Drops Of Love – Getting A Tough Lady For A Hot Date

Drops of love…Making a hard women loose her self for romantic lust filled date..

Hello friends …Hope you like the below story. Lets get started ..Thoda bada hai pls pyar se pado

Yes the fact of life every one do enjoy this. You could hardly find some one who does not like to have sex…..However, i hope who ever is reading this has intention and love for sex other wise they are unlikely to be seen here.

This is another guy that’s me ricky 30yrs working in software and into management, from Mumbai writing about his sex world let me know your comments pls at [email protected] and this is a bit lengthy kindly beer.

Here it is, banglore monday morning, busy day started running to my car, with all the dizziness played some music track to keep me awake while i enjoy the daily so called hell traffic while i reach my office.

Banglore eco space – ran into my cabin logged in,  took a deep breath cause my boss was yet not in office…. Having figured out a little work, grabbed a coffee and headed towards smoking zone with a lousy,lagging walk.

Head stuck with question – dint remember what it was the first puff went out with a great gasp and could still feel wanting to have a lil more sleep in my cozy bed, cursing the last night big round of beer which gave a stupid head ace was just pissed off..

With one or two more guys around me smoking i looked upon on the lawn a girl ….A lady no no i could not see, cause her hair was totally fallen on her face… Oh gosh want i see  is she is struggling to walk as she holds her saree near her thighs..I adjusted my view to figure out what she is upto and by then she started moving her hair, i could at least say now that she is fair color rest is still a bit confusing…

I gave it a min and turned around as if iam standing only to smoke and does not care the world around me.

The very 360 degree turn solved the big tuck and could see her clear with awesome lips and cute face adjusting her hair, holding her saree and making a walk towards my side …My side…Oh yes this pretty lady is walking towards me ….

I started doing the genral boys posing stuff as if iam a hero and have not noticed her coming towards me…By this time my heart started pounding at good speed and

Iam sure i was back to my senses with all ????, why is she/what is she/what for …….”hello excuse me ” …..I heard this from my side …Seeing her in her magical eyes .. ” excuse me can i have lighter please” …Ligh lighter oh yes yea here it is…Bhan di taki eti buid up marke gharelu natak karke chutiya sale lighter mangreyye…Kamanu khani ..

I was totally upset any ways its her life she enjoys as she wants but such a cute lips …Oh i cant imagine a cig between them rather i would love my lips if she agrees …Which is never gonna happen …But kya kare dil to bacha hai…!!

And as usual as all girls do she took out her samsuuuung mobile and started playing her finger on it and by this time my boss missed me and started calling me like his ass is on fire …The next moment i was out of the romance vs pagal world and rushed to my cabin..

Same boring life went on and searched a reason to work in this company but it was gadha work than any value addition which never helped me…. Days passed finally got pissed off and took flight to mumbai.

Shruthi….. Yea the busy girl the back bone of a company and very attractive girl but believe me guys no one could dare to even thinking of masturbating having her in mind such a robostic boss …Yes some how through my contacts she got in touch with me for my job as per their company vacancies…

Interview happened on skype ..(she never wants to waste time on calling people and talking to them) selected for second round and i was put on hold…Now this smart boss calls me up and discusses on a new upcoming project how and what’s the way iam going to execute, eventually i could understand its a test and she is trying to make sure she is recruiting the right guy.

Things went on well lots and lots where discussed in call and mostly on whats ap, slowly got in few (normal) personal things. Finally the offer letter came in with a lucrative figure and i happily joined in.

I was happy that i was reporting to her and she is actually trying to make a back up in her place for mumbai division, as she would be moved be moving abroad to set up a new branch and handle things there…

Days passed by running through hot summer i did my best sitting in my cabin watching all girls some where or the other i had that emptiness and i wish i could gather courage to approach a lady for a relation which was totally out of my box,

I always wondered reading stories, how guys manage to roll in a girl that easily, or its just that the guys got lucky hitting a right girl, or may be i have a bad luck and instead of a warm pussy i have to use my warm palm…Well coming back to story and lets get to the main part hope iam making every one bored here….

One fine morning i reached office and it was a birthday of a colleague every one was in party mood and i received whats ap msg saying …” come down catch you in 10 !! Need to go to mr.Bhopal office for a meet” …Sucks yaar i reached at the car park and was having a smoke.. Shruthi honked at me and sighed to get in …With fear of smoke smell i could barely manage to have orbit mouth freshener to avoid embarrassment while i seat.

I just settled and said…

Me: hi morning !!

Her: yup…You look good… Why are you always in formals…

Me: ah kind of forced too initially and now kind of habituated..

