Cousin sister payel blackmail and Humilate karke Choda

This story in based on fiction and fantasy.The pictures used in this story is collected from net.(all the nude/ half nude pictures of actress aksha are fake,these are just for fantasy)

All this started when i was in class XI.Before that, as a common teenage boy, i was interested in playing and spending time with friends. But after that incident i became interested in SEX.
I was the only son of my parents.I had two cousin sisters. Payel who was one year elder than me.Payel was very fare,beautiful girl and had a nice figure.(she looked like actress aksha)

But she was in the same class with me as she was a little dull and had failed in one classe .
And Pooja who is one year younger than me.She was very cute and beautiful also.

When all this started i was 18 years old and Payel was 19 years old.My uncle lived our native village with his family and my parents and i lived in town.My uncle was very poor so my uncle decided to send Payel our house so that, she can continue her study in town.My dad said that he had no problems with that and he would take the responsibility of Payel’s study.Payel came to our house and was admited a .I became happy to get a new friend.In the first floor of our house, her room was beside of mine and bathrooms were attached.

First two months everythings were normal.Some times we study together.As she was not so intelligent, i helped her in sdudy.I always look at her as sister. One day about 9:30 am, i returned from my private tution hurrily as i had to go to school early for some practical project work.I just put my bag on the bookshelf and rushed to bathroom to take bath.As i opened the door i saw Payel totally nude, she was bathing in my bathroom.

I became shocked to see her nude and close the door immediately.She also became shocked and tried to cover her body with her hands.
After few minutes she quickly finished her bath and came out after dressing.I asked her “what were you doing in my bathroom?”She replied “sorry bhaiya,there was a problem of shower in my bathroom so i thought to use yours” i said “thats ok,but you should shut the bathroom door” she replied with shame“i shut the door bolt,but somehow it became unbolt” i said ok, and she left my room.I knew that the bolt of my bathroom door was loose and sometimes it slipped down automatically.After that, i took bath,got ready and went to school. Whole day i was busy in the project work at school.I returned home in the afternoon.After finishing the dinner i went to my bed and then i remember the morning incident.I thought what i had seen in those two or three second’s wiew.”what a beautiful milky boobs she has!”i thought.

I realized that my penis became hard.I started jerking it and sparm came out.My hand, my shorts were full of sparm. I couldn’t sleep properly that night.Whole night i was thinking about payel’s milky boobs and nude body.I started to look at Payel in a different way from that day.Next day i went to school but the whole day i was thinking about her.That night i searched the internet in my laptop and saw a lot of nude pictures of beautiful girls.From that day i started searching internet every night.I had seen a lot of blue films and jerked my penis imagining Payel.
After that day i started looking at her boobs whenever i got a chance.At home most of the time she dressed up in conservative clothes like churidar,kurti etc and always use dupatta,but when she bent forward i could see a great wiew of her cleavage.One day we were watching tv sitting on sofa.she bent to take snacks infront of me and i saw her big ass and ass crack in only covered by her legins as her kurti was gone up from backside upon her waist without her knowledge.
I never thought that it would be so big and round.I went to my bathroom and jerk my tool thinking her big round ass.I thought in my mind “her figure must be 34-26-35”. By that day i was adicted to seeing her boobs and ass.I thought that i have todo something to see a full wiew of her boobs,ass and fully nude body.But how??she would not come to bath in my bathroom ever in shame as the last incident happend.”then????How could i see her nude beauty????”i thought.


I got an idea.Next day i did not go to school.I decided that i would hide in Payel’s room before her coming back from school and when she would change her school uniform i coule enjoy the nude beauty of her body.So after lunch i told my mother “i am feeling sleepy and i’m going to sleep in my room”Then i directly went to Payel’s room to find a safe place from where i could see her easily without her knowledge.But unfortunately there was no such place in her room to hide except the narrow place beside her wardrob.”It’s too risky to hide there as she could find me anytime”i thought in my mind.So i began to think about another options.In such a messy condition i had spend almost one hour.” Payel will return in next half an hour,before that i have to do some arrangement”i thought 

Suddenly i heard Payel’s voice in ground floor.She was talking with my mother.Her school had finished early,so she returned home before almost half an hour than other day.Then she was coming to her room.I couldn’t decide what to do then!!Once i thought to give up and try it another day.But suddenly an idea came to my mind.I lied on the floor and quickly slide to under her bed.It was a quite safe place as she would never bent down under the bed usually. Payel entered the room and shut the door from inside.Then she came to the bed put her schoolbag on the side of the bed and lied on the bed for a few minutes as she was very tired.I was lying under the bed and she was on the bed.” Uffff!!! If Payel would lied on my body instead the bed,I could feel her beautiful body”i thought.After sometime she went near her wardrob and take out her homely dress.I couldn’t saw those things,i could only saw Payel’s beautiful thin legs.Then she went near her dressing table and started to undress herself.I peep from there to see her undressing.

At first Payel unbuttoned her churidar and then took off her churidar over her head from her milky body.I was seeing her backside.Then i looked at the mirror.There i could saw her front body. Payel was looking so sexy in that white printed bra.My tool started to get harder.Her hairs were coming on her face. Her sweaty face was looking damn sexy that time.Suddenly Payel went to her bathroom to splash water on her face to be relaxed.My penis became rock hard that time.I couldn’t control myself from jerking.So i thought to leave her room quickly and jerk it in my own room as it was too risky to jerk it under her bed.But then i thought “i have to see Payel’s full naked body today”,”It’s a golden opportunaty,i shouldn’t miss it”Thinking that i started massaging my penis slowly.Soon Payel came back to her room and stand in front of the mirror.Then she untied the knot of her churider’s pant and it slided down automatically.Then she was standing there in only bra and panty(matched printed bra and panty).Payel was looking at her body through the mirror smiling and singing in a low voice in her own mind.

I couldn’t control myself and started jerking in full force.A ‘ummmh’ sound came out from my mouth with a huge load of sparm from my penis.Hearing that Payel looked back and found me lying under the bed and peeping at her.Payel became so shocked that she became speechless for a while.Then she ran towards her bathroom grabbing her clothes .I also became so shocked that i couldn’t decide what to do and quickly open the door and ran towards my own room.

Reaching my room i shut the door and sat on the chair.I was breathing heavily.”what have i done???I have spoiled everything!!!”i said to myself.

Then i lied on my bed and started thinking.I knew that payel would not tell that to anyony as she is very shy and i am a gentle and polite boy to her.But if she started suspect me then my dreams would remain incomplete.The dream of seeing her complete nude.So i kept thinking the way to solve the problem.But i couldnot find any strong reason that could i told payel for being under her bed. In the evening i went to the market telling that i had to buysome important books.Actually i didn’t want to face Payel.

In the market i went to a book shop as i knew that i had to return with new books otherwise mother would ask me about it.So i bought some books that i actually had no need.In road i was thinking about the way to solve the problem.I was thinking “i wish this books contain some trick to overcome any problem easily”Suddenly something stuck in my mind an i told myself smiling”There’s no need of trick,books would resque me from this trouble itself”.Actually i had seen a lot of old books were kept under Payel’s bed,and made a plan to escape from that problems with help of those books.

I returned home happily.We were having our dinner in same table but Payel neither talked to me nor even looked at me.I knew that Payel was very shy in nature ,so she would never ask me abourt that incident.After dinner Payel went to her room.Then i went there and told him”i am very ashamed for what happend in the afternoon,it happend accidentally”
Payel was looking at me curiously.i started to tell her”at noon i was doing my project work,then i needed the book that i gave to last month.So i came to your room to search that book.But nowhere i found it.Atlast i saw some books kept under your i entered there to search that book.I was so busy in searching the book that i couldn’t came to know that u have came to your room.Finally i couldn’t find it and was coming out from there.Then my head got hearted and i moan slightly in pain.When i saw you i became ashamed and as you ran towards your bathroom i went to my room in sahame”
Silly Payel belived my story so easily ans said to me innocently “I knew that there must be some reason of your activity “ she added”its ok bhaiya,don’t be ashamed, it happened accidentally,forget about it” I said thanks to her , wished her good night and returned to my room.
I was happy that my plan worked.I thought i had to make perfect plan to enjoy Payel’s sexy body.

Few days passed.I was thinking about the plan.It was one Sunday.My parents ,me and Payel were having our breakfast together.Daddy told us that he would take us to the shopping mall for shopping.Payel jumped in joy.I was looking at payel.As she jumped her tender boobs bounced like two ‘fresh green coconut’.

Then Payel told happily”I am going to take bath now,and will be ready in just 30 minutes”.Payel went to her room. I too went to my room to take bath as i would aslo go with them.I entered my bathroom and thinking about the awesome sight i had seen.Then i heard some sound in Payel’s bathroom.”Payel must be bathing fully nude!! I wish, i could see her naked wet sexy body and feel her with my hands!!!”i thought”But for this bllody wall between two bathroom, i couldn’t see her even”.Suddenly i remember that there was a window in that wall but it was too high.Quickly i took a chair inside my bathroom and climb on it too peep through the window.I reached the window easily as i was nat very short.I peep through the window gap.Payel was standing there fully naked.Her naked ‘green coconuts’ were hanging but those were very firm and white like milk.

My penis instantly grew bigger and satan straight. Then i looked towards down.I was amazed to see Payel,s pussy.It was totally clean.There was not a trace of a single hair. Payel put the towel beside and raised her hand to turn the shower on.It was another gift for me.I saw Payel’s armpits were also waxed.”From where this homely villege girl learn to shave her pussy and wax her armpit ???”I asked myself in my mind and replied myself”I have to know it very soon”.Payel started to bath under the shower.I started to massage my 10” dick.When Payel turn around i saw her nude wet ass.Those were like two big ‘water melons’.

Seeing those i couldn’t control myself anymore.Quickly i got down from the chair and ejeck my sparm. “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” sound came out from my mouth.Then i took my bath and prepared to go to shopping.After 30 minutes we all got ready to go.Mother called Payel to come down quickly as we were getting late.When she came down i could’n move my eye from her.Payel was dressed in a brown- white combination ‘Anarkali’ dress.Her hair was untied.

