emails my plan was a go!

Using a program on my work computer that allowed me to access my personal laptop remotely, I opened the video program and sat down to watch my evidence. As the CD drive started, I could see Debbie was sitting exactly where I expected; wearing one of the mini-dresses that I had found last week, and she was drinking a large glass of red wine and smoking a cigarette. This shocked me as much as anything else — I had never seen her smoke! It looked very natural, as she kept looking at her watch, taking big puffs and exhaling large plumes of smoke. After five minutes I heard the doorbell ring. Smiling, she ran out of the room.

I was nervous and excited, as I was about to see the identity of her mysterious lover.

My heart was pounding as she walked back into the living room, followed by a tall black man. My eyes were on stalks as I recognized him. Barry, a mechanic who used to work at the garage her brother owns. Even more surprising, Barry was followed by another black guy — just as tall but much younger, perhaps 18 or 19.

Debbie motioned for the young guy to sit down, as she took hold of Barry and smothered him in kisses. His hands went straight to her ass. As he squeezed tightly, he lifted the hem of the dress so the other guy could see her stocking tops and panties. Debbie didn’t seem to care, as the guy sat grinning, and gave Barry a ‘double thumbs-up’.

“Who wants a beer?” I heard her ask.

Both men nodded. As she turned away, Barry grabbed at her breasts, and rubbed them very roughly. She just laughed at him as she pulled away. I couldn’t make out what the men were saying, but they looked quite excited. I now had time to take in what they looked like. Both were six feet tall, very muscular, with shaved heads, and their arms were covered in tattoos. They were, also, dressed alike; white vests, track bottoms, trainers and loads of gold chains.

Debbie came back with 4 cans of beer and another large glass of wine, for herself. When she placed them on the carpet, she deliberately flashed her ass and tiny pants for the men. Debbie took a sip of wine, then returned to Barry, wrapping one hand around his neck as the other went straight to his cock.

Barry said, “Bro. This is Deb; my white chick. Deb, this is Stu, my kid brother. I told him all about you and how you can’t get enough black cock. He thinks that he might be able to help you out!” All three were laughing now.

Debbie had her back to Barry, but her hand was still rubbing his cock. He had one hand up the front of her dress, lewdly stroking her pubes and pussy, while he groped her breasts with the other.

“Hey! Bro. Are you ready to see what a good cock sucker she is?” Barry laughed as he unzipped her dress. Breaking off from stroking his cock, my wife dropped her arms and wiggled her hips — allowing the dress to fall to her ankles.

She looked amazing standing in her underwear. I was right about the bra. One of her breasts popped out of the cup, as she stepped out of the dress. Barry kissed her neck as he pulled the other one out too. His big black hands smothered her small milky white breasts as he began rolling her nipples in his fingers.

“Are you gonna’ put on a good show on for the boy?” I heard him laugh, as my wife dropped to her knees, in front of him. Grinning from her head to her toes she nodded vigorously.

Slowly and deliberately she pulled his joggers over his hips. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she took his massive cock out of his pants!

Shit! It was nearly twice as big as mine was, and I’m not especially ‘small’. Debbie began to smother it in kisses from the base to the tip. Her eyes were twinkled with lust as she took the huge, mushroom shaped head into her mouth. Grabbing his ass with one hand and the shaft with the other, her head bounced back and forth as 4, 5, then 6 inches went in.

Barry took off his vest, and kicked his pants to one side, exposing a ‘ripped and toned’ body. Debbie never stopped sucking for a second. Her whole body was moving in time as she took more and more cock into her mouth.

“Bro. Pass me my beer.” Barry called to his brother. His hips were now in rhythm with Debbie, as the last inch slowly slid down her throat. Nonchalantly swigging from the can, he took her bra off, so he could, roughly, play with her tits, as his full cock filled my wife’s mouth and throat. He laughed, “You didn’t believe me, when I told you that she could swallow the lot. Did you?” His brother was in hysterics laughing on the sofa. For the next 4 or 5 minutes he fucked Debbie’s face, sliding 5 or 6 inches of cock in and out at a time.

Tapping Debbie on the head, he told her, “Stu’s turn now. Give him the works.” His cock looked even bigger as it emerged from her ruby red lips. With a final kiss on the tip, Debbie turned to face Stu, who was sitting on the edge of the sofa. By comparison, his cock was quite ‘normal’. Perhaps only 6 or 7 inches long!

As before, she kissed and licked the shaft and knob until it was wet enough for her to swallow. In one lingering maneuver, she pushed her head forward, making his cock disappear, in to her mouth. Because he was sitting on the edge of the sofa, Debbie was bent double, her ass sticking out towards Barry.

When he finished his beer, he knelt behind her and ran his hand between her legs, making her shudder. “Nice and wet, as usual!” He cackled, as he pulled her pants to one side, and slid two fingers into her love-box. Debbie spread her legs further, and wiggled her hips.

“Are you gonna fuck her?” Stu asked his brother.

