Dad impregnates his own daughter with the help of his wife

Having been out of the house for most of the day to take care of various errands that come with being the man of the house, I walked into my home’s back door, which led into the kitchen, and was greeted with the most wonderful sight a man can have when he comes home. My wife Terry was facing the kitchen sink counter wearing only an apron (no shoes) that came down to her knees while Kathryn, our eighteen-year-old daughter, was pressed up against her from behind, naked as a jay-bird and lovingly kissing my wife’s neck as she gently rubbed her mother’s breasts. The noise from me opening the door got both their attention and both lovely beauties stopped what they were doing to turn their heads and smile at me.

“Welcome back, Daddy!” Kat said sweetly, her hands still full of my wife’s tit-flesh. She gave her mother one last peck on the neck, just behind the earlobe, and added, “We were just celebrating.” The way she said it was so sensual and full of meaning that I could scarcely imagine what it meant.

With absolutely no concern for what I was seeing, I walked up to my wife and kissed her in the exact same spot as our daughter and then thoughtfully kissed my daughter on the lips. The kiss I gave to Kat wasn’t a long or especially romantic kiss, just the one a father might give to his daughter, but the feelings of love I had for the young woman were present just the same as I pulled away from her. “Celebrating what?” I asked as I gave Kat a gentle pat on her firm, teenaged behind. As an added bonus, I snaked my fingertips between the cleft of her ass and was unsurprised to find that her pussy was positively leaking with girl juice. Kathryn cooed appreciatively at the contact but groaned disappointedly when I withdrew my fingers.

“We were just washing up from lunch,” my wife answered with a sigh. I could tell that while she wasn’t unhappy with my arrival, she was disappointed that her make-out session with Kat had been interrupted. “We came to an agreement about something.”

I stood there for a second and nodded. As I turned around to get a bottle of cold water out of our fridge (and licked my daughter’s pussy juice from my fingertips on the way), leaving my two precious women alone for a moment, I said, “Okay. But that still doesn’t tell me anything. What did you two agree to?” As I opened the fridge door I added, “By the way, we’ll be out of milk in a day or two. Add it to the shopping list, please.”

I turned to regard my wife and daughter, who hadn’t moved from the position I’d found them in, and noted that they were whispering quietly to each other, no doubt quietly debating about who was going to tell me the news. I took a seat at the table and opened my water bottle as I waited. They weren’t quick about finishing their discussion, so I contented myself with just watching them and simply soaking in the details of their beauty.

Mother and daughter. Terry and I had been married for twenty years, each of us enjoying ourselves sexually as much as any two loving people could. We never missed an opportunity to show our affection for each other openly and physically, even after our daughter came into our lives on our second year of marriage. Our sex life, I would swear to my dying day, is the one thing that kept Terry looking so beautiful, almost ageless. And I’m not waxing poetic here- she weighs now exactly what she did when we met: one hundred and two pounds. I’m sure that there’s been a bit of fluctuation over the years, but it was never significant enough for me to notice and, frankly, I don’t think I would’ve cared if it had. Her hair was still long and jet black (by choice- she’s a natural redhead, even if it is a dark red) and her hips… at five-foot-one, you’d think that having a child would have some sort of impact on her hips, but they are still fairly narrow and yet perfectly curvaceous at just the right spots. Her ass, picture-perfect with zero sag and unblemished in any way, is a perfect heart-shaped homage to the Divine Creator Himself- no finer ass in this world has been seen by my eyes, except perhaps my daughter’s. My wife’s womanly virtues insofar as her personality goes are limitless- intelligent, sweet, patient, strong, generous and fun-loving- but any warm-blooded man’s noble thoughts of her are halted the moment his eyes can feast on Terry’s bounteous breasts. Those two magnificent orbs are fully round, firm 36-D’s with eraser-sized nipples and the smallest areolae you will ever find. And, as if it doesn’t get any better, her pussy, always kept shaven for yours truly, has the amazing ability to retain its tightness, no matter how many times I plow into it. She is a porn dog’s delight, the envy of every stripper and, when she’s on my arm, the most amazing thing under the sun.

My daughter Kathryn, though, is without a doubt, the second best thing this world has to offer after my wife. She is easily as sexy and beautiful, almost the spitting image of her mother except that her hair is naturally brown and her green eyes can rip into your heart with a glance. She is slightly shorter, also, at four-foot-ten, but she seems to walk across the world on legs meant for a giant- nothing stands in her path when she moves, ever. Her breasts are exact mirrors of Terry’s, as is her ass, and that is underscored by the fact that, at eighteen years of age, she’s still a growing young woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if her breasts increase in size after she has her first child. For now, though, I am exceedingly pleased to see my gorgeous daughter at any time, for any reason, as any man would. And, glory of glories, she inherited her mother’s incredible pussy, which is also kept clean shaven for her loving daddy. Oh, yes, folks. I will make no bones about it: I have sex with my daughter almost as frequently as I do with my wife, sometimes with the three of us together. We’ve been at it since the day Kathryn turned of age, after she approached us with the enthusiastic request to have us teach her just how fun sex could be. She’d been with a couple of guys who were duds in the sack, due mostly to their lack of experience, and she was tired of feeling like she should have more. It didn’t take long for me and my wife (who loved women every bit as much as I did back in college) to agree to our daughter’s request. It was, without question, Kathryn’s most amazing birthday present ever… and it was definitely our pleasure to give it to her.