Payel was looking damn sexy and hot.”If my parents are not here,i would tear your dress and kissed your whole body and drank all the juice of your ‘green coconuts’and ‘water melons’ now”I said in my mind.Then we went to shopping.

That night i had seen some hardcore fucking bf.I masterbate thinking of fucking Payel. From that day my dreams changed into Fuck Payel’s every hole brutally and drank all the juice of her sexy body.



Next day when Payel went her bathroom to bath, i was ready in my bathroom to peep in Payel’s bathroom.I had seen her for 15 minutes and then masterbate.Then i thought that it was very risky to peep in Payel’s bathroom everyday.So i thought to record Payel’s bathing in my smartphone so that i could see it any time masterbate and keep my lund calm.

So next day i put my smartphone in a perfect place to record Payel’s bath.I record Payel’s bathing videos for a whole week.I took some images too. Those days i was masterbating three or four times per day seeing Payel’s nude videos and images.Among those videos there was a video in which Payel came her bathroom wearing her innerwears.But it was not a casual bra ,panty.It was a pink coloured lingerie.”What the fuck!!!!!!!This sexy bitch payel wears this rype of lingerie also..!!!” i said myself.

Payel’s boobs were trying to coming out from that lingerie as it could only cover her half boobs.Payel’s pussy was visible slightly as the panty was very tight and semi transparent.Payel was looking like a ‘bikini photoshoot model of hollywood’.She was looking more sexy and hot than naked in that lingerie.I masterbated twice seeing
payel in that sexy dress.

Then one question appeared in my mind”from where Payel get that lingerie??She is a decent homely shy girl.She always wears traditional homely dresses…Then????” “I have to know that from where Payel get that” i thought.

As i decided i did not go to school the next day.Payel went to school at 10am.After 30 minute i entered her room and shut it from inside.I just wanted to search Payel’s wardrob to know that how many sexy colourful lingerie she has..Payel never lock her wardrob,i knew that.I opened the wardrob.There ware all traditional and homely dresses like churidar,kurti etc.Then i looked at the lower part.There Payel’s innerwears were kept.I grab all those with my two hands and took those to Payel’s bed to check.There were all simple bra and panties.Most of them were white which are usually uesd by homely villege girls.A few bra and panties were coloured and printed.”But where that pink lingerie has gone???.Is Payel wearing that today??” i thought.But Payel had wore that yesterday and she won’t wore it today.I thought ,it must be in her wardrob then.I searched Payel’s wardrob again.But alas!! Nothing was there.

Then one thought came to my mind.I started the video clip of Yesterday’s in my mobile and saw it till end.In that video Payel put that lingerie in the dress basket in the bathroom .I rushed towards bathroom and found those pieces of pink lingerie with other unclean clothes.I took those and startrd to feel those by hands.I imagined payel’s half covered big boobs in that and suck it.Then i fell that that panty wes a little wet.I smelt it.”mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! what a sexy smell,the smell of the pussy juce of my sexy cousin Payel”i told and emediately started jerking my tool as it was already grown and standing.In few jerks sparm came out. I quickly put the pink panty around my tool and collect all my sparm in it.Then i cleaned my tool with Payel’s pink bra.I took those in my pocket as a memory and left Payel’s room.

Returning my room i take those out from pocket and saw her bra,its size was 34 (as i guessed).Then i put those in a packet and put it in a safe place that no one could find it.
That night i was watching Payel’s bathing videos lying on my bed.Suddenly i got up and stand infront of mirror.”How many days this would continue???would i only masterbate thinking and watching Payel,s bathing videos???”I asked myself in the mirror.” It is enough now !!!! I have to fuck that slutty sexy bitch any how very soon”I replied to my reflection on the mirror.Then i started to think that how could i fuck Payel.Suddenly a very simple idea came to my mind.”I have Payel’s seven bathing videos and a lot of naked images .So i can blackmail Payel and fuck her “i thought.

Deciding to fuck Payel blackmailing by her nude videos and images i was happy.But i thought it for second time”would there any problem if i straightly blackmail Payel and fuck her??”Then someone said from my inside”If she tells your parents about it???”.I said to myself ”If Payel tells anyone about it i will be finished”. After thinking this I’ve decided not to blackmail Payel directly.I have decided to make a perfect plan so that Payel couldn’t tell about it to anyone.
Next few days i was busy in making that ‘MASTER PLAN’ to trap my innocent sexy cousin.

Payel had a normal mobile for only communicating.One day i said to Payel intentionally”Your mobile is so backdated,nowdays no young girl uses such type of mobile!!”.Payel replied sadly “my all schoolmate have latest smartphones”. I told Payel”Don’t be sad, i will buy a latest smartphone tomorrow for you”.Payel became very happy and said”Thank u bhaiya,you are the best brother in the world”.I smiled.(In my mind i said”you silly girl, i,m not giving a expensive latest smartphone to u in free of cost, you have to pay for it a lot of cost.”)Obviously i was not giving Payel that smartphone for her advantage and fun, it was necessary to trap Payel according to my plan.

Next day i bought a smartphone and gave that to Payel.As she was new i installed facebook,whatsapp etc in Payel’s mobile and taught her how to use those.Those days Payel was very happy as she learnt to chat with her friends and classmates through fb and whatsapp.Payel did not know that everything was happening according to my plan.I bought a new SIM card and created a fake fb profile and whatsapp profile with that new mobile no.I sent Payel friend request in fb and whtsap.As Payel was new and didn’t know more about those, she accepted those unknown friend request.Then i moved towards the next level of my plan.


First few days i chatted with Payel about some common topic.(wishing her good mrng,good night,about study, family members etc.)Then i moved forward.One morning i saw that Payel was in whatsapp…I sent her a messege….
Arya : (the fake name i used in fb and whtsap):good mornig princes..
Payel: good morning..
Arya : What r u doing?
Payel : Nothing..just chatting…
Arya : If u dont mind i want to say something..
Payel : Ok..tell me..i wouldn’t mind…
Arya : You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.
Payel : thanks for the compliment..but u havn’t seen me in real life..
Arya : Who says this to you?…i see u every day…when you go to school,tution or anywhere else.
Payel : what ..! that means u r following me..?
Arya : Yes darling..
Payel : Listen..don’t follow me further..
Arya : can i say one more thing?
Payel : ok..tell..
Arya : You r the hottest and sexiest girl i have ever seen…When u walks on streets hurrily ur bouncing breast and hips look so hot that my tool salute them standing…..he..he..he…
Payel (in anger): What!!!!! How dare u to tell me such dirty things.Don’t messege me again..I’m breaking our frienship now ..nd i’m going to unfriend u soon.
Arya : Ok sweetheart…i won’t messege u again after this…but i think u would like to see a nice picture…..
I sent Payel a naked picture of her in which she was sitting totally nude and showing her pussy spreading her legs…(i had made that fake picture in photoshop superimposing Payel’s face on a naked girl’s picture)

Payel saw that and became shocked. She messege me instantly..
Payel : Hey…what is this??From where u get this??
I gave no reply…
Payel : please reply me…Who gave this to u??
I gave no reply

After one minute Payel called me in that new mobile started vibrating..i couldn’t accept the call as Payel’s room was jusd beside of mine and she may hear my voice from there…So i went to our roof,close the door from outsideand went to the furthest corner…In the mean time Payel called me two times more…Then Payel called me again..i accepted it….
Payel (in a frightened shivering voice) : who is this?Arya?
(I activated the voice changer in my phone)
Me : yes.. who’s this?
Payel : i’m Payel..arya..u know my number..don’t try to be innocent…
Me : I’m sorry, but i can’t recognize u really…
Payel : we were chatting five minutes earlier and u forget me in just five minutes..?.
Me : Ohhhhh..!!Payel… !! The slutty hot and sexy bitch..Look u have broken our friendship so we r no more good buy..(i disconnect the call)
Payel called me again..
I accepted…
Me : why r u disturbing me? I have no time to talk with a stranger..
Payel : please arya…please tell me that from where u get that picture?
Me : look i wouldn’t answer any stranger’s question.,,
Payel : ok..ok… i’m sorry…u r my friend…now tell me plzz..
Me : A broken relationship can’t build up again..
Payel : then?
Me : May be we should start a new relationship from now?
Payel : What do u mean ?
Me : Have u any boyfriend?
Payel : No..but why?
Me : So we can build up a new relationship..called boyfriend-girlfriend.
Payel : have u gone mad ?
Me : ok..then good buy..nd don’t call me again.
(I knew that Payel wanted to know about the picture at any cost.)
Payel : stop..stop…ok..i’m accepting ur proposal..
Me : Say that u r my loving hot and sexy girlfriend…
Payel : I can’t say that.
Me : then bye.
Payel : ok..ok…i’m saying….
”i am ur loving hot and sexy girl friend”Payel said in shameful voice.
Me : That sounds good. Now u may ask me any question my slutty gf…
Payel : plz..don’t use those dirty languages…Plzz tell me that from where u get that picture?
Me : Say it totally nd clearly darling..
Payel understood what i mean..
Payel(hesitatly) : from where u got my nude picture..?
Payel : It’s a fake one..i am a decent villege girl.I never pose in front of anyone like that..
Me : I know that it’s a fake picture..nd I have edited it.
Payel : what!!! You ??
Me : Yes sweetheart.How is my editing??? Isn’t it looking like real?? I have edited more pictures of u..(standing naked,fingering pussy,giving handjob,sucking cock, hardcore fucking nd many more)
Payel : what would u do with that…
Me : Nothing else… I will just masterbate thinking u….and as i am a kind hearted man i will post those to your facebook wall and other sex sites that ur friends,relatives and many other people can enjoy u and masterbate thinking u.
Payel (in shock): noooooo…u can’t do this to me…
Me : ok my sexy girlfriend. Then what should i do?
Payel : plzz dont spread those,,,…though those r fake but those fake picture would ruin my whole life..People and friends would look at me in suspicious and lusty eyes….Plzz..don’t post those to any site..Plzz do me this favour..
Me : ok darling..i will do this favour to u.but what would i get in return?
Payel : What u want in return?
Me : I want ur nude pictures..!!
Payel : What?
Me : Yes ..!! I want ur real naked pictures…
Payel : I can’t give it to u.
Me : ok then. I am posting those fake pictures in your face book wall now.
Payel : If i give u my real naked pictures then u must post those in fb and other sex sites.
Me : ok. I won’t post neither those real pictures nor those fakes if u send me your naked picture.
Payel : i don’t believe u.
Me : You have to believe me.there is no other option..
(Payel knew that that’s the only way to stop me from posting those pictures.)
Payel : please..don’t break my trust..
Me(happily) : don’t worry i won’t break ur trust…after all u r my loving gf..I promise to u that i won’t post any picture of u in any site…is it ok now…..?
Payel : ok..
Me : then send me some picture now…
Payel : Plzzz.not now..i will send some pictures at night..
Me : ok…but in one condition…
Payel : what condition?
Me : you have to send pics of my choice..
Payel : ok..i m disconnecting now..
Me : ok..i will wait for night…be there in whatsapp at 10 pm.
Payel : ok.
Payel disconnected the call.. We were talking for almost one hour.
I was very happy that i have crossed another step successfully.

