Cousin Got Fucked before one night of her wedding


This incident happened before one night of my cousin wedding her name Nida with age 22. She normally wears salwar and kameez but sometimes put on some T-shirt and Half pant. She is very beautiful girl with red cheeks and lips and browns eyes her boobs are very firm and soft with amazing figure .. She some times wears specs in that she looks like porn star if any guys sees her he will definitely wish to have that beauty in their bed I think size of he may be 34-30-34.

2 weeks before wedding of my cousin I went their home. As there were no males in her family except her father ..As I reached there everyone welcomed me and I got stuck to see Nida she was in white T-shirt and red Half Pant ..she was smiling and I wished to have marriage with her .But I couldnt do that … In the night Nida came to my room as we were very good friends on social sites and apps. . She sat on my bed started gossip about study ,career,gf,bf and finally future planning.

I asked her why are you not wedding to your bf. She replied that she was doing time paas with him. and her bf was also doing same thing..so they broke up. I again asked her have you enjoyed any time with him . She got it what I was asking …she smiled but pretended to be angry and said how could I ask such type of question with my sister.. I said you are my cousin sister and I thought we are good friends okay sorry and ignore..

She said good Night and began to go…but from door she came back to my bed..and sat & said her BF never approached and forced her for that..I got clicked that Nida wanted to have Sex..But no one approached her..after some chat she left room and said GN..Now I coulnt slept whole night thinking to take her virginity but its only 13 days to impress her…

Next morning I went kitchen and asked to aunt about Nida.. she said..nida is sleeping in her room..and aunt said can you make her wake up I went to her room she was in sleeping in white T-shirt and Red half Pant…her T-shirt was up..half of her belly clearly visible to me and some part of pair of boobs. I was also able to see her black bra. I thought to have some advantage on her at that situation …but I didnt do that..meanwhile she wake up and saw me to seeing her nude part ..and objected me r u fantasizing about me and she was smiling..I said no..no.no..not like that ..

After she got freshed we went for some shopping . We spent most of days in shopping and going here there on her scooty.. During these day we have became good buddies and…I got many opportunity to have touch of her soft part..some time my elbow get pressed on her boob..and some time my finger were touching her hips and ass…

Before one night of wedding after ending all function she came to my room in White T-shirt and red half pant ..and was quite nervous she said …that she like my company very..after wedding she will miss me… I told me too ..

I thought its end of my fantasy to have this beauty on bed..but I dares to hug her tightly she also locked her both hand back to me.. We were such a closed her entire boobs..were crushed against my chest and my hands were exploring her back…when my hands went to her ass ..she got clicked what favour I wanted from her she moaned giving me positive signal..

I wanted her so badly that I cock was already displaying signs of impatience. I took a good look at her. She was wearing one of the newer fashioned cloths that fitted her body rather well. She was breathing normally. I felt angry with myself for trying to ruin this virgin but my body was not with my mind.
I pushed her against wall and we locked our finger in each other … I bent and kissed her lightly on her lips. Her lips were soft like the snow and the perfume she wore made me more horny. ..I puts my lips on her red lips.. And started to suck he lips she was also responding very nicely..I was sucking her lips..hard & harder .. We are fighting to enter our tongue in each other mouth…I put my one hand on left boobs and pressed her nicely .I moved my hands over her medium sized breasts. Her breathing increased a bit. I decided to venture further.she was such horny her both hand were on head back forcing me to have smooch.hhhh ..

As I started to pressed her boobs hardly she became so aggressive gave me indication to her on bed. I puts my hands on her ass and lifted her to give proper position on bed..her one leg were folded when she was in bed my cock were pressing at center of concentration ..my one hand were crushing her boobs and my lips were crushing her lips..and other hand were locked with one of her hand …after drinking all her saliva she became thirsty guided me to suck her boobs…I came down by licking her necks and cheeks..

.As I remove her white T-shirt…I saw her boobs in black bra may be 34 in size.

I sat on bed and removed my shirt…she just stuck me locking her both legs back to me..now my both hand was on her back exploring her back…I unhooked her bra and started to rough her back… and removed her T-shirt all together. As I turned her over her lovely breasts were displayed in front of me. They were not large but were very firm. Her nipples swelled as I put my fingers over them. Her nipples had a lovely dark tan and swelled up a lot when touched…
And made her to sleep on bed and i was totally on her,, both of us were half nude..I was lick circumference of boobs and giving some bite on boobs …
I was getting terribly excited and the girl was still not in her senses. I put my mouth over her nipples and rotated my tongue around them, she seemed to quiver a bit but settled down quickly. My saliva covered her nipples I couldn’t get enough of those lovely breasts, I bit lightly in to her breast and noticed slight pain in her expression as she slept on. The lower part of her body was still covered

…she was moaning like a professional porn star ummahhhh ahhh hmmm..