While I silently sipped on my water and waited for the girls to answer me, I mentally counted my blessings for the last year. Nothing bad had happened after we brought Kathryn into our bed. Nothing bad at all. If anything, our relationship with our daughter blossomed into something neither of us had ever expected- she became our friend as well as our lover. The bonds of trust that we already shared as a family simply grew stronger and Kathryn found herself asking our advice about things that she would’ve kept secret from us before. She became even more considerate than ever and seemed the happiest that we’d ever seen her. She didn’t exactly become exclusive to us, either- she still dated boys, and even brought a couple of them home for us to meet (and practice our lessons with). But she no longer seemed in a hurry to leave as most teens her age do. She was happy to be with us and have us in her life. And my relationship with Terry took on a new shape, too. While the majority of our marriage had been devoted to teaching Kathryn how to be a well-adjusted and kind person, we found our roles as parents changing into teaching our daughter how to be a thoughtful and wonderful lover, too. Through teaching Kathryn how to have and enjoy sex, we found that we were rediscovering ourselves sexually, too- role-playing, games, unspoken fantasies (most, yes, of an incestuous nature) and all kinds of new aspects to each other that we never knew existed. It was like our marriage, which was great to begin with, became ten times stronger than it was before. How lucky can a guy be, right?

And with that thought, came the memory of a slightly bumpy patch in our life together. It was a year after Kathryn had been born when we learned that Terry wouldn’t be able to have any more children. Her uterus had a small defect in it that prevented her from being able to conceive ever again. The news was, of course, a terrible blow to both of us, but the joys and challenges of raising a beautiful young woman like Kathryn more than made up for it. We both wanted more children, but if Kathryn was all that the Lord was willing to give us, then we didn’t at all feel let down or disappointed.

Cheered up by these ruminations, I cleared my throat to get the girls’ attention. “Ahem! Shall I go to the living room while you two hammer this out or can one of you please tell me what you’re celebrating so that I can join in with you? I’m feeling kinda left out here, y’know?”

The two ladies broke away from each other and came to join me at the table. “Sorry, Jerry,” my wife said sweetly. “It’s just… well, it’s big and we both want to tell you. It’s just that we can’t decide who should do it.”

I looked at each woman’s face back and forth, my wheels spinning. Finally, I said, “Okay. I knew this day would eventually come. What’s his name and does he have a job? Is he gonna be a good father?”

Both women glanced at each other in barely-concealed amusement. “It’s nothing like that, Daddy!” Kathryn replied and then paused with a curious look on her face. “Well, not entirely,” she added with a coy smile.

“Not entirely?” I said with a skeptical eyebrow.

“Well… the man in question is you, that’s for sure,” Kat said.

“And a baby is definitely involved,” my wife added.

“And you’re the best father in the world, as far as I’m concerned,” my daughter finished sweetly.

My eyes got big with surprise and I began to jump to conclusions in a heartbeat. “Whoa! You mean… you’re-” I pointed at my daughter and then looked at my wife. “Is she-?” Then I sat back in stunned shock. “Well, I’ll be damned. But I thought you were on birth control,” I said to my daughter.

“She WAS,” Terry cut in. “But not anymore. Hasn’t been for a few weeks now. She needed to flush it out of her system.” Before I could interject, she cut me off. “And, yes, I knew about it. Why do you think she’s been so eager to do anal with you lately? And whose pussy have you been coming in for the last month? Mine. Every time you came in her, it was her ass or her mouth. Think about it for a moment.”

And I did. I thought long and hard. In the last month I’d had sex with my daughter more than a two dozen times, more than half of which while my wife joined us. And, sure enough, I hadn’t cum inside my daughter’s delectible pussy once in the entire span of time. Sure, I’d fucked her plenty of times, but I hadn’t cum inside her special honey pot once in an entire month. And there was even a week where I hadn’t emjoyed anything but oral sex with her, due to conflicting schedules… or so I thought at the time.

I was perplexed. “Okay, so how is she-”

Kathryn put her hand on mine to silence me. “Dad, I’m not… yet.” Her eyes met mine with a meaningful look. Without saying a word, my daughter was telling me volumes.

And that’s when the proverbial shoe dropped. Yep, that fucker came right down on my brain pan with a sudden thud and I was dumbstruck. All the pieces began to fall into place with a quickness. My daughter and wife were not celebrating the fact that Kathryn was pregnant with my child, but that she WOULD be. Knowing my daughter as I do, I know that, when she’s not on The Pill, her cycle is as regular as a train schedule. They were celebrating the fact that she was ovulating, that she was fertile and ready for me. That week of nothing but oral sex? That’s when she was back on her cycle- she didn’t want me to get wise to their plans. Did I say I was lucky? I’m blessed!

I sat there in stunned silence for several long moments as I let my mind digest what they were telling me. Meanwhile, the girls started to talk to each other across the table.