That evening i saw Payel very tensed.It seemed to me that Payel was crying all day.Payel was in deep thought.My mother asked her if there is any tension.Payel told that nothing happend with a fake smile on her face.I smiled in my mind.
At 10 pm we had our dinner.Payel went to her room.I also came to my room.I knew that Payel will be online soon.So i also activated my whatsapp.I saw Payel was already there..I messeged her..
Me : how r u sexy?
Payel : fine.
Me : So as u promissed. Its time to send me your nude pictures.R u ready?
Payel : I want to request u something.
Me : ok ..tell me.
Payel : I can’t send u my totally nude pictures.I am felling very shy.
Me : So u r breaking ur promise..Then i have no need to keep my promise too.
Payel : listen to me..i’m not breaking my promise.I can send u my pictures in some short clothes.
Me : But u have promised to send totally nude photos.
Payel : Plzz try to understand..I am feeling shy..I have not done such things before…so plzzzz
Me : ok..but you have to give a penalty for breaking ur promise.
Payel : what penalty??
Me : Nothing much.Promise to send me ur nude videos too with ur nude images obviously of my choices.
Payel knew that sending nude images and nude videos r almost same thing…and Payel just wanted to pospond it for she replied…
Payel : ok.
Me : Not only ok. You promise me three times that u don’t break ur promise again..and swear on the name of your mother.
Payel : Promise..Promise..Promise…and I swear on the name of my mother that i won’t break my promise anymore..
(I told it intentionally..I knew that Payel was very superstius and now she swear on the name of her she can’t go back from her promise )
Me : ok., so u want to send me your pic in short which dress..?
Payel : in my inner wears..
Me : inner wears..?? i can’t understand..clearly say the name of the dresses..
Payel : in bra and panty ..
Me : ok..but have u any sexy bra or panty??
Payel : yes i have many white bra and panties..
Me :!! I don’t want to see u in those ‘aunty types’ bra and panty..havn’t u any sexy printed bra and panty??
Payel : yes. I have one set of white printed bra and panty.
Me : that’s good..So quickly wear that and send me your pic,..
Five minutes past..there was no activity from i messeged her..
Me : What happened?send it quickly..i’m waiting..
In reply Payel send me her image in a sexy white printed bra.. Payel’s boobs were coming out slightly from that bra. And Payel was looking damn sexy and hot…But her face was looking very sad.

Me : ohhhhhh..darling….u r looking so hot in it. I guess ur boobs size is 34.isn’t it?( i knew her boobs size but i wanted to drive away her shyness)
Payel gave no reply..
Me : don’t be shy baby…i am ur boyfriend…tell me…is it 34?
Payel : yes.
Me : ok..haven’t u any sexy colourful lingerie?
Payel : no.
Me : Don’t lie to me..tell me the truth..u must have some…
Payel : actually i had one pink lingerie..but it has been lost somewhere..
Me : hmmm….(“ your pink lingerie has not been lost, i’ve taken that…… my sexy cousin” I told in my mind)
Me : Don’t be sad darling…I will gift u many colourful lingeries..
Payel : No no…I don’t need those..I don’t wear that type of lingerie..
Me : You have to wear those for me..
Payel : But i can’t take that type of things from u..
Me : Why…?? U r my girlfriend..right? And u have to accept my gift..
Payel : Ok.. i will take
Me : By the way ,who gave you that pink lingerie??
Payel : My sister..
Me : that means she wears that type of lingeries..??(i think: that means pooja uses that type of lingerie )
Payel : Plzzz……don’t ask more…
Me : Ok..Now u can go to sleep…tomorrow don’t go to school…at noon a gift parcel will come through courier..And i dont want that any other person accept that gift….
Payel : ok..(Payel thinks: thank god that he will send it at noon,that time aunt will be sleeping and bhaiya will be at school)
Me : ok my sexy gf..u go to sleep..and i am going to masterbate seeing ur real hot image..
Payel left whatsapp…

Next day i prepared for school and left house but i didn’t go to school…I went to a lingerie shop and bought five set of colourful and sexy lingerie….then i went to a medicine shop and bought some medicines..I sent those to Payel through courier…..Then i spent the whole noon in a nearby park ..I returned home in the afternoon.All the evening i was very excited because according to my plan i was going to get a big gift from my sexy cousin..In dinner table i told Payel intentionally that “for few days i am getting problem to sleep at night. So today i’m thinking to take a sleeping pill.I will ask mother for that” ..At around 10 pm i went on whatsapp….Payel was there..
Me : Hi…..sweetheart…Have u got my gift?
Payel : Yes…
Me : How is my choice??Do u like those?
Payel : These r nice but very short..and the red and white coloured are only made of net…
Me : Yes…those r the sexiest….I have sent u a pink one too..Do u like that..?
Payel : yes…that is better…
Me : so lets start with the pink one…U have only 3 minutes to send me that pic…and remember u must smiling and looking happy in all the pic today…u were looking very sad in yesterday’s pic..
Within 3 min Payel sent me her pic…

Me : Now the next one…the red printed one…
Payel sent me her pic in that lingerie within 1 min…

Me : Now i wanted to see u in that white transparent lingerie….
Payel : Plzzz …..not that one…
Me : i think u remember ur promise that u will send pic and videos of my choice…
Payel sent her pic…

Me: Now the red one…

Me : thanks a lot my sweet heart…
(I couldn’t control my excitement after seeing Payel’s pic and masterbated )
Me : This time i want a video…strip yourself and record it…send that to me..
Payel : Plzz… not today…
Me : darling don’t be shy….i’m ur boyfriend…u can strip infront of me…
After 5 minutes Payel sent me her striping video…
Me(after watching the full video) : ohhh…What a figure…!!!And ur pussy is totally clean shaved….Who taught u to do that??? Must be your sister…?
Payel : yes..
Me : Now i just want another video …
Payel : u have seen everything ….what u want more?
Me : I want to see ur hand’s skill..
Payel : Means?
Me : i want to see u giving ‘HANDJOB’ to a boy..
Payel : I don’t know about it..
Me : ok..i am sending u a it..u will understand the meaning and learn to give handjob..
Payel saw the clip in which a porn actress was giving handjob to a boy..
Payel : how is it possible??
Me : it’s definately possible..ur brother Rohit is a young boy..just go to his room and give him a handjob…i want to see that video….
Payel( in a great shock) : Whattttt?????R u gone mad?He is my brother…..
Me : ok..then come to my house and give me a handjob…then u have no need to record it..
Payel : Thats totally impossible..
Me : So i think Rohit is the better option…
Payel : You r not understanding the fact..Rohit is my brother .I can’t do that with him..
Me : Look i want to see u giving handjob to a boy…nd u promise me to send me videos of my choise…u sweared on the name of your mother…
Payel : But it’s impossible..
Me : ok..then i’m sending ur naked images and striping video to your brother right now…
Payel : Hey….no…plzzz stop…please try to understand….I can’t ask my brother for giving him a handjob….
Me : ok…no need to ask him..u may do it when he went to sleep..
Payel : no…he may be awaken..and these days he is having problem with sleeping…
Me : thats great…then go and give him a sleeping pill..thats why he can sleep properly and u can complete ur task..
Payel : I havn’t any sleeping pills…
Me : don’t worry baby..i have arranged everything..check ur giftbox properly..there is a small paper envelop which contains some sleeping pills…
Payel : You wicked man !!..that means u have planned it from before..
Me : Yes baby…
Payel : why r u doing this to me..??
Me : just for fun…my sexy gf..u r so sexy and hot that i can’t control myself from doing this….now don’t waste time…go and give the sleeping pill to ur brother….i want that video in next 1 hour..and remember that handjob video must be more than 15 minutes length and u mast looking happy in that video, other wise u have to do it again..,,.
Payel left whatsapp…I also turn it off…I knew that Payel is coming to my room to give me sleeping pill..
Payel knocked my door and then came inside my room…she told”Bhaiya…u r saying that u r having problems with sleeping..take this sleeping pill”.I said “so kind of u my sweet sister..u always take good care of me”and i ate that sleeping pill with water infront of Payel to satisfy her about my sleeping..(That was not a sleeping pill at all..that was a vitamin tablet only….)
After that i said to Payel ”i am feeling sleepy now..u may go now and just let my door be unlocked”
Payel left my room..I lied on my bed and pretened to be asleep..I knew that Payel would return in few minutes …..
After 5 minutes Payel entered my room tiptoed.She came near me and started to calling me..She wanted to confirm that i was sleeping…I didn’t response..
Then Payel pushed my body few times..when i gave no response then Payel was confirmed that i was in a deep sleep as i took sleeping pill…

Payel went near the table set her mobile in a perfect place and started recording..Then Payel came near me and slowly untied the knot of my trouser and lift my trouser down..My semi erect 6” dick was infront of my sexy cousin.Payel was looking at my dick for few seconds as she had never seen a boy’s dick before….Though I was very excited,I kept my eyes close… Then i felt a gentle touch on my dick…I felt that a current passed through my whole body.. .Payel at first hold it in her right hand and then started to move her hand up and down..It was very tough for me to keep my eyes close..After one minute Payel increase her hand’s speed. My dick started to grow instantly and became 10” long and almost 3” thick…Payel wad staring at my erect dick….