“She wouldn’t let us out alive if I didn’t!” He replied, as he ran the fat knob along her slit.

“Fantastic!” the boy groaned, “I’ve never double teamed before!”

As Barry prodded her hole with the tip of his huge cock, Debbie slid her hand between her legs until she was parting her love-lips for him. With a slight roll of the hips, his cock was inside my wife. Debbie jerked forward and gagged on the young boy’s cock, in her mouth, as her lover gripped her hips.

When the last few inches sank in, she spat the cock from her mouth and bit her lip, as Barry speeded up, making her body shake. Debbie looked incredibly sexy, as her ivory colored body was sandwiched between these two black musclemen.

“Come on, keep sucking! I’m nearly coming!” Stu shouted as he grabbed her head, and forced his meat back into her mouth. With a grin on his face, Barry grabbed her hips tighter and speeded up, nearly forcing Stu’s balls into my wife’s mouth!

I could see that her eyes were closed tightly and she was grimacing, because of the power of his thrusts. But she showed no signs of trying to stop him. “That’s it! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Stu called out, perhaps expecting Debbie to remove his cock. Instead she furiously rubbed the shaft, until he gasped and I could see her throat muscles swallowing his load.

“Fuck! She swallowed my spunk! She swallowed it!” Stu told his brother, with a look of wonderment on his face.

Barry had slowed down, now, but was still fucking her, six inches at a time. Debbie pulled the cock from her mouth. Gasping for air, she smiled at Stu and with a final squeeze, sucked the last drops out of his knob. She cleaned his knob with her tongue. Barry leaned forward, pushing everything that he had into her, and whispered something in her ear. She closed her eyes, grinned and nodded her head.

Still on his knees, he withdrew his massive, glistening, cock from her pussy. “Pull them cheeks apart!” he told her. With her face resting on Stu’s lap, she obliged. Shuffling her legs further apart, she spread her ass cheeks for him.

OH! MY GOD! He lined his throbbing purple knob against her tiny asshole. He was going to fuck her ass! I was certain he would split her in two. Barry had to hold his cock in place as it slowly made its way into the tiny space. Each inch brought a grunt or a groan from my wife.

“YeeeessSSSSS!” She screamed, “YeeeessSSSSS!”

“You like that?” Barry groaned through gritted teeth, as he withdrew 6 or 7 inches out of her tight hole.

“YeeeessSSSSS!” She screamed again. “It’s so…….good. So …..Fucking good! YeeessSSSSS! Faster, faster!” She continued, as Barry rammed her ass. By the way that she was rocking her hips, meeting every thrust, I knew this wasn’t the first time that she had been fucked in the ass by Barry/.

It took a couple of minutes, but they finally made it — his whole cock, all 9 or 10inches was inside her ass! Taking advantage of the situation, Stu pushed his flaccid cock back into her mouth. Within seconds I could see it begin to swell as she eagerly sucked it while caressing his balls, until it was hard again.

When Barry increased the speed of his fucking, she tried to stop sucking, but the boy held it in her mouth as she screamed, with pain, as Barry’s ass fucking became more frenzied.

Debbie was howling, in agony, when Barry’s face contorted. His cock was so far inside her; his rough pubes were pressed against her soft, white cheeks, as he pumped his seed into her.

Debbie spat the cock out of her mouth when Barry collapsed on top of her. Stu finished what Debbie had started, by wanking in her face until he spewed his spunk across her cheeks and into her hair.

The three lovers clung together, as they gasped for air. After a couple of minutes, Barry put a hand on her shoulder, and withdrew his cock from her ass. Debbie’s eyes were contorted with pain, as the monster slid out. Falling forward, onto her hands and knees, I was greeted with the site of her ass, in full view of the camera. Her tiny, puckered, hole was now gaping wide open, the size of a golf ball.

Now sitting against the sofa, drinking a beer, Barry, waved his cock towards Debbie, “Come on baby, you know what you have to do now.” Crawling towards him on her hands and knees Debbie flopped into his lap, and proceeded to lick the spunk and shit from his black, gnarled, cock. Debbie licked and sucked with great vigor in her quest to please him.

“You ever fucked a white honey?” Barry asked his brother, between swigs of beer.

“No. Do you think she would let me?” Stu grinned.

Laughing at his brothers’ stupidity, Barry asked Debbie, “Do you mind if he fucks you?”

She removed the dirty cock, and turned her head; “Have you got any spunk left?” she raised her eyebrows, as she said it.

“Yes, I think so!” Stu replied, tugging at his stiffening manhood.

“Then be my guest.” she said. Rising onto all fours she spread her legs and nonchalantly continued licking Barry’s floppy cock.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Stu slipped his dick into Debbie’s dripping pussy.

For a couple of minutes he gently fucked my wife as he stroked her dangling breasts, while she sucked Barry back to hardness.

Stu gradually became more confident as he pummeled my wife’s pussy, sliding one finger then a second into her bloated asshole. Debbie flung her head back when he began twisting his fingers, “Ooh! That feels good. Ooh, YeeeessSSSSS. Faster, faster.” She screamed as he increased the tempo. Debbie was, now pushing herself backward to meet each stroke.