“I think he’s catching on,” Kathryn said with bemusement.

“Oh, definitely,” my wife countered. “Now he’s probably just trying to figure out if he wants to shout for joy or put it off and let some other guy have the honor.”

“But, of course,” Kathryn went on, “he already knows that the two of us, as wonderful as we are, can NOT be talked out of it once we get it in our heads to do something. So now he’s probably-”

“Trying to figure out how to make it a special and romantic thing, because he loves us so much.”

My daughter nodded, which caused her beauteous and bountiful breasts to jiggle slightly. “Exactly. But what he doesn’t know is that neither of us cares too much about that romantic stuff right now. You want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet again, and I want to give you both something in return for the wonderful life you’ve given me.”

“Indeed,” my wife added, most definitely aware of the fact that I was soaking in every word they were saying and simply waiting for my cue. “All the romance in the world doesn’t compare to gifts of love, and he knows that, I’m sure. But, still… he’s thinking about it and he just doesn’t get it that giving you a baby and me a grandbaby is probably the most romantic and loving thing he could possibly do for either of us.”

“I know,” Kathryn said agreeably. “I can just hardly wait to feel my Daddy’s baby-making seed sloshing around inside me. Just the thought of it is getting me all wet.”

“Enough!” I interrupted. “Okay! I get it! A man knows when he’s beat, and I, ladies, and completely whipped. So what’ve you got planned here, anyway? When will this beast be lead to the slaughter?”

Mother and daughter clammed up and looked at each other intently once again. I could tell that the two of them were having a silent conversation, one that only women are capable of having with a man in their midst. It seemed to last mere seconds before Kathryn broke the short silence. “Well, Daddy, we were kinda hoping that now would be a good time to get started.”

“Seriously?” I asked with surprise. I looked at Terry. “Honey, I just got home. I haven’t even taken a shower yet.”

My wife simply nodded. “I know. You simply reak of manly odors right now, Jerry. Frankly, it’s driving me crazy, and not in a bad way, either. I’ve told you a hundred times, honey, how much your natural scent turns me on. So you broke a bit of a sweat today, running errands, doing the hunter-gatherer thing that you do so well. Do you have any idea how much of a turn-on it is to know that you’ll be breaking yet another sweat trying to get our daughter pregnant? I mean, look at me!” She nodded down to her breasts and, as my eyes followed hers, I could see that her nipples were hard as little rocks. “I’m practically creaming my thighs just thinking about it! Do you have any idea what your daughter and I were doing while you were out?” She indicated Kathryn, sitting across from her, and pointed at our daughter’s naked breasts. “Look at HER, honey! We’ve both been going nuts in the bedroom, the living room, here in the kitchen, waiting for you to get home. And you want to make us wait longer while you take a shower and clean off that wonderful manly smell of yours? What’s the response to that, Kat?”

My daughter was still holding on to my hand as she stood up and walked closer to me. “I believe the appropriate phrase, Mom, is: fuck that!” She leaned down and kissed me deeply. When our lips parted she added, “But I’m just gonna go with ‘Fuck me!’ Please, Daddy. Now? Mom’s right. We’ve been waiting for HOURS and we can’t, I sure as hell can’t wait any longer. I want you to breed me, right here, right now. Here, in the kitchen. Please? Don’t make me wait, Daddy.”

I stood up and kissed my daughter’s hand lovingly as I held it in my own. “Please? Sweetheart, believe me when I say that you won’t have to ask again. How do you want it? I’m not hard just yet, but I’m getting there the more I think about this. This is your show, since it’s your tummy I’m gonna filling with my cum.”

My daughter positively glowed as her face went flush with excitement. “Oh, so fucking cool!” She glanced at her mother. “Mom, we didn’t get around to talking about this yet, but I’ve already got it laid out in my head. May I?”

Terry was already leaning back in her chair, her apron pulled to one side as she started to finger herself with womanly grace in front of us, and nodded at her daughter with half-lidded, smoldering eyes. “By all means,” she purred, “Like your father said, it’s your show. I’ll help in any way that I can, sweetheart.”

Kathryn pushed herself up against me and kissed me happily on the lips. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daddy! You really are the best father in the world and I KNOW you’ll be the perfect daddy to our first baby! Okay. I saw something like this in a porno I found on the Internet once. There was this girl and she was getting banged by these guys, right? But she was on her back shoulders, feet up in the air, and she was pulling her pussy open so that the guys could cum right inside her. She took, like, three loads in a few minutes, all directly on her cervix. I swear, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and when I saw it I said to myself, ‘When I’m ready, that’s how I want Daddy to do it.’ So that’s what I want to do, Daddy. I want to be on the floor, my feet up in the air and pulling myself wide open so that you can aim that babybatter right where it’ll do the most good.”

I looked at Terry, whose lips were pursed in hedonistic delight at what she heard. “Can you believe this, honey?” I looked back at Kathryn as she was already backing away from me and seating herself on the kitchen floor. “Okay, sweetheart, if that’s how you want to do it, that’s fine with me.”