I couldn’t control my excitement anymore… i was going to cum in few seconds…. a slight moan “ummh” came out from my mouth….Payel looked at my face instantly….In the mean time i eject a huge load of cum in Payel’s hand….Payel looked back to her hand… Her right hand was smeared with my hot cum…My dick was also smeared by cum…Payel wanted to rub her hand with some thing to clean her hand..but as it was my room she can’t use anything..Then Payel took her own pallu and rub her hand with that..Payel rub my dick slowly by her pallu to clean my dick so that i couldn’t suspect anything…Then payel lifted up my trouser and tied the knot ..Payel left my room taking her mobile in left hand and her sticky dupatta (smared with my sparm) in right hand..
I got up and closed the door from inside and turned on my fake whatsapp profile..I had no need to clean my dick as Payel did that so nicely..but Payel was not there..I thought that she must be cleaning her hand with soap..after 3 minutes Payel came in whatsapp…
Me : Task complete??quickly send me the video..
Payel : I’m sending but plzz..arya,never tell me to do that type of thing…
Payel sent me the video..
I watched the full video..
Me : why darling ??havn’t u enjoy that?
Payel : Not at all..
Me : don’t lie to me..In that video u were staring at your brother’s huge dick with lusty eyes..
Payel : I havn’t seen any dick before….and Rohit’s dick is very big..Thats why i was staring..
Me : how long it may be?
Payel : around 10 nch..

Me : You r really a good learner…U learn to give handjob so quickly from a Porn video only…You gave handjob to your brother so nicely that he can’t control his cum though he was sleeping….u have magic in ur hand..
Payel : i am feeling sleepy…so plzzz let me sleep…I have to go to school tomorrow…
Me : ok darling…that’s enough for today…u may go to sleep…tomorrow night i will teach u another new lesson about sex…
Payel(in surprise and shock) : another lesson?which lesson?
Me : oo..ho..My sexy gf is very interested in sex lessons…Have patience darling..U will come to know it tomorrow itself…
Payel gave no reply….She had nothing to say about that…
Payel : ok …Bye…
Me : bye..sweetheart..

Next day i planned to get a BLOWJOB from my sexy cousin..So i downloaded a full length blowjob porn clip from internet….
Aound 10:10 pm i went online and sent that video to Payel..
After watching the full video Payel messeged me..
Payel : What is this?
Me : That is called ‘BLOWJOB’..
Payel : I don’t want to know… Why have u sent this to me?
Me : Have u forgotten that i am going to teach u a new sex lesson??So today’s lesson is ‘blowjob’….
Payel : I don’t want to learn this type of dirty thing…
Me : don’t lie to me baby…I know that u have seen the full clip…and u have learnt it almost…
Payel : I have seen this..but i don’t want to learn it…
Me : but i want to teach u that……and u have to learn…now watch the clip again attentively…after that i am going to ask u some question on today’s lesson…
Payel knew that she had no other option…So she gave no reply and started to watch the video again..
Next 15 minutes Payel gave no reply..So i messeged her..
Me : my slutty girl friend so interested and attentive to learning that she has forgotten to give reply to her bf..
Payel : Plzz…don’t call me slutty,,,
Me : ok..ok…have u learnt it fully??
Payel : yes..
Me : thats a good girl…now i am going to test ur knowledge about newly learnt lesson…Suppose i don’t know anything about ‘blowjob’….Now u have to answer my question and explain it to me…
Me : What is ‘blowjob’?
Payel : plllzzz…i can’t answer…
Me : u have to……otherwise….
Payel : ok..ok…i am answering,,…..Blowjob means sucking a man’s organ by mouth..
Me : organ??I can’t understand…which organ?
Payel : penis..
Me : To give a blowjob to a boy,what will u do….explain it to me step by step…
Payel : At first i will kiss on his penis..
Me : Don’t call it penis, call it DICK..
Payel : ok..I will kiss on his dick..
Me : then??
Payel : when the dick will be semi erect..i will lick the top of the dick with my tongue..
Me : good…then..?
Payel : After that i will lick the whole erect dick with my tongue..
Me : What next?
Payel : then i will take the top of the dick in my mouth and will start to suck it slowly….
Me : very good…then?
Payel : then i will take the whole dick in my mouth and will suck it very well…
Me : How long will u continue that sucking..?
Payel : 5-10 minutes..
Me : no..that’s wrong…u must continue the sucking tiil the boy’s orgasm..
Payel : orgasm??What does it mean??
Me : orgasm means the out flowing of sperm from a man’s dick or juice from a woman’s pussy…
Payel : hmm..ok..
Me : So long will u continue the blowjob??
Payel : till the boy’s orgasm..
Me : Very good…u r really a good learner…
Payel : I have given all the answer of ur please excuse me….Today i am very tired….i need to sleep early….
Me : No baby…Your test is still incomplete…
Payel : Why?
Me : U have cmpleted only the oral test…Now it’s the time for practical test..
Payel : What do u mean???
Me : I want to see ur blowjob skill in practical…And obviously no other option left except yout brother Rohit..
Payel : Whattttt??Noooooo…..Plzzzz….I can’t do that…
Me : u have to do it for me..darling…
Payel : He may be awaken if i do that…
Me : Don’t worry..Use the same formula as u used yesterday…Give him a sleeping pill….
Payel : Plzzzz…Don’t force me to do that…I can give him a handjob like yesterday….
Me : Woh..!!So u like to give handjob to your brother,…..Ok… as u wish…So at first give him a handjob ant then a blowjob…
Payel : I didn’t mean that….I was saying that i would give him a handjob instead of blowjob..
Me : No baby…U have no choice now…U have to do both….
Payel : That’s unfair…u were going to take my test on blowjob only…
Me : Don’t argue with me…Just do what i am saying..Otherwise u know that what can i do….And now i have another precious clip of you called…’horny sister giving handjob to her sleeping brother’
Payel : ok..i will do what u r saying..
Me : i want the clip in next 1 hour…
That night Payel at first gave me a handjob and then a blowjob….

Payel gave me handjob and blowjob so nicely that i had my second orgasm within 5 minutes of the first….My hot cum splashed on Payel’s face and lips…Payel left my room taking the recording of her ‘practical test’..
Payel sent me the clip…
Me : very little slut…u have got 100 out of 100…now u may go to sleep…Tomorrow i will teach u another lesson…
Payel was not interested to know about the new lesson..So she gave no reply and went ofline..
Next night i messeged Payel…
Me : R u ready for another lesson??
Payel : Which lesson?
I sent her a porn video in which a girl was fucking herself sitting on a boy’s erect dick…
Payel understood that i would difinately tell her to do that in practical…so she replied…
Payel : Today i’m not going to follow your order…I just can’t do that….
Me : Why baby??
Payel : R u crazy….???I am an unmarried virgin girl….I can’t do that with any boy before marriage…..and it’s totally impossible to do with my brother…so no way…
Me : ok sweetheart…bye….good night…
I left whatsapp…..
Payel became very surprised thinking that why i hadn’t force her to do that……
In another hand, i was smiling as my plan worked…There was no enjoyment for me if she would fuck herself from top…But as Payel had refused to obey me(Arya) , i could send all the pictures and videos to me(Rohit)…And then using those i(Rohit) could fuck Payel as i want blackmailing her….
Payel was totally trapped …..


The next day was mine….I planned that, next morning i would show Payel the images and her videos and then blackmail her by those…But next morning my aunt(Payel’s mother) came to our house for some urgent work…I thought that i had to postpond my plan untill Payel’s mother went back to village…
So I went to school…Payel also went school that day…In the afternoon when we both came from school my mother told that my mother and my aunt were going out for shopping and would return late as they had a lot of things to buy…….I jumped in joy in my mind….It was a golden opportunaty for me to blackmail Payel…
My mother and aunt went out near 6 pm..after some time i called Payel in my room…she came…
Payel : yes bhaiya…are u calling me.??..
I gave no answer and started to looking at her angrily…(it was a pre planned drama)
Payel : What’s the matter??Why r u looking at me angrily..?Have i made any mistake…?
Me(shouting) : Mistake…..???Come here and look at this….
I showed Payel the video in which Payel was giving me HANDJOB and BLOWJOB in my sleep…
Payel was so shocked that she became speechless and motionless…Then
Payel sat on my bed and started crying…
I shouted : Stop crying…u slut…Today your boyfriend Arya sent me all the pictures and videos…
Payel fall on my leg and started to pleading….
Payel : Please bhaiya forgive me…..
Me : Don’t call me ‘bhaiya’…I don’t want to hear that sacred word from your mouth…you little whore…
Payel : Please bhaiya…listen to me..
Me : U have no right to call me bhaiya…from now u r not my sister and i am not ur brother……Call me Rohit..
Payel : ok..bhaiya..mmn…sorry Rohit…But Please listen to me… I was forced to do that….
Me : I don’t want to hear a single word from u..I am going to show the videos and the images to your mother and my mother when they will return from shopping…..If u want to say something say that to them…now get lost from my room…
Payel( started crying loudly) : Please rohit…listen to me for only one time…
Payel was pleading holding her hands on my legs….Payel’s face was near my dick…I wanted to unzip my pant and insert my dick into Payel’s mouth…But i control my excitement…
Me(angrily) : Here is nothing to listen…u have used me for ur sexual desire..
Payel : No..that’s not true…
Me : ok..i am listening…tell me that what is truth…
Payel started to say…
“Few days earlier i have made friendship with a boy named Arya through facebook and whaqtsapp………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….as i refused to do that dirty thing, he sent u the images and videos to punish me” Payel told the whole story to me in detail… Payel didn’t know that i was the DIRECTOR of the whole story…
Me : that means you did all this to ful fill your boyfriend’s sexual desire…
Payel : no…not at all…i was trapped by him…he blackmailed and forced me to do that…
Me : Don’t lie to me…If u were trapped, u might tell that to me and asked me for help…
Payel : I was very frightened….and i felt shame to tell that to you…
Me : You felt shame to tell me about that…but u didn’t fell shame to suck my dick…..
Payel gave no reply…Payel started sobbing….
Me : I don’t believe on your story…I will tell everything to our mothers…
Payel grabbed my legs instantly….and started to cry again…
Payel : Please…..I beg to you…Don’t tell anything to any one…i have to commit suicide if every one come to know about it,,,….
I pretended to think for some time….Payel was sobbing……
Me : ok..i would not tell that to any one…But what would i get in return?
Payel (after rubbing her tears) : Tell me…what u want???I will do any thing for you..
Me : Think one more time…U have to do everything what i would say…
Payel : I promise you that i will do every thing what will you tell me to do….Now please tell me…what can i do for u…?
Me : ok….strip yourself in front of me…now…
Payel became shocked to hear that..
Payel : Whatttt????????????What r u saying..???
Me : Don’t try to be innocent…u little slut…i have seen the video in which u were striping for your boy friend….
Payel : But i was forced to do that..
Me : Shut up…u whore…In that video u were striping yourself willingly and u were looking very happy….
Payel : Please rohit….I can’t strip in front of you…have u forgotten that i am your cousin sister…
Me : Shut up…!! You brotherfucker….. no cousin sister sucks her cousin brother’s dick…u are nothing but a little whore… strip quickly…
Payel( sobbing) : Please rohit…leave me…..
Me : I have not caught u….You may go if you want…But be prepared to give answer to all the family members…
Payel was crying continuously….
Me : Decide quickly…I have not much time….
Payel gave no answer….Payel started to strip herself slowly….she was crying continuously….
Me : Stop crying…u slut…
Payel stopped crying and started to sob…
Payel at first removed her dupatta…then slowly took her kurti out over her head…Payel was wearing the red printed lingerie….
Me : now the legin…
Payel lifted down her legin…and took it out…Payel was standing in front of me in a sexy lingerie putting her head down…
I was staring at Payel in lusty eyes…
[We were so busy in our work that we didn’t come to know that our mothers were back to home….]