Her: you mean to say happy to adjust …Hmmm cool !! By the way you look good though

Me: ya i mean thanks

“Next moment she rolled down the car front windows and was trying to pick something out of her back…In a sec i was shocked to see a pack of smokes she took out …She plucked a piece with her teeth and asked me for light…I was dumb stuck i…Gave her the light…

We reached the venue finished the meeting after lunch at the same office, she dropped me back and she left…While in the eve she texted as i was just about to get out of office …” meet me at wtf versova by 9″  (mumbai local guys will know it …Its a bar and resto with good loud music)

I was like with teeth breaking anger …I was thinking to have a sip of drink peacefully…

No other choice i reached, was standing outside the fully crowded resto…I could see all the hot girls getting in ..All were very rich which could be sensed by seeing them….For a moment i thought i was a call boy standing there as i could see women entering staring at me as if they wanna eat me/what is this official guy in formal dress doing here/dont know what..

After all the madness, idiotic lady arrived at 9:40, all my anger went in vain …My frustration came to chill seeing in open hair, long black skirt glowing sticker at her fore head, a thin goldie chain making her neck look awesome…She was dazzling beauty and my heart went in to no sense while she gave a cute smile and started to say iam so sorry was stuck in traffic …This all was as if happening in slow motion…

Quickly she grabbed my hand and in was no time she ran towards a waiter asking him place for 2, i was dumbstruck and just watching ….The waiter said no the place is totally full and have to wait for 15 min..But she was not ready to listen and was continuously eating his brain finally he showed us the stairs at the corner and said see if you can manage here…

She happily agreed and settled with a back rest pillow i sat on the below step having my lap bag in my lap..She wasted no time ordered beer and smokes …Now she started talking to me …

We had good no of bottles (small once) with a light snack by the time it was 11 …Off course you can understand when you drink with your boss you need to listen, as in whatever lecture they give even i was in the same mood still was having my chilled beer stealing couple of stares at a beauty..

Finally we got out and in the car..

She: yes man so where are you headed ..

Me: andheri east

She: oh i can’t drive all the way such long..Iam drunk badly ..

“Mumbai cops are very strict about drink and drive…I felt she indirectly sighed me to get out and take a rickshaw..”

Me: ok no issues will take an auto..

She : how mean you are drive me home and take my car or take rickshaw from there…

Me: (do you think i could say no) …Yes

I started driving it was 20 min drive and we reached hira panna mall..Around that area is her apartment, i parked the car and turned towards her…She got down and took the car keys ..I just turned back and started walking towards the road …She threw on the car..With big sound.

I quickly ran and was rubbing her back and pressing her ear… “while some one vomits we do this right” i took the car keys grabbed a bottle of water and helped her was her face.

She just said..Her flat no ….I understood ..I walked her towards the lift i was putting my hand around and my palm was rested on her right hand elbow.

Opening the door, she guided me towards the hall, i went into kitchen to get some more water by the time i came back to hall she was again in vomit stage putting her face in wash basin near the wash room.

I just dint know what to do ..I asked her if i could take her to doctor for which she said no..And she went in the bedroom and while closing the door she uttered give me 10 min

I waited in the hall ..After about 15 min she came out rolling her hair backside i was thinking in my mind and was just getting abusive words for her in my local language (” tagupotudi chetakaka pote enduku tagali” peeyakad sale gandme dum nahi tho kyun natak)..She was in t-shirt and pajamas..She walked towards me with a smile and took out some left over pizza from refrigerator saying …Dam hungry..

Thanks ricky.. Thanks for helping me out so nice of you …I smiled back and though (my fate iam stuck here) she asked me “do you wanna have a drink …I was shocked and before i answer i wish to leave its too late she she opened fridge and gave me a bud..”bud is my weakness i love it”..

She too took it on which i gave a blank stare…She smiled and said ” chalta hai yaar…Kabhi kabhi ulti hojatihai…” chalo lets sit in balcony,  i too smiled and followed her.

Having 2 chairs it was a nice view from top nice air having a beer …Quite a nice moment and she was having a smoke and we started gen discussion and which turned to be boy and girls relation and their domination part which was heating up and we were on our 3rd beer,

Some part of the argument was all boys are shit…Ladki dekhi nahi shurkardiye natak..I was also in debet and not agreeing to it …And for this she moved forward and

She: kyun bade bat karte ho …Restaurant me tum nahi ghoor rahe te mere lips eyes …Bolo

She: car me bhi kyun kya hua chup kyon ho…

Me : no its not like that actually ..

She: actually what …Tell actually what !!

Me: yes i was looking cause you were beautiful.