As my daughter’s naked rump settled onto the tile floor of our kitchen, she held out her hand as I started to take off my shirt. “Wait! There’s more,” she said hurriedly. “You and Mom, you’ve been SO wonderful to me that I don’t want to, like, let her feel left out in any way. Mom, would you mind bending over the table to let Dad fuck you until he’s ready to cum? I mean, we all know that it’s his favorite position, so there’s no reason why we can’t all be happy, right?” Suddenly she sat bolt upright. “Oh my god! I almost forgot! Hold on!” And, with that, she jumped up and ran into the living room. Inside of two minutes she was back, the family video camera in hand (how many times had we video-taped ourselves fucking each other senseless with that thing? Enough to become near pro’s at handling it!). She clicked it on to record and pointed it at me. “When Dad’s ready to cum inside me, Mom, I want you to record it. Close angle, of course, but make sure you get at least a few seconds of our faces, for reference’s sake. It’ll be so sexy to watch it again and see that my beautiful daddy is about to put a baby inside his adoring, appreciative little girl!” She tilted her head away from the camera to look at me. “Just think, Dad. This could be the day you get me pregnant with your own grandchild- a baby for your baby. Doesn’t that sound so sexy? Three months from now my tummy could be bulging with the life you put inside me and we can go back and watch the moment it happened over and over again. And, later, after the baby’s been born, we can watch it again to get ourselves ready for another one!”

By now the half-mast erection I’d had just a few minutes before had risen to full tumescence- I was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. I continued to disrobe in front of my wife and daughter, the camera rolling, as Terry stood up and sauntered over to me. By the time she was at my side, I’d already taken off my t-shirt and was unbuckling my pants. She dipped two wet fingers into my mouth as I struggled with the zipper of my pants. I tasted her pussy juice on her fingers and reveled in the flavor while our daughter once again got completely comfortable on the kitchen floor, still aiming the video camera at us, and began to finger her own pussy langoriously while staring into the lens.

“Oooooooh,” Kathryn moaned, “that is so hot, Mom! And look at you, Dad- already ready to play!” She aimed the camera lens directly at my cock and zoomed in for a close-up of its angry-looking tip. A drop of pre-cum had already begun to form at the head of my hardness. “I think, Mommy, that foreplay is gonna have to wait. Daddy looks like he’s more than ready!”

I kicked off my shoes and socks before letting my pants fall completely to the floor. “You have no idea, Kitten,” I growled. When my pants were finally at my ankles, I kicked them off to the side, grabbed my wife around her waist with one hand and kissed her as deeply as I could. The kiss, while extremely passionate, was brief. “I’m sorry, honey, but our daughter’s right. My motor isn’t just running, it’s roaring. I gotta fuck one of you soon or I’m gonna go insane.”

Terry smiled sexily as she turned around and laid her torso down on the table, her ass thrust up in the air in anticipation of my attack. When she was in position, she turned to look back at me, snaked one hand behind her to pull one perfect ass cheek aside and said, “It’s okay, honey, I’m as ready as you are. Both of us are. Drill me well before you fill our daughter with your seed!” Then she nodded at the video camera. “And I’ll get it all on film.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I reached down and grabbed hold of my now raging manhood with barely-contained eagerness and aimed it at my wife’s clearly lubricated pussy. I should mention that, while not obscenely huge, I do indeed pack a pretty impressive weapon between my legs. Both my daughter and my wife have shouted for joy at being crammed full of my cock, once their tight pussies managed to adjust to its size. It’s a bit on the thick side, but not overly so- just long and thick enough to let my two lovely ladies know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they’re being fucked thoroughly. On occasion I tap their cervixes with the head of my cock, but when I do, that only seems to inflame them more. The only thing that drives them crazier is when I finally do hose their pussies down with my cum. I invariably spray enough of their insides with my sperm that it works its way back out after about my third spurt- and I spurt at least five times before my ejaculations subside, followed by two or three additional, smaller jets of cum before I’m completely done. More of my cum as been poured into either my wife’s or my daughter’s pussy than you could possibly imagine.

I brushed the head of my penis between Terry’s sodden labia, getting the tip wet enough for entry and dragged it across her protruding clit. The brief contact of cock and clit made my wife’s hips involuntarily jerk in anticipation and she let loose with an appreciative “Mmmm…”

“I love watching you do that, Dad,” our daughter said. “She reacts the same way every time and it’s just too cool to see. I gotta zoom in on this.” She tapped a button on the camera and said, “Oh, perfect!”

I stopped brushing my cockhead through my wife’s outer lips and placed it right at her entrance while looking down at my daughter. “You like watching me fuck your mother, huh? Well, babygirl, keep watching, because it only gets better.” With that I began to slowly, gently saw my girth into my wife’s incredibly tight pussy. Inch by inch my member invaded her depths and, with each slight withdrawal, her inner lips clung tightly to my shaft. As I got deeper and deeper into my wife’s canal, Terry’s moans became louder and more prominent. When I was about halfway in, I stopped completely and said, “Ready, honey?”

Terry’s hands, which were at the time playing with her distended nipples, moved to the edge of the kitchen table to provide herself with a better, more stable grip. “Do it, my love,” she rasped. “Shove that thing home! I’m ready!”