As we didn’t know about our mother’s arrival….
After that i told Payel….”Come to me”…Payel came to me…As Payel came near me i started to unzip my pant…and i took out my erect dick…Payel was looking at the ground…I pull her face up with my hand…When Payel saw that my dick was out of my pant and totally erect, she became shocked…Payel looked at me shamefully…
I told “Look…you have made my dick erect…”
Payel gave no answer and put her head down….
I said “You have awaken the sleeping it is very hungry,…So it’s your responsibility to fed it…”
Payel understood what i meant..But she didn’t move….
I shouted at Payel angrily “You bitch….why r u standing like a ststue.??quickly give me a handjob..and make my dick calm”
Payel : Please Rohit….i can’t do this…
I : Don’t try to act like a good girl…I know that you like to give handjob….
Payel : no..i don’t like it..
I : Shut up u lier…..In the videos i saw that you were doing it with full enjoyment….and now you are trying to be innocent….
I hold Payel’s right hand with mine..and placeed her hand on my erect dick…Payel didn’t move her hand..Then i hold Payel’s hand and made her hand hold my dick…Then i started to move Payel’s hand front and fro with the help of my hand…But when i released my hand Payel didn’t conyinue the handjob…I slapped Payel on her face and said “ u bitch…continue the handjob..”
Payel rubbed her face with left hand and looked at me helplessly…Then she stsrted to give me handjob…..Tears were falling down from her beautiful eyes..
I took a chair and sat on it…Payel got down on her knees and started to give the HANDJOB nicely…..
In 2 minutes i had my orgasm…My cum splashed on Payel’s half nude body…
I told her”Payel you wre really good in handjob”….”you must give it to your boyfriend daily..??”
Payel said “believe me…I never did this to any one except you..And Arya is not my boyfriend…i haven’t ever meet him personally even..”
I said “ok..leave it..I don’t want to hear another fictious story from you”….”Now give me a blowjob”..
Payel said “Please….Rohit…Not blowjob”
I said “ do it quickly..i have not much time”

Suddenly a voice came from outside of my room ….”Rooohiit…are u there in your room??”…It was my aunt’s(Payel’s mother) voice…We became very frightened and shocked..I was sitting with naked dick and payel was in her lingerie…Payel’s clothes were lied on the floor….
I said to Payel “Quickly go to my bathroom and hide there”..Payel was going to my bathroom to hide taking her clothes in her hand..Suddenly a wicked idea came to my mind…So i said to Payel “Don’t go to bathroom..That’s not safe…..Hide under my study table..quickly..” Payel entered under my study table…and i took the chair near the table and sat on it so that from in front no one could see my lower body…Then i hold Payel’s face with my hand and inserted my semi erect dick into Payel’s mouth forcefully….

Payel was unable to say anything…If Payel would make any sound she would caught by her mother…
Then i replied to my aunt”Yes aunti..Please come in..I am here”…
My aunt came in and stood near the door..She asked” R u busy ??”
I replied”yes…i am very busy in a practical assignment”Saying this i hold Payel’s head from behind and started to move it front and fro slowly…
My aunt”I was searching Payel..She is not in her room…Do you know where she has gone?”
I replied “Payel is also busy in her job”
Aunt asked ”But where is she??”
I said “Payel must be on the roof…She has to complete a project on plants…Payel must be observing the plants on our roof…”
My dick stsrted to grow by the sweet touch of Payel’s lips and tongue…Then i said to my aunt again “A small plant grow very quickly, if it get a proper care…Payel is learning this now….So don’t disturb her…You go down…I am taking her there within 5 minutes after she completes her learning”
My aunt left my room smiling…
As Payel’s mother left the room i increase the speed of moving Payel’s mouth around my dick…Payel wanted to pull her mouth from my dick but i hold her head strongly….Payel was trying to say something but only ‘uum..umm.umm…umm..’sound came from her mouth..After few seconds i unload my cum in Payel’s mouth and then released her head…Payel immegiately spit all the cum on the floor…I slapped her and said “You fucking whore….How dare you to spit it…Next time u must not spit it…Now quickly clean the floor”…Payel cleaned the floor with her dupatta…I said”This is the first time…That’s why i am allowing you to clean with your clothes but next time you have to do it with your tongue”..Payel started to crying…I told her “Stop crying now…And lets go down..Your mother is waiting for you”..
Payel got dressed and rub her tears…Payel wanted to left her dupatta on my room but i forced her to take that dupatta along with her…Payel’s breasts were wraped by the dupatta which was wet in many places with my sparm….Then we both went down to meet Payel’s mother….


In dinner table I,Payel, Payel’s mother and my parents were having hinner and talking to each other.There i came to know that Payel’s mother had come to our home to take us to our neighbour village as there was some festival.I was not interested in that village festival at all but as Payel was going there, i could not leave her alone.So i agreed to go with them.My father was not going there as he had some important task and he was going out of the town for one week.
Next day we were going to our native village…Our native village was far away from town so we usually prefered the night journey in bus..I decided to get some enjoyment in that bus journey….
Payel was wearing a sleevless pink salwar kameez that day..

As our mothers were with us in that journey,Payel was quite sure that i couldn’t do anything wrong with her during journey..But Payel was totally wrong, I had my own plan….

Around 8 pm our bus started…There were two seats in each row in our side…I was sitting beside my mother in front row and Payel was wsitting beside her mother in the next row…
.After 10 minutes i got up,went to them and told “Aunty, i have some important matter to discuss with Payel about our practical assignment..So will you please go to my seat..? There you will be comfortable chatting with my mother”..Hearing this Payel was looking at me in curious eyes as there was no practical assignment to discuss…Payel’s mother agreed with me and went to my seat.
I sat beside Payel…Payel was sitting near the window and i was next to her….Then Payel asked me “Rohit, about which practical assignment are u talking??There is nothing like that”…I smiled and replied “there is an unfinished assignment of your, you will come to know in few minutes..”

Telling that i placed my left hand on Payel’s right thigh….and started to rub it slowly…Payel looked at me shocking…Then my hand started to went up slowly…Crossing her waist i finnaly placed my hand on Payel’s bare belly under her kameez…Payel looked at me helplessly…i insert my fingure in Payel’s navel and moved my fingers around her navel…Payel closed her eyes in excitement…

After sometime i lifted my hand and placed it on Payel,s breast..Then slowly i inserted my hand under Payel’s lingerie…Payel told in low voice “Please Rohit..Don’t do this to me”…I had no intention to hear Payel…I was feeling the softness of Payel’s bare boobs…It was soooo soft..My dick started to rise…I stertred to press those soft spongy balls slowly…..Payel couldn’t tell anything….I continued to press for 5 minutes..then I pinch on Payel’s right nipple… “ouuchhh”Payel screamed….I removed my hand quickly….

“What happend” Payel’s mother asked from infront seat…
“ ant bit me” Payel repiled..
I smiled….


As the bus reached highway all lights in the bus turnd off as most people prefer to sllep in night bus journey.It was almost dark.some street lights were coming from the window….I was just waiting for that oportnaty….

As the lights turned off i started to lift Payel’s kameez from bottom.. Payel was sitting downhead,….I lifted Payel’s kameez upon her boobs….Then i lifted her lingerie …..Payel was sitting there in bare boobs…

Payel’s boobs were so firm and big that i couldn’t control myself and started to fondle them…I pressed them hard, pinched them and pinched the nipples too…Payel closed her eyes and shut her mouth to controlled her moan….after playing with Payel’s boobs for sometime i decided to take it to the next level….