Stu looked at Barry, who grinned and nodded. As if he could read his brother’s mind, Stu pulled his cock and fingers out of her holes at the same time, making Debbie squeal with pleasure. “What are you stopping for?” She shouted frantically.

“I’m not stopping, just changing holes!” The boy laughed as he sank his black cock into her ass.

“Ohhhhhhh!” She groaned as Stu filled her back passage. “Oh, baby, baby! That’s good. That’s fucking good!” Debbie looked over her shoulder, to see her young lover grinning like a Cheshire cat. Probably because he had already orgasmed twice, Stu showed no signs of slowing up as he banged away, making Debbie scream with pleasure.

I was so engrossed in Stu fucking her ass; I hadn’t noticed Barry slide between his brother’s legs. Stu moved onto his haunches, without taking his cock out of my wife’s asshole. Barry guided his cock into her pussy, while his brother continued banging her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Fucking Hell! What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? Oh yesssssss!” Debbie screamed, as the monster cock filled her pussy, while the smaller one filled her other hole. “Barry! Barry! What are you doing to me?” She continued screaming, “YeeesssSSS! Faster, faster….fuck me faster!”

Debbie was shaking with excitement as both men rammed her holes. Thank God, I thought, we live in a detached house, slightly away from our neighbors. Debbie’s screams would have woken the dead.

“Aaaaaaggghhhh! Yessssssss! Yessssssss!” She screamed even louder, as an intense orgasm engulfed her body. Stu increased the speed of his fucking, until his body tensed, as he shot his third load, of the night, right into my wife’s ass.

While Stu slumped on the sofa, Barry gripped Debbie’s limp body, and ‘rattled away’ with his hips, finally fucking the life out of my wife. His cock was awesome, as it slipped in and out, 8 or 9 inches at a time.

Debbie could only purr and groan, as Barry finished himself off with a series of violent thrusts. After lying entwined for a couple of minutes, Barry told her to get off him. Debbie rose to her knees, with his cock still sticking in her pussy. Then she rose to her feet, letting him slide out. As it did, a burst of spunk squirted out, landing on the carpet. She seemed unsteady, on her legs, as she gulped from her wineglass, but the smile on her face, told its own story.

Barry picked up the tiny knickers, which had, earlier, been discarded, and wiped his shrinking cock.

“Shit, Barry that was fantastic. I know what you told me….. But… fuck, man, she’s awesome!” Stu told his brother. “I’m going to shower before we leave.”

Debbie had now regained her composure, and stood between them, smoking a cigarette, clad only in her black stockings, suspender belt and heals. “Time to go!” Barry said, looking at his watch. “I told Shelly that I would be home by 9.”

Debbie never took her eyes off his cock, as he pulled his joggers up. “Barry,” she said, “Paul won’t be home until 10 tomorrow night. Why don’t you, just you, come over about 7 and we can have some private time together?

That is a date! I’ll see you at 7 and we get it on!

About then Stu came back from the shower and got dressed. Then, with a quick kiss from both men, Barry and his brother left. Debbie spent the next few minutes, tidying the room, then, satisfied that everything was the same as at the beginning of the night, she collected the cans and glasses, and walked out of the room and turned out the lights.

I waited 5 minutes and then called Debbie. “Hello,” she said sleepily.

“Oh, sorry I woke you. Are you still at your mom’s house?

“Yes,” she replied, “we are going shopping tomorrow and I will get home about 7. Since we were out late tonight and going all day tomorrow, I’ll just go to bed when I get home and you can wake me when you get here.”

“Okay,” I replied, “have a good sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow around 10.”

After the call, I sent an urgent e-mail to our party guests telling them that Debbie would be in bed at 7; so when we gathered at 7:30 we would all sneak in the house together, creep down the hallway, and surprise her at the bedroom. And that is exactly what we did.

I arrived at 7:20 and our guests arrived a few minutes later. We all quietly walked through the house and down the hallway. I had the four couples gather behind me, I flung open the bedroom door and we all shouted in unison, “April Fools!”

Barry and Debbie jumped out of bed, naked as the day they were born. Barry stumbled and fell, twice, as he tried to slip on his pants. Debbie ran to hide in the closet. She fell over Barry and kneed him in the groin. I could see flashes as our guests where grabbing pictures on their cell phones.

I led our guests to living room; giving the “love birds” a chance to dress. Barry went out the door like a whipped pup, his tail between his legs. Debbie just kind stood in the hall, shivering like she was in a freezer. I asked the four couples to leave, telling them we would have the party next week. I asked them all to send me copies of the pictures from their cell phones.

When everyone was gone I showed Debbie the videos I had; it told her there was a VHS tape of the events as well, and that copies of the CDs, the video and the pictures would go to my attorney.


That was a year ago. The divorce is final, Debbie put up no resistance; giving in to all my demands. Like I said, that was a year ago. The final ending is this: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!


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