With no further urging needed, I steadily pushed the rest of my length in until I could feel my balls brushing up against her mons. As I pushed in, Terry let out a long, slow breath that lasted as long as it took me to fully enter her. When I was completely inside her as deep as I could go, I gently flexed my scrotal muscles enough to make my cock barely move up and down, relishing the sensation of my cock head nudging her cervix.

“Ooooh, my God, that feels good!” Terry sighed as my cock twitched. “I’ll never get over how you do that!”

The sounds of Kathryn’s fingers pushing in and out of her pussy stopped as she asked, “Is he twitching, Mom? God, I love it when he does that.” I glanced over at her again and saw that her middle finger was twigging slowly, stimulating her own g-spot as she lay there and smiled up at me and held the camera as steady as possible on her parents. “Hiya, Daddy. Having fun?”

I smiled back at her lovingly and nodded. “Lots, sweetheart. How about you?” Without missing a beat, I slowly dragged my cock back out of my wife’s pussy until just the head was inside and then carefully wormed the shaft back in, my normal routine of starting off slowly and then picking up the pace as she adjusts to my size.

My lovely daughter’s eyes quickly flashed to my groin, taking in the sight of me starting to slowly fuck her mother, and then back to mine. “It’s fun enough to watch, Daddy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I envy the hell out of Mom right now.” She tapped another button on the camera and I saw the lens shift slightly, undoubtedly to get a wider view of the action. “God, I’m gonna love watching this later!” Kathryn said. “Don’t let him go over the edge yet, Mom!”

Terry craned her head enough to look at our daughter. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I won’t let him finish inside me. I’m just getting him primed up for you.”

I continued to push my cock in and out of my wife’s pussy while our daughter continued to finger herself and record us. I playfully, gently swatted her right buttock. “Who’s priming who, woman?” I let fly with one quick thrust to make my point clear.

“Ow!” Terry moaned. “Honey, please! I’m not completely ready for that just yet. You can go faster and deeper in a few minutes.”

I resumed my languid pace, enjoying the sight of her inner lips tightly holding on to my shaft with each withdrawal, and chuckled. “I know, honey. I know. Sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

My wife let go of the table’s edge with one hand and began to revisit her right nipple with some attention as she said, “Only if you keep fucking me like that. But, seriously, honey, please remember to pull out when you’re ready. Kat’s been waiting a whole month for this day.”

I felt my wife’s juices begin to coat my cock, making the process of fucking her a little faster much easier. As I slowly upped my pace, I said, “I don’t doubt that both of you have been waiting with baited breath for today to arrive, honey. I still can’t believe that you kept it a secret, though. Why did you even bother, by the way?”

“For your sake, silly,” Kathryn said. I looked at her and noted that she, too, had begun to play with one of her nipples while her pussy went ignored. “We didn’t want you to get all worked up with doubt and stuff. We figured that if we just hit you with it, you’d have less time to worry about it.”

“Besides,” my wife huffed in tempo with my thrusts, “you know how us girls like to have our little secrets. And what harm can it possibly do if the secret, in this case, is a good one? I love you, honey, but now is a terrible time to let your mind do all the thinking. For once can you just obey your natural masculine instincts and fuck me proper without all the banter?”

I paused thrusting into my wife for a moment so that I could lean over her and kiss the back of her neck, which made her jerk a little as my cock shifted inside her, once again nudging up against the entrance to her cervix. “Sorry, my love. I shall do as you ask and perform my husbandly-” I glanced at Kathryn- “AND fatherly duties.” With that, I stood back up and began to push into Terry more steadily and evenly, thoroughly luxuriating in the feeling that her tight walls gave me. “I just can’t believe that I’m fucking you only so that I can cum in Kathryn. No complaints, though!”

“Th-thank you!” my wife chimed out. The hand that had been playing with her right nipple went back to the table’s edge. “Oh! Oh God, yes! Fuck, that feels good!”

I said nothing as I continued to fuck my wife with an increasing tempo. For several minutes, we all remained silent, lost in the hedonistic bliss of the moment and enjoying ourselves immensely. I could hear Kathryn’s wet pussy every few seconds as she resumed playing with herself, patiently waiting for me to get ready to cum. My wife, fully and completely gone to the world, was moaning repeatedly as my cock sought out untouched territory within her canal. And I? I did nothing but take a few sharp breaths as my wife’s pussy clenched down on me in the beginnings of her first climax. My pace had picked up considerably now and the sound of my groin slapping into her ass cheeks filled the kitchen and my gaze bounced from the pussy I was fucking to the pussy that I’d be filling in a few moments.

The smell of Terry’s overheated cunt filled my nostrils and her moans began to change into outright grunts of satisfaction while I pounded her from behind. After a few seconds, though, she found her voice enough to cry out, “I- I’m cumming! Oh, fuck yes, honey! Fuck me, I’m cumming! Yes, yes, YES! Ooooooooh, YES, FUCK YES!”