I removed my hand from Payel’s boobs and grabed her salwar’s knot…Payel became shocked..I started to untie the knot of the salwar…After that i slided down Payel’s salwar to her knee..Payel was trying to resist..But i gave an angry look to her…
Then i started to rub Payel’s pussy over her panty..In excitement Payel closed her eyes…Payel moaned slightly “ssssshhhh” Please stop rohit..
Next i inserted my hand under Payel’s panty…..I felt so lucky that i was the first person’ touching Payel’s virgin pussy…..Then i rubbed Payel’s pussy lips..Payel pleaded “Please rohit take out your hand..,Its feeling exciting”..

I knew that it was the right time…So i inserted one finger into Payel’s pussy… “sssshhhhh…..ooohhhh”Payel moand….I started to fuck her damn tight pussy with my finger slowly..In excitement Payel was biting her lips and moaning “uufff…..oohhh”,,

Then i increased my speed…”Plllleeeeeeaase ssttooooop”Payel moaned…I didn’t listen to her…I inserted another finger to Payel’s pussy…It was so tight that i couldn’t insert my two finger together…Forcely i inserted them and was fucking her with them…Payel was moaning continuously “oohhh……ufff….nnnooooo….leeeavee meee …..Pllleeeaseee”

I continued it and within 1 minute Payel had her first orgasm with “ oooooohhhhhhhhw” sound…Payel’s pussy juice bathed my hand…Payel’s panty became wet..I took out my hand and rub my sticky hansd on Payel’s boobs…Payel said “ccchhiiii…What r u doing ??”
I told “it’s your pussy juice darling…so i put it on your own body…”


After that i told Payel that as her panty was wet she must remove that..
Payel asked “but how can i remove it here??”
I replied “Don’t worry..Every body is sleeping..No one could know..”
Then Payel took out her salwar there was no place to keep Payel handed me her salwar and then Payel took out her wet panty quickly..,,
I said “ Give me that too”..Payel obeyed me..
Then Payel said “Give me my salwar back quickly..”
I smiled and said “why is so hurry???Your pussy is looking great…Let me see it for sometime”..
Payel said “please Rohit…I can’t sit here naked…it’s very risky..

”Without listening Payel i spread her two legs forcely to see her virgin shaved pussy properly….
Payel said “please rohit give me my salwar back..i beg to you”..

I said ok..then do me a favour…Look i have satisfied your pussy..Now you satisfy my dick with your sweet lips and mouth…It’s waiting for a long tome to get a blowjob”..
Payel said “no..i can’t do that”..
I replied “Don’t act like a good have done it before…do it quickly..otherwise yoy have to go to the village without your salwar…”
Payel knew that there was no other way to get her salwar Payel bent down and started to unzip my pant..
I said “you have to do it properly so that i can get full pleasure ..otherwise…”.

Payel unziped my pand took out my semi erect dick and started to lick….It was feeling sooo exciting to me….My sexy cousin was giving me blowjob conciously… Within few second my dick became rock hard..Then Payel started to suck the dick..I was moaning “oohhh ppayyeeel you are reeeeally goood darliing..”..

within 1 minute i felt that i was going to cum..Payel also understood that what was going to happen so she tried to remove her mouth..But alas..!!Before Payel cold remove her mouth i grabbed Payel’s head from behind..Payel was trying to say something “pleas….uummm..umm..”sound came from Payel’s mouth..

Then suddenly i inserted my hard erreck dick into Payel’s deep throat so that she could’t spit my cum..Then i released my cum in Payel’s throat..Payel had no option except drank all my cum…..Then i released Payel’s head..Payel started to cough…Payel’s eyes were full of tears..

Then i gave Payel her salwar and she wore that…Payel dressed herself properly..I also zipped my pant and put Payel’s wet panty in my pocket…after sometime we fall asleep..


We reached the village very early morning…That day was very booring for me..Mobile network signal was so weak that i couldn’t acces the internet..As as all the family members were there, I didn’t get any chance to tease Payel.But when i saw Pooja(Payel’s sister),I became overjoyed..Pooja was wearing a jeans and top as she was a modern girl..

I thought “What a figure!!! Though Pooja is younger than Payel, she is as hot ans sexy as Payel…I must fuck this bitch too…But i have to go slow…Payel is totally trapped now..So at first i will eat that ‘ripe fruit’ and after that i would enjoy this cutie pie Pooja..”
In the evening everybody was going to see some village function which was organised in the occasion of village festival..I didn’t want to go to see such booring dancing,singing and play..As everyone incest me, I went there unwillingly…The cultural programme started after some time…The ground was very crowded.. With all the family members Payel was standing in a place and watching the programme…

I was standing a little far away from them to avoid the village crowed.I was not interested in the programme, rather i was looking for beautiful village girls..Some village girls were beautiful and sexy but they were wearing conservative and traditional clothes so i couldn’t enjoy their sexy figure…

Then i thought “Let’s go and enjoy my personal slut Payel”..I went near them..Everyone was busy waching the programme…Payel was standing behind everyone…There was almost dark..I stood behind Payel silently..Then suddenly i hugged Payel from behind and grabbed her boobs over her derss…Payel became shocked and turned her head angrily to see who was it..

When Payel saw that it was me, she couldn’t say anything..
Payel was standing there downhead and i was fondling her boobs over the dress..After that i started to push Payel’s boobs very hard and pinched her nipples too.
In pain and pleasure Payel was moaning “uumm….uuuff…ooohh..aaahha…..aaahhh….ahhhhhh….”in very low voice..Everybody was watching the programme attentively and the sound of the speakers was very loud, so no one could hear Payel’s moan.


I whispered in Payel’s ear “My dick has arose…would you like to serve a HANDJOB..”
Payel didn’t reply..
Then i unzipped my pant,took out my dick..I placed Payel’s hand on my erect dick forcely..
Payel took away her hand instantly and whispered to me “what are you doing??Rohit..It’s an open ground.any body could see us.”
I whispered back “It’s too dark to see anything…so don’t worry…give me a handjob darling..”
Payel whispered “ I can’t do that here,Please..rohit..”
I whispered in her ear “You must serve my dick…If you don’t want to do it with your hand then i will take the service from another part of your body..”
Payel didn,t understand anything and stood there helplessly..

Then I lifted Payel’s dress from behind upto her waist..I started to rub my hand on Payel’s big round ass over her thin legins..I spanked on Payel’s lovely ass few times…

After that i started to rub my erect dick on her ass..Then i hold Payel’s waist and started to push my dick into Payel’s ass crack…
Payel whispered in shocking voice “ what the hell are you doing rohit??please leave me”
Leaving waist i grabbed Payel’s boobs and whispered in her ear “I told you to serve me with your hand darling,but you refused me…By the way it’s more enjoyment for me that you are serving my dick with your big round ass ..”..

After that i started to push Payel’s boobs very hard and continued to push my dick into her ass crack..It was looking like i was fucking Payel from behind..
Payel was moaning in low voice “aaahhh…….oooooohhhh……aaaahhhh”

Within 2 minutes i eject a huge load of cum…Payel’s legins became so wet that she must feel the wetness in her ass and ass crack….. I cleaned my dick with her dress, take it in and zipped the pant..

Then i whispered to Payel “This programme is soooo booring sweet heart..let’s go back to your house”
Payel replied “but i like this type of programme very much”
I told her angrily “just do what i am saying”…… “i will show you another interesting programme there,,,promise”….


According to my order Payel told her mother that her head was paining and she wanted to go to home..Her mother advised her to go home and take some rest…Payel left the place and was going back to there home..

Then i told my aunt “ i’m not interested in this programme and i’m feeling boore…so i am going to visit the market and from there i will go home directly..”

I started to walk just behind Payel towards their house..The road was dark and Payel was walking very slowly..I gave a hard slap on her round ass…

“ouchh” Payel screamed..and asked me “why are you slapping on my back?”
I replied “walk quickly..we have not much time”
Payel started to walk quickly and we reached home within 5 minutes..After entering i closed the main gate from inside..Then no one was going to disturb us for at least two hours..

Payel said “Please Rohit don’t do anything wrong with me here..If anyone would know,i can’t able to show my face in the village..”
I didn’t listen to Payel. I hold her face and started to kiss her..

Payel was saying “ plea…….”
I shut her lips with mine.

I started to chew Payel’s strawberry like lips..

Then i inserted my tongue into Payel’s mouth and started to suck her tongue..I continued to kiss Payel for 5 minutes and then released her..Payel breathed heavily…
Payel asked me “what do you want Rohit??”
I replied “Nothing much..You know that you have very hot and sexy body..But you always hide your beauty under churidar..I want to see you in some modern sexy dress..”
Payel replied “But i have no modern derss”
I said “I know that…You havn’t but Pooja has many sexy and modern dress….Let’s go her room and check those”

I entered Pooja’s room, Payel followed me..
There was many sexy dress…Some of them were shoulderless and without any straps..
I told Payel “ I would like to see you in each and every dress..At first wear this jeans and sleevless top..”
Payel took those dress and was going to another room for changing..
I said to Payel “You can change infront of me darling..I have already seen your boobs..So don’t be shy”
Payel replied “Please Rohit…I can’t change infront of you…Do me this favour at least”
I replied “ok..You may go to another room for changing but you have to pose for me in those dresses and i wil take some pictures”
Payel agreed and went to change..When she came out she was looking damn hot and sexy in jeans and sleevless black top…
I ordered Payel to pose smiling and took some pictures….

After that Payel wore the dresses one by one and posed infront of me as i told her..

At last Payel wore a sexy black dress..

Then i told her to sit on the bed..Payel sat there uncomfortablly..I sat beside her and played a video clip in my mobile..
I said to Payel “I have promised you that i will show you an interesting programme..This is the programme..

”It was a porn clip in which a girl was striping herself very seducively..
Payel looked at my mobile ance and then turn her face away..

I said “What happend darling??Isn’t it interesting??”
Payel replied “I don’t want to see it”
I grab her face and turn it towards the video and said angrily “You fucking whore….Few days earlier you was striping for your boy friend and now you are acting like a good girl…”…
“watch the video carefully because you have to do the same infront of me after sometime”…I added..
Payel started to sobbing and watched the full clip..