She: hmmm ..So you were flirting with me

Me: no no how could i dare ..

Actually i was now getting high when i started explaining her beauty to her or my innocence and trying to make myself safe…I blabbered..Yes you are hot.

Listening to this she was num for a min and said: say frankly what you like in me

I started explaining this that ..(i was bad actually) but describing her in front of her was making me horny ..I was not able to face her eyes and seeing here and there, giving her answers

She: stop you are an idiot what kind of stupid you are ..

Idiot she said again and grabbed my head towards her and it was a so called kiss ..(actually my lips were in pain she pressed it so hard i was trying to break it), she moved a bit more she sat on my lap with hand around me (now she was a bit soft…Thanks god) pulling my nose….She sitting on my dick now i was out of control i placed my hand on her back and kissed her…She just moved off and went towards the sofa in hall, following her i hugged her from back gave a first kiss on her shoulder …She responded well (i felt like now she is a girl not my boss)

I turned her towards me and took her face in both my hands and kissed her lower lip, then i took her upper lip and started sucking it mean while she started responding and she sucked my lower lip it was heaven and it went on till about 10 min i opened her hair we both moved into the bed room.

I dint want to waste any time (as my dream to fuck a girl has come true) i laid her on floor and started kissing from her belly button raised her t-shirt a little and she could not control it she holded my face and took it up she kissed me madly and she was going mad in the romantic feel while i played my hand on her stomach which was making her more aroused .

I moved and cupped her lovely perfect shaped boobs making circles around nipples over the t shirt.    Now i could not resist and was madly waiting to see those pair of boobs and dragged her top off and could see pink flower lined bra.

I started cupping them and took out the one boob out and played with my tongue on the circle around the nipple making it wet i pulled her nipple up with my lips mean while i was cupping smoothly the other one and now i turned her around and kissing her stomach and i unhooked her bra and kissed all her back madly by keeping both my hands on her boobs .

Holding boobs of a girl from behind and to press them has been my big fantasy…I fulfilled it kissing her chin, cheeks ear never gave a sec for her to turn towards me …Every kiss was making her more and more aroused.

She removed my shirt she undid her pajama too while i did mine now we were only in our down one piece of cloth she on top of me started kissing my chest played a bit with hair over there and tried to suck my chest…Giving a naughty smile,  i could not resist as her boobs were moving up and down on my stomach which made me mad.

Now i went on top of her started sucking the boobs a little hard she pressed my head on her boob very hard which made me suck them more hard and press and circle the other one harder she took her hand to my shaft and tried to get it out which i dint allow …..She was left with only ah ah fuck me suck it more more…Yea its time you do it idiot do it and mourning were on top of her with pleasure

She threw me back and got on top of me held my hand firmly i allowed her for my pleasure she went down and started to move her hand up and down and she was like going to eat it.

She now went down and making circles on my dick top i was now mourning with pleasure …She took my balls into her mouth which sent fear into my heart next she started teasing balls my licking them which was kind of tickling which was unbearable too and tried to stop but she dint, she took off her panty which was badly wet and took me on top of her.

I went down slowly made the pussy clean with my hand and started to move her pussy lips apart and slowly inserted my first finger and tapped it on top and bottom she holded my hand very tight and she was eating my lip very badly now i inserted little deep and was making her bad bad tempted .

Now it was time for a little tease i moved both her legs in such a way that i could put my face properly near her pussy …Just with a tip of my finger, i slowly very slowly touched her top pussy curve and next made a lil deep insertion to drag my finger up..She left out haaaaaa.. ! Same i went to the bottom of her pussy line but now my tongue was at the top which started doing the same as my finger did..

I took few ice and i started rubbing her pussy softly and she could not control it she demand me to fuck her but still i went down i started to take her left pussy lip and kissed it gently to make her liquid ooze out …I licked her salty liquid in it was just my tongue which was doing the soft touch and making her crazy…

Now she started using mad words pls fuck me then i took out my dick and slowly made a play around her pussy lips by pressing her boobs real hard and slowly inserted inside and made in and i hold there for a while.

I turned her back and played with my dick on her ass cheeks and tried to insert from back but it was real pain for her she was crying out loud still she was needing it..Hugged her tightly made her secure and made her sleep on my chest and played with her hair to make her comfortable and all this mean my dick stood high missing her pussy she played with hand and finally i could not compromise and told her to lick it she did it for my happiness and i unloaded the load in her mouth which made me real happy.

I asked her why she tried to make love with me as she is going to get married she said no one guaranteed that her hubby is coming virgin and she wanted to lose her virginity to whom she understood well and made her happy not just for sex but for true and loving romance.


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