With a suddenness that I hadn’t expected, her pussy clamped down hard on my cock and I found that I couldn’t push into her anymore. My wife’s body tensed up completely and began to shake with the onslaught of her orgasm. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was seconds away from blowing my load and, as much as I wanted to just let go and cum inside my wife, I knew that my daughter was waiting for me. I yanked my cock out with a loud pop and took a step back. I held my glistening cock in my hand and looked down at Kathryn, whose eyes had never diverted from our coupling and were wide in expectation. “I’m about ready, baby,” I told her.

Without missing a beat, she laid the camera at her side, rolled her hips upward and tilted her pussy as high into the air as she could while bearing the majority of her weight on her shoulders. With what seemed to me as an extraordinary feat of balance, her heels came down as she bent her knees and her thighs spread wide open. When she was sure that she wouldn’t fall, she snaked the first two fingers of both hands up to her pussy and began to gently pull her inner lips apart. “Come here, Daddy,” she huffed. “Come spray your cum inside your little girl’s womb! Knock me up, Daddy!”

I walked quickly over to my daughter, her legs akimbo, and held tightly onto my pussy-juice-coated cock. I could feel my balls churning with the need of release as I closed the short distance. At the same time, my wife scrabled off the table and hurried to her daughter’s side, picked up the camera and pointed it at me still in motion. When I was in position and looked down to aim the head of my penis at my daughter’s exposed entrance, what I saw caught my breath. Terry flicked on the camera’s light and followed my gaze downward with the lens. Kathryn’s pussy was pulled open to its stretching point, her fingertips caught tightly on each side, and I could see all the way down into my beautiful girl’s pussy canal. The overhead lighting of the kitchen coupled with the camera’s light was such that it lit everything perfectly, allowing me to see the winking eye of her cervix and the inner muscles leading down to it. My gaze shifted slightly so that I could see my daughter’s eyes, which were bright with need and want and excitement.

In that moment I was suddenly transported back to a time when Kathryn was only a little girl. We were having dinner and she was asking me for a pudding cup for dessert. She was so small, then, that the top of her head barely reached my hip. The same look she had in her eyes now, as she lay beneath me and waited for me to fill her core with my seed, was exactly the same as when she was asking for that pudding cup. There was pleading, love and hope in those eyes and I could not find it within myself to deny my daughter what she so dearly wanted. So many years ago it was a simple dessert. Now it was something far more complicated, but no less important to her: she wanted my baby.

“I love you, baby girl,” I told her.

“I love you, too, Daddy,” she replied in her little-girl voice. “Now please cum inside me!” She tilted her head slightly at her mother and said, “Mom, are you getting this?”

“Every second of it, sweetie,” my wife answered. She leaned down quickly to give our daughter a kiss on the lips and whispered, “You’re so beautiful, sweetheart. Thank you for this.” Then she composed herself and looked up at me. “You heard our daughter, Jerry. She’s waiting for your cum. Are you gonna do it or not?”

I gave her a curt nod and refocused my view on my daughter’s gaping pussy as I carefully bent my knees to get my cockhead closer to the opening. There were just two inches of space bewteen her outer lips and the very tip of my throbbing member as I aimed it and began to slowly stroke the shaft. The slick remnants of my wife’s lubrication around my shaft made the job easier. Terry moved around to get a better angle of what was about to happen, the lens capturing each moment perfectly for posterity.

“Oh, God, this is so fucking hot!” Terry hissed as I stroked my cock some more. “You’re actually gonna do it, honey,” she said. “You’re about to cum right inside our baby’s womb. God, look at your cock, honey! It’s enormous! When that thing goes off and starts shooting your sperm into our little girl’s wide, open pussy it’s gonna go off like a firehose! I’m locked on, Jerry. Fill her. Fill your daughter’s pussy with your cum!”

That was it. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I gritted my teeth and fixed my eyes on my point of aim as I hissed, “Oh, ssssshit! I’m cumming!”

With that, my cock seemed to expand in size and girth and my balls clenched something fierce as it pushed the first jet of cum out of my body and into my daughter’s. All of us watched in breathless rapture, the camera’s silent and watchful eye forever recording each blast, as the first spurt was set free and a large stream of sperm was released into Kathryn’s opening. It was a perfect shot and the cum splashed down right on top of her cervix. Kathryn immediately gasped at the sensation of my sperm spashing down inside her which caused her cervix to reflexively open up. As it winked open for a brief second I actually saw my cum go straight down into my daughter’s womb and get swallowed up by it.

“Oh my GOD!” my wife exclaimed.

Kathryn, though, simply let out a soft, “Ooooo!” as my first salvo disappeared. “Oh, wow!” she gasped as she felt my cum start to worm its way inside her body.

I squeezed my shaft and my balls lurched again as I grunted with effort. The second shot followed quickly and my aim was just as true except that, this time, it struck home on my baby girl’s inner walls and began to ooze down to its destination. The second blast seemed to last an eternity, but really only lasted two seconds. “Yes!” my wife hissed as my balls clenched for a third round.

The third shot hit just below the second, splashing forcefully at the place where the walls joined the cervix and began to pool there with the second shot.

“Oh my God, Daddy!” my daughter wheezed. “I can feel it! I feel it going down inside me! Your cum is pouring down inside my womb! God, it’s so warm! MORE!”