After that i told “Now start striping yourself” and I started to record it with my mobile..
Payel started to strip simply…
I shouted “you must strip very seducively as that girl”
Payel followed my order and started to strip very seducively…After striping her upper dress Payel was standing in only lingerie..
I said angrily “continue you bitch…strip yourself totally nude”
Payel continued striping and finally she was standing totally nude infront of me..
Payel was trying to hide her nude boobs and pussy with hands..

I said Payel “Don’t try to cover your milky boobs and shaved pussy darling…let me enjoy them…otherwise you know…”
Payel removed her hand helplessly…Payel was exposing her fully nude body infront of me..
Next, I said “Turn around baby…I want to see your big round ass..”
Payel followed my order…

After that Payel posed in naked body according to my order and I took a lot of nude pictures of her..

Then Payel told me “Rohit, I have done everything you told me..Now let me get dressed in my own clothes”
I said “Yes darling you have done it very well…but you missed something”
Payel asked “What i missed??”
I replied “ In that video the girl masterbated herself after striping but you havn’t done that yet…”
Payel said “ I can’t masterbate”
I said “ I know that your hand is very skilled in handjob…now i want to see your hand’s skill in masterbation..”


Payel was trying to say something…But suddenly my phone rang…
It was a call from my mother..She told me that the function was over so they were coming back to the home and advised me not to roam alone in the market and come home early..
I replied “ I am already in the home and having fun with Payel “
Hearing that, Payel became shocked..
My mother asked me “ Having fun??With Payel??”
I replied “ Yes mom..I am gossiping with Payel about some funny incident”
Payel had a sigh of relief hearing that…My mother disconnect the phone..
“All family members are coming back to home within 10 minutes..So u have only 8/9 minutes to complete your task” I said..
Payel knew that there was no other option, so she started to inserting her one finger into her pussy..

I said “ Don’t do like that…sit on the bed..spread your legs and then insert your finger..”
Payel followed my instruction and started to masterbate…I started to record it..

Two minutes passed…I said Payel winking “do it quickly baby otherwise your family members would also enjoy your masterbation skill”
Payel started to insert his finger quickly and started to moan loudly “aaaahhhh….aaahhh….aaahhhhh……ooooohhhhhh…ooohhh”..

within one minute Payel had her orgasm…
Payel got dressed and we came out of the room..
I showed Payel her masterbation video and said “I must say Payel…you are really good in masterbation..”…
Payel didn’t say anything..

Then i said “Now listen to me carefully..we are going to our town house tomorrow early morning..So go to sleep early tonight”
Payel asked surprisingly “But your mother didn’t tell me anything about this..”
I said “Who says you that my mother is going to town…Only you and I will go darling”
Payel asked “What do you want Rohit ???Why are you taking me to your house alone??”
I replied angrily “No more question…Do what i am saying..”

“When all the family members will return home, you will say that one of your school mate has informed you that you have to submit an important assignment in school tomorrow otherwise you will fail in the final exam…So you have to go to the town before tomorrow noon…”I explain the total thing to Payel..

Payel only noded her head in yes,,,
When Payel told that everyone became tensed that who would take Payel to the town.My mother couldn’t go back because she had to take part in some religious event…She used to do it every year.. ..
Then I said “I will take Payel to the town…”
Everyone agreed to my proposal..
Next day we took the first bus from there…My uncle came to the bus stop with us…
He said to me “your mother will be there after two days..So take care of my daughter for two days..”
I said “ Don’t worry uncle..I will take full care of Payel…I promise to you..”
Saying this i turn towards Payel and gave a devilish smile…The bus started……

In the way I didn’t talk to her much.We reached our town house near 11 am. Payel entered the house first’i followed her…I locked the main gate..I was so happy that i can’t explain in words..Payel was totally mine for two days and no one would come to disturb us..
Payel said me “Rohit i am going to my room”
“For what??”
“ To change my dress..”
“You may take off your dress here..There is no one in the house except me..”
“ But i have my dresses in my wordrob”
“so no need to wear dress..Just take off your dress and be naked..”
“What are you saying ??”
“ What’s the problem ??..You striped in front of me last night”
“I striped because you forced me..and that was for a few minutes..I can’t be naked in front of you for long hours”
“ You have to “ saying this i went forward, grab her dupatta and remove it from her body.
Payel was helpless…She stood still in tearful eyes..
I went behind her and started to unzip the chain of her churidar’s back..Then i ordered her to raise her two hands..Payel followed my order..I took out her churidar over her head..
I came in front and untied the knot of her pajama..It fall down on the ground..Payel was standing in her bra and panty..
I hold her bra straps and started to slide it down from her shoulders..
Payel pleaded “ Please Rohit…Let me wear this at least …”
I said “ ok..But you have to pay for this “
Payel asked “ Pay ???How ???”
I said “ Just sit down on your knees and give me a blow dick arose to see you in lingerie”
Payel didn’t tell any thing..She sat on her knees and started to unzip my pant..Then she hold my dick and started to lick..
Ooooohhhhhh….god…I felt sooo sexy hot cousin was sucking my erect dick without any objection and in full sense..
My dick became rock hard..I hold her head tightly and started to stroke my dick into her mouth’s deep…My balls were touching her lower lip..
Payel didn’t expect this..So she tried to tell something…But couldn’t say any thing as my thick dick was in her mouth..
I was fucking Payel’s mouth in full speed…
“uumm…..ummmmm…uuuummm..uuummm…uuummm…” sound was coming from her mouth..
After 2 minutes I released my cum in Payel’s throat..Payel had no other option except drank all my cum..Then i released her head,,
Payel was looking at me in tearful eyes..
I said “ What are you looking at my face..? Go and prepare some tea for me..I am feeling tired..”

Paye went to the kitchen to prepare tea for me..
I looked at her ass..Those were looking more sexy in that sexy panty than nude..
After 5 minutes Payel came back with tea..In the mean time I took off all my clothes and sitting totally nude in the soffa,..
Payel looked at my semi erect dick once and turned her face instantly…She handed over the tea to me..Then Payel stood there downhead as a slave..
I took one sip of the tea..It was not teasty at all…
I shouted at Payel “ you fucking whore..!! You can suck a man’s dick very well but can’t prepare a cup of tea properely…”
It was very humiliating for Payel..
Payel said sobbing “ I am sorry…I will prepare it again”
“I don’t want tea any more…I want some milk” I told Payel looking at her firm boobs..
Payel didn’t get me and was going to kitchen to bring some milk..
I said “ Where are you going…?”
Payel replied “ to bring milk for you..”
I said “come to me”..Payel followed my order..
“ I have feed you the ORIGINAL JUCE of my own factore before few minutes and you want to feed me the artificial milk…?”I said with a devilish smile in my face..
Payel was trying to get the meaning..
“I want to drink milk from your MILK TANKS” saying this i grab her shoulders to bend her..
As Payel bend her boobs become more exposed from her bra…
I slided down the bra cups in a glance…Payel’s nude boobs came out ..
Without waiting for a second i started to suck Payel’s boobs like mad..It was looking like ‘a hungry child sucking her mother’s boobs to drink breast milk’

Payel said “what are you doing Rohit ??
Leave me”
I didn’t listen to her and continue sucking..
Within one minute Payel started to moan “Aaahhh….oooohhhh….Rohiiit….Pleeeaaasee……leeeaavveee meeee…oooohhhhh..”
I gave a sharp bite on her nipple..
Payel screamed “ouuiiii…don’t bite..Pleaseee…it’s hurting”
I said “ then keep your mouth shut”
I sucked Payel’s booth boobs one by one..
Payel only moaned “ooohhhh….aaahhh…..aaahh..aaahhhh….ooohhh…”
After 10 minutes I release Payel’s boobs and said “your milk tanks are empty..There are no milk in those”
Payel didn’t tell any thing and went to her room sobbing..
I sat there for sometime and was thinking how could i enter my dick into Payel’s virgin cunt…

After sometime i went to Payel’s room..But Payel was not in her room..She was in her bathroom..I become overjoyed..”wow! my dream of seeing her nude during bath will comes true today” I thought…
Payes’s bathroom door was locked from inside..I knocked on the door roughly in anger..
Payel said from inside “Rohit ,I am bathing now..I am coming out in just 10 minutes “
I said “ you slut …How dare you to close the door without my permission..Open it now..”
Payel had no other choice..So she wraped a white towel on her body and opened the bathroom’s door…
Payel was looking outstanding in the towel…

I told her that i wanted to bath too in her bathroom..
Payel said to waite for few minutes so she could finished her bath..
I told her “ No darling ..I want to bath with you..”
I grabbed Payel and we entered the bathroom..I removed Payel’s towel..Payel’s wet bare body was infront of me..
I removed my clothes too..I and my sexy cousin were standing under the shower..I applied soap on her whole body..i started to rub her big boobs with soap..
Payel was moaning “mmmmhhh..mmmhh”
Then i inserted my two fingures into her cunt..and started to fuck her cunt with finger..
Payel was saying “ooohh… Please rohit,don,t do this..”
I said “I think you are not fingers are going so smoothly into your hole,….how many times your bou friend fucked you???”
Payel replied “ What are you saying rohit…?
I am absolutely virgin..that boy had never touched me even..”
“ I don,t believe you..if you are a virgin, you have to give me proof”..saying this i inserted another finger into her pussy and started to fuck her very fast..
Payel was moaning loudly.. “aahh…aaahh…ooohhh”
Payel had her orgasm in next minute..i inserted my sticky fingers into her mouth forcely and said “lick’s very testy..”
Next i ordered Payel “ Get down on your knees and prepare to serve my dick..”
Payel sat down on knees ,hold my dick and going to suck it with her tongue..
I stopped her and said.. “you bitch,, I think you like my cum very much..but i have no mood to fuck your mouth now..I want to fuck your tits”
Payel got a shock, and looking at my face helplessly..I hold her boobs with my hands and started to stroke my dick into the valley between two mountains..