As I engulfed her reddish nipple she became out of control started moan harder in such intensity any one near by my room could hear her horny voice..I put in my middle finger into her mouth..she was sucking my finger and I was sucking her boobs and nipples…she was fully in my control and we were enjoying very hard … I got happy when she show to my hand the way her panty…

I unzipped her pant put my hand on panty.
I was surprised to see her hairy pussy without one. I had not seen so much hair on any other pussy ( Demi Moore was no where close to her). She had never trimmed her self down under. I ran my hand through her pussy hair. I could see her pussy lips between her hair. I started rubbing her pussy lips with my finger. Finding the sitting position too uncomfortable I carefully got up and placed her head on the sofa …….. I opened her legs up and got my face closer to her pussy. She smelled divine. I used my fingers to open up her pussy lips and they parted ever so unwillingly. I could see the pink inner part of her pussy. She was slightly wet and the musky odour from her cunt was driving me crazy.

.as I crushed upper lips of her pussy..I got some sticky fluid on my hand..I got to know that the beauty has been leaked and ready to fucked .I gave her a lick with the tip of my tongue. She quivered in her sleep, I opened her pussy lips and licked the inside of her pussy. Her pussy tasted slightly salted but I loved the taste. Her pussy was very small quite understandably, as she had not yet experienced a man’s cock inside her. I admired her pussy and licked it all the more. Her breathing was becoming faster. I found her clit and tickled it lightly with the tip of my tongue. A slight moan left her lips and I could see a slight smile on her face,
I focussed on the Clit for a while. Her juices were now flowing freely. Her pussy hair ensured that nothing leaked out.

..now our pants became our biggest enemy we hardly take few second to remove pant of each other…. Now my sweet cousin was fully nude in front me waiting to get knocked UP…her whole body had became reddish due crushing and pressing she was such fair girl.

I hold her both hand on top of bed and put my cock on her choot…pressed slightly..but its slepts.
I moved over and rubbed my cock over her pussy. My cock was desperate to enter but as her pussy was very tight I knew entering her would not be so easy. I decided to lubricate my cock well. Finding a small bottle of lakme moisturizer I applied some on my cock. My cock was glistening now, I applied a generous amount on the knob of my cock I tested the lubrication my forcing my cock through my fist. Finding it lubricated enough I applied some moisturizer cream to the outer lips of her pussy too. I inserted my lubricated finger inside her first. Her hips lifted slightly as my finger went in. I pushed my finger in till the base of my hand rested on her mound. I kept pumping my finger in and out. I could feel her moving her hips to accept my finger as I moved it. I moved her to have her cunt facing me and her legs dangling down the sofa. I moved between her open legs standing on my knees. This way my cock was aiming right at the target. Opening her pussy lips once again with my hands I put the knob of my cock on her pussy. Her outer pussy lips stretched to cover the front of my cock’s knob.
Moving my hips ever so slightly I tried to push my cock in slowly. Soon the knob of my cock was fully in and was touching her hymen. This was the part I knew would hurt her, I gave one hard push and fortunately her hymen was not the strongest I had known. Her virginity gave in rather easily….

after some try she only hold me cock at her chooot and said to apply force..as I pressed…half of cock got in . ..she feel such a pain started cry.. And start scratching my back with both hand..now I put my lips on her lips…and started to smooch at the same time applying pressure on her choot.. She broke kiss….due to pain….as my cock went fully inside of her body her eyes was full of tear she gave me a thankful smile…I said its show time baby..started in-out motion slowly she was moaning ahhhhh ummmm hhhhhhmm ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh hmmmmm hmmmmm aahhhhhhaahhh….

.Was pumping my cock in and out slowly. She seemed to be lost in her senses but was subconsciously enjoying the fuck. I kissed her full on her lips. My cock was buried deep in her. As I was standing on my knees I could see the whole of glistening cock move in and out of her tight hairy pussy. Her Pussy lips used to be under a lot of stress when I use to move in and they used to grasp my cock when I moved out my cock..

The wetness of her pussy and my dripping cock was lubricating us so it felt as if we were skin to skin.

The way she had lain me down, another unexpected benefit was that my hands were free and I let them roam over her, tracing a line down her lower back and squeezed my fingers into the crack of her ass, listening to her moan as I explored all her delicate places.