There was a short pause before the fourth and fifth shots of my hot cum came out as white streamers that landed directly on the entrance to my daughter’s cervix, where they both began to pool for a few seconds until the mouth winked open again. When the mouth to her inner core popped open as though to breathe, the puddle of my baby-making seed quickly sank down into my daughter’s uterus to join the first shot and droplets of the second and third shots dribbled in with them.

“This is so fucking HOT!” my wife enthused. “Your father’s cum is running right down into you, Kathryn!” She had moved the camera’s focus away from my spurting member and aimed it down inside our daughter’s stretched pussy. She had captured on film the moment when my fourth and fifth shots of white sperm had been swallowed up by Kathryn’s hungry womb, making it clear to anyone who viewed it that this exercise had a sole intention: to get my daughter pregnant.

I held tightly onto my shaft, certain that I wasn’t completely done just yet and felt my balls jerk to elicit two more, smaller, shots that went a little high and weren’t as copious as the first five, but still went straight into the mouth of my little girl’s pussy. Sure that I was done cumming, I gently pushed the head of my cock into Kathryn’s pussy and stroked down my shaft with a tight grip to put as much of my cum into her as possible. But, unexpectedly, a few more small jolts ran through my body as I saw my handiwork, making for a total of ten shots that went into my daughter’s cum-filled core before I was completely done cumming. We all saw my cock jerk with those last few jets, my cum making my shaft bulge each time and the camera close enough to catch it. With shaking knees, I withdrew the head and I managed to squeeze out a few more drops that fell onto her fingertips. I held myself there and allowed myself to catch my breath as I took in the vision below me. I truly had hosed down my daughter’s pussy with more cum than I thought possible. Some of it was still pooled there, around the opening to her cervix, as she held her cunt lips open for me, my wife and the camera to see.

“I wanna see it,” Kathryn said from below us. “Flip the viewer please, Mom.” Our camera has a little viewer that can flip around in various directions. Terry did as our daughter asked, still pointing the camera down into the depths of Kathryn’s exposed, cum-filled pussy. I watched my daughter’s eyes widen at what she saw. “Oh fuck, Daddy,” she whispered. “Look at what you did! Look at that! That’s your cum inside me, Daddy! Your sperm! And most of it’s already working its way down deeper inside me, inside my womb, looking for one of my eggs. Oh, Daddy, it’s beautiful! Thank you!” Tears started to stream down the sides of her face as she looked on at the video camera. “Oh my God, this is so cool to see! I’m actually watching myself get pregnant from my own father’s cum!” Then her face brightened as a thought occurred to her. “But I didn’t get to see it actually go inside me, did I? Hold on a sec,” she said and kept her eyes glued to the viewer with a look of intense concentration on her face. “Watch!” she said and then made a strained grunt. My wife and I returned our attention back to her pussy, still held wide open by her fingertips, and watched with wonder as the small pool of my remaining cum suddenly sank down into her cervix when it opened back up for a quick second. Our daughter was so intent on getting all of her father’s cum inside her fertile, teenaged body that she had willed the very entrance to her womb to open up and let every last drop of it in. The pale pinkness of her canal had white streaks running down it and there were a few pearly white drops resting by her fingertips, but a significant majority of my baby-making sperm was now in the inescapable clutches of my daughter’s uterus, intent on creating life in her small body.

“Holy fuck,” I said as I took it all in. “Sweetheart, if that doesn’t do the trick-”

My daughter let go of her pussy lips, letting it close shut as she allowed her feet to slowly touch the ground with her back still arched (and now braced by her hands) and her pussy still up in the air. While managing this acrobatic act, she still had the presence of mind to cut me off in mid-speech. “Then we’ll do it again, Dad. Next time, though, I’ll hold myself open and you’ll put just the head in. And I’ll want video of that, too. I want to record it every time you cum inside me. And I want you to cum inside me like that, every time. Just like that.”

Terry rubbed our daughter’s thigh gently and lovingly, “That sounds like a lovely idea, sweetie. And after each session, we’ll go back and watch it. It’ll be amazing!”

I carefully stood up straight and let go of my cock, which was quickly gripped by my wife and sucked into her waiting, happy mouth as she deftly put the camera on the kitchen floor. My wife was determined, I’m sure, to get whatever remained in the shaft of my cock as she sucked hard on the tip. I just shook my head and said, “You two are incredible, you know that? I mean, that has got to be the most twisted, perverted thing I’ve ever heard. Fucking my daughter and cumming inside her is one thing, but cumming inside her in THIS way and then filming it… why on earth would you want to do that, anyway?”

“To show to your son or daughter. Of course, I’m really hoping that it’ll be a girl,” Kathryn said as she patted her cum-filled tummy with one hand while the other was cupped over her mound to ensure that none of my life-giving seed would leak out of her. “Let them know exactly how they were made, who made them and the loving way in which it happened.”