“Payel..your whole body is so sexy that anybody would pay a good amount to get it..Why don’t you started to earn money?? I will arrange some good customers for you”
Payel became shocked and said “What are you saying Rohit ??I am your cousin sister..”
“ Shut up you whore..You are just a slut and you deserves to be a cheap whore..” saying this i increasd my speed and splashed my cum on her boobs and face..then i rub my dick on her boobs to clean it and leave the bathroom..
Payel started to sobbing sitting on the bathroom floor…

I ordered some food for lunch from a restaurent for home delivery..i also ordered some hard drink(Vodka) ..
At noon we had our lunch…After having lunch Payel went to her room to take rest,..I didn’t stopped her because i knew that an ordeal is waiting for her at night..I went to my own room and downloaded some full length porn movie.Then i went to take some rest..
It was evening..Payel prepared tea and we had our tea at drawing room..I scanned her whole body with my greedy eyes..Payel was wearing a churidar as usual wrapping a dupatta over her big firm boobs… “these dresses would be removed very soon..”I thought..
I proposed to watch movie..Payes agreed unwillingly..I attached my pendrive with tv..
Next i ordered Payel to bring the drink(vodka) from the fridge and two glasses so that we can enjoy the drink during movie..Payel brought those..I sent her again to bring some ice..In the mean time i execute my pre planned trick..
I took a blank water bottle and filled it with vodka and then filled the empty vodka bottle with plain drinking water..The water and vodka were exchanged which Payel didn’t know..As vodka is colourless as water so Payel couldn’t understand the trick..
When Payel returned with ice i started to fill glasses with vodka(actually water) in front of her….
Payel said “ I don’t drink alcoholic drinks..”
“you have to drink a little today..i am not asking you more…just a little vodka… and you don’t have to drink neat , i will mix a full glass of plain water with it..” saying this i poured a little water from the vodka bottle and then filled the glass with vodka from water bottle…This glass was for Payel…
Next i filled a glass for me with water from vodka bottle and said “ I will drink neat vodka….”..i put ice in both glasses…
Actually I had drunk vodka before only once and it was a bad experience for me..So i didn’t want to take any risk by drinking a little vodka even..
“Come…sit here…Let’s have the drinks first and then start the movie..” saying this i offered Payel the drink…
Payel had no other option..She took the glass and drink a little…. “i can’t drink the whole glass…something is happening in my throat…”
I knew that it was for the high percentage of alcohol ..But i told Payel… “Nothing to worry…It is for the chilled drinks and you are drinking for the first time..”
I drink my full glass infront of her and said “Don’t think much…Just drink the full glass in one sip..Then it won’t be any problem”..
Payel drink the full glass…My plan was working..I knew that, though Payel is under my trap but she will never allow me to fuck her so easily…So i took the help of this trick…
When the alcohol would affect on her consciousness then she couldn’t resist more..
I switched on the tv and played the porn movie…

Payel was unable to talk more as the alcohol started to work in her body…She was sitting on the sofa holding her hade…
“ Are you felling unwell??Then take off your dupatta and churidar…Don’t be shy..It is for the extream heat…”
“Noo… I a…..m Ok”
I had no intention to listen to her answer…I just pulled her dupatta at a glance and took off her churider over her head ….
Payel was sitting there in a sexy bra…
“ Drink some water..It may give you comfort..”saying this i gave her a full glass of vodka from the water bottle…
After drinking the glass Payel became half unconscious..
Then i did my next move…I sat closed to her and started to rub her belly very softly..I inserted one finger into her belly button to excite her more..
Next i unhooked her bra and started to fondle her firm boobs…
“Rohit…The drink was very bad….It seems that the roof is moving round and round..”Paye uttered..
I smiled … “Don’t worry i am here…” saying this i hug her very tightly and started to kiss on her neck…
“Rohit please stop this…I am feeling unwell… take me to my bed please…I can’t walk alone..”
“Yes…. it’s time to take you to bed now…I can’t waite more…My dick is waiting for so long to enter your pussy…”I whispered..
“What are you whispering…Please help me..”
“Sure…You don’t need to walk..I will take you in my lap..”
I took Payel in my lap and entered her room…It was looking like ‘A husband taking her newly weded wife to bed at first night’…

I laid Payel on her bed..and said“ I wanted to ask one question??”
“Look drunk people don’t tell lie…So tell the truth only..”
“Are you really still virgin??Haven’t your boy friend fuck you yet??”
“No…I swear…I am virgin.”
“I don’t believe it..Can you prove it??”
“How can i prove it ??”
“I will take a test..”
“What test??”
“I will insert something to your pussy and if it goes smoothly that means you are not virgin..”
“ Ok ..I am ready to prove my virginity..”
I removed her pazama and panty one by one..I spread Payel’s leg wide and started to rub her pussy lips…
“SSShhhh….SSShhhh..Rohit don’t do that please..”Payel closed her eyes in excitement…
I set my mobile o the table to record the whole fucking session..
I took off my pant and keep ready my GUN to fire…It was hard like rock…
I spread her legs more wide so that her pussy can be easily accessable..
Payel was lying on the bed closing her eyes..
I set my dick into her pussy and gave a thrust…
My half dick entered into her pussy..
“Uuuuuiiiii…..Mmmaaaaa….aaaaahhhhh……aaaaahhhhhhh”Payel shouted as my dick entered her virgin pussy and opened her eyes..
Payel became shocked to see my dick in her pussy…In pain she said.. “Rohit..What are you doing…take it out…I am your sister..”
“Shut up you whore…You are just a whore who loves my dick very much..”saying this i took out my dick , gave another hard thrust and entered my full dick into her pussy…

“AAAhhhhh…AAAhhh…..pppllleeeeasseeeee….ttaaakkkeeee iiit ooouuuttt….iiiitttt’ss pppaiiinnniinnng…..AAAAhhhhh…”
“You deserve it…”saying this i gave anoyher thrust..
“Nnnnooo….pppllleeeaasseee …tttaaakkkeee iiitt oooouuuuttt …..iiiittt iiiisss vvveeerrryyy bbbbiiiggg…”
“You should remember this at the time of sucking my dick in my sleep …bitch….”
Payel was screamming loudly… “Pplleeeassseee lleeeaaavvvee meeeee…III wwwiiilll dddiiieee…III bbbeeeegg ttooo yyyooouu…”
Once i thought to shut her mouth with her panty but then i decided to enjoy her screaming…
Payel tried to push me but i hold her hands easily as she was drunk and she had not much power in her body..
I continued to fuck her roughly…
Payel was crying in pain “aaahhh…aaahh…aaahh…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”..tears were falling on her cheeks..

I continued my fuck for 5 mins…Then i felt that i was going to cum…So i gave a hard thrust and released my cum into her deep cunt intentionally…..
I took out my dick then…A little blood oozed from Payel’s pussy, which was the proof of her virginity…
Payel lied on the bed being exhausted…She has no strength to talk even..My cum and some blood was dripping from her shaved pussy…
I took my mobile..It was a perfect desi porn clip…
I was very tired too..So i lied beside her..We both slept there fully naked..

Next morning I woke up hearing some sobbing sound…Payel was sobbing sitting on the bed beside me fully naked…
I said angrily “Hey..! Stop crying..You slut…Why are you crying ??”
Payel replied “Why have you done this to me ?”
“What have i done ?”
“You drunk me intentionally and ….”
“And what..?Say it properly..”
“And fucked me..”
“So what’s the big deal…Your boy friend had fucked you many times before..”
“Never…You are the first to fuck me..I was totally virgin before that..”

“ were virgin..and i fucked you first time…But there is ‘first time’ in everything…You had also sucked my dick for first time…”
“Yes..i admit that i did that…But why did you ruin my life..?”
“What non sense..I ruined your life??..How could you say that..I gave you the pleasure of first fuck…I know that you have enjoyed it very much..”
“ fucked me..There was no problem..But why have you cum inside me??..I am an unmarried girl..Now if I become pregnant ,what should I tell to my parents..?”
I was very happy to hear that she had no problem with that fuck…She was only worried to be pregnant…So my homely sexy cousin started to enjoy the sex…
“You don’t worry…You will be pregnant definately…and I will tell your parent that your boy friend made you pregnant”…i smiled..
“You wicked fellow….”
“There is a way to get rid off this problem..”
“Which way??Please tell me..”
“If you take a pregnancy preventive pill within 24 hours of fucking ,you would not be pregnant..”
“what is the name of the medicine?”
“I pill”
“Thank you very much..rohit..Now please bought one pill for me..”

“Why should I bought that pill for yoy..?
Am I your husband or your boy friend..?Go and buy it yourself”
“Ok …How much it will cost??Give me the money and I will but it..”
“It will cost nearly 100 rupees..Why would I give you money ??…”
“You know that I have no money….And you are responsible for this condition….You fucked me…”
“Oohhh……So you are asking the charge for fucking you….So you become really a whore..?”
“Please Rohit…Give me the money…Don’t play with my life..”
“No…Though you are a whore ,but i will give you no money as we didn’t fix it before the fuck..and you didn’t co-operate with me last night..But as you are a slut ,you may earn it yourself…Go to the street and catch some customer”
Payel was totally red in humiliation and didn’t tell anything..
“Please rohit don’t say like that..Please give me the money..Rs 100 is not a big amount..”
“Ok..I am ready to be your customer…Tell me how much you charge for one night.??”
“I don’t know..Just give me 100 rupees…Please..”
“It’s too much…I can give you only rs 30 for one night as other cheap street side whore..”
“I need that rupees..Please…”
“ you are asking much money, you have to make a deal with me..”
“What deal??”
“I will give you rupees 100…In return you will be my personal slut forever..I will use you whenever i want..And don’t worry you will get rupees 30 for every night..” I said smiling..
Payel was about to cry…But she knew that that’s the only way…So she said “Ok…deal…now give me 100 rupees..”
“Ok..take this..” saying this I gave her 100 rupees..
“Now go and be fresh…Then prepare some breakfast for me”..
“Ok..After that i will go to buy the pill..”
“You can’t buy it from our locality as everyone knows you here..I will take you out of the locality in the afternoon…”
“Ok..and thanks..”saying this Payel went to bathroom to be fresh..
I was smiling and thinking “Payel don’t know that what mistake have you done accepting my deal…Now I will make you a cheap whore really..”





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