Dost na apni sali muj sa chudwae

Hi friends I am sohail, from Lahore.This is my second story, I got good response from the readers, as I myself regular visitor of this amazing site.Well it actually happened few years back again my same friend Waleed.

One night he came to my home and said that his saali, seema, who was then studying in 2ndyear Queen Marry college, is trying to satisfy her lust and he has seen her signaling the local guys of her age n etc, and he don’t liked this having apprehension that this way she will ruin her career, and the following day he again came but with her saali I hosted them in my drawing room and served them with tea as it was winter season then, then he said that they were on a shopping trip and he wished to see me also and he further said that he need a statics tutor for her, and I said I will arrange in few days.let me tell you about Seema, she was just 18yrs then with figure of 34-28-34, slim but very erotic eyes, but I did not look at her with some hot emotions as she was saali ook him to her house which was then about 4 Km from my place they negotiated the fee and then I came back home.

After few days Waleed rang me and asked me that I visit him before going to my office, I reached his home at 7am and I found that only Waleed and Seema were home, as Seema has came to visit her sister and his wife has gone on duty alongwith her school going kids.

I was served with tea in his bedroom and after few moments Waleed called me out and mentioned that he has talked with Seema that instead of wandering here and there and loosing reputation among the family it’s better to have a trust worthy friend with whom she may satisfy her fantacies, and that she agreed for this and he proposed me and then she asked to arrange a meeting so that she can evaluate me with this angle and that’s why he made me the call to visit him.

I was astonished on this as I never ever imagined but the hiden lust in me forced me to see whats ahead….so we both went back in the bed room, then after few minutes he said Seema you talk with sohail and he will be back in 30 minutes from market, she said ok and bolted the bedroom and he went away, she then came to me and we started kissing eachother for long time, then she took out my cock which was already hard and hot like hell and she strated moving her hands to and fro…during this time I undid her she had doll like tiny breast with hairs at her areola clean shaved choot…..and affair gand which I liked most …I got made and just took off all my clothes and we came in 69, it was first time for her and within few moments she was melting like the ice melt in oven and was reciprocating on my hard cock….then turned her and started rubbing the throbbing knob at the door of her now hell hot choot she was shivering in ectasy and desire…and asked me will it pain sohail ..i said a little bit but this pain to is a pleasureable.

I then applied some more sliva at her slit and took the position and after adjusting started smooching her tiny breast and kissing her lips and during this interval I gave a slight jerk to my cock which entered in the love tunnel about one inch and she started screaming but I did not leave her lips and then with one more powerful thrust put the whole 6.5 inches in her and she just started moving and screaming like rabit under the wild wolf but I even did not let her move but I kept my cock motionless for some time after few minutes when she absorbed her pain I started giving strokes and she with tears in her eyes started enjoying the first fuck of her life and was scratching my body sucking my nipples and all what she can do and she was almost melting with every stroke of mine, after about 30 minutes my fried waleed came in from the other door while I was busy in fucking her, I was abusing her with every strokes and she was now trying to get rid of my monster, waleed was sitting at the other corner of the bed and was enjoying the ramming of his beloved sister in law and was bucking up us…..after about 55 minutes I was about to come and orgasm was building in me so I withdraw my cock and asked her to suck she sucked for 15 min but I never discharged while sucking but she was sucking it hard but of no use for I asked her to turn around as waleed said to fuck her tiny gand, she was scared of this but waleed wanted me to tear her gand and was forcing me so I forcibly turned her on her belly and stared caressing her butts which were very hot and was responding every move of my hands, then I started rubbing my cock at her tiny but now hot and responding hole….then I started pressing my cock and she started resisting but I ignoring all just pushed it with one strong jerk and she screamed so loud that I have to grab her mouth with my hands she latterly started weeping and waleed was enjoying all this, waleed actually has very little sexual power and seldom got erection and that too a limp erection which could not satisfy any women……, after some minutes I started stroking her gand and after about 10 minutes I unloaded my seeds in her depth, which she enjoyed a lot, this whole session continued for about 1hour and 50 minutes, then I took bath with hot water and in the mean while waleed started caressing his gand to help her absorbing the pain then I dress up, but before I could leave I again got hard on and without asking or telling I just removed my dress put waleed at side and turned her on belly and with one stroke entered her gand again, she again started screaming but with low intensity and was enjoying it too and my cock was enjoying the grip of her gand ring around it this session continued for another 30 minutes and I discharged all the mess in her gand again and when I withdraw my cock her ass could not contract and all the cum oozed at the floor and I enjoyed this site very much…then I came to my office and this episode continued for almost 2 years I fucked her in all possible ways she love to suck my cock very much but always remain unsuccessful in discharging me while sucking…and I love her all holes…….she is married now and living in Rawalpindi and I miss her very much, I hope you enjoy my this story and will love to listen your comments and interaction if someone in my vicinity interested in doing so at [email protected]


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