Terry pulled off my cock with a pop. “Honey,” she said as she slowly stroked my semi-hard dick in her hand, “I don’t think you realize what just transpired here. You, my wonderful husband, just marked your territory. You shot ten jets of potent cum- and I counted- into your tiny, sexy daughter’s wide-open pussy with the express intention of getting her pregnant. Ten! Honey, my darling love, our daughter is yours in every way imaginable now. You marked her with your SEED, which is right now rooting around inside her, looking for what we hope is a VERY fertile egg.” Terry stopped long enough to kiss the tip of my cock, which was amazingly enough, getting hard again at the way she described what we had just done. “You made your own grandbaby, honey. And if you didn’t this time, you WILL. There is no WAY we aren’t going to let that child grow up without knowing just who its father is!” Then, as care-free as you please, she resumed sucking on my cockhead with glee.

I looked down at my daughter, who was still on the floor with her back arched up so that her pussy could stay in the air. “She right, Daddy,” Kathryn said demurely from between her spread thighs. “I’m all yours now. My pussy is definitely yours until I catch with your baby- and even after. Mom is your wife, your first wife. Me? I’m your second. I’m still your child, of course, and I will always look to you for guidance in every aspect of my life, but you, Daddy, are my MAN. When I say this, I say it with complete sincerity: please cum inside me anytime you like. I WANT you to. Hell, Daddy, I’ll BEG you to, if I have to!” She patted her tummy again. “I wish you could feel what I’m feeling right now, Daddy. You made my wish come true! Your sperm is sloshing around inside me, I actually feel it,” she added with a little wiggle of her hips for visual effect. “It’s so warm and gooey in here. There’s an egg inside me, your little girl, and the same sperm that made me is trying to make another baby inside me. I’m GOING to get pregnant, Daddy, with your baby. And it’s going to be loved like no other, I can tell you. And, when my breasts are big with milk, I’ll share with you, Daddy. Our baby get first dibbs, of course, but whatever’s left goes to you and Mommy. Both of you helped to make our baby and both of you should reap the rewards of that. I’m yours, body and soul, for as long as I live. Fuck me, cum inside me, breed me- those three things will make me the happiest daughter in the world, to bring you MORE daughters to fuck, even when you’re sixty. And you will, Daddy. Just like you fucked me and put a baby inside me, I’m going to raise our daughter, if we’re so lucky to have one, and teach her how to breed with her father, just like I did.”

As a man in his mid-thirties, it’s not often that I can cum twice in such a short period of time, but between my wife’s oral ministrations on my incredibly sensitive penis and my daughter’s exhortation to fill her- and our potential future daughter- with my cum anytime I wished, I was ready to go again. I rolled my head back in resignation of the feelings that were boiling in my loins and groaned, “Ooooh, FUCK! I’m gonna cum again, girls! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”

Kathryn’s eyes got wide and she immediately got herself back into her previous position. “Wait, Daddy! Let me get ready! Mom! The camera!”

This time my wife jumped to our daughter’s aid and held her legs straight and thighs apart while I took hold of my pulsing meat and again approached my daughter’s willingly receptive body. When Kathryn’s body was again ready for me, Terry reached for the camera and aimed it at Kathryn’s pussy. I focused all of my attention on my daughter’s hairless mound as she quickly slipped her fingertips back to where they were and practically yanked her pussy lips wide. “There!” my daughter cried, “I’m ready for another load!”

Having cum only minutes before, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to aim so well this time what with the adrenalin and weakening knees. I rushed up to my daughter’s open hole and, this time, placed the tip of my cock as close as possible to her opening while still letting my wife and I watch as each jet shot into her body. I tensed up and felt my balls lurch painfully as my cannon burst forth with another powerful load of cum. Terry had the camera aimed, just like before, at an angle that captured the action deep within our daughter’s vaginal chasm while Kathryn got to watch it from her perspective. Jet after forceful jet shot straight and true into Kathryn’s entrance, unable to escape anywhere else due to how close I was holding the tip of my penis as it erupted my contents into her.

Kathryn was so enthralled with the show, seeing her father’s cum splash against her cervix repeatedly, that all she could do was breathe “Ohmygod” each time it happened. One time her core winked open as she gasped and she got to watch my cum disappear again into the deep recesses of her body.

The shots this time weren’t as numerous, only five in total, but each one was a long and powerful stream of sperm that literally painted my daughter’s inner walls. By the time I was done emptying my life-giving seed into Kathryn’s wide-open hole, my poor testicles were aching as though they’d been put in a vice and I quickly fell backward, almost falling on top of my wife as I did so, and landed with a soft thud on the kitchen floor with a straight-on view of my daughter’s cum-filled pussy as my wife continued to aim the camera at the gaping hole. There wasn’t any chance of my cum going anywhere but deep down inside our daughter’s uterus, for she once again concentrated all of her effors on her cervix and willed it to open up until all of it was gone. We all three watched as, this time, an even bigger puddle of my white seed was swallowed up by my grateful daughter’s body.

We just stayed where we were, breathing larboriously after the intensity of our episode. The three of us exchanged meaningful glances before, finally, Kathryn broke the silence breathlessly. “Thank you for cumming inside me like that, Daddy. Say… do you think that second time might make it twins?”

And, with that, I let myself fall backward with a groan as my wife and daughter giggled like little girls.


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