She was clinging to me, breathing in my ear, kissing me, kissing down my neck and nibbling my shoulder as she lifted her hips up and down on my hard cock. Her mouth open, breathing through her mouth, moving on me faster, pressing the tip of my cock into her clit and letting it slide back between her legs. I could see the hunger rising in her. God, she knew just what to do. She knew what she wanted.

]I held to her, pulling her against me, continuing to stroke her open legs, letting her move on my body faster and faster. She was still kissing my neck and shoulder, taking what she wanted. I rubbed her clit along the length of my cock, keeping my contact with her as she was moving faster on me.

I breathed up to her just then, “Tell me you want to fuck me.”

She says back between breaths. “You can’t. You can’t fuck me bhai Oh, this is enough.”

“I know, I won’t. I just want to hear it. Hear you say it. Say it. You want to Fuck me. Say it.” I kept saying it over and over.

Until her soft voice rising up, “Oh God,bhai, fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Yes. Feels so good.”

“Oh yeah, feel you inside me. Fuck me inside, your cock up inside my choot

Suddenly she said aur zor se chodo plz…I increase my pace she also increase her sound ..continuously saying harder harder…more harder…fuck me baby harder..Sam fuck more hard…I was riding on her..she was moaning.ahhhhh uhhhhhhhhh hmmmm.. ehhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhh…She was yelling..thoda aur …thoda ..thoda aur SAM…..

and as she said those words her body was stiffening and trembling and she was pressing to me harder, lifting her hips and letting them fall against me, these long strokes. Thrusting against me. I was meeting every thrust and could tell she was getting close to cumming now.

Beyond belief. She was kissing me, pressing her tongue into my mouth, the movement of our bodies, the feel of her bare breasts on my chest. Our skin was wet with sweat, our bellies sliding together, her sex sliding along the length of my cock.

Incredible. I will never forget that moment. The movement of us against the other, the purest pleasure. Moving faster, harder, hungrier. Rocking against one another, meeting each thrust.

She was shuddering against me, ready to cum, bringing her hips forward, the head of my cock slipped right inside. It was just the head, and when she lifted her hips again I felt myself sliding back forward touching her clit, back again and right inside. I could feel her opening around me, the exquisite pressure. My cock tipping just inside. With the next thrust I lifted my hips a little higher and felt myself sliding in a little further. Deeper. My cock was slipping inside, fucking her, I was half into her. I lay my hands over the small of her back and pulled her down on me, applying the slightest of pressure, pulling her down on me and felt her slide my cock back and up into her vagina, this time holding me there, lifting her hips my cockhead slipping just out and meeting her thrust sinking right back down, squeezing my cock with her vagina. I was inside, fucking her, meeting her thrusts.I did not say anything, she was still kissing me, moaning. Her whimpering, “Oh God, bhai. Yes. This feels so good.”

When next she raised her hips up my cock did not slide forward, she was holding me, keeping me inside, raising so the head of my cockhead held right at the opening and sliding all the way, I held her to me. Oh fucking god. She lay herself so so that my cock continued to slide along her clit as I fucked into her. She was moving on me so hard and fast now, her body began spasming and trembling and I could feel her vagina squeezing tight around my cock. I could feel myself nearing orgasm, I was in a panic, could I cum in her? I had no idea. Was she on anything. Birth control? No condom. My God.

I wanted to pull out, but I didn’t, I wanted her to cum, I didn’t want to change anything. Her body began bucking against me.

“Ahh, I’m cumming. Yes. Oh God, yes.” She was clinging to me.

And her body falling so hard on me, rubbing back and forth, my cock was deep into her, up inside, I could feel my cum rising. I pulled my hips back, no further than that I felt myself slip out of her. No way, no way I would cum in her. She was crying out, cumming,, she began grinding down on my hand, trembling against me, cumming. My cock slid up between her legs and She began kissing me, pressing her tongue in my mouth, her tongue was cold and she held to me, kissing me. I could feel her body relaxing as she lay down on top of me.

…after some harder stroke I cummed all my fluid inside her..and we get relaxed…in the same night we had enjoyed 3 fuck session..and in morning when she was full nude in lap ..she was very nervous to get married other person..I convinced her to go to her room…but she was not ready to go.

Finally she went and got married ..now when she comes to in front me we wished to do same things..but we cant dares now

she is actually not my cousin sister but my god sister. Her name is Juhi. She lives in Shimla. We both studied in same school and same class. She was the most beautiful girl and had lots of affair. I also came in contact with her only when one of my friends wanted to propose her. I basically helped them out. So they both were seeing each other and through this she came in contact with me also. We became very close friends. In fact I use to go her house to teach her as she was a weak student. Slowly and gradually we were very close and even her parents use to trust me a lot. She use to ask me for everything and even I forced her to breakup with that friend of my mine as he use to talk dirty about her. Her parents liked me a lot and in 11th class she tied me rakhi also as she did not had a brother. We had a very strong bonding and were very close. Anyhow this kept on happening and then we passed out in 12th and I came back to my hometown in 2000. For two years I had very few contacts with her. One day we friends made to plan to go to shimla where I met her after 5 years.

When I first met her I was awestruck with her beauty and figure. She had turned into a bombshell. Very fair in color. Big big boobs whom you want to press hard and suck a lot. Her figure must 38-38-36. Anyhow I met her and we again came very close. I even gifted her mobile phone so that we can talk. We both started chatting for hours on phone, she use to tell me what she did and how she spent her day in office. We came to Chandigarh once to meet each other but because it was a brother and sister relationship I could not do much. But whenever I see her I use to stare at her boobs, lips and always wanted to fuck her. Whenever she use to be with me she will hold my hand in her hand and we will hug each other. Then in 2006 she told me that she is getting engaged and I didn’t liked it. I started avoiding her and even I use to call her very less. She asked me and I said I am feeling as if someone is snatching you from me. I went for her engagement and performed all duties as a brother.

Finally with a very heavy heart I went for her marriage in June 2007. I reached shimla and we had to go to her town. We were only five people. Juhi, her younger sister, her parents and me. We stayed in a dharamshala and all other guests had to come after 2-3 days. I use to always look at her face and when she asked me I said he is snatching you from me. In next two days we had to plan for everything. We use to do shopping for whole of the day. 2nd day at 4 pm she told me that we have to go for shopping.

When I told her that we have finished all shopping she told me that’s it’s her personal. I went with her and she took me to a ladies innerwear shop where she chose three sets of bra and panties. I suggested her black lace set and said to her that you will look hot in this. She reluctantly took it. After that we came back. In the evening we had to go to a relative’s place for dinner but I said that I am not feeling well to which her mom told me to stay with her. We bolted the room from inside and she went to bathroom.she was wearing with a somewhat revealing blouse, She was looking more beautiful and sexy than ever. I could not take my eyes off her. All those past memories were coming to me. She had those beautiful pink lips. In saree her figure was more revealing. She had the perfect breasts, and the way she carried herself.

For once I just wanted to let go off my restraints and just kiss her on her lips. But I did not want to mess our relationship, so I did not. I still loved her a lot.

When she came she was wearing a nighty which was covering almost all her body. She asked me how you know I will look beautiful in that set. I said I know you from last eight years and you will look gorgeous in this. I also said but I feel bra is a bit tight. Then she said would you like to see me in the same and I said yes with a bright smile. She took off her nightie and said come and take your share. No one can snatch your right.

I was awestruck with her beauty. Her big boobs were desperate to come out of her bra. Her fair skin was like if you touch it will leave a mark. I was not moving and then she came close to me and put my hand on her boobs and pressed them slightly.I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. they are big, slightly sagging, nevertheless boobs are boobs and great to suck. I immediately hugged her and started kissing her.
She was looking so beautiful and her half sleepy eyes were so seductive. I couldn’t have resisted myself even if I wanted to, I had to kiss those lips. I took her face in my hands and kissed those beautiful lips. I kissed her for about 30 seconds and it was the most amazing feeling. Surprisingly for me, She didn’t push me away but neither she kissed back.

So I started kissing on her face and neck. I knew it was all wrong but at that moment I was so excited that I didn’t care. I kept kissing her at different places for about 5 minutes. Then she said, Wait. I couldn’t gather the courage to look her in the eye. I just prayed to God that I didn’t mess-up our relationship.
Before she could say anything, I told her that I am very sorry and I didn’t know what happened to me. Cutting me short, she asked me, ‘What do you want from me, Jai?’ I was dumbstruck, I didn’t reply. ‘Do you want to fuck me, Is that what you want?’ She asked. I looked at her, She was very serious. No, I said. I don’t want to fuck you Di, I love you.

You are so beautiful and amazing that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing you. And I’m very sorry for that. Then she said, ‘I love you too baby and it’s all right you don’t have to say sorry.

Then she started kissing me on my face and lips. It was such a passionate smooch. My hands were on her ass. That beautiful round ass. She was kinda taking the lead this time. She removed my T-shirt and was planting kisses on my chest. I was in heaven. By this time I only had boxers on.

We both were kissing passionately as if this is the last day on earth. Our tongues were into each other and saliva was mixing up. After kissing her desperately for 7-8 minutes she said it seems you want to eat me and I said yes I want to eat you.

I took her inside the room and slowly removed her cloth I started kissing her thighs madly now. Even Biting them. She was wearing a red panty. I started kissing her on her panty. She was just moaning and saying nothing. Then she asked me get rid of them. I did as told, and removed her panty. Her pussy was pink and cleanly shaven. In a second I had my mouth on her pussy.

It was all wet. I was using my tongue on her while she was holding my hair so tightly. She was taking very heavy breaths now and moaning in pleasure. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around me. She told me to come near her face. She started kissing me and told me that She just had an orgasm and it was amazing.

We kept on kissing or about another 2 minutes. Then I asked her to remove her sweater which she did. Now all she was wearing was a red bra. She had big boobs and they were so perfect. I just wanted to press her boobs. I asked her to take off her bra. But she didn’t. She said do it yourself. I struggled a bit but then pulled it off. And there were the most amazing breasts.

Within a second I was all over them. Sucking them, kissing them. I was not in control at all. I would press one boob while I was sucking on the other and madly. It was like some animal had taken over me. I was also rubbing my cock on her thighs. She was making these hush voices which were driving me real crazy. Then she came on top of me, kissing me and moving down.

Then I took her bobs out of bra and started squeezing them. Her nipples were very pink in color which enlarged because of this and I started sucking them one by one. I was sucking her juicy boobs and with another hand I was massaging her boob. They were big enough not to fit in my hands. Then I took her hand on my tool and placed it there. She took it out and started rubbing it. When I said to her is it for the first time she is touching a dick. She replied I had two but if I knew the best one is nearest to me I would not have taken other. . She took it in her mouth and stared stroking it up and down.
Her boobs were touching my seven inch cock and it felt so amazing. Then she took my cock in her hands and it sent chills down my spine. So amazing was her touch. She was stroking it. Suddenly she kissed my cock. Her lips on my cock was the most intense feeling.She was kissing passionately on my dick and doing it to and fro.

hen I made her lie on bed and placed my dick near her pussy which was clean shave.
She was very aroused too, she started kissing me on my lips and was she rough. She even bit my lip. It hurt a little. We were both completely naked and over one another. Then I asked her, May I? She said, Fuck me brother, in my ears. I had no condoms, she said don’t worry about that.

So I pushed my cock inside her pussy very slowly, to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Within 5-6 strokes I was completely inside her. Then she asked me to stop treating her like she was my fragile sister and asked me to fuck her hard. Then I let go of all my restraints and started fucking her badly. I forgot that she was my sister. I was fucking her like an animal.

She was moaning very loudly so I started kissing her. She was biting my lips. Her pussy was so wet and hot. I was fucking her at the same time groping her boobs, biting them. It was maddening. Then we changed position, she came on top of me and was riding me.
. She started riding me faster now, and her moaning became more intense. She was looking into my eyes. We were in total sync. She told me she was close. I was close too. I just didn’t know where to cum. I asked her and she said not inside her pussy as we were not having any protection.

I gave one push and it went inside smoothly. First she cried a bit but then she started cooperating with me and I fucked her for 15-20 minutes in different positions.

We fucked for one more minute and then she came. She was very loud. Then I got on top of her and she pulled me closer to her tits. My cock was between her tits. She was tit-fucking me. Then abruptly she took my cock inside her mouth. This time I couldn’t say anything. I had my cock inside my sister’s mouth. I never felt anything like that anymore.

She made my cock all wet with her saliva. I was about to burst, but she had my cock, ball-deep in her mouth. I told her I was about to come. She said, cum on my face,brother. Then she started stroking my cock over face and was telling me to cum on her face. And I came all over her face. It was the biggest cum-shot of my life. She had my cum all over her face.

She even swallowed a little. I couldn’t believe I just fucked my sister. That night we fucked till the morning till we fell asleep. In the morning she told me that it was the best night of her life. So was mine.

After that we had a relaxed mind and I kissed on her whole body. Next day I fucked her four times. Then she got married and went with her husband. I again fucked her when she came to delhi to drop her husband when he was going abroad. That was very passionate and fierce as her husband has a 4’’ tool